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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  January 11, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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it's not over yet. live doppler 7 is tracking the new round of rain now hitting the bay area. >> a road ripped apart, tonight, part of a popular east bay shortcut is no more. >> wading through knee high water. flooding conditions are becoming all too familiar tonight for people on the russian river. >> we are not getting much of a break from all of this wet weather. >> our abc 7 news reporters are covering the problems. and cleanup efforts from yesterday's day of downpours. >> live doppler 7 tracking that new round of rain. >> our next round of rain is
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moving in. this storm is closing in on us, let's take you into street level radar, show you where it is raining right now, the rainfall is light to moderate in intensity, you'll notice petaluma hill road across highway 101. in san francisco, it's coming down from the richmond to the sunset district. kensington, berkeley, you are seeing wet roadways on the peninsula. definitely look out on our storm impact scale. this is a one. a light system through tomorrow. especially into the morning, potential already more flooding. snow is possible over our highest peaks. it's going to be bad. wet and chilly, if you're walking, so bundle up. current river stage, 37.6 feet. it crested earlier this evening,
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floodwaters are expected to drop below flood stage thursday morning. parts of sonoma county and also in the south bay through tomorrow morning. the flooding concern is there, unusually high tides will lead to more low lying flooding. hour by hour look at exactly how long this rain is going to last, and when you will get a break followed by more storms coming up. >> one of the hardest hit areas from all that rain we've been receiving is this stretch of road. sky 7 shows the incredible scene, the road was ripped away leaving a gaping hole. lilian kim continues our storm watch team coverage. >> this is where the road crosses pinol creek. because of all the water, it ended up watching away a huge chunk of road. the breach is 70 feet wide and
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30 feet deep. it's a long way down. and at the bottom, pieces of the road. this busy thoroughfare has become a destination for the curious. >> this is just absurd. >> it's really crazy to see how things play out when you're in a drought and all of a sudden there's goes 20 inches of rain. >> martinez, another trouble spot. a large you can lip tuesday branch fell on the road. there was damage to this car, he's reportedly going to be okay. as for the crew, it didn't take long to chop it up and remove it. >> this particular you can lip to us has lost a branch before. i think the city's doing a great thing finally cutting it down, you hate to lose a tree, this is a safe move right here. >> back here. contra costa county's department of public works says they don't know when they can begin repairs, this road remains closed indefinitely.
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>> in hollister, more rain is expected overnight. sky 7 shows parts of the city under water this morning, forcing more than 100 people to evacuate, it's a real mess there. hollister is 70 miles south of gilroy, the evacuation zone was along lovers lane. people had to leave their homes in the middle of the night. some homes had tens of thousands of dollars in damage. the creek divides santa clara and was filled with logs and other debris. >> i hope this makes the community aware that the creeks rally do need to be cleaned out so the water can flow through instead of getting hung up. >> all of this damage, the good news, no one was hurt. building inspectors will be going house to house in the flood zone to see which homes are unsafe to return to. >> the russian river crested
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just after 6:00, it will remain at flood stage until tomorrow. katie? >> the russian river has reached its flooding peek tonight, the floodwaters reaching up to midwin doe, and these road closures are to be taken serious in the county, if you cannot see the white lines on the roadway, you should not drive through the road, in this video, you're going to see only on 7, we show you exactly why that is the case. the russian river crested just short of 38 feet this evening. flooding river road in gurnville. >> it's projected to stay above flood stage overnight. >> people returning home from work got creative to stay dry. >> what are these on your legs? >> garbage bags. we don't have any option right now, we have to do what we have
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to do. >> earlier today, a team of national guardsmen and paramedics made house calls using a high water vehicle as scene in this cell phone video. no serious injuries have been reported. >> we have had a handful of rescues. that's largely people that aren't adhering to the road closures. >> like this one earlier in the week. a helicopter rescue for a man who drove his humvee into floodwaters. others proceed with caution in their rain boots to restock supplies. >> i picked up a generator and a boat. some other things i may need, propane. in case the power went out. >> which is what happened at the local safeway. the store lost shelves of stock because of a power outage. >> the concern moving forward, landslides because the earth is so over saturated. the ground cannot take any more rain. if you see any sort of tree
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movement or earth movement, the county wants to hear about it so it can be inspected. they want to hear from you if you have more than $1,000 worth of damage to your home. you can call 211 to report that damage. >> thanks very much. >> a major highway is closed for a second straight night because of all of this flooding. the closure is between highway 101 and atherton avenue. water from novado creek covers the lanes in both directions. the water is deep too. three cars tried to get through it. the cars are still stuck out there tonight. more rain is falling and the king tides will roll in again in the morning. only exacerbating the situation. the chp tweeted this picture of one of several landslides on highway one tonight there are
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major delays along the coastal road. another section of highway one is closed because of road damage from the stormsp p the winding three mile stretch is closed until further notice. san carlos avenue between al again. can you track any storm with the abc 7 news app. we have live doppler 7 on the aapp and you can enable push alerts to get breaking news updates on your phone and tablets. muny service is back to normal arch the death of a man on the tracks. abc 7 news was at church station where all service was shut down going into downtown for more than 6 hours. a muny spokesperson says they are looking at train video to see whether a train hit him or there was some other cause of
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death. police say a pickup truck hit and killed a woman crossing the street. it happened this afternoon. the truck was towing a bobcat loader as you can see. an nfl team is getting ready to pick up and make a big move to a new city. it's not the raters. >> we'll have that story. the friendly gesture ahead of the nation's intelligence community made to the president-elect. we'll continue our storm watch coverage, the rush to clean up the muddy mess left behind on all those bay area roads. it's going to be a rough ride for your morning commute. live doppler 7
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financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can. new at 11:00, another nfl team is likely headed to los angeles, and it's not the oakland raiders. espn is reportin the chargers are planning to announce the move as early as tomorrow. the chargers spent the 1960s season in los angeles and have been in san diego ever since. the raiders, the nfl stadium and finance committee met today to vet the team's potential move to las vegas. the raiders have until february 15th to file for relocation, and need the support of 24 owners to move. the director of national intelligence is trying to thaw strained relations between his agencies and donald trump. in his first news conference since being elected. he hit back on unconfirmed reports that russia has compromising information that could be used against him. >> a group of opponents got together, sick people, and they
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put that crap together. >> in a statement tonight james clapper said he spoke with the president-elect today and reassured him intelligence agencies were not the source of the news accounts. the two-page dossier that laid out uncorroborated allegations were included in the briefing documents, the trump team received on friday. at the news conference, president-elect trump talked about his relationship with putin. >> i don't know that i'm going to get along with slavladimir putin, i hope i do. but there's a chance a won't. >> his impending inauguration will be beautiful and el began the. >> i will be there to see mr. trump inaugurated. you can catch my live report starting thursday the 19th. back to our storm watch coverage. it left behind a muddy mess. katie is live in alameda county, where people are still cleaning up from destructive mudslides
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and flooding. katie in. >> there is a lot of activity in the rural roads in this area, still right now, dump trucks coming and going with loads of mud and debris, as the crews work to clear or clean the roads. it's slow going in sonol, cars able to continue on their way, only when the trucks make room. the road is still recovering from storm damage. tony barry posted this video on facebook. >> there's 3 feet of mud clogged on the street. >> luke spent more than 2 hours in the pouring rain trying to clear the culvert. >> to get some of it, it clogged back up again. it's just constantly unplugging, unplugging. >> the fire department says one home may be compromised. a family of seven displaced. palomar's road sufferd a mudslide. >> mudslide goes for about a quarter of a mile, it blew out
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the whole side of a hill. >> this photo was posted on facebook. palomar remains closed. niles canyon road only just reopened at 4:30 this afternoon. it was closed at 10:00 last night, because of flooding and a mudslide. this car got stuck, and firefighters had to rescue two people. the car was left behind. >> one other thing to note. when freemont police tweet ed free monlt road had reopened, it asked drivers to be cautious, rocks could continue to fall over the next few days. those kinds of scenes may repeat again, don't let your guard down. here's a look at live doppler 7. any rainfalling on top of already rising creeks could cause more problems.
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here's a look at where it's raining right now. kolb mountain, mixed rain and snow up there, and that's not going to be out of the question as we head into tomorrow. as we take you into straight level. calistoza road. it's raining steady from san rafael to larksburr. san francisco seeing damp roadways all the way into daily city, and as we head into the east bay, lighter rainfall across 80. rain as far as how much we've received since sunday, these are impressive totals. we're looking at over three inches in san francisco and oakland. san rafael, more than 8 inches of rain. we're going up to a foot or more, to mount st. helena, in the livermore area. about two inches of rain, as you take a look at our drought monitor, we have seen an improvement. much of the coast out of the drought, we're not done with it yet. the yellows indicating its dry,
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orange is indicating severe drought. we're still dealing with the drought. i want to make that clear, it was six years in the making, it's going to take many years before we can get rid of it completely. this is very evident here in southern california. there's good news, drought relief has arrived across parts of northern california. about 2 to 12 feet in the past week has boosted the sierra snow pack. we're at 158%. temperatures look like this in the 40s. it's chilly. 50 in oakland and it's going to be wet, for our golden gate bridge camera, you can see the raindrops on the lens. it will be hard to see tomorrow morning, when the storm pushes through your commute. more storms are coming next week, it's looking pretty wet. we'll show that to you in a moment. this is a one, through tomorrow, moderate rain we're expecting
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flooding concerns once again. low lying areas, creeks and streams, keep an eye on them. isolated thunder, not out of the question. 12340e is possible over our peaks. we'll show you what's going to happen, 1:00 a.m., you see rainfall in the north bay, snow up there around 2:00 a.m., 4uk 00 a.m., this is your commute time, it's going to be messy between 4:00 and 7:00 to 8:00, we'll continue to see pockets of rain. mt. hamilton could be looking at mixed precipitation. 10:00 a.m., the focus is the east bay, peninsula. showers continuing through the evening rush, it's not widespread, you'll notice it starts to wind down after 5:00 p.m., in terms of rainfall totals, pretty uniform, about a half inch to an inch of rain, for most of you, with the highest focus in the south bay, in terms of your temperatures, first thing in the morning, mid-40s to mid-30s. umbrella and coat will keep you warm and dry. as far as the highs are
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concerned in the 50s. winter storm warning for the sierra nevada until 4:00 in the afternoon. a foot to a foot and a half of snow expected. road closures are possible. hold up on travel. cold showers, snow over the mountains, one on our storm impact scale tomorrow. we're looking at a drying trend and a warmer pattern as we head into the weekend. martin luther king jr. day in the 60s. wednesday is a 2, wet and windy. thursday, friday, saturday, right now. beyond our accuweather 7-day forecast, looks
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the polar bears rolling around in the snow. the sea lions were more like snow lions. check this out here. the elephant a little sheepish, not sure, as you'll see here, in just a moment, this is great. >> running for other shelter, one or the other. >> plenty of sports to hand el tonight. >> yes opinion larry beihl is here. >> i think it was the sea lion. >> after winning the world series in santiago. we'll tell
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good in san diego, really looks like the chargers are moving to los angeles, espn reporting, dean spanos has informed the nfl of his intention to move. the chargers have been trying to work out a stadium deal in san diego for the last 15 years. the team recently lost a vote on the visitor's tax to replace the aging and ancient qualcomm stadium. the move would eliminate the raiders from moving to l.a. while the 49ers continue their methodical search for a new gm and head coach. the broncos and bills made their moves today. vance joseph played college ball. broncos were impressed by joseph when they interviewed him two years ago. the bills have added sean mcdermott to end their 17-year
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drought. the niners could choose either kyle shanahan or josh mcdaniels. >> let's go to calgary. aaron del's family in attendance. brent burns fires logan couture on the redirect. burns unties it, firing, this one is not deflected. so 2-1 game, team teal up, flames retie, under 2 minutes left, doug by hamilton, a wrister. 3-2 flames, seconds left, michelle, the hat trick last night, trying to be the hero and denied by chad johnson. as the sharks fall 3-2 the baseball news, a's are close to finalizing a deal with santiago casilla on a two-year deal. he came up in the a's farm system, he was on all three of the giants world series teams. he saved 123 games along the way, but had the complete collapse last year. there's no way the giants were
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appreciate yourtime. i'm dan ashley. >> thanks for joining us, jimmy kimmel live, jessica biel. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- jessica biel. from "moonlight", mahershala ali. dax shepard and michael peña. and music from sohn. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome to the show. thank you very much. welcome to the show. i'm jimmy. i'm the host. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. what a day.


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