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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  January 14, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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good morning. it's saturday, january 14. thanks for joining us, i'm matt keller in for chris nguyen. here's meteorologist lisa argen with the cold temperatures out there. >> yes, that's right, matt. good morning to you. we also have some fog in the north bay and as we look at live doppler 7 right now, you'll see a little bit of cloud cover, but overall, it's the chilly temperatures and the reduced visibility from petaluma to santa rosa, you might be noticing or you could still be just relaxing inside and that's a good idea because temperatures are pretty chilly from livermore to san ramon, mid 50s there, 35 in napa. look at that 33 in santa rosa. but upper 30s, mountain view and san jose. so we're colder this morning anywhere from 3 to 9 degrees colder at the coast and by this afternoon, we will warm up a bit with numbers in the mid too upper 50s. plenty of sunshine, clouds
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increase tonight, we could see a passing shower overnight and the timeline for the next significant rain is straight ahead. just a few minutes away. with begin with developing news out of san francisco. fire crews rescued two people who were skinny dipping in the ocean beneath the cliff house. the rescue personnel arrived, one person was in the water and another on a cliff. we have video of a naked man being pulled to safety and taken away for observation. fire department has not released any further information but it's believed the late night adventure was foouled by alcohol. raucous protests by students at uc davis caused the cancellation of a talk by two controversial speakers, conservative commentator milo yiannopulos and pharmaceutical executive martin shkreli were slated to speak on the camera bus pus but never got the chance. >> reporter: protesters blocked the doors. police tossed them out. nobody got inside, not even the davis college republicans' headliner, conservative commentator milo yiannopulos.
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>> we came here to have an event that would promote free speech, and we didn't get to have any speech. >> reporter: the 400 free tickets went quick and not just to students. brandon drove in from sacramento. >> milo is a rising young conservative star and i want to see him pretty much close and person. >> reporter: others did not. >> mostly with milo just how everything he has to stay has to bring people down. it's not what we should stand for as a community, especially at davis. >> reporter: nearly 60 uc police officers worked to control the crowd, making one arrest for obstructing an officer and battery of a peace officer. then organizers made the call to cancel. >> the students' lives were at risk, the officers' lives became to be at risk and the school property became at risk. there was no point in having this if a single person got hurt. >> reporter: pharmaceutical executive martin shkreli made it to the venue. >> milo is anti-feminism and i'm pro feminism. i don't think these people know
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that. i was going to tear him to shreds. about, you know, he doesn't understand feminism. >> reporter: he took years from the crowd and selfies with the curious. >> i think he's an interesting figure. he's very controversial and a lot of his opinions are very different than what people like. >> reporter: meanwhile, yiannopulos posted that he's staying in sacramento and invited people out. a university spokesman says no property was damaged during the protest. in davis, katie utehs, abc7 news. in the east bay area, our emeryville camera caught this police chase that started in richmond. you can see contra costa sheriff's deputies following the berkeley as it weaves through traffic, even turning off its lights at one point. one of the sheriff's deputies did crash at the maze. no word on an arrest. a 36-year-old woman is under arrest after an apparent hit and run crash. happened at about 6:30 last
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night. investigators say a woman from union city called the chp dispatch center to say she hit something but she left the scene. authorities aren't sure why the man was walking in the number 4 lane. the victim has not been identified. they say he had been drinking before he walked on to the freeway. the off ramp between holly street and britton was closed during the investigation but reopened at 10:15 last night. now to the storm watch and some good news for people in novato. calisto caltrans has opened one lane of 37. video posted by the chp yesterday shows how much the water has receded. thanks to caltrans' pumping machines. the westbound lanes remain closed but it's looking much better than just a few days ago when those cones were under 2 feet of water and three cars were stuck in that water. a castro valley teenager is lucky to be alive but mourning the loss of her best friend. students at hum bolt university
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were headed to castro valley when their car hydroplaned. the car plunged into a skoalen outlet creek. both women were conscious but the vehicle quickly filled with water. only griffin made it out alive. she viefed by clinging to a free 100 yards from shore for 12 thourz through the entire night before swimming back to shore and flagging down a car. this is what it looked like at lick observatory yesterday on mt. hamilton. some snow around from the past few days, the roads could be icy again this morning. and you can track the weather where you live with the abc7 news app. download the app for free and enable push alerts to get breaking news updates as they happen. this week's storms, for all intents and purposes, ended the drought in northern california but not the entire state. meteorologists warn that 60% of the state remains in drought conditions, especially southern california. so cal needs the type of storm that visited us this week to get out of the dry spell.
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governor brown declared a state of emergency in 2014 but has not issued a statement on the current water situation. next friday, donald trump will become the 45th president of the united states. it's an historic event but three bay area representatives have hadded their names to the growing list of those who will boycott the inauguration. sergio quintana has details. >> reporter: east bay congressman mark desaulnier is one of a growing number of democratic remittives who will not be fl. >> if he's the going to start playing games with the u.s. constitution and with the traditions about conflicts of interest that other presidents have adhered to, then we've got real problems. >> reporter: he's joining go two other bay area colleagues who also noensed they would not be attendingment barbara lee issued a releasing stating, i will not be celebrating or honoring an incoming president who rode racism, sexism, xenophobia and bigotry to the white house. in a facebook post, jared huffman wrote he will be staying in california for the inauguration to spend time with
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his constituents. georgia representative john lewis announced he's boycotting. >> i don't see this president-elect as a legitimate president. >> reporter: representative lewis told nbc news he's concerned about president-elect donald trump's ties to russia. there are key members of the bay area's congressional delegation who will be going, including representative jackie speier and minority leader nancy pelosi. congressman desaulnier says he will be busy. >> i've got events with local democratic clubs in lafayette to talk about issues like this and how they can express themselves legally. >> reporter: so he likely won't even watch the inauguration from home. sergio quintana, abc7 news. dan ashley will be in washington, d.c., next thursday and friday with live orts on the inauguration. current tesla owners don't pay for electricity but new ones will. bay area based electric car company has revealed the pricing plan for its super chargers.
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if you buy a tesla after sunday, you'll pay. katie marzullo explains. >> they have to charge -- this is, you know, free electricity right now. so, eventually, they have to charge. >> reporter: most tesla owners we talked with have no problem with tesla charging future owners to super charge their cars. and they say you can't beat the price. >> just to do a cross country trip across the country would only be like $100 anyway. so, that's much more affordable than even a super high mileage compact car. >> reporter: tesla estimates it would cost $120 to go from los angeles to new york. $15 to travel from san francisco to l.a. another perk to having newcomers pay? keeping commuters from crowding these highly sought after spots which are intended for long distance drivers. >> normally, i think people do abuse this. i think it's people park their car here for long periods of time and this will, i think, prevent that in the future. >> reporter: one owner had a different take. he thinks the cost will actually deter people from buying a
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tesla. >> i think it's not a good thing for tesla, because many people choose tesla because they get to charge their cars free of charge. >> reporter: tesla will give future owners 400 kilowatt hours for free before the charging charge kicks in. in mountain view, katsty marzullo, abc7 news. we're talking about the cool temperatures this morning. >> that's right. and also the water's continue to recede around contra costa county, the delta as high tide and drainage issues could be an issue until about 11:00 in those areas. from our east bay host camera, it's chilly, numbers until the mid 30s, plenty of sunshine the next few days before a return to the wet weather. i'll have the timeline next. next, years of uncertainty are over. what's next for the bay area college finally putting an accreditation battle behind it. >>
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good morning. here's a live look at the golden gate bridge camera this morning and cold temperatures there and everywhere. lisa argen says we have a couple of storms headed our way next week. she'll be in with details coming up. you're looking at surveillance video of a man stealing a package from a home in belmont. he's described as a white man between 20 and 30 years old, wearing khaki pants, a dark colored hooded jacket and black shoes with white on the bottom. the man arrived and left in a
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white sedan. anyone with information is asked to contact belmont police. new details on last week's police shooting of a man with a mental condition. san francisco police say the officer who shot him is kenneth cha. cha shot sean moore in the stomach and the groin eight days ago. police were called to moore's home in the ocean view neighborhood for a restraining order violation. moore is in intensive care but is conscious. his family says he's bipolar and sfrenic. good news for city college of san francisco. school officials formally announced accreditation has been extended for another seven years. the 19 member commission had been threatening to shut the school down for the past four years. they pointed to persistent problems with the governance and management of the school. >> we want to reach out, we want to bring people back, and we want to find new students who have something that they could benefit from here at city
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college, certificate, a transfer degree, or even just a class that's going to make their lives better or make them more successful in their career. >> enrollment over the past four years has dropped from 100,000 to around 65,000. new details this morning about cal and former wisconsin defensive coordinator justin wilcox. our sister network espn is reporting cal and wilcox have reached a five-year verbal agreement for him to become the bears' next football coach. wilcox has never been a head coach. he was a cal assistant from 2003 to 2005. he will replace sonny dooikz who was fired last sunday. details on his salary were not released. a group of employees from a sports shop in concord are being called the champions of humanity. it all started with a man's obsession over a pair of nikes and ended with an act of kindness. >> reporter: at times, the employees of this champs sports store thought they were struck on groundhog day. almost every day, a 28-year-old
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man known only add tyree would look around the store and ask to try tonight same pair of shoes. >> 10, 12 times, just periodically coming in, just oh, can i get these, try these on but he never tried them on. that was the funny part. >> reporter: every time, he would stand in line to pay, only the leave the shoes in the cash register and walk away, unable to afford them. that's when fernando oliva invited him to try the shoes on one more time. fernando and his coworkers did something out of the kindness of their hearts. they raised enough money to buy him those shoes and more. one of the employees took the cell phone video of the moment tyree tried on the shoes. >> i gave him the shoes and he tried them on and he was like, how much are they? i said, they're $160 but don't worry, try them on. and then that's when we surprised him. >> reporter: when fernando told him the shoes were his, tyree thought he was kidding. >> i think he was astonished. he was like, wow, i'm getting shoes. it was really cool because we
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knew that he was happy about it. >> reporter: the 28-year-old man was also given a cap, a hoodie and some athletic pants. >> it was everyone in the champ's. they helped out and it was really cool. >> reporter: good deed. >> yeah, it was a good deed. we didn't expect anything out of this at all. >> reporter: in concord, lyanne melendez, abc7 news. good morning to you, still looking at some drainage through the delta and as a result, the national weather service has issued a flash flood watch for or warning i should say around northeastern contra costa and alameda county so as we get the drainage through the delta islands, you'll definitely see some high water there, so certainly take it easy and as you head through the sacramento valley, if you are headed that way, we still have some very high our out there. so with the dry weather ahead that bodes well for improvements in everyone's neighborhood and
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clean-up for the next several days before the rain returns by the middle of the week. here's live doppler 7 and we are starting out pretty chilly out there with fog in our north bay valleys from petaluma so santa rosa. quarter mile visibility elsewhere, no problems, but with a clear sky, we have that optimal radiational cooling and we're cold, as much as 9 degrees cooler this morning around half moon bay, just 41 there. how about 34 in gilroy, 38 mountain view, san jose 39, low 40s, san frncisco and oakland. and over at sfo, right now, we're looking at temperatures in the 30s as you head down towards redwood city so it's chilly on the peninsula. 35 for you, fair field and livermore, concord, you're at 39, mid 30s in napa and 33 in santa rosa. so we will be looking at this sunshine and fog this morning, i should say clear skies, sun at 7:24, and with that will be a nice afternoon, although we'll see increasing clouds, a slight chance of showers along the coast, anywhere from san mateo up through sonoma and napa
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tonight and then we get back into a dry weather pattern for the second half of the weekend into monday and tuesday, but by wednesday, looks very wet, windy, thursday we'll see some lingering showers and more rain on friday. so, we bring in our storm impact scale for wednesday. it's a 2. and this means that we're not only going to see heavy rain at times, but we will be looking at some very strong and gusty winds, flooding could be a problem but this system is a quick mover so that's the good news and as we go through our timeline here, by 11:00, on wednesday, you'll notice the light shower activity as we go through the afternoon, it gets heavier into the evening hours, the winds will pick up, a slight break on thursday and then by friday, another system will bring some pretty good downpours but it's out of here by friday afternoon. so, the winds, the southwest winds will accompany the first system and as the afternoon progresses, the winds are going to kick up from about 37 miles an hour to nearly 50 miles an hour along the coast into wednesday. good thing we get that break
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because this forecast model looks like we're going to pick up another 2 to 3 inches by friday. so, we'll have to wait and see, but overall, it's the dry weather in between that certainly will allow for those drainage issues today, but things will improve rapidly by the rest of the weekend for all bay area communities and i know the low lying areas around the delta always experience -- with high tide, which happens at about 12:17 today, some of those issues. 55 in richmond, 59 in concord, look for 59 in san jose and the accuweather 7 day forecast, a string of dry cdays, download or abc7 news app and get those push alerts and warnings in advance. >> we need those dry days. thank you, lisa. just ahead, "7 on your side" and super heroes. find out what michael finney says you should think like superman when it
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cyber scout, adam levin offers this advice. >> when you set up your security question protocol, lie. >> reporter: when asked for your date of birth, shave off a couple of years or days or both. because if you tell the truth, you make it easier for identity thieves. >> and the problem is that so much information is out there about us, on social networking sites, that hackers and thieves, they just simply scan the internet looking for this information, and then they use it. >> reporter: adam says make it all up. he says we should all be like superman and have a secret identity. >> yeah? well, i didn't get that memo. i may need to talk to your privacy expert. >> reporter: but using a false identity, you add another layer of protection. just make up a whole new identity and use that. >> really? i know but then i'll never remember it. i have too many passwords. i can't remember now. >> reporter: i think for now, yeah, i think that's a good idea. i should probably consider that.
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>> reporter: what's your name? >> brandon schmidt, d-o-n. look, i just did it again. you need my mother's maiden name too? >> reporter: if you decide to take that advice, remember keep it very, very simple or you'll never remember it. now, if you need help with a consumer issue, i want to hear from you. the "7 on your side" hotline is open monday through friday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. i'm michael finney, "7 on your side." "7 on your side's" michael finney took your questions about covered california last night. he says no matter what's going on in washington, your health insurance under covered california won't change until at least next year. through covered california, you can also sign up for dental insurance. you can watch all the questions he answered on our website, san francisco based wells fargo says it will shut down over 400 bank branches in the next two years. wells fargo says the closures reflect its customers' growing
6:25 am
preference for online and mobile banking. closed 84 branches last year. yesterday, the bank reported its profits fell 5% in the first quarter. wells fargo says new accounts openings plummeted this month. regulators fined wells fargo $185 million last year for opening more than 2 million fake accounts. okay. it's that time of the year again. super bowl ads are being beaked out and one of the first features a san mateo native. >> intel 360 replay makes anything look epic. >> new england quarterback tom brady is appearing in an add for santa clara based intel for intel replay 360. tool allows broadcasters to pause key moments of a game and view the action from any angle in 3d. companies are shelling out $5 million for a 30-sect spot in the super bowl. people who went to a san francisco i didn't mean to work out are at risk of contracting a dangerous disease. story of the man who was infected and died. also with the end of
6:26 am
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the community. people cried when it was announced that he had passed away. it's shocking. he thought he had the flu. we're starting this half hour with a look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen with the details. hi, lisa. >> hey, matt, good morning to you. little fog in our north bay
6:29 am
valleys but the national weather service is also alerting us of some flood warning issues over by the delta so discovery bay, bethel island, martinez, pittsburg and antioch, drainage issues for you here and the delta islands through about oh 11:30 this morning so all of that runoff could create a little localized flooding so keep that in mind. otherwise, visibility a quarterbacks of a mile, wooelt, santa rosa and we are under a chilly atmosphere with 35 in livermore, 33 santa rosa, mid 40s at the coast, we are colder as much as 5 degrees, 4 degrees in mountain view so the coast is the coolest but plenty of sunshine and 50s today. hundreds of people in the north bay have been warned they could be at risk for meningitis after a man died of the infection. people in a soulcycle class in larkspur are now on antibiotics as a precaution. abc7 news reporter melanie woodrow has more about the man who passed away. >> reporter: avid soulcycler
6:30 am
sevin phillips passed away this past saturday from meningitis. marin health and human services sent letters to approximately 250 people who may have had contact with him, including other soulcycle marin riders where phillips worked out in larkspur. >> you hear meningitis and you're like, uh-oh. >> reporter: in an e-mailed statement, a soulcycle spokesperson writes, we are deeply saddened by the passing of one of our riders. while the rider did not contract the infection at our studio, we have nonetheless been in constant communication with the department of health. >> they've done a thorough cleaning of the facility, and provided information about any clients that might have been sharing that space with our individual, despite the fact that we think the risk of transmission in that setting is very low. >> i think they've kind of insured us that we're not necessarily in danger. >> reporter: phillips was 48 years old, a husband and father. >> we also have a lot of communication skills. >> reporter: friends describe him as a gifted licensed marriage and family therapist in san francisco. >> he was just a very heart
6:31 am
centered, open, loving person. >> reporter: it's unclear how phillips contracted meningitis. jeff wright says phillips' wife shared he was being treated for flu-like symptoms. public health officer matt willis says marin county health and human services was notified tuesday. phillips' autopsy revealed he had meningitis. >> our goal is to make sure that this remains at one case. >> it's a really big loss but my heart is so full. >> reporter: in san francisco, melanie woodrow, abc7 news. marin county health officials say symptoms of meningitis include but are not limited to fever, headache, stiff neck, a rash, and confusion. newborns and infants may also vomit or seem tired or fussy. if you or your child experience these signs or symptoms, contact your health care provider right away. in washington, d.c., yesterday the house followed the actions of the senate in settling the stage to get rid of the affordable care act. the real work is next, though. republicans still must decide what parts of obamacare to keep and how to protect 20 million people getting coverage under the 2010 law.
6:32 am
they do not need democrats support to repeal but they will need it to pass a new law. even if obamacare is repealed, any changes would not take effect until 2018. new this morning, president obama has made his final weekend address. he spoke about how in the past eight years, he's seen the resilience and hope of the american people. and he talked about how ordinary folks have changed his life. >> whether we've seen eye to eye or rarely agreed at all, my conversations with you, the american people, in living rooms and schools, at farms and on factory floors, at diners and on distant military outposts, all these conversations are what have kept me honest, kept me inspired, and kept me going. every day, i learned from you. you made me a better president and you made me a better man. >> mr. obama finished the address by saying it was the honor of his life to serve as president. president obama has less than a week left in the white
6:33 am
house, and new next friday, donald trump will be sworn in. abc news reporter karen travers looks back at his legacy. >> reporter: he swept into the white house on a wave of hope and change. and now, eight years later, president obama reflecting on his legacy. >> america's a better, stronger place than it was when we started. >> reporter: when he took office, the economy was in a death spiral, a total of 8 million jobs would be lost in the great recession. unemployment peaking at 10.1% in 2009. but since then, a steady turn arnold. the unemployment rate is 4.7%. two of the most pivotal moments of the obama presidency, the killing of osama bin laden. >> justice has been done. >> reporter: and the package of the affordable care act. >> health insurance reform becomes law in the united states of america. >> reporter: more than 20 million americans now with coverage, but the future of the law in question under a trump presidency. on foreign policy, the obama administration looked to make
6:34 am
great change, reestablishing relations with cuba and negotiating a deal with iran to curb that country's nuclear ambitions. the president also aimed to end the wars in iraq and afghanistan, but both have proven more difficult than his administration may have expected. the big areas where president obama came up short, failing to close the u.s. detention center at guantanamo bay and not enacting comprehensive immigration reform. casting a pall over his presidency, the number of mass shootings. the president addressing gun tragedies more than a dozen times. >> the majority of those who died today were children. beautiful little kids between the ages of 5 and 10 years old. >> reporter: in his fae well address in chicago this week, mr. obama using a familiar phrase to give his administration credit for progress made. >> yes, we can. yes, we did. yes, we can. >> reporter: and to issue a new call to action.
6:35 am
karen travers, abc news, washington. donald trump is about to enter office with an historically low approval rating. gallup has released a new poll showing just 44% of americans approve of his transition so far, compare that to bill clinton who was at 68% before taking office in 1993. 2001, george w. bush was at 61%. and current president obama, 83% of americans polled approved of his transition. part of mr. trump's low rating may come from the perception he will endorse mass deportations of immigrants. happening today in san jose, immigration reform advocates will sponsor a march similar to this one to rally against what they say is criminalization, mass deportations, and hatred of immigrants. they will share their vision for a more inclusive california that honors diversity and defends immigration rights. the rally begins at 11:00 at city hall. donald trump will be inaugurated as our nation's 45th president next friday, january 20. abc7 news anchor dan ashley will be in washington, d.c., for the
6:36 am
inauguration to provide you with live reports. live nation intertaillight, the world's largest concert promoter and ticket seller is adding bottle rock to its portfolio. it's acquired a majority interest in the napa festival. financial terms were not disclosed. the festival nearly went out of business in year one in 2013 but it's now thriving since napa-based hat attitude 38 entertainment group took over. all right, how's this for a job opportunity. you get to travel the world for free and not only that, get paid to do it. but there is a catch. >> reporter: it sounds like an amazing job offer, derek and mckenzie tillotson made this offer. but here's the catch. better like kids. >> when she was born, and we just realized, okay, there's two of us and three of them, and we wanted to enjoy this as well. >> reporter: about 19,000 people
6:37 am
have applied to be the tillotsons' traveling nanny and now the hard part. >> i thought there would be the mary poppins candidate and she'd fall out of the sky and be so perfect for our family but we're finding that everybody is such a great candidate. >> reporter: derek and meeks are planning on picking someone in early february. >> from new york city, we would go to iceland and into sand knave yeah and then tour the rest of europe with our family and see places, turkey and kro asia. january of next year, we'll be in hawaii and then travel into asia and the pacific. >> reporter: it's not all play. the tiltsons still plan on working for their product distribution business and the kids will need to be home schooled. but it's an adventure that is inspired many people on social media. >> i've got a lot of messages that have said, you've inspired me to remember what my dreams are and that i can make them happen. the tillotsons were so
6:38 am
overwhelmed by the response, they've closed the formal application pros process but they do have a waiting list. you can go to abc7 we set up a link there. a big holiday weekend ahead in the sierra with all the new snow. snow. here's a live look that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. snow. here's a live look but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury. protein. protein proteiny protein. proteiny protein? protein proteiny protein. at least 14 grams of protein. 100 calories. new greek 100 protein. from yoplait.
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well, scientists from the u.s. geological survey believe a
6:41 am
major beneficiary of our recent storms will be the beaches around santa cruz. scientists were in the water yesterday tracking sand being washed down the san lorenzo river. abc7 news reporter david liouie has the story. >> reporter: this is a project that takes scientists working on land, in boats, and on jet skis. their mission, to map the massive amount of sand they believe has been washed from the mountains by recent storms down the san lorenzo river to santa cruz. >> when we start to wonder about the impacts of climate change and how rainfall may change in the future, how the severity of storms may increase or decrease in the future, that will give us a really good indication of how much sand will enter the system and how our beaches will behave and ultimately how we can help sustain those beaches. >> reporter: the u.s. geological survey team believes the recent storms have moved as many as 1,000 to 3,000 dump truckloads of sand to the coast. they create 3d maps like this
6:42 am
one. they've been doing this since 2014 to track movement over time. researchers say, with storm tracks shifting north and rain patterns changing, their work will help coastal communities to prepare for the future. jet skis may be designed for thrills but mounted with high-tech devices they can do serious work. directed by ground-based team members. >> they're pretty good about telling you where they want you to go. you never get lost. we like to say it's probably the least amount of fun you can have on a jet ski but it's still a day on a jet ski. >> reporter: it looked like this sea otter was oblivious to the serious work. the scientists will reverify narrow data, a process that could take several months but the accuracy of tracking sand movement is said to be within centimeters. at capitola wharf, david louie, abc7 news. at least we'll be dry at the beaches today, right? >> except by the delta, some localized flooding issues. look at this gorgeous shot,
6:43 am
sunrise, 7:24 and we're clear in most areas. we've got 30s 33 santa rosa, 35 in livermore and looking at some upper 30s in the south bay. so, bundle up. we've got plenty of sunshine today, but weak weather system could get your head wet tonight. i'll explain next. also next, splar brother klay thompson receives a big honor at his high school
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the sierra has seen a lot of snow over the last week. abc7 news reporter laura anthony was in north star, which had more than 9 feet of new snow. >> reporter: what's not to like? the skiing, that is, after an epic storm in the high sierra that left 10 feet, give or take, at resorts all around the tahoe basin. >> it was chest deep in some places and it was a lot of fun. really smooth, easy to go through. >> pretty incredible to have so much snow so fast, it's setting us up for a great weekend and the whole community, everybody is so happy. they were snow dancing and it worked. >> reporter: the tricky part will be getting here, not so much because of the snow but the traffic. though caltrans has done its own epic job of clearing the way for drivers coming up for the long holiday weekend. those not looking to ski can shop, at least that's what they're hoping in downtown truckee, draped in its own fresh
6:47 am
layer of snow. >> i think it is beautiful. we need it. everybody's excited. tourists coming, it's a holiday weekend. it's going to be excellent. >> reporter: and though so much snow creates a lot of work, it's the kind often done with a smile. what do you think? >> to me, this is paradise. >> well, i don't ski. >> reporter: some told us they don't need skis or a board to appreciate what nature's left behind. >> i just kind of hang out and enjoy the surroundings and my husband's a big snow boarder so he calls me his little snow bunny. i'm good with that. >> reporter: this is the place to be this weekend and hang out, go skiing, north star village at lake tahoe, how was the skiing, you guys? that's it. from north star, laura anthony, abc7 news. good morning to you, starting out nice and chilly.
6:48 am
north bay, east bay, south bay, and even a warning from the national weather service, here's live doppler 7 and we do have a flash flood warning by the delta for the high tidal influences here with the drainage, you could see some issues. high tide is afternoon, and it will be over 6 feet so certainly we're looking at issues right where we have the low lying areas, so take care, right on through by about noontime. right now, we have fog from petaluma to santa rosa. half mile to 1/4 mile visibility. elsewhere, if you're an early riser, this is the bonus from mt. tam. isn't this beautiful? you can see the sun coming up, 7:24, with the clear sky. it's 40 in san francisco, 41 half moon bay, 42 in so he could, mid to upper 30s, san jose and mountain view but even colder from our north bay valley. this is walnut creek. we've got 33 with the fog in santa rosa, 35 in napa. as well as the delta and livermore, 39 in concord, so it's colder this morning,
6:49 am
anywhere from 4 to 9 degrees colder and from our sutro tower camera, we have a little bit of fog and some frost out there, be careful, could have some of that black ice as well. weak weather system will parallel the coastline tonight so that could bring in a chance of showers from marin, sonoma, napa, san francisco, san mateo, and this would be late into early sunday. then it clears, we'll get back into sunshine, back into some several dry days before some storms arrive from wednesday, little break thursday, and more wet weather for friday. so let's bring in our storm impact scale. we rate our systems 1 to 5. the one on wednesday arrives with a burst of he hareview rai. 2 on storm impact scale. gusty winds, prid good downpours and this is the hour by hour time line, pretty far out but it looks like the lighter rain early in the afternoon and then by evening, the rain picks up as well as the wind, a slight break on thursday, this and then by friday, another quick mover is out of here by midday friday.
6:50 am
so, the winds certainly creating a problem, the soil saturate, the roots at the surface so with winds from 30 to up wards of 50 miles an hour along the coast would bring us some problems but i said before it's a quick mover so hopefully it moves out of here and we have a chance to dry out again after another 2 to 3 inches of rain here. this is what we're expecting. so, prepare for that. under sunny kiez today. 55 in the city, look for 56 today along the peninsula, 57, palo alto, 59 in san jose and the accuweather 7 day forecast is a chill colly start. early morning drizzle perhaps if you're out late tonight, you could run into a passing shower, dry and sunny for the holiday, increasing clouds on tuesday. wednesday, thursday, and friday look toe wet. download our abc7 news app and you are up to date. i'm sure the national weather service will send out some
6:51 am
alerts and warnings and advisories prior to the rain. >> we can track that doppler on the app too. that's great. in sports, the first two nfl divisional playoffs will kim off later today. the seahawks will battle the falcons in atlanta at the georgia dome. then the texans will try to upset tom brady and the heavily favored patriots in foxborough. kickoff at jilt stadium at 5:15. monday night at oracle arena. yesterday, one of the splash brothers received a big honor. here's rick quan with the details in this morning's sports. >> good morning. with the warriors getting yesterday off, klay thompson used the time to go back to school. thompson paid a visit to his alma mater, santa margarita catholic high school in orange county, where his number 1 jersey was retired. he led his school to the division championship and errand player of the year honors. >> huge deal for me because i spent four years here, i enjoyed every year from 14 to 18 years old.
6:52 am
that's a lot of time to grow as a young kid, young man, and great place to do it in this institution. i love santa margarita big time for what they've done for me and it's a great way for them to honor me and i'm very appreciative of it. >> the warriors next host the cavaliers on monday. last night, cleveland beat the kings, lebron james throws down 2 of his 16 points. he also had 15 assists. irving led the cavs with 26. he lays it in, plus the foul. now check out this nice touch pass from lebron, 120-108 was the final. cleveland snaps a two-game losing streak. in college hoops, the stanford women were at utah. the cardona cardinals scores with the left hand. carly samuelson had a hot half. sophomore smith from three-point range knocks it down, stanford cruises 77-58. the cardinal has not lost to utah since 1986, winning 21 straight.
6:53 am
just three days after being let go by the raiders, bill musgrave has been hired as denver's new quarterbacks coach. with musgrave as offensive coordinator, the raiders averaged 26 points a game this season, seventh best in the nfl. but his play calling apparently did not always sit well with head coach jack del rio. the broncos need musgrave to help develop their two young quarterbacks. trevor siemian and paxton lynch. the as have avoided arbitration by signing sunny gray to a one-year deal. that's a big raise for gray. he was making just over $500,000 last season. oakland also signed steven vote to a one-year contract worth about $3 million. in honolulu, justin thomas continues to enjoy his time in the sun after carting a 59 on thursday, he shot a 64 this tee shot nearly went in for an ace. thomas eagled 18 to leave him 17 under, 123 after 36 holes, that's a pga record.
6:54 am
he now has a five-stroke lead. and that is sports for a saturday morning. i'm rick quan, have a great day. next, a live tv surprise, why an ohio meteorologist should have kept a watch on more than just t
6:55 am
6:56 am
here are the winning numbers from last night's $137 million mega millions drawing. and that mega number, 11. nobody picked all six numbers.
6:57 am
tuesday night's jackpot increases to $150 million. i'm holding an alligator right now. does anybody want to hold this? no. you can't. oh, what is that? that's gatorade. you've got to be kidding me. >> this morning, you want to be a human interest reporter? this meteorologist in ohio has a dry cleaning bill for his station after baby alligator emptied its bladder on him on live tv. usually you worry about a gator's teeth but not this time. lisa, you know. never mess with live animals on tv. >> you said baby. you have babies, so, stuff happens. >> exactly. >> good morning, everybody. we are looking at live doppler 7 right now. it's clear, but we want to pass on this advisory to you from the national weather service. it's a flood warning by the delta discovery bay, antioch, brentwood and oakley, you could see some drainage issues today with the high tide. with the sunshine, it's going to be a beautiful day, take some
6:58 am
time to get to that 59 in concord and san jose. accuweather 7 day forecast dry the first half of the week, wetted wet the second half. >> thank you for joining us. i'm matt keller in for chris nguyen along the lisa argen. the news continues online on twitter, facebook, and instagram. abc7 news continues as 8:00 a.m. good morning america is next. it's a beautiful shot from our tower camera. dry conditions out there right now. but cold temperatures. have a great day, everyone. that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound.
6:59 am
the sound of the weekend. it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury. protein. protein proteiny protein. proteiny protein? protein proteiny protein. at least 14 grams of protein. 100 calories. new greek 100 protein. from yoplait.
7:00 am
life's bleachable moments need clorox .ea good morning, america. this morning, the deadly ice storm. the worst in a decade. the plains, a sheet of ice. roads, treacherous. the 20-car pileup. >> i could just see every single car that was coming to hit me. >> this snowplow swerving out of control plunging over the edge. we've got team coverage of this dangerous storm with the worst yet to come. feeling the heat. fbi director james comey meets with members of congress about his handling of the investigation into hillary clinton's e-mails. >> all i can tell you is the fbi director has no credibility. >> as the president's pick for national security adviser comes under more scrutiny. the new details about mike flynn's contact with the russian government. cold case


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