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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  January 14, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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two frids take a road trip to mendocino, only one returns with an
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live where you live, this is abc7 news. [ laughter ] >> it was supposed to be a road trip filled with laughs for two best friends from the way bay area. it turned into a story of survival, filled with immense tragedy. i'm eric thomas. we'll get to that story in just a minute. first, breaking news in emeriville. police are investigating a shooting outside of hyatt place hotel. let's get right to sergio quintana. what are you learning? >> reporter: eric, hyatt place, as you can see, is right behind me. police still have this area cordoned off. what we understand is that there was a shooting that happened in front of that hotel and then at least one of the victims ran from the scene, across the
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street to the parking lot here at this shopping center. let's go ahead and show you some video we shot earlier from our emeriville bureau camera. in that video, there is a man that is being taken away by paramedics in a stretcher. we understand that is one of the victims. we also understand that he did not -- he is not suffering a life-threatening wound, at least from the police here on scene. i did have a conversation with the woman here on scene, who tells me that she is with a non-profit organization. she tells me there may have been two victims in the shooting. both victims are participants in this non-profit that she is associated with. she would not give me her name and also did not have any information as to how the shooting started. i can tell you here, on scene right now, police have just the very basic information as to how this happened. right now, they still have this whole area cordoned off. they are still gathering witness statements so they can piece
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together how this may have happened and why it may have involved two victims. reporting live in emeriville, i'm sergio quintana, abc7 news. back now to our other top story, it was supposed to have been a fun road trip for two high school graduates. jenna sapt os and natalie griffin were driving back when their car hydroplaned and crashed into a creek. only natalie survived. abc7 has the story tonight from their alma mater, castro valley high. [ laughter ] >> reporter: this video of jenna santos, laughing while on a road trip in mendocino county was taken wednesday morning. by wednesday night, her car had hydroplaned off highway 101 and into a swollen creek near willits, california. jenna's best friend, natalie griffin was in the passenger seat. and she noticed a way to escape from the sinking car, through a broken rear window. >> they were upside down, and
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her friend was like, stuck, and she tried to get her out, but she couldn't. so she got up to -- she survived but her friend didn't. >> jenna couldn't get out of the front seat of the car. natalie for 12 hours clung to a tree in the freezing water. by thursday morning, she swam to a bank, pulled herself out of the water, hiked up a hill and flagged down a passer by. she told emergency crews where to find her best friends. >> she had so many dreams in life. >> reporter: 19-year-old jenna santos planned to be a psychiatrist one day. while at castro valley high, she was a cheerleader with lots of friends. >> she's just so full of light and so energetic, there's nothing not to love about her. she never said one bad thing about anyone. >> reporter: a go fund me page has been set up in jenna's honor. now to developing news involving an iconic but
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controversial american event. tonight, ringling brothers and barnum & bailey circus announced after 146 years, it the curtain is closing on the greatest show on earth. the ceo says there wasn't one single reason behind the decision, but declining audience, high operating costs, and battles with animal rights groups were all factors. just last year, the circus removed the elephats from his shows after a long legal battle involving the use of bull hooks by elephant trainers and handlers to get the elephants to perform perform. the practice was banned in oakland. several members will attend the inauguration of donald trump. they're angry over mr. trump's tweets about a civil rights icon. >> reporter: at other avenues food co-op, two signs in the window are telling customers
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they'll be closed for two days. on monday, they'll be observing martin luther king day. and friday, the store is closed as an act of protest against donald trump. >> we thought it was important for ourselves and the community to see that we're beginning to take a stand against that person. >> it's the first time in the store's 42-year history that the employees voted to close the store in protest. customers we talked with support the move. >> are you planning on doing anything friday? >> working. i wish i could protest against, but, you know, i have to -- the owners of my -- the store i work at probably wouldn't be doing the same thing. >> reporter: so far, one other local business will also be closing friday. the owner of green arcade books is encouraging customers to attend local protests. in an act of defiance, a growing number of u.s. representatives are boycotting donald trump's inauguration, including three bay area members of congress. this weekend, georgia congressman john lewis told nbc
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news, he doesn't consider trump a together president. >> i think the russians participated in helping this man get elected. >> reporter: the president-elect responded with tweets attacking lewis. congressman john lewis should spend more time on fixing and helping his district, which is in horrible shape and falling apart, not to mention crime-infested, rather than falsely complaining about the election results. all talk, talk, talk, no action or results. sad. lewis is a civil rights icon, who was beaten during the bloody sunday march in selma, alabama. minority leader nancy pelosi, joined a bipartisan chorus of leaders supporting congressman lewis. abc7 news anchor dan ashley will be in washington, d.c. thursday and friday with live reports on president-elect trump's inauguration. a conservative commentator in the alt-right movement returned to the uc davis campus and blasted officials for cancelling a speaking engagement
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yesterday. breitbart milo held a protest march on the campus of uc davis today in response to last night's canceled speech that he was supposed to give on campus. he said the campus canceled the event after protesters outside became unruly. but the decision to cancel was made by the group that invited them, davis college republicans. >> they put us into a corner and we canceled our event because of the information they gave us. >> i heard hate speech and i came out to stand against fascism. >> he is scheduled to speak february 1st, an event still scheduled despite vocal calls for it to be canceled. turning to the weather now. enjoy the drive weather while you can. a live look at the golden gate bring shows a snapshot of the rain-free weekend, but drew is here with more and a change coming at mid week. drew? >> yeah, eric, starting spectacularly today. lots of sunshine, but the window of dry weather, it is small. storms return mid week. take a look at the next seven
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days. we're dry at least through tuesday, but by wednesday, storms return, they last at least through friday. so we take a look at wednesday, the first storm to move in. on the storm impact scale, moderate strength, a 2. not only shourwers, but scatter downpours, and gusty winds in the evening. and another one right behind it in the fall accuweather forecast. >> drew, thank you very much. san francisco police have released surveillance pictures of a man accused of attacking someone with a machete. authorities believe this man slashed the head and hand of a man eight days ago at the civic center station. you can see the machete in his hand in one of the photos. the attacker is between 30 and 40 years old, 5'11", 200 pounds, he is considered armed and dangerous. lab tests are pending on what could be the second deadly case of meningitis in san francisco this year. a about bus driver found laura
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robson deceased on the bus at the end of the line in daily city tuesday night. the family of the san francisco woman is trying to figure out who she was in contact with over the last couple days. her brother saw her last weekend in santa rosa. >> she had a severe headache, slight fever. she was taking pain pills. >> the painkillers were from shoulder surgery at san francisco general ten days earlier. he is on antibiotics as a precaution. last week, 40-year-old seven philips died and health and human services sent letters to people who may have been in contact with him at a soul cycle location in larkspur. much more ahead. >> three, two, one. >> returning to flight, but could spacex stick the landing? the story when we return. also today, sunny weather was a welcome change after a wet
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week. and in the high sierra, a winter wonderland, skiers and snowboarders enjoying the holiday weekend and all that fresh powder. plus a sight to behold in
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it was a successful day for spacex, the company says it's placed ten satellites in orbit after pulling off this falcon 9 rocket launch from california's vandenburg air force base. this is video of his first launch since a spacex rocket exploded in september. after separation, the rocket's first stage successfully landed upright in a platform in the
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pacific ocean, as part of an effort to make the boosters reusable. a woman was rescued who fell down a waterfall while hiking. it was from eaton canyon falls. firefighters say she was climbing in an area that had warning signs posted because of the dangerous conditions from recent rains. she went to the hospital with injuries to her back. chp officers are helping stranded drivers, but sometimes they need help. they posted pictures on a highway patrol suv stuck in the mud between antioch and brendwood. two men with a big pickup truck saw the situation, pulled over, and towed the suv out. the officer got stuck while turning around to respond to a non-injury traffic accident. in the next few days, the raiders are expected to file papers to move to las vegas. the raiders still need 24 votes
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from the league's owners for the move to happen. the filing will include a statement explaining the decision to move and could also include a response from commissioner roger goodell. the raiders owner has said he will stay in oakland for the next couple of seasons until a stadium is built for his team in las vegas. prayers and calls for unity to honor the day of martin luther king jr. we were in san francisco's bay district where clergy members enjoyed the parks department on a march through the neighborhood. the group paused to pray along the way, urging americans to come together, and remember what dr. king fought for. >> this nation needs some healing. especially with all the turmoil that's happening right now. we need to not focus on what's going in or out of the white house, but to focus on the living god through christ. >> neighborhood improvement projects also took place today around the city. people are taking advantage
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of today's good weather to clean up damage from this week's powerful storms. abc7 news was at the california historic radio society's alameda headquarters, where it was all hands on deck to clean up flood damage on the building's ground floor. water soaked the carpet and dampened some historic documents. but according to the organization's president, part of the abc7 news family, the collection of historic radios made it out okay. >> it's a lot of our artifacts are being moved out of the water. the carpet's being taken away and things are being dried out. >> curbman said damage was pretty minimal. this night remind you of a giant slushy. this is from the lower yosemite fall trail this morning. it's called phrasal ice. it happens when water is flowing fast and the temperature dips below freezing. and how about a skier and
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snowboarda snowboarder's paradise. take a look at all that snow. squall was received 97 inches of snow over the past week. amy hollyfield was in the sierra today and tweeted this photo. look at all our snow right outside where she's staying, and even more could be on the way this week. now your accuweather forecast with drew tuma. >> and the winter lovers loving all the snow, getting a brief break in the storms, but the action will return mid week next week. live doppler 7 showing you right over the bay area, we are quiet. but you do notice a little bit of green off the screen. you go wider, live doppler 7 showing you what we have here, a weak ripple of energy. that moisture will stay offshore. so we're not going to get any rain out of it. but it's throwing cloud cover over us and that is acting like a blanket, is really slowing the cooling process. right now, current numbers, a lot of spots holding in the 40s.
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san santa rosa, antioch and liver more in the 30s. blend of stars and clouds out there. 32 for santa rosa, 36 antioch, 34 concord. bigger story is fog developing even at this hour. live doppler 7 showing you the visibility in fairfield has dropped to a quarter mile. that's very dense fog, and the visibility is dropping right now in santa rosa. less than two miles. so patchy fog will be with us, dense in spots, first thing on your sunday. future weather of what you see on your screen, white shading, that is the fog, early in the morning, it's going to take some time to burn off. by 10, 11:00 in the morning, that's when the fog pulls away, and that will set the stage on a really nice afternoon on your sunday. a lot of sunshine and temperatures very similar to where we were today. three-day forecast, take a look. patchy fog early, then we'll go into the sunshine. temperatures in the 50s. monday, nice holiday sunshine from start to finish. but by tuesday, it will be mild,
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temperatures in the 60s inland. but the day of transition, from sunshine to cloud cover in the afternoon, and that's ahead of our next storm system moving in on wednesday. so the storm impact scale on wednesday, this will be a 2, a moderate system moving in, showers with scattered downpours mixed in, gusty wind. the threat of power outages gets renewed on wednesday with those winds. future weather will jump ahead to wednesday, 4:00 in the afternoon. much of the wet weather confined north of the golden gate. probably not until after sunset on wednesday, the showers will sink south, turning heavy at times. the heavier showers will bring the gusty winds with them. future wind gusts shows you the winds will pick up and by 10:00, winds gusting from 20 to 40 miles per hour, as you round out the day on wednesday. a wide range in numbers here with the mid week storm system. in the north bay, where the storm lingers the longest, the highest total. three-quarters to an inch and a
11:21 pm
half of rain, but i think that scenario is setting up where the south bay and any of our inland communities see very minimal rainfall out of the system. probably up to a quarter inch. wouldn't be surprised if some spots do not see measurable precip out of that storm. on the accuweather seven-day forecast, we will track more widespread rain on friday, but sunday, it's patchy fog to sunshine. a nice holiday on monday, late day clouds on tuesday. rain and wind on wednesday. scattered showers on thursday, and on friday, our next storm could bring heavy rain for everybody to round out the week. >> more heavy rain, drew, thank you. still ahead on abc7 news at 11:00, we haven't quite discovered everything on this
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this is something rare. for the first time, we're getting a look at a new species of sea dragon while it's alive.
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the video shows the ruby sea dragon. it's actually a fish from the same family as sea horses, that's why it looks so familiar. one of just three types of sea dragons in existence. last year researchers captured it on camera off the coast of western australia. now the rare footage has been released for all of us to see. >> wow. >> sea dragon. >> i'll take it. the atlanta falcons have advanced to the nfc title game for the fourth time in team history with a win over seattle. while the patriots are going to a record straight six straight afc title game, behind the
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abc7 sports brought to you
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by river rock casino. >> now abc7 sports with mike shumann. >> houston texans came into today with afc's top ranked defense. didn't matter. but for once, it wasn't tom brady doing all the damage. houston, you have a problem, and his name is dion lewis. brady threw for 287 yards, dumps it to lewis, 13 yards on the touch. 7-0, patriots. later in the quarter, after a texans field goal, lewis receives the kick, avoids the tackle, takes it for a second touchdown. 14-3, patriots. texans were 16-point underdogs, had a chance in this game, late in the third on third and eight, brock osweiler's pass, perfectly throne. will fuller drops it. lewis, who had two touchdowns, completes the trifecta with a roushing touchdown, first ever to do so. patriots win, 34-16, advance to
11:30 pm
a sixth straight afc title game next week. >> it doesn't feel great, because we worked pretty hard to play a lot better than we played. i give them a lot of credit, but we're going to have to play better on offense and expect to go out and have a good week. >> the only thing that matters is this year, this team, and what we have an opportunity to do. what we need to do to move on to play again. >> all right, the falcons are enjoying being under the radar in this year's nfl postseason. matt ryan shredded the seahawks for three td passes. a 14-play, 89-yard drive lasting day and a half williams. wilson to jimmy graham. 75-yard drive. matt ryan to julio jones. tied at seven. after a punt returned by a holding penalty, wilson is tripped by his own lineman, sacked for a safety. falcons down 10-9, last time
11:31 pm
they trailed. ryan through for 3 tds, 14 yards. falcons are headed to the title game. >> that's what happens this time of year. games get tough and physical. i thought our guys stepped up and kept their composure really well. >> for us, this game was won during the week, the preparation the guys put in, the intensity of getting ready for one another, it was great all the way through the week. so that type of effort to get ready to play against a really good team was totally at hand. >> and this abc7 sports report by river rock casino, coming up, sharks and warriors previews. stick around. eric? >> like that snack. much more to come on abc7 news at 11:00. winter weather alerts are in effect across a dozen states as milions brace for a freezing holiday weekend. also, a san diego tattoo
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live where you live, this is abc7 news. good evening, i'm eric thomas. tonight's headlines, a witness tells abc7 news, two people who work for a non-profit were shot outside a hyatt place hotel in emeryville tonight. our camera shows a man being taken out on a stretcher. police say he ran across the street and into the store after the shooting. officers have not made any arrests and they're still looking for witnesses. bay street is blocked off to traffic now. two friends who just
11:36 pm
graduated from castro valley high took a road trip to mendocino, but only one survived. jenna santos' car hydropleand and crashed into a creek. her friend escaped through a broken rear window and managed to survive clinging to a tree overnight when she swam to get help. santos didn't make it. a san francisco woman who died on a bus could be the second person in the city to die from meningitis this year. lab tests are pending what caused the death of 53-year-old laura robson. her brother said she had a headache and fever last weekend, ten days after having surgery at san francisco hospital. winter weather alerts are active across a dozen states because of a winter storm that's put parts of the country in a deep freeze. millions are bracing for more treacherous freezing weather for the rest of the holiday weekend. >> reporter: even giant rigs,
11:37 pm
reduced to wreckage in the ice storm's freezing grasp. on i-40 in oklahoma, roads claiming the life of a driver when his truck slid into oncoming traffic. the force of the cab tearing the cab from his trailer. >> the car next to me panics, and hits me. i start spinning. >> reporter: a 20-car chain reaction crash. >> i could see every car coming to hit me. my airbag deployed. >> as ice builds up on roads and windshields, the accidents pile up. those trucks are out treating the roads. but many remain treacherous. thousands are without power and heat. >> it was rough. you break out all the camping gear, the camping stove and just have fun with the family. >> reporter: shoppers are stocking up. >> to the left and to the right, there is practically nothing on the shelves, like all the bacon was gone. >> reporter: the state of emergency in missouri, almost
11:38 pm
costing this bride her wedding day. >> we just didn't even know what to do. i think i was in shock at first. i cried it out. >> reporter: lucky for lindsay, in the end she made it down the aisle. even this flag clenched in a frozen grip. on sunday, the threat of freezing rain from i-40, north to i-70. abc news, new york. l.l. abandbean this weekend urging against a boycott after they donated money to elect donald trump. the issue came to light when mr. trump sent a tweet urging people to patronize the business, instead the company has been targeted by a boycott call. l.l. bean said it does not endorse candidate. the board member who wrote the check says she will not resign from her position either. >> never back down, and i do feel i'm right. they're bullies. that's all they are.
11:39 pm
hard-core bullies on the west coast, in california, trying to control what we do, what we buy, what we sell in maine. >> linda bean is granddaughter of the company's founder. the family of a woman believed to have died from meningitis, abc7 reporter spoke to the family today about the warning they say they got from the coroner's office. >> the bus driver found her deceased in the bus, sitting upright. >> reporter: that's what the family of 53-year-old laura robson says they were told. muni confirms a woman was found dead at the end of the 14 mission line in daly city tuesday night, they called in police. >> she was in san francisco on the bus the last two days she was alive. we don't know who she was in contact with. robson said the coroner's office told him on wednesday that preliminary autopsy results indicated his sister died of meningitis and urged him to seek
11:40 pm
treatment himself at the nearest hospital. he and his son were given antibiotics since he spent last weekend in direct contact with his sister during a visit in santa rosa. >> she had a severe headache, a slight fever. she was taking painkillers. she didn't say her neck was hurting, which they said was one of the symptoms. >> he said the pain kill,were prescribed after shoulder surgery at san francisco general hospital ten days before she fell ill. the hospital confirmed the surgery. the san mateo county health department did not comment. the coroner's office said the case is still under investigation. if final lab work confirms meningitis, it would be the second death involving a san francisco resident this year. last week, a 48-year-old died of meningitis. they sent letters to 250 people who may have had contact with him at a soul cycle location in larkspur. no word on when lab tests for meningitis in this case will come back from the lab.
11:41 pm
robson told me he hopes to bury his sister later this week. san diego's loss of his long-time professional football team could be another business's gain. we're not talking about sales of matches or lighters, although those are in high demand as well after the chargers announced they're bolting from los angeles. laser tattoo,s wasted no time marketing specials to unhappy fans. >> we knew there there would be a fair number of disappointed fans out there that may have tattoo regret. if they're not ready to drive up to l.a., i guess, and fight that traffic, maybe they want to remove the bolt. >> that discount, 20% off to remove all chargers' tattoo and $100 unlimited sessions to get rid of a lightning bolt. it would normally cost $2,500. still ahead on abc7 news at 11:00, being late is one thing. being a century late, that is something else. the story of one very overdue
11:42 pm
book when we return. and i'm drew tuma. starting off the weekend, lots of sunshine, but we're tracking a pair of storms on the horizon. that's all ahead in the accuweather
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> tonight an a australian z z is help trying to save a dying species, the tasmanian devil. the wildlife park posted this video to youtube trying to increase awareness about the disease-prone animals. they're asking for donations to continue the breeding program to combat the devil facial tumor that has wiped out 90% of the species. the zoo has already reachedts fundraising g goal of $375,000. well, a hundred yearsrs is long time to keep a book checked out of the library. just imagine the late fees.
11:46 pm
however, thanks to an amnesty program in san francisco, a library book checked outut backn 1917, then forgotten about,t, w returned no questions asked. here's abc7 news reporter jonathan bloom. >> reporter: at the classic old library branch, ththey've had treasures turn up in the book return. >> it'ss a book on lsd. it's fairly collectable in the hardback version. >> reporter: there it is, 40 minutes late. 40 minutes late is the titlele the book, but when i it comes t the due date. >> it's been overdue for just about a hundred years. >> just about. >> reporter: the collection of short stories of pubublished in 1909, when the librarary was built, and it was checked out a lot. >> so as you can see, it's a very popular book. until phoebe got her hands on it.. >> phoebe i is my great grandmother and she's the person who chehecked that book out. >> reporter: she was 83 at the time, a and in fairness, she met to return it.
11:47 pm
ononly one problem. >> she died. and so this is why s she didn't turn the book in. you knknow, it's hard to come bk as a ghost and return your late libra librbrary book. the book spent the next 80 years in a trunk full of her things, when her great grarandkids foun it while searching for pieces of family history. >> i really enjoyed reading it. that's one of the reasons i hung onon to it. >> reporter: now they're bringing it b back t tthe libra, in hopes others will get to have ththe same enjoyment. >> this is something i knoww people will want to read. >> complple with all the library's old markings and stamps. there's a warning about the fine. a nickel a day. sot's a goodhing the library is in the mdlee of a fine amnestyy period. >> i think it t was outstanding for 36,000 days. >> the l library cldtill get back more historiric dayays dur the amnesty which runs all the way through valentine's day. in the meantime, they have to decide what to do with this book, put it back in circulation or put it on dispsplay in their history center. you should know, drew has
11:48 pm
returned all the weather books to the library, , about but he still knows what's going on. quarter mile of visibility. santa rosa, down to three-fourthths of a mile visibility. so there will be dense fog on your sunday. future weather shows you it will burn off quickly by 11:00, we should statart to see more in t way of sunshine. 55, san frarancisco. 59, san jose. 58, oakland. 59 highh for santa rosa. accuweather seven-dayy forecast it's a dryry pattern throuou tuesday, then wet and windy, especiallyly wednesday evening d another storm moves in friday, likely bringing heavy rain for all your favorite. > i think we've all seen tha movie, especially folks who live in the north bay. they know allll about that. >> favorite activities except golf. >> thehe warriors and cavalalie face off monday nigight at orac. we have a preveview. while the sharks got the blues from st. louis tonight at t
11:49 pm
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11:51 pm
11:52 pm
abc7 sports, brought to you by river rock casino. >> let's start out on the ice, sharks hosting st. louis, hoping to give them the blues. san jose has struggled of late, but tonight that was not an issue, as the sharks offense pulled a no-show. a shut-out on military appreciation night. sharks with too many missed opportunities. first period, chris tierney, hits the crossbar. five on three power play joe pavelski misses a wide open net. blues take advantage of opportunity on the power play. shot hits off the stick of vlasic, 1-0, blues. still in the second, dillon bounces it to david puron who stuffs it in.
11:53 pm
sharks go on to lose, 4-0, your final. >> okay, well, joe wasn't happy, we'll just say that. now to the first time the cavs have returned to oracle since winning game 7 of last year's nba finals. warriors have not lost back-to-back games in the regular season since 2015, but have lost four straight to the cavaliers. the last time on christmas day in cleveland. kevin durant has only experienced a christmas day loss, but you can imagine he'd like to help rectify this losing streak. >> just play your game, at the end of the day. trying to think too much, just go out there and play. i think that's what makes our team so good. we play off instincts and, you know, we play with a enjoy and passion where we don't really think about too much. we just do our thing and play, and coach does a good job
11:54 pm
putting us in really good positions to be successful. >> all right, college hoops. gonzaga hosting st. mary's. second half, jock landale, two of his ten. hermanson had 27 last game, only 12 tonight. going ice cold down the stretch, zags went on a run to end the game. they're 17-0, with a 79-56 victory. pac-12 men hosting washington state. klay thompson on hand. double-double, 14 points, 12 boards. he and charlie moore, the only two in double-digits. moore drives, finishes with the left-hand. under a monday to go, jabari bird, his only field goal hits. and cal goes on to win, 58-54, that final. stanford hosting washington, marcus allen had 15 points for the cardinals. they took a 19-point lead into the half. however, fults willed the
11:55 pm
cougars back in. had 34 points. huskies tied through three. but michael humphrey gets the rebound between three defenders and lays it in. then he spins and throw its down. 18 points, ten boards. stanford wins. for the women, uconn breaks their record, huskies score the first 21 points. katie samuelson led the way with 28 points. huskies' last defeat was 2014 in over time to stanford. huskeries break the rate with an 88-48 victory. todd downing has been promoted to offensive coordinator. he and derek carr has worked together for the past two years, and hit it off, thus the promotion. while offensive assistant jake peets has been promoted to coach. 49ers are the last team standing without a head coach or a
11:56 pm
general manager. and the cal bears have named justin wilcox their head coach. he has bay area ties, working as cal's linebacker coach from 2003 to 2005. he knows what it takes to be successful at cal, he's been a defensive coordinator for 11 seasons at tennessee, washington and usc and played at oregon collegiately. he has catching up to do being hired this late, especially with recruiting. he is the son of former 49er hall of fame linebacker dave wilcox. this abc7 sports report brought to you by river rock casino. green bay and dallas. winners get the chance at super bowl li. i'll say there's a lot on the line. and warriors need to beat the cavaliers. they need to recapture their identity with this team. like i said, four straight losses. only team to be down 3-1 and lose three straight and lose a game 7. so it's going to be interesting.
11:57 pm
>> cavs are in their head, gotta get them out of there. >> no question. and they added the three-point shooter from atlanta. >> quick final check on weather? >> yeah, we're dry through tuesday and then wednesday, storms return. another one on friday. so expect heavy rain to round out your workweek ahead. >> and no golf? >> and no golf for you. >> that's it for tonight. i'm eric thomas. abc7 news continues tomorrow morning at 5:00. for mike and drew, thanks for joining us. ther
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