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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  January 10, 2017 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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>> that's right. and right now we take a live look at san francisco. you can see it is still raining, so please do drive safely. >> bye for now. tonight, breaking news as we come on the air. dylann roof sentenced to death after murdering nine african-americans during a bible study. his final words to the jury. the showdown on capitol hill tonight. president-elect donald trump's pick for attorney general facing protesters and tough questions about his record on race, civil rights. about investigating hillary clinton, and about mr. trump's comments on women. the other bombshell on the hill tonight. the heads of u.s. intelligence answering questions about the russian hacking, and the fbi director is asked, are you investigating any possible ties between the russians and members of mr. trump's team? president obama returning to chicago tonight. his farewell address. and the major storm on the move at this hour. several feet of snow. winds 50 miles per hour.
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good evening, and we have several breaking headlines as we come on the air tonight. the fireworks on capitol hill today. but first, the verdict coming in late today in charleston. the jury deciding the death penalty for dylann roof who walked into that church and shot and killed nine parishioners who had invited him to pray with them. tonight, dylann roof's time words to the court. abc's steve osunsami leading us off. >> reporter: it took jurors only three short hours. the most appropriate sentence is death. the justice delivered to these church families tonight is bittersweet. >> this verdict is a verdict for america. >> reporter: 22-year-old dylann roof will pay for the nine lives he stole from the basement of this historic black church by giving up his, but none of this will bring their loved ones back. the husband and daughter of myra thompson tell us tonight they hope roof finds god soon. >> if there is one thing we want
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to tell him tonight, it's that he needs to find the lord. >> he needs to because judgment day is coming sooner for him than he expected. >> reporter: what happened that sweltering evening was more than painful to charleston. while reverend clementa pickney and eight other wonderful people were being executed at a bible study in the name of white nationalism. his wife was locked in a room down the hall with their youngest daughter, hiding from the racist killer. >> daddy's dead? >> no, baby no. >> just stay quiet, okay? just stay right where you are. >> yes, ma'am. >> reporter: in his closing statements, roof sounded calm, and well thought. i felt like i had to do it, he told jurors. and i still feel like i have to do it. it's the same lack of humanity he shared in this handwritten jailhouse journal. i would like to make it crystal clear. i do not regret what i did. i am not sorry. in a statement tonight, south carolina's black u.s. senator, tim scott, said today that man
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was rightly sentenced to death. >> and steve osunsami joins us tonight from charleston. and roof is already asking to appeal this? >> reporter: he is asking for an appeal, and a new lawyer to file the appeal. but the judge told him the rules are since he chose to act as his own lawyer, he has to file that appeal on his own. david. >> steve osunsami has been covering this case from the start. steve, thanks. we turn now to the showdown on capitol hill. president-elect donald trump's pick for attorney general, senator jeff sessions in the hot seat. tonight, you will hear how he answers questions about his record on race and civil rights. what he says about those confirmation hearings 30 years ago for another post. there were protesters in the room today as senator sessions promised he would uphold the law and speak truth to the president-elect. abc's mary bruce on capitol hill tonight. >> reporter: with just a few paces, alabama senator jeff sessions walked from his own office into the glare of his
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confirmation. >> so help you god. >> reporter: and right off the bat found himself confronted by an explosive issue that has dogged him for decades. >> no trump. no kkk. no racist usa. sessions is a racist. >> reporter: in 1986, before the same committee, sessions was denied a federal judgeship over allegations he made a series of racist remarks. something he adamantly denied. >> i am not a racist. i am not insensitive to blacks. >> reporter: and today, he addressed the matter head-on. >> these are false charges. i abhor the clan. and what it represents in its hateful ideology. [ chanting ] >> reporter: and over again. he was interrupted my protesters. 25 people in all dragged out and arrested. >> people have fairly promptly tried to label you as a racist or a bigot or whatever you want to say.
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how does that make you feel? >> well, it does not feel good. and it was an organized effort to caricature me as something that wasn't true. it was very painful. it wasn't accurate then. it is not accurate now. >> reporter: the senator's republican colleagues today coming to his defense. >> jeff sessions is a person of integrity, a principled leader and a dedicated public servant. >> reporter: but in a rare move, three african-american democratic lawmakers will soon testify against sessions. one of them, civil rights icon, congressman john lewis. >> i grew up in alabama. i know the state. i know the south. >> we need to make america great again. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: sessions was the first senator to endorse donald trump, but today, he made it clear the attorney general must be independent. >> he or she must be willing to
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tell the president or other top officials if he or they overreach. he or she cannot be a mere rubber stamp. >> reporter: he also said he would separate himself from any lingering investigations of trump's former rival, hillary clinton. [ chanting ] >> during the course of this boisterous political campaign, did you ever chant, "lock her up"? >> no, i did not. i don't think. i heard it in rallies and so forth. i believe the proper thing for me to do would be to recuse myself from any questions involving those kind of investigations that involve secretary clinton. >> reporter: sessions grilled on his own record, but also on the positions of the president-elect. on waterboarding which sessions once supported. >> congress is taking an action now that makes it absolutely improper and illegal to use waterboarding.
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>> reporter: on a muslim ban. >> would you support a law that says you can't come to america because you're a muslim? >> no. >> reporter: and the nominee, stoic, as this democrat senator brought up trump's comments caught on tape. >> is grabbing a woman by the genitals without consent, is that sexual assault? >> clearly, it would be. >> mary bruce with us. the nominee for homeland security chief also being questioned today? >> reporter: david, general john kelly testifying here and weighing in on donald trump's signature campaign pledge. kelly says that wall along the mexican border will not be enough to protect the border, and tomorrow, david, rex tillerson. trump's controversial pick for secretary of state, likely to be the most watched hearing. >> our thanks again to you. we turn to the other bombshell on the hill tonight. one of the heads of u.s. intelligence at the head of the fbi both answering questions
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about the russian hacking during the presidential campaign, and the director of the fbi who took heat from publicly announcing a new investigation into hillary clinton's e-mails just 11 dies before the election before then saying there was nothing there, well, today, he was asked about something else. here's our senior justice correspondent, pierre thomas now. >> reporter: tonight new questions for leaders of u.s. intelligence after they publicly pointed the finger today at russia for hacking during the presidential election campaign. they made it clear who putin was out to help. >> the goals of this campaign were to undermine public faith in the u.s. democratic process, denigrate secretary clinton and harm her electability. putin and the russian government developed a clear preference for president-elect trump. >> reporter: democrats and republicans agreeing with the findings. >> this involves whether or not we are going to allow someone to actively act in our political
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discourse and divide us as a nation. >> we can simply not allow it to stand. >> reporter: and for the first time publicly, the fbi director talking about the hacking. saying republicans were attacked too. >> there were successful penetrations of some groups and campaigns, particularly at the state level on the republican side of the aisle and some limited penetration of old republican national committee domains. >> they just chose not to release that material yet. >> reporter: and fbi director james comey was pressed further. asked if he is now investigating if there were any contacts between russian officials and trump campaign associates. >> we neither confirm or deny any pending investigations. >> reporter: that did not sit well with those who are convinced hillary clinton's campaign, when it was revealed to congress he was reigniting the e-mail probe just 11 days before the election. only to later say there was nothing there. after the hearing, he wasn't talking.
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>> the irony of you making that statement, i cannot avoid. >> director comey, are you comfortable in the role that you played in the election, sir? >> pierre thomas with us live from washington. you could see the tension in the room today when the director of the fbi said he doesn't talk in open forums about investigations after he went public about that look at clinton's e-mails 11 days before the election. >> reporter: he was refusing to comment, and he made clearly, he spoke tone deaf when it came to politics, david. >> pierre thomas in washington. thanks. now to the message from president-elect donald trump tonight to fellow republicans he says, repeal obamacare, but replace it right away. tonight, is that even possible with more than 20 million americans who depend on it now wondering, what is the plan when it goes away? here's our chief white house correspondent, jonathan karl. >> reporter: tonight, donald trump is sending a blunt message to republicans in congress about one of his signature campaign promises. >> we're going to repeal and replace obamacare.
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we have no choice. >> reporter: in an interview with "the new york times," says it should repeal obamacare as soon as next week, and quote, the replace will be very quickly or simultaneously shortly there have. his mandate appears with odds with republican plans, and they repeal the law next month, followed by weeks, if not months of debate. >> why no plan to replace it? >> we have a plan to replace it. we have plenty of ideas, and you will see as the weeks and months unfold. >> reporter: it's politically risky for republicans because while obamacare isn't particularly popular, it has helped an estimated 20 million americans get health coverage. even trump has said there are parts of the law he would keep. >> are you going to make sure that people with pre-conditions are still covered? >> yes. it happens to be one of the strongest assets.
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also with the children living with their parents for an extended period. >> reporter: trump himself recently acknowledged the tricky politics, tweeting to republicans last week, be careful. democrats say republicans will be blamed for any problems caused by repeal. >> now they're going to own it and all the problems in the health care system. >> reporter: trump today is promising to campaign against those who stand in his way. >> very clear they can repeal this. jon karl with us. but the big question in washington is will they have enough votes from both republicans and democrats to replace it with something? >> they don't have it now, david. because of the way the rules are in this, they can repeal it with 51 votes in the senate. they need 60 votes to pass it. there are only 52 republicans. they don't even have consensus among those republicans yet, let alone getting the democratic votes needed. this idea of getting it done in a couple of weeks, nobody i have spoken to in congress thinks that's possible. >> always good to have you with us, jon. in the meantime, president obama has just arrived in chicago tonight where he is preparing to deliver his farewell address.
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a new poll finding mr. obama with a 55% approval rating. for his job as president. his best in seven years. that same poll on donald trump saying that 51% of americans disapprove at how he is handling his job at president-elect. that same number viewing him unfavorably. abc's tom llamas live in chicago with us where the president will speak a short time from now. hey, tom. >> reporter: this is turning out to be quite the event, and the stage is set just behind me. the president is going to have this long walk down over to the podium in front of the thousands of his supporters. and he is breaking tradition. usually the speech the given in d.c., but he wanted it here in chicago. why? earlier today, he posted on facebook, written, for me and michelle, chicago is where it all started. it's the city that show us the power and fundamental goodness of the american people. we received excerpts of his speech tonight, and he writes this about chicago. this is where i learned that change only happens when ordinary people get involved, get engaged and come together to
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demand it. he will be joined on stage with his family and the vice president. when he is done here, he flies back to washington. his last official trip on air force one as commander in chief, david. >> last trip. in the meantime, there have been new indications, tom, of what president obama plans to do after he is in office. >> reporter: that's right, david. the president has said if hillary clinton won, he would basically give her the keys and just leave. but now he feels a responsibility to help elected democrats to help rebuild the dnc and privately in other reports, he said if president-elect trump does anything he vehemently opposes, he will not sit on the sidelines. david. >> tom llamas in chicago. we'll see you in a short time from now. abc news will be carrying the farewell address at 9:00 p.m. eastern here on abc. we have president-elect donald trump's first formal news conference tomorrow morning. also right here on abc. in the meantime, to the other news tonight, and we turn next to orlando. the hunt for a suspected cop killer widening tonight.
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master sergeant debra clayton, a wife, a mother and a 17-year veteran was gunned down outside a walmart while questioning a fugitive. a second officer killed while responding. markeith lloyd is wanted for death of his pregnant girlfriend. the reward at $100,000, and police are seeking information from the public, promising to protect the identity of any tipsters. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this tuesday. the abduction scare, and developments coming in. the suspects as police had said seen grabbing a young child. his father nearby. what we have learned about this video. also whiteouts in parts of country at this hour. several feet of snow expected. winds at 50 miles per hour. the storm on the move. watch this. the danger falling from above. this was something. the frozen waterfall. the huge chunk of ice, and the park visitors tonight recovering from their injuries. blood clot, i sure had a lot to think about.
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dangerous night ahead on the roads in parts of this country. weather alerts in 30 states at this hour from california to maine. back to back storms battering the west. blizzard conditions in the mountains and some of those arriving in the east. here's abc's kayna whitworth. >> reporter: tonight, a total whiteout in the west. >> that's a patrol car maybe 20 feet from us. >> reporter: the california highway patrol shutting down interstate 80. >> as you can see, it's snowing and it's snowing hard. >> reporter: with up to ten more feet of fresh snow on the way, even a short walk outside, could be disorienting and deadly. in sonoma county, flooding the big worry. some 500 homes damaged. so much rain in the region the land giving way. >> another slide. this one in napa county and it hasn't even rained that much but you've got rugged terrain and this sand stone which is brittle stuff. plus a foot of rain. it's gonna come crashing down. >> reporter: in san francisco, uprooted trees and the smell of gas forced residents from their homes. and near sacramento, officials opening some flood gates for the first time in more than a decade all in an effort to keep the
5:49 pm
city dry. the russian river in guerneville rising again for the second time this week, people have been stuck in this hotel for a couple of days, and this rain isn't letting up any time soon, david. >> all right, kayna, and thanks to you and our meteorologist rob marciano there. and let's get to our chief meteorologist ginger zee tracking the systems for us. hi, ginger. >> reporter: hey, david. the mild air is making its way here, but not without consequence. look at those wind advisories, and high wind warnings from mississippi to indiana, and even albany, new york. in the west, those blizzard warnings in the high sierra, up to 10 feet of snow possible. you can see gusts of 70 plus. 3 to 5 inches of rain on top of what we have had. anywhere in pink and blue tonight in the east, got to watch out for a slick night ahead. david. >> thanks, ginger. when we come back here, we remember a famous reporter tonight who broke the biggest story of her time. the abduction scare. the stranger seen dprgrabbing a
5:50 pm
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if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. to the index of other news, new developments in the kidnapping scare in oklahoma city. police tonight saying they have identified the man seen grabbing an 8-year-old boy during a wrestling tournament at the state fairgrounds. the boy kicking and screaming to get away, but police now say he was with his own son, and was perhaps confusing the boy for his own. danger overhead in minneapolis. a huge chunk of ice falling from the minnehaha falls. hitting a 20-year-old woman in the head. she was hurt by her arm. her wrist getting hit as well. a large group of visitors in the restricted area. park officials say people ignore the no trespassing signs to take pictures. passing the note tonight. former british war correspondent, claire hollingworth has died. she broke the news about world war ii. she witnessed the tanks rolling into poland. it was her third day on the job. she was 105. when we come back, look at the stunning moment.
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all finished.umm... you wouldn't want your painter to quit part way. i think you missed a spot. so when it comes to pain relievers, why put up with just part of a day? aleve, live whole not part. painter: you want this color over the whole house? finally tonight, america strong. a mother to the rescue, and her message tonight to parents everywhere. here's linsey davis. >> reporter: the hull sisters love playing with princesses -- >> thank you sissy. >> reporter: and now they've likely come to appreciate superheroes ever since their mom, jennifer, became one over the weekend when she performed a life-saving maneuver on her younger daughter, hollis. the moment was caught on their nannycam. her 1-year-old running toward her mom.
5:58 pm
one minute she was snacking on chips. the next minute mom says she was turning blue. >> she choked. >> reporter: she choked and mom went into action. >> i flipped her over and gave her some back blows and nothing happened. so i did the heimlich, and right when i did it popped out! >> reporter: jennifer credits infant safety classes with giving her the know how to keep her daughter alive. >> they were teaching us what to do in these moments. >> reporter: her hope tonight is this is a lesson for all parents to be prepared. >> just glad hollis is okay. thank you linsey and thank you for watching. i'm david muir. we'll see you later tonight for the president's farewell speech. good night. good evening. i'm ama daetz.
5:59 pm
>> and i'm dan ashley. we're going to carry president obama's farewell address live in just a moment. first let's get an update on today's storm from spencer christian. >> okay. here's live doppler zen. we still have rain across the entire bay area. much of it moderate to heavy rainfall so the threat of flooding continues. this storm ranks 2 on the storm impact scale. for the remainder of the evening we can expect to see brief downpours, gusty winds, downed trees and possibly power outages and maybe thunderstorms. here's a forecast animation starting at 7:00 p.m. we'll see heavier, more intense areas of rain pushing out by late tonight and into the overnight hours tomorrow. even as the rain eases up, the threat of flooding remains with us. >> okay, spencer, thanks very much. next is president obama's farewell address live from chicago. >> and of course time permitting we'll have another update on the weather immediately after his speech and let's take a quick live look outside with all the rain and you can see the wind of the palm tree blowing there. >> it's been intense around the pay area once again today.
6:00 pm
problems in every corner of the bay area. we'll have more for you a little later this evening but stay tuned as president obama delivers his this is an abc news special report. president obama's farewell address to the nation. george stephanopoulos. >> good evening. it's an american tradition dating back to our first president, but george washington never actually delivered his speech. it was just published in the newspapers. more recent presidents have spoken from the oval office. president obama doing it his own way before his home town of chicago. we're on scene at mccormick place where the president celebrated his re-election in


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