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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  January 13, 2017 3:30pm-4:01pm PST

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riddance to an annoying roommate. ♪ another turning point firefighters quite literally put themselves and their lives on the line every single day. this takes place in russia on a fourth floor of a building. a guy was trapped inside of the building and was pressed up against the window sill. he's on the edge and there's a ladder the firefighters have put up to go up and get him. >> look at that. right. >> uh-oh. oh, man, that's tricky. he's trying to get out of there and he's high up -- and he slips over and falls and lands directly on a firefighter. >> oh, no. is he okay? >> that's the trouble here. these firefighters are trying to get up to him. i'm sure they didn't put that ladder up for him to climb down, but he was just in such a desperate situation he couldn't wait for them to get up to help him. >> poor guy. >> the man did sustain minor injuries. >> how was the firefighter that got landed on? >> no word on the condition of
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the firefighter. these firefighters in oakland are also putting themselves in harm's way. the fire is on the second floor extending to the third and fourth. you can see as the camera pans over, it's torched. >> he is going to be hosing down the building to keep it from catching. >> that's the thing. the buildings in oakland are so close that the flames can transfer easily. >> this is a really difficult time they've got to manage with flames everywhere. they pull the hose lines through and extend it to the third floor. they made note there's quite a few rook cies on the squad as well. it looks like the coast is clear, but they are going to make sure everybody is safe. they exi think wish the fire and are able to put it out. nobody was injured. but take a look at all the damages. >> think about this. you're involve in a fire. but this is a highly scared, very intense place that sticks with you. these guys go in to fight the fire. they deal with all this, go home, go to sleep and then do it all over again. >> the oakland fire department is very proud of the way they
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handled the situation. the lance family getting home to notice there was a special delivery that was made while they were out of the house. >> what is it? >> well, indigo studio put this video together bauds they wanted to do something nice for this family. rip that open! >> oh! >> she found out. she was like, whoa, what is that? >> this delivers a fail and a happy family reunion. >> daddy! how were you stuck in there? >> the little boy doesn't quite know what to make of it, does
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he? >> he's just clapping in the background. that is their 6-year-old daughter and 3-year-old son. kevin and his wife met while serving in iraq. they get some super, super special news. >> home forever. are you happy? yeah? >> the daddy isn't home for a visit. dad is home for good and the kids are happy, mom's happy, dad's happy. >> i'm happy. >> this was the end of his second deployment as a civilian contractor. and his appointment was two-and-a-half years long. for our next video, we head to -- sorry, where is it we're heading to? i can't quite see it. i think that is china but it is very hard to see through all that conspiracy right there. as you know, for the last two weeks, china has been suffering through air population.
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you wonder what that means? it means exactly that. there's so much smog and pollution in the air, you cannot even see across the street. >> and we have heard about it, but to see it, it just shows how dangerous this is. >> it shows how much it can inconvenience your life when you see this video. because you're kind of on a body camera for a local traffic man or policeman. >> i hope they can see him. >> someone could see him, this little girl. and she's coming up talking to him because she's lost. she got off at the wrong bus stop. once she got off, she couldn't see any of the buildings to use as landmarks to find your way around. so now she has no idea where she is. fortunately, the officer was like, you know where my school is? >> note to self, invest in solar in china. >> on the side of the street, no idea where she is. fortunately, this officer is like, i've got you. so he gets on the radio, he calls a local police car to come down. you can see later in the video she's loading into the car.
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they basically gave her a ride to school. but look, guys, you can barely see across the street. and there are millions of people living here. it got to the point where they basically said, don't go outside. >> keep in mind, this is in china. but we all share the same atmosphere. never give up. that's what you say about this very hard-working construction worker. >> he only has one leg! >> he does. and it is not slowing him down one bit. in fact, he's one of the best men on the crew. this young fella at 25 years old lost his leg in a car accident when he was only 2 years old. that may explain why he's so adepth at getting around on one leg. the video of the man at the construction site went viral. then people couldn't believe his eyes and he was tracked down in
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an interview. the story goes, his brother knew that it would be difficult for him to find work. so his brother started a construction company and quickly hired him. he then went on to become, like i said, one of the best men on the crew. >> this is the kind of nepotism i like. like think about it, how many times have you heard somebody starting a company to make sure that their brother has a way of supporting themselves? >> but then, at the same time, look how the brother has returned that. multiple times on top of that, by being a fantastic worker. >> they say you can't wait for anybody to give you anything. he's out there getting it himself. >> his brother gave him a leg up. dad has a gift for his son. >> so sweet. >> but see why this isn't your ordinary adoption. >> your new parents are here. >> it is cold-blooded. plus, what to do with a
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visit today. closed captioning provided by -- act® restoring™ mouthwash. it restores minerals to enamel for 40% stronger teeth. act®. smile strong. this little fella is sitting at the table minding his own
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business. little did he know there was a surprise on the way. >> i got you a present. >> look at his little face light up. he's got a gift coming! he's so excited for what's inside. but as they sort of bring the gift out of the somewhat underwellmented. >> i thought it was a toy. >> those are adoption papers. >> oh. >> adoption papers. that is so sweet. >> i guess he doesn't fully understand. >> go get your backpack. >> put it on. >> go get your backpack. your new parents are here. they are outside. tell mom you love her. well, she's not your mom no more. love you. go meet your new parents. all right. it's a joke. you're not up for adoption.
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>> aww. >> that little boy thinks he's getting a new gift and you tell him he's getting a new family. >> i wonder what he was complaining about that they decided maybe this would be a good lesson to learn. >> there is no less son being taught here apart from my dad is a bit of a bleep. it is cold-blooded. >> it is not funny. he's not laughing. >> but you got me. >> i know there are plenty of people to jump on board in the comment section, but they only draw it out for a second and a half. >> all right, it's a joke. >> you see -- it's a bit of a new prank, let's be honest. it's funny if you're a terrible person. >> all right, it's a joke. you're not up for adoption.
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you're in park city, utah, you have plenty of snow but the skis and lift ticket. what do you do? >> what? >> why not, man? this is from the youtube channel of the exotic revolution. they teamed up with the strad man. and we have a lamborghini out there towing him around in his inner tube. and that white and black lambo, doesn't it look like it belongs to this setting? >> maybe for a tv commercial, but not for a play like that. >> why not? >> as nick said, the lambos are all-wheel drive. they have an incredible amount of control. i don't know how they are going to get out first. >> what i love about these guys is they have the cars and use the cars. they are not showroom queens. they get out there, have fun with it. >> i thought they couldn't take
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the lift because they couldn't afford the ticket. let's be honest, they are driving lamborghinis. >> they own the mountains. every time they fall over, i go, oh! >> it's not so much the hits he's taking but the snow he's getting blast in the face with. it was a successful, some might say, slightly ridiculous mission. but i'm 100% on board with all of it. this video is going to be a bit of a guessing game. you guys are going to have to tell me if you think the bite of a piranha is stronger than the bite of a puffer fish. >> i know puffer fish are dangerous because if you ate them you could die. >> well, apparently they can also bite your nose off if you get too close. these people have a piranha and a small branch. >> no problem. >> as expected, chomp.
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>> maybe, just maybe, the puffer fish is stronger. >> either way, that piranha just snapped that stick right in half. >> we'll move over to the puffer fish which is blowing my mind. so they take a metal can, crush it down a little bit and put it in its mouth. holy snap! >> the puffer fish's jaw is definitely stronger. >> look at that! >> it looks like a real fish, but that's crazy. she believes they are on a rescue mission. >> he pretended one of their friends had broken down and got all of them in on the plot. >> but see what happens next. >> oh, no way. the fireworks and all. and there's a chance you've seen these cars around town. >> they are testing the cars in my neighborhood. >> and they have been testing these cars for years. >> if you have been wondering what they are all about, we have the inside scoop for you. t that doesn't stop my afib
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happen. you see he takes the helmet off, and one of the guys hands him something. he kisses her and you hear loud noises many the background. >> ah, no way. fireworks and all. >> what did she say? yea! >> i think that kiss means yes. i have driven by there and seen people go up and down there. and it never occurred to me that we would see a proposal in the sand dunes. this next couple is in france. and they're having a good old time. they are checking out the scenery, they are snowboarding, and just look at all that, it's beautiful. the woman is still checking out the view. meanwhile, her man has dropped to his knee. she turns around and spots him. she's just shocked. >> you went up the mountain as a
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girlfriend, and down the mountain as a fiancee. >> this will be a trip for the books. ♪ i had a very exciting morning. i got to go for a ride in a car. and i got in the backseat. >> uh-oh. >> oh, wow! >> we have been seeing these wamo cars around a lot. this is the google spinoff company, the company that is developing the self-driving car. and they have been testing these cars for years. they have logged about 2.5 million test miles. >> apparently this speeds up and that speeds things. >> live radar, gp, mapping data is all built-in.
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let's go for a ride. they pop me in the backseat with a number of engineers. and i have to tell you, it was honestly the most boring ride ever. and when i said that out loud to all the engineers, they were like, oh, good, that's what we are aiming for. the nuances they have been working for is not to just make it stop and go and see things, but it's to make the car drive like a human being is driving it. you don't feel like something else is driving. >> so they are in the driver seat and passenger seat, but they are not operating it. >> this is amanda. she was the test driver. the other guy in the seat was keeping an eye on all of the metrics and the data coming into the car. we are going down the street, and i could see this little tube moving on the sidewalk on his laptop. and i looked over and there was a gentleman with a cane walking down the sidewalk. it knows what it's seeing, whether it is pedestrians or other cars, how fast they are going. wamo is working with chrysler. they are coming out with the fourth vehicle platform.
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it will be a chrysler pacifica minivan. when i ask when to buy this, they said, sooner than you think. i spoke to a woman by the name of jamie. she was the lead assistant on this project. >> i worked at nasa for 12 years and ended up being with the mechanical rover that was on mars. >> there was even a big red button in the center console, like a big clown car button, and it was a shut down button. so the future is here. and i got to ride in it. he's probably the most annoying roommate. ♪ another turning point a fork stuck in the road ♪ >> every time this guy's trying to just practice his guitar skills, his roommate jumps in with a completely wrong song. >> see the constant
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>> whoa, this is like a hammer for your finger. and this guy probably would be one of the most annoying guys to live with. ♪ another turning point a fork stuck in the road ♪ ♪ another turning point >> every time this guy's trying to just practice his guitar skills, his roommate chris jumps in with a completely wrong song. he's trying to sing green day's "good riddance". >> which one is the most ann annoying one? the guy playing the guitar in the house or the guy always showing up to ruin the guy playing guitar. >> i like a good guitar player. it sounds like this guy has it down pretty well, but he keeps getting disrupting. ♪ another turning point a fork stuck in the road ♪
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>> maybe he shouldn't go after green day. >> he doesn't. >> you may recognize chris melberger. he was a popular creator taking his craft to youtube. and it's funny -- ♪ another turning point >> finally, chris hears the song he's been waiting for. >> what? >> you going to sing it? >> sing what? >> you've got to be kidding. >> what, this song? >> the song. >> i have never heard this song before, i'm sorry. >> finally, green day is being strung, but chris says he doesn't know. now, i think the even funnier part about all this is in the description, he writes, i hope you like this because it's 100% awe then tick and totally not shot in multiple takes. it was done very well. thanks for chilling with us today. see you on the next fresh new
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and sky 7 was over highway 101 in san bruno a short time ago as firefighters doused a charred motor home with water. look at this. the rv is on the southbound side of the freeway near sfo. you're now looking at video shot from a passing car moments after this afternoon's fire broke out. fortunately, nobody was hurt. drivers are facing major delays at the start of this rush hour on this friday. traffic on southbound 101 is backed up into south san francisco. we will keep an eye on the traffic for now, though, good afternoon and thanks for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm dan ashley. larry beil is on assignment at espn. two musicians are in critical condition today after they were hit by an amtrak train last nigh


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