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tv   ABC 7 News at 5  ABC  January 15, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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>> announcer: live where you live, this is abc 7 news. their plan is to make america sick again. rallies like this held nationwide today, including right here in the bay area. in the battle to protect the affordable care act. hello, i'm eric thomas. thanks for joining us. supporters of the affordable care act held rallies in two bay area cities. let's get live to leslie at city hall. she has both sides of the debate.
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leslie? >> reporter: hi, eric. there were a slew of congressional leaders here, along with the speaker of the house. then a price guest appearance joan baez. ♪ ain't let gonna let any ego mannian turn me around ♪ ♪ keep on walkin' ♪ keach on talkin' ♪ gonna build a brand-new world ♪ >> reporter: thousands flocked here with the focus on the almost certainly dismantling. >> now we are here to defend the affordable care act. we remember the words of dr. king -- of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health is the most shocking and inhumane. there were many senior citizens in the crowd worried about the new president cutting programs they depend on.
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>> i'm worried that medicare benefits will be decreased and more and more of the burden will be expected to be carried by each individual person. >> reporter: for all these trump detractors there are those who can't wade for the demise of the affordable care act. >> it's a done deal, and now they're going to take six months to design the new programs which will work for the entire countries. >> a repeal vote will start es down the past of the record of chaos in the insurance markets and declines in cover. >> it's being planned for february 1st in san francisco. i'm leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. today a remember lawmakers announced additional details of a replacement. senator rand paul outlined three
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major parts of the bill. >> we're going to help people save through health savings accounts as well as a tax credit. one of the things we need to talk more about is we are going to allow individuals to come together in associations to buy insurance. s. supporters of john lewis are buying up his books following a twitter attack by donald trump. sales of two of his books shot to the top for a brief time. "walking with the wind "was sold out completely. donald trump is already
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getting low marks before eeven officially takes office. gloria riviera has that story >> reporter: it's a huge group from president obama in 2009 and president bush in 2001. trump's team this weekend forced to answer questions about his twitter feud with civil rights icon john lewis. >> i was deeply disappointed to see someone of his stature question the legitimacy. >> the congressman is sitting out the inauguration, because he beliefs the russians helped to get him elected. some democrats say trump is a
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hypocrite. >> he was trying to delegitimize the legitimacy of our first african-american president. >> he didn't stop raising the questions until late in the combine, not two years. >> george, the point is not where barack obama was born. the point is that we've got congressmen on the democratic side of the aisle that are questioning the legitimacy of president-elect trump. >> plenty of work to do before celebrations begin. gloria riviera, abc news, washington. at least 24 democrats in congress are boycotting the president-elect as snaug race, but one bay area representative told carolyn tyler this morning that he wants to be there. i want the president-elect to know we are going to hold him accountable. the influence that russia had on
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on you're election and our questions are not going away, but most importantly all the promises he's made about jobs he's going to deliver, make sure he delivers on that. >> so while he says he understands and respects his colleagues who choose not to attend. danaciously will have live reports. dang are you ice storms are skilled at least six people. cars spinning out of control, unable to start on black ice. tree branches have been napping under the weight, and thousands are in the dark after power outages. the slick roads are blamed for a 20-car pileup in wichita, kansas. one car slid after another. >> it was so scary. it was like a nightmare. >> terrifies, real l from the morning to tonight because of the icy conditions.
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>> many flies to and from the affected area. missouri's two biggest airports had the most flying cancellations in the nations today. those airlines including southwest, including delta and frontier. a search is on for a gunman who thought two people in emeryville. a witness tells abc 7 news the victims worked for her nonprofit. our camera shows a man being taken out of the -- on a stretcher last night. police say he ran across the street and into the store after the shooting. both victims are expected to survive. police do not believe the two had been staying at the hotel. one of the rent go cars was involved in an accident. you can see the three-wheeled car badly damaged after hitting a toyota. police are trying to figure out
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who was at fault. two people in the gho car went to the hospital. they were expected to recover. fire season mine months agent, but a group of volunteers showed it's never too soon to get ready. they have above the caldecott tunnel, where teens and adults cleared broom. the area burned in the 1991 oakland hills firestorm. they called from the world mission society church. president obama has honored that group in the past. up next, animal rights activists finally have reason to applaud the circus. welcome to ring link brothers and barnum and bailey. >> the greatest show on earth is calling it quits. what caused big trouble under the big top? are you excited? >> what would that be? then an incredibly touching soldier surprise. it's a moment this family will never forget. the double dose of dry weather this week, and a
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gorgeous sunset on the way, but the pattern will quickly change. i'll explain in the accuweather forecast ahead. >> announcer: when conditions change where you live --
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jim,"superfully" snuca has died. the judge found he was not competent to stand trial after his attorney argued the ex-wrestler suffers from dementia. he died of stomach cancer. he was in the wwe hall of fame. jimmy snuca was 73. in four months the greatest show on earth will be history. >> the keepsake collector's item. >> they are in miami this weekend, and fans are surprised to learn it is one of the final shows. last night the people who run the 146-year-old spectacle announced they'll close permanently in may. this comes a few months after they retired its elephants. >> we saw a very sharp drop in attendance. >> it led to the animals reece
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mofl. we're getting a new look at a very trick use landing of this spacex rocket that successfully blasted into orbit yesterday. [ cheers ad applause ] >> those are spacex employees after it landed on a ship in the pacific ocean. it launched yesterday from travis air force base -- make that vandenberg, and placed ten communication satellites into orbit. that restores some momentum for elon musk's spacex following a fiery accident in september. the tradition rolls on this year. also a boy's joy. wasn't until you see his reece action. and i'm drew tuma, this pattern will quickly change, and we are tracking four
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a local martin luther king jr. tradition is on track. the freedom train, called the celebration change will leave at 9:45 tomorrow morning. all the free tickets have arrived. it will arrive in san francisco at 11:00, where they traditional join the mile and a half march to the celebration at yerba buena gardens. the national parks will be free tomorrow, including 27 in california. the offer includes muir woods, it's one ten days this year that entrance fees will be waived. next is february 20th, presidents day. we've seen some touching military reunions, but one
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little boy in north carolina is melting hards nationwide with his overjoyed reaction. tack a like. >> what is that? >> papa! papa! [ laughter ] >> surprise! >> i missed you so much. papa! [ laughter ] >> i missed you so much. i didn't know you were the surprise. >> a ft. bragg soldier hid in a wrapped box to surprise his children. this is video posted on facebook. the family asked we not share their names, but the soldier's wife says her son always asked when daddy was coming home, and was obviously thrilled by the surprise. now your accuweather forecast with drew tuma. >> and enjoying a nice dry holiday weekend. the dry stretch only has two more days left.
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live doppler seven getting the break. it's been such a nice diaw. our live look. that sun has just set. a gorgeous pink sky right now. out and about this evening, a lot of spots are in the 40s. , 49 at napa. 47 san ramon. so overnight tonight here's the call the. we'll have some eye clounds moving in, but it will be a cold nice on the way. the majority of the region will drop into the 30s, so it would be a cold start on our holiday tomorrow. the good news, is does not look like the fog d. just showing you some pockets of fog. it quickly burns off. by 10:00, 11:00 it's nothing but sunshine from the coast to the inland.
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your day planner, areas of fog, first thing. that fog departs midday, but it will be cool once again. your rain chances the next seven days, we squeaked out one more dry day, and you see everything changes by wednesday. we are tracking waves of rain. we'll bring in the storm impact scale, and we're tracking a moderate storm, mainly in the evening on saturday. we'll have showers mixing in, and the winds will be gusty, with a wide rainfall range thanks to the storm system getting hung up in the north day. future weather, we'll start you in the morning, the morning look is dry. it looks like the rain is confined to the north bay. it turns heavy at times. that's the dark shading you see, and the gusty winds move in, it
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send the system kind -- that's where the highest totals will be, and then it's going to swing through rather quickly. it does look like the scenario is setting up where the dough knit hole fixtures itself, so minimum rainfall there. the storm concerns on wednesday, power out ace is moderate. with the rainfall. good news, and debris flows are low. the, is going to show you, a nice 49 hours, and then windy and wet wednesday evening. scatter thursday, friday a.m., saturday more rain, and then sunday it's rainy and windy, so prepare yourself. by wednesday a long stretch of weather. >> no golf for you know who. >> monday or tuesday, monday or tuesday. unbelievable game. the cowboys hosting the packers for the final spot against the
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falcons. aaron rodgers showed rookie dak prescott how to pla
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>> announcer: now sports with mike shumann. >> i felt like i just played in this game. i always thought the wild card teams have an advantage. they are more relaxed coming in. packers barely confirmed my theory with their win today. first quarter aaron rodgers threw for 356 yards, perfect 34-yard toss to richard rodgers,
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then ty montgomery, receiver turned running back, packers up 14-3. they led 21-3 in the second. dak prescott. 40 yards to dez bryant. he had 132 receiving yards. 21-13 green bay at the half. six yards here to jason witten, his first career play offtd. later prescott who threw for three touchdowns hits dez bryant again. now tied at 28 after the two-point conversion. rodgers 36 yards to jared cook down at the 35, three seconds left, mason crosby made it from 56, does it again from 51 yards out, packers will face the falcons in the nfc title game with a 34-31 victory. wow. we could get enough of this warriors/cavaliers rivalry. they've shared the trophy, ws won it twoiers and cavs wimps it
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including christmas day in cleveland. the warriors hope to change that tread tomorrow night at oracle. this would be a good mid season gauge for the ws. >> we're looking forward to this game as i'm sure they are. what it means long term, probably not a whole lot, but it's a good matchup, a team that beat us last year in the finals, so it means something. >> the cavs recently added kyle korver via trade from atlanta, he could be the x factor monday and in the playoffs. he struggled the first two games with cleveland, but threw down 18 against the kings, and he's starting to fit in. >> the first couple games, i don't know what i was doing, but didn't know at all what i was doing, but a little rough. the ball seemed to move around pretty good, so we have a ways to go before we're comfortable with each other all the way, but you know, definitely a step in
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the right direction. >> last night sharks were shut out. joe thornton gets objection from speering. now he awaits word whether he gets fined or suspended. >> it doesn't matter who is in or out. we need to do a better job, especially that second half. we can't go -- the fore-check disappeared a bit, and you know, it really doesn't matter what happens throughout the game. you have to stay on the attack. and former cal head coach sonny dykes has been hired by tcu, hess role to be determined. i'm going to catch my breath. back to you, eric. horned frogs, huh? all right, thanks, schu. the
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a abc 7 news at 6:00, a deputy from the east bay bruised and bloody in this mug shot now faces an attempted murder charge. last call for an east bay bar with a rowdy reputation. after nearly four decades in business. the coast guard crew couldn't gets enough of a young sea lion. a crew in the los angeles area spotted the sea lion yet tangled in fishing gear. they freed the animals, and he hopped aboard the boat and posed for photos. the animal will be rehabilitated and released. after some selfies on facebook.
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that's it for abc 7 news at 5. thank you for your time. have a great evening. we'll see you again at 6:00. welcome to "world news tonight." five days to the inauguration, and now the cia director blasting the president-elect. warning him about russia and outraged with trump's rhetoric. as more members of congress say they'll boycott the inauguration. and the civil rights legend now in a nasty fight with the president-elect. fire and ice. the dangerous mix of freezing rain and snow, taking lives. downing trees and power lines. the storm, on the move tonight. kidnapped at birth. new images of the emotional reunion. the parents seeing their daughter for the first time in 18 years. excessive force? the african-american grad student, fixing his car, but suspected of stealing it. tackled by police, then charged. >> sir, you're on video.


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