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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  January 16, 2017 11:00am-11:31am PST

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that guy. figures. try new very berry cheerios. the taste of real fruit in every bite. so berry good. under arrest. the fbi takes the bay area wife of the orlando nightclub shooter into custody. and now we're getting clues about her possible role in the nation's deadliest mass shooting. i'm natasha zouves. >> and i'm reggie aqui. seven months since the shooter addaied but no one has been arrested until today in contra costa county. jessica castro is here with the charges. >> reporter: noor salman was arrested just after 8:00 and being held at the santa rita jail in alameda county. she was taken into custody at her mother's house where she was
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living with her young son and this video was obtained last may when they first searched the home. she faced two federal charges, obstruction of justice and aiding and abetting his attempted provision of material support to a foreign terrorist organization. matt eep ween was killed at the nightclub that killed 49 people. a neighbor in rodeo described this morning's arrest to abc 7 news. >> i woke up with the commotions of the dogs, my dog was barking and i didn't get out to see. but i was able to hear people walking around, cars pulling over but i didn't see anything. i didn't even open my windows to see what was going on. so we just realized something happened after we turned on the tv. >> reporter: meanwhile orlando police released this statement a short time ago. federal authorities have been working tirelessly on this case for more than seven months and we're grateful that they have seen it to it that some measure
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of justice will be served in this act of terror that has affected our community so deeply. and she'll appear in a federal courthouse in oakland tomorrow morning at 9:30 a.m. jessica castro, abc 7 news. >> thank you. turning to another big story, officers are asking for the public's help after another freeway shooting. this time a gunman fired at a black mercedes, hurting a man inside. for more we go to alyssa harrington live in concord. >> reporter: well, natasha, that person who was shot was taken to the hospital but is expected to be okay. people who live and work around here are worried about all of the freeway shootings, they don't want to see somebody else get killed. bullet holes cover a black mercedes after someone opened fire on an east bay freeway on sunday evening. two men were inside of the car. the driver was hurt. the vehicle was moving when it was peppered with bullets traveling southbound on highway 242 in concord just after 5:00
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p.m. >> one victim had been shot with a nonlife-threatening injury. >> reporter: the pair pulled off to a valero gas station to get help. al gomez worked down the street and said the rash of freeway shootings has him on high alert. >> i am more alert. i just watch my surroundings and paid more attention to the road and -- but it is a concerning thing. it is happening a lot, too frequently, actually. >> reporter: there are been 40 shootings on bay area freeways in the last year and a half. now chp hope the public can help track down the people responsible. >> we always get there after the fak. but everybody that is out there, you guys are our eyes and you guys are our ears. we need to get these people out of the streets that are causing these crimes, that are doing those crimes and taking people's lives. >> reporter: the investigation shut down southbound lanes of 242 overnight from highway 4 to solano way. it is unknown if this was random or if the men were targeted. officers say that shooter could have been in another car or could have been on foot,
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shooting from the side of the highway. anyone with information is asked to give the california highway patrol a call. reporting live in concord, abc 7 news. the chp is investigating a second freeway shooting in el cerrito after yesterday morning alo along 50i 80 westbound at carlson. people are cooperating with the investigation and they are still hoping witnesses are coming forward. a contra costa sheriff's deputy is out of a job and facing five counts of attempted murder after firing his gun inside of a house party. 23-year-old kyle roland is being held without bail in sacramento. he was arrested early on friday. now police say no one was hurt and by the time they arrived he was being restrained by other people at the party and you could see the injuries to his face. he just joined the contra costa county sheriff's office in october and was still on probationary status. the department announced he was
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fired over the weekend. roland is also well-known in sacramento music community as lead singer in the kyle roland blues band. a long time bar is closing after a series of public complaints. police say no other bar has a call for service than croagan's sports bar and grill and they include disorderly conduct and assault on a police officer. a man was shot and killed shortly after leaving the bar. the yoga studio next door -- >> it is a real nuisance. i've had been sign broken, and just the shouting and the yelling and the bottles and things like that in front of my studio. >> city officials recently ordered the bar to stop serving alcohol at midnight instead of the usual 2:00 a.m. the bar's owner say they are heartbroken and feel forced to close after 39 years. they sent out this facebook invite, they're going to have a farewell party on sunday.
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it felt like a brief reprieve. we're back on storm watch even though some areas are recovering from the last round of wet weather. highway 37 in novato is still closed between 101 and atherton because of flooding in the roadway. want to show you new video posted over the weekend by chp marin. the highway has since -- or rather been closed since wednesday. caltrans crews are working to pump the water out but so far they've only been able to open one eastbound lane. let's talk more about that storm watch. we have today and tomorrow to get ready for the next round of rain. let me show them to you. the next seven days, starting tomorrow all the way through mond, a 2, a 1, a 2, a 1 and then we'll have a moderate and then followed by a light and moderate and then followed by light to moderate and bringing us light to moderate heavy rain. on wednesday afternoon into the evening hours, with moderate to
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heavy downpours. gusty winds. and rainfall that could get up to two-thirds of an inch around the bay. one to three in the mountains. but look what happens by monday. we could have four to five inches of rain. another soaking on the way. i'll tell you what that means for ponding on the roadways and the possibility of streams flooding. >> president-elect trump is four days away from being sworn in at the nation's 45th president and he's currently engaged in a war of words with the intelligence community and a civil rights icon. stephanie ramos has the details now from washington. >> reporter: on this martin luther king jr. day, the feud between president-elect donald trump and the civil rights icon continues. >> i think the russians participated in helping this man get elected. and they have destroyed the
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candidacy of hillary clinton. >> reporter: trump firing back on twitter saying, lewis is all talk, talk, talk, no action. the barrage of trump tweets stirring up bipartisan support for lewis. a civil rights leader who became nationally known for his prominent role in the selma to montgomery marches in the 1960s. fighting for civil rights alongside martin luther king jr. lewis is now leading a new movement among democrats in congress. >> i don't plan to attend the inauguration. it will be the first one that i miss since i've fln been in congress. >> reporter: now 27 democrats will also skill out on the inauguration. but over the weekend trump shifting his attention to the cia after these comments from cia director john brennan about the russia's hack into the 2016 presidential election. >> what i think mr. trump has to understand is that this is more than being about him. and it is about the united states and national security. >> reporter: trump tweeting, quote, was this the leaker of fake news. and he tells "the washington
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post" he's finalizing a plan to provide health insurance for everyone. as we are just days away from his inauguration. nearly a million visitors are expected to pack d.c. for trump's swearing in. many of them staying for a planned women's march on saturday in protest. stephanie ramos, abc news, washington. and abc 7 news averagear dan ashley will be in washington, d.c. on thursday and friday with live reports on president-elect trump's inauguration. and any second now hundreds of passengers will arrive by train into san francisco with one mission and that is to honor dr. martin luther king jr. >> lonnie rivera spoke with the participants as they boarded the train this morning in san jose. good morning. >> reporter: yes, natasha and reggie, it was once called the freedom train and now known as the celebration train. it's a way to remember dr. martin luther king's legacy. >> he stopped segregation. >> he let us have freedom. >> we live in peace.
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>> before they hop aboard the celebration train, the youngest passengers are happy to share what they know about mlk's legacy. aust aust austin davenport even had a speech. >> i have a dream, martin luther king and we're going to make that dream come true. >> reporter: it is a day off from school but their grandmother makes sure this day is a fun filled lesson. >> i have free to go where i want and vote and educate me and my children and we could celebrate and be part of a community of people. >> reporter: they brought signs and fun toys to keep the young people busy during their ride. this year's controversial presidential election motivated her to show up. >> i don't know what else to do and i don't want to be involved with negative politics or negative protesting and this isn't negative. this is positive. >> the celebration train is a partnership between cal train and the nor cal mlk association.
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this line is headed to san francisco to enjoy the annual celebration of doctor king's legacy. >> he was a great leader and someone to always respect. >> reporter: the free commemorative tickets take passengers from san jose with two stops in san mateo and palo alto before its final destination, san francisco. >> all 1400 tickets were given away and those folks looking to get back to their destinations. they could use the tickets for free. live in san jose, lonnie rivera, abc 7 news. >> great event. thank you. and in honor of mlk day, national parks are free today. there are 27 in california, including several here locally like mirror woods, yosemite or the san francisco maritime museum. today is one of ten days this year that entrance fees will be waived. the next is february 20th which is presidents' day. next at 11:00, the final stop for one big top. circus leaders giving us new insight on to
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if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424. or visit developing news from mexico, gunfire erupted outside of a nightclub on the youkan peninsula killing five people and wounding several others including four americans. who of the purt are identified as a man from new york and texas. the other two home towns have not been released. you are looking at video taken moments after the shooting in the resort down of playa del
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carmen. three security guards died protecting the patrons attending a musical festival. police are looking for the gunman and they believe he acted alone. and you are looking now at drone video from kurzig stan after a turkish cargo plane crashed into a small village. 37 people were killed as it tried to land at a nearby airport and caught fire. the local officials believe most of the dead were people in the village. the jumbo jet was making a stop in the central asian nation during a journey from istanbul to hong kong. new details on the end of an era for the greatest show on earth. ringling brothers and barnum and bailey circus will drop the curtain after nearly 150 years. now the company is explaining why. >> ringling brothers and barnum and bailey. >> the show will not go on. an american institution calling it quits after 146 years. >> of course we're sad. and it was a very difficult
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decision to make. >> the three-ring circus first thrilled audiences in the 1800s and tried to stay relevant. casting the first african-american ring master in a major u.s. circus in 1999, then the first female ring master, just last month. but nonstop battles with animal rights groups led to the show removing the star elephants, eventually retiring them in 2016. >> after we retired the elephants from the touring units, we saw a much steeper drop in sales. >> reporter: the company now announcing declining attendance and high operating costs are among the reasons for making the big decision. >> we are so glad that this is finally coming to an end. >> reporter: animal rights groups are claiming victory. in recent years the human acts also came under scrutiny after this 2014 stunt went terribly wrong injuring eight performers and last year a bmx routine ended with one rider rushed to the hospital. even still, some long time
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circus--goers say they are disappointed. >> no, that is not right. they can't do that to the little kids. >> this is a part of americana that is gone. >> there are just 30 more performances to go. the final show is set for may 21st. up next, we are back on storm watch. can you believe it? especially when you look outside right now. it looks like that couldn't possibly be happening. but, indeed, it is. mike is tracking the next round of storms. find out when it is going to rain where you live in his full
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hello again. i thought we would open the weather window and see where the
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fog went to. now it is just a little bit of haze on the mt. tamalpais camera and that way for the better part of the day with mild highs this afternoon. a stormy pattern developing on wednesday and three storms before it wraps up on monday. and the fog still hanging out as i have the cloud layer on live doppler 7 but no snow radar returns. it is bone dry outside -- outside of that fog. look at the tuly fog in the central valley. the white not moving in the mountains. that is the tens of feet up there right now. we have 50 in concord and also in napa. some of the warm spots, half moon bay 54 and the rest in the mid to upper 40s if you are heading out, the sun makes it feel warmer. we have about 55 to 59 the range as we head into the afternoon hours. here is a look at san jose. where the train began this morning. the celebration train. under foggy conditions. but now turning out to be sunny. so the fog fading everywhere by 2:00. low to mid-50s and in the low to mid-50s withtonal temperatures and sunshine at 4:00 but we
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quickly cool into the mid to upper 40s by 6:00 and after the sun sets at 5:00, about 5:16 and then chilly with temperatures in the mid-40s. and fog once again and high clouds starting to roam in. so tomorrow cloud cover but not as cold as this morning. a lot of low to upper 40s. jumping ahead to saturday morning at 7:00 and moderate rain. to cloverdale and short lived and then in the afternoon you could see the yellow and oranges start to roll in and stay in the north bay until 4:00 and then it starts to overtake all of us during the evening commute with a heaviest at 7:00 through about 10:00 and then we turn over to scattered lighter showers and that is why we go from a 2 to a 1 wednesday into thursday. wednesday morning, we have a coating of wetness on most of the roads. it won't be a lot, but slick. and look at the heavier stuff move in, two-thirds around the bay where you see green that is
11:22 am
in the least an inch to an inch and a half and down the santa cruz mountains to nearly two inches up in the north bay. at the same time, gusty winds from 2:00 wednesday and peaking at about 7:00 wednesday. that is when we coud have some damage once again, some power outages and some trees shaken from their foundation. now as far as the seven-day forecast in tahoe, it is all snow wednesday through sunday while ours is all rain wednesday through sunday. temperatures in the 50s. but once it comes in, it will remain wet all throughout that time. get ready for a long commute. >> seriously inconvenient. it really just is. >> it is messing with our lives. >> it comes in at three and it takes six to seven days. >> and here is the thing. has there been enough time elapsed since the last storm that the ground is not so saturated. >> the evaporation rate is almost nonexistent so we'll have hydro problems each time the moderate to heavy rain rolls in, during
11:23 am
the evening commute on wednesday. >> here we go again. >> thank you. the cavaliers return for another chapter in the biggest rivalry in the nba. >> so it is true, they have lost the last time they met, including on christmas day in cleveland and the warriors hope to change that tonight. they both had the weekend to rest so tonight's game should be a good one. and warriors fans don't forget today is the last day to dub the vote for the all-star game. it is the last day to vote for players for the all-star squad. the warriors have four candidates and you'll notice them from the extremely accurate depictions. steph curry, klay thompson and durant and green. and to cast your vote log on to and look for the link. and you have until 9:00 p.m. well an unbelievable sight that may have you asking, is this real. >> where this giant beast is
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how would you respond to a giant alligator crossed right in front of you. >> not well. well take a look at this one. something straight out of jurassic park. kim joinner said this is the real deal. she spotted this animal making its way around this giant nature reserve in florida. people on social media losing
11:27 am
their minds over this massive gator. >> i wouldn't be that close. someone said it looks like a dinosaur, but he is moving very slowly and intent on doing whatever his business is. so do you, mr. alligator. >> have a great day. thank you for joining us. >> have a good one. >> i hope he always moves that slow. >> with people around. >> holy cow!
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>> hey, everybody, welcome to getaway week. our contestants are here because there's someone in their life who could really use a break, and they're hoping to win enough cash to send them on the vacation of a lifetime. so don't you move. from bally's las vegas, it's time to play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] ♪ welcome to the show, everybody. it's getaway week on "who wants to be a millionaire." today's getaway contestant wants to thank his parents for all that they have done for him. from my hometown of dallas, texas, please welcome reza zamanian. how you doing, reza? how you doing? good to see you. a dallas boy. >> you got it. >> i already like you. >> thank you. >> welcome to "millionaire." >> it's great to be here


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