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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  January 13, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PST

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who lived in marin county died of meningitis and now there's fear of exposure. >> the health department is trying to track down hundreds who took soul cycle classes with the victim. >> reporter: very alarming for people who did take classes here at soul cycle marin, anybody who thinks they may have been exposed should go see your doctor and there is an antibiotic that you can take. now here's what we know. the plb independent journal reports that the patient died from bacterial meningitis. a public health officer told the marin ij, they became aware of the death tuesday. soul cycle has provided a list of about 200 people who shared a classroom with this person, and this is spread somewhat like the flu, through coughing, through sneezing, it can live on surfaces, but the marin ij also reports that a manager says they cleaned the whole place and sterilized the bikes. we don't know the name of the person who died, but there are
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classes scheduled for later this morning. reporting live in larkspur, abc7 news. >> developing news. two members of an iconic bay area band, tower of power, remain hospitalized this morning after being hit by an amtrak train in oakland. david garibaldi and marc van wage were hit last night just minutes before they were scheduled to perform. officials say the two crossed the tracks while the warning guard arms were down. both men are said to be responsive. their manager said this morning they will release an update on their condition later today. last night's shows were immediately canceled and you're looking at facebook video of the band performing earlier this week. power of power is compromised of about a dozen musicians. it formed in oakland in 1968. soenls's fire department confirmed overnight deicing fluid is what sickened a flight
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attendant on a flight from seattle. that's what passengers told katie marzullo once that plan planded. >> reporter: you can see the large emergency response that met alaska flight 322 from seattle. the san jose fire department got the call about an inbound plane with a problem just before 6:30. >> we believed it to be a hazardous materials incident because there were some flight crew members who were feeling ill on board the aircraft. >> reporter: three flight attendants reported having symptoms in flight. one was taken to the hospital. passenger dean pettis took this picture and describes what he witnessed on board. >> one of them was talking about he felt, for ten minutes, he felt like something was wrong with him, he felt woozy or something like that. >> reporter: the flight crew and the airport are working together to determine what made him and the others sick. >> at this moment, we don't know what the material was that the flight crew was exposed to. >> reporter: the official cause may be under investigation but
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passengers told us the pilot made an announcement on board offering an explanation. >> the deicing fluid they put on in seattle created some kind of powder that got in the air system and they were checking it out. >> talking about the gas, there's some gas, the ice, the deicing agent came into the oxygen system. >> reporter: none of the 181 passengers on board reported getting sick. >> and that was katie marzullo reporting. a serious warning to flood victims in hollister this morning. do not use the water for any reason, that includes no drinking, no washing, not even if you boil it and do not give it to your pets. emergency officials for san benito county say that well water could be contaminated by sewage, pesticides or other hazardous material. sky7 was over the flooded area yesterday. the county says fresh water is going to be delivered door to door for those who have been impacted. starting today, disposal sites will be available in
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sonoma county for residents and businesses affected by the russian river flooding. the river dropped below flood stage in guerneville last night after reaching its highest level in a decade. many homes and cars took in several feet of water there and damage estimated to be in the millions. several homes or seven homes, rather, red tagged right now after a close call by a mudslide. authorities are still concerned giant redwoods in that area could come down. we have a list of debris dropoff sites on our website. we have this new drone 7 video showing the enormity of the damage from this week's powerful weather. the drone flew over alhambra valley road. the breach measures 70 feet wide, 30 feet deep. you can see as drone 7 flies into the gap, the fast moving river of water at the base washed away a whole lot of earth there. that road is closed indefinitely. you can always keep tabs on approaching storms with live
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doppler 7 if you download the abc7 news app. be sure to enable push alerts to get advisories sent straight to your phone or tablet. well, the family of a man shot in a confrontation with san francisco police says officers used excessive force. >> he shot another black man in san francisco. he's not an animal. he's a person with a mental condition. >> abc7 news was at a packed town hall meeting where the mother and brother of sean moore spoke directly to interim police chief last night. officers shot moore twice last week. police say they were breaking up a fight between he and his neighbor at the time when they were assaulted. >> he kicked one officer and punched the other officer in the face and that officer fell backwards down the stairs and that subject was coming down the stairs towards the second officer when he discharged his firearm. >> moore's family says he is bipolar as well as schizophrenic. moore is in intensive care,
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conscious and speaking. he fashions felony assault charges for injuring the officers. vallejo police need your help in identifying the gunman in a deadly shooting of a pawnshop owner. they also hurt a store worker who was in a wheelchair and this is surveillance video showing the two men considered suspects in the crime. they burst into the shop on springs road, pointing weapons. and police also want you to look at this sketch they just released of one of those men. the state pawnbrokers association is now offering a $25,000 reward in that case. former san francisco police chief greg surr is out of a consulting job with the warriors this morning. he was hired and then let go on the very same day. the warriors announced yesterday that they put him on retainer to advise on the ground breaking of the team's new facility in san francisco. well, he resigned from the sfpd after a series of fatal police shootings of people of color. sources close to the warriors tell abc7 news immediate public
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backlash against his hiring led the team and the former police chief to part ways and the decision was mutual. in a statement, he said, the last thing i want to do is cause a distraction for the warriors during this incredibly positive time for the team and organization. despite all the talk of a raiders move to las vegas, the effort to keep the team in oakland is moving ahead. abc7 news has learned the group headed by nfl hall of famer ronnie lott has sent a formal proposal of terms to the raiders and the nfl. that includes stadium, financing, and commercial development. it gives the raiders a share of non-game day revenue as well as a portion of any profit from the commercial development. both the raiders and the league telg abc7 news they have received that proposal but right now they're not commenting on it. san jose is one step closer to paying its police officers more money. our media partner, the mercury news, reports the city and the police officers association have greed agreed on a new contract
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that would increase officers' wages by 20% over the next three years. officers would also get a retention bonus of $5,000 when the contract is finalized. the city has lost nearly a third of its police force over the last decade. the city council and the rank and file now have to approve the contract. we still have one area of concern, flooding-wise, and that's that flooding that continues on laguna de santa rosa in the western side of santa rosa and that's going to continue through 10:30 morning, so turn around, don't drown for another couple hours and then it will be over. 40 in redwood city and redside, pacifica and daly city, 41, we're 41 in san francisco and antioch, 36 in san ramon. 43 in oakland and right here in san francisco, this is the exploratorium from the end of the pier to the embarcadero, you
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can't see anything. that's how thick the fog is, but it's very, very concentrated in that area. on the roads today, watch out for fog and frost this morning. sunny and mild if you're on the water and out and about, finally dry enough to get that bike back out. here you can see how thick that fog is in centralized. how about some mid 50s today, mid to upper 50s tomorrow and more mid to upper 50s for sunday. yeah, looks like a pretty dry weekend but more rain in the forecast coming up. a dry commute is certainly welcome change here this morning. we are concerned about that fog. so i do have live doppler 7 visibility layer on top of the traffic maps. pretty thick here if you're coming in from tracy to dublin, that is dense. the north bay as well, especially up around novato along 101 and we have this full closure of highway 37. they cannot get this water to go down. so full closure both directions between atherton and 101 and yesterday we had someone drive around that closure and come really close to some caltrans
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and chp crews who were checking those waters. so really, just observe those cones and don't drive around any of these closures. little bit of fog lingering around the emeryville camera as well. we'll take a look at drive times coming up next. san francisco police step up efforts to cut traffic deaths. coming up, who they'll be targeting and when. head of the fbi is under investigation this morning, what he did before the election that is drawing so much scrutiny from the justice department. it is 4:40. looking out for that fog this morning but not seeing a whole lot right now at the bay bridge toll plaza. right back with more anything with a screen is a tv. stream 130 live channels.
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here's a reminder for us. we get every type of weather pattern here in the bay area. look at this. joseph haley at uc's observatory posted this picture of snow surrounding the observatory in santa clara county yesterday. looks like the proverbial winter wonderland. it's gorgeous. if you take photos or video of the weather where you live, be sure to post it with #abc7now so we can find it and share it. okay, jaywalkers, san francisco police are coming for you. for several days this month, officers are going to be on the hunt specifically looking for and citing pedestrians who break the law. use crosswalks or cross streets at corners where there aren't
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crosswalks and bicyclists should be aware because police are going to be citing you for those rolling stops. here are the days. january 20, 23, and 31. it's all part of the city's plan to end traffic-related deaths by 2024. a san pablo police commander is out of a job this morning after being arrested for domestic violence. authorities in plaszer county say 56-year-old robert de jesus attacked his girlfriend last week. a department spokesperson said he is not employed with the city of san pablo when the reporter asked. he has been the spokesman for the san pablo police department. the justice department's inspector general is looking into whether fbi director james comey broke department policy while investigating hillary clinton's e-mails. abc's janee norman is in
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washington with the campaign moment that some democrats say cost clinton the presidency. >> reporter: investigating the investigator. this morning, fbi director james comey is under intense new scrutiny, the department of justice ask about whether comey's announcement violated justice department policy. >> his statement about whether there was going to be an opening of an nsks, a closing of an investigation, i don't think was fair, professional, or consistent with the policies of the federal bureau of investigation. >> reporter: critics have maintained the move just 11 days before the election cost clinton the presidency. comey has said he made the tough call based on bad options while balancing the need for transparency. but just this week, comey defaulting to long standing policy when asked if the fbi is investigating whether president-elect donald trump's team had any contact with russians during the campaign. >> i don't -- especially in a public forum, we never confirm or deny a pending investigation.
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>> i'm not saying -- >> the irony of your making that statement here, i cannot avoid. >> reporter: and director comey released a statement welcoming the inspector general's investigation, calling the ig professional and independent and promising to fully cooperate. abc news washington. 4:46 now and happening today, republicans in the house are expected to give final approval to a measure that would let them quickly cut the affordable care act. the measure would essentially stop democrats from filibustering any repeal bill. the measure is crucial for republicans to keep their promise of overturning the law which has delivered health coverage to about 20 million people. republicans will need the democrats to work with them on a replacement plan. it's not clear what type of plan president-elect trump is willing to support. the deadline to enroll in covered california is tonight. we will be teaming up at abc7 to
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answer your covered california questions and get you started on enrollment. so our phones will be open from 4:00 until 8:00 but you don't have to wait until then to ask your question. you can submit them right now on facebook and twitter using #askfinney. today is the deadline, san francisco officials have given the millennium tower's developer. the city wants information about the condition of the sinking tower. yesterday, another hearing was held at city hall. it was revealed that on december 15, the department of building inspection asked that the developer address how the building would perform if it settles any more than it already has. the tower has sunk 16 inches and is leaning toward a neighboring skyscraper. the building is not anchored like those around it. >> every time there's a little movement, building settling, imagination, i worry that this will be the end of my life. >> we have seen no sign from millennium partners that they are going to stand behind this building is fix it.
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>> and the spokesperson for millennium tower e-mailed us to say they are providing all the information the city has asked for and will continue to do so as we have all along. >> want to get straight over to alexis smith. we're already dealing with a serious b.a.r.t. issue. >> you know how here we thought berp going to have a quiet commute today but that is not the case today. we do have a major problem with b.a.r.t. and basically having a ripple effect system-wide. just talked to b.a.r.t. they said they have a disabled maintenance vehicle stuck on the tracks between mcarthur and 19th street. apparently they cannot get that started so they're working on that right now but basically that means if you're on a b.a.r.t. train trying to get from the east bay into san francisco you can't pass by that vehicle. same thing if you're doing the counter-commute and traveling from san francisco trying to get to the east bay, that's not going to happen either. if you're driving, no major issues this morning but we've got some really dense fog. this is actually the bay bridge. i know you can't see it. folks coming into san francisco
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with some really low visibility right now. let's check in with mike nicco with a look at the rest of the forecast. >> hi, everybody. rapidly changing too as that fog is on the move is it is developing wherever we see some open spots in the cloud cover which i have laid over live doppler 7 so you can see it's not clear everywhere yet but once it does start to clear out, fog will form. here's a nice sight if you're a south bay commuter, 101 is dry this morning. morning fog, black ice possible, i had to throw a wrinkle in there, sprinkles are possible saturday night. next real storm is wednesday and thursday. here's a look at today's temperatures. 51 at half moon bay, the rest of us about 53 to 56 degrees and tonight's going tock almost as cold as this morning, a lot of the fog in the central valley, freezing cold temperatures in deepest inland valleys. here's my accuweather seven day forecast. mid to upper 50s saturday, sunday, nearing 60 on monday and into tuesday there's a chance of
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rain really late but the better part of the storm will come in wednesday and especially thursday when it's moderate on our storm impact scale. we'll take a look at the sierra know coming up next. a driver comes up with what he thinks is a clever way to get around paying highway tolls, but it didn't quite work out. also, making the switch. now nintendo could revolutionize gaming with an amazing new device. find out if your car is on the latest list of vehicles under recall because of dangerous air bags. first, tech bytes. major expansion plans from amazon. >> the world's largest online retailer is hiring 100,000 people, making the move to help cut down delivery times. at least 16 fulfillment centers are in the works to be built over the next two years. >> and internphishing scheme is targeting netflix customers. subscribers are getting e-mails asking them to update membership information. >> a link goes to a fake but realistic-looking log in page
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did you know that people born from 1945 through 1965 have the highest rates of hepatitis c, but most don't know they're infected? people can live for decades without symptoms, but over time hepatitis c can cause serious health problems.
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if you were born during these years, the cdc now recommends that you get a blood test for hepatitis c. so talk to your doctor and find out if you have hepatitis c. it could save your life. know more. ♪ when you recognize something isn't right, make the call to the veterans crisis line at 1-800-273-8255 and press 1. welcome back. more than 1 million more cars in the u.s. are now being added to the air bag recall. ford is adding another 654,000 vehicles to its list. toyota is recalling 543,000 cars. this is on top of the nearly 775,000 hondas that have already been recalled this week. more than 100 million vehicles worldwide have now been recalled
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because of the air bags and there are a lot of makes and models involved in the latest round. we have all the details for you on our website, this comes as takata is expected to plead guilty as early as today on criminal wrong doing. the "wall street journal" reports takata could pay about $1 billion to resolve the probe. the defective attack airbags have killed at least 16 people. more than 3,000 electric skateboards are now being recalled. take a look at video from boosted. this is the second generation dual plus skateboard. two reports say the battery packs started smoking after water got inside of it. the company says they will no longer market the boards as water resistant and owners should stop using them immediately and go to boosted's website for information on getting replacement batteries. you'll be able to get nintendo's next game console in march. ninth is publicly showing off the switch for the first time. what sets it apart is the same system can be used on your tv or you can unplug it and use it on
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the go. battery life is going to be a pretty big range from 2 1/2 hours to 6 hours depending on how you use it. the controllers do have motion control, so it will be sort of like the "wii system a lot of u have. nintendo says a new zelda system is going to launch with the switch and the whole thing will cost $300. the best part of this story, the book's title is "40 minutes late." the library launched a six-week amnesty program so you can bring in overdue books, dvds, vhss. the labor is holding an event today to showcase someone turning in that really old book with a due date stamp from 1917. the amnesty program runs through valentine's day. we could be talking about 40 minutes late for your commute this morning.
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major b.a.r.t. they this morning due to a disabled maintenance vehicle stuck on the tracks between 19th and macarthur station. anyone trying to get to san francisco from the east bay, you won't be able to pass that by and vice versa. no new information but a major likely more than that. and here's a look at that fog rolling through the bay bridge toll plaza. no metering lights yet and so far traffic is pretty light if you're going to drive instead of take b.a.r.t. this morning. let's check in with mike nicco. if you have a pretty long commute, varying conditions there as that fog is on the move as you showed plus the temperatures freezing. we're going to keep an eye on the black ice. statewide percentage of normal for today's date, 161% but for the entire snow year, 72%. so while we were out of the drought right now here in the bay area, we still need more snow in the sierra. right now it's snowing in the grapevine and it will be for the better part of today so call ahead and i believe this is chair five. look at that. 10 to 11 feet of snow in kirkwood. that's how tall it was.
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now, no new snow this weekend. enjoy the sunshine and temperatures in the teens and 30s. this next story is one you'll likely be talking about today. so driving in the bay area, paying tolls just a way of life, right? wait until you see how far this one guy went to beat paying the toll in his hometown. a 27-year-old in florida created this cover for his license plate. watch closely. see that? it's hooked up to remote control so every time he went through the toll plaza, the cover would drop and he would cover that plate up. so he may have gotten away with it except on wednesday as he cruised through the toll gates, he hit the remote, the cover dropped and right behind him was a state trooper. so now, instead of paying $1.25 a toll, he is facing felony fines, and possible jail time. >> how cheap do you have to be? honestly. san francisco muni is ready to roll out a new generation of trains. next at 5:00 a.m., where you can get a good look at them today. also, we're following
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good morning. it's true, it is friday the 13th. but we are one step closer to the weekend, so it's going to be fine. i'm natasha zouves. >> says you. i'm reggie aqui, neerlgs mike nicco is here. traffic reporter alexis smith is also standing by. friday 13th is not a good omen for b.a.r.t. >> already a scary commute out there this morning, honestly. major problems here. major delay, system-wide, and this is due to a disabled maintenance vehicle so we


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