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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  January 15, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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to night plits looking for
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♪ live where you live, this is "abc 7 news." >> bullet tear through this mercedes tonight. the latest shooting on an east bay freeway. it sends the driver to the hospital and chp on the hunt for the shooter. i'm eric thomas. thanks for joining us. the shooting happened in concord around 5:00. the victims car was rolling down 282 near the solano off ram. "abc 7 news" reporter melanie is live in concord with details. >> reporter: eric, the victim's injuries are non-life threatening. the gas station is fairly dark, but it was an active scene about four hours this evening. look at this sid yo. you can see this black mercedes. this is the vehicle that chp
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officers say a victim and his passenger were in. according to the chp, there were several bullet holes along the side of that vehicle. chp is not certain exactly how far from this gas station on state route 242 the vehicle was shot. that's information the driver and his passenger may be able to answer. the driver who was shot drove the car here to this valero gas station on grant street. that driver is at a hospital with, again, non-life threatening injuries. chp questioned his passenger on the scene and ultimately took him in for more questioning. there have been a number of highway shootings in the last year including on 242. >> we always get there after the fact. but everybody out there are our eyes and ears. we need these people out of the streets causing these crimes, doing these crimes, taking people's lives. >> reporter: chp spokesperson says there's very little information at this point about the suspect, including whether or not that person was even in a
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vehicle when the shooting occurred. that is why chp is asking for the public's help. live in concord, melanie woodtro, "abc 7 news." >> thank you very much. add another bay area lawmaker to the list of congressional democrats who say they'll boycott trump's inauguration. sergio con tan ah has been tracking this all weekend. why? >> reporter: members of congress are taking part in the boycott because of the back and forth of the president-elect and because of georgia congressman john lewis. it is unprecedented to have so many members of congress to boycott a presidential inauguration. this is an historic event and a lot of people from the bay area are happy to be going. chad norcha is happy to have tickets to the presidential inauguration of donald trump. >> when i got it in the mail, it was a shot. >> reporter: he and his partner are donald trump supporters and
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are looking forward to the swearing in and he's fully aware of the growing boycott of the ceremony by some members of congress. >> if they don't believe it and they're not going, that's the action they take to protest it. and i don't have a problem with that. >> reporter: four members of the bay area congressional delegation will not be there. the list of those boycotting have been growing since georgia congressman told nbc he believes the russian's unfairly influenced the election. >> i don't see the president-elect as a legitimate president. >> president-elect donald trump has spent some of the weekend going after lewis in a series of tweets. speaking to carolyn tyler, pleasanton congressman backed his colleague and fellow democrat. >> john lewis, an american hero who sacrificed so much. our president-elect while john lewis was marching in alabama was doing all he could to avoid going to vietnam. >> congressman lewis had his
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skull fractured in selma marching for voting rights and was among the freedom fighters who first marched the martin luther king jr. he says he is going to the inauguration. the president-elect planned to visit the african-american museum in washington d.c. for mcburn martin luther king jr. day tomorrow. but it has been cansed due to scheduling issues. >> thank you very much. abc 7 was at san francisco hall tonight. you can see it was lit up in an effort to save the affordable care act. the mayor and others led thousands in a rally in defense of president obama's health care law. this comes days after the congress voted for a full repeal of obamacare. a smaller rally was held in richmond along with others across the country. demonstrators are concerned about losing their coverage under a new system. >> i'm worried medicare benefits
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will be decreased and more of the burden will be expected to be carried by an individual person. >> it is gone, it is a done deal. that was decided long ago. now they're going to take six months to design the new program which will work for the entire country. >> today president-elect trump told "the washington post" that his replacement plan for obamacare is nearly finished. he said it will include healthcare for all but did nottive g any details beyond that. more than a dozen horses began a cross country journey today heading from the san joaquin valley to washington d.c.'s for the inauguration of president-elect trump. members of the merced county sheriff's posse practiced at home for the last time this weekend. 14 riders fly east on tuesday the meet with their hopes. the merced county sheriff hoped to raise $14,000 to ship the animals. $80,000 was donated. >> we're excited and proud of the fact we get to showcase merced county.
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it may sound gushy here but i love this county. >> i'm hoping when we ride by everybody goes, that's our posse. >> the posse wanted to march in friday's parade no matter who was elected president. "abc 7 news" anchor dan ashley will be in washington thursday and fry dha with live reports on president-elect trump's inauguration. as his successor prepares to take officer, president obama is reflecting on how he has changed over the past eight years. the president appeared on 60 minutes tonight, his last tv interview before leaving office. >> one thing you worry about when you're in the bubble, and there's all of this pomp and circumstance and hail to the chief is do, do you lose touch with what you thought was important and what brought you here. and i'm proud that i don't think i have lost touch. >> obama has just four full days left in office. looking to the weather now, live outside from our tower camera you see the remnants of a beautiful, dry weekend.
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but what's coming in the next few days? meteorologist drew tuma has that information. >> yes, eric, we've been enjoying a nice weekend, rain free, lots of sunshine each afternoon. that storm door will be opening once again shortly. look at our rain chances through the next seven days. monday and tuesday, we're dry. everything will change midweek, and by wednesday we're tracking a series of storms that will look to soak the bay area once again. let's start on wednesday for you, our next storm down the pipeline. it is a two, a moderate system with showers, downpour scattered and the winds turning gustily especially in the evening. some of the storms, as you get into wednesday winds will whip once again. power outages, a moderate concern can. for the evening rush, as the showers come down hydro plaining could be possible. good news is that it is a quick system on wednesday, so flooding an debris flow look low.
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we'll show you what the rest of the storms have for us in the accuweather forecast. eric. >> drew, thanks a lot. a contra county sheriff depp situate is accused of trying to kill a man. said 23rd kyle rollins got into an argument at a house party. he pulled a gun and someone twied to take it away, and he fired the weapon. no one was hurt. police arrived to find him held down. he is being held without bail. he had been with the contra costa sheriff's office since october. a spokesperson says his employment has been terminated. a. a popular activity for tourists ended with two in the hospital today. 0i7 was in san francisco mission district where a go-cart crashed into a toyota. it happened around 1:30 at 4th an south van nes. they rent the vehicles at fisherman's wharf. the cars come with a guided
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tour. the injuries are minor. there's more ahead at "abc 7 news" at 11:00. the circus is no longer coming to town. >> people that will feel the loss most keenly is animals? not everyone is happy, but tonight animal rights activists are applauding ringling brother's decisions to end its shows. also a popular but controversial east bay bar is shutting for good. why some are happy to see crogan's go. in the sierras a triening exercise that hopefully when you hit 300,000 miles. or here, when you walked away without a scratch. maybe it was the day your baby came home.
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shutting down but confident about about the future of the art. >> there still will be an appetite foreseeing people do unbelievable things in the flesh. >> "abc 7 news" was at the circus center in san francisco where people train to be in circus acts. performers told us they feel sorry for families that took their kids to the circus as a family decision, but they see ringling's decision as a sign of the times after declining ticket sales and backlash over its treatment of animals. the circus retired its elephants last year but audiences did not respond. >> people about are moving to a world where we want to see animals, all animals, whether in a circus, in a zoo. we want to see animals treated the same way we would like our dogs and cats. >> animal rights activists applauded the decision. performers say they have hope that something will take the 146 year old spectacles place and other circus shows without animals will continue to thrive. a sports bar will hold its final last call after complaints
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from its downtown walnut creek neighbors. kroeg an's plans to close after 39 years in business. city officials recommended crogan's stop serving alcohol at midnight instead of 2:00 a.m. diane valentine operates a yoeg 'studio next door to crogan's. >> we've had trouble at crogan's. signs have been broken and beer bottles and things like that in front of my studio. it will be really nice not to have that. >> crogan's owners posted on facebook saying their business no longer fits into wall nut creek's narrative. a man was murdered outside last year. police have answered 600 calls linked to the bar since 2012. we are getting a look at a tricky landing of a spacex rocket that successfully blasted into or bit yesterday. those are spacex employees as the first stage of the rocket landed on a ship in the pacific ocean. the rocket launched yesterday
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from van deny berg air force base and placed 10 communication satellites into orbit. it restores faith in it since a fiery rocket exploded in september. "abc 7 news" was above the tunnel in oakland where about 100 adults and teens cleared flammable plants called broom. the area burned in the 1991 oakland hills firestorm. today's work expands a fire break. the volunteers came from the world mission society church of god in hayward. president obama has honored the group in the past. a local martin luther king jr. tradition is on track to roll through the bay area. the freedom train will leave san jose's station tomorrow morning. all free tickets for the ride have been distributed. the train will arrive in san francisco at 11:00 where passengers traditionally join the mile and a half march to the
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annual king day celebration at the gardens. national parks will be free tomorrow in honor of king holiday. 412 national parks across america including 27 in california. the offer includes muir woods, yosemite, the san francisco maritime museum and other national park service attractions. it is one of ten days this year that entrance fees will be waved. next is february 20th, president's day. well, this is a dog, hopefully skiers and snow boarders never have to see. north star resort in trucky shared this video of bandit during a practice after avalanche today. the dog pulled a member of the ski patrol out of the snow. the special demonstration to the mountain was part of national safety awareness month. >> now with accuweather forecast withdrew tuma. >> you have outdoor activities tomorrow, good to be. our stormy pattern returns wednesday with several storms we will be tracking for the next seven. live doppler seven, will be
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quiet tonight but we will be on the job tracking the rain headed our way over the second half of the seven day forecast. a live look from sfo right now. all is quiet, good to go. but if you have a flight, the second half of this upcoming week you'll certainly want to pay close attention to the forecast. we all know when storms arrive delays start to pileup at sfo. out there in the near term, we are tracking these areas of fog. live doppler 7, visibility showing fairfield down to three miles but dense in the north. santa rosa down to a quarter mile of visibility, very thick fog right now that likely will stick around first thing on monday. current numbers, a lot of 30s on the board so quite chilly. 39 in concord, 36 in santa rosa with the dense fog, 32 in liver more, 46 in san francisco, 43 right now the current number both san jose and oakland. so the call overnight tonight, a lot of spots will drop into the 30s. so it will be a rather cold start on your monday.
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we will have that fog to contend with early on. future weather, 6:00 monday morning, this gray shading you see on your screen in areas in the north bay and around the bay, that is the fog. looks like it will burn off between 9:00 and 10:00 in the morning on monday. by 11:00 it is nothing but sunshine for the rest of your day. hour-by-hour we go on your day planner, on your monday. areas of fog first thing, but after that, that fog departs and it is a beautiful day once again. a lot of sunshine by 4:00, but it will be cool. temperatures once again will only top out in the 50s across the region. tuesday will be dry, but then everything changes on wednesday. so bring up the storm impact scale. on wednesday evening will be a two, a moderate system moving in. showers and downpours moving through, winds turning gusty in the evening with a wide range of rainfall with the storm system. future weather will start you at 5:00 on wednesday morning. the wednesday morning commute looks okay. the showers mainly for the first half of the day kind of confined
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to north bay. it is not until the second half of wednesday the storm system gets its act together and sinks to the south. these dark shadingsful green you see on the screen is the heavy rain. future track wind gust will show you in the evening hours on wednesday, wind gusts over 50 miles per hour along the coast, and then the winds will translate inland and likely wednesday evening gusts 20 to 40 miles an hour throughout the bay area. that's why the power outage threatst renewed midweek. rainfall potential, this storm system will linger longest in north bay, where we will likely see the highest total, three-fourth of an inch to an inch and a half of rain. it will sink quickly to the south. there will be the area setting up san jose and inland where minimal rainfall will fall probably up to a quarter of an inch of moisture. accuweather seven day forecast, do not worry.
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it is one of several stops we are tracking to bring rain. monday and tuesday you're dry. then wednesday, the rain gear gets pulled out. it is windy and wet in the evening, scattered showers on thursday. another moderate storm moves in on friday. saturday morning showers and sunday more rain and more wind. meteorologist mike nicco will have an update on the forecast. enjoy the two days of dry weather and then the storm comes back. >> thank you. on "abc 7 news" at 11:00, thousands of depressed dallas cowboys fans
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the perfect party prep afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. . closed captioning brought to you by . >> well, if it wasn't bad enough losing the nfl divisional playoff game today, some dallas cowboys players, fans and stadium employees couldn't leave after the game. they were all stuck at at&t stadium in arlington, texas because of a tornado warning.
11:25 pm
for three hours they had to just wait it out, perhaps reflecting on how close they came to winning it all this year. not close enough. >> adding insult to injury. >> that's right. horseshoes and hand grenades, when close matters. >> pittsburgh steelers on their way to the afc title game beating the chiefs in kansas city while scoring a touchdown. final play of the game courtesy of
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. abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> in all of my years covering the nfl i think i saw the best divisional playoff game ever today in dallas.
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cowboys lead by rookie quarterback dak prescott, but leading his tigers to a last second victory over dallas. tie montgomery, receiver turned running back. they lead 21-3, but the cowboys get going. dak prescott to dez bryant. 21-13 green bay at the half. prescott through for 203 yarz, but they needed a two point conversion and get it. prescott on the quarterback draw. cowboys once down 18, tiled at 28. after treading light field goals, third and 20, going to over time looks like. rodgers, 36 yard dart on the run to jared cook who gets both feet down. amazing catch, down to the 32, three seconds left. cross by lined up and made it from 51 but timeout called and the time out was called and he drills it. falcons face the packers in the
11:30 pm
championship game. >> this is an outstanding victory for us. you know, we obviously won a lot of games in a row and, you know, our focus is on obviously now going to atlanta. we're an excellent football team and we're two steps away from achieving greatness. >> we're proud of our guys, man. we stuck together, believed in each other like we have on this entire run, and i don't think anybody doubted that we were going to score on the last two drives. it says a lot about the character of the team. >> in the afc, le'veon bell set a record last week. 137 yards, 38 here, sets up a field burg and pittsburgh had had a lot, chris boswell, six for six, most field goals in a playoff game. this one 43 yards. chiefs still in the game. 2:47 left. in the fourth, spencer ware finds pay dirt but need a two point conversion to tie. here it is. smith. looking to his right, hits harris in the end zone.
11:31 pm
but hang on. they get called for holding. six penalties on the night, ball pushed back to 12-yard line. on second attempt, this pass is knock away. steelers hold on to win 18-16 and will face the patriots in the afc title game. >> obviously not the way we want to finish drives. you know, we moved the ball down the field, but give credit to their defense, you know, they kept us out. not good. but, you know, it was enough. >> playing pittsburgh really helps because, you know, the weather gets pretty bad. so i mean today felt pretty calm compared to what we're used to. but i mean i just had, you know, to pick my targets, pick my shots, hilt the right ball and i was able to do it today. >> abc7 sports report brought to you by river rock casino. down to the final four. coming up you, we'll see it up and the aussie open under way down under. >> much more to come on "abc 7 news" at 11:00. see the home invasion caught on camera. stunning a homeowner literally
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11:36 pm
earth. ringling brothers and barnum & bailey circus announced they're closing for good in may. animal rights activists applauded the decision. ringling saw ticket sales decline after retiring elephants. san francisco hall is lid lit up after a day of action to try to save affordable care act. democrats are concerned about congress voted to repeal obamacare last week. president-elect trump told "the washington post" his replacement plan is nearly finished and will include healthcare for all. the president-elect will take the oath of office as leader of the free woshld on friday and his road to the white house remains rocky. richard can tu tells us about the president-elect's latest clashes. >> reporter: as donald trump enjoys one more weekend of private life -- this is what he can look forward to after taking the oath of office. thousands turned out around the country, telling trump and the republican congress not to pull the plug on obamacare. >> let's fix what can be fixed
11:37 pm
but let's not throw the line lives of tens of millions of people into jeopardy. >> reporter: bigger rallies are expected for inaugural weekend. rehearsals are going smoothly. congressman john lewis is one of at least 22 democrats boycotting the ceremony. the civil rights pioneer says he doesn't see trump as a legitimate president. >> it is deeply disappointing to me and i hope he reconsiders. >> reporter: trump taking heat for firing back at lewis. all talk, talk, talk, no action or results. >> and you're worried about a tweet that says hey, why don't you get back to work instead of questioning my legitimacy? too bad. >> reporter: the president-elect in another face off with u.s. intelligence chiefs, calling on them to apologize for circulating an unverified report that russia has compromising material on him. that got him an extraordinary parting shot from the outgoing cia director. >> what i think mr. trump has to understand is this is more than
11:38 pm
about being about him. it is about the united states and the national security. >> reporter: and the hard part starts friday. richard cantu, abc news new york. >> attorney general loretta lynch gave her final speech before leaving office at an alabama church. she focused on several issues including hate crimes on the eve of dr. martin luther king jr. birthday. >> no americans should feel threatened because of what they look like, whom they who ship or who they love. >> >> they applauded her when she talked about the need to stand up for voting rights at the church where four blacks were killed, four little girls when the ku klux klan bombed the church in 1963. facebook says it is unveiling measures to stop fake news spreading in germany months before they hold election. they announced they are partnering with an investigative media group. that company, corrective, will
11:39 pm
be facebook's ever outside fact checker. facebook faced criticism in germany for what some call an insufficient response to hate speech. germany is expected to hold a vote in september. california scored high marks in a national report that graded states in terms of enacting laws to protect animals. the animal legal defense fund ranked california fourth in the u.s. this comes after they enacted the right to rescue a law last year that protects good samaritans that break a window to rescue an animal locked inside a hot car. >> we believe animals have a great need for a voice, you know. as we saw with the right to rescue bill, you know, animals cannot survive inside of a hot car. >> california lawmakers also passed a law to give you a state tax credit if you adopt an animal from a shelter. to the home invasion caught on camera, stunning a homeowner nearly half a world away. abc news reporter ariel rusher
11:40 pm
picks up the story. >> from the moment this guy walks through the house in seattle, the homeowner at work in afghanistan dpets an alert and watches live on his cellphone the intruder stuffing a bag with electronics. meanwhile, the homeowner nearly 7,000 miles away calls his neighbor for help. you can hear him scaring the would-be burglar who took off empty handed. >> take your head off! >> burglaries happen every 20 seconds in the country and only 30% of homes have security systems. police say those with live streaming cameras like the one that captured this break-in in california and this one in utah. >> knock, knock, hello. >> reporter: are increasingly helping them. >> police kept. >> reporter: even if they aren't caught in the act, sharing these videos on social media leads to the arrests. as for the burglar in washington, he is still on the run tonight. ariel rushen, abc news new york.
11:41 pm
>> dangerous ice storms killed at least six people along the upper plains and midwest. cars are spinning out of control, unable to stop on plaque ice. tree blankes breaking under the wake of heavy ice and thousands in the dark after power outages. the slick roads are blame e9d for a 20-car pileup in kansas. it was a chain reaction with one car sliding into another. >> it was so scary, a nightmare. >> it was terrifying pause the cars kept coming and so fast. >> the nfl moved the start of the kansas city chiefs game from this morning to tonight because of icy conditions. >> in alaska tonight a daredevil is rocketing across a frozen lake with an interesting tool. this ice skater took advantage of the deep frozen lies on this lake to use a chain saw, that's what i said. to propel himself across the water. this not something you want to try at home. nintendo new console is proving to be popular. the company shofred off the switch thursday night and
11:42 pm
preorders sold out at major online retailers, amazon, best buy, game stop and walmart are currently out of stock. good news, nintendo will release more than two million by launch so more will be available by the mari lease date. it works as a game system you connect to your tv but you can unhook it and take it on the go. still ahead on "abc 7 news" at 11:00, a boy's joy. wait until you see his reaction when he gets the surprise of a lifetime. and in solidarity with his father, meet the little kid this sunday night doing whatever it takes to help his dad. >> and i'm meteorologist drew tum usa. some areas of fog out there this evening, but all eyes on
11:43 pm
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had . we have seen some touching military reunions from time to time, but one little boy in north carolina is melting hearts nationwide with his overjoyed reaction. take a look. >> what is that?
11:46 pm
>> uh-oh! >> oh! >> hey! >> i missed you so much! papa! i missed you so much. i didn't know you were the surprise! >> a ft. bragg soldier returning from deployment hid in a wrapped box to surprise his children. this is video posted on facebook. the family asked we not share their names, but the soldier's wife says her son always asked when dad was coming home and was obviously thrilled by the surprise. now to the sixth grader and the principal standing up to cancer and to bullies. abc news reporter john has more on why they're both america strong. >> jackson johnson, sixth grader from iowa before he shaved his hair off, and after. and why? because jackson's grandfather, whom he calls papa, is sick with lymphoma and be is already losing some of his hair from the
11:47 pm
chemotherapy. so jackson went in for one of these cuts and then he went to see papa. >> jackson comes in and takes his head off and said, papa, i thought we would start a new club. the emotion hover his face. >> next day when he went to school not everybody got it. >> i went to my first class and somebody walked by and said, you look like you have cancer. >> reporter: enter school principal who knows about cancer. >> my mother had cancer, my mother-in-law had cancer, i had a grandfather who didn't finish the battle against cancer. it resonated with me. >> reporter: notice he has a tight haircut too. that's because when he heard what was going on, he called an assembly and went under the razor. in fact had jackson do the job. be assured the point was made. >> he is the number one principal ever. >> reporter: now jackson's papa is next for the full head haircut as soon as he is feeling better. knowing what happened, the story of jackson's haircut has to help. john donovan, abc news.
11:48 pm
>> time for a check on the weather forecast. here is drew. >> eric, that will come wednesday. tracking dense follow, live doppler showing in the north bay santa rosa down to a quarter of mile. the afternoon is total sunshine and temperatures in mainly in the mid to upper 50s. storm impact scale, wednesday two. a moderate storm and scattered downpour. winds turn gust erie in the evening. power outages, mad rat impact. even hydro plaining for evening rush could be likely. wednesday, that storm door opens and continues into thursday, into friday morning, rain to showers. saturday more showers, even sunday rain and wind return late. by monday and tuesday prepare to get the rain gear back out. >> never put it away. drew, thanks a lot. >> i'm putting my golf clubs away until march. >> you should. >> how about a little
11:49 pm
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. abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> we can't get enough of this warriors cavaliers rivalry the past few years. they shared the larry o'brien trophy with the doves winning two years ago and the cavs winning three straight to grab it last year. the cavs own the warriors of straight, straight wins including christmas day in cleveland. big physical teams like the cavaliers give the doves trouble. this will be a good mid season gauge for the warriors. >> we are looking forward to the game like i'm sure they are. what it means long term, probably not a whole lot, but it is a good matchup and it is a team that beat us last year in the finals. so, yeah, it means something. >> all right. the cavaliers recently added
11:53 pm
three point sharp shooter kyle korner. he could be an x factor in the playoffs. he struggled in the games with cleveland which is understandable, but threw down 18 points against the kings friday night and starting to fit in. >> first games, i didn't know what i was doing the first couple of games and it was a little rough. but have a game where the ball seemed to move pretty good. so we have a ways to go before we're comfortable with each other all the way, but, you know, definitely a step in the right direction. >> 13th ranked sanford in colorado. cardinals woke up in the third. family three of her 20. britney mcfee added 18. sanford 11 of 20 from three point range to win 84-70. 995th career win as a coach. utah in salt lake city. 15 points for the utes who were up 12 with four naf to go.
11:54 pm
kristine inegwe. courtney range the jumper. down two with 25 second left. cal with the turnover. upset by the utes 63-57 that final. last night the sharks were shutout by the blues with the worst road record in the league. trailed two nothing when joe thornton got ejected for spearing. now he weights to hear from the league whether he is fined and/or suspended. sharks showed no fight which the coach was not happy about. >> doesn't matter who is in or out. we need to do a better job, especially the second half. the four check disappeared a little bit and really doesn't matter what happens throughout the game, you got to keep -- stay on the attack. >> flying around to the sony op in beautiful honolulu. shot of the day, chez reavie.
11:55 pm
he finished tied for eighth at 16 under. but the week belonged to justin thomas, shot 59 on first day, 64 on day two. lowest 36-hole total in pga tour history. finished with back-to-back 5-under 65s to set a tour record, winning by seven strokes at 27 under. collects a nice little$.1 million paycheck. he is the player to watch in 2017. more golf, the latin american amateur championship, he immediated that par and misses to right. he would get into a playoff with ortiz. 2nd hole, he sticks it next to the hole. gana wins the tournament and gets an invite to the masters. the australian open under way, down under with jokovich and curver the defending champions in first major of the season. venus starting the tournament against cost loaf ah. first set williams needing all
11:56 pm
6'1" inches to reach for the ball not once but twice. she would take the first set 7-. second set deadlocked. venous able to break serve. she didn't have a chance to serve for the match. same way, this time with forehand. venus advances to second round with a straight second victory. american cocoa vander way fighting heat and illness taking on 15 seed roberta of italy. vander way attacks that and gets the easy winner. now match point for the american. after a short rally, with the unforced error. vander way collapses to the ground in excitement and exhaustion. she limps away to the second round, straight set victory. top seed for the men andy murray advances with a straight said victory. this abc7 sports report brought to you by river rock casino. two more weeks of great tennis down under and final four in the nfl season and of course the
11:57 pm
warriors/cavs coming up. the warriors have to get a win over the cavs. you make five straight, they start to get in your head and these two might be in the finals again this year. but four straight, and this is first time the cavaliers have been back to oracle since they won game seven at oracle last year for the title. >> this is a big deal, and one of us will be there. guess which one. that is it for tonight. i'm eric thomas. "abc 7 news" continues tomorrow morning at 4:30. have a great evening and a better morning. we'll see you later. go warriors! . tadirectv now. stream all your entertainment! anywhere! anytime! can we lose the 'all'.
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