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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  January 11, 2017 11:35pm-12:38am PST

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i'm dan ashley. >> thanks for joining us, jimmy kimmel live, jessica biel. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- jessica biel. from "moonlight", mahershala ali. dax shepard and michael peña. and music from sohn. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome to the show. thank you very much. welcome to the show. i'm jimmy. i'm the host. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. what a day.
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it was an unbelievable day today. donald trump had a press conference to start the morning in which he covered a lot of subjects, but first the showers i want to talk about that are from the sky. it's day three of raining here in los angeles. rain all night last night and this morning, and whenever it rains here, i make a habit, i run right to my television to watch the local news because the weather reporters here -- there's no weather. it's like being a baseball announcer trapped in the month of december forever. you have nothing to announce. so when it does rain, they get very excited. and i then make fun of them. that's how it goes. apparently this is starting to make an impact, because i may have ruined a reporter's birthday today. >> happy birthday. >> the big 5-0. >> yeah. >> chris? >> i'm just trying to stay off kimmel this morning, that's all. >> well, first of all, chris,
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happy birthday. you seem like a nice guy, but unfortunately, you made it impossible for me to make that birthday wish come true for you today. >> chris boroughs in porter ranch forest this morning. happy birthday, chris. >> happy birthday. >> yeah. it's 42, by the way. it's not 50. we've -- not that the number matters. we've been monitoring the size of this puddle. [ laughter ] >> we have, not alone. imagine you spend your birthday monitoring the size of a puddle. sorry, chris. i hope the rest of your life goes better than it has so far. this has been a dizzying 24 hours of politics in the united states. last night in chicago president obama delivered his good-bye america speech. and today president-elect trump delivered his good-bye america
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speech. this was trump's first press conference in six months, and it went great. >> mr. president-elect -- go ahead. >> not you. not you. your organization is terrible. your organization is terrible. >> i have a question, sir. >> sir? quiet. quiet. >> go ahead. she's asking a question. don't be rude. don't be rude. >> can you give us a question. >> don't be rude. >> i'm not going to give you a question. >> can you -- >> you are fake news. go ahead. >> sir, can you state categorically -- mr. president, that's not appropriate. >> that was jim acosta from cnn trying to ask a question. trump doesn't like cnn right now so he's not answering their questions. who knew you could do that? what a press conference. it was like a live version of his twitter account. i've seen more civil exchanges for wrestlemania.
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his big announcement today was he's putting his assets, his company in a trust and the company will be run by his sons. kind of like when don korlioni handed things over to michael. no problems. one of the reporters ask if we'll ever get to see the tax returns trump promised to show us once his audit is finish and trump said no. other than reporters, no one wants to see my tax returns. he said that twice. i don't know. we have a good number of american citizens in this audience. a quick poll. who wants to see the tax returns? [ applause ] >> jimmy: wait a minute. are you guys reporters? no? all right. then we want to see them. in case you missed this press conference, you missed a lot, but we boiled it down to the key parts. >> sick russia, fake news, packing hillary, clinton. horrible, disgraceful.
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garbage, germ aphone. give me a break. you're fired. [ applause ] >> jimmy: going to be a good four years. donald trump press conferences is not unlike going to the bathroom. you know what you're going to get but you don't know exactly what it will look like. speaking of going to the bathroom, the scandal that is now known as golden gate online was a major topic at the press conference. i'm sure you heard yesterday u.s. intelligence agencies say they informed the president and president-elect that russian operatives claimed to have compromising personal and financial information about trump. there's a documented unverified document floating around that claims trump watched prostitutes do something disgusting on a bed in the ritz carlton, and this morning trump actually addressed that rumor and explained why it's not possible that it
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happened. >> i was in russia years ago with the miss universe contest which did very well, the moscow area. did very, very well. and i told many people be careful. because you don't want to see yourself on television. cameras all over the place. and, again, not just russia, all over. does anyone really believe that story? i'm also very much of a germ-a-phobe, by the way. believe me. >> i'm not a historian, but i think that was a first, i really do. and, of course, we don't know if the rumors are true. anyone could have written that document but trump denies it, putin denies and a senior russian official denied it on cnn. >> thank you for joining us. >> thank you, wolf. there is no truth to these disgusting and offensive allegations. i have personally interviewed all secret videos mr. trump.
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there was no pee. no pee on bed. not even on toilet. it was totally normal hooker sex party that never happened. >> jimmy: all right. i think that settles that. right? [ applause ] >> jimmy: this is my favorite clip of the day. not only is this a big story in the united states. it's big all over the world. as we learned from this french canadian news team, we don't have a translation for everything. [ speaking french ] >> the golden showers. >> jimmy: maybe french isn't the most romantic language. [ applause ] >> jimmy: you know, things are suspicious.
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maybe i'm turning into a conspiracy theorist, but it just so happens that this story comes out right before donald trump's new show is about to premier. you know about this? donald trump and billy bush have a new travel show that's premiering next week. >> the most popular come can di duo of 2016 is back. >> i'll tell you another thing. when i see a boob, i squeeze it. >> yes. the donald is the man. >> it's bushy and the donald across america. the former entertainment news reporter and the future president of the united states are reunited for more classic comedy from inside a bus. >> holy cow, did you see the legs on that one? hub baa, hub baa, am i right? >> love legs. love legs. love to kiss them. love to touch them. love legs. >> two men, one bus, and thousands of hours of locker room talk. >> i see a uterine wall, i'm going to touch it, and make mexico pay for it. >> yes.
11:44 pm
sha, wing. >> have these two ever seen a naked woman? it's unclear. >> come on, billy, let's go. >> find out this season on bushy and the donald across america. [ applause ] >> jimmy: i don't really -- we have to take a break. when we come back, the new ponch and john. dax shepard and michael pena will be here with the trailer for the new film version of "chips". stick around. we'll be right back. i'll have that goat cheese garden salad. that gentleman got the last one.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ if you're gonna make an entrance... [car driving upon the water] ♪
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>> jimmy: welcome back to the show. this is an uplifting story. one of the great american athletes smoking joe phrafrazie being honored in the city of brotherly love on his birthday. the local fox affiliate there in philadelphia paid him tribute. watch this all the way to the end. it's important that you do. >> boxing legend joe grasher celebrating his birthday today. also giving back to the community. he's going to be meeting with friends antesupporters at the city hall to honor boxing teams and coaches. this year is the 45th answer verse ri of his gym.
11:50 pm
he's turning 73 years old today. >> he really is a legend. such a force. >> nice, right? it's a nice thing. the only problem is joe frazier died in 2011. so he will not be meeting with friends and supporters at city hall. they didn't even have his birthday right. his birthday is tomorrow. don't get him a cake, by the way. all right. now we have something exclusive which means you're not allowed to tell anybody else about this. do you remember the show "chips"? all right, yeah. it's about to become a movie starring the funny dax shepard and michael pena. tonight we're going to share the world premier trailer of "chips". is something going on outside? what's the problem? do we have a camera out there? [ sirens ] >> jimmy: oh, my goodness. that's ponch and john riding
11:51 pm
right into our studio. that was really. >> hey, how are you? great. >> jimmy: look at this. how are you? you look great. you smell like gasoline. that was really -- >> pretty impressive. >> jimmy: very impressive. >> did our own stunts. >> jimmy: you did? >> 100%. >> jimmy: i will say you did all that on your own? >> oh, yeah. >> jimmy: even mike snl. >> especially me. >> jimmy: a little bit it seemed like maybe at the top there was a little bit of a guy who looked like a stunt double or something? >> i'm pretty sure it was me. >> that's him. i think vroom. >> jimmy: your motorcycle is on
11:52 pm
wood and little wheels. >> this guy's an idiot here, dude. >> my boot. >> jimmy: that's your boot? it looks like a wheel, but that's a boot? >> you're crazy. >> jimmy: i'm sorry. >> that's ledge ledge it. >> jimmy: i didn't know. and the plywood. >> i don't know what you're talking about but it's real. >> jimmy: how long did it take to shoot this movie? >> two and a half months. >> jimmy: and in that time you did not learn how to ride a motorcycle. >> yes, i did, jimmy. did you not see us coming down the stairs? >> watch me whenever you want. >> jimmy: you do seem very professional. i apologize. i didn't mean to insinuate that you were anything other than that. the reason you are here is because you brought the trailer. the trailer has never been seen by human eyes. >> not even by me. they edited mind folded.
11:53 pm
>> jimmy: it's amaze zblchling. it's like the vitamix made the trailer. pumped it out. >> jimmy: here it is, the world premier trailer of "chips" in theaters march 24th. ♪ >> we're the california highway patrol. this job is crucial. without us out there -- >> come on. >> someone could get hurt. >> california highway patrol, think they have some crooked cops. want you on the inside. >> that's awesome. >> you put you with a rookrooki john baker. >> tell the names. >> are they females? >> i like you. >> he is really handsome. >> you've had 23 surgeries? >> you can ride a motorcycle, i'll give you that. >> yes, ma'am, like a mother.
11:54 pm
>> no. >> what's up? i'm john. >> poncho. >> we're partners. >> that's cool can. >> no. you think i'm -- >> baker? baker? >> bad ass being suited up for battle. >> looking like ups drivers? >> that's cool, go brown. >> find the cops. >> you're fbi? >> yep. >> we need to focus. >> are you kidding me right now? i'm kind of powerless when it comes to yoga pants. >> get out of this parking lot. you have a visible election. do you think you can ride with that? >> we don't know who is in on this. >> i'm northbound. ponch is southbound. >> we screw up this case, you're right, we got a legitimate lead. >> nasty. just damn nasty. >> i need to get into warm
11:55 pm
water. >> i'm not going to carry you there. >> i saved your life yesterday. >> i knew you were going to bring it up. >> get it over with. >> fine. >> your face went in my -- >> no. there was no contact. >> i could have sworn i felt your nose or your lip. [ applause ] >> jimmy: ponch and john, everybody. "chips" opens march 24th. well done. let me see you again. >> all right. go ahead. go, go, go. >> no. no. >> jimmy: we'll be right back with jessica beal.
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welcome back to the show. >> jimmy: tonight, from the movie "moonlight", for which he was nominated for a golden globe, mahershala ali is here. then his new album comes out friday, it's called "rennen", music from sohn. that's like john but with an "s." tomorrow night, ll cool j will be here, octavia spencer will join us, and we'll have music from sza. please join us for that show tomorrow. since she was here last our
12:01 am
first guest got married to justin timberlake and had a baby, also with him. she is busy with movies too, she produced and stars in "the book of love", which opens in theaters friday, please welcome jessica biel. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: it's very good to see you. it's been a long time. you had your premier last night, right? >> we did. >> jimmy: it was at the grove? >> right. >> jimmy: the grove is like the mau mall, right? >> it was fun. it's the mall. it was a little bit unusual. i feel like i've never been to a movie premier there, but it was nice. >> jimmy: as producer of the film do you have to pay for the
12:02 am
premier itself? >> no. i paid for everything else basically with my life, business, blood and sweat and tears. no, someone else is paying for that. >> jimmy: not only doesn't america know what a movie producer does. i don't know. >> i don't either. >> jimmy: it seems like people get out there and round people up to do it. and like matt damon is a producer on "manchester by the sea". there's no way he did anything. >> maybe not. i don't know. you're right -- >> jimmy: he's completely illitera illiterate. we didn't write anything. ben affleck wrote that whole movie. matt just typed it. so what do you do as the producer? what are your responsibilities and what did you take on? >> my responsibilities for this particular film was trying to get this thing going and we've been working on it for ten years. >> jimmy: funding? >> trying to get people to fund
12:03 am
it. trying to get cast. trying to get financers and distributors and then getting a crew together and finding the locations and making sure everybody is okay and happy and nobody hates each other and everyone is fed. you're doing all these little weird things to keep a giant machine running. >> jimmy: matt didn't do any of that. >> typing, anybody can do that. >> jimmy: and you did this and starred in the movie how many months pregnant? >> eight months pregnant. something like that. it was just crazy. >> jimmy: is that a good idea? >> no. it's a bad idea. i mean, you don't want to be doing anything when you're eight months pregnant, let alone living in new orleans during mardi gras, not partying with everybody else, really miserable. trying to get this thing off the ground which was an amazing experience, but, man, i could only shoot for five days.
12:04 am
i was there for the preproduction basically. >> jimmy: because why? because of the doctor? >> yeah. the time you can't fly past otherwise you could, you know, like let it go on the airplane and ruin everybody's flight. you'd have to land early. >> jimmy: they'd throw you in the back of a flat bed truck and drive you home. you don't want that? >> no. i had five days to shoot and i had to fly home and watch dalies as they did everything without me. >> jimmy: you're pregnant in the movie. was your character pregnant in the movie because you were pregnant, or -- >> yes. but it wasn't initially that way. this is taken us nine and a half years to get made. over the time period the script changed a lot. we did, like 28 rewrites on it. and she was pregnant. she wasn't. she was pregnant, she wasn't. we thought we can't do what we do to a pregnant woman in this
12:05 am
movie, but then we figured we have to do it anyway. >> jimmy: you have too because you're pregnant. >> otherwise we have to recast and it starts the process over with the producer finding another cast. who's going to play the part? it goes into a cycle. >> jimmy: like when carrie washington is pregnant in scandal, they put her behind a plant and she's carrying a basket. >> and a counter. >> jimmy: you can't do a whole movie like that. >> not really. >> jimmy: unless you call it behind the plant. >> that would have been a good idea. where were you when we needed you? >> jimmy: i wasn't called. >> you're right. that's my fault. >> jimmy: that's oh oh on you. >> i'm the producer. that's on me. >> jimmy: it is. you also have a restaurant you opened. i've been there. >> what do you think? >> jimmy: i think it's a great idea and fun and a great place. it's a restaurant at which you can -- and if you have a little kid, i have a two and a half-year-old daughter, you basically walk in the restaurant and they check your kid like a
12:06 am
coat. they give you a ticket and you hand them your child and then you go eat. every once in a while the kid runs in and grabs chicken fingers and runs back out covered with sweat. >> this is the idea. >> jimmy: and the title of the restaurant is good as well. >> it is good. oh fudge. >> jimmy: is that going well for you? >> it is going well. honestly, the restaurant business is way harder than being a producer. >> jimmy: it is hard to make money in the restaurant business, yeah? >> we're not making money. definitely not making money. nobody's making money in the restaurant business in my experience, at least not yet. we just felt like it was something that my friend group, my friends who had kids before i did we wanted to go hang out but they were stuck going to chuck e cheese birthday parties or kids and not a babysitter. there's nowhere to go. this was created for moms and for ladies who want to and families who want to go and have a safe, delicious thoughtfully
12:07 am
sourced meal, drink, we have a full bar there, and have your kids watched by people younger and cuter than you. it works out for everybody. >> jimmy: what's the difference between an opeur and somebody watching? >> oh fudge, oh pair sounded better than oh fudge, babysitter. >> jimmy: they're just there to watch the kids? >> that's right. >> jimmy: it's a very good idea. chuck e cheese is like my vision of hell, really. >> yeah. >> jimmy: you go in and the colors are overwhelming, and then it smells like shoes the whole thing. >> it's not nice. >> jimmy: and then they say we're going to top it off with the worst pizza in the whole world. >> aren't you having fun now? >> jimmy: that's a good -- we're going to take a break, when we come back we'll see a clip. it's called the "book of love"
12:08 am
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>> i love you. i'll see you later. >> no, you don't. come and give a gal a kiss.
12:13 am
>> oh, yeah. sorry. hey, honey, hey, it's locked. the door is locked. >> what's the password? >> honey, come on. i'm running late. i'm nervous as heck. >> henry, don't be such a lump. see that? that's where my lips are going to be. >> jimmy: that is jessica biel in "the book of love". give us the essence of the film. >> this story is basically about a guy who loses the love of his life, and it sort of the story is how he comes to term with his reality and his grief through this very unusual friendship with this young homeless kid, and they start building this -- i don't want to give it away. he's an argument tect and she's searching for materials. >> jimmy: and the homeless kid goes into your restaurant and
12:14 am
can eat fudge. i'm confusing your projects right now. >> that's okay. >> jimmy: your husband justin timberlake did scoring for the film. >> he composed the whole score. >> jimmy: had he ever done anything like that before? >> never. he hired people to do that. but basically he and his partner, mitch, who this wonderful musician, mitch. they put everything together kuz using keyboards and guitars and then they put together a massive string section and horn section and those are conducted by the conductor, and they recreate the music but with all the parts of an entire string section in an orchestra, and he hires the guy to write all the parts. >> jimmy: so he's the guy who writes the music itself, and then you're the person who hired him. >> that's right.
12:15 am
>> jimmy: let's say he puts some music to a scene and you watch it and go -- did it ever happen you said this doesn't work? you need to change that and was that weird for you? >> yes and no. i have a producing partner, and he's very good friends with her. her name is michelle purple. anything i didn't like, i would just say, i love it, baby. and then i would say, michelle tell justin you don't like that. >> jimmy: that's how hollywood works, right. nobody speaks directly to anybody else. >> why would we be truthful? that's weird. >> jimmy: is he aware you did this? >> he is now. everything was so great. he worked really intensely with bill, our director, and those two would sit in the studio and hash the music out for days and bring it to michelle and i. we would listen to it informal everything sounds amazing to me. i don't know. i'm not the expert, but he's the expert. and bill would just take him in this direction or put him in
12:16 am
that direction. everything was amazing. >> jimmy: your husband is almost annoyingly talented. >> yes. >> jimmy: i don't know if you know this, but there's this gym that's near your restaurant, and my wife goes there. i dropped her off one day. i was looking in the window, and i saw this big photograph on the wall, and so i said, i asked the guy gooi wwho runs the gym. i said i love that photograph. >> i know the gym. >> jimmy: of course. i said where did you get that whatever, and he said justin timberlake took this photograph. and i was like you've got to be kidding me. i said i would like to get a print of this)ézg@t photograph. so then through some mutual friends that we know, they contacted justin and he said, yes, sure, i will -- >> you have one? >> jimmy: no. he didn't give it to me. >> i'm going to make this happen for you. >> jimmy: you're his boss. >> i am the boss lady. i'll make this happen for you. >> jimmy: tell him i have a big
12:17 am
blank wall waiting for his photograph. >> give me the size. i'll get it to you. >> jimmy: right. thank you very much. jessica biel, everybody. "the book of love" opens in theaters friday. we'll be right back with mahershala ali. o romeo, romeo! wherefore art thou romeo. call me but love, henceforth i never will be romeo my love is deep, the more i give to thee. a thousand times goodnight. ♪
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>> jimmy: it's ta ken us nearly 14 years, but tonight, we finally welcome a guest named "mahershala" to the show. he's a very talented actor who gives one of the performances of the year in the golden globe-winning movie, "moonlight." please welcome mahershala ali. ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
12:22 am
>> jimmy: welcome. >> thank you. >> jimmy: did i pronounce your name -- >> perfect. >> jimmy: i've been practicing. when i was walking down the stairs i said it over and over. i half expected something magic to happen after i said it that many times. >> i want to tape you doing it and play it for people. >> jimmy: i was amazed to learn mahershala is the short version of your name. >> that's the nickname. my first name is 18 letters long. let's put it up on the screen. i want to just take a look and marvel at it. >> that's spelled right. >> jimmy: say it? >> jimmy: oh, boy. >> yeah. it's the longest word in the bible. >> jimmy: okay. the longest name in the bible?
12:23 am
>> yeah. >> jimmy: who was this person in the bible? >> it was the prophet isaiah's second son. it's a symbolic name. he didn't live through life with that name but it's his symbolic name. >> jimmy: but you live through life with it. >> yes. >> jimmy: how long is your drive's license? >> i'll show you. you should see tsa's eyes. they go, you know. that is your name? i'm like, yes. >> jimmy: you automatically become the spelling bee champion with that name, and the best part your name is three letters. >> yeah. [ applause ] >> jimmy: that's some name. your friends call you mahershala. >> they call me mahershala only at home. in the bay area they call me -- >> jimmy: you don't accept it from anyone else?
12:24 am
>> it can't happen. but family and friends that knew me as a kid, they call me hershal. >> jimmy: that's probably for the best. tell me your story. >> from the bay area. grew up playing sports. i found acting. i went to college on a basketball scholarship. in my time in college i found the arts, and one thing led to another, and then i went to nyu for grad school, and i've been acting ever since. >> jimmy: you did such a great job in this movie. most people haven't seen it because it opens nationwide on friday, i think. but when you do see it, you play a drug dealer, but a good one. >> yeah. >> jimmy: not a bad one. >> a drug dealer with a heart. yeah. >> jimmy: really, that is true, and i'm sure they're out there. >> they are. i grew up with some of them. in all honesty. there were people i grew up with who were good people.
12:25 am
they didn't wake up or weren't born and envisioned themselves becoming drug dealers when they grew up. it was something that kind of happens to people, but they still have wonderful qualities and are about good things and love their families and want to take care of them. >> jimmy: there are a lot of people, not just drug dealers who do things that are bad for people for a living, and they're not necessarily bad people, but they're able to separate those. >> compartmentalize. >> jimmy: yeah. how did you find the arts? you said you were playing basketball. what got you got arts? >> you know, i wasn't doing well in basketball. and also my father was an actor, so i had grown up visiting him in new york and standing backstage, so the first production of "dream girls" and my father had hopped around and had done several shows. i would travel with him. >> jimmy: your father was on broadway? >> he was and traveled and did shows. >> jimmy: would you go to "dream
12:26 am
girls" with him? >> i knew the whole thing by heart. the songs. >> jimmy: let's sing. >> let's not. >> jimmy: why not? i know you're expecting a baby really soon, right? >> yeah. >> jimmy: congratulations. >> thank you. >> jimmy: i'm sure you've heard that people think you're the guy that's going to win the oscar in your category. and your baby seems to be, by my calculations due right around that time. i'm hosting this show, and i don't want to -- you do what you want to do. >> okay. >> jimmy: but it would be really great for our ratings if you had the baby or your wife had the baby during the oscars. >> your post oscar show? >> jimmy: during the monologue would be ideal, right there during the oscar broadcast. >> that would be good, nice private in public.
12:27 am
>> jimmy: right, and then you name the baby oscar. no problems going forward. i think they would give oscar an oscar for that. you can't name your kid doug, right? >> no. but we're looking to do something simpler. my wife's name is amptisami. >> jimmy: wow. >> yeah. but we're going to do something a little bit simpler for our child. >> jimmy: okay. i think that's the merciful thing to do. >> yeah. keep it unique still but something a little bit simpler than what -- >> jimmy: exactly. we were thinking of naming our next child pineapple. >> okay. you know, you could go with m e mahershala. >> jimmy: we'll see. oscars, have you ever been to an oscar? >> no. look, we haven't been nominated
12:28 am
yet, but if that happens, i'll be really excited. >> jimmy: you will, yeah. at the golden globes, that must have been an exciting night. >> that was a blast. back to the oscars though, you're hosting. that night. that's a blast. >> jimmy: yes. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i got the sense during our conversation that you didn't know that, and then you just went oh, right. >> you know -- >> jimmy: you know i decide who gets the oscar, right? >> yeah. >> jimmy: the host really gets a lot of weight in that area. >> i'll take you out for lunch tomorrow. >> jimmy: don't worry. i'm a light eater. it will be fine. you were almost on "game of thrones" which is interesting. how did that happen? that must be kicking themselves right now. >> my audition guaranteed i was almost not on "game of thrones." >> jimmy: what part were you auditioning for?
12:29 am
>> it was for a merchant that gets locked in a safe in season three or something like that. i'd gone in for this casting director before. i felt like i had two other wonky auditions with her, and -- but i was really prepare third down time around. totally off book. had all my lines memorized and had this thing worked out with this chair. i was working and doing power moves and stances and had my stuff all worked out, and then i go in audition, and i walk in there and to the hbo offices and there are two stools this high in the air with no back behind them. i'm sitting there feet halfway off the ground, a little bit stiff, and she goes wow, you got to loosen that up. that was really stiff. that was a problem. it was because i didn't have a back to my chair. >> jimmy: now you know, bring a chair with you the next time you go. that would be a little weird walking in with a chair. congratulations to you. the movie is really great.
12:30 am
>> jimmy: mahershala ali! "moonlight" returns to theaters nationwide friday. and we shall return with music from sohn.
12:31 am
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>> jimmy: i'd like to thank dax shepard and michael peña, jessica biel, mahershala ali and apologize to matt damon, we ran out of time. "nightline" is next but first, his album "rennen" comes out on friday, here with the song "conrad", sohn! ♪ ♪ i can feel it coming we can never go back we can never go back i can feel ♪ ♪ i can feel it coming we can never go back i can feel it coming we can never go back ♪ ♪ i can feel i can feel it coming we can never go back i can feel ♪ ♪ i can feel it coming over the hillside it's a valley fire and it's coming to burn us down ♪
12:33 am
♪ like a rushing comet bound for the planet and we're dinosaurs living in denial ♪ ♪ i can feel it coming we can never go back we can never go back i can feel ♪ ♪ i can feel it coming we can never go back i can feel it coming we can never go back ♪ ♪ i can feel as the ice is melting merging with ocean ♪ ♪ all our eyes are open and we're looking out to sea and i'm hibernating shut down and waiting ♪ ♪ for another summer living in denial i can feel it coming we can never go back ♪ ♪ we can never go back i can feel i can feel it coming ♪ ♪ we can never go back
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i can feel it coming we can never go back i can feel ♪ ♪ i can feel it coming we can never go back i can feel we can never ♪ ♪ we can never go we can never we can never go we can never ♪ ♪ we can never go back i can feel it coming we can never go back ♪ ♪ never go back never go back i can feel i can feel it coming ♪ ♪ never go back i can feel it coming we can never go back ♪ i can feel i can feel it coming ♪ ♪ we can never go back
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12:36 am
♪ giving up giving up giving up giving up and i feel some relief now i know ♪ ♪ and i love you but i really have to go my faith my faith ♪ ♪ don't mean a thing!÷ my faith my faith don't mean a thing ♪ don't mean a thing ♪ ♪ oh my love believe me i know what this means
12:37 am
and it's easy i see no other way ♪ this is nightline. >> tonight. >> she's asking a question, don't be rude. don't be rude. >> president-elect trump lashing out turning the tables on the reporters in his first press conference in nearly six news. knocking down a report that russia holds blackmail material over. >> did they do a bad job? i'll you're fired. >> plus winning again? >> i'm on a drug called charlie sheen. >> it was a stunning fall from grace from someone who ruled the small and big screen. charlie sheen getting close and


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