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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  January 14, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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the brother of a san francisco woman who died suddenly said his family got a warning from the coroner, the cause of death may by meningitis. i'm eric thomas. we begin with developing news. a family who said meningitis claimed a woman's life on a muni bus, 53-year-old laura kimberly robson died last tuesday while medical officials await for test results they've told her family the likely cause of death is meningitis. leslie brinkley is live in san francisco. and you spoke with her brother. >> reporter: the brother told me that his sister was found dead
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at the back of a muni bus. and that she had died of muni will only confirm that, yes, a deceased woman was found on the 14 mission line late tuesday night. the brother is concerned of who else might have been in contact with his sister in the days preceding her death. because she rode on numerous bus lines around the bay area. >> the family of 53-year-old laura robson said they were told a bus driver found her sitting up right in a rear seat at the end of the line in daly city on tuesday night. they do not know how long she had been on the bus or when she passed away. muni called daly city police. robson's brother said then the san mateo county coroner called on wednesday to warn that the preliminary autopsy indicated she died of meningitis. >> the doctor said there was enough evidence from his examination that we needed to go to the hospital. >> and that it was meningitis? >> he felt it was meningitis,
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yes. >> and he and his son were given anti-biotic since he had a visit with his sister in santa rosa. >> she had a headache and she was taking painkillers those were prescriptioned after shoulder surgery ten days before she fell ill. the hospital confirmed the surgery. the san mateo county health department did not comment on the case. the san maeo county coroner will only say the case is still under investigation. a final lab work confirmed meningitis, it would be the second death involving a san francisco resident this year. last weekend 48-year-old sevin phillips died of meningitis. they sent letters to 250 of people that might have had contact with him at a soul cycle location in larksberg. they hope to bury his sister later this week. health officials say
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symptoms include but are not limited to fever, headache, neck ache and rash and confusion andin facts may seem tired or fussy and it could be spread through saliva or sharing drinking glasses or utensils. new details about a machete attack at a b.a.r.t. station. san francisco police have released this surveillance of the suspect. they say he southern california causing severe lacerations at the civic center station. could you see the machete in his hand in one of the photos. the attacker is described as being between 30 and 40 years of age, about 5'11", 200 pounds and considered armed and dangerous. the search is on for a man who took officers on a high-speed chase across the east bay. a contra costa sheriff's vehicle crashed during last night's pursuit. today the sheriff's office released this picture of the man who they say was driving. deputies say eddy nute of sacramento failed to stop in richmond and hit a manny van and
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struck a mercedes. the deputy vehicle hit that car and the pursuit was called off. no one was seriously hurt. a late night romp in the water turned into a cliffside rescue in san francisco. >> we're going to send a rope down to you and we're going to help you up. >> fur crews recked a man and women skinny dipping in the ocean beneath the cliff house. was person was in the water and another on the cliff. you see a man there being pulled up the side of the cliff. both people were taken to the hospital but did not suffer serious injuries. the conservative commentator and editor for the website breitbart marched on the campus of uc davis against a talk he was supposed to give. the davis college republicans invited him to speak but the group canceled last night's event because of safety concerns. today the conservative commentator marched on campus greeting fans and ignoring ridicu ridicule. he called today's march a
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protest against the university for last night's canceled events. he called u.c. davis one of america's most appallingly liberal campuses. to the trump transition now. the president-elect is taking to twitter to attack congressman john lewis following word of his boycott of the upcoming inauguration. abc news reporter mary bruce has the story from washington. >> reporter: on this martin luther king weekend, donald trump on twitter targeting civil rights icon and congressman john lewis. trump punching back after lewis announced plans to boycott his inauguration and said he believes the russians helped trump get elected. lewis speaking to nbc news. >> i don't see this president-elect as a legitimate president. >> reporter: on saturday morning trump tweeting that the veteran congressman is all talk, talk, talk. no action or results. sad. in response, democratic congressman jim heims tweeted this photo of lewis from 1965
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march in selma, alabama, where police attacked the nonviolent protesters saying that is representative john lewis almost dying for freedom and voting rights. >> he took action marching from selma to montgomery, they fractured his skull because of the color of his skin but john lewis never stopped marching for justice and equality for all people. >> reporter: even republican senator ben sasse criticized trump's tweet saying john lewis and his talk have changed the world. lewis played a key role in the civil rights movement, one of the original freedom riders and he marched and worked alongside martin luther king jr. >> we march today for jobs and freedom. >> reporter: and spoke at the march on washington 50 years ago. trump is also dealing with the senate intelligence committee which launched an investigation after michael flynn texted with the russian ambassador on christmas day and later spoke by
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phone on the same day the obama administration imposed sanctions for hacking and expelled 35 russian diplomats. mary bruce, abc news, washington. representative lewis is one of the 15 democrats so far skipping friday's inauguration. representatives mark deson of the east bay will not attend and he is not the only bay area lawmaker saying that. oakland congressman barbara lee and jared huffman are boycotting the inauguration and mark takano who said he won't go following the trump's tweets about congressman lewis. dan ashley will be in washington, d.c. thursday and friday with live reports on president-elect trump's inauguration. well people are taking advantage of today's good weather to clean up damage from this week's powerful storms. abc 7 news with a california historic radio societala immediata headquarters where it was all hands on deck to clean up flood damage on the ground floor. water soaked the carpeting and
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dampened historic documents but according to the organization's president who is part of the abc 7 news family, the collection of historic radios made it out okay. >> a short call, we got a great group of volunteers to help us out because everybody is very passionate about what goes on in this building. >> he said the damage was fairly minimal. and more wet weather is heading our way. drew is tracking the timing of of our next round of rain. >> and that is right, eric. a live look from the east bay hills. there may be sunshine now but we're tracking not one, but two storms on the horizon that were near the wind and the flood threat. the details ahead in the accuweather forecast. but first, returning to light. a success for california's space x. also -- [ singing ] >> a san francisco neighborhood takes to the streets to honor martin luther king jr. that is when abc 7 news at 5:00
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liftoff, falcon 9. >> a successful day for space x.
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the company said it has placed ten satellites in orbit after pulling off this rocket launch from california's vandenberg air force base. thts video from the -- this is video of the first launch since a space x. rocket exploded in september. after separation, the first stage landed upright on a platform in the pacific ocean as part of an effort to make the boost everts reusable. marches mark today's day of service to remember the reverend dr. martin luther king jr. >> abc 7 news was in san francisco's bay view district where clergy members joined the recreation and parks department for a march through the neighborhood in memory of dr. king. the group paused to pray along the way. urging americans to come together despite political division. >> the hope is not who goes in or out of the white house or who gets elect to whatever official, we need them, no question about
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it. but they're not the end all, they are not the beginning or the end. christ is. >> neighborhood improvement projects took place today around the city. in washington, d.c., a group of 2,000 people marched near the dr. martin luther king jr. memorial, a group vowed to defend the voting rights and the affordable care act. today's event precedes the annual mlk day parade on monday. ahead, deep freeze. a number of states struggling to deal with an ice storm. the impact on more than roads. and a spot where snowy weather is a welcome sight. proof tonight that fans of the snow are flocking to tahoe this holiday weekend. and i'm meteorologist drew tuma. finally getting a break from the wet weather this weekend but storms do linger on the horizon. we'll talk about the timing and
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thousands came together today to celebrate the year of the rooster. abc 7 news was in oakland this year for the lunar new year bazaar. they sold decorations and flours to help usher in the year of the rooster. the celebration continues tomorrow. stands are up along 9th street in front of the plaza from 10:00 to 5:00. and if you are out early this morning, you likely saw that thick fog blanketing parts of the bay area. you could barely make out the top of the high-rise taken from the emeryville camera this morning and a view from across the bay at exploratorium at pier 15 was not much better. >> it is shaping up to be an epic long holiday weekend for ski resorts in tahoe. the sierra has seen a lot of snow and the slopes are busy. this is from heavenly resort that said the parking is full
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today at the lodge and offering off-site parking with shuttle service. they said there was a two hour wait to go up the gondola. abc 7 news was at north star yesterday which had more than nine feet of new snow. skiers haven't seen this condition in years. >> we've waited for this smoe and we're excited to hit it. >> it is deep and powdery and light and flying when you get going. >> right now there are no chain restricti restrictions but traffic is expected to be slow. icy weather is causing big problems in part of the central u.s. certainly states are -- several states are grappling with ice and the treacherous below freezing winter weather expected through the weekend. a snowplow plunged off a highway and the driver was seriously hurt. it is causing the cancelation of frights and sporting events and in missouri prison visitations.
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well in accuweather here locally, the weather so benign compared to across much of the u.s. we like. it we need this break from the wet weather but it will come back next week. so enjoy it while we have it. live doppler 7, showing you a quiet picture. a nice day. a lot of sunshine. but we'll take you outside this evening from the east bay hills camera, gorgeous conditions. but notice those clear skies are giving way to some clouds. and the clouds overnight will slow the cooling. so right now temperature-wise, a lot of spots still sitting in the 50s, like san mateo 51, the same in san francisco. we're at 54 in oakland. 52 in san jose, 52 concord and fairfield dropped to 47 degrees. so overnight here is the call. we'll have the clouds filling in from time to time. temperatures in the 30s and 40s. but the bigger story once again, we're going to have to contend with that fog like we did this morning. so future weather showing you this white conture on your screen, that is the fog dense in spots early on your sunday. by 9:00, most of the fog should
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burn off and could have some patchy areas of fog around the immediate bay waters but that will give way tons of sunshine in the afternoon. so if you like today, you're going to like tomorrow equally as delightful. so the three day forecast will squeak out another nice day on sunday. if you are off on monday for the holiday, we are sun soaked and nice in the 50s and by tuesday sunshine giving way to late-day clouds and dry and mild ahead of the next storm system. so by wednesday we bring back the storm impact scale. this is a two, a moderate storm on wednesday. we'll track showers also scattered downpours developing within the system. the winds will turn gusty in the evening. so the threat on wednesday, the highest threat right now does look to be power outages and tree limbs coming down. so future weather will get you into wednesday. much of the morning into the early afternoon, the rain will confine to the north bay. it is not until the evening hours the rain will sink south of the golden gate and as it does, it will bring some strong winds with it. so future wind gusts will show you, into the afternoon and early evening on wednesday, the
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winds begin to pick up first along the coast and as the sun goes down and the front moves through, by wednesday night the winds around the bay could gust over 40 miles per hour so that is why the power outage threat is high. with this system, there will be a wide range and rainfall. highest in the north bay because the system taking its time sinking to the south. so the north bay likely three quarters to an inch and a half of rain but you do notice there are spots in the south bay and inland like hayward, livermore, san jose morgan hill, where some spots may see no measurable rainfall and up to a quarter of an inch of rain. so likely the highest impacted in the north bay and the lowest impact in the south bay. but the accuweather seven-day forecast will show you, as we go through the next seven days, dry conditions through the holiday on monday. late-day clouds build in on tuesday. by wednesday, it is windy and wet. especially in the evening. it is a two on the storm impact scale. so scattered showers on thursday but by friday, eric, i think everybody, including the south bay, has a good chance on picking up measurable rain,
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heavy at times and lingering shower on saturday. >> that sounds familiar. i think i've seen that picture before. >> have you? the rain shadow. >> you don't want me to play golf, do you. >> on tuesday. >> because it is all about you. >> all right. how about a little sports. best weekend in football if your an nfl fan. divisional fan, four playoff games. we kick off with seattle, the best o
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life... is unpredictable. life is deaths. and births. sickness and health. love and heartbreak. and covered california is there for it all. not just to help keep you well. but to make sure the cost of being unwell doesn't ruin this whole life thing. because it's more than just health care. it's life care.
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well no bigger games than nfl playoffs because they get a shot at the conference championship and a potential spot in the super bowl. and falcons and seahawkss in atlanta. hawks start the game, 89 yard drive and lasting 8 1/2 minutes and russell wilson and graham. falcon counter and lasting 7 minutes. matt ryan and julio jones tieing at 7. seattle up 10-7 and devon hester returns this punt 80 yards against his former team. down to the falcons 7 yard line but seattle is called for holding. negating the return and putting the ball on their own 13 yard line. two plays later, wilson gets tripped by his own lineman and sacked in the end zone for a safety and they got the ball game. field goal on the next possession and a wide open kevin coleman. 14 yards to make it 19-10 falcons at the half.
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ryan finished with three touchdowns and final to sanu and falcons head to the championship against the packers or the cowboys for the victory. raiders maid made it official -- made it official, todd do you knowy have been promoted. he and derek carr have worked together for the past two years and [ inaudible ] moved from the quarterback coach. niners without a head coach or a general manager. the warriors have the unheard of three day break before hosting lebron james. warriors have not lost back-to-back games in the regular season since 2015 but they've lost four straight to the cavaliers. three straight in last year's nba finals and again on christmas day in cleveland. i would say the cavs have the dove's number. durant has only experienced a christmas day loss but he would like to help rectify the losing streak. >> just trying to play every day and trying to think too much and just go out there and play i think we play off of instincts
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and we play with a joy and passion where we don't think about too much, we just go out there and play and coach does a great of putting us in good positions to be successful. pac-12, cal hosting washington state, former cougar klay thompson on hand. double-double and 14 points and 12 boards and he and charlie moore the only two in double-digit and finishing with the left hand. under a minute to play, bird with the only field goal, hitting three to put the bears up and cal wins 58-54. we'll have your final for the lady huskies an c
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on abc 7 news at 6:00, hear from the bay area lawmaker who made his decision to sit out the inauguration. that is not a picture that goes with this story. he made his decision not to end the inauguration before donald trump attacked the civil rights icon on twitter today. and show me the movie. go inside of the california video store with just one film on its shelves. one film. two men in the east bay showed support for the chp in an unusual way. take a look. they used the big rig truck to help a stuck officer. the chp posted these photos on facebook. the men were able to tow out the suv and got stuck while turning around to respond to a minor crash in antioch. our thanks tonight to all of the helpers in the world. usually it is the other way around. chp is towing you out of a troubled spot. >> oh, well. >> that is it for news at
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5:00. we thank you for your time. i'm eric thomas for drew and shu, tonight, states of emergency. a major winter ice storm sweeping across the nation's midsection. the national guard called in. the warnings for 20 million americans in 12 states. now the urgent call to stay off those icy roads before the worst hits tonight. donald trump taking on a civil rights icon. the war of words with congressman john lewis. what the president-elect tweeted that is sparking outrage. reunited. the baby kidnapped 18 years ago now face to face with her biological family. the woman accused of taking her now behind bars. the world's most famous hijacking mystery. stumping the fbi for nearly half a century, but did amateur scientists just discover a major clue? and liftoff. the critical space launch.


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