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tv   World News Now  ABC  January 9, 2017 2:30am-4:01am PST

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good morning. >> here are some of the top head lines we're following on this monday on "world news now." our focus first is overseas. the deadliest attack in jerusalem in months. police call it an act of terrorism influenced by the truck's attacks in berlin. we're live in jerusalem straight ahead. >> north korea says it's now prepared to launch an intercontinental ballistic missile at any time. that follows the announcement that his nation was in the final stage to test fire an icbm. the shooter in the fort lauderdale airport shootings
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appears in court this morning. >> and turning to sports it's clemson versus alabama in tonight's college football playoff national championship game. the same two teams played for the title last year with alabama winning 45-40. tonight's game is on espn starting at 8:00 p.m. eastern. those are some of our top stories on this monday, january 9th. >> good morning, everyone. we're going to start this half hour overseas and that deadly attack against israeli soldiers in jerusalem. that palestinian drove a truck into soldiers about to go sightseeing. >> they were all in their 20s. molly hunter is in jerusalem with more. >> reporter: the surveillance video showing that white truck barrelling into the group of soldiers, crushing bodies on a
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sunday outing. >> i'm just seeing a truck that went on the sidewalk, and hitting the soldiers. >> reporter: you can actually see the tire tracks right here. this is where the truck hopped the curb, ran into that crowd of 100 people, reversed and hit the gas and plowed through more people. >> the crowd scrambling for safety. the four cadets killed all in their 20s. 17 more hospitalized. the attacker shot dead, his truck riddled with return fire from israeli soldiers. these killings similar to a truck terror attack last july. prime minister visiting the scene suggesting the attacker was inspired by isis although no claim of responsibility has been made. unlike those premeditated attacks in berlin and nice, this one appears to be spontaneous making it impossible to prevent.
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>> very interesting it was spontaneous. i should mention molly is here with us live but i do want to get one question to you. you mentioned it is spontaneous. so what evidence do they have that it was inspired by isis? >> reporter: not a lot. prime minister said yesterday that the attacker was reportedly inspired by the islamic state but police have given no material. has not given us any link that would suggest that connection. the family has spoken out saying there is no proof but this is exactly the message that the prime minister wants to give to the world. alongside germany and france, he wants to say we're all in this together. we're all fighting this same enemy but i would say that police here stress that vehicular attacks predate isis.
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>> all right. thank you for that. well, turning now to politics, democrats and government ethics officials are calling on republicans to slow down the confirmation process for the incoming administration. >> confirmation hearings for nine of president-elect donald trump's cabinet nominees are scheduled this week and four of them haven't completed ethics reviews that may identify some possible conflicts of interest. republicans say the democrats are just upset because they lost the election. as president obama prepares to transition back to life as a private citizen he's explained to abc why he believes in term limits. he said the job is grueling and sustaining energy and focus gets tougher the longer you do it. >> the bubble is the bubble. and i think we've done a pretty good job staying in touch with the american people, but at a certain point, you can't help but lose some feel for what's on
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the ground because you're not on the ground. and -- >> you didn't think donald trump could win. >> case in point. so -- so that tells me that there's a utility in the democracy refreshing itself on an on going basis. >> the president said by almost every measure the country is better off than when he started the job. he will deliver his farewell address tomorrow from chicago where his political career began. 300 american marines will soon be heading to southern afghanistan. officials say the troops will train, advise and assist afghan forces in the province for about nine months. they've been struggling to drive out taliban fighters from the opium rich region. much of the opium trade is funding that insurgency. >> the west is bracing for more rain, snow and ice and the likelihood of course of flooding. the river is at flood stage and
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cresting overnight and flooding is likely in that area. portland, oregon was knocked for a loop by the ice and snow, prompting the first use of salt on the roads in decades there. in northern california highways were blocked by flooding, fallen trees and mud slides. four people have been killed by this storm system since thursday. >> the extreme weather is going to continue in the west today and also parts of the country. >> let's get the forecast from paul williams. >> good morning. we're looking for significant rain to really push throughout a good chunk of california between 8 to 16 inches in some areas which would include redding. keep in mind to the northwest we're looking for widespread snow showers all the way towards the great lakes region and then looking for this low pressure system to bring warm air underneath, cold air from the top. and then we're looking for accumulations near a half a foot around the great lakes as well as near helena. >> all right. i'll take that. social media is providing us
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a look at some of the deadly flooding in thailand. this is what it looked like at a produce market in the southern part of that nation. at least 19 people have been killed and more than 1 million affected by the flooding over the past week. an american is the focus of an investigation into the ambush of a u.s. diplomat in mexico. christopher ash craft is under guard while recovering from a gunshot wound. the man believed to be the gunman is set to be extradited to the u.s. >> reporter: after a multiagency man hunt, mexican authorities are questioning this man, caught on camera in a cold-blooded murder attempt on a u.s. diplomat in a region known for drug trafficking and violence. video shows him stalking his victim. >> the three key potential scenarios here are one, this -- the shooter had a personal beef or it could have been gang related or this could be related to some sort of a terrorist act.
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>> reporter: ash craft is seen at a key i don't siosk. then following him outside. as ash craft drives up the suspect pulls his gun and fires. >> this is not something a trained assassin would do. they would shoot from a position where nobody could see his face. >> he was hit in the shoulder. john kerry thanking mexico for the swift and decisive arrest for the suspect in this heinous attack. >> reporter: he's recovering at a local hospital. he does have protection. authorities still saying they don't have a motive. abc news, washington. there's reportedly been an arrest here in the u.s. in the vehicles wag g volkswagon emissions scandal. oliver schmidt reportedly will be arraigned later today in detroit. lawsuits filed against the auto
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maker by new york and massachusetts say he played a key role in the deception. meanwhile fiat chrysler says it will invest $1 billion and make a new jeep model in the u.s. it will also make a ram pickup built in mexico to this country. the move will mean 2,000 jobs in michigan and ohio. let's give some props this morning to the group who was the stars of the internet over the weekend. congratulations to the swim team from georgia tech. >> yes, big kudos they deserve. the snow caused a cancellation. they went outside in their speedos and they did some snow swimming. i wonder how many cocktails came before that. >> i would hope they had a few. reaction the u.s. olympic team tweeted calling it a gold medal
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worthy performance and espn sports center commented saying it proves there's never a bad time to train. >> that is just -- it's brilliant on so many levels, but they were committed, executed flawlessly. this is one of the best videos we've shown in a long time. >> that guy's backstroke wasn't really on point. >> oh, come on. >> this? this is perfection. i'd like to see you do a backstroke in a speedo. >> ain't nobody got time for that. we want to thank everyone, by the way, who in the meantime sent -- good wishes on our 25th anniversary last friday especially our boss. if you didn't catch the big show, check out our facebook page to see the best moments from the blowout bash including the original anchor lisa mcree back in the news room with a one dimensional aaron brown.
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it was nice aaron made a cardboard appearance and we do expect by friday the hangover from that morning to subside. coming up, another star studded and alcohol fuelled evening in hollywood. >> not here. >> no, not here. oscar fever is ramping up after last night's golden globe awards. who took home the night's top honors and what turned heads on the red carpet. >> and sea world closes what's turned into a controversial chapter but why they say they won't release the orcas in captivity out into the wild. you're watching "world news now." now." >> "world news now" weather brought to you by ne
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that car, 300,000 ferrari literally a wreck. the driver entered a 30-mile-per-hour curve doing 90. miraculously other than the car and the guardrail, no one was injured but it pains us to watch. >> yes. >> well, turning now to the growing battle against a deadly narcotic that's increasingly infiltrating every corner of the country. >> we're talking about fentanyl it's more powerful than morphine for that matter and far more potent than even the purest forms of it. paul thomas gives us more. >> reporter: lubbock, texas, covered head to toe using oxygen tanks to breathe you would think they're about to come in contact with a deadly disease. >> regular stuff like that and we could have been exposed. >> reporter: inside officers are
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searching for something so lethal and toxic that law enforcement can't afford to take any chances. all of this because they're about to come in contact with fentanyl, often mixed with heroin and more powerful and leaving a deadly trail across the country. >> this is one of more than 80 around the tristate. >> as heroin sweeps across the nation, fentanyl is making it even more dangerous and now users are taking it in pill form mixed with god knows what. in 2015 the number of opioid deaths surpassed 30,000. fuelled in part by fentanyl overdoses far outpacing deaths begun related homicides. new hampshire. >> i've been involved here for 27 years and i look through the crack epidemics and the methamphetamine. we've never had deaths associated with it like we do now. >> reporter: the opioid is
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cheaper to produce than heroin, a gold mine for the cartels. authorities are now trying to target the sellers believed to be the merchants of death. 5:00 a.m. and the dea is teamed up with local police to take down the suspected dealer. >> that's the dealer with his hands up. >> the suspect is apprehended. next agents search his house. >> the search is underway but they believe they've found what is some product? >> what we have here is this is a finger of suspected fentanyl with maybe some heroin, but definitely fentanyl with some cut and this is some broken up fentanyl, you can tell. >> reporter: across the country the arrests are just one weapon on the war on drugs. >> how much heroin did you use? >> some police have showed parents passed out in their cars, the toddler strapped in their car seats. fire houses have become places
2:48 am
of refuge for users. it's a so-called safe station where there's no risk of arrest. >> police are working hard to take the drugs off the streets. we're trying to get people in recovery. we're hitting it hard this way. you've got to hit this problem from so many different angles. >> all hands on deck for a state under siege, its victims many. >> it really is a growing problem within this country. well, coming up, the final splash at sea world, san diego. >> as the park drops the curtain on the final killer whale performance. while they're still refusing to release the orcas in
2:49 am
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some breaking news this morning from paris. in the robbery of kim kardashian a few months ago. several people arrested early this morning in connection with that armed robbery. more on this breaking story throughout the day this morning. sea world san diego has closed an increasingly controversial chapter in its killer whale shows. >> yesterday was the final splash. the park's last orka performance. >> reporter: the end of an era at sea world san diego.
2:51 am
>> it's a bittersweet moment. >> the aquarium stopping its long running killer whale show. the final performance sunday comes just two days after the largest killer whale in captivity died at sea world orlando. he was featured in the 2013 documentary black fish, the film questioning sea world's treatment of whales alleging their practices may have made them more aggressive. he was kept mostly isolated after killing a sea world orlando trainer in 2010. the final performance will make way for what sea world calls an orca encounter touted as an educational experience for visitors. the park still has 11 whales in captivity. park officials say they wouldn't survive in their natural habitat. they also plan on ending their breeding program. locations in san antonio and orlando will phase out their
2:52 am
orca shows. how a love affair with los angeles took center stage at last night's golden globe awards. >> it wasn't just about "la la land." we'll tell you the big moments.
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eliminate odors you've gone noseblind to for up to 30 days with the febreze car vent clip break out the febreze, and [inhale/exhale mnemonic] breathe happy. this is the place for insomniacs. yo so of course this is the place for insomniacs. you know who's still up and probably not watching our show? the celebrities. >> they're probably paying for the bill after a big night at the globes. >> reporter: from the opening dance sequence spoof, to the biggest awards of the night. ryan gosling. >> reporter: it was clear. >> and the golden globe goes to emma stone. >> reporter: this was "la la land" night.
2:56 am
>> the muse cam love story took home a record setting seven awards including best picture, comedy musical and the top acting honors to emma stone and ryan gosling. while his speech made internet watchers swoon over mendez. >> it would surely be someone else other than me today so sweet heart, thank you. >> reporter: it was one of his fellow nominees that won the stage. plenty of surprises on the drama size. french actress taking home top honors for elle. and "moonlight won for best drama. the three hour show tinged with political jokes and speeches.
2:57 am
>> hollywood is crawling with outsiders and foreigners and if we kick them all out you'll have nothing to watch but football and mixed martial arts which are not the arts. >> on the tv side it was netflix winning best actress and best tv honors and "atlanta," a big winner on the comedy and musical side. as far fashion, while it appears the plunging v line was the costar for many leading ladies and the men brought their beards to the awards. seemingly half the presenters and winners sporting the look. >> i love a man with a beard. but i was so happy to see "atlanta" do so well. i hope it turns a lot more people on to the show. >> and another popular show was "stranger things" and they won
2:58 am
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this morning on "world news now" preparing for battle on capitol hill. trump's cabinet picks said to face scrutiny from both sides of the aisle. >> hear what president obama said about his successor's confidence and what they seem to have in common. new evidence of the horrifying ordeal passengers went through at the fort lauderdale airport. look at the surveillance video. it shows the gunman pulling the gun from his waist and firing at random. what we're learning about the investigation this morning. >> then meryl streep using her lifetime achievement award last night to call out the president-elect. what she had to say about powerful people.
3:01 am
>> and no pants, no problem. the world wide movement to travel on the train without your trousers but in this weather, are you really looking like a fool without your pants on? >> it is monday, january 9th. from abc news, this is world news now. >> you've got to wonder why they wouldn't schedule that day in june. >> it is a worldwide epidemic that we're going to get to the bottom of. >> yes, why people are dropping their pants all over subway stations. >> good morning to you, everybody and we'll start this half hour with the political battle that is heating up over donald trump's cabinet nominees. confirmation hearings do get underway this week. >> the gop is being urged to slow down raising concerns about several nominees who have yet to complete standard ethics reviews.
3:02 am
trump's transition team are accusing democrats of playing politics. here's abc's david wright. >> reporter: senate republicans have put donald trump's cabinet pick on such a fast track some of them haven't been fully vetted. the confirmation hearings set to begin tuesday with nominees for attorney general and homeland security. on wednesday there will be five more. this weekend a top government ethics official warned lawmakers the pace is putting undue pressure on investigators. eight years ago republican leader mitch mcconnell insisted obama's cabinet picks were fully vetted. all background checks and financial disclosures complete before their hearings. now he's accusing the democrats of sour grapes. >> all of these little procedural complaints are related to their frustration of having lost the white house and the senate. i understand that but we need to grow up here and get past that. >> reporter: this weekend he chose dan coats. for director of national intelligence.
3:03 am
he would replace james clapper, the retired air force general who briefed the president-elect friday on intelligence that russian hackers sought to influence the november election. even after that briefing trump didn't seem to buy that. in a tweet this weekend trump blamed the victim, gross negligence by the democratic national committee allowed the hacking to take place. no mention of putin at all. president obama told george there was a big difference between campaigning and holding office. >> as soon as you walk into this office after you've been sworn in you're now in charge of the largest organization on earth. >> you can't manage it the way you would manage a family business. >> reporter: trump's team is confident they have all they need to get their candidates confirmed. as for concerns that the process is being rushed they say they want an administration that's ready for trump from day one.
3:04 am
david wright, abc news at trump tower. >> and president obama is expected to talk about the gains he's made over the last eight years as he delivers his farewell speech in chicago tomorrow. in an exclusive interview the president told george that he believes obamacare will survive even if they modify it and relabel it trump care. he also talked about the differences and similarities with the president-elect. >> i've enjoyed the conversations that we've had. he is somebody who i think is not lacking in confidence, which is -- >> some say that about you too. >> that's what i'm saying it's probably a prerequisite for the job or at least you have to have enough craziness to think that you can do the job. i think that he has not spent a lot of time sweating the details of, you know, all the policies that -- >> without specifically naming
3:05 am
donald trump, the president said he was concerned about republicans who had more confidence in vladimir putin than fellow americans. now to the severe weather hammering both sides of the country. ten western states are experiencing torrential rain, flash flooding and damaging wind gusts. there are also concerns about mud slides and erosion. there is snow in the mountains and freezing rain in portland, oregon and surrounding areas. parts of northern california and nevada are seeing worst flooding in years with rivers reaching flood stage. >> at least four deaths are being blamed on a winter storm. the snow and ice causing hundreds of accidents especially in north carolina where one of those fatalities occurred. stools and government offices are closed today because of the icy roads. throughout the east, thousands of flights were cancelled or delayed this weekend. the region is now facing bitter cold today. our headlines this morning, israel's prime minister is
3:06 am
blaming a palestinian man for this attack. he rammed his truck into a group of soldiers. you see it here caught on tape as they were getting off a bus in a popular tourist area in jerusalem's city. the prime minister says the man was a supporter of isis. the driver's sister denies he was part of isis. her brother's death was a beautiful martyrdom, some say. >> three days of official mourning after the death of the 82-year-old president died. he served between 1989 and 1997. he was a moderate but he helped set up the stage for development of iran's nuclear program. his funeral is set for wednesday. a former national guardman, charged in the deadly shootings at fort lauderdale's airport will face a judge today.
3:07 am
meanwhile we're learning more about the five people who were killed. most were in south florida just to relax. new video showing how that calm was shattered in just seconds and with that, here's bryan ross. >> reporter: the attack came out warning as seen as this surveillance video obtained by tmz. estaban santiago pulls out his pistol and opens fire. passengers run for cover as santiago moves out of camera range through the baggage claim section where he empties his handgun and reloaded once, killing five people and injuring six more. the question is why a man who told the fbi he was hearing voices about isis thought the government had put a chip in his head was able to keep his gun even after being hospitalized for a mental examination. >> the gun was taken away from him but it was given back after he was cleared. >> reporter: a question put to the broward county sheriff. >> do you think he should have
3:08 am
had that gun? >> well, no. >> reporter: there are also questions by fbi agents in anchorage alaska did not put santiago on a no fly list after he showed up there claiming he was hearing voices. >> i want to be clear. during our initial investigation we found no ties to terrorism. >> reporter: but after being arrested friday, santiago claimed to fbi agents he actually had been in contact with isis on line and now after recovering santiago's computer from an alaska pawnshop fbi agents are creating whether he created a jihadist identity for himself several years ago under the name hashik hammad. his brother told abc news the fbi should have done more sooner. the mistake was there said bryan santiago. they knew this for two or three months. >> authorities tell abc news the attack was not long in the planning. he only bought his one-way $278
3:09 am
ticket last tuesday, just three days before he would open fire. a member of the family said they thought he was going to fort lauderdale to visit a stepbrother. bryan ross, abc news, new york. switching gears right now and talking about gas prices that are up 17 cents. in the past month and are about 40 cents a gallon higher than a year ago. it's a reflection of rising crude oil prices. the trade group has called for a cut in production although several major oil producing countries have said they won't go along with that. >> and those vehicles, the ones you're looking at might not need gas for a little while. this was in philadelphia where that sink hole opened up after a water main ruptured. the car and that suv obviously parked in just the wrong place, wrong time as well. more than a dozen homes are still without water service while the water main is being repaired there. >> tough break there. it's unclear if the cold temperatures were to blame for that rupture but we're pretty sure those temperatures made these people a little bit
3:10 am
uncomfortable. >> we are talking about those people involved in sunday's no pants subway ride. it is an annual event that takes place here in new york and just about every other major city with a subway system. >> it's organized by the improv everywhere comedy collective. it's grown every year since it started back in 2002. how come i'm never riding the subway on this day? i've never seen any pantless folks on the train. >> we've probably seen it. we just thought it was probably a normal day in new york. >> right. nothing unusual to be taking place. >> but we should push to move that to january. >> no, to june. >> and then we'll join in. >> yeah, i will. 100%. >> coming up in the meantime, different race, the oscar race is on. we'll tell you who cleaned up at last night's golden globes and the powerful political message from meryl streep that's already getting reaction from donald trump. and the latest chapter on the war by scientology.
3:11 am
what other former members of this controversial church are now saying. >> and in case you missed our 25th anniversary show on friday, check out the highlights on our facebook page at and at twitter. you're watching "world news now." you're watching "world news now." i will never wash my hair again. i will never never wash my hair again now, i fuel it new pantene doesn't just wash your hair, it fuels it. with the first pro-v nutrient blend, making every... ...strand stronger don't just wash your hair fuel it fuel your hair. because strong is beautiful.
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she's gonna stick with the short-term stuff. 12 hours? guess i won't be seeing you for a while. is that a bisque? i just lost my appetite. why take medicines that only last 4 hours, when just one mucinex lasts 12 hours? start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this. >> to humiliate by someone public.
3:15 am
by someone powerful, it filters down into everybody's life because it kind of gives permission for other people to do the same thing. >> the words of meryl streep taking on president-elect donald trump during her acceptance speech for her lifetime achievement award. >> it was just one of the many captivating moments at one of hollywood's biggest nights leading up to the oscars. >> oh, my god, i feel like i'm going to faint. >> reporter: the best in tv and movies kicking off award season with the best party of the year. even as coast jimmy fallon had to deal with a tell prompter blackout. and ryan gosling best actor in a motion picture, comedy or musical. >> i'm having one of the best experiences i've ever had on a film. >> and best actress, emma stone. >> i'm thanking my amazing mom. >> i'm thanking my amazing mom.
3:16 am
>> it's my first time hear guys and atlanta the rookie series showing it's around to stay winning best television series comedy or musical. and getting a nod for its star donald glover as best actor. >> wow. >> reporter: and then the biggest awards in film, best motion picture drama. >> "moonlight." and wrapping up the night with another win for boast motion picture, movie or comedy. >> "la la land." >> their sweep of seven golden globes breaks the record by the most won ever. we just have to wait and see if that momentum continues through the rest of award season as all eyes are on the oscars. sunday february 26th right here on abc. i just got a ton more movies to add to my must watch list. >> didn't we all. >> gives you a sense to what to keep an eye on. >> back to the meryl streep news.
3:17 am
>> the new york times was able to reach donald trump to get a response to her comments. donald trump said he was not surprised. he hadn't seen it but he was not surprised by what he heard. he described streep as a quote, hillary lover. i'm guessing that's not the last we're going to hear. >> we would expect a tweet storm and i'm sure it will include the words overrated actress. we'll see what the president-elect has to say about meryl streep but it was a fun show. we'll have coverage throughout the morning. also coming up in our next half hour, the battle for the super bowl. the latest breakdowns among contenders in both the nfc and the afc playoffs. the wild card playoff that's been called the most lopsided since 1981. >> but first, reigniting the battle between the church of scientology. what we're now hearing from other members who have broken away from the church.
3:18 am
you're watching "world news now." "world news now" continues after
3:19 am
as t as a&e prepared to air the last episode about scientology the battle between the church and the former star seems to be escalating. >> now we're hearing stories of other former members who have broken away from the controversial church. here's dan harris. >> reporter: on her new show, she rocketed to fame and she harvests tales who people like her have left the church of scientology. >> i went through hell. >> let's just stop. >> how would you describe the show? >> i would describe the show as
3:20 am
a documentary on the abuses of the church of scientology. >> reporter: some other ex- scientologists abc news met including one person within her own family. her stepfather is part of a small group of church defectors who still believe in scientology but reject the current leadership. >> you had a problem with the way the church was being run? >> yeah, it was too expensive. it cost an un-godly amount of money and i didn't think it should have cost that much. >> my stepfather still practices it outside of the organization which is considered what they call a squirrel group. >> so if you use the technology outside of the church you are a squirrel. >> yeah. so i'm a squirrel. >> squirrel is scientology's term for heretic. a term coined by the founder because he said they're nuts, stealing and perverting the church's original technology. we found a so-called squirrel group deep in the woods of
3:21 am
southern georgia. >> basically registers a resistance to a pulse of less than a volt of electricity that runs through the body. >> the church is known to be upset about what i'm doing. that's true. nobody's bugged me but i think it's because i'm out here in the middle of nowhere. >> reporter: she says wherever disillusioned former members may be, it is for them that she's doing what she's doing. >> you're not going away. >> thanks to dan harris and dan spoke to the church about leah's new show and they pointed out that she is paid for her role as the producer of the new show. >> and they have dismissed her as a failing actress spreading lies about her former religion what they say is money and attention. there are many actors still a part of scientology.
3:22 am
kir coming up, why one little girl got a personal letter from a supreme court justice. the mix coming up. supreme court justice. the mix coming up. your brain, and your joints really love them too? introducing megared advanced 4in1... just one softgel delivers the omega-3 power of two regular fish oil pills... so give your body mega support with megared advanced 4in1. ialmost everything. you know, ke 1 i n 10 houses could get hit by an expensive septic disaster. but for only $7 a month, rid-x helps break down waste. avoid a septic disaster with rid-x.
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3:25 am
it's your monday mix and we'll start with a throwback thursday you might say. you remember this costume. it went viral this past halloween. this little girl named michelle who dressed up. and the photo went viral. to the point that it even got to rbg's office and you see what she's looking at right here? she's reading a letter that actually came from the supreme court justice. handwritten letter here. some of the things that were written by the justice saying that michelle looks just like her and the effort to continue
3:26 am
to thrive on and reading and learning. there was also a printed quotation there and within it saying reading opens doors to many good things in life. >> i love how she's reading the letter with her mouth open. what a thrill for her. >> and a thrill for the supreme court justice to know that she's connecting with the younger generation. >> a real letter. not an e-mail or a text. >> what is that like? speaking of kids and cute costumes. this is four-year-old marshal. his mom took him there for his birthday because clearly it's something that he's into and then he got an unexpected surprise. unexpected for everyone, i'm sure. one of the guards came back out so that they could take a picture together. the picture of course going viral. you have the miniguard with the real guard and he has a picture that he's going to cherish his whole life and these guards are supposed to be so stoic. you put a four-year-old in front of anyone, it's going to melt them away. >> those guards, you can try to
3:27 am
dance in front of them. you can have your pants on the ground they still are not phased. >> a cute kid. >> so my heart will go on by celine dion is a wonderful song that just tugs at the heart and you know, it just brings the feels. there's so many wonderful versions of this and this is one of those that just brings the -- the feels. >> this is making me a little bit nauseous. >> this is from a youtuber who uploaded it. it's done with the recorders from the nose and it really just says instant classic. >> i'm not going to hate on ben because he worked really hard on that clearly. good for you. something you've mastered. >> lastly, light saber night. it sounds like a ton of fun. this was at a piano bar.
3:28 am
it has been cancelled, they say.
3:29 am
and i take my job seriously. while i'm busy watching the game, i need your help keeping an eye on the stands. if you see something that doesn't look quite right, tell a law enforcement official. we all play an important role in protecting our communities, and you can help. if you see something suspicious, say something to local authorities. [ crowd cheering ]
3:30 am
this morning on "world news this morning on "world news now" deadly storms wreaking havoc from coast to coast. western states getting soaked by a slow moving system dumping inches of rain and feet of snow as dangerous conditions and freezing temperatures make road travel nearly impossible. we'll have the forecast just ahead. an american is under arrest in mexico for shooting a u.s. diplomat. the ambush caught on camera in broad daylight. the white house now condemning the attack. we'll have the latest and what we're learning. and new this half hour, gearing up for two very big games. wild card weekend in the nfl was a cold one as the road to the super bowl narrows. plus, tonight's national championship game with clemson and alabama fans telling us who they think will win the big one.
3:31 am
>> and the wild weekend for hollywood. we'll check out some of the funniest moments at the golden globes, plus a mistake that spawned a million memes overnight. it's all in "the skinny" on this monday, january 9th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning, everyone. >> our top story this half hour is the major storm that is right now battering the west side of this country. take a look at the radar. look at that. you can see the storm moving in from the pacific and affecting parts of ten states. it brings strong winds, torrential rain and flash flooding and more is expected. >> rising flood waters nearly swept a man living in his car north of san francisco. he tried to outrun them but he didn't get far before he had to be rescued. parts of nevada are bracing for flooding with the river at flooding stage and cresting overnight.
3:32 am
more on the problems in the west. >> extreme weather carving a deadly bath up the west coast. heavy rain swamping california. stranding drivers. firefighters having to use their bare hands to get this suv upright. this taxi sliding off the road. the driver pulled from the car would later die. a mandatory evacuation issued as the sierra river rises too. >> it makes me nervous. gives me a little anxiety. >> residents stacking sandbags and bracing for major flash flooding and mud slides. >> the atmospheric river has arrived here and the rain has been relentless. >> and the winds 61 miles per hour in san francisco. trees toppling into roof tops in marin county and one woman killed by a tree on a golf course. >> i thought you would hear it or you would see something. >> it happens in an instant like this tree falling on the road.
3:33 am
everyone pitching in to clear it out. the same storm spreading ice over oregon turning i-5 into a skating rink. roads there littered with jackknifed semis. >> and our thanks to rob there in northern california. the east this morning is in the grip of a bitter cold spell after a major winter storm dumped snow and ice, particularly hard hit was the south where there were hundreds of accidents resulting in several fatalities. >> as much as 10 inches of snow fell in parts of north carolina where schools and many offices are closed yet again today. icy roads may also be to blame for three deaths on new york's long island last night. a stolen car spun off a highway exit at high speeds and overturned in a pond killing the occupants of that vehicle. and there was some good news in the winter storm, however. two hikers who had been missing for more than a day in the western north carolina mountains were rescued. the two men had no food or water and were only able to build a small fire in the waist deep snow. >> we would not last through
3:34 am
tonight. there's no way. >> rescuers couldn't get a location fix on their cell phone. the two men were found by a helicopter equipped with a heat detector and air lifted to safety. >> thank goodness for that. >> absolutely. the west is in for some more extreme weather today. >> let's get to the details today with paul williams. >> good morning. major flooding happening along the west coast. if you take a look here, as far as the dark green is concerned we're looking between 8 to 16 inches of rain and at least 4 to 8 through portions of california and that's just one side of the concern on the west coast. a major winter storm will break out. as you travel further to the north this low pressure system will bring snow throughout the northwest and that will lean its way in to the great lakes region. >> thanks to paul who's keeping a very busy monday morning now. >> and north korea saying it is
3:35 am
prepared to launch a ballistic missile at any moment. that was made on state run tv this morning. it follows the new year's day announcement that the north was in the final stages of preparing to test fire an icbm. in an interview on tv defense secretary vowed to take down anything shot toward the u.s. or its allies. new video of horrifying incident. airport surveillance video obtained by tmz shows estaban santiago pulling out a gun and firing. police say the former army national guardsman emptied his semiautomatic weapon and reloaded. five people were killed and six others wounded. santiago told the fbi that he'd been hearing voices about isis so understandably there are questions this morning on why he was not on a no fly list.
3:36 am
>> at least four israeli soldiers are dead after the worst attack in jerusalem in months. another soldier is in critical injuries and almost 20 others have lesser injuries. a truck plowed into a group of soldiers as they got off a bus for some sightseeing. the driver was shot dead and his neighborhood has been cut off. further punitive measures are likely. israel's prime minister says the attacker was a supporter of isis. an american citizen is being detained in the attempted assassination of u.s. diplomat in mexico. the video shows a man who is being questioned in the ambush of christopher ashcraft. the person fired at the counselor officer friday in a region known for drug trafficking. so far motive for the shooting is not clear. >> the three key potential scenarios here are one, this -- the shooter had a personal beef or it could have been gang related. or this could be related to some sort of a terrorist act.
3:37 am
>> well, the name of the man in that video has not been released. he's been extradited to the united states. ashcraft is under guard as he recovers from a shoulder wound. confirmation hearings begin this week for president-elect donald trump's cabinet picks. democrats say they are being forced to consider nominees who haven't completed their ethics reviews including several billionaires who may face conflicts of interest. senate majority leader had once insisted president obama's picks be fully vetted before their hearings. >> all of these little procedural complaints are related to their frustration at having not only lost the white house but having lost the senate. i understand that, but we need to grow up here and get past that. >> the senate is still awaiting ethics forms from trump's nominees for homeland security, education, treasury and hud. the hearings are all set
3:38 am
tomorrow through thursday. >> so this was a big day in history. it's hard to believe it but it was ten years ago today that apple announced the iphone. back then apple's ceo steve jobs demonstrated the new device at mac world in san francisco on january 9th, 2007. >> jobs called it a revolutionary product because it didn't have a keyboard. the days of the blackberry. the original came with a maximum 16 gigs of memory. now the iphone 7 can be loaded with 256 gigs. i remember people calling it the jesus phone. >> why? >> the phone that will save our lives. i remember people calling it that. >> who knew. it took actually six months between that announcement ten years ago and for the actual release. that never happens anymore. >> lots of people waiting for
3:39 am
it. but i really miss my blackberry. >> what? >> okay, coming up we're gearing up for tonight's big game. >> the college football championship rematch as you know is between the tigers who are ready to roar and the tide who are ready to roll. we'll look at which team has the edge and which fans have the most spirit as you know alabama has had some controversy in the coaching ranks. >> so i hear. and we're still celebrating after friday's big 25th anniversary blowout. it was an insomniac reunion of epic proportions and we want to know what your favorite part was. i'm not sure if we were celebrating or we're just getting over the hangover. "world news now" weather, brought to you by mucinex. to you by mucinex.
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3:43 am
welcome back. well, there are now just eight nfl teams still alive with hopes of super bowl glory. one of them, the green bay packers. >> so relax. after a slow start green bay quarterback aaron rodgers threw two touchdown passes late in the second quarter. the second was a hail mary and it was caught in the endzone by randall cobb. >> rodgers threw two more touchdowns in the second half and that was way too much for the giants to handle. the packers winning this one 38-13. >> so giants have plenty of time to go on a boat ride now. their shirts off -- >> was that a dig in one of their players? >> odell went on a boat ride early on in the week. the packers travel to dallas to face the cowboys next sunday and
3:44 am
on saturday the seahawks will take on the falcons in atlanta. both should be pretty good games. it was houston taking care of the raiders on saturday and the steelers didn't much -- didn't have much to warm up against miami in frigid pittsburgh. ben roethlisberger found antonio brown for a 50-yard touchdown on the steelers' first drive and they hooked up again in the first -- so the steelers, do we have to go through all the steelers' highlights? >> that looked like it hurt. >> and then the playoff picture, next saturday night the texans taking on the patriots and on sunday the steelers travel to take on the chiefs. and if college football is your thing tonight is your night. it's time for clemson to take on alabama. they're ready to take the next step and beat the tide, they say.
3:45 am
>> if alabama wins again tonight it would be the first major college champ to finish a season 15-0 as you might imagine the fans are excited. >> go bama. >> go tigers. >> both teams, it's going to be a tie! >> the best team. >> roll tide roll! >> roll tide, roll! >> alabama! >> the gators. >> the pirates? all right. they were there for the bucs game. okay. let's hope they all have their tickets already. because right now the cheapest pair of seats going for more than $4,300. >> you want me to try to whistle? >> that's your whistle? >> it's the best i got. >> wow. all right. well, it should be a good game. >> if you're not going to the game you can see clemson take on
3:46 am
alabama tonight on our sister network espn. coverage starts at 8:00 p.m. eastern time. >> and when we come back in case you missed it last night's funniest moments at the golden globes. >> plus, the fashion. yes, we can't wait. >> i can tell how excited you are. "the skinny" is next. "world news now" continues after of reach for far too long:s have health insurance.that's been out how? they enrolled through covered california. it's the health insurance marketplace where you'll find a range of plans from leading health insurance companies that offer you the best combination of quality, rates, and benefits. and, through covered california, you may get financial help to pay for coverage.
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♪ well of course we're going to start the skinny with the golden globes and it was an interesting show last night. >> well, the laughs were pretty much at high gear at the get-go with jimmy fallon's opening number featuring the host spoofing "la la land." >> and it even had him doing a slow dance with justin timber lake. >> but it was after that that the show suffered its first technical glitch. >> thank you so much, everybody. welcome to the golden globes. already the teleprompter is down so this is a great way to start the show. i can do a -- i can do impressions. what do we do here? i can think of something. cut to justin timberlake please and he'll just wink at me or
3:49 am
something. yeah. yeah, this is great. we have another monitor coming in. i could just -- i'll make up this monologue. >> wow. >> can they not wing it? >> hasn't the prompter gone down on you before? >> many times. >> we can't say bring in another one. i think he didn't want mariah carey to feel left out. >> wow, that was interesting. it kind of showed jimmy fallon there. so presenting the award for best animated film, reminiscing about their favorite animated movies they ever saw. >> we all love animated films. you remember the first time you saw an animated movie? >> i do actually. kind of a big deal. i was six years old and my dad took me to see fantasia. as we were leaving the theater there standing in the lobby was my mom and that was the moment
3:50 am
she told my dad that she wanted a divorce. >> only steve carroll can deliver a moment like that. >> there were winners. leading the globe's film awards was "la la land" winning every single seven categories it was nominated for. ryan gosling -- >> i need to see this thing. friday had me at ryan gosling and now it's winning awards. now it's really -- i'm going to have to go. >> and emma stone as well. >> coming up next, fashion. >> the full attention to fashion. >> no, this is the good stuff. >> meryl streep and my interpretation, she looked okay. matt says she positively dazzled in what can best be described as a stained glass dress in a full floral design. >> i can't tell if he was being
3:51 am
sarcastic when he said it was dazzling. >> many more, matt calls this a barely there sheer gown in the not too distant past -- i love it. >> so she stunned in this black and white cocktail dress that i say just looked classy and pretty. matt says it's with polka dots and she completed the out of this world look with pearls in her hair like stars in the sky. and he's check out pharrell. his partner on the red carpet, she's distracting me from his look. >> exactly. i can't really see that. so donald glover who scooped up two golden globes, declared the winner in this brown velvet suit. >> it's like a bad prom thing. >> i like it. >> all right. what do we have coming up?
3:52 am
>> i'm so distracted by his brown suit. what's coming up next? >> next, technology. we'll be right back. ht back. next? >> technology. we'll be right back. brain, and your joints really love them too? introducing megared advanced 4in1... just one softgel delivers the omega-3 power of two regular fish oil pills... so give your body mega support with megared advanced 4in1. ialmost everything. you know, ke 1 i n 10 houses could get hit by
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crest 3d whitestrips whiten... 25 times better than a leading whitening toothpaste i passed the tissue test. oh yeah. crest whitestrips are the way to whiten ♪ >> that was a great -- >> that's all i learned from breaking. >> that's what you got out of it. >> robots were mostly science faction, but the future is now. consumer electronics show wraps up its anniversary this weekend, rebecca tells us about it. >> the future of technology. robots, drones and many of your favorite brands together in las vegas unveiling the latest innovations. >> the goal is to protect all those devices from hacking. >> this is a sleep number smart bed and first of all it gels to your body.
3:56 am
it also warms your feet. >> michael phelps taking us inside under armor's wearable technology. to really see what your body is telling you. developed with tom brady, the new athlete recovery system meant to mirror his own recovery and sleep rituals. >> it emits infrared. it ends up reducing inflammation. >> plus the three new connected footwear styles helping you track your fitness and progress. >> a customized solution for you. >> it used to only be available for the most elite of elite athletes. >> microsoft taking us for a test drive in the car of the future. >> where can i bring you? >> west gate. >> let's go to west gate. >> complete with a personal assistant who talks to you and knows your routine. plus, the ability to switch into self-driving mode. >> right now he just took his
3:57 am
hands off the wheel and the car is driving itself. >> from riding along in cars to flying. the biggest drone company in the world letting me try my hand at the wheel. >> all right. now i'm done. >> rebecca jarvis, abc news, las vegas. >> but where is the hover board? i've been waiting for the hover board since i was like five years old. >> that's supposed to be the future and that's supposed to be now. >> but the wearable technology for athletes, i think that's the future of athletics. anything tom brady does. >> he's bringing all the latest from that convention to our show. >> i have that technology here. it's a pen, right? >> don't miss our updates. we'll have more coming up. >> this is abc's "world news now" informing insomniacs for two decades. insomniacs for two decades. coming
3:58 am
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making news in america this monday morning, barrage of storms unleashing a dangerous amount of rain on the west coast. rivers are cresting right now. streets and vineyards flooded. evacuations under way. it's not over yet. moment of the attack. chilling video showing the ft. lauderdale airport gunman. people running for cover as he opens fire. the latest on the investigation as we learn more about the victims. breaking news this morning, suspects in the kim kardashian robbery taken into custody. police in paris releasing details overnight. and meryl streep calling out donald trump at the golden globes. overnight, the president-elect responds.


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