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tv   ABC7 News 9  ABC  January 15, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PST

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and good morning, everyone. i'm carol lynn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday, january 15th. let's tart with a quick look at the weather with our meteorologist. >> it's foggy in the valleys around the bay. from livermore to concord, quarter of a mile, half mile at oakland. problems at the airport all morning long. sfo not bad. but some of it around the santa clara valley as well. there's a life look. mid-40s in san francisco as well as san jose. it's not as cold but it's certainly a thick deck of fog out there if you happen to be riding your bike, taking a walk. it's going to be a while before
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it burns back. by the next hour we'll see it begin to dissipate. 35 in santa rosa and we'll be left with this, mid and upper 50s today, several dry days before the rain returns. the trump administration begins this week. for many a cloud hangs over his presidency because of russia's meddling in the election process. joining us now to talk about that is east bay congressman eric swalwell. thanks for joining us this morning. you're a ranking member of the intelligence subcommittee and you're calling for an independent commission to look into this russian influence. >> i am. because of the that said one russia attacked our democracy. it was thought to help donald trump. so that concerns me. it's really about the future. because they also found our intelligence committee, that russia intends to do this again.
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the best thing to secure future elections is to declare once and for all in an independent way who was responsible and also make recommendations so it doesn't happen again >> people say it would not change the outcome of the election. but you're talking about looking forward. >> this is about looking forward. i don't want to suggest any vote tallies would change. there's no evidence of this. but certainly russia through paid social media trolls, through hacking of e-mails and their own television station in the united states sought to help donald trump. and we should never let another country do this again. and if we do nothing it's going to be a green light not just for russia but all of our foreign adversaries to influence elections. >> this is a bipartisan call? >> i'm calling for a bipartisan independent commission to look forward and make recommendati s recommendations.
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>> it would be up to congress to appoint outside service to look back at the classified information, declassify as much as possible, debunk a lot of the myths that president-elect trump put out there and most parentally bepoliticize this so it's taken out of congress and put into the hands of independent commissioners. >> as you know one of your fellow congressmen, john lewis has said because of the russian meddling, president-elect trump is not a legitimate president. what are your thoughts on that? >> i really admire john lewis. he's sack fierificed so much, including his body. >> american hero. >> he is an american hero. he's raised very legitimate questions. it's not disputed that russia tried to influence the elections and it's not disputed that they tried to favor it in favor of donald trump and it's also not disputed that donald trump will
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not release his taxes or financial holdings and it's not disputed that trump speaks favorable about russia. when you put all of that together, john lewis is right, there are a lot of questions about what did russia do, was there collaboration with donald trump and it's uncouple bent on our law enforcement to get to @bomb ato bottom of this and answer the questions. our intelligence community is not supposed to be influenced. all 17 agencies found that russia influenced the election. donald trump said he doesn't have to release his taxes, no one cares about it. he admires vladimir putin saying he was a stronger leader than president obama. anyone who talks lake that, was influenced and helped by russia, i think the american people deserve to know was their commander in chief in touch with the government. >> lewis's war has set off a
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twitter war with the president-elect and made a lot of other congress people say they're not going to attend the inauguration, they're going to boycott. what about you? >> i respect congressman lewis's decision to do that. it's a personal choice. at this point i intend to go but u really understand and respect my colleagues who are choosing not to. our president-elect, while john lewis was marching in alabama wu doing all he could not to go to vietnam. i'm with john lewis. >> why are you going to the inauguration? >> at this point right now i want to see the transition of power and i want to sit on the stanl as a member of the house democratic leadership team an-i want the president-elect to know that we're going to hold him accountable. that influence that russia had on our election and our requests about whether he was involved are not going away. but most importantly all of this
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promises that he's made to americans about jobs he's going to deliver, we're going to hold him accountable and make sure she delivers on that and we're going to put forward a plan of our own to make sure that the american dream is within reach. i plan to be there right now but again i understand why my colleagues don't want to go and it's a personal choice. >> one of his first acts could be repealing the affordable care act. you're also in the forefront of trying to prevent that rollback. what are your thoughts about that? i mean what can democrats really do? >> i voted against the effort on friday that will take us a step closer to taking away health insurance for so many americans. and this is really about making costs go up for people, reducing the care, access that they'll have, and reducing the quality that they have. this is about real people. i think about breast cancer patients in my district who have come to see and said because of the affordable care act i am not
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punished for a preexisting condition or denied access to care. we're going to fight every way we can. >> but between now and friday what can you possibly do. >> we're going to have a rally today at 1:00 at city hall in san francisco and it's really about telling the personal stories about who this helped. the affordable care act is coverage for real people. and real people are affected. i think about young people. i'm the youngest member from california. i think about the millions of millennials who have their parents' coverage up until they're 26 who are now going to be kicked off and be on their own. do we leave people out on their own or say that health care is a right with not a privilege. >> what are some steps that can be taken to heal the divides in this country which is not going to end by any means with this inauguration? >> you know, we need to be and work as collaboratively as the people who sent us to congress. i think of the people in the bay area, you know, such an
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inventive aspirational optimistic bunch of folks who have created this great bay area economy. and they expect us to work as closely together as they do. i'm still working and reaching out to republicans. i'm is son of two republicans. my wife's family is from indiana. they're all republicans. >> and they're still speaking to you. >> they're still speaking to me. some things are off limits at sunday night dinners. but collaboration has powered the american economy. and we can fist collaborate to protect people's health care and i hope we can do that in the weeks ahead. >> i appreciate you coming here. tomorrow you're out there doing a day of service for dr. king day and also trying to bring some unity between muslims and other members of your district. >> 9:30 question ewe'll be in h. i got a letter from a father after the election of president-elect trump and he said my 10-year-old muslim boy
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asked me can i still live in this country. we wanted to bring together people of all faiths, 9:30 tomorrow in hayward at a peace rally and make sure that people know we still come together and value diversity in this country. >> thank you. appreciate you being here on this sunday morning. >> thank you. >> have a good day. happening today, a rally by registered nursed in san francisco to save health care. this is the one that the congressman has been talking about. it is part of a national day of action in favor of the affordable care act also known as obamacare. advocates from across the country will call on the incoming trump administration to expand access to health care. mr. trump has promised to repeal obamacare perhaps as early as friday when he's sworn into office. today's rally begins at 1:00 at san francisco city hall. and abc 7 news anchor dan ashley will be in washington,
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d.c. thursday and friday with live reports on president-elect trump's inauguration. developing news in the east bay, this morning police in emeryville are looking for the gunman who shot two people outside a hyatt place hotel. a witness tell abc 7 news the victims worked for her nonprofit. our camera shows a man being taken out on a stretcher last night around 10:00. police saying he ran across the street into the store after that shooting. the victims are in stable condition. officers have not made any arrests. they are still looking for witnesses. a fun road trip for two castro valley road graduates turned tragic and deadly in the blink of an eye. they were driving back to castro valley when their car hydroplained crashed into a creek. only natalie survived. abc 7 news reporter tells us
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that the girls were best friends until the very end. >> this video of jenna santos laughing while on a road trip was taken wednesday morning. by wednesday night her car had hydroplaned off of highway 101 and into a swollen creek. jenna's best friend natalie griffin was in the passenger seat sean she noticed a way to escape from the sinking car through a broken rear window. >> they were upside down and her friend was like stuck and she tried to get her out but she couldn't so she got up to, you know -- she survived but her friend didn't. >> jenna couldn't get out of the front seat of the sunken car. natalie survived a night from hell. for 12 hours she clung to a tree in the freezing water and then by thursday morning she swam to a bank, pulled herself out of the water, hiked up a hill andiand flagged down a passer by.
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he told emergency crews where to find her best friend. 19-year-old jenna santos planned to be a psychiatrist one day. she was a cheerleader with lots of friends. >> she's just so full of light and so energetic. there's nothing not to love about her. she never said one bad thing about anyone. >> a go fund me page has been set up in her honor. last week's storms were terrific in easing our drought but horrible for salmon. rainwater turned creeks muddy and into torrents, washing away salmon eggs. the salmon are vulnerable to floods as well as droughts. ecologists say only 150 gravel nests were built by salmon prior to the storms. in a typical year the nests number 250. there's always a give and take
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there. >> yeah. this morning the fog has moved into the livermore valley and the visibility is reduced. chilly there, just 34. here at the golden gate it's sunnier with numbers in the 40? the city, ohm land at 40. i'll tell you where and how nice its's going to be for the next couple of days before the rain. a natural phenomenon at yosemite. we'll show you the rare ice
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it was a successful day for spacex yesterday. the e mpany says it's placed ten satellites in orbit after this falcon 9 rocket launch from clirch's vanderburg air force base. this is video from the company launch, its first since a spacekpx rocket blew up in september. as part of abeffort to make boosters reusable. that would be key to making future space travel somewhat affordable. in the next few days the raiders are expected to file relocation papers. reports the filing will
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be made official in the coming days. the raiders need 24 votes from the league's owners for that move to happen. the filing will include a statement explaining the decision to relocate and could influid a response from commissioner roger goodell. raiders's owner has said that he'll stay in oakland for the next couple of seasons until a stadium is built for his team in las vegas. san diego's loss of its football team could be another business's fame. we're not talking about sales of matches or lighters, although those are in high demand for burning team jerseys. after the chargers announced they're bolter, laser tattooing businesssses wasted no time marketing specials to unhappy fans mpl we kn. >> we knew there were a few disappointed fans out there that
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may have regret. if they're not wanting to fight the traffic, maybe they want to remove the bolt. >> 20% off to remove all charger's tattoos and $100 unlimited session to get rid of the lightning bolt. it normally costs $2500. people are taking advantage of this weekend's dry weather to clclean up damage from last wees powerful storms. we oort the california's h historic radio studios. water soaked the carpets and dampened some historical documents. but according to the president, the collection of historic radios made it out okay. >> there's a lot of the artifacts being moved out of t t water, the carpet is being taken away and things are being dried out.
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>> cushman says damage was pretty minimal. well this might remind you of a giant slushy. yosemite national park shared this video on facebook yesterday. it's called frazzle ice. it happened naturally when water is flowing fast and the temperature dips below freezing. it's a skier and snowboarders paradise this weekend in tahoe. this is a video of the runs through the ski resort this weekend. look at all of that snow. squaw has received 97 inches of snow over the past week. good morning. hopefully you're going to be enjoying if break from the wet weather for the next couple of days. we're not tracking any rain but the fog has been a problem.
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from oakland to concord and now into livermore. quarter mile visibility from oakland to livermore. sfo has not but you can see the clouds there. 43 in mountain view. check it out. our tower camera and the reflection from the sun and the low clouds here. 35 santa rosa, boy some of these numbers just stuck in the 30s. livermore 34 and between low 40s, concord and fairfield. east bay emeryville, nice to see the fog dissipate. we're going to have a lot of sunshine today and into the holiday and then things begin to change. fog this morning, sunny skies this afternoon and storms return by the middle of the week. they're fast movers, so there will be a couple of them. the amounts are going to be pretty impressive.
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four to six foot wave heights right now and we could see the rip currents, sneaker waves and large shore breaks. keep that in mind. we bring in our storm impact scale. for wednesday it's going to be a two. we'll start off with light showers and then heavy downpours, gusty winds, the rain and runoff, localized flooding and power outages a possibility. by the evening it gets heavy and then the break comes really in the afternoon -- i should say the morning on thursday. you can see thursday is dry. and then another system behind it. and it looks like part of the weekend too is going to be on the soggy side. if you're planning ahead, we'll have the winds on wednesday night. the gusts 30 to 40 miles an hour, even 50 mile an hour. behind it we've got the colder air, the breezy conditions and then that break before the second system heads our way. so we're going to ode add up th
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potential rainfall through friday which will bring us anywhere from one to two inches up in the north bay. and that doesn't include what we're expecting over the weekend. that's kind of still far out and it will change. high temperatures today in the upper 50s. should be a sunny afternoon. the fog has another hour or two. it will redevelop tonight. mid-30s santa rosa and than pa with the low 40s. the accuweather 7-day forecast, looking terrific tomorrow, milder on tuesday and then here comes the rain. it should get windy at night and it's a two on our storm impact scale. track all of that, you load the app and get push alerts and you'll be prepare. >> when it rains, it pours. >> that's the motto. right. just ahead, we haven't quite discovered everything on this planet. next, a bran-new species
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the greatest show on earth is ending. ringling brothers and barnum bailey circus has announced that after 146 years the curtain is closing. the circus has 30 shows left mostly on the east coast. the ceo says there wasn't a single decision but declining
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audiences, high operations costs and battles with animal rights groups was expensive. last year they removed the elephants from the show after a long fight of the use of the bull hooks to get the animals to perform. the practice was banned in oakland. this is something rare. for if first time we're getting a look at a new species of seadragon. video shows the ruby seadragon. it's actually a fish from the same family as sea horse and only one of three types of s seadragons that exist. last year it was caught on camera off the coast of australia. now the rare footage has been released for all of us to see. still to come here on abc 7 mornings, winter weather alerts are in effect across the dozen states as millions brace for a freezing holiday weekend.
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why jennifer holiday says she's decided not to perform at
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welcome back everyone. we're startig this half-hour with a look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi, everyone. in some neighborhoods, boy oh boy, you can't see much at all, especially to the east bay with visibility at three-quarters of a mile. oak lapd has improved, but it's slipped down into parts of the santa clara valley. walnut creek, 45 on the coast and a san rafael. it's going to take another two hours or so, by 11:00 you should see some more sunshine. low 40s here and hazy
9:31 am
conditions. plenty of 30s and 40s and by noontime we'll be approaching 50 degrees with more sunshine. dry afternoon, several of them ahead, including the holiday. and then, yes, the rain returns. carolyn? thank you. the fog is nothing compared to the winter weather. there are alerts in ten states this morning. downed power lines and icy roads are creating perilous conditions and there have been seven weather-related deaths since friday. adrian bank ard has the latest. >> reporter: the morning more than 20 million americans are in the path of a major ice storm causing dangerous travel through the heartland. in kansas city this car hits black ice before spinning out of control, sliding at least 100 feet down the road. in oklahoma roadway conditions turning deadly. one person killed in a massive wreck on i-40. both lanes on the interstate shut down through the night.
9:32 am
the heavy ice knocking down thousands of trees, branches cracking under the weight of the ice, littering the streets, damaging homes and cars, dark ens blanketing neighborhoods. salt trucks out in heavy force this morning hope to make travel much less treacherous. >> it can be a challenge. it's always great to plan ahead and give yourself plenty of time to get where you're going. >> abc 7 news new york. yet another artist has opt out of performing if are the inauguration festivities for president-elect donald trump. jennifer holliday was expected to play on thursday but now she's apologizing to the lgbt community for what she calls her lapse of judgment. she said she did not realize her presence would be interpreted as
9:33 am
a sign of support for mr. trump. holliday says her gay and black fans are protested vigorously on social media. here is who will perform, toby keith, 3 doors down, jon voigt and lee greenwood. ll booen is ourjing the public to reconsider a boycott triggered by a $30,000 donation to a political organization backing president-elect donald trump. the issue came to light last week hen mr. trump sent a tweet urging people to visit the business. this week l.l. bean says the company is nonpartisan and does not endorse candidates. >> i never back down if i feel i'm right and i do feel they're bullies. hard core bullies on the west
9:34 am
coast trying to control what we do, what we buy and sale in maine. >> linda bean is the granddaughter of the company's founder. officials in a mississippi city say they did not mean to disrespect dr. martin luis e king jr. and are working to correct their mistake. it started with a social media post for the city of biloxi saying that operations would be closed on monday for greater americans day. the designation made back in 1985 gives the town a bad image >> we're being called racist. that is ghot the people of lubi. it's unfortunate that we're painted with that brush. >> it was an honest error. they posted it on the tweet and when there was a reaction to it, there's no coverup. you know, we're all looking at it saying hey, we need to change
9:35 am
it. >> the city council will meet tomorrow the reconsider the designation. prayers and calls for unity marked a day of service honoring the reverend dr. martin luther king jr. ♪ yesterday abc 7 news was in san francisco's bay view district where clergy members joined the san francisco recreation and parks department in a march through the neighborhood. the group paused to pray along the way urging americans to come together and remember what dr. king fought for. >> this nation needs some healing, especially with all of the turmoil that's happening right now. we need to not focus on what's going in or out of the white house but to focus on the living god through christ. >> neighborhood improvement projects took place yesterday all over the city. the family of a san francisco woman believes she died of meningitis which could be the second deadly case this week involving a bay area
9:36 am
resident. abc 7 news reporter leslie brinkley spoke to her family about the warning they say they got from the coroner's office. >> the bus driver found her diseased in the bus sitting upright. >> that's what the family says they were told. she was found dead at the end of the line on tuesday night. they called in the daly city police. >> she was in san francisco on the bus. last two days she was alive. we don't know where who she was in contact with. >> the coroner's office told her on wednesday that preliminary autopsy results indicated his sister died of meningitis and urnled him to seek treatment himself at the nearest hospital. he and his son were given antibiotics since he spent last week in direct contact with her. >> she had a severe headache, a slight fever. she was taking painkillers. she didn't say that her neck was
9:37 am
hurting. >> she says the painkillers were prescribed after she had shoulder surgery ten days before she fell ill. the hospital confirmed the surgery. the san mateo health department did not comment on the case. the coroner's office will only say the case is under investigation. last week a 48-year-old died of meningitis. letters were sent to 250 people who may have had contact with him at a soul cycle location. no word on when lab test for men jats -- meningitis will come back. he hopes to bury his sister this week. still ahead, from robots to wearables. the new class of hardware makers showing off their creations in san francisco. could one of these be the next big thing ? and here is a live look from our tam cam showing you a thick
9:38 am
layer of fog. visibility is limited many places throughout the bay area. our director thinks this looks like foam on cappuccino. what do you think, lisa? she'll be along sho
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thousands are expected to continue celebrations today honoring the year of the rooster. yesterday abc 7 news was in oakland's chinatown for this weekend's annual lunar new year bizarre. vendors sold traditional decorations, flowers, gifts and sweets to help usher in the year of the rooster. the celebration continues today. stands are up along ninth street in front of the pacific renaissance plaza from 10:00 this morning until 5:00 p.m. >> nice to see some sun. well some of you are into the thick fog, especially in the east bay. it's been sliding into the south bay and certainly in the north
9:41 am
bay. isn't this an interesting picture? 44 in oakland, mid-40s in fremont and we'll have several dry days before the rain, the wind, the snow heads back. i'll tell you when next. also next the sharks return to the tank to face the blues. but joe thornton wasn't around for the whole game after getting ejected.
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in sports day two of the nfl divisional playoffs. this afternoon the packers battle the cowboys at at&t stay stadium. then the steelers face the chiefs chiefs. the nfl moved the start time because of an ice storm. yesterday the patriots begn their quest for a fifth super bowl title. >> if texans came in with the top ranked defense but it didn't matter and for once it wasn't tom bray da doing all of the damage. houston, you have a problem and his name is deon lewis. first quarter brady through for 287 yards, two touchdowns. 7-0 pats. later in the quarter after a texans field goal, lewis
9:45 am
receives a kick, avoids a tackle and goes 98 yards for the td. tex sans were 16-point underdogs but they had a chance in the game, late in the third. pass in the end zone is dropped. instead lewis who has a special teams touchdown completes the trifecta with a rushing touchdown. patriots win it 34-16 advance to a record sixth straight afc title game. >> it doesn't feel great because we worked hard to play a lot better than we played. i give them a lot of credit but we're going to have to play better on offense. >> the only thing that matters is this year this team. what we have an opportnity to do. and what we need to do, you know, to move on to play again. >> meanwhile the falcons are enjoying being under the radar.
9:46 am
matt ryan shredded the seahawks for three touchdown passes. last night and a half minutes, scored. falcons, 75-yard drive lasting seven minutes. tied at 7. after an 80-yard punt return was negated by a holding penalty, falcons down 10-9. that's the last time they tied. falcons are heading to the nfc championship game for the fourth time in the team's history. >> that's what happens this time of the year. games get tough and physical pen i thought our guys stepped up and kept their composure really well. >> for us this game was won during the week. the preparation that the guys put in, i wish you could have seen that, the intensity of getting ready for one another. it was great all the way through the week.
9:47 am
that type of effort to get each other ready to play against a really good team was totally at hand. >> sharks hosting st. louis hoping to give them the blue but san jose struggled lately. military appreciation night, first period, chris tear any hits the cross bar. blues taking advantage of their opportunity on the power play. colton, off the stick of mark. 1-0 blues. brendan dillon, blocks the puck and bounces it to david who stuffs it in and the sharks go oun to lose 4-0 your final. today packers-cowboys, chief-sheeler ee e chief-steelers, we'll have the highlights for you at 5:00. certainly a lot of fog. if you don't have the fog you
9:48 am
have the gray conditions and maybe a little sunshine. visibility, quarter a quarter of a mile in san jose, oakland you've been in and out of the fog. sfo eight miles and drifting down into the santa clara valley. a live look from santa cruz where temperature wills be in the upper 50s. a beautiful day here. but the beach hazard statement, it will be dangerous later on today. in fact all afternoon at the coast. 46 in the city. in mountain view i should say 43, mid-40s in san jose, gilroy 43. this is a very pretty picture with so much fog out there, the perspective from above is pretty nice. cold in livermore 36, low 40s navato and cloudy in fairfield at 41 and from mt. tam we'll scour away the cloud deck for more sunshine today. it will be cool with the
9:49 am
temperatures in the upper 50s and the rain turns by wednesday. it will be slow to get going and then really increase throughout the day with very gusty winds. good things that the systems, there will be breaks, they will be fast movers and we should have limited problems. but nonetheless we're super saturated. here's the beach hazard statement, four to six feet waves right now, and all day we run the risk of the dangerous rip currents and sneaker was ee. on wednesday, a storm impact scale of a two, the gusty winds, brief heavy downpours throughout the afternoon and evening. as you get to work, no problems. but by midday the rain begins in the north bay, 8:00, including your evening commute should be wet. the winds kick up and it's not until the middle of the night, i should say into thursday that things will begin to dre out. there's a break and then on the heels is a second system that will bring more rain.
9:50 am
the weekend kind of iffy at this point. you can plan on the soggy second half of the week. look at the wind gusts throughout the afternoon, winds anywhere from 25 to 50 miles an hour through the afternoon and evening hours. with that we've got the brief heavy downpours, the break on thursday and then anywhere from 1 to perhaps 2 inches in the north baby friday. so looking at the sierras, it should be sunny in the afternoon and slowly warming up throughout the holiday. 40 tomorrow but look at the overnight lows. tuesday mid-40s. you know what that means, a little rain as the first system arrives in the mountains and then it should change over to snow. napa 59. we're dry until the rain comes back, which is wednesday. a two on our storm impact scale. a little break and then back to more rain. we shouldn't see the big
9:51 am
problems that we saw last time. but you're always going to be better safe than sorry with our app. >> get that app. >> track it as well. >> thanks, lisa. from big robots to tiny medical devices, a new class of hardware makers has graduated from the hacks accelerator program in san francisco. abc 7 news reporter jonathon bloom was there alongside potential investors as they showed off their creations. >> reporter: if you own a sky skarp, you probably have $80,000 to spare on this robot. from washing windows to teaching your child a second language. robots are always a staple at hacks. >> it's really a school to learn how to build products. >> reporter: health is a focus like this skeleton for back injuries. and a mouse that can tell if you're dehydrated. >> you use it as you would a
9:52 am
normal mouse. >> this tracks your emotions. >> notice how you sweat when you're stressed. >> this tracks your sleep from the bedroom wall. and then this therapeutic light you can put at the office. >> if you get a bad night's sleep, you get customized light therapy based on how you sleep. >> this is much more of a marathon than sprint. >> you have to become a great designer as well as an expert. >> reporter: they support entrepreneurs for several years after launch. >> we have a store out there which helps us test. >> reporter: they help find partners like mitch lyslynn. >> of course some products sell themselves. >> it self cleans. you only have to step in there
9:53 am
once every 14 days. >> fro bot serves up frozen yogurt. >> it's the best frozen yogurt you've ever hard had in your life. coming up, honoring dr. martin luther king jr., how bay area transit agencies are te
9:54 am
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here are the winning numbers
9:56 am
from last night's $121 million powerball drawl. 23 were 55, at, 64, 69, the powerball is 13. no one picked all six so you've got another chance on wednesday. once on the verge of elimination, the freedom train will ride again in san jose tomorrow in honor of civil rights martin luther king jor. the train will leave at 9:45 in the hormorning and arrives in s francisco around 11 where passengers get off and enjoy the mile and a half march to the celebration. the train was going to be discontinued in 2015 because of poor ticket sales but corporate sponsors have stepped up to pick up the tab. today we're waiting on the
9:57 am
fog to lift with two and a half mile visibility in concord, a little better in the south bay. highs today mid and upper 50s. thek o check out the seven-day forecast. midday wednesday you'll see the rain, feel the wind, a bit of a break, heavy downpours and on friday we'll do it all again with a 2 on the storm impact scale. the weekend still not sure how much rain we'll see. stay tuned. >> thank you for joining us on abc 7 mornings. i'm care line tyler along with lisa argen. the news continues online, on twitter, facebook and insta ggr. have a great sunday, a great week ahead and of course a good 2kr6789 martin luther king jr. day tomorrow. enjoy.
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>> the following is a sponsored program. >> welcome to "bay area buys." i'm henry tenenbaum, and we're at russell's fine furniture in santa clara where that's half-off, that's half-off, that's half-off, that's half-off, that's half-off, that's -- you get the idea, folks. russell's fine furniture in santa clara is having what has become their biggest sale of the year. richard russell and josh. so, for example, this item is half-off. >> yeah, it's a beautiful what we would basically call room divider, but it could go up against the wall. but, a lot of -- you can see that this is not cheaply made, a lot of curvature. >> it's finished on both sides. >> yeah, and i thought one thing interesting is this goes out both ways. >> oh, that is clever. >> isn't that clever?


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