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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  January 12, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PST

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boulevard so that's a busy rou this time of day. if you want to exit, just south of there, that is still looking fine this morning, no major delays on any of our freeways but it is raining once again so we certainly could have some slick conditions. also, still have that full closure of highway 37 in marin county. i'll show you more, what that looks like coming up. and some good news, b.a.r.t. back on track after some overnight maints delays. so we're on time here this morning. let's check in with mike nicco. >> good morning, alexis. hi, everybody. live doppler 7 showing yes, you have slick streets this morning to deal with once again as light rain is falling in most neighborhoods. it was a little heavier earlier, especially across the santa cruz mountains and around gilroy, but you can see that has since dissipated. here's a look at san jose. for most of us, it will be wet with steady light rain through 7:00. showers at noon and then just a stray shower at 4:00 and mainly dry by 7:00 but notice temperatures in the 40s.
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i'll go over some of the river warnings and creek warnings coming up next. this morning, drivers in the east bay will have to figure out how to get around a massive roadway mess on a popular shortcut. >> look at this video. east of pinole, alhambra valley road collapsed last night and left a gaping hole, 70 feet wide, and 30 feet deep. it was washed away by all the water that's been flowing through pinole creek the past few days. drivers use this to get to second inning 80. it is now closed indefinitely and no estimate on when repairs could even begin. in martinez, a large lip us the branch fell. they took out the entire tree after fears were expressed the entire thing could come down. >> this particular eucal has lost a branch before and i think the city is doing a great thing cutting it down.
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you hate to lose a tree but it's a safe move right here. >> there was damage to the driver's convertible as you can see but he is reportedly going to be okay. once the rain stops and the waters recede in hollister, inspectors will be going house by house to see which homes need to be red tagged. hollister is southeast of gilroy. sky 7 was overhead as the sun came um yesterday morning and showed severe flooding that stretched across dozens of properties and farms. more than 100 people along with pets and livestock had to be evacuated as pecheco creek rose from all the rain. >> i hope this makes the community aware that the creeks really do need to be cleaned out so the water can flow through instead of getting hung up. >> almost 50 people had to be rescued by emergency crews who came in to take them to safety. the red cross set up a shelter just a few miles away from hollister. the russian river remains at flood stage until 4:00 this
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afternoon. it crested just after 6:00 last night. here's katie utehs. >> reporter: the russian river crested just short of 38 feet. >> it is projected to stay above flood stage overnight. recede maybe to approximately 35 feet and then stay there for a while. >> reporter: people returning home from work got creative to stay dry. >> what are these on your legislatiolegs? >> garbage bags. we don't have any options right now. we have to do what we have to do. >> reporter: a team of national guardsmen and paramedics made house calls using a high-water vehicle as seen in this cell phone video. no serious injuries have been reported. >> we have had a handful of rescues and that's largely people who just aren't adhering to the road closures. >> reporter: like this one earlier in the week. a helicopter rescue for a man who drove his hum-v into flood
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waters. others proceed with caution in the rain boots to restock supplies. >> the other day, i picked up a generator and a boat and a couple other things i thought i might need in case the power went out. >> reporter: which is what happened at the safeway. the shore lost shelves of stock. the concern moving forward? landslides because the earth is so oversaturated, the ground cannot take any more rain. i you see any sort of tree movement or earth movement, the county wants to hear about it so it can be inspected and they want to hear if you have more than $1,000 of damage to your home. you can call 211 to report that damage. . and remember, you can track any storm with our abc7 news app. we do have live doppler 7 on this app and you can enable push alerts to get breaking news updates on your phone or your tablet. we are getting word about breaking news coming into the live desk right now. >> several children missing after a house fire in baltimore.
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let's go to jessica at the live desk. >> and we actually just got some video from the scene. there are six kids missing right now. and this is a three story house that caught on fire in northeast baltimore. already one adult and three children have been taken to the hospital. the fire chief tells abc news the adult and two kids are in critical condition. the third child in serious condition. firefighters say the third floor collapsed into the second floor, so they are having a tough time searching the home. the situation not over yet. i'm tracking any updates. i'll pass them along as soon as we get them. san francisco's muni is trying to determine how a body ended up on the tracks near the underground church street station. a train operator saw the man's body in the subway between the church and castro stations yesterday afternoon. abc7 news is at church street station where all service was shut downgoing into downtown for
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more than six hours. a muni spokesperson says they are looking at videos to determine the cause of death. happening today, possible good news for b.a.r.t. riders. the agency's board plans to vote on two key contracts, one which would repair or replace escalators and the other to build canopies at the powell and civic center stations. rain can cause escalators to break down. it's just the latest move to change city policy after the deadly ghost ship fire last month, which happened at a nonpermitted warehouse. under the order, property owners of buildings not zoned residential use have 60 days to correct building and code violations. residents have to get a five-day warning before any building, housing, or fire inspectors enter the premises. the mayor's order also calls for review of funding available to help in legalizing the buildings. the raiders have until february 15 to apply for
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relocation if they want to go to las vegas. yesterday, owner mark davis met with the nfl stadium and finance committee in new york to give updates on his plans for the team's potential move. if the raiders file for relocation, a vote could be held as early as march. that's when nfl owners hold their annual meeting in phoenix. the raiders would need the support of 24 of the 32 owners in order to move. it's a sad day for san diego chargers fans because the team intends to announce plans as soon as today to move to l.a. that's according to our sister network espn. that team has been in san diego since 1961. recently failed in efforts to get public financing for a new stadium. the chargers will likely share the coliseum with the rams until a new $2.6 billion stadium is built in inglewood that will house both teams. let's talk about the russian river at guerneville. right now, it's at 37.1, which
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is 5.1 feet above flood stage. it's going to drop below flood stage about 4:00 this afternoon but a flood warning continues until the overnight hours. let's talk about flash flooding. we're seeing it right now. that's until 10:30 between graten, sebastopol, and santa rosa, so remember, turn around, downtown drown. let's take a look at what's going on. we have the coastal flood advisory for the unusual high tides or king tides. high tide at the golden gate bridge about 10:44, it will be a little later than that as you head into the bay. temperatures right now much cooler so dress warmer. how about mid to upper 40s. here's a loom at what's going on in richmond. you can see puddles as you approach the toll plaza so poor this morning on the roads, caution if you're going to be on the water. it's going to be wet early and if you want to get out and about, this afternoon should be much drier.
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here's alexis. something that is not dry right now, mike, highway 37. this is some video from 37 between 101 and atherton. this is from yesterday. but as of late last night, marin county chp just saying this water is not receding. there are some cars stuck in there that have been there for two and a half days. they have not be able to get them out. no change there. that is still fully closed and flip over to our traffic map. if you're seeing purple there, that does indicate that closure, 101 to atherton, you can use atherton for your detour. take that long way around. that is a lengthy detour and yes, we have wet roads out there this morning, rooster tails on the bay bridge toll plaza. i have a couple crashes to get to so we'll those coming up. donald trump lashes out at the russia document leak. coming up, the late-night move by the head of the nation's intelligence community to ease tensions with the
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president-elect. the new move in sacramento to give more time off to new parents. parents. and digging out from the
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taking a live look outside this morning as we prepare for more rain here in the bay area. we will continue to check in with mike and alexis throughout the morning. if you take photos or video of the weather where you live,
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post them with #abc7now. you might see them right here on abc7 news. it's 4:42 and this morning, a hollywood hills home is red tagged. just take a look at it. it is in danger of collapsing after rain-soaked earth below the patio gave away. it's in the 9,000 pound concrete slab to the street below. authorities say the debris is part of the home's foundation and the retaining wall. the homeowner was currently out of the country. the people who were renting the home were inside when it happened. no one was hurt. you'll find scenes like these throughout the tahoe area, clean-up crews working to dig out the recent monster storms. they're cutting snow covered branches hanging too close to power lines and working to restore power after thousands of people were still in the dark yesterday. travelers stuck on the roads are trying to keep positive. >> good attitude, anything's easy. >> snow boarding but it's too much snow to snow board.
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so, what will conditions be like this weekend? we will cover it all during our toyota tahoe report. that happens at 6:00 a.m. so you can stay with us for the next hour and 15 minutes. >> we'll be here so you should be here too. let's move further north. even more snow. this is portland, reggie. people abandoned their cars on the freeways there, covered in show the. officers are searching for stranded drivers this morning. oregon's governor declared a state of emergency after a storm dropped 1 foot of snow there. temperatures will remain below freezing through the weekend. >> they are not used to that kind of snow. a lot has been made over president-elect donald trump refusing to take a question from cnn yesterday. he called it fake news. is it? a state lawmaker is hoping to teach kids the difference. assemblyman jimmy gomez introduced a bill yesterday focusing on teaching high school students how to find good sources of information.
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gomez says students should learn reasoning skills to understand what they read online. fake news became big news during the election and mr. trump consistently used that term during the press conference. we also heard the president-elect agree with intelligence officials that russia was behind the cyber attacks during the presidential campaign. here's abc's karen travers. >> reporter: donald trump blasting u.s. intelligence community. >> i think it's a disgrace that information that was false and fake and never happened got released to the public. >> reporter: the president-elect confident that even though the fbi's investigating the unsubstantiated allegations about his ties to russia. >> there's nothing they can come back with. >> reporter: director of national intelligence james clapper spoke with trump wednesday evening, saying they both agree the leaks are corrosive and damaging to
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security. clapper also defending the intelligence community. i do not believe the leaks came from within the ic and for the first time, trump saying he accepts the intelligence community's conclusion on who was behind the cyberattack on the democratic party. >> i think it was russia. >> reporter: confirmation hearings continued today on capitol hill. on the hot seat, his pick to lead the pentagon, general james mattis and dr. ben carson for housing and urban development. after a late night marathon, senate republicans approved a budget blueprint to repeal and replace president obama's affordable care act. they approved it with a 51-48 vote. republicans say that measure is necessary. democrats -- democratic senator bernie sanders says thousands of people would die if obamacare were to be repealed. and questions still remain on what will replace the affordable care act. the house expected to vote as early as tomorrow. the deadline to enroll in cover california for the year is
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at the end of the month. tomorrow, agents will be right here at abc7 to answer your covered california questions and to get you started on enrollment. it will be hosted by michael finney. our phone lines will be open from 4:00 to 8:00 p.m. and you can get your questions answered on facebook and twitter using #askfinney. lawmakers are taking another shot at legislation that would give more time off to new moms and dads. they would be able to spend 12 weeks instead of current 6 with their child without fear of losing their jobs. a separate bill would expand the measure so that applies to extended families who just care for sick relatives. last year, governor brown vetoed that legislation. we have some good news for crabbers. all of the crustaceans caught along the california coast are now safe to eat. and as a result, next week, officials are opening the last stretch of california coastline that was closed due to dangerous levels of demoic
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it is a 50-mile stretch of coast. crabbers can drop their traps starting at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. >> when you said krcrustaceans,t made me think, the seawood is always greener. big mistake not slowing down today. just a couple of hundredths of an inch of rain over the overnight hours. 680 is slick once again. so, our morning showers will taper. you notice it's going to be cooler today. dry and warmer. we get a break, friday, saturday, sunday, monday and then a possible strong storm is brewing for tuesday and wednesday. here's a look at santa cruz mountains one of the areas where we remember most worried about more mud and rock slides. you can see some scattered showers there. dumbarton bridge, san mateo bridge, also getting wetter and then as we head up towards, say, benicia, that whole area, some
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light to moderate rain and the same thing right around santa rosa all the way back towards river road as you head into the mountains. storm impact scale for today, we're going to go light, mainly for the morning. that's when it's going to have the greatest will become skartered and the flooding potential will taper rather rapidly so here we are from 5:00, 6:00, all the way up to 11:00, you can see some light rain to scattered showers, even some snow up in the hills and then you can see as we head into the evening hours, it all tapers and that means it's going to be colder tomorrow morning, 30s and 40s. hydroplane is my biggest concern and then stream and creek flooding. just to 60 monday and then that rain comes back tuesday and gets even heavier wednesday. good morning, mike. we have had a few crashes already this morning as you would expect with some pretty soggy roadways. want to take you first to the lower deck of the bay bridge, just before treasure island we had a box truck that hit two other vehicles. sounds like they're really close
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to having that fully cleared so i did see some delays a short time ago. looks like those are starting to thin out. southbound 101 off ramp 2, vehicle spun out, just solo vehicle crash, that is stuck in the mud now so that off rarch is open but slow down as you head through that scene and here's a live look outside at golden gate bridge, zipper trucks out this morning but definitely soggy out there. good news for the santa cruz mountains, at least for now, we'll talk about that coming up next. the update on the story that we brought you about the chargers football team possibly moving to los angeles, it seems that overnight, fans got a little upset as word spread and we got this video just into our live desk. chargers headquarters egged last night. the person left before police got there, but a report has been filed. the team expected to make the announcement about the move at some point today. we will bring it to you, of course, when that moment
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happens. are your joints feeling a little achy this morning? next, the one thing you can't blame it on. we've all seen what can happen with when a package is left at your doorstep unattended. the package partnership that will give you one less thing to worry about. a dramatic drone crash caught on camera. the punishment the owner is now facing. but first this morning's tech bites. millions of facebook users have become fans of facebook live and now there's a new way to use the live stream feature. >> that's right. you can use facebook live on a desktop computer or laptop in addition to your mobile device. >> speaking of facebook, there's one guy you won't be able to escape, zuck, one user has discovered you cannot block posts from founder mark zuckerberg. >> but you can shut off access to the site's coo and even zuckerberg's wife but not the boss himself. >> never even tried to block anybody on facebook. didn't know that it was an option. >> i wonder if that works at home. home. he's like,
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today's storm is level 1. that means light rain so keep an umbrella handy and drive safely. track today's storm any time on the abc7 news app. download it now. it's 4:54, welcome back. all right. do you ever head to walgreens to pick up your prescriptions? soon you'll be able to pick up your packages too. fedex is going to be teaming up with the pharmacy chain and they plan to put delivery lockers in thousands of stores by the end
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of next year. some stores will roll them out as soon as the spring. they hope having this option will slow down the package thefts that keep happening. so why walgreens? fedex says that research shows customers rank pharmacies as a preferred location for picking up deliveries. the next time someone tells you they can predict the weather based on body pain, does that happen? has that ever happened to you? >> i think that's a real thing. and do you know what? our meteorologist says that and he is a scientist, sir. >> call their bluff because according to scientists in australia, it just isn't true. they say the link between joint and back pain and weather has more to do with how people recall events than the actual link between the two. researchers found there was no association between back pain and knee arthritis and temperature, huldty, air pressure, wind direction, precipitation, yada, yada, yada. >> mike, what do you think about this? people say, my bum knee is
4:56 am
hurting. >> exactly. the pressure change. absolutely. i think it happens more in animals. i remember during severe weather, my dog, his ears would start hurting because of the quick pressure change and he would start yelping. i especially remember when we had a huge tornado, he was going crazy right before it happened. look, that was free. you didn't even have to pay for that. i wonder how much those guys got paid for that study. here's a look at what's going on. sometimes you just have to be observant. low to mid 50s around the central valley. a crippling snowstorm but look what it's done to our sierra snow pack, 158% of average for today. we're still only at 69% for the entire year but we've got more coming, winter storm warning, travel and outdoor activities, avoid those up in the sierra. okay. yeah, that certainly is good advice there. we've had a tough week in the psanta cruz mountains. i want to take you back down to southbound highway 17. that's where they were trying to clean up a mudslide for most of the day yesterday, just past the
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cats restaurant as of just after midnight, all lanes are back open so good news there. and south of there, i know that's where we've had all the problems with that major mudslide near vine hill, all lanes are open there as well and we're wide open if you're coming up from scotts valley. no new incidents to report. next traffic update at 5:00 a.m. well, the faa is now investigating after video shows a drone slamming right into seattle's space needle. take a look at this video. wow. you see that crash? this is the top of the space needle of new year's eve. we're going to pause its for a second because those are two workers that were narrowly missed here. te drone's owner came looking for it but security gave the drone to police instead. the operator could face 364 days in jail, also a $5,000 fine for reckless endangerment. we are following breaking news in the east bay where a truck crash turns into a hazmat situation. next at 5:00 a.m., we're live on
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the scene where the impact it's having on the early commute. also, overflowing reservoir, where all the extra water in the south bay is going and the danger that it's creating. also, u.s. army troops in europe this morning very close to russia. we'll show you the new images just coming in. and the battle brewing today at san francisco city hall hoefr at san francisco city hall hoefr the sinking
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