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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  January 11, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PST

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both hands on the wheel. windy out there today. flooding on highway 37. i'll talk about that next. the combination of rain and high tides has let one north bay high tides has let one north bay city to warn its residents of perral. >> reporter: hi, natasha, here is an example of some of the flooding they're dealing with next to interstate 680 in the city's industrial park area. the city is experienced extreme flooding, downed trees, residential and commercial building damage as well as street closures. part of the problem is lake herman has overflowed so that caused flooding in the industrial park area. the public works staff was trying to lower the lake in preparation of these storms but just couldn't keep up, especially because there was so much rain yesterday. the city is advising people to stay indoors if they can and avoid the flooded areas because
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they say, yes, you could get hurt if you come out in this or you could get into a dangerous situation. i did call the police department. they said no one has been hurt. they have had no calls for service or help so everyone seems to be handling it okay but just an overwhelming situation here for this city. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. just for them to issue that warning is pretty dire. we take you to sonoma county. >> the russian river expected to rise to 38 feet this afternoon and that is 6 feet above flood stage. you can see the video, how high the water was late yesterday, coming up to halfway up some people's doors in some cases. >> everybody was calm and that was kind of a state of panic all of a sudden like, it's going to flood. so here we are. >> many of the people who live there had to move their belongings to higher ground and
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a few had to be rescued from their mobile homes. meanwhile, highway 128 was shut down. crews spent most of the day rerouting traffic. we saw some drivers throw caution to the wind, deciding to cross flooded areas instead of turning around and driving sometimes miles to get around the detour. of course, you shuld not do that. in petaluma, the river through downtown crept right up to the banks. you can see how high it was at the d street bridge. the river went over its banks on supd, receded and is now once again very close to flooding. a flash flood watch for much of sonoma county expired at midnight. we're going to see what today brings. rain, slicked roads, and wind whipped conditions continue to be a challenge. moving to alameda county, highway 84 through nielz canyon is back open this morning after being closed by mudslides last night. >> the fremont fire department shot this video showing how much water is flowing through alameda creek. niles canyon was shut down just after 8:30 last night, mudslides
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displaced a family of seven, including five kids. now we're being told that nobody was hurt but their home may have been really damaged. to santa clara county now as alexis mentioned, part of highway 9 is still closed this morning. >> mudslides are causing a big problem, including one that trapped several vehicles. jessica is at the live desk right now. >> trapped more than five cars plus a fedex delivery truck and a cal fire engine. they were there for six hours on highway 9. this is new video just coming into the live desk. you can see the mud and rock slide and in the video, you also see some crews there trying to remove debris off the road. trees and power lines came crashing down. caltrans workers cut down any trees and limbs on the treat to remove them from the area. the folks were able to get out around midnight. i drove through the boulder creek area yesterday and all of those hillsides, unstable with all this rain. so take it easy out there.
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always be careful, of course, when you're driving in this weather. this is northbound 101 north of bailey avenue in san jose last night. flooding closed all but one lane. flooded areas are really tough to see at night, so take your time. and gilroy, uves creek continues to roar like a river, yesterday flooding from all the rain closed silva's crossing. emergency crews responded to call after call after call. >> as you can see, they're still speeding. we already encountered one guy stuck in the water up there, couple hydroplaners and no one's really slowing down at all. we've gotten splashed a couple times already. heavy rains caused countless trees to fall, many taking out power lines in the process. pg&e crews are working to restore power to people in gilr gilroy.
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pg&e still working ore store power. the biggest cluster in the north bay. 2300 in the east bay are without electricity and nearly 2200 in the south bay. 1300ing power outages in peninsula and almost 200 customers in san francisco are waiting for their lights to come back on. b.a.r.t. is back to normal this morning following a system-wide service disruption. take a look at passengers in san francisco literally climbing out of the 24th street statio last night. the reason for the chaos? two trains hit a fallen tree limb during the height of the evening commute. this disruption as well as an equipment problem caused a ripple effect in service that lasted for several hours. a fallen tree near dolore park in san francisco stopped muni's j church line in its tracks last night. a resident tweeted this picture near 19th and church. muni used shuttles to get customers around the closure. 4:35 now and a north bay family is safe this morning after this dramatic rescue.
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this happened when a saturated hillside in marin county gave way and crashed right into homes. here's abc7 news reporter lisa. >> reporter: ben harwood can finally smile again now that both of his daughters are safely in his arms, a heavy rain caused a landslide on sir francis drake boulevard. >> these trees came down in mudslide and smashed the carport and pushed all the mud out and the carport is buried. you can't even see that it was there. and the trees are on top of it somewhere. >> reporter: the wall of mud also took out the stairs leading to the home. that's why ben's daughters and in-laws were trapped inside. >> suddenly, everybody's freaking out and i didn't know why and i looked outside and it was really weird. was really weird. >> reporter: one by one, firefighters slowly helped
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everyone out. >> keep tabs on the latest storms with live doppler 7. download the app 7 news a.m. and be sure to enable push alerts to get weather advisories sent straight to your phone or tablet. let's talk about what is going on in san francisco during the overnight. i was -- look at that. somebody's taking a little ride right there. trash can got blown over and swept up in that storm. couple of thunderstorms as we talked about, roll through san francisco and over towards alamo, danville, walnut creek last night and you can see the torrential rain that it brought and the quick flooding that it brought also. let's take a look down in the south bay right now, 101 and 237 and 101 and 85 and 82 all a little bit of ponding developing right there. got to watch this. the coast, the embarcadero, all going to flood later on today after the 9:51 hour and again tomorrow after 10:40.
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and then that coastal flood advisory will drop. temperatures just mildly -- just mild temperatures in san francisco, we've got low to mid 50s there. in fact, we've got low to mid 50s pretty much everywhere. here's a look at san jose where that light rain is falling right now. 101 and 880. caution on the roads, they'll be wet early, morning showers if you're on the water and if you're out and about, it's going to be dry later. in fact, our best chance of showers right now, but it looks pretty dry at sfo as we head through the day, we have an isolated shower and then we'll have a better chance tonight through tomorrow morning. i'll show you that hour by hour coming up next. we had a really dangerous situation overnight in marin county. i want to show you these pictures from highway 37. so we still have a full closure between interstate 101 and lakeville highway, but take a look at that. we had several vehicles stuck in this high water. chp in marin county said it was 3 feet high at one time, about six vehicles stranded so they got everyone out okay and around
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midnight, they still had three vehicles floating in that water so just having to wait until that recedes until they can get those vehicles removed so obviously this is going to be a closure here this morning. we don't have an estimate on when we'll get this back open but i'll show you where this is exactly. if you're coming in highway 37, this is a cut through point for a lot of folks coming from vallejo, but sears 101, you won't be able to drive through there. ace 01 . next traffic update coming up, i have two sig alerts on highway 17. new details emerge in the illegal football hazing at a north bay high school. what we're learning about just how much this investigation may now expand. and serious allegations are being made this morning against president-elect donald trump, the compromising information russia reportedly has against him. him.
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most cases they will give you the bags and the sand. do not forget to take your own shovel, though, just in case they don't have one for you. we have a list of sandbag filling locations on our website, we have new details on the investigation into assault allegations involving napa high school football players. the napa valley registerer reports up to 11 students were involved in a hazing of jv football players in 2015 and 2016. the napa unified school district superintendent says officials are determining disciplinary action after the district's own investigation determined serious hazing occurred. a complaint was filed in november with napa police, which is still investigating. the outgoing superintendent of oakland unified schools is making some bold recommendations on how to trim the budget for he leaves his post. wilson will officially lay out those recommendations a meeting tonight and he's expected to suggest cutting $10 million in spending, also placing a freeze on nonteaching positions. school officials agree that spending cuts are necessary. they say cutting back will
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enable to district to pay for ongoing costs as well as for programs to improve student achievement. the fbi is investigating unsubstantiated claims that president-elect donald trump was compromised by the russians and his aides were involved in cyber attacks against democrats. this morning, russia is calling the allegations utter nonsense. now there's just a few hours before mr. trump's news conference and he's already responding. abc's karen travers has more. >> reporter: good morning. these allegations have been brewing for several months but they're coming out publicly now because yesterday on capitol hill, lawmakers asked the head of the fbi if his office was investing trump campaign acts with russia. president obama saying farewell, reflecting on his eight years in the white house. >> america is a better, stronger place than it was when we started. >> reporter: the president's final address coming amid explosive but unsubstantiated allegations that president-elect donald trump was personally
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compromised by the russians during a 2013 trip to moscow and trump aides were involved in organizing the russian hack of the democratic party. democratic political operatives delivering this information in a doszier to the fbi and later to numerous news organizations, including abc news before and after the election. officials told abc news the dossier provides no back-up evidence but the allegations were too explosive and salacious not to be investigated. trump expressing his outrage on twitter tuesday night, writing, fake news, a total political witch hunt. the dossier was reportedly presented as part of the intelligence briefings to both president obama and trump last week. abc news has not verified any of the claims in the dossier. karen travers, abc news, washington. now lest see what's happening with the weather. a lot of you are wondering when it's going to rain again. >> it's raining in some areas right now. the significant rain will be
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later on during the overnight hours. i wanted to show you what's going on. let me restart the machine here. with the russian river guerneville and the reason why i want to show you it to you off the top is i do have some good news. when you went to bed last night, you were looking at a higher potential crest that what we're dealing with now in the forecast and it's going to happen earlier, 37.6 feet at about 8:00. by 6:00 a.m. thursday, we'll start to recede down below flood stage but until then, significant flooding will continue. here's a look right around the russian river basin. you can see just a light shower around there. we've got some light showers moving from forest and fairfax over kent field, nearly 10 inches of rain, marin up nevado, 101 and 37 about to get wet. spotty showers all around ant san mateo bridge, the dumbarton bridge, especially on the western side. here's a look up stream.
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notice you don't see any of those bright white clouds with that deep moisture so what's going to happen today is it's going to be mostly cloudy and we're going to have a chance of a stray shower or two so you may not need the umbrella, may see a little sunshine but then tonight, pockets of rain, potential for more flooding and light winds, that's the key. here we are at 5:00. 9:00 still some light showers, by 5:00, 6:00, a stray shower or two and then there you go, it comes in at 11:00 tonight. here are my main concerns. moderate amount of stream/creek flooding, low for debris flows and power outages, hydroplaning and river flooding, high concern for that. few morning showers tomorrow and let the drying begin. we've got all kinds of issues opt roads and mostly just because the ground is so saturated so two sig alerts on highway 17. i'm going to take you down to the santa cruz mountains. this is really where we've been focused the last couple days. this is the same spot that we had that really big mudslide two days ago.
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jes ka was out there yesterday and then last night, we had a major tree down that was blocking the entire northbound side. as of 4:00 this morning, they were able to get the one-way traffic control set up in those southbound lanes so once again, you're sharing the southbound side of the road, one lane is heading northbound, one lane is heading southbound, not a big delay yet. we'll see once things ramp up throughout the commute. also, another slide there, one yesterday as well, another one late last night. they weren't able to clean that up in the dark so we still have the second lane blocked there and that is being called a sig alert. we've got the ziper trucks out there this morning. this just coming in, still a handful of people without power in dails, we heard a transformer blew out. this is the area of john daly boulevard and mission street. the fire overnight and look at those flames coming from the
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grate on the sidewalk. the frames pretty here there and firefighters were monitoring, eventually carefully extinguishing it and you see a lot of smoke coming when they got that out. you see the flames in that shot. no injuries reported. north county fire and san francisco firefighters responded. jessica, thank you. coming up knicks, the political road bloc standing between students and free tuition at city college of san francisco. the good samaritan who saved the day for a north bay woman and her dog. they were trapped by the dangerous waters. plus big deals on airline fares, where you can get a ticket to europe for only $69. first this morning's tech bytes. >> in today's tech bytes, tablet sales are slumping. >> they are expected to drop 10% this year. that would make three consecutive years of sharp declines. >> experts say tablet technology has just proved less popular than smartphones or home computers. >> so president-elect donald trump has more than 19 million twitter followers but it looks
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like most people may have read one tweet too many. >> a new poll found 64% of americans want trump to delete his personal twitter account once he takes office. >> and the next time you play monopoly, do you want to be the hashtag on the emoji? high-tech symbols are among the new tokens being considered for the next edition. >> you can weigh in and also vote to keep the classic tokens, the car, the shoe, the dog, or the car, the shoe, the dog, or everyone's
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today's storm is level 1. that means light rain so keep an umbrella handy and drive it's 4:53. welcome back. and check this out. a good samaritan jumped into action to save a woman and her little dog stranded on a flooded street. look at him. the man carried the woman's 11-year-old pug and guided the woman as well back to dry land last night. the stranded driver called 911 for help but when the good samaritan saw that she needed to be rescued, he jumped into action and helped instead. look at this little guy. she said she is grateful for what that man did. two men are recovering from hypothermia after their raft capsized. a swift water rescue team from the fire department went into the fast-moving creek to rescue
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them. both were taken to the hospital where they were checked out. sounds like they're having fun, a couple of guys decided to do this in the flood water along the russian river in guerneville. they splashed into the water on a motorcycle and then one of them decided to just take the plunge, swimming with snorkeling gear on. the fire department, not amused by that. they remind us all, we need to stay out of the flood water. >> that's fun. you know what? i'll just stay home and watch a movie. >> i know, right? netflix. we want to thank abc7 news viewer tony for this video. remind you to share your pictures with us on social media with #abc7now so we can find out. the california emergency management agency is reminding all of us to be ready for any type of natural disaster, prepare in nor cal's guidelines for stocking an emergency kit and developing an emergency plan for your family are posted on our website, if you are banking on a free ride to the city college of san
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francisco this fall, you may want to come up with a back-up plan. according to "the examiner," mayor ed lee and the board of supervisors are not seeing eye to eye on funding. the board voted 10 to 1 to allocate $9 million in taxpayer money for this project. mayor lee wants to release the funds but not all at once. both sides have until march to reach a compromise before free tuition this fall fails. california may be facing a budget shortfall of $1 billion. he's unveiling a state spending plan with the biggest chunks going to public schools and drought relief. the governor says the state faces uncertainty about changes expected from president-elect donald trump and the republican-led congress. hey, i've got some good news for the napa river. currently, it's below flood stage, so it crested last night and now it's going to rapidly drop or it's going to have rapid
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dropping later today. so, hopefully flooding just about over there. you can see our storm system still affecting many areas. we still have some heavy snow this morning up in the sierra. this is yesterday's electronic snowfall measurements, 135% of normal and when t it comes out to the 8:30 this morning, it's going to be even higher and have it on social media @mike nicco. couple crashes on westbound 24. sounds like they're in the clearing stages, though, so right around the caldecott tunnel we had a couple vehicles spin out but they're working on clearing those. not seeing any delay so far and of course that's where we had all that major trouble yesterday with about a 7 to 8-mile back-up most of the morning. just got word of a b.a.r.t. delay as well. all san francisco stations seeing about a 10-minute delay in the pittsburg/bay point and pleasanton directions. i'll try to get to the worst of those closings coming up at
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5:00. a one-way flight to europe for less than $70. if you're saying wow, that's exactly right, w.o.w. airlines is selling flights out of the san francisco and l.a. for $69. the offer is good for flights between this sunday and april 5. the return trip is going to cost you more, but not a lot more, at least for the cheapest they go from $129 to $199. the ceo wants to make this rock bottom fare a regular offering. >> what is the catch? >> they do have some pretty hefty fees for items that are usually included, like a carryon bag. so just like a really carryon bag will cost you like $50. >> as much as your ticket. interesting. well, you'll soon have a chance to own a piece of southern california theme park. the orange county registerer reporting that not brooe farm
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plans to sell items in march. in all, more than 200 items. >> what year is this video from? >> i know all these people have aged about 25 years. >> 1988. >> there's going to be a model t ford, two hearses from the halloween haunt, more than a dozen coin operated player pianos as well. if you're interested. >> no joke. they don't even have that ride anymore. first, the storm and now the clean-up. next at 5:00 a.m., the flooding from one end of the bay area to the other that is still causing trouble this morning. also trees beginning to give also trees beginning to give way in the rain soaked
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