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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  January 17, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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call your travel agent or rocky mountaineer for special offers now. finally welcoming the golden state warriors home to san francisco. >> there was a big celebration today at the official ground breaking for the new warriors arena in san francisco. good afternoon. thank you for joining us. >> today's ground breaking was something to see. ♪ >> it was a big show from acrobats to dancing bulldozers. >> it was part of the new chase center in mission bay.
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carolyn tyler is on the ground. >> reporter: there were lots of luminaries from nancy pelosi to mayor ed lee who gathered in that tent that you see behind me on land that will one day see the warriors practicing their jump shots. this is a journey that began some five years ago. ♪ >> reporter: you probably have never seen a ground breaking like this. just as owners promised to build a privately financed arena like no other. >> 200 feet behind me is center court. closer than that is where beyonce will take stage. >> reporter: the owners wanted an arena along the waterfront but there was so much opposition they turned to this location in mission bay.
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chase bank bought the naming rights for what will be chase center. smaller than oracle at 18,000 seats. the new place will be a boonem the franchise and he hopes to be around to enjoy it. >> three years away is three decades in a an nba coach's life. >> it will be fun playing in there. >> reporter: the venue is expected to open for the 2019-2020 nba season. in san francisco, carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. the warriors lease at their current home expires at the end of the season and today the oakland city council is talking about a short-term lease with the team. warriors pay $7.5 million a year
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in rent. some arena neighbors are concerned the arena will increase traffic. the no event parking signs were placed at the hospital entrances for the ground breaking event. the new hospital is across the street from the new arena. mission bay alliance led the opposition. it says the arena will make it hard to get to the hospital. in a statement, it said today's decision set the stage for money and greed to supersede patient access and continuing its challenge on other fronts. the bay area woman accused as an accessory to the worse mass murder in u.s. history appeared before federal judge in oakland this morning. abc 7 was at oakland federal court for today's hearing. >> reporter: following the first
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federal court appearance, her uncle told a throng of reporters she knows nothing about her husband's gruesome attack on the pulse nightclub in orlando. >> she's innocent, simple person. >> reporter: in court wearing a yellow inmate shirt. indicted by a federal grand jury accused of aiding and abetting her husband to provide resources to a designated terrorist organization namely the islamic state of iraq or isil. in court, the judge asked if she understood the charges and potential life sentence associated if she's found guilty. her preferred attorneys are out of state and on the way here to oakland so this hearing will be continued tomorrow morning. the city of orlando released photos of the interior of the pulse nightclub. this is the first public glimpse of the chaos including walls that were knocked down so police could get inside and gunshot holes in some rooms.
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orlando's police chief says he was confident she would be arrested in connection with this massacre. >> we suspected she would be arrested at some point. >> reporter: she was stunned by what her husband did according to her uncle. o cf1 o >> don't you know what's happened? no. i love you baby and hung up. >> reporter: salman learned about the shooting when she made a phone call to her husband because he hadn't come home that morning. president obama commuted the sentence of a former army intelligence analyst who leaked classified documents to wikileaks. chelsea manning served more than six years. the sentence is set to expire may 17th. manning is one of 209 inmates whose sentences obama is shortening. president obama pardoned san francisco hall of famer for tax
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evasion. he was sentenced to two years probation and received a $5,000 fine. there's yet another delay in the trial of a man suspected of killing morgan hill teenager sierra lamar. opening statements scheduled to begin tomorrow in the case have now been postponed. defense attorneys need more time to analyze more than 1,000 pages of new information in the case. no new start date has been announced at this point. this is the second delay in the case. just this month and the latest in a series of postponements since garcia-torres arrest in 2012 three months after sierra went missing. university of california president janet
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the hospital. they aren't saying what kind of cancer she has. they do say she had been successfully treated for cancer before. this time tomorrow we'll be in the height of our next storm. you already see changes out there right now. the clouds are thickening and the rain not too far away. live doppler 7 showing right over us right now we're dry. just north of ukiah is our next system making its presence known and it will bring rain and strong winds. this is one of several storms we're still tracking the next seven days. today our last dry day at least through monday of next week. let's talk about the storm coming tomorrow. still a 2. a moderate storm starting out with morning light rain. it will quickly intensify in the afternoon and will bring with it strong winds with a possible more power outages.
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hour by hour for you. the early call on wednesday morning commute does look okay. watch what happens into the early afternoon. there's that rain. it will intensify. we'll talk about the rest of your whens the heaviest of the rain hits you and how high the winds will get in the full accuweather forecast. >> thank you, drew. two coming storms have caltrans crews scrambling to repair a hill where a landslide came down. >> we are glad to say our colleague is recovering as a fence goes up to keep other drivers safe. abc 7 news reporter david louie joins us live with more. >> reporter: one of the big risks we all take when we drive on mountain roads like this is getting hit by debris from hillsides that overlook the roads loosened by heavy rainstorms. caltrans hopes this project will make vehicles and passengers
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safer in the days ahead. the chain link fence isn't going up to protect vehicles from another slide but it is designed to hold back beach ball sized rocks and boulders from crashing down on vehicles going northbound on 17. it was at this spot last week that an abc 7 news van was crushed by a massive slide shortly after 3:00 in the morning. the santa cruz mountains received over 10 inches of rain. crews spent two days clearing rocks and removing unstable trees on the slope. >> the slope is stable at this time. just the soft stuff that got left behind we couldn't reach when we were cleaning up. this is a protective system against that. there's further assessment to check the stability of the slope and come up with a permanent solution down the road. >> reporter: the crews are racing against the clock with the next storm coming but they are helped by the fact that these rails were installed to keep mud back and they're designed to hold poles for the fence project they're working on. the next series of storms could dump five to seven inches of rain in the santa cruz mountains
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by monday according to our abc 7 news weather team. making the highway safe for traffic is taking time. the hardest part for engineers is where the next slide will happen. >> that's their job to identify potential slides but like this area, sometimes you wake up one morning and there's a bunch of dirt on the road and you never really know. >> david louie, abc 7 news. a big sinkhole is far from being fixed. it happened during last week's storm. abc 7 news was there today as a crew worked to try to stabilize it. the city hoped to damn the creek to begin to assess what it will take to repair the damage but with another storm coming in, that effort is now on hold. highway 37 in novato is back open after being closed for almost a week because of flooding. the chp reopened the highway
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this morning after caltrans crews pumped the water away. this is what 37 looked like over the weekend. authorities warn the same stretch could flood again with the next round of storms headed our way that we've been talking about. >> still to come on abc 7 news at 4:00 -- >> the big money being spent on friday's inauguration plus who is paying for it. also, b.a.r.t. commuters deal with a series of delays. what's being done to speed things up out there. and a little meditation can help calm your nerves but could it also help kids do better in school? >> will the traffic calm your nerves? not so much on 101 in san jose as you can see it's really slow heading southbound. not so bad going the other direction north. stay
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president-elect trump's inauguration is breaking records for money raised from rich donors but the big question, what are they getting in return? abc news chief investigative correspondent brian ross takes a closer look. >> reporter: much as he did with his beauty pageants and his nbc program "the apprentice" the president-elect is reported to be personally involved in tiniest of details for his inauguration. american taxpayers as they have for years will pay for the official part of the program, which stand ins were practicing this week. some $115 million for the platform in front of the capitol along with security and other
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trappings of power. but another $90 to $100 million more than ever before will come from private money. corporations and the wealthy who can choose from the trump menu of inauguration packages including tickets to an exclusive candlelight dinner, a concert and fireworks and an inaugural ball. >> they wanted $1 million for these eight tickets. for half a million you could get four tickets. i needed eight so hi to send $1 million. of the 90 million, i'm $1 million of that. >> trump's business partner in las vegas and is a vice chair of the inaugural committee. >> staying at the new trump hotel. $18,000 a night guaranteed five nights so it's pricey. >> reporter: indeed the place to stay for anyone courting the next president is trump's own hotel just down pennsylvania avenue from the white house. already the bar scene here jammed with washington's new
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a-list. >> these are not necessarily people who know where the fork and knife go at the dinner table. but they know how to get things done. >> reporter: all for a president who initially campaigned saying he did not need special interest and their money, that he wanted to drain the swamp. >> i don't need anybody's money. i'm using my own money. i'm not using the lobbyists or donors. i don't care. i'm really rich. >> reporter: now trump's inaugural committee is taking huge contributions from some of the biggest corporations that will need a good relationship with the next president. big banks seeking to limit government regulations. corporations which want approval for giant mergers and america's billionaire elite like phil. >> we know a lot of people there. people that we've done business with and people that we know. i'm looking forward to it. >> abc chief investigative correspondent brian ross who will have more at 5:30. i'll be in washington, d.c. this
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thursday and friday with live reports on president-elect trump's inauguration. b.a.r.t. operations are back to normal after another equipment failure caused delays for commuters this morning. >> that's right. it's the latest in a string of problems since the start of a new year. here's abc 7. >> reporter: these passengers had to exit their train and wait on the platform for another one. still the morning commute cawas better than last week. >> we were stuck at 24th street for 10 or 15 minutes. >> reporter: her boss never made it into the office. >> my manager actually who was coming from east bay all had to get off at one stop and she ended up having to work from home because of the delays. >> reporter: last friday b.a.r.t. had major systemwide delays after a maintenance vehicle stalled in oakland.
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gym mcgee remembers that day. >> it took us an extra half hour to 40 minutes to get in here. i knew that would mess them up real bad. >> reporter: the week before that a cable glitch between rail cars in west oakland delayed service into san francisco. >> i feel like most of the times it's reliable unless some technical difficulties come up. then it can be delayed. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. officials say this morning an equipment problem on a train at embarcadero caused a ten-minute delay. a delay at sfo, daley city and oakland directions. b.a.r.t. says a bond will help improve service. b.a.r.t. issued this statement saying "what they have in common is the fact that we have so many trains out that it causes train congestion and back up. the good news new trains coming and bond passage but these
4:19 pm
solutions don't happen overnight." escalator breakdowns on b.a.r.t. are nothing new if you asked commuters. >> a new explanation for why they break down so often. >> reporter: i want to show you today's list. 14 out of service. this is all too common. b.a.r.t. escalators not moving and commuter's feet moving. this video shot by charlie perkins shows commuters dangerously climbing up the side of a broken escalator because the steps had been removed just so they can get out of the 24th street mission station during last week's storm delay. >> the escalators seem to be going through maintenance every week. it would be ideal to have it working more efficiently. >> b.a.r.t. is seeking bids to replace escalators which
4:20 pm
prompted one viewer to tweet an idea. paint onto the escalator steps like such. stand right. walk left. b.a.r.t.'s response, we can't do this because it would cause more breakdowns, uneven wear if walk on one side but stand on other. in other words, the extra weight passengers put on the right side can cause a tilt. can cause a tilt and wear out right side more quickly. that's why the subway season in china is asking riders to drop the traditional escalator etiquette in favor of standing still and holding on. b.a.r.t. says it won't ask people to stop doing what they're used to doing but just know it has an impact and walking while riding is not the safest. >> all right. thanks so much. it's time to check on our weather. today i think is the last nice day or maybe we have one more. >> all quiet right now but it's changing. >> we'll track downpours
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tomorrow. biggest threat going to be strong winds especially tomorrow evening. live doppler 7 right now showing you, yes, that is our next storm system. top left of your screen. still several hours away from drops. it will really get its fact going tomorrow afternoon. out there right now is a bit of a chill. a rather cold day. 53 in oakland with cloud cover. 50 in san francisco. 55 in san jose. overnight tonight here's the call. a lot of cloud cover overhead. the rain stays north. the cloud cover will keep us on the mild side. across the board we'll hold in the 40s. on wednesday, our storms return. on storm impact scale, this is a two. a moderate system moving in. you'll notice isolated showers in the morning. it's really the second half of wednesday. the action gets going with heavy rain and strong winds. the biggest threat we have with this next storm is possible power outages and tree limbs coming down once again. future weather hour by hour for you. watch the time stamp in the corner of your screen. tomorrow morning while it may
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not be raining where you live first thing, take the rain gear with you. it will be raining in the afternoon and the evening. by 2:00, here we go. that rain really picking up in intensity in the north bay with those yellows and oranges and it will slowly sink south. by 6:00 tomorrow evening as the evening rush is under way, it's going to be a slow go. not only heavy downpours indicated by yellows and reds on your screen but also some very strong winds. by 9:00, heaviest of the rain shifting. around midnight, we'll see the storm wind down by thursday morning. total rainfall highest in the north bay about an inch and a half and around the south bay, half inch of rain with this system. the wind is the bigger issue. future tracker showing you as we go throughout the evening hours, watch as these winds pick up along the coast. over 50 miles per hour and likely around the bay at this time we'll see wind gusts over 40 miles per hour. they won't weaken until this
4:23 pm
front moves through late wednesday and into early thursday morning. for that fact, a wind advisory will go into effect early tomorrow afternoon for the entire region for those southerly winds to gust over 40 miles per hour. the accuweather seven-day forecast going to show you it's an active day around here tomorrow evening. it's a 2 on storm impact scale. scattered showers on thursday and then friday morning another round of rain and wind and then a third round will arrive sunday morning. this is a start of three storms on the way. >> wow. all right. thanks. coming up, cal announces its new head football coach and he comes from footbal
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4:25 pm
uc berkeley's new head football coach is wilcox. he's been at wisconsin, usc, washington, tennessee and boise state. before that, he was a linebacker
4:26 pm
coach at cal and he's excited to turn things around for the bears. >> we're going to coach those guys and hold them accountable and push them and then at the end of the day it's our job to put them in the best position that they can possibly be in to have success on game day. >> by the way, the new cal coach is the son of a 49ers hall of fame. his dad is former linebacker dave wilcox. america's favorite "golden girl" turns 95 today. she's having girlfriends over for a game of poker and indulging in one vodka tonic. her secret is attitude goes a long way. don't take yourself too seriously. you can share this badge that's on our facebook page. we can't show it to you here. you can go to the facebook page and see it there. president obama tweeted a sweet happy birthday message to his wife michelle who turned 53 today. for the girl from the south side who took on a role she didn't for and made it her own. happy birthday, michelle.
4:27 pm
i love you. >> that's sweet. coming up, the growing battle over the presidential inauguration. the u.s. representatives that won't be attending and the president-elect's plummeting approval ratings. >> the principle of democracy must prevail over the electoral college. >> bay area school districts are bracing for protests as students plan walkouts during the inauguration. >> ever lost your baggage on a
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here are the stories making headlines at 4:30. today the warriors broke ground on the new san francisco arena as the california supreme court officially cleared the way. the court denied a petition to halt the $1 billion project. the chase center is expected to open for the 2019-'20 season. a minority contractor sued the company building the new arena charging fraud in a prior project. allegations coming up at 5:00. repealing obamacare could have a devastating effect on the lives on millions of americans. a report says 18 million americans could be without health insurance within a year of a repeal. that number would grow to 32 million by 2026. in two days, donald trump
4:31 pm
will be sworn in as president of the united states with historically low approval ratings. despite those ratings, the president-elect garners high expectations on some issues. stephanie ramos is live from washington, d.c. with more. stephanie? >> reporter: president-elect trump is said to be personally involved in the details of his inauguration. vice president-elect mike pence is meeting with republican and democratic senators on capitol hill. pence is keeping up with talks on how to move trump's legislative agenda forward on day one. we're just three days away from president-elect donald trump taking the oath of office as the 45th president of the united states. the inauguration comes with a hefty price tag. it costs about $115 million for the platform in front of the capitol paid by american taxpayers like in years past and then another 100 million in
4:32 pm
donations. hundreds of thousands of supporters and protesters are expected in d.c. while a growing list of democrats are boycotting the event. >> i cannot pretend that this is a normal transition of power. >> reporter: abc news identified at least 50 democrats in congress who say they will skip out on trump's swearing in. this movement being led by georgia congressman john lewis, a civil rights icon who trump dismissed via twitter after lewis said trump is an illegitimate president citing russia's involvement in the election. >> mr. trump should have said let's talk, you know. let me listen to you. what are your issues. >> reporter: trump is now responding to a number of headlines including his approval rating. a new abc news/"the washington post" poll shows trump's approval rating the lowest seen for an incoming president of the last seven presidents. six in ten americans polled expect trump to do an excellent or good job on the economy and on jobs alike.
4:33 pm
boeing ceo met with trump today and agrees. >> i think mr. trump's engagement with industry is going to help us grow manufacturing jobs in this country. >> reporter: this week is also full of confirmation hearings. eight of trump's cabinet picks are in the hot seat. today the interior and education secretary nominees face questions. in washington, stephanie ramos, abc 7 news. school districts are bracing for student walkouts on friday. >> hundreds of high school students in oakland and berkeley are planning to join a march to cal where students there will join them. >> abc 7 news report now. >> reporter: the flyer distributed in oakland encouraging students to walk out, strike, march and protest on friday including students from berkeley high. in a statement, berkeley unified said we support our students in
4:34 pm
their interest in political issues, but we are not closing on friday. hundreds of flyers were printed and information updated for friday's anti-trump walkout and rally. behind friday's demonstrations is the group by any means necessary which held many protests here. today they were seeking more supporters at uc berkeley. >> the majority of people rejected donald trump and rejected his immigrant bashing and racism and sexism. the principle of democracy must prevail over the electoral college. >> reporter: the group is asking cities to close. some oakland and berkeley high school students committed to walking out. >> as a young person that's all we can do. people say you need to do something besides go out and protest. there's not much i can do. >> there are so many families affected by this that we need to support them even if we're not directly affected. >> reporter: students walked out in november right after the
4:35 pm
election and vow to do the same thing on friday and march for uc berkeley. both districts encourage students to stay in school. the districts may lose thousands in state funds if students don't show up to school. oakland unified said more important is their education and what they would lose out on by walking out. at cal, it's not clear how many will protest on friday. this student says he'll be on the sidelines. >> in order for the nation to go forward that we have to, even if you disagree with the election, accept the results and move on. british prime minister theresa may today laid out her plans for the united kingdom's departure from the european union following last year's brexit vote. >> we are leaving the european union, but we are not leaving europe. and that is why we seek a new and equal partnership between an
4:36 pm
independent self-governing global britain and our friends and allies in the eu. >> may says britain plans to make a clean break from the eu but still wants to be allies and trading partners though without tariffs with the 27 remaining eu nations. one analyst says may's plans are ambition like a divorced couple that want to share the kids, the pets and house keys. search crews spent 160 million looking for the plane that vanished during a flight with 239 people onboard. officials say the search was thorough and comprehensive. family members of the victims are just devastated by the decision. >> there's no hope that he's ever going to be found so we can
4:37 pm
ever have a proper funeral. >> debris from the plane has washed ashore on three islands off the coast of africa. the airline says it remains hopeful that in the near future new and significant information will come to light and the aircraft would eventually be located. last week we told you about an 18-year-old kidnapping cold case that was solved. now it happened again. we have a new case from 1985. why asthma doesn't have to be a life sentence. the surprising results of a new study. i'm meteorologist drew tuma. clouds have moved in. our next storm arrives tomorrow with rain and strong winds. the timing ahead in the accuweather forecast. taking a live look at our traffic over the golden gate bridge. appears to be moving in both
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another decades old kidnapping case has been solved. this one involves two sisters kidnapped in rhode island in 1985. the girls haven't been identified. you're looking at computer generated images of what they might look like today. they were 10 months old and 3 when they were kidnapped by their mother. an unanimous tip led to their discovery. their mother has been arrested. their father says he looks forward to seeing them after all these years. you can hear more of their story coming up at 5:30. if you flew around thanksgiving, you might have witnessed the news the airline
4:41 pm
industry is sharing today. flight cancellations and mishandled bags fell to an all-time low last november. the department of transportation says airlines canceled just under 0.3 of 1% of scheduled flights. more than 85% of flights arrived on time in november. and mishandled baggage complaints dropped to a little more than 2 per 1,000 passengers. not bad. even at the airlines, some aren't happy with fellow travelers. airplane etiquette study finds that kicking the back of a seat topped the list at 64% of the students irritated and 59% were annoyed by unruly children and 55% were those that had poor hygiene or too strong of a perfume. no escaping that.
4:42 pm
>> either count. accuweather the seven day showing you we have a series of storms on the way. look at this. let's get you to live doppler 7. this is the first one we're tracking. it's rain to the north of ukiah and this is our next system sinking to the south overnight and really intensifying into the afternoon. the storm impact scale is bringing it back if you're not used to this. we rank storms from 1 to 5. it gives you a better idea of what to expect. one tomorrow is a 2. moderate storm on wednesday. morning isolated showers that pick up in intensity in afternoon and evening and so, too, do strong winds. biggest threat we have with this storm is likely the winds. rush hour is tomorrow. plan accordingly. morning rush a widely isolated sprinkle. not a big issue at all. it's really the evening rush. the heavy rain will come down. strong winds will be gusting. ponding on roads and hydroplaning is very likely. take extra time. allow extra distance between the cars in front of you. it will be a slow go tomorrow
4:43 pm
evening. do have sierra snow to talk about. winter storm warning. up to a foot about 4,500 feet. the accuweather forecast the seven day we'll show you first storm arrives wednesday. next one arrives on friday. the third with more rain and wind coming on sunday. rain gear going to get a workout. >> thanks very much, drew. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00 as we close in on friday's presidential inauguration, we'll take a closer look at the new first family. how big a part will melania trump and the trump children play in the new administration. you heard it before but it's not getting through. i have a look at the (announcer vo) when you have type 2 diabetes, there's a moment of truth. and now with victoza® a better moment of proof. victoza® lowers my a1c and blood sugar better than the leading branded pill, which didn't get me to my goal.
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over the course of the primaries and the general election, donald trump leaned heavily on his family and now as he prepares to move into the white house, he's bringing some of them with him in key roles. we take a look at the impact trump children may have on his administration. >> reporter: throughout his long roller coaster journey to the white house, the one constant for donald trump, his family. >> i love you, and i thank you. especially for putting up with all of those hours.
4:47 pm
this was tough. >> reporter: as he takes office, the trump family will continue to dominate his inner circle. it's certainly not unprecedented but the trump model may break new ground. >> families have always played a role in administrations. this one is more public and more formal than some are. >> reporter: melania is expected to stay in new york so their son barron can finish the school year there. ivanka and her husband played huge roles during the campaign. a steady presence by trump's side during the transition period. the high powered high profile couple and their children are moving to washington. kushner named a white house senior adviser. ivanka will not immediately have a formal role in the administration, her policy ideas on child care and family leave are being discussed on capitol hill. the family business will be left
4:48 pm
to donald jr. and eric who are not part of the administration. >> i hope at the end of eight years i'll come back and say you did a good job. if you did a bad job, i'll say you're fired. >> reporter: will trump say the same to family serving in the wo white house. >> they can't be fired. that becomes a real problem for them sometimes and for the president. >> reporter: that could mean potentially awkward holiday dinners. coming up tomorrow on abc 7 news at 4:00, the president-elect and his relationship with congress. how will they work together? by law, airlines must allow disabled passengers to board early if they need additional time to get seated. >> now a federal complaint says that should include those with severe peanut allergies as well. >> this is going to be an interesting one here. most airlines do not serve peanuts. you probably know that. they also don't stop passengers
4:49 pm
from bringing them onboard. now food allergy group filed a federal complaint against american airlines. the complaint says the carrier would not let a girl with nut allergies board her flight early. the group says passengers with allergies should be allowed extra time to wipe down their tray tables and seats. american's web side does not allow preboarding for those with nut allergies. planes are cleaned regularly but the airline cannot guarantee that will remove all allergens. the airline advises passengers with allergies to come prepared in case of exposure. the airline did not comment on the complaint saying it has not yet reviewed it. many apps include a warning saying the apps will access your contact list. so you click okay. a new survey finds that many of us freely allow apps to grab our friend's data. the study was done by resear researchers at penn state
4:50 pm
university. they downloaded apps despite warnings the apps would snoop and see friends and contacts. however, users who were more aware of privacy issues did tend to be more protective of their friends' data. we've been warned for years to use strong passwords to prevent hacking but we haven't listened. the most popular password is the easy to guess 123456 and second most popular is 123456789. third most popular is qwerty and then followed by numbers one through eight and six ones and one through nine and one through seven and password, the word password, is now number eight. it used to be the most popular. experts say if you got any of those you see on the screen, change it.
4:51 pm
i want to hear from you. 7 on your side hotline is open monday through friday from 10:00 to 2:00. you can reach me through facebook. what's your password? is it one of those? >> password 111111. >> you listing every one of mine. think you have asthma? you may want to think again. >> with more here's dr. timothy johnson. >> wheezing and fear of an asthma attack around the corner. 1 in 12 americans faces this daily reality. does being diagnosed with asthma mean you have it forever? a new study finds for adults it may not be the days. canadian researchers studied more than 600 adults diagnosed in the past five years with
4:52 pm
asthma finding that about one in three no longer have it. the researchers suggesting that in many adults the condition may come and go or disappear all together and they even noted that some diagnosed with asthma may not actually have it. the concern is that many adults who get an asthma diagnosis once may continue taking medications even when they no longer need them so if you have been diagnosed with asthma in the past, it might make sense to ask your doctor for a test to see if you still have it. you could spare yourself unnecessary medications and save some money while you're at it. with this medical minute, i'm dr. timothy johnson. japanese electric's giant panasonic is expanding use of hospitality robot. it's now being tested at a hotel in japan. moves around the lobby informing guests about bus schedules and handing out water. it's also used to deliver medicines and supplies in hospitals. next week the robot will move to
4:53 pm
tokyo's main airport to work on collecting dirty dishes. abc 7 news at 4:00 does continue. >> take two minutes. that's your day. that's what i would say. take two. take a minute. >> the minute that makes a difference and how schools are using the time to help students do better in school. and we'll have a look at what's coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00. >> coming up next, bay area women headed to washington d.c. >> it feels like an historic opportunity. >> hear from those who plan to join this weekend's women's march. the bay area gets a prominent seat at the table for one of president-elect trump's inaugural meals. and tips to eat smart at the mall food court. mall food court. we look at small swaps sure, you could sit around all night waiting for a pizza to be delivered. but wouldn't making it yourself be a lot more fun?
4:54 pm
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coming up at 8:00, "the middle" followed by "american housewife." and "fresh off the boat" and don't miss abc 7 news at 11:00. a school in baltimore is taking a different approach dealing with disciplinary issues with students. detention is replaced with meditation. teaching students to relax could be an important life lesson. >> reporter: the chaos of early morning silenced by early
4:57 pm
morning meditation. along with writing, reading and math, here at coleman elementary, students study breathing. if a student acts up, they're not sent to the principal's office. they're sent to this mindful moment room where they are given a chance to recenter. what do you think about when you're meditating? >> happy stuff. >> what's your happy thought? >> making baltimore a safe place for kids. my brother got shot when i was four when he was going to the movies by his house. i would get mad and i just breathe. >> reporter: andy gonzalez helped launch the program in baltimore 14 years ago with two brothers. >> overwhelming trauma these kids face. to have tools to better self-regulate and manage themselves and emotions and make them healthier mentally, mill n
4:58 pm
physically and emotionally makes the school better. >> reporter: he says the kids' behavior slowly changes. >> 95% of my class who goes out for mindful room they'll come back and they'll be at peace and they'll work. >> reporter: the goal is they'll not only be at peace for the rest of the day but hopefully for the rest of their life. >> take two minutes. that's your day. that's what i would say. take a minute to stop for a second and just be. >> reporter: wholistic life foundation says they want to expand on success they've seen in baltimore to all schools across the country and now other programs are tapping into mindful meditation as well helping soldiers in war, stressed out executives and even families at home. >> all right. you can get the latest news any time with the abc 7 news app. you can download it for free. enable push alerts to be the first to know about breaking news where you live. thank you for joining us for abc
4:59 pm
7 news at 4:00. i'm ama daetz. abc 7 news at 5:00 starts right now. ♪ sia ground breaking unlike y other. a live report as warriors go all out on what's to be their new home court. in her defense. hear from a family of the bay area woman now charged in the worst mass murder in history as new pictures of the crime scene are released. more wet weather as many place stills try to recover. three storms in the next five days. we'll track them. time line coming up. a donald trump supporter creates a website with the goal of making dating great again. actually, i'm not politically active at all. >> not your typical activist.
5:00 pm
>> bay area women who say they're not used to political action are standing up for women this weekend. good evening. >> thanks for joining us. with the inauguration of president-elect donald trump just a few days away, folks in the bay area are making plans to have their voices heard. >> big events friday and saturday. >> the intent of event organizers is to disrupt traffic, commerce and business as usual particularly on friday. >> of course most of the demonstrations here in the bay area and nationwide are expected to be peaceful and they're attracting a different kind of protester. >> lauren anthony is live in walnut creek with the story. >> reporter: come saturday, folks will meet at this gazebo behind me in this park for what they call a sister to the women's marches that are going on here and around the country. we found talking to some folks that they are first timers when


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