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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  January 15, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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good morning, everybody. i am carolyn tyler, and thank you for joining us on this sunday, january 15th. let's start with a quick look at the record with our meteorologist, lisa argen. >> looking at live doppler 7, and we are not talking about the rain but the dense fog around the bay area. in fact, visibility is down to nearly nothing at the oakland airport and it could push in to sfo, and it's worse as you head toward the delta, three quarters of a mile in concord, and the north bay is really that. the bay bridge and the golden gate bridge and down around the san mateo bridge not an issue, but we are looking at the chilly temperatures and this profile takes us through 11:00 when the fog clears, but until then it will be very dicey out there and be careful. this morning, emeriville police are looking for the gunman that shot two people
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outside a hayat place hotel. a witness tells abc 7 news the two victims worked for her non-profit. our emeriville camera shows a man being taken out of the shopping center on a stretcher. police say he ran across the street and into the store after the shooting, and officers have not made any arrests and are still looking for witnesses. a fun road trip for two high school grads turn tragic and deadly in the blank of an eye. they were driving back to castro valley when their car hydroplaned and crash into the a creek, and only natalie survived. abc 7 news reporter tells us the girls were best friends until the very end. >> reporter: this video of jenna santos laughing while on the road trip was taken on wednesday
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morning, and by wednesday night her car had hydroplaned off of highway 101 and into a swollen creek near willets, california. her best friend, natalie griffin was in the passenger's seat and she noticed a way to escape from the sinking car, through a broken rear window. >> they were upside down and her friend was struck and she tried to get her up and she couldn't, so she got up to -- you know, she survived but her friend didn't. >> jenna could not get out of the front seat of the sunken car, and jenna survived a night from hell, for 12 hours she clung to a tree in freezing water, and she pulled herself from the freezing water and hiked up the hill and flagged down a passerby, and told emergency crews where to find her friend. jennifer santos planned to be a psychiatrist, and while in high
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school she was a cheerleader with lots of friends. >> so energetic, and nothing not to love about her. she never said one bad thing about anybody. >> ago fund me page has been set up in her honor. ringling brothers and bar hrupl and bailey circus announced after 146 years the curtain is closing on the greatest show on earth. the circus has 30 shows left through may, and mostly on the east coast. the ceo says there was not one reason behind the decision, but declining audience and high operating cost and battling with animal rights groups over the years, and they removed the elephant shows after the legal fight because of the use of bull hooks to get the animals to perform, and that practice was banned in oakland. happening today, a rally by registered nurses to save health
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care. it's a national day of action in favor of the affordable care act also known as obamacare. advocates across the country will call on the incoming trump administration to expand access to health care. mr. trump promised to repeal obamacare as early as friday when he is sworn into office. today's rally begins at 1:00 at san francisco city hall. several members of congress from the bay area announced they do not plan to attend the inauguration of president-elect trump, and they are joining a growing list that may have expanded after mr. trump's tweets about a civil rights icon. abc 7 news reporter, sergio contonia has the story. >> reporter: two signs are in the window telling customers they will be closed for two days, on monday employs are aub serving martin luther king, jr.
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day, and on friday they are protesting the inauguration of donald trump. >> we are beginning to take a stand against that person. >> it's the first time in the store's 42-year history that the employees voted to close the store in protest, and customers we talked with support the move. >> are you planning on doing anything on friday? >> working. i wish i could protest against, but, you know, i have to -- the owners of the store that i work at probably would not be doing the same thing. >> so far one other local business will be closing on friday, the owner of green arcade books are encouraging their customers to attend a local protest, and in an act of defiance against the president, a number of u.s. representatives are boycotting the inauguration, and this weekend georgia congressman, john lewis, told nbc news he doesn't consider trump a legitimate president. >> i think the russians participated in helping this man
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get elected. >> the president-elect responded with tweets attacking lewis, and congressman lewis should spend more time on fixing and helping his district rather than falsely complaining about the election results, all, talk, talk, talk, no action or results, sad. and minority leader nancy pelosi joined a bipartisan course of leaders supporting congressman lewis. >> abc 7 news anchor, dan ashley, will be in washington on thursday and friday with live reports on president-elect trump's inauguration. details emerging after the commentator in the alt right movement, and he was blasting officials for canceling the speaking engagement on friday.
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there was a protest march on the campus of uc davis yesterday and it was in response to friday night's cancelled speech he was supposed to give. university officials called off the event after protesters outside became unruly. but the decision to cancel was actually made by the group that invited him. the davis student republicans. >> they put us into a corner and we cancelled our event because of the information they gave us. >> i heard hate speech and i came out to stand against fascism. >> he is scheduled to speak on february 1st, an event that is still scheduled to take place despite vocal calls for it to be canceled. lab test are pending on what could be the second case of meningitis this year. a bus driver found a 53-year-old robson dead on the bus tuesday night. the family of the san francisco woman is trying to figure out
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who she was in contact with over the last few days. her brother last saw her last weekend in santa rosa. >> she had a severe headache and a slight fever, and she was taking painkillers, and she didn't say her neck was hurting which was one of the symptoms. >> the painkillers were from shoulder surgery at san francisco general hospital ten days earlier, and the brother is now on antibiotics as a precaution. last weekend phil phil ups died in the north bay, rain water turned creeks muddy and turned them into toreents watching away neatly laid salmon eggs.
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they are sruvulnerable to floods well as droughts. only 150 nests were built by salmon before the storms, and in a typical year the nests are 250, so almost double. you know, it's not about the temperatures this morning, although i know it's cold out there, mid-30s to 40s, and it's the fog. look at this from the golden gate bridge. the oakland airport having issues. visibility across the bay down to less than one-eighth of a mile. all around the bay here, from the east bay and the delta and north bay, it's going to be with us throughout the mid morning hours. south bay peninsula, you are fairly better, and we will tell you when you are going to warm up this afternoon, and how many dry days are ahead, and that's next in your accuweather forecast. drying out this weekend, and sunny weather is a welcome chance to clean up after a wet week. a natural phenomenon at
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yosmite after all that
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yesterday. the company says it has placed ten satellites in orbit after this falcon 9 rocket launch from california's air force base. this is video from the company
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of the launch, the first since the spacex rocket exploded back in september. after separation the rocket landed successfully up right which is key to making future space travel more affordable. san francisco is the first in the nation to create a pilot program that provides both a new roof and a new soler system to qualified low income residents. here's 7 on your sides, michael finney, with the story. juan soto lived in this san francisco home for 30 years, and on this day workers from the non-profit grid alternatives were installing sole er
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>> they say about 80%, 80% less. >> grid alternatives has installed so installed soler energy. this is the first time they have been able to replace the roof as well. >> the sad thing is that we have to say no to a lot of families whose roofs are not good enough and they don't have enough to fix them and what is exciting is we get to say yes to some of the families in san francisco. >> low income families spend three times more on residential energy than other families. >> it's going to make a huge difference on their lives. >> funding is coming from the city for roof repair and installation. the work is done by volunteers and job trainees by staff. >> it's good for the
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environment. >> some 16 san francisco families will be selected for the free roof upgrade and sole kwraur installation. for more information on other grid alternative programs, go to our website, in the next few days the raiders are expected to file relocation papers with the nfl, a step to formalize their intended move to las vegas. the raiders still need 24 votes from the league's owners for that move to happen. the filing will include a statement explaining the decision to relocate, and could also include a response from commissioner, roger goodell. the raiders's owner said publicly he will stay in oakland for the next couple seasons until a stadium is built for his team in las vegas. san diego's loss of its
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long-time professional football team could be another businesses gain. we're not talking about the sales of matches or lighters, although those are in high demand for burning team jerseys, but we are talking about tattoo removal businesses after the chargers announced on thursday they are bolting for los angeles, and laser tattoo removal companies wasted no time marketing specials to unhappy fans. >> we knew there would be, you know, a fair number of disappointed fans out there, you know, that may have tattoo regr regret. if they are not ready to drive up to l.a., i guess, and fight that traffic, maybe they want to remove the bolt. >> the discount, 20% off to remove all chargers tattoos and $100 unlimited session to get rid of the lightning boalt that
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normally cost $2,500. and cleaning up from last week's powerful storms, and abc news was at the alameda headquarters where it was all hands on deck cleaning up flood damage on the building's ground floor. water soaked the carpeting and d dam penned historic documents. the collection of the historic radios made it out okay. a lot of artifacts are being moved out of the water and the carpet is being taken away and things are being dried out. >> he says damage was pretty minimal. this might remind you of a giant slushy. yosmite national park showed this video on facebook from the lower yosmite trail yesterday. this ice happens naturally when water is flowing fast and the temperature dips below freezing.
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it's a skiers and snowboarders paradise this weekend in tahoe. squaw valley posted a professionial skier of his runs through the resort this weekend. take a look at all of the snow. squaw has received 97 inches of snow over the past week. it's incredible. we are going to get a little rain on top of that to cement it down before maybe another foot by the end of next weekend. live doppler 7 right now, no precip to talk about and it's all about the low cloud deck and the fog and visibility reduced in oakland. sfo doing okay. look at concord, and walnut creek, a mile visibility. this will stick here and move around for a while and it's all a mile to less than a mile and it's not going to be until 11:00, it will shrink and sit out over the bay throughout the mid morning hours and then by
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the late morning hours, it really does dissipate. you may hear the fog horns and it will be sunny and another cool afternoon. we have several dry days to clean up before the next round of wet weather, and windy conditions arrive by wednesday. 43 in san jose. satisfy, 47, and half moon bay, it's 40. sfo, you saw the visibility there, and no problems yet but that could change. mid-30s santa rosa, and gilroy is close, and 35 in livermore, and low 40s in nevada. so with those 40s in the north bay you are thinking maybe it's a little warmer. yeah, maybe, but you are not feeling that either. and four or five degrees warmer than yesterday. foggy san francisco, cold with a little patchy frost, but it's more about the fog this morning. sunny by about 11:00 for most of you. it looks like wednesday will be the turning point where we
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return to wet weather, very windy wednesday night, and quick-moving systems as we get towards the weekend. beach hazard statement from sonoma to monterey, with the rip current and sneaker waves possible, 5 to 6-foot sets there. and the storm impact scale, starts as a 2 and then -- i should say starts light and then gets heavy, and here's the timeline. 10:00, you will though tuesday the light rain and by the afternoon, the evening commute, it picks up. 9:00, we are looking at heavier downpours and the rain kicks in and a brief break behind it, and not for long. not only more rain on friday, but this will last perhaps into the weekend, and a system behind it could even be stronger, so the winds, yes, the southerly winds that narrow band of sub tropical moisture will really come into play by late wednesday, and then it shifts south and that's why we get the break, and it is going to be
6:21 am
quite tricky, slippery and gusty around here. here's the rainfall total through the first part of the weekend, another couple of inches possibly, one to two, today mid and upper 50s again under sunny skies, and will take a while to get there, and the fog is back, 30s and 40s. we have the holiday to enjoy tomorrow, sunny and mild, and increasing clouds on tuesday, and the first system is a quick-mover, but an intense one with the winds. thursday, leftover showers, and friday, another wet and windy day, and hopefully with the abc 7 news app and push alerts you can track the storms yourself and get the watches and warnings ahead of time. >> that fog has really been something else. i had to drive in it, and it's -- >> it's bad. >> yeah, it is. thank you, lisa. just ahead, we quite have not discovered everything on this planet. next, see a brand new species
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. dan harris joins us now to tell us what is coming up at 7:00 on good morning america? >> >> five days before the inauguration, and one day before mlk day, donald trump is doubling down on his war of
6:25 am
words with congressman, john lewis. the fallout this morning. plus, dangerous winter weather in parts of ten states this morning, more than 20 million americans hunker down, and freezing rain taking downpour wur lines, and rob is right here tracking the storm for us. finally, it is the end of an era. the ringling brothers and barnum & bailey circus, why the greatest show on earth is coming to a close. that's all coming up. this is something rare, for the first time, we get a look at a new species of sea dragon, and it shows the ruby sea dragon, a fish from the same family as sea horses and one of just three types of sea dragons that exist. last year researchers captured it on underwater camera off the coast of western australia, and now the rare footage has been released for all of us to see.
6:26 am
an australian zoo trying to save a dying species, the tasmanian devil. they were trying to increase the awareness of the disease-prone animals and they are asking for donations to continue the breeding program and try to combat the disease of the tumor that wiped out a large percentage of the species. still to come here on abc 7 mornings, why jennifer holliday says she decided she won't perform at president-elect perform at president-elect trump's perform at president-elect trump's afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
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and of course, wear sunscreen. nature valley granola bars. no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. just good.
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we are starting this half hour with a look at the weather. hi, everyone. tracking the fog this morning from walnut creek to concord and oakland. visibilities reduced to miles here, an eighth in can cord, and in the north bay it's foggy all the way down to a quarter mile in petaluma, and so far the airport is okay, but this will change. we will see it move around quickly, and stay with us
6:30 am
through the mid morning hours, and it's 40 in hayward and concord, and los gatos, upper 30s there as well as vallejo. look how it expands at 9:00, and it's all over the bay and the peninsula. potentially problems develop there, but by 11:00, we're sunny and not at 50 degrees yet but that's to come with plenty of sunshine and dry days, hopefully you are using it to prepare for the wet weather for the second half of the week, and that will with us and i'll detail it. winter weather alerts are active across a dozen states because of a major ice storm that put parts of the country in a deep freeze. millions in the senate pacentra the country are bracing for treacherous freezing conditions for the rest of the holiday weekend. >> reporter: even giant rigs reduced to wreckage.
6:31 am
on i-40 in oklahoma the slick roads causing multiple accidents claiming the life of a driver when his truck slid into oncoming traffic, and the force of the cab ripping away from the trailer. >> they sideswiped me and i started to spin. >> reporter: in wichita, freezing rain and ice causing a 20-car chain reaction. >> my air bag deployed and my head got locked in the steering wheel. >> reporter: the accidents pileup. though trucks are out treating the roads, many remain treacherous. >> you just break out all the camping gear and just have fun with the family. >> reporter: shoppers are stocking up. >> to the left and right there's practically nothing on the shelves, all the bacon was gone. >> reporter: and the state of
6:32 am
emergency in missouri almost costing this bride her wedding day. lucky in the end she made it down the aisle. ice storm warnings stretch from the texas panhandle all the way up to illinois. on sunday the threat of freezing rain from i-40 north to i-70. abc news, new york. strike another artist from the list of those performing at the inauguration festivities for president-elect trump. "dream girls" star, jennifer holliday was scheduled to sing at an event at the lincoln memorial this thursday and now she is apologizing to the lbgt community for what she calls a lapse of judgment, and she did not realize her presence would be interpreted as a sign of support for trump, and she says her gay and black fans have been
6:33 am
on social media. and here is who will be at the inauguration. with the president-elect's inauguration this week, this week will focus on mr. trump's plans to cut ties with his business interests. incoming white house chief of staff, reince priebus, and senator bernie sanders will be among the guests of george stephanopoulos "this week" airs at 8:00 a.m. here on abc 7. and l.l. bean is issue when mr. trump sent a tweet urging people to patronize the business and instead the company has been targeted by a boycott. l.l. bean this week said the company is nonpartisan and does not endorse candidates.
6:34 am
the board member, linda bean, who wrote that $30,000 check says she will not resign from her position. >> i never back down. if i feel i am right, and i do feel that they are bullies, that's all they are. it's a small kernel of hard core bullies. >> linda bean is the granddaughter of the company's founder. officials in a mississippi city say they did not remain to disrespect martin luther king, jr., and are working to correct the mistake. it all started when a post said operations would be closed for great american's day and not mlk d day. >> we are being called racist. that's not the people of biloxi or the mayor or city council of
6:35 am
biloxi, and it's unfortunate we are being painted with that brush. >> i think they pulled the verbiage and posted it on a tweet and when there was a reaction to it, there was no coverup, we are all looking at it and saying we need to change it. >> the city council will meet tomorrow to reconsider the designation. prayers and calls for unity mark add day of service to honor the reverend dr. martin luther king, jr. yesterday abc 7 news was in san francisco's bay view district where clergy members joined the san francisco recreation and parks department and marched through the neighborhood. the group paused to pray along the way urging americans to come together and remember what dr. king fought for. >> this nation needs healing, especially with all the turmoil happening right now, and we don't need to focus on what is
6:36 am
going in or out of the white house, but to focus on the living god through christ. the family of a san francisco woman believes she died of meningitis, which could be the second deadly case this week involving a bay area resident. abc 7 news reporter, leslie brinkley, spoke to the woman's family about the warning they got from the corner's office. >> the bus driver found her deceased in the bus sitting up right. >> reporter: that's what the family said they were told, and phaoupby confirms that, and they called in the daly city police. >> she was on the bus the last two days she was alive, and so we don't know who she was in contact with. >> the corner's office told him on wednesday that preliminary autopsy results indicated his sister died of meningitis, and
6:37 am
urged him to seek treatment himself at the nearest hospital and he and his son were given antibiotics since they had direct contact with his sister. >> she had a headache and slight fever and was taking painkillers, and she did not say her neck was hurting. >> the painkillers were prescribed after she had shoulder surgery ten days before she fell ill and the hospital confirmed the surgery, and the health department did not comment on the case and the corner's office only says the case is still under investigation, and last weekend phillips died of meningitis, and 250 people were sent letters who may have had contact with him at a soul cycle location. >> reporter: robson told me he hopes to bury his sister in belmont later this week.
6:38 am
still ahead on abc 7 mornings, from robots to wearables. the new class of hardware makers showing off their creations in san francisco. could one of these be the next big thing? here's a live look, and you see the thick layer of fog, and that fog is in effect throughout the bay area. when will it lift?
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thousands are expected to be back out in san francisco to celebrate the year of the rooster. yesterday abc 7 news was in oakland's chinatown for this year's bazaar. venders were selling traditional decorations to help usher in the year of the rooster. the celebration continues today. stands are up along ninth street in front of the pacific renaissance plaza from 10:00 to 5:00 p.m. they are saying rooster characteristics, people born in that year are guided by instinct. >> is that you? >> no, i think i am a year of the snake, unfortunately. good morning, everybody. we are looking at some fog that really is allowing for poor visibility, as we check out the exploratorium camera, you notice the lack of visibility here.
6:42 am
san francisco not one of the bad spots, and we are looking across the bay in oakland, and so be careful. i will have your full accuweather forecast in a few minutes. also ahead, the sharks return to the tank facing the blues. but thornton was not around for the whole game after getting ejected. highlights coming
6:43 am
6:44 am
in sports, day two of the nfl divisional playoffs this
6:45 am
afternoon. the packers battle the cowboys at at&t stadium, and kickoff at 1:40, and then the oilers face the chiefs at 5:20, and the nfl moved the start time because of an ice storm. yesterday tom brady and the new england patriots began their quest for a fifth super bowl title. here is shu with the highlights in this morning's sports. >> the houston texans came into yesterday's match-up with the afc's top-ranked defense, and it didn't matter and for once it was not tom brady doing all the damage. his name was deon lewis. and trady dumps it off to lewis, and a 7-0 lead. and then lewis receive as kick on his own 2 yard line, and avoids the tackle and going 98 yards for the second touchdown
6:46 am
of the game. 98 all-purpose yards for the night. texans were 16-point underdogs but had a chance in the game late in the third, and third and eight, and the pass in the end zone dropped and it would have been a four-point game, and instead lewis who had a special teams touchdown, completes the trifecta with a rushing touchdown, and the patriots win it 34-16 and advance to a record six straight afc title game. >> doesn't feel great because we worked hard to play better than we played, and i give them a lot of credit but we have to play better on offense and we are expected to go out and have a good week. >> the only thing that matters this year is this team and what we have an opportunity to do, and what we need to do, you know, to move on to play again. >> meanwhile the falcons are enjoying being under the radar in this year's nfl post season, and matt ryan shredded the
6:47 am
seahawks with three touchdown passes. and russell wilson and jimmy graham connect for the seven-yard score. matt ryan ties at at 7. and then a punt, tripped by his own lineman, and falcons down. but that's the last time they trail. the falcons are headed to the nfc championship game, 36-20 your final. >> that's what happens this time of the year. games get tough and physical and i thought our guys stepped up to the challenge and kept their composure really, really well. >> for us, this game was wondering the week, and the preparation the guys put in, i wish you could have seen that, and the intensity of getting ready for one another, and that type of strain and effort to get each other ready to play against a really good team was totally at hand.
6:48 am
>> to the ice, hosting st. louis, and san jose has struggled holding leads. on military appreciation night, sharks with too many missed opportunities. tyranny hits the crossbar. and then a wide open net missed. blues taking advantage of their opportunity on the power play. 1-0, blues in the second, and then still in the second, it's stuffed in and the sharks go on to lose 4-0, your final. today, packers and cowboys and chiefs and steelers and we'll have those highlights for you tonight at 5:00. i am mike shumann, have a great day. good morning, everybody. here's live doppler 7 and it's clear, but we have a lot of fog, reduced visibility, and oakland seems to be one of the worst places, and also around walnut creek where the visibility is
6:49 am
not only less than a mile but it has change, and here it is before sunrise, where it will get a little worse. you can see in the north bay, a quarter mile, and sfo, so far not bad, and we are looking at this to stick around throughout the morning hours. here's a live look outside and looks nice out there from above, and 47 san francisco, and good morning, san jose. low 40s for you, and gilroy in the mid-30s, and half moon bay, low 40s. can you see the high clouds above and the low cloud deck with temperatures in the 30s, and santa rosa as well as livermore and concord. and it's 39 by the delta and 41 in novato. if you are comparing today to yesterday, yeah, in the north bay it's not quite as cold. we probably are not looking at that frost, but nonetheless, it's a raw morning out there, and the golden gate bridge, can you see how the visibility is tough this morning. it's cold and sit foggy, and we will look for the sunshine to be
6:50 am
revealed for everybody, and it will take until 11:00, and that fog will sit over the bay. it's getting worse before getting better, and the storms return on thursday. more for next weekend. a beach hazard statement through this evening, 5 to 6-foot wave heights from sonoma to monterey, and large shore breaks are a possibility. the storm impact scale for wednesday is a 2, so we will see heavy downpours and gusty south winds and the possibility of power outages, downed trees, and with heavy rain in a short period of time we certainly could get ponding and localized flooding because we are so saturated. early in the day, looks to be light rain. but then coming home from school, it will get heavier and the winds are kicking up. we will get the break on thursday, and then into friday, more rain. slow go, perhaps, and it looks like the rain will linger right into saturday next weekend. the winds, we talked about them,
6:51 am
and they will gust once again. and from 30 miles per hour upwards, probably about 40 miles per hour along the coastline. so it's going to be another dicey time, and we're adding to the rain totals here in the city with maybe one to two inches, and looking at the south bay, this is preliminary, and it doesn't include next weekend. 59 in san jose today. if you are headed to the mountains for the holiday or beyond, it will be dry, but as the storm system heads our way here on wednesday, it's going to start out as rain in the mountains and then change over to snow and maybe a foot by next friday. the accuweather 7-day forecast, dry and sunny and foggy for the next couple of mornings, and please download the app so you can get the push alerts throughout the soggy second half of the week. >> download that app. from big robots to tiny medical devices a. new class of
6:52 am
hardware makers graduated from the hacks accelerator program in san francisco. abc 7 news reporter jonathan bloom was there alongside potential investors as they showed off their creations. if you own a skyscraper, you probably have 80,000 bucks to spare for this robot, from washing windows to teaching your child a second language, and robots are always a staple at hacks. >> for this class, health is a focus like this skeleton for back injuries. >> it decompresses the spine to relieve the pain. >> a mouse that can tell if you are dehydrated. call this fitbit for feelings and it tracks your emotions. >> it's how you are stressed -- >> this center tracks your sleep from the bedroom ball. and then programs this
6:53 am
therapeutic light you can put at the office. >> if you get a bad night's sleep you get customized light therapy based on how you sleep. >> reporter: this race is much more of a marathon than a sprint. >> you have become a designer as well as a expert to some extent. >> it helps us to test the environmental. >> it helps to find partners like michelin. >> you can get the blood test right away -- >> some products sell them selves. >> itself cleans and you only have to step in there once every 14 days. >> when reporters get hungry, frobots serve up yogurt. in san francisco, jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. coming up, honoring dr.
6:54 am
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at ikea, we believe that everything, from your lamp to your couch, should work as hard as you do. that green living is something everyone can afford. that you can sacrifice everything but a good night sleep. and we believe your furniture should last happily ever after. make the dream yours with ikea. once of the verge of elimination, the freedom train will ride again in san jose tomorrow in honor of civil rights leader, martin luther king, jr. the freedom train now called the celebration train leaves the
6:57 am
station at 9:45 in the morning and arrive in san francisco at 11:00 where passengers join the mile and a half march to the annual king day celebration at the gardens. the train was going to be discontinued in 2015 because of poor ticket sales, but corporate sponsors stepped forward to pick up the tab. the weather should be dry and nice tomorrow. >> yes, looking forward to that. in fact, the next couple of days, it will be pleasant but right now it's all about the fog. the east bay and north bay, visibility awful, and be careful, and by 11:00, mostly sunny but cooler today, mostly in the 60s, and the second half of the week, wet and windy. >> thank you for joining us on abc 7 mornings, and the news continues now online, on twitter, on facebook and instagram. abc 7 news continues at 9:00 this morning, and "good morning america" is up next, and help keep the dream alive, tomorrow
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good morning america. new overnight, political firestorm. president-elect donald trump setting it off with a tweet taking aim at congressman john lewis for not viewing him as the legitimate president. now, the outpouring of support for the civil rights icon. >> john lewis is our hero, and he symbolizes everything we stand for as americans! >> and the growing list of political leaders boycotting the inauguration. ice storm warning. more than 20 million americans in the bull's-eye. roads turned into sheets of ice. impossible to stop for some drivers. the deadly accidents, salt trucks out in force. team coverage this morning of the dangerous storm hitting the heartland. reunited.


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