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tv   America This Morning  ABC  January 11, 2017 4:00am-4:31am PST

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making news in america this morning, explosive but unconfirmed claims of secret ties to russia. an unsubstantiated report alleging russia has damaging information about president-elect trump is now out, and he is lashing out saying it's fake news. we're live in washington. a final farewell. president obama addressing the country his final time as president laying out the last eight years, the threats to democracy and wiping away tears when talking about the first lady. >> you took on a role you didn't ask for, and you made it your own with grace and with grit and with style and with humor. >> his emotional message to america, and overnight, the
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final flight on board air force one. and another storm hits california. it's causing more flooding and up to seven feet of snow in some areas, plus, a mudslide traps a family. there's also an avalanche that is stuffed inside someone's house. we are tracking it all for you. hey there, everyone. thank you for joining us on what is a busy wednesday morning. we're going to begin with those explosive yet unconfirmed allegations dogging president-elect donald trump. this, of course, as he gets set to take office. >> so, the allegations that the fbi is now investigating are still unsubstantiated, but they allege that trump himself was compromised by the russians and that his aides were involved in the cyberattacks against democrats. >> and just hours before his first news conference in months, trump fired back on twitter slamming the story as fake news.
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abc's karen travers has details. karen, good morning. >> good morning, kendis and diane. these allegations have been brewing for several months but they're coming out now publicly because yesterday on capitol hill, lawmakers pressed the fbi director about whether his agency had investigated trump campaign contacts with russia. unsubstantiated allegations that president-elect donald trump was personally compromised by the russians during a 2013 trip to moscow and trump aides were involved in organizing the russian hack of the democratic party. democratic political operatives delivering this information in a dossier to the fbi and later to numerous news organizations including abc news before and after the election. officials told abc news the dossier provides no backup evidence, but the allegations were too explosive and salacious not to be investigated. trump expressing his outrage on twitter tuesday night writing, fake news, a total political witch-hunt. the dossier was reportedly presented as part of the intelligence briefings to both president obama and trump last week.
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asked about that on "late night with seth meyers," top trump adviser kellyanne conway said -- >> he has said that he is not aware of that. >> reporter: some specific allegations prompting sharp denials. >> the allegation that one of trump's top lawyers met with the russians in prague in august, he told us, michael told us, i've never been to prague in my life. we thought nothing in here could be verified. but when it came up in the senate confirmation hearings, it became a legitimate news story. >> reporter: fbi director james comey pressed by lawmakers tuesday if he's investigating t ties between russian officials and trump supporters. >> especially in a public forum we never confirm or deny a pending investigation. >> reporter: and we have to know that abc news has not verified the allegations in the dossier but they gain currency among law enforcement and intelligence officials as donald trump continued to defend russia and praise vladimir putin. kendis, diane. >> all right, a lot of questions still on that one. karen travers live from washington for us, karen, thanks. >> president obama received that
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information in a briefing last week. now, last night he was striking an optimistic tone as he prepares to turn over the reins of the country to donald trump. >> the president delivered his farewell address last night from his adopted hometown of chicago reflecting on his legacy and urging americans to preserve democracy. he was even visibly emotional at times wiping away tears as he thanked the first lady, his daughters and the vice president. >> well, the president arrived back in washington early this morning ending what was likely his final flight on board air force one. abc's kenneth moton was among the 18,000 people in person to watch his final address. kenneth, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, diane and kendis. here in chicago president obama hit on the highs, the lows and his hope for democracy as he cemented himself into american history. president barack obama's farewell. >> hello, chicago. it's good to be home. >> reporter: the 44th president the first family, vice president joe biden and his wife
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surrounded by thousands of supporters in the place where it began, chicago. >> now, this is where i learned that change only happens when ordinary people get involved and they get engaged and they come together to demand it. >> reporter: the nation's first black president spoke at the historic nature of his presidency and the work of his administration bringing the country back from recession, foreign policy, health care. >> america is a better, stronger place than it was when we started. >> reporter: addressing income inequality, terrorism and other threats to american democracy. >> we all have to start with the premise that each of our fellow citizens loves this country just as much as we do. >> reporter: the president's emotional moment speaking about the first daughters and first lady michelle obama. >> you made the white house a place that belongs to everybody. >> reporter: the president's message to supporters, a thank
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you, but also a call to action. >> i am asking you to believe, not in my ability to bring about change, but in yours. >> reporter: trying to leave office the way he entered it, on a wave of hope. >> yes, we can. yes, we did. yes, we can. thank you. >> reporter: for these supporters a big after-party here to celebrate. for president obama, his final trip on air force one as president. he's not expected to leave washington before the inauguration next week. diane and kendis. >> all right, our thanks to kenneth moton there. we'll have more on his speech and who was missing from that room a little later in this newscast. attorney general hopeful jeff sessions in the meantime, returns to the senate judiciary committee for day two of his confirmation hearings. >> demonstrators dressed as members of the kkk and those are just some of the attendees on day one. several demonstrators got kicked out, as well. sessions then faced questions on a wide range of topics including immigration and accusations
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dating back decades that he made racist comments. >> and there was an organized effort to caricature me as something that wasn't true. it was very painful. it wasn't accurate then, and it's not accurate now. >> and if all goes well during today's hearing, sessions is likely to be confirmed. >> here's a first, one of his colleagues testifies against sessions today. cory booker is making the unprecedented move, the new jersey senate democrat will become the first sitting senator to testify against another senator seeking a cabinet position. booker has questioned sessions' civil rights record. and today marks day one of the hearing for secretary of state nominee rex tillerson. the former exxonmobil ceo is expected to face tough questions from both sides of the aisle over ties to russia and iran. excerpts of his opening statement indicate tillerson will say russia poses a danger but we need open dialogue with moscow. and we should also mention later this morning donald trump will hold his first news conference since becoming president. you can watch it right here on
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abc news starting at 11:00 eastern time. still ahead, there was someone noticeably absent from the president's farewell address. this morning we are learning where was sasha obama? >> yes. plus, the severe weather on the west coast, rain is still pounding the area, and we're going to tell you where seven feet of snow is now expected. and a bank robbery streamed live on facebook, but it's the ending that has everyone really surprised.
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hmm. [cell phone beeps] hey! [police whistle blows] [horns honking] woman: hey! [bicycle bell rings] turn here. there. excuse me. uh.
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uh. [indistinct announcement on p.a. system] so, same time next week? well, of course. announcer: put away a few bucks. feel like a million bucks. for free tips to help you save, go to ♪ feed the pig and we do say welcome back. the west coast is beginning to be battered by a third storm just this week. >> that's right.
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radar shows no relief to the drenching rain and heavy snowfall across more than a dozen states. it extends across to the northern plains and down into southern california. >> hardest hit, at least in the bay area is this town, that's called guerneville. it's in sonoma county where you can see residents are swapping their cars for canoes. the russian river is heading for a height of more than 38 feet this evening, more than six feet above flood stage. longtime residents say this flooding is the worst in years. and in marin county, a mudslide trapped a couple and their two young granddaughters in the house. the girls had just stopped by for an after-school visit. but with the stairs and carport gone, there was no way out of the house. firefighters reunited the girls with their anxious dad. everyone is said to be okay. >> ooh, anxious, indeed. can you imagine? and to the east sierra nevada there are blizzard conditions with as much as seven feet of snow and winds up to 150 miles per hour. a big stretch of interstate 80
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is closed. even a california highway patrol cruiser couldn't make it through donner summit. but the snow did make it through the front door of this home. it happened after a controlled avalanche triggered to prevent a catastrophe but it did hit a few houses. no one was injured. >> looks kind of like when i open my closet. >> everything just falls out. and volkswagen says it is close to a multibillion dollar settlement in connection with its emissions scandal. the company tells abc news its management could approve the $4.3 billion deal as soon as today. that settlement is expected to involve volkswagen pleading guilty to some criminal charges. last weekend a volkswagen executive was arrested for allegedly working to cheat those emission tests. and walmart is cutting hundreds of jobs before the end of january. the company announced most of those jobs will come from its human resources department. walmart now says it wants to focus on increasing online sales and boosting wages for employees. keep in mind the retailer announced 7,000 job cuts in september. okay, so this is pretty
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cool. a new museum to house the personal collection of hollywood legend and "star wars" director george lucas. it'll be built in los angeles, and we're seeing now a sneak peek at the drawings showing a futuristic looking complex that will be about 275,000 square feet. lucas chose l.a. over san francisco for that facility. >> for his personal connection. >> personal collections. probably worth a lot. >> that i'm excited to see. all right, when we come back, a former senator removed from a plane after ranting in the aisle. we have the moment caught on video. hear why he says he was frustrated. and a big asset for the fbi. how members of best buy's geek squad are cashing in with the feds. [oprah] like everybody, i want to live a life that's full. full of a happiness found in living the life i want. full of the energy that comes with good health. full of the great foods i love. and at weight watchers, i don't have to choose between
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to livestream a bank robbery. the man is seen telling an employee that he has a bomb. he says that he will surrender once he gives the money away to the poor, and he claims he wants to stop a war between the u.s. and russia. the fbi and other authorities are now questioning both men. the white supremacist who gunned down nine black churchgoers in charleston, south carolina, has been sentenced to death. >> that same jury that convicted dylann roof of the murders last month reached the unanimous verdict after about three hours of deliberations. an unrepentant roof told jurors that during closing arguments, life in prison wasn't worth the effort. meanwhile, dozens gathered at a vigil in orlando to remember a police officer gunned down in the line of duty. a massive manhunt is under way for the suspect accused of murdering master sergeant debra clayton. authorities say the suspect, markeith loyd, shot clayton after she approached him in a walmart parking lot. loyd was already wanted in another murder at the time. a reward for information leading to his arrest is now up to
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$100,000. and also in florida, a broward county sheriff's deputy was suspended with pay for leaking video to tmz of that deadly ft. lauderdale airport shooting. the gunman is seen in the video firing shots at random in the baggage claim area. the deputy was identified by his reflection on the screen. investigators are trying to figure out if anyone was paid for the tape. five people died in that airport ambush a week ago. well, former new york senator al d'amato used an airplane as a platform to talk about a revolution, however, his efforts were grounded, you might say. it seems his fellow passengers and the airline, they weren't buying into any of it. abc's gio benitez with the story and the video. >> reporter: new video of a former senator trying to lead a rebellion on a plane. >> stand up for what's right and walk out with me. >> reporter: frustrated after a seven-hour delay. >> we can still speak in this country. >> reporter: here's what happened. passengers sitting in the front refused captain's orders to move
4:18 am
to the back of the plane to balance out the weight. former senator al d'amato took matters into his own hands and went up to speak to the passengers himself then demanded the captain force them to shift seats. that's when he got in trouble and got kicked off the flight. >> boo. >> reporter: the incident is reminiscent of that line in the movie "network." >> i'm as mad as hell, and i'm not going to take this anymore. >> reporter: gio benitez, abc news, new york. some best buy geek squad workers have reportedly earned cash on the side as fbi informants. members of the geek squad earned as much as $500 for finding and reporting illegal material like child pornography they found on customers' computers. best buy denies any formal relationship with the fbi but said there is a moral and legal obligation to inform law enforcement about such material. the whole thing raises some privacy concerns, however, because the fbi technically needs a warrant to search through a person's computer, so
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the question now is if they're working for the fbi, do they need a warrant? >> that's true. good point. now, the final sports team that president obama will welcome to the white house will be the world champion series chicago cubs. the president, an avid chicago white sox fan, invited the cubs to celebrate their title back in early november. the visit will happen next monday, just four days before the president leaves the white house. mrs. obama is a cubs fan, so she'll no doubt be there, i think. all right. >> i think the whole family will try to be there for that. >> exactly. up next in "the pulse," the big question about last night and the first family. where was sasha? the first lady's late night tweet to the president, as well. and a surfing dog's very close call. can you tell what's in the wave? we'll let you know how this one ends. hi, i'm frank.
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♪ well, potus is topping "the pulse" and the noticeably missing member of the first family at the president's farewell speech. >> first daughter malia was spotted in the crowd getting a bit choked up at times, but little sister sasha was nowhere to be found triggering a buzz on social media. "where is sasha" even trended overnight, but we're happy to report sasha obama was just back at the white house studying for a test, however, who was the teacher that assigns a test knowing -- >> and in january knowing this was happening. >> yes. so, beyond the cheers that you hear there, do you listen -- do you hear the music? another fun fact, the president walked out to u2's "city of
4:23 am
blinding lights," it's the same song that welcomed him when he announced his candidacy nearly ten years ago in springfield, illinois. but what we didn't hear is stevie wonder's "signed, sealed, delivered, i'm yours," a song they used most during his presidency and one of the favorites of mrs. o. >> and the first lady posted an old family photo as well tweeting, "so proud of the president and all that we've accomplished together. an incredible journey filled with remarkable people. i love you, barack." >> and she personally signed it mo. >> and everyone says, ah. >> ah. they've come a long way since then. and the parents of teenagers will sympathize with this one. a meteorologist in atlanta had just finished telling viewers to expect snow when his daughter sent him a text. she says, the weather app on her phone said it wasn't going to snow. >> well, now he's been a weatherman for a long time, so he wasn't taking any lip from his daughter. he shot back to his daughter saying, maybe your weather app will pay for your college, boom. the exchange has gone viral understandably, and for the record it did snow. >> ah, dad was right. >> exactly. >> dropping the mike. >> uh-huh. and a rather close call, we
4:24 am
might say, for one of the world's best known surfing dogs right here behind us, sugar. >> oh, hey, sugar. so, sugar rides the waves quite a bit. this one was in huntington beach, california, last weekend. but you might notice sugar had some company in the water. >> yeah, sugar is a rescue dog who lives in oakland. there are plenty of videos of her online. >> that's a shark in that wave. >> we're happy to say that sugar survived this close encounter. >> she is now likely to be back out on her board real soon. >> exactly. more news after this. after a dvt blood clot, i sure had a lot to think about. what about the people i care about? ...including this little girl. and what if this happened again? i was given warfarin in the hospital, but wondered, was this the best treatment for me? so i asked my doctor. and he recommended eliquis. eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots and reduces the risk of them happening again. yes, eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots.
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and happening right now, flooding, mudslides, and toppled trees, the bay area still feeling the impact of the second big storm in days. in sonoma county, an evacuation advisory is in effect this morning for hundreds of people living along the russian river. in marin county, a terrifying night for two young children and their grandparents. they were trapped in their home by the sliding mud. as you can see, they're doing all right this morning. guilty or not guilood morni wednesday. >> we're going to start with meteorologist mike nicco. mike, it's a very windy morning but i didn't see a lot of rain. >> the winds are pulling back, thankfully. we do have one area of concern
4:29 am
and that is in alameda county. we have a flash flood warning until 6:00 so seek higher ground. turn around, don't drown if you see water on the roadways. there is some scattered showers that will aggravate the situation. just a stray shower up until 7:00, temperatures in low to mid 50s but more rain coming tonight. how about that morning commute. >> really busy this morning. taking a look at one of our many closures and this is weather related so we still are dealing with a lot of slides, a lot of flooding in the saratoga area, highway 9 is fully closed and due to downed trees and power lines so no estimate on what we'll get that back open. also high wind advisory for most of our bridges, including the bay bridge. it is starting to dry out but
4:30 am
both hands on the wheel. windy out there today. flooding on highway 37. i'll talk about that next. the combination of rain and high tides has let one north bay high tides has let one north bay city to warn its residents of perral. >> reporter: hi, natasha, here is an example of some of the flooding they're dealing with next to interstate 680 in the city's industrial park area. the city is experienced extreme flooding, downed trees, residential and commercial building damage as well as street closures. part of the problem is lake herman has overflowed so that caused flooding in the industrial park area. the public works staff was trying to lower the lake in preparation of these storms but just couldn't keep up, especially because there was so much rain yesterday. the city is advising people to stay indoors if they can and avoid the


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