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tv   ABC 7 News at 6  ABC  January 16, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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>> so far another six from southern california will not attend. which makes at least 10 out of california's 53 representatives skipping the inauguration. abc 7 news reporter, laura anthony is live after talking with local politicians about why they're not or are going. >> reporter: at last count there were more than 30 congress people across the country who would not attend the inauguration this friday. and nearly a third of those are from california. but so far here and across the country none are senators. >> he said over and over again we, have a moral obligation to do what is right to speak out. >> reporter: in her home district to celebrate the legacy of martin luther king jr., barbara lee invoked the word of the great civil rights leader to explain why she will not attend the inauguration of president-elect donald trump. >> i have a duty and responsibility to call it like it is. and that has nothing to do with
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respecting the office of the presidency. i just can't not celebrate in good conscience. >> prnlly quick to follow. >> the thing that bothers me most about him his constant attack on american common decency, conservative, liberal, republican, democrat, i always thought americans had this desire to see people particularly elected office to be decent. when i know something deeply wrong is going on with our country, i need to send a positive message. so i have decide to be here in my district. >> he will be there to see trump sworn in. >> i think it is a personal choice. i am at this point, i intend to go. but i really understand and respect my colleague whose are choosing not to. >> new u.s. senator caramela harris confirmed she will be there. dianne feinstein has yet to commit. so far, no u.s. senators have announced they will not be attending the formal transition
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to the trump presidency. in walnut creek, laura anthony, abc 7 news. i will be in washington, d.c. thursday and friday with live reports on president-elect trump's in august wags, hope you can join us for that. >> in oakland many people carried anti-donald trump signs to a march honoring dr. martin luther king jr. sky 7 above when one group took over a park. organizers said they were reclaiming it for the community. marchers are nervous about the country's future. >> i have been active since 1968, and the height of the vietnam war, i never felt as frightened about democracy and our country and the world than i am right now with the demagogue that is going to be president of the united states. >> hundred celebrated the message of dr. king and the peaceful methods he used in pushing for change and the progress that he made. >> today also a day to celebrate king's legacy and that's what riders on board the celebration train from san jose to san francisco focused on.
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abc 7 news reporter live from where it all cam together. hi, lyanne. >> last year the mayor of san francisco, ed lee was booed off the stage. this year that didn't happen. it was a more peaceful event with people instead focusing on their hopes for the future of this country. waiting for the celebration train to arrive, people at the san mateo station used their voices to honor the late martin luther king. inside spiritual hymns carried the many on board. everyone came with a purpose and most everyone left with a lesson learned about the many teachings of the late civil rights leader. >> i want my children to know that they have a voice. they have a strong, huge voice they need to tell people. >> i am mostly worried about my health and education. i really want that to prosper and i don't want anyone to take that away. >> last stop, san francisco,
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where they were joined by others in a march for freedom. this year, a divided nation and how to come together in these trying times was on everyone's mind. >> i felt like we are marching because it unifies us as a community within san francisco. i feel like it is a good way to be part of the community. >> the last election, with the racism and women's rights being attack ford me personally. i want to make sure that i was counted. >> he made it so everyone would come together. black and white. >> a dream that many say has the yet to be achieved. in san francisco, lyanne melendez, ax 7 nebc 7 news. mayor ed lee and congresswoman nancy pelosi urged the crowd to fight for health care and civil rights. labor leader, dolores juerta honored for her fight for worker
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protections. dr. king's enduring message one of unity. we saw that embodied in san jose. abc 7 news reporter, live at the saba islamic center in san jose with the story. david. >> reporter: a big effort by the vatican and church leaders to get muslims and catholics to talk to each other. it is being held at events like what happened this afternoon at this mosque in san jose. the belief is that by getting people to talk to each other, common bonds will emerge. it began symbolically with a march. catholics arriving at the islamic center, to show respect and forge unity with muslims. >> we see this as very much rooted in dr. king. not rooted in politics. rooted in mutual belief of both of our religions speak about unity of human kind, friendship, understanding and dialogue. >> the hope is that going forward, there can be common ground when issues threatened to divide the country. >> we promote friendship, unity, and promote our differences as
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well. right, promote our differences that we are able to come together despite our differences. >> both muslim and catholic spiritual leaders pledged to hold quarterly meet gds to find common ground on social issues. recognizing this is an ongoing process not a one-time event. larry sullivan who is catholic said the gathering gave him a new perspective. >> i think it makes us reflect on -- on the diversity of our country and yet at the same tie we have many common beliefs and many common values. >> after the formal program, catholics and muslims were encouraged to engage in conversation and get to know each other. >> i felt that people -- catholic they are very, they, they understood what we are. >> the two faiths pray in different ways and have different tradition and belief. there is a sense that working together will make the fabric of american society stronger. in san jose, david louie, abc 7
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news. to isn't just a day off for many people. it is also a day on. abc 7 news reporter, jonathan bloom will show us what a difference the day made in richmond at 6:30. we have dedicated a page of our website to martin luther king jr. day. highlighting local events and dr. king's legacy. find it all on abc 7 >> well now to a live look outside from our east bay hills camera. this one of the few clear dry days we are going to see this week. several storms are in the forecast over the next few days. tomorrow, a winter spare the air alert has been issued. remember, win winter alert do n apply to traffic. wood burning is banned to reduce air pollution. and in for spencer. drew, missing the warmth from our fireplaces tomorrow perhaps? >> little struggle, dan in the morning. temperatures will cool into the 30s. extra blankets needed as you head to bed overnight tonight. overnight a lot of spots in the 30s. the freezing mark in antioch,
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fairfield. warmer relatively speaking, san francisco, 43. patchy fog will be developing. we will have the poor air quality in the north bay and inland toechmorrow. milky sky on the way for tuesday. once again, illegal to burn wood. all of our attention focuses to wednesday. and the days ahead. tomorrow, last friday in the next seven. storm door goes wiefd open. weave wi we will see chances for moderate storms on the way. wednesday. first storm to arrive. a 2. moderate storm on storm impact scale wednesday. showers in the morning, getting heavier throughout the day. that will bring with it, strong potentially damaging wind once again in the evening. take a much closer look at this storm. and quickly behind it. that accuweather forecast. dan. >> thank you a lot. part of westbound highway 37 is still closed because of flooding from last week's storm. no date has been set to reopen it. highway patrol, posted this video over the weekend. caltrans crews are pumping the water out.
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one eastbound lane reopened friday. westbound side, 101, and atherton avenue is completely closed. >> the last person to walk on the moon, has died. former astronaut commanded apolo 17. one of just 12 men to washing on the moon. he and crew mate harrison schmidt spent three days on the moon. traced his daughter's initials in the lunar surface before returning to earth. the 82-year-old had been in failing health. >> bay area connection to a shooting rampage that left 49 people dead. >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 6:00 -- what we know about the wife of the shooter why she sits in a dublin jail tonight. also ahead. >> we won in court. and obviously in the court of public opinion we, we did, we didn't prevail. >> the circus is pulling out of town for good. ringling brothers explains the end of an era.
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>> plus, lefties in limbo. the changes taking place during the battle over a san francisco landmark. >> announcer: breaking news. always
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the greatest show on earth has just four months left. ringling brothers announced the show is no longer sustainable. abc 7 news reporter, melanie spoke with one of the show's performers in the newsroom with perspective. >> absolutely, dan. he tells me the circus employees found out this weekend with everybody else. while animal activists are calling the announcement a victory. others including feld
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entertainment say a loss for everyone. for the first time since announcing the greatest show on earth is closing. feld entertainment executives are talking about the decision. >> it is the future until may. and then it will be part of our glorious past. >> feld entertainment says the show has seen a underward trend in attendance over the last ten years. >> last year after we retired the elephants from the touring units, we saw a much steeper drop in sales. >> animal rights activists from direct action everywhere are calling the announcement a victory. >> i really hope society is continuing to move in the way of the future. which is shutting down all industries exploiting animals like farms, zoos, labs. >> we stand behind the care that we always give all of our animals. >> a sentiment ringling brothers circus performer shares. >> the care that feld provided
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for the animals on the show is second to none. >> feld entertainment says it is looking for homes for the animals. approximately 400 circus employees are also impacted. feld entertainment says it will be helping performers with job placement. traditional circus performances are unique. >> cirque does a great job but a different show. >> cirque spokesperson says sad news for the greater circus community. independent of the announcement, cirque plans to expand in north america and around the world. melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. >> a fire sent a man to the hospital and killed three dogs in belmont, looking at a go tow tweeted by belmont police showing a burning home on christian drive near rallston and highway 42. a man left the home and returned before the fire started. he suffered smoke inhalation trying to save the dogs. there is no word on what sparked the fire. >> happening now -- san jose
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downtown restaurant week kicking off. for the next send days restaurants offer meals and prices. all to encourage people to got out and try new things. this is separate, separate event from dine downtown which happens in june. >> well there is a different kind of deal happening at a san francisco restaurant. not over a dish, but over the whole place. >> and not a deal so much as a battle as abc 7 news reporter wade freeman explains they brought out the heavy artillery at lefty o'duchles. >> after 23 years, stacy knows the fphenomenon firsthand. >> australia, new zealand, ireland. everywhere. >> she cried herself to sleep every night since learning that lefty's, home away from home will lose the its lease on february 3rd. classic case of rising real estate in san francisco. the man who owns this property actually owns most of the block
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including the hotel over there. what he wants to do here is close the place down and redo it and then reopen it under the same name. >> the current operator is in fact just a lessee. >> the kind of claim that gets real estate attorneys licking their chops. >> people versus greed what it s really all about.eed what it >> prompted the so-called lessee or owner to fight back. >> all i really want to do is keep the tradition going. >> battle of press conferences. one spokesman for the handlery hotels. >> we will be defending our rights and our operations. >> then an hour later, lefty's held its own conference, which included lefty's cousin. >> i think an outrage. >> former mayor willie brown. >> san francisco is a museum. and we are the curators. >> we may be spectators too in what could prove to be an interesting legal donnybrook
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over a bar. in san francisco, wayne friedman, abc 7 news. in walnut creek, crogan's is closing down after public complaints. no other bar in town had more calls for service than crogan's. the bar's owners feel forced to close after 39 years. farewell party set for sunday. on this monday evening, coming off a gorgeous holiday weekend. we were dry. we had a lot of sunshine. one more day before the pattern makes a big change. and the storm door goes wide open. live doppler 7 showing you. quiet out there right now. tracking all the storms headed our way. the first one arriving early wednesday morning. so, out there right now. numbers mainly in the 40s to low 50s. currently, 49 in san mateo. 45, same, livermore. dropping to 42 degrees. the big story tomorrow morning will be areas of dense fog.
6:18 pm
future weather showing you the gray shading on your screen. that is the fog. as we go through the early morning hours. it will expand a bit. by 9:00, 10:00, throughout much of the bay. then11:00, patchy fog will not wait to retreat until the early afternoon. we should squeak out a fair amount of sunshine. and shows you areas of fog. with a lot of cloud cover. 4:00. partly sunny skies. temperatures. cool in the 50s like we were today. and we bring back the storm. impact scale. and coming wednesday. a moderate system moving in. first thing in the morning. it will bring light showers. they will intensify throughout the day. into the evening. that will bring wind with it as well. especially wednesday evening. a wide range of rainfall, the highest totals will occur in the north bay. lower as you go south. future weather will start this off early wednesday morning.
6:19 pm
watch the time stamp. approach, 8:00, 9:00. and light showers moving in. the theme for the first half of your wednesday. as we go into the afternoon. the storm system will start to get its act together. into the evening. more in the way, yellows, oranges. those are the downpours that we gin to move through. 7:00, working through the heart of the bay area. what you want to notice with the storm system. see it all the time during the winter season. really falls apart as it makes its way south. that's why there will be a wide range of rainfall. future tracker rainfall. highest in the north bay. 1, 2 inches. perhaps little more than that. as the that system begins to sink south around san francisco, san carlos, oakland, concord. half inch to inch of rain. and the system lacking moisture as it approaches san jose. what we will all see, gusty wind associated with the storm system. future tracker wind. we get winds on the coast.
6:20 pm
40 miles an hour. they'll move inland through the evening hours. by 6:00, turns rather windy through the region. 20 to 40 miles an hour ahead of the front. potentially for the power lines to come down. the evening commute with the downpours moving through. want to watch out for standing water on the roadway. hydroplaning a concern. since it is a quick moving system. river flooding, stream, creek flooding and debris flows are low. accuweather seven day -- tomorrow, there is the dry day. does feature increasing clouds. and early morning fog. wednesday it is wet, it is windy around here too. and the third one moving in sunday. >> jeez. all right. thank you so much, drew. >> coming up next.
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we'll explain the math that makes eight people equal
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wrap your head around this. eight men own the same amount of wealth as the poorest half of the world. that's eight people compared to about 3.5 billion. the group of eight includes facebook founder, mark
6:24 pm
zuckerberg, and larry ellison, bill gates, jeff besos, warren buffett, carlos slim, michael bloomburg, the group pictured here worth $426 billion combined. >> inequality is definitely getting worse in a lot of countries. you are seeing the super rich in particular, move away from the rest of society. and that's really hard for them. it harms our politic s we have seen the impact, brexit, trump election, really damaging to society. lots of people think that what they're not doing is trying to turn it around. >> this information from a report by oxfam, charitable organizations. they're presenting the information at world economic forum in switzerland. >> california based clothing company america apparel started to lay off staff today. that news leads tonight's business watch. last week, gilden active wear bought american apparel at bankruptcy auction. gilden didn't buy the
6:25 pm
manufacturing operations also based in los angeles. about 3,000 people are at risk of losing their jobs now. gilden did not purchase american apparel stores. there are six in the bay area that are expected to close. >> reminder that any newly bought tesla cars no longer come with unlimited free super charging. the offer ended yesterday. now free charging nor new owners is capped at 400 kilo watt hours a year or 1,000 miles. drivers pay a fee after that. tesla is charging for the service to expand the network when the model 3 hits the market. >> today stock markets were all closed in observance of martin luther king jr. day. they will reopen as usual tomorrow. >> america's colors are red, white, and blue. coming up, why a company is sending lots of white to washington, d.c. just in time for the inauguration. >> a day of service to honor dr. martin luther king jr.'s legacy. i'm jonathan bloom in richmond.
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the community coming to gets ahead on abc 7 news. >> coming up details on the bay area arrest of a widow of a man who committed the worst mass
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this was the worst mass shooting in u.s. history. 49 people were killed when a gunman opened fire inside the pulse nightclub in orlando, florida last june. the shooter died that day. >> now his widow has been arrested more than six months later here in the bay area. abc 7 news reporter, leslie brinkley explains the charges she faces. >> the 30-year-old grew up in rodeo, married omar mateen in 2011 in the bay area. after the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history at the pulse nightclub in june, 2016, her husband dead, she became the target of an intense fbi investigation. today, neighbors say she was arrested at her parents' home. >> was about 7:37, when they heard the commotion. >> what kind of commotion?
6:30 pm
>> like, people walking around, car doors slamming. >> booked into the jail. according to or lane de's police chief she faces charges of obstruction of justice, aiding and abetting by providing material support to a terrorist organization. the chief said today there is some relief that some one will be held accountable for that horrific crime. the orlando shooter reportly texted his wife during the attack. she accompanied him on at least one trip to a gun shop as he bought ammunition. salman attorney released a statement. saying noor salman had no foreknowledge nor could she predict what omar mateen intend to do that tragic night. noor has told her story of abuse at his hand. we believe it is misguided and wrong to prosecute her and dishonors the memories of the victims to punish an innocent person. >> our justice system is tasked with ensuring people who are
6:31 pm
suspected of a crime get their day in court, get due process, and have access to a fair trial. >> noor salman expected to appear in federal court in oakland tuesday morning and then would be transferred to or lane def orlando for prosecution. >> two members of the popular bay area band, tower of power remain in the hospital five days after being hit by a train in oakland. the band facebook page says that he is recovering, thoes the bassist is still listed in critical condition. they were hit by an amtrak train last thursday as they tried to cross the tracks to get to the nightclub where they were set to perform. fellow band members say the outpouring of love and support to contribute to a go fund account set up for the two men. there will be a benefit concert tomorrow night in oakland. in alamed, the posey tube shut down for three nights. so caltrans crews can perform maintenance and clean the
6:32 pm
tunnel. and on to the trump transition. the oldest son of civil rights icon, dr. martin luther king jr. had a constructive meeting with donald trump. martin luther king iii met with trump at the trump hotel in manhattan. he wanted to discuss thor use with the current voting system that got 58% of eligible voters to the polls for the election. king iii says many minorities feel disenfranchised. >> it is very clear the system is not working at its maximum. as for donald trump's twitter attack on lewis. king believes things were said in the heat of the moment on both side. we have to move forward. >> days before the inauguration. crews are getting d.c. set up. laying down barriers for the parade expected to last 80, 90 minutes at the most compared to
6:33 pm
four hours. on the west lawn of the u.s. capitol they're now putting up inaugural platforms, viewing stands and thousand of seats. organizers say not to worry about the lawn. >> the tiles we laid done actually allows light through, the grass can still continue to photo synthesize while covered. >> across town from the mouse, movers took boxes into barack and michelle obama's new home. they're going to live there until their daughter finishes high school. less than two blocks from where ivanka trump and her husband expected to live. abc 7 in concord as a bay area company will send roses to the inauguration. the ceo showed us the box of white roses contains 10 dozen flowers. that's 120 roses per box. sending one to the outgoing first lady, michelle obama and one to the incoming first lady, melania trump. each rose include a message of hope sent in by roseshire customers. >> one line of just -- what they
6:34 pm
felt. going out. coming in from the administration side of things. >> the company is sending a box of roses to each first lady as a show of respect. but not sure mrs. obama or mrs. trump will actually get the flowers. each box is valued at $800. one more note to button this up. i'm traveling to washington, d.c. and will be there thursday, friday, with live reports on president elect trump's inauguration. >> many workers are turning a day off into a day of service to honor the legacy of dr. martin luther king jr. volunteer opportunities around the bay brought people together including one in richmond. here is abc 7 news reporter, jonathan bloom. >> what's the bunny's name? >> quiet for a rabbit named after a powerful speaker. >> i still have a dream. it is a dream deeply rooted in the american dream.
6:35 pm
she honored his memory for the tenth year in a reby getting to work. >> so i won't hurt it. thank you. and different people all coming together to help the community. and i think that's what he was all about. >> over time the communities, planted redwood. fruit trees, an herb garden. >> sage, peppermint, laugher dada lavender. turning the parkland into a paradise. >> the spirit of dr. king's message is that we can achieve great things. >> if you ever heard the phrase, the wrong side of the tracks, back in the day these were the tracks. the railroad sliced through and cut off some of richmond's poorest neighborhood. >> push it up. >> turning it into a greenway removed the barrier. but the next step is bringing people together around things like this. >> this is going to be dirt world bike park. >> bmxors know finding a place
6:36 pm
is not easy. >> we ride where we don't get kicked out. and we will travel as far as we can. hills and valleys, better for a bike than a wheel barrel. a project that could bring neighbors closer together is doing its job. in richmond, jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. >> stay with us. facebook is taking on fake news outside the united states. >> next find out why the social media giant picked germany for its test site. >> i'm michael finny w
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but to make sure the cost of being unwell doesn't ruin this whole life thing. because it's more than just health care. it's life care. chaos in mexico. this is video of people running from a nightclub after a man opened fire killing five people and injuring 15. one american among the dead. officials say the man began shooting after denied entry to the blue parrot club. three security guards were killed trying to protect people inside. authorities say they detained people, but are uncertain if any are the gunmen. a suspect in the deadly
6:40 pm
nightclub attack in turkey reportedly in custody. turkish media says police caught the alleged gunman tonight during a raid in the european side of istanbul. accused of killing 39 during a new year's celebration in istanbul. the group claimed responsibility saying the attack was in repry sal for turkish military operations in northern syria. >> you are looking at drone video from kirk stan. 37 people were killed as the plane tried to land at nearby airport and caught fire. local officials believe most of the people dead were in the village. 15 homes destroyed in the crash. jumbo jet was en route from istanbul to hong kong. >> facebook picked germany to roll out plans to fight fake news. part of face book's plan calls for working with an outside group to help with fact checking. warning signs would be attached to reports deemed noncredible.
6:41 pm
menlo park based facebook intends to make it impossible for spammers to forge the website. facebook is stepping up efforts to head off regulations from lawmakers there. the german government is concerned that fake news could play a role in their next election scheduled for september. 7 on your side looking out for you. >> coming up next. michael finny explains to save
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eyeglasses are not cheap these days. even if you keep the same frames. changing the prescription can cost you literally hundred. >> 7 on your side has been looking at an option that can save you plenty. michael. >> unique one. didn't know this was out here. online ordering of prescription lenses. not the frames, just the lenses. a new service that can save you time and money. >> this is the traditional way to get your new eyeglass prescription filled. sit down with a professional at a respected neighborhood shop like this one. or, drop by a chain store, perhaps costco or wal-mart. there is another option. a brand new one. katherine checked it out for herself after she got a new prescription for glasses.
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>> she went online and found lensable. a service that will put lenses in your old frames. >> $249 price point. >> how does it work? you fill out a form. lensable takes it from there. >> we send you this box in the mail. it will have a prepaid shipping label attached already. >> you put your frames inside both. then, into the box. and send it off. within a few days, your glasses come back in this type of box. >> when they open it up, they
6:46 pm
will get -- a brand new case, little cleaning kit, and it has a little spray bottle and cleaning cloth. and -- like a cool case that kind of -- nice that to travel with. it collapses. >> inside your frames with the new prescriptions. worked for katherine. she says she paid about $77 for hers. >> it was i want to say. >> saved money. >> i did. >> were they good? >> they are, i can see. >> lensable offers nonprescription sunglass lenses as well. i have a link to their website if you want to check it out. go to ours. i want to hear from you. 7 on your side hotline open monday through friday. 10 to 2:00. my number -- you can also reach me through facebook and through our web page at abc 7 >> really good information. >> fun, huh.
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>> thank you, michael. >> the bay area is a beautiful place. abc 7 news viewers prove it all the time. >> they do. check out the image. captured, hiking the mountain t hash tag abc 7 now. find it and feature on tv. do the same. follow us on instagram. >> drew is back to update the forecast. drew. >> dan, alma. squeeze out a dry day tomorrow. then track the rain arriving early wednesday morning. live doppler showing a quiet night. tomorrow morning, watching for dens fog. future weather. gray shading you see on your screen. that is the fog. they actually expand a bit as they go through the morning hours. likely not until midday that it starts to pull back away from the region. so we will start out with the fog. the afternoon will be sunny. but it will be -- sharing the sky with the fair amount of cloud cover. peeks of sunshine here and there. 63, san francisco. 57, san jose. 50, antioch. wednesday. tracking our next storm in a series of three.
6:48 pm
wednesday has morning showers, they'll pick up in intensity. downpours into the afternoon and evening. in the evening time frame, is when the strongest wind will likely be accompanied as well. we can see wind gusts over 40 miles an hour. so we could see more power outages midweek this week. thankfully flooding not a huge concern. since the quick moving system. show you what is coming, snowfall, sierra. sunday night could see about three feet around kirkwood. 2 feet, tahoe city. winter weather lovers getting more powder in seven days. accuweather will show you. dry tomorrow. increasing cloud. morning fog. wet and windy wednesday. and another storm arrives friday morning. and then a third in the series, will come sup dnday morning as well. track the rain for you here. >> thank you. >> sports. >> better than good. better than good. kevin durant and lebron james, both said, tonight's warriors cavs games one of 82 games. no big deal. doesn't look that way.
6:49 pm
warriors came out breathing
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
warriors and cavs met in the
6:52 pm
nba finals in each of two years. golden state in 2015. cleveland, 2016. they're probably going to meet in 2017. they're playing as we speak at oracle arena. and quoting dr. king, i can do all things. the warriors did all things in the first half. lebron with a miss. dr draymond green. 7-0. came out with so much energy. contesting at the rim. iguodala, curry, splash. three. 24-14. and the kid is a dabbing machine. watch out, sparky. poke your eyes out. durant. and mcgee. 7 feet tall. can't teach that. 2-15. warriors. then it gets heated. green collide with lebron james. who goes down like he was hit by mike tyson in his prime. flagrant foul. look, reputation call. any hard contact involving, going to got a whistle there. then off the loose ball. turnover. green, durant, with thorlt.
6:53 pm
72-46. then, just before halftime, a stunned tyler looks on. what happened to my team. a scramble play. curry. at the buzzer. got it. it was 78-49 at the half. now 94-58 in the third quarter. all golden state warriors. the 49ers, they're the only team in the nfl without a head coach at this point. one of the prime candidates took himself out of the running today. patriots offensive coordinator, josh mcdaniels will stay in new england. mcdaniel's met with owner, jay york last week. believed he was at the head of the list. job was his if he wanted it. to date one time coach of the broncos said because of family reasons he would stay with the patriots. have to wonder if the way the niners ran through coaches, harbaugh, kelly. gave him roone eason. if you fail. may not get a third opportunity. kyle shanahan, and tom cabell of the seahawks two candidates left at this point. sharks head coach, one of the
6:54 pm
sharks, to do something. back in the groove. and middle of the first. shark shorthand, joe ward, break away. little snapshot. beats michael hutchinson. 1-0. early in the second. look out. ward gets leveled. but keeps pushing the puck. and meier shoots and scores. together. and 2-0. sharks. take a look at the hit. slow motion. ward's head hit the ice. some how passed concussion protocol, returned to the game. five minutes later. brett burns on the power play. watch the puck ricochet off the back wall. and then, carom off the skate of hutchinson into the net. sometimes bet r to be lucky than good. or both. burns is 18th of the year. san jose goes on to win, 5-2. world champion cubs visited the white house. president obama a big white sox
6:55 pm
fan. in addition to standard presidential cubs jersey they gave him a road jersey that read chicago. he might wear that. gave him a lifetime pass to wrigley field. wife michelle. huge cubs fan. she will to that. autographed flag. encouraged mr. obama to fly the w at his library. and poked fun at the cubs 108 year world series drought. >> would say to the cubs, to you long enough. i only have four days left. you are just making it under the wire. >> so funny. you could tell the president was so relaxed. and it was interestin rickets, owner of the cubs, a republican. he invited him to join the democratic national convention. if he wanted to change parties right there. no takers? >> no takers on that. >> thank you, larry. >> all right. join us at 9:00 on kofy, and coming up. evacuation in antarctica. a huge crack in the ice causing
6:56 pm
a concern for research team. >> new details on the arrest of the widow of orlando gunman omar mateen. at 11:00, our legal expert tells us what to expect from the fed as they pursue the new court case. >> settle in. here is tonight's primetime lineup on abc 7. at 8:00, the bachelor. followed by back to back episode of big fan. starting at 10:00. stay with us for abc 7 news at 11:00. >> at 11:35, jimmy kimmel live. tonight's guests are actress, amy adams and naomie harris. all tonight. that's all for the moment on abc 7 news. for breaking news on twitter at abc 7 news bay area. appreciate your time. >> for the entire abc 7 news team, have a great evening. >> see you again later tonight.
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this is "jeopardy!" please welcome today's contestants -- a registered nurse from cherry hill, new jersey... an attorney from arlington, virginia... and our returning champion, an electrical engineer from fayetteville, arkansas... ...whose 1-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thank you, all. thank you, johnny. hello and welcome to our show. small win for eli on friday.
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our champions on "jeopardy!" are averaging much higher than that. so i'm looking forward to a big payday today for one of you three -- eli, john, or mary. good luck. here we go. let's take a look at the categories, shall we? first off... that's followed by... things... in... have to name the prisons at work. that's followed by... "luck's" coming up often. and finally... eli. movies for $200. eli. -what is "scarface"? -correct. movies, $400. eli.


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