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tv   ABC 7 News at 6  ABC  January 9, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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at dusk when it started raining again. some bay area communities cannot take much more rain than they've received without risk of serious flooding. we'll go live to some of the hardest hit areas to show you in a few minutes. >> first to spencer christian. spencer? >> kristen, we're going to focus on the flood warning and the russian river. it will crest again on wednesday at 6:00 p.m. flood stage is 32 feet. it's forecast to crest at nearly 36 feet. that's 4 feet before flood stage. moderate flooding is expected. it's under a flood warning until 6:40 p.m. for this portion of the russian river outlined in green. a large portion of it. this is current conditions. we have light or light to moderate rain. the heaviest concentration in the north bay. this storm ranks 2 on the storm impact scale. it will develop overnight and be raining heavily in some spots by
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early tomorrow morning. expect brief downpours with the storm. localized flooding, downed trees and a chance of thunderstorms. there's a forecast animation starting at 11:00 tonight. notice how it's more organized in the early morning hours, certainly from the morning rush, we'll see widespread areas of moderate rainfall and heavier later in the day. here's what to expect during the rush hour tomorrow. wet pavement in the morning hours with mainly light to moderate rain and ponding on roadways for the evening rush. a closer look in a few minutes. >> here we go again. sky 7 found flooded buildings today in sonoma county. this is the worst flooding we've seen today. that's why we have team coverage having on the people who live
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nearby. let's begin with sergio quintana live in gernville. >> reporter: you heard the flood river is 32 feet. it reached a little more than 35 feet and stayed at crest level for several hours. which is unusual. sonoma county officials estimate at that level, about 550 homes and businesses are being affected by the flood. >> the engs extent of the flooding can be seen where it overran homes and cars and kept sonoma county emergency crews busy. they had to transport a man whose home was safe but was boxed in by floodwater. we had a medical emergency due to high water. we brought the boat over and shuttled him across. >> flood level is 32 feet. it crested at a little more than 35 feet this afternoon. a relief for one man who knows what level spells trouble for
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his property. >> right now i'm on 36 feet. if it gets to 40, i'm underwater. >> he's been trying to contact a friend who reached out to him early this morning but hasn't spoken with him again since. flooded roads are the issue. we've seen a couple big-wheeled trucks drive through the streets. some canoes have charged across the flooded river. >> the people that are trapped, they come to the end there and the kids will pick them up in the canoe, bring them across. >> jason robinson's son is out of school because of the storm. so they went on a paddle tour of the flood zone. >> how does it look out there? >> good. but there's a lot of trash and a lot of cans floating around. >> that debris can be as dangerous as the river current. >> reporter: emergency crews this afternoon reminded us it's not just what you can see floating on the water. unfortunately, it's things that you cannot see under the water.
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like fences, debrises, water planks. they remind us that because there's so many cars submerged, there's gas and other petroleum products under the water swirling around. it's never a good idea to wade into floodwaters. live in guerneville, i'm sergio quinta quintana. >> we've seen proof of that. team coverage of the impact of the russian river flooding continues with laura anthony live along river road. some have had to leave their homes. >> reporter: it's started to rain hard here again. it's been clear for moefs the day but cloudy, of course. as the rain moves in, people have growing concerns about this behind me. this is the russian river. this is a typical scene. this is a flooded vineyard. this is typical of what we're seeing up and down the waterway. >> it's spectacular to see the river come back and mother nature say, you occupy a lot of
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space here, but i'm in charge. >> that's how james gore sees it. up and down his district. as the russian river has taken over large sections of what used to be its banks. fortunately, in miles an hour bell park, the residents, many in tents, moved out ahead of the flooding. >> we have a big homeless community along the river. we really had to rally hard to be able to provide spaces and overnight stays and get out the garbage and protect people's lives so we didn't have to rescue people. >> the river bend rv park is largely underwater. fortunately, not before most of the rigs relocated to higher ground. >> i live in santa rosa. this interests me and i like to take pictures of it. i came out to take a few pictures. >> as ominous as it is now, chris shell en berger remembers it when it was a lot higher. >> this paul bunyan guy, the water was up to his waist that year. >> there was a tree that snapped in half and landed on this
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house. one for sale during sunday's deluge. >> not too much damage. however, thank god it was vacant and no one is in there. but the winds are strong. >> reporter: it seems those who know the area also know how to take events like this in stride. >> people would live up here, they know it's going to happen. they prepare for it. >> reporter: now, these vines are dormant. i'm told there's not much concern about damage to the grapes themselves. the local supervisor you heard from, he told me that this water is as high as it's been in this spot in more than eight years. they're going to be watching this river very carefully over the next 24 to 48 hours. the time of greatest concern tomorrow afternoon, about 1:00, he said, and then again on wednesday afternoon/evening, about the time the rain actually stops. in forestville, laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> thanks very much, laura. a mudslide covered half of
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highway 17. you can see it. if you look closely, you can see an abc 7 news van was caught in the slide. one of our colleagues, our photographer was injured and taken to the hospital. good news. we're glad to say he's going to be okay. the van was crushed. the mud and rocks blocked the northbound lanes of highway 17 near scots valley. abc 7 news reporter david louie is live with a look at the cleanup efforts. david? >> reporter: dan, you can see it's dark here now. cal trans has set up lighting. they're going to continue to work with front loaders and excavators to clear up these two northbound lanes of highway 17. the job is major. of course, any time you see a landslide, you know a lot of rock and debris and trees come down. there's no question in our mind what damage it can do to a passing vehicle. this is what happens when you get caught in a landslide. the abc 7 news van was crushed as rocks, boulders and trees
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landed on the two northbound lanes of highway 17. video shot by a chp officer emphasized how lucky our news photographer was on his drive to works unable to see or avoid the slide in the dark. >> miracles happen every day. happens to be -- it didn't come down and completely cover the van. >> the debris, clearing it was a major task. front loaders were -- an excavator was brought in. some trees were cut down for fear they would give way and endanger the crews below. with traffic blocked, cal trans reconfigured the southbound lanes to allow two-way traffic. however, vehicles moved at a crawl. landslides were anticipated after sunday's heavy rainfall. however, drivers along highway 17 get little to no warning when they occur. >> especially here on highway 17, there are various mountainous curves in the roadway where visibility may not
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be 500, 1,000 feet in front of you. so you could come around the corner, if this is what you see, that would be an incredible sight. >> cleanup crews tried to take advantage of milder rain conditions to reopen the highway. >> light rain didn't help. it added urgency and concerns of safety as crews continued to work as quickly as they could for fear that the hill might give way again. >> the crews will keep working through the night until both lanes are reopened. the highway patrol at this point still cannot tell us with any definitive word when highway 17 northbound lanes will be reopened. of course, all of that is in the hands of cal trans crews as they continue to work here all night long. we're on highway 17. david louie, abc 7 news. david, thanks so much. ironically, despite the heavy rain, the city of santa cruz is facing a short term water problem. the storm damaged the city's infrastructure. all customers are asked to cut
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back usage by 30% for the next week or so. highway -- of yosemite is closed. the park will reopen in the morning for the first time since friday. our sister station in fresno looks at how the park weathered the weekend storms. >> loud thundering waterfalls and raging runoff are what tourists missed out on, on monday. a few essential workers is all it took to handle the extent of damage to the yosemite transportation garage. storm water swept through areas of yosemite valley leaving mostly mud behind. sandbags were the best help in keeping runoff from seeping underneath doors and getting into buildings. the storm, though powerful, did not leave a lasting impact. in fact, the electricity never went out and the sewage system never stopped working. >> for the most part, systems were intact and it's because we were able to keep these things going and we didn't see the huge
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water. we're able to welcome visitors back tomorrow morning. it's a really great thing. >> culverts made streams alongside the road. in a few areas, the highway was more like a waterfall as swift water raced into the merced river. at swinging ridge, it was most notable as water made it up to the deck. usually, tlfs a 10 to 12-foot drop below. cresting water did not cover any bridges in the park. >> we've had a lot of rain and it's been great. it's a warm storm. it's something, i mean, the animals have been out. everyone is fine. nobody got hurt. >> the bypass did flood and one bicyclist did try to pedal through. but without much luck. employees are now being allowed back into the park to get everything up and running. close to 1,000 workers and visitors were forced to leave on friday. gates will reopen tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m. in yosemite national park, san tie i can't rose, abc 7 news. no matser what the next storm brings, counts on us to
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stay on top of the conditions. throughout the weekend, we shared live videos on facebook, provided access to doppler 7 and tweeted as we tracked the storm and its damage. follow us now to be among the first to know weather where you live. the recent storms turned a problem from bad to worse, sadly, in pacifica. find out what's changing above the crumbling cliffs along he is plan add avenue. a dangerous storm turned deadly. the issues brought on by the rain and the wind. a lot more to bring you. stay with us.
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a mudslide in pacifica
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affected traffic on highway 1 all day. sky 7 video over the scene shows drivers down to a single lane near ray that del mar. crews are working to fix an access path to the beach after waves created a large sinkhole. it's one of two changes coming along esplanade avenue. >> when they got a job in california, the prospect of a beachfront property was promising enough to leave minnesota. >> when he arrived in pacifica, he discovered a hole in his plan. >> we checked it out online and nothing like this had happened. when we got here, it was quite a surprise. >> today, cement trucks were parked outside their new home, repairs under way after a 30-foot section of coastal access path buckled a few weeks ago. bart willow by is a coastal al list. >> in five years, six years, this bluff could be back to the street. >> be here long enough, watch the beachfront property out the
6:16 pm
front door. >> once the holes filled and the path deemed safe, beach access could reopen in two to three weeks. he says that's the same projected timeline for demolishing this cliff side apartment building. last wednesday pacifica city officials -- demolished 310 esplanade. residents had to move out last january because of the eroding cliff. >> the haz-mat people have to come in, take a look, do an analysis. >> while none of this is what hanson had in mind. >> can't go wrong. >> he says it still beats minnesota. in pacifica melanie woodrow. while the storm turned deadly for a north bay man, abc news reporter leslie brinkley has the story in efforts to prevent potential flooding. >> a lot happened in marin county from that accident to the scene i'm at here in san ansel
6:17 pm
mow. over the weekends, you have fences, trees and earth that collapsed into the creek, damming it up. they're trying to get the debris out of creek before the next storm hits. sections of a four-foot diameter bay tree flew over houses along the creek. they were tethered to this massive crane. crews are working against the clock. the collapse of a backyard triggered an avalanche of debris and trees. there are fears it could dam up the creek. >> we want to make sure to get the debris out of way so if there is a lot of water or rain tomorrow. even if there's not, if it gets dammed up, we can still get flooding. there's a lot of homes at risk. >> marin county public works tweeted this video as they work to -- the race was on to get this nissan altima out of a creek off this narrow stretch of rural nevada boulevard.
6:18 pm
>> the vehicle went through the guardrail overturned as it did so, rammed it upside down in the creek 15 feet below. >> the raging waters overnight submerged the car, the driver died. there were no witnesses but chp believed the combination of slick roads and bald tires might have triggered the fatal crash. rising waters were triggered off lucky drive. the waters receded today but another high tide in the morning as the next storm hits has residents worried. one man moved his furniture and a piano on to wood pallets in case. >> we're starting to see movement of soils around houses, structures and trees. we've had a lot of trees come down into structures. >> there's a lot to worry about. in marin county, i'm leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. and historic tree called a pioneer cabin tree toppled over during yesterday's storm. volunteers say strong winds and
6:19 pm
heavy rain were too much for it since it was carved out in the 1880s. we want to thank you for sharing your photos. a lot of people have experience and fond memories there. this was a picture from labor day. they've all grown to love the iconic tree. jason coleman is a firefighter from massachusetts. he and his wife visited the tree on their honeymoon. here's a cool one from jennifer and her father, the little boy in this photo, taken way back when cars still got to drive through it. the tree is, sadly, gone. >> that's a great shot. well, here we go again. more coming, right? we really need a break. that's not coming for a few days. >> the ground is saturated. >> the rain is going to get heavier tomorrow. we need to wait a couple days before we get a break. we have rather widespread rain right now. it's mainly light. up in the north bay, it's more
6:20 pm
concentrated. there's pockets of heavier rain as well. move along and take a lock at current temperatures. very narrow range right now. 52 to 55 degrees along the bay area. here's how it's going to look into the early morning hours. areas of yellow and orange represent the pockets of heavier rain. low temperatures will be generally in the upper 40s and low 50s and here comes the next storm which ranks 2 on the storm impact scale. it will develop overnight and intensify tomorrow. brief downpours, not just brief but occasional downpours. localized flooding is likely. trees and power lines could be down because of the wind and there's a chance of thunderstorms accompanying tomorrow's storm. pick up the forecast animation tomorrow at 6:00. the rush will have begun already with widespread rain and pockets of moderate to heavy rain which will increase over the north bay by noon and then the heaviest
6:21 pm
rain will shift southward and eastward in the afternoon and evening hours. it's going to be widespread. by 8:00 tomorrow night, we'll see intensifying line of showers through the central part of the bay area. it will taper off but a lot of rain will be dumped by that point. potential rainfall, up to 2.5 inches in the santa cruz mountains, up to half an inch in the wettest parts of the south bay. half an inch to an inch in the central part of the bay area. with all of this rain, on top of what has already fallen, no surprise that a flash flood watch is in effect through tomorrow night except the communities along the bay shoreline and the inland east bay. low-lying flooding is likely. rapid rises in creeks. rocksliding, mudsliding as well. the wind advisories is in effect for virtually all of the bay area. at the sea level from noon tomorrow to midnight tomorrow night, winds gusts to 45 miles
6:22 pm
an hour at the lower levels. a high wind warning is in effect for the higher elevations. 1500 feet and above for the same time period. winds could gust up to 60 mirror higher in those areas. on we go to a look at our wind gust animation taking us into tomorrow afternoon. we expect most areas around the region to see winds gusting between 40 and 45 miles per hour. this is accuweather forecast ranks 2 on the impact scale. it will weaken to a 1 on wednesday. still, breezy on wednesday with periods of light rain and showers. a few more showers on thursday. get a string of dry days from friday through next monday. that will be a much-needed break of dry weather from the continued rainfall. >> absolutely. thanks, spencer. from an exclamation point to a question mark. >> coming up next, the changes for the
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pretty treacherous day today at tahoe ski resorts. this is what it looked like at heavenly a few hours ago. the area getting hit with a dusting of snow. many ski resorts closed because of winds and avalanche dangers. if you're headed to the snow, better check with your ski resort for conditions. there's a shakeup at the top of yahoo. a new company name is coming. in an s.e.c. filing today, yahoo
6:26 pm
announce marissa mayer and others will resign when it merges with verizon. there's no announcement. they're purchasing the core business for $4.8 billion. also announced, the company that remains after the purchase will change the name from yahoo to ult abba incorporated. stay with us. we're on storm watch at 6:30. next, see what the combination of wind and rain add up to for some people in san francisco. innovation abounds at the jpmorgan health care conference. i'm jonathan bloom with life care creations on abc 7 news. san francisco has a first of its kind solar
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no kissing on the first date, alright? life doesn't always stick to a plan, but with our investment expertise we'll help you handle what's next. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can. abc 7 news was in concord as a tree trimming crew took a break. they were on oak grove road taking down limbs and branches before the wind brings them down. the rest of us should survey
6:30 pm
trees in case preventative maintenance is needed. >> that would have helped the owners of these cars. crews worked for a second tree that toppled at the university of san francisco. >> this is one of many trees that fell during the storm. karen tyler has been surveying the damage around san francisco. it's all hands-on deck for san francisco public works crews in the aftermath of sunday's heavy rains and gusty winds. these guys removed a tree that shattered a windshield. he discovered his suv parked in the bay view over the weekend was a victim of the storm. >> my car right now. everything here. outside, inside. >> downed trees and falling branches have triggered dozens of calls to public works. 169 yesterday alone. >> we've got our landscape crews as well as our tree crews going out, cleaning up. >> a traumatic incident in golden gate park near the soccer fields. a man was trapped for several
6:31 pm
hours after a tree fell on his tent. we also saw two trees collapsed across stow lake. in all, 20 trees have fallen. a frequent parkgoer believe too many dead and dying trees ready to give way. >> this tree should have been taken out long ago. >> public works handles the rest of the trees. 125,000. and has just received a gift that could help in future storms. prop e dedicates $19 million a year for maintenance. >> we'll be able to assess trees more regularly to make sure if we do see signs of decline, the trees could be removed before they come down in a storm. >> reporter: that won't happen any time soon. if you have a concern about a tree in the city, call 311. in san francisco, carolyn tyler, abc 7 news.
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imagine walking out of the casino and then seeing this. brandon franklin snapped the picture of a funnel cloud to the west of the thunder valley casino in lincoln around 2:00 this afternoon. forecasters have predicted high winds in the area. there are no reports that the funnel cloud touched down to become a tornado. abc 7 news weather anchor spencer christian. i will start with a reminder that the flood warning in effect in portions of the russian river. that's until 6:40 tomorrow evening. obviously additional rain may increase the intensity and extent of any flooding. here's a look at current conditions on live doppler 7. we have light rain across the bay area right now. it will become heavier, steadier until tomorrow. tomorrow's storm ranks 2 on the storm impact scale. the torm will produce occasional downpours. flooding, gusty winds, trees blown down, thunderstorms accompanying the storm tomorrow. here's a forecast animation
6:33 pm
beginning at 11:00 tonight in the overnight hours. widespread areas of moderate to heavy rainfall continuing through the morning rush and even intensifying in the afternoon. here's what you can expect in the rush hours tomorrow in the morning rush. expect showers and occasional -- gusty wind, water ponding on roadways and hydroplaning is potentially dangerous. bear that in mind if you're driving tomorrow especially in the afternoon and evening hours. dan? >> spencer, thanks very much. you can track the week's storms with the abc 7 news apps. we have live doppler 7 on the app. we have push alerts to give advisories instantly. turning to the trump transition. his son-in-law jared kushner will join the white house as a senior adviser. kushner will be an unpaid member of the trump administration but with extensive -- on international trade deals. mr. trump's first nominees face
6:34 pm
confirmation in the upcoming days. at trump tower after meeting with chinese businessman who founded allibabalibaba, he expe of them to be confirmed. >> i think they'll all pass. i think every nomination, they're at the highest level. jack was even saying, they are at the absolute highest level. i think we'll do very well. >> ivanka trump announced she is stepping away from the trump organization telling reporters she intends to focus onset willing her family into its new home in washington. tomorrow, abc will air president barack obama's farewell address starting at 6:00 p.m. abc 7 news will begin after that at 6:30. vice president joe biden is in san fracisco delivering the keynote at the annual jpmorgan health care conference. mr. biden spoke about the moon shot task force. that's aiming to find a cure for
6:35 pm
can kerr. that claimed the life of his son beau. >> each if we couldn't save our son, science, medicine and technology are saving countless of others sons and daughters. >> today, medical schools across the country held protests against the proposed repeal of the affordable care act. the demonstrations were part of a national movement called protect our patients. doing away with much of the law has become a priority of president-elect donald trump and the republican congress, something future doctors say will be detrimental to public health. >> primary care, preventative medicine, things -- medications to treat diabetes, hypertension, cancer are completely unavailable to you if you don't have insurance. >> obamacare opponents say the law squeezes middle class americans, many of whom are seeing higher insurance premiums. the jpmorgan health care conference draws entrepreneurs
6:36 pm
from all over the world with inventions that could save lives. abc 7 news reporter jonathan bloom has a look at a few that could change health care as we know it. >> take a series of readings. >> it was quick and painless. >> jonathan, your tissue is extremely healthy. >> in a hospital, it could be life-saving. >> it's a detection device for pressure ulcers. otherwise known as bed sores. >> it led to the death of christopher reeve. >> they can take up to a year to recover. you lose limbs. >> they start hidden under the skin. >> this device can find them days before they're advisable. >> you're looking for the ring. >> inflammation can contribute to brain damage after a stroke. cells from the spleen flood the brain looking to help close a wound. >> the scar tissue creates a permanent boundary that prevents the brain tissue from healing. >> this can turn the response off and it comes from stem cells. >> the current stroke treatments have to be given within hours,
6:37 pm
this can work a day and a half later. this can redefine stroke treatment as we know it. >> their potential to regrow parts of the body. that's of particular interest for patients suffering from an especially deadly form of cancer. >> we grow spare parts. >> for survivors of esophageal cancer -- >> for a patient with a stomach pull-up, they can never sleep lying down. >> biostage will grow a new esophagus on this plastic tube. ready for human trials. >> they've done over 30 large animals. the results in large animals are amazing. >> many who survive life-threatening illness will need medication. >> patients don't take medication because of psychology. >> to get them to spend more time in front of a slot machine, buy more lottery tickets. >> to get patients to take their medication for a chance to hid the jackpot. >> jonathan bloom, abc 7 news in san francisco. san francisco is leading the nation with a new solar panel pilot program. >> coming up, michael finney
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it looks like a road to nowhere. christopher shared this picture today of alexander valley road flooded by the russian river near heelsburg. we've been talking about that river flooding. share a video with us by sebding it to #abc 7 now. abc 7 news was at the great highway in san francisco as crews scraped mud and sand off the road. this happened near noriega street. it closed the highway in the northbound direction of slope boulevard and lincoln way. it's hard to see interstate 80 near the summit because of the snow on the ground. as you can see from the cal trans camera, the road is not closed. it's passable. on interstate 80, from baxter to
6:42 pm
truck ee to nevada. >> we got a lull between -- tomorrow we gear up again. >> a live look from the south beach camera. spencer will be back to update the forecast in five minutes.
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6:45 pm
a helicopter had to rescue a driver whose suv was overrun by water today. a man tried to drive his hummer through a area of sanford road. his vehicle floated and got stuck in a ditch. swift water rescue crews took part in the rescue. rain may be in the forecast but the sun is shining on one san francisco family. >> michael finney is here with a san francisco first. >> it's pretty cool. >> i'm happy to report that san francisco is the first in the nation. provides a new roof and a new solar system to qualify low-income residents. >> today is a great day -- >> juan soto lived in this san francisco home for 30 years. on this day, workers from the nonprofit grid alternatives, were installing solar panels to power juan's home, hopefully for
6:46 pm
the rest of his life. he expects to see his average bill, $100 greatly reduced. >> above the 80%. >> grid alternatives has installed solar energy free to some 5500 families nationwide. 1500 alone just in the bay area during the past decade. this is the first time they've been able to replace the roof as well. >> the sad thing is that we have to say no to a lot of families whose roofs aren't good enough and they don't have the money to fix them. with this program, we get to say yes to some of the families in san francisco. >> the estimated low-income families spend three times more on residential energy than other families. >> it's going to make a huge difference for these families. saving $50, $100 a month on energy bills will make a huge impact on their lives. >> funding is coming from the city for roof repair and replacement. the solar installation is funded
6:47 pm
by private donations. the work is done by volunteers and job trainees supervised by trained staff. >> because it's good for the environment. >> okay. want to get in on this? some 16 san francisco families will be selected for the free roof upgrade and solar installation. grid alternatives is holding a bilingual one-hour workshop on stat, january 21st. for more information, go to abc 7 click on 7 on your side. if you don't want in on that but need my help, contact me, my hotline is open every weekday. 10:00 until 2:00. 415-954-8151. you can reach me any time at abc 7 thanks, mike. on a related note, one of california's newest state senators wants to see the golden state lead the nation in green
6:48 pm
energy. democrat scott weiner of san francisco has sponsored a bill to require solar panels on new buildings. existing laws -- california leads the u.s. in producing solar energy. more than a quarter million customers lost and regained their power because of this weather. >> about 2700 customers still don't have power and nearly half of them are in the north bay. >> spencer is back now to update the forecast. spencer? >> we may see more outages in the next day or two. we have lots of light rain, light to moderate across the bay area right now. it's going to intensify overnight as the storm ranks 2 on the storm impact scale. a storm of moderate intensity. occasional downpours. localized flooding is likely. gusty winds and a chance of thunderstorms with this system tomorrow. meanwhile, in the sierra, a winter storm warning in effect until 10:00 a.m. thursday. expect 3 to 7 feet of snow over
6:49 pm
the higher terrain. gusty winds, white-out conditions. back in the bay area, until noon thursday, white out -- high tide will reach 7 feet which could produce localized flooding. storm ranks 2 on the impact scale. we have storms ranking 1 on the impact scale. finally, a string of dry days, friday through monday. asking for rain the last few years. now i'm going to stop singing. >> so the kids can get out of house. it's driving the parents crazy. thanks, spencer. the warriors once again have one of the best records in the nba so far. >> that's right. >> what a surprise. >> warriors are approaching the halfway mark. 32-6 as dan mentioned after the win in sacramento. steph curry makes a change that pays dividends. we
6:50 pm
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of the kings last night improving to 32-6. they'll take a day off before they host the miami heat. he averaged 32 points a game, 5.5 assists.
6:53 pm
5.5 rebounds. the dubs went 3-1 lose to go memphis. eighth career player of the week honor. more than any player in history. he had three straight 30-point games. the 7th player in warriors history to score 12,000 points. before the week began, steph said he wanted to be more aggressive and get back to his old self and it worked. >> not going to fall into the -- into what makes you successful just to say i shot more. i have to be aggressive and kind of not turn down shots that i usually take and can make. the way we've been flowing, especially down the stretch, you have to rise up from those kind of moments. it's a little bit of both. >> the raider nation in mourning after losing on wildcard saturday. ending a great season in which the team turned the corner.
6:54 pm
they logged a 12-4 regular season record in the first playoff appearance since 2002. losing quarterback derek carr made all the difference as rookie connor cook didn't have a chance against the top ranked defense. there's so much to build on reminding us this is not a one and done season. reggie mckenzie is making a run every year and head coach jack del rio can't wait to get started for the 2017 campaign. >> we had an abrupt ending. it kind of leaves that taste in your mouth where, you know, as i told them, i'm not happy about it. we should expect more. i'm going to demand more. >> i'm going to work my tail off to be better next year. that's the mind-set our whole team has. when you got a group of guys that won 12 games and want to be better, we're going to be all right. moving forward, houston will visit tom brady and his patriots next weekend in the divisional round of the playoffs. texans will have tom savage
6:55 pm
back. after missing last week with a concussion. but brock osweiler played well in the win over the raiders. the patriots have to prepare for two quarterbacks. one nfl team filled their coaching vacancy. jacksonville promoted interim coach doug marrone as the head coach. jaguars are hiring tom coughlin, the jaguars first ever head coach as executive vice president of football operations. well, cal dismissed sonny dikes with three years left at 3 million per and named offensive coordinator as interim coach and a candidate. dikes was never a good fit in berkeley and was interviewing with other schools, including baylor. mike williams felt he was not fully committed and pulled the plug. the program had become stagnant according to alumni and ticket sales were lagging. it doesn't leave many options. chip kelly's name resurfaced. he's being paid $15 million the next three years from the eagles and the 49ers.
6:56 pm
cal could cut a deal letting the two former employees pay the freight. they're hemorrhaging money. not a lot of options here. $1 million on the line at the ncaa title game. not sure how this guy was picked for the job. just a bit outside. the money could have gone to operation homefront. good news. the charity will receive a monetary donation and some free publicity. actually, i see why they picked him. alabama and clemson playing for the ncaa title. all the highlights. >> couldn't hit the broadside of a -- >> i could have done that. >> you could have thrown that, exactly. join us tonight at 10:00 on cable channel 13. u.s. government confirms fears about the potential hacking of a life-saving device. on abc 7 news at 11:00, water woes and the pipeline damaged by the storm and a plea one city is making to customers
6:57 pm
tonight. the primetime lineup tonight. at 8:00, it's the bachelor followed by back-to-back episodes of big fan and abc 7 news at 11:00. that does it for now for this edition of abc 7 news. being look for breaking news on twitter at abc 7 news bay area. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm dan ashley. see you again at 9:00 and 11:00. bye bye. creamy swirls of pure indulgence. silky sifts of total transcendence. tempting accents of sheer pleasure. introducing "unicorn whispers."
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this is "jeopardy!" here are today's contestants -- a law student from chicago, illinois... a social worker from arlington, virginia... and our returning champion, a professor and associate dean from florence, massachusetts... ...whose 2-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. welcome aboard. you know, that opening montage of ours really does show the diversity of the categories on "jeopardy!"
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if you like to play along at home, i hope you appreciate those categories. i know our newcomers will, blair and jack, and our returning champion, joe. i'll wish all three of you good luck and put you to work right now in the "jeopardy!" round. one daily double coming up. where? in one of these categories. followed by... then you get to deal with... the letter "i" will be the only vowel in each correct response. that's followed by... [ laughter ] joe, start. women & the american revolution for $200. joe. what is the declaration of independence? you're on the board. women & the revolution for $400.


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