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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  January 16, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PST

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2:00 a.m. police resnded to the address many times. about 700 calls linked to the business since 2012. from everything starting with disorderly conduct to an assault on a police officer. there was also a deadly shooting outside crogan's last summer. brown was shot and killed in august after getting into an argument. while a lot of patrons are sad to see crogan's go, neighboring business owners are relieved. >> we've had troubles at crogan's. signs have been broken and beer bottles and things like that in front of my studio. it's going to be really nice not to have that. >> crogan's announced on a facebook invite it is holding a farewell celebration next sunday. the city made it clear it has specific ideas for what walnut creek should be and crogan's no longer fits the narrative. the party starts at
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>> thank you. the chp is hoping you can help them track down the person who opened fire on another car in the east bay. two men in a black mercedes were shot at on southbound 242 in concord around 5:00 yesterday. the driver was hurt. the other was not. at least five bullet holes can be seen on the car. police say they have little to go on, and they need the public's help. >> we always get there after the fact, but everybody that's out there, you guys are our eyes and our ears. we need to get these people out of the streets that are causing these crimes -- that are doing these crimes and taking people's lives. >> the driver is in the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. his passenger were taken in for more questioning. there have been almost 40 shootings on bay area freeways in the past year and a half. a deputy is out of a job and facing five counts of attempted murder after firing his gun
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inside of a house party. 23-year-old roland is being held without bail in the sacramento jail this morning. arrested early friday. no one was hurt. by the time they got there, he was being retrained by other people at the party. he'd just joined the contra costa county sheriff's office. he was fired over the weekend. roland is well-known amongst sacramento's music community. a woman was heard screaming and seen possibly kidnapped. the neighbor said it happened yesterday afternoon near durham road and topaz way. a woman's legs were sticking out of a black sedan before it sped off. surveillance videos were checked and didn't find anything that covered the location. police are issuing a warning as a precaution. breaking news out of the middle east this morning.
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>> a cargo plane crashed and killed more than 30 people. jessica has more from the live desk. >> we are just getting these new images in of the plane crash. a turkish plane crashed, killing at least 37 people. it crashed in a village near the country's main airport, destroying homes. many were taken to the hospital, including six kids. right now, officials are working to nail down the cause of the crash. pilot error and poor visibility are being considered. i'll track this story and bring you new images as we get those in, as well. back to you. >> jessica, thank you. during his last weekend before becoming the leader of the free world, president-elect donald trump was swinging against criticism from all corners. fighting with intelligence chiefs, even a civil right s icon. >> reporter: it is martin luther
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king day and the president-elect is fighting with a civil rights leader. >> it's not right. >> john lewis told "meet the press" he didn't see president-elect donald trump as a, quote, legitimate president. >> i don't plan to attend inauguration. it would be the first one i miss. since i've been in congress. >> reporter: trump called lewis, all talk, talk, talk, no action or results. lewis risked life and limb to bring civil rights change to america. now, at least 24 democratic members of congress say they will not attend inauguration. many citing mr. trump's words against mr. lewis as their motivation. lewis is just one of several targets of mr. trump's ire over the weekend. >> i think mr. trump has to understand that this is more than being about him. it is about the united states. national security. >> reporter: after cia director brennan's critiques on fox, mr. trump said, was this the leaker of fake news? >> vice-president pence said mr. trump has a right to defend
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himself on twitter and the number of protesters has increased. from 200,000 to 400,000. abc news, washington. dan ashley will be in washington, d.c. on thursday and friday with live reports on president-elect trump's inauguration. president obama is reflecting on how he has changed over the past eight years. during his last tv interview before leaving office, mr. obama said he never tried to lose touch with the people. >> one of the things you worry about when you're in the bubble, and there's all this pomp and circumstance and hail to the chief, is do you lose touch with what you thought was important and what brought you here? and i'm proud that i don't think i have lost touch. >> the president says among his most prized mementos is a bust of martin luther king jr. and a framed program from the march of washington. americans commemorate what would have been martin luther
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king jr.'s 88th birthday. the iconic civil rights leader can be honored for his contributions to the country and the world. many will use today as a day of service. president obama is encouraging americans to observe the federal holiday by coming together and helping their neighborhood and community. government offices and the u.s. stock market will be closed today. dr. king's actual birthday was yesterday, but the holiday falls on the third monday in january. >> a tradition will roll from the south bayfrancisco. the freedom train will leave at 9:45 this morning and arrive in san francisco at 11:00, where passengers will join the mile and a half march to the annual king day celebration. all the free tickets to the celebration train have been handed out. we have a list of other king day events today on the website, >> great day to visit owe myosei
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in honor of the holiday. national parks are free today. there are 412 in the u.s., including 27 here in california. today is one of ten days this year that entrance fees will be waved. the next will be february 20th, presidents' day. the manager of san francisco's iconic sports bar will announce its closing. the news has been public since last week. february 3rd is going to be the last day. that is when the lease runs out. management is in a dispute with the landlord over who owns lefties. the landlord says he owns it and everything inside, including the baseball memorabilia. the lefty's manager says he owns the trademark to the name, the mix and the memorabilia. both plan to open it on a different location. >> announcer: now, your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> start with san francisco. we've got glen park at 42.
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mission, castro, sunny side and marina, 43. if you're coming in to the financial district, why, because nothing is open, but i thought i'd mention it is 44 there. 45 in richmond. 36 right now in santa clara. also, saratoga, 35. walnut creek dropped down to 34. 38 in pleasanton. here's a look at san rafael. darn it. the camera was working well awhile ago. fog and frost possible on the roads. on the water, light but going green. the high temperatures from above, 55 in half-moon bay. san francisco, 56. 59 in oakland. san jose and up to santa rosa. as we move through the next couple days, temperatures will stay in the mid to upper 50s. even reaching 60 in the south bay before we get to wednesday. that's when our next storm comes in. guess what? we'll look at that in a few minutes.
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stick around for that and sue, here for alexis. >> thank you. mike, it is going great. quiet in the traffic center as you might expect on a holiday. looking at the san matteo bridge, 14 minute drive from hayward to the foster city side of things. no problems there. drive times are light. airport from san francisco, not bad. 101 to the san jose is great, all in the green. one problem, westbound 37 is flooded. the lanes will hopefully reopen. westbound is diverted off at atherton. eastbound lanes are all open. >> thank you, sue. coming up, the 49ers interview another candidate for head coach. why this familiar face is drawing fire from the niners faithful. also, the powerful storms a week ago caused tens of thousands of dollars in damage to local recreation areas. there is a silver lining.
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>> 4:39, here's a live look at the martin luther king jr. memorial in washington, d.c. later this morning, there will be a ceremony honoring dr. king and his fight for civil rights. and his fight for civil rights. later to
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>> announcer: breaking news from the live desk. the live desk. >> this time out of
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carmen. at least four people dead and nine hurt. this is some of the first images from the scene. just came in minute ago to the live desk. the shooting happened at the blue parrot club, where the edm festival was held. you see people in the video running at full sprint after shots rang out at the club. we know a lot of the attendees were from overseas and there are likely americans who attended the party. the situation is still fluid. we're getting new information in. i'll have updates as soon as we get them. reggie and natasha? san francisco police were investigating a crash between the three-wheel go cart and a toyota sedan. it happened yesterday afternoon at 24th and south two people in the go cart had minor injuries. they were thrown from the vehicle.
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tourists often rent them and take a guided audio tour of san francisco. the latest person to interview for the niners head coaching job is a familiar face and one a lot of bay area football fans would rather forget. tom cable. former raiders coach and current seahawks offensive line coach interviewed for the job yesterday. cable coached the raiders to a miserable record from 2007 to 2010. plus, he broke the jaw of an assistant in a fistfight. and was accused by three women of physical abuse. ceo jed york talked about winning with class on the same day he fired the head coach and general manager. 4:44 now. the cleveland cavaliers will return to the bay area tonight for another chapter in the biggest rivalry in the nba. now, it is true, the warriors have lost the last four times the two teams have met, including christmas day in cleveland. well, the warriors hope to change that trend tonight at oracle. big, physical teams like the cavs give the dubs trouble
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historically. this will be a good mid-season test for the warriors. >> we're looking forward to the game, just like i'm sure they are. what it means long term, probably not a whole lot, but it is a good matchup. and a team that beat us last year in the finals. yeah, it means something. >> neither team had a game over the weekend, so hopefully, that means everyone will be mentally and physically prepared for tonight's showdown. >> warriors fans, do not forget today is the last day to dub the vote for the all-star game. the last day to vote for players for the all-star the warriors have curry, thompson, green and durant. >> do any of them look like that? >> i'm not sure i would be flattered about that picture. if you want to cast a vote, look for the link. you have until 9:00 tonight. circus performers in the bay area are
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brothers barnum and bailey circus will be closing down. >> there is going to be an appetite for seeing people do unbelievable things in the flesh. >> abc 7 news was at the circus center in san francisco where people train to be in circus acts. performers say going to the circus is a tradition for a lot of families and they're sorry that is willing lost. they also see it as a sign of the times. after dropping ticket sales and the backlash over its treatment of animals. it retired the elephants last year and after that, it became harder to attract audiences. >> people are moving to a world where we want to see all animals, whether in a circus, in a zoo, we want to see the animals treated the same way we'd like to see our own dogs and cats. >> animal rights activists are applauding the decision. performers say other circus shows like cirque du soleil will continue to thrive. a storm is blamed for nine
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deaths in the country's midsection. missouri, arkansas, kansas and oklahoma the last few days. heavy ice knocked out power to thousands of people. icy roads caused a 20-car pileup in wichita, kansas. >> it was scary. it was like a nightmare. >> terrifying, really. because the cars kept coming and they were so fast. >> well, this system triggered thunderstorms across the south. the storm is moving now to the northeast. it is expected to hit new york and massachusetts by wednesday. all the wet weather in northern california is going to bring a spectacular spring. according to the bay area newsgroup, visitors should expect to see amazing waterfalls, bubbling creeks, carpets of wildflowers and lush grass. liv livermore remains a muddy mess. livermore remains a muddy mess. rain flooded beaches,
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may cause thousands to restore the beaches. let's get to mike nicco. the rain isn't done with us. more on the way. >> three storms coming our way. they're a couple of days away. we'll get through today and tomorrow quietly, other than fog on there. you can see the cloud cover overlayed. it is not completely clear everywhere, but where it is, temperatures are dropping like a rock. in sam francisco, low to mid 40s. milder in the next few days. storm pattern develops wednesday and lingering throughout the weekend. we're not going to get off at dry and sunny as we did this past weekend. wednesday is when the heaviest storms move in, at least for the first round, especially during the evening hours with gusty winds and potentially heavy rainfall. wednesday morning at 7:00, you see it is mainly cloudy for the morning commute. as we head towards noon, you see rain start to move in. the yellows and the oranges take over in the north bay at 5:00
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and spread by the evening hours. by midnight, most of that is finished and then we'll have light showers for thursday. 9:0 0 in the morning. 2/3 of an inch around the bay. more than an inch up in the mountains. that puts the storm squarely at a two and leftover showers thursday. another moderate storm on friday. leftover showers on saturday. possibly a moderate to strong storm on sundays. seven days away. the first round of rain comes in wednesday. hi, sue. good morning. hello, everyone. light in the abc 7 traffic center this morning. let's take a live look at san rafael. south and northbound 101. north atherton remains the sell pracelebration train l 9:45 this morning. headed to palo alto, san mateo
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and san francisco. the streets may be temporarily blocked with folks celebrating martin luther king day. we'll check back at the other mass transit options coming up. a peninsula community is fighting back. the competing plans to replace a closed ice rink lost to development. also, the training exercise in the sierra everyone hopes won't be a reality any time soon. a burglar caught on camera as a stunned homeowner watches halfway around the world. what he did to scare that crook away. first, the tech bites. >> one of the biggest failures in tech history. >> samsung blames faulty batteries for fires in some of the galaxy phones. >> the recall cost samsung $19 billion. the next phone, the galaxy s8 will launch this year. the wireless carriers expect a flood of activity during the inauguration and are bringing in the most advanced. >> they're known as cells on
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wheels. they'll boost the cell capacity by 400% or more in the d.c. area. pbs launching a 24/7 kids network. >> parents like myself thanking you. pbs has sesame street in addition to new shows and movies dedicated to children. it'll live stream, as well. lots of curious george for the kids. kids. >> and then
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welcome back. more than a dozen horses are on their cross county odyssey, heading from the san joaquin valley to washington, d.c. for the inauguration of president-elect donald trump. members of the county sheriff's posse practiced at home for the last time over the weekend. 14 riders will be flying east tomorrow to meet up with their horses. the merced county sheriff hope to raise $24,000 for transporting the horses by hand. community members donated more than $80,000. >> we're very excite and had honored to go. very proud in the fact we get to showcase merced county. i may sound gushy but i love the county. >> i'm hoping everybody goes, that's our posse. >> they want to point out that the posse plan to be in friday's parade, no matter who was elected president. tomorrow, a city council is considering a proposal for something we don't a lot of in the bay area. an ice rink. members will hear public
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comments. this is video of the bridge point ice rink which shut down in 2013. a developer wanted to replace it with retail shops. an impassioned appeal by ice rink supporters swayed the counc council. this is not video of the ice rink. it was indoor. these are outside temporarily. any case, the proposed new skating facility includes two ice rinks, locker rooms, a training center, restaurant and parking. there is a competing proposal for a golf entertainment attraction, complete with 102 hitting bays, a restaurant, bar and pool tables, which has nothing to do with her falling down. it is always funny to watch people falling when they ice skate. >> true. 4:55. one resort is turning to man's best friend to protect skiers and snowborders. north star resort in truckee sharing the video. bandit the dog is doing a practice avalanche rescue yesterday. he pulled out an instructor
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successfully. it was part of national safety awareness month. we wake up wednesday morning and it is going to be breezy. 10 to 20-mile-per-hour winds. toward 2:00, 3:00, that's when we get to the 25 to 35. potential damage range. we'll stay there through about 8:00. then it will taper. rainfall amounts, we're looking at possibly about three to five inches out of this system by the time we get to sunday. today is quiet across the state. 30s in the mountains. 50s in the valleys. 60s down south. as we look at your seven-day forecast, a lot of snow starting wednesday through sunday in the sierra. sue? let's look at your mass transit options this holiday. we have ace train running trains three and five. bart doesn't start until 6:00 and they're running on a modified saturday schedule today, which means trains are further apart, 20 minutes apart. and the ferries will be running on the expanded holiday schedule, as well. you can check that out on our --
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tweeted that out @sue hall traffic. check that out, as well. >> sue, thank you. live streaming security camera helped a homeowner foil a break-in at his house though he was half a world away. this happened in seattle. you can see an intruder walk through the door. the homeowner at work in afghanistan, 7,000 miles away, got an alert and started watching it live on his cell phone. as the would-be burglar stuffs a bag full of electronics, the homeowner called a neighbor who scared the man off. >> [ bleep ]. >> i'll take your head off! >> that is a good neighbor. >> whoa! >> fbi statistics show burglaries happen every 20 seconds in this country. only 30% of homes have security systems. police say those with live streaming cameras are helping them catch crooks. >> make friends with the neighbors. >> i know. san francisco mayor blasted
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president-elect trump's proposal for a muslim registry. the action the mayor wants city hall to take to fight him. thousands in support of obamacare. the fight they're vowing to take to republicans in washington. coming in, new information on the world's richest men. on the world's richest men. and some of what they're
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>> announcer: good morning, pay area. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. 5:00 a.m. good morning on this monday, january 16th, mlk day. i'm reggie aqui. >> i'm natasha


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