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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  January 10, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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download the xfinity tv app today. live, where you live. this is abc 7 news. now at 11:00, a day of downpours. live doppler 7 is tracking the storm that is still causing huge problems across the bay area. plus, saved from a slide. two young children and their grand parents found themselves trapped in a home. and rapid lly rising creeks forces people to evacuate. you name it, we saw it. >> flooding, slides, toppled trees and rescue after rescue. we have live team coverage tonight. our abc 7 reporters are stationed all over the area. >> right now it is still active across parts of the bay area. take a look at live doppler 7.
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i'm tracking thunderstorms that have developed. numerous reports on twitter of people hearing thunder, seeing lightning in the north bay. we are seeing lightning strikes as we go into street level, we are seeing pockets of moderate rain right around 121. now we do have a number of watches and warnings. flood warnings for parts of the north bay, as they are already seeing flooding, and that will continue. also seeing a lightning strike just west of san francisco, track being this cell for you, don't be surprised if you see lightning in the sunset district, hear the thun detecde daley city. flood advisory for parts of the south bay. many of the stream ts and creek are going over their banks. flash flood warning for parts of santa cruz county, and we're
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looking at a flood warning for santa clara county. these continue into tomorrow morning and afternoon. this is a two on our storm impact scale. chance of thunder, flooding concerns, and it is still going to be breezy. napa river at saint helena expected to be rising. napa river at napa, moderate flooding expected. early tomorrow morning, 25.6feet. and guerneville, the russian river, almost 40 feet, eight feet above flood stage. a look at what's ahead, we're not done with the rainy weather yet. it was a terrifying night for a fairfax family. a landslide took out the front stairs of their home, trapping young children and their grandparents inside. >> we continue our storm watch coverage live from marin county, lisa? >> reporter: fortunately, everyone is okay.
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the two kids were visiting their grandparents after school when the land slide happens, trapping the elderly grand parents as well as the girls, ages 4 and 10. >> thank you for helping. >>i bye-bye sweetheart. >> reporter: ben harwood can now smile again. it was a dramatic evening after the heavy rain caused a landslide in alima in fairfax. >> these trees came down and mudslide and smashed the carport and pushed all the mud out, and the carport is buried. you can't even see that it was there. and the trees are on top of it somewhere. >> reporter: the wall of mud also took out the stairs leading to the home. that's why ben's daughters and in-laws were trapped inside. >> all of a sudden everybody's freaking out and i didn't quite know why, and i looked outside and it was really weird. >> reporter: one by one, firefighters slowly helped everyone out. first the girls, then the
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grandmother and finally the grandfather. and medics checked everyone out, and everyone is just fine. and at first, though, medics thought that the grandparents would have to be carried out because of their ages, but they walked out just fine on their own. live in marin county, abc 7 news. everybody's okay. thanks so much, lisa. staying in the north bay, flooding has shut down a major highway in nevado from 101 to lakeville road. evacuations were briefly ordered in downtown san ensell mow after several creeks rose above flood level. that, plus the threat of rain caused flood sirens and evacuations. >> we have several cells off the coast that we are looking at and
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in the area. if they get stalled in the watershed, we could have another two feet of rise. >> right now water levels along the creeks are receding. evacuation orders in down down san anselmo have been lifted. we're live in guerneville where an evacuation order is in effect for people who live along the russian river. >> reporter: we are in guerneville in mill street where floodwaters have receded a bit, but that is all about to change. the russian river expected to rise another six feet in the next 24 hours bringing more flooding and possibly more rescues. we rode along with russian river firefighters launching their rescue boat down church street in guerneville, looking for residents trapped in their homes where the floodwater is rising. >> we've made about three or four laps through here, we've pulled six people out, and there's still several in there.
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>> cats in the trailer. >> reporter: melba and her 83-year-old mother were rescued from their mobile home. it's too dangerous to stay. >> it's our home. it's the only one we've got. so we're losing our home it looks like right now. >> reporter: francisco sanchez is using a canoe to reach his home on mill street. is it under water? >> yeah, it's four to five feet deep. >> reporter: the russian river is expected to reach 38 feet by late wednesday, which could bring flooding to downtown guerneville, mark moore is moving his stuff to high ground. >> everybody's in a state of panic, like hey, it's going to food! so here we are. >> reporter: the rv park on neily road is slowly disappearing. >> i thought i'd be all right with the water level three days ago, and i was wrong. >> reporter: and would you believe swimming and snorkeling in floodwater. these guys were looking for adventure. why are you doing that? >> for fun. if you're having a bad time,
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might as well have a little fun, you know? >> reporter: yeah, the fire department not amused by that at all. they say stay out of floodwaters, just too risky. everyone taking precautions up here tonight, preparing for possible flooding that this area hasn't seen in years. we're live in guerneville tonight, cornell bernard. abc 7 news. main street in downtown martinez just reopened after flooding. video taken a little over an hour ago shows water gushing down the street. cars couldn't get through, but one brave man did make it on a bicycle. al hambra creek, soccer balls and toys left out in yards washed up in a big pile. in san francisco, a busy road is closed because of a rock slide. abc 7 news was on o'shaughnessy boulevard where several rocks fell onto the road. no one was hurt.
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there was no damage. southbound o'shaughnessy is closed. the northbound remains open. in the south bay, the worst of the storm hit within the past few hours, bringing hard rain, wind and power outages. >> 22,000 people are in the dark in dpil roy alone. that's where we find katie marzullo. >> reporter: it is pitch-black here. the lights went out around 9:00. so these are the gilroy outlet stores behind us, which you cannot see. we're actually in the in and out parking lot. we can still make out some employees. you might be able to see them inside trying to shut things down in the dark. and with the power outage, of course traffic signals are out, which is making things even more dangerous on the roads than they were with all the flooding and the trees down. the rain and the wind relentless in gilroy. emergency crews responding to call after call after call. >> right now, we have trees coming down, the wind's picking
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up pretty heavy right now. >> reporter: countless trees have come crashing down, many taking out power lines in the process, plunging shops and neighborhoods into darkness. this massive tree fell onto power lines. it threatened to close the highway. uvas creek continues to roar like a river causing flooding on roadways. this is the intersection of santa theresa and fitzgerald avenue. >> cars can't see. they're speeding. we encountered one guy stuck in the water. a couple of hydroplaners. >> reporter: jay tucker trying to avoid a second round of flooding at his home in san martin. >> build a bigger border. hope to deter the water around the house this time. >> reporter: all right, 22,000 customers are without power here in gilroy alone. 24,000 in all of the south bay and pg and e does not have an
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estimated time as to when the lights will come back on. but, but, some good news. the rain has finally let up. live in gilroy, katie marzullo, abc 7 news. at least for now. thanks very much. packed platforms, trains going nowhere and passengers trying to get out. storm damage creates commute chaos inside a bart station. and a good samaritan saves the day for a woman and her dog trapped by dangerous water. live doppler 7 tracking thunderstorms. i'll show you where a flood advisory has just been issued, coming up. it has been the honor of my life to serve you. >> but first, president obama's farewell address. we're going to take you live to chicago as the
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you probably watched president obama give his farewell address right here on abc 7 tonight. with just ten days left in his presidency, he traveled to his adopted hometown of chicago. >> and our sister station in los angeles is live in chicago with the emotional good-bye. david? >> reporter: hello. it was a bittersweet night for the folks of chicago. president obama decided to break from the tradition and deliver this farewell address from his hometown as opposed to washington, d.c. and the city absolutely embraced him. he is their hometown hero. and while the president was largely talking to the americn audience as a whole, the people there in front of him tonight made sure that they knew and he knew that they appreciated him.
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[cheers and applause] ♪ he steps out to thunderous aplace. the hometown hero finishes it in the city where it all began. first, a thoughtful note. >> whether we have seen eye to eye or rarely agreed at all, my conversations with you, they're what have kept me honest and kept me inspired. and kept me going. >> reporter: he moves to an issue this crowd feels deeply about. >> when minority groups voice discontent, they're not just engaging in reverse racism or practicing political correctness. when they wage peaceful protests they're not demanding special treatment but the equal treatment that our founders promised. [cheers and applause] >> reporter: from there, texas. >> how can elected officials
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talk -- >> reporter: perhaps the largest applause of the night, acceptance of muslims. >> i reject discrimination against muslim americans. >> reporter: his wife. >> you took on a role you didn't ask for, and you made it your own, with grace and with grit and with style. and good humor. >> reporter: he's even seen wiping away a tear. it was a speech that touched this crowd as well. >> i carry it in my heart as a member of congress to continue the work of making this dream of america, the american dream, the ideals of our country available to future generations. >> it was spiritual. it was just a perfect, you know, wrapup of his administration, and it was great. >> reporter: a most appropriate ending to a presidency that began with hope. >> a creed at the core of every american whose story is not yet
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written. yes, we can. >> reporter: dan and ama, i was here nine years ago when the president delivered that exact same line on super tuesday. it got a rousing response both times. but for completely different reasons. we have come full circle. nine years ago, that line was the beginning. tonight it was the end. president obama has now said good-bye. reporting from chicago, david ono, abc 7 news. bart passengers climbed their way out of a jam-packed station after a big service disruption this evening. two trains hit a tree during the height of the commute. the tree has since been cleared off the tracks and service should be back to normal for the morning commute. there's this, a good samaritan jumped into action to save a woman and her dog stranded on a flooded sebastopol street. >> he carried the pug and got
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them back to dry land. when the good samaritan saw she needed to be rescued. he jumped into action. she says she's grateful for what he did. >> good work. >> it really came down today, so what's to come? >> year' lowe're looking at thunderstorms and downpours. it's almost like somebody put a hose on us and pointed it at us all day long. it was just a stormy day. we're not done. here's live doppler 7. it is great to see all this moisture, but of course we've had some trouble. now we're seeing thunderstorms dumping heavy rain from the richmond district, china town, the sunset district, oranges and yellow the indicating heavier rainfall. there are strikes near san francisco, and that means potential for more heavy rain could lead to flooding. so just issued moments ago is an urban and small stream flood advisory. if you live in these areas, be aware of your surroundings as
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you're getting ready to go down for bed. we have light to moderate rain heading into vacaville across 80. how much rain did you receive? it's quite a variety. in the last 24 hours, we have gotten anywhere from one to three inches of rain, over four inches mt. saint helena. so we have made some progress. flash flood watch up for the low-lying areas of the peninsula coast, still potential for rapid rises on creeks and streams. we're seeing flooding on creeks and streams in some areas, and a coastal fliood advisory. this is in effect until noon on thursday. so the next couple of days, low-lying areas, you could see localized flooding. if you park and take bart in a parking lot, just be aware there could be flooding by the time you return. gusts at 30.
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winds have calmed down considerably, but a high wind warning remains up for another half hour or so. gusty over the winds and lower elevation elevations. downed trees and power lines not out of the question. it's snowing still in the sierra. they will see additional snow. blizzard warnings remain up until noon. it becomes a winter storm warning at noon wednesday, continues until 10:00 a.m. thursday. whiteout conditions expected with the gusty winds. so if you want to enjoy the snow, go boarding, just hold off until thursday afternoon to head up there, because it is going to be a long holiday weekend. you'll have plenty of fresh powder to enjoy. temperatures right now, 40s, 50s. this is a moderate-strength storm. it's really for the rest of tonight. chance of thunderstorms, flooding concerns continue and it is going to remain breezy in
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spots. here's the hour by hour timeline. tomorrow morning, scattered showers, light to maybe moderate in intensity, but nothing like we saw today. the concern is that any rain that falls on saturated ground may mean flooding. and around 6:00 tomorrow evening this winds down. another system comes through. it's a fast-mover. wednesday night into thursday morning, it's a one. pockets of moderate rain, potential for flooding and light winds are expected with this one. you'll see the rain fall beginning to move in. it will be a moderate at times and thursday morning those showers will pretty much wind down and get out of here. you can always download the abc 7 news app to help you keep track of these systems as they move through. additional rainfall totals, not too impressive. it's the concern on sat rated ground once again. tomorrow
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good evening. the warriors hosted the rebuilding miami heat. klay thompson was given a night off. and it took a while for the warriors to gel minus klay. and steph curry can't do that, he can do just about anything. speaking of dunks, james johnson with authority over curry. showing his viciousness there. 31 all dubs. and draymond green to andre iguodala, flips it up and in. and the heat go cold. a 14-4 run. curry, the three ball, and johnson ran into a screen is down and hurt. a minute to go, to curry, to iguodala for the finish, dubs
11:31 pm
are now 33-6. and the sharks beat the oilers.
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street-level radarna t nin east bay showing lightning. rain and thunder continue. we will be tracking it all for you 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. >> that is our report, we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz.
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right now on jimmy kimmel live, amy adams. >> stay safe. see you tomorrow. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- amy adams. from "moonlight," naomie harris. and music from blink-182. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you. very nice. appreciate that. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks for standing in the rain to be out


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