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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  January 18, 2017 1:07am-1:38am PST

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live, where you live, this is abc 7 news.
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now at 11:00, live doppler 7 is tracking the return of rain. good evening, and thank you for join beiing us tonight, i'm ama daetz. >> we have live team come for you. >> reporter: we're talking about three storms over the next five days. right now live doppler 7 showing you the clouds gathering, and there have been a few light showers, as we take you to geyserville area, a few sprinkles have fallen. along the mendocino coast is where the rain is. heavy rain for the afternoon, evening, along with strong winds. here are the biggest concerns as you're making your commute
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tomorrow afternoon and evening. watch out for flooded roadways and power outages. 5:00 a.m. tomorrow, you see a few showers passing through, right around 9:00 a.m. starts to approach parts of the north bay. as you look at your morning commute planner, it's going to be damp in spots and foggy. ferry ride will be murky and choppy. the hour by hour forecast taking you through the worse part of this storm and a look at the other two storms coming up in a few minutes. our storm watch continues with cornell bernard. >> reporter: ready or not, here comes another storm, and folks here in fairfax are ready with a lot of sandbags and an a little bit of hope that the flooding we saw last week will not make a come back. >> there was a lot of rain,
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overwhelming. >> reporter: michelle thought it would never stop raining. it caused this mudslide, trapping two children and their grand parents inside their home. luckily, they were rescued. the same hill now covered in plastic. most businesses have sandbags ready out front. more rain is on the way. >> i was pretty nervous. and feel that way about the upcoming week as well. >> reporter: in novato, a nearby creek overflowed last week, bringing four feet of water dangerously close to kathleen cage's house. and she's ready for another round of rain. >> hope for the best and prepare t for safety. a home is your home, but it's only stuff. >> reporter: officials will be watching the upcoming storms but don't anticipate the russian river to reach flood stage after
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homes were left under water only days ago. more rain, a not so subtle reminder winter is far from over. >> the water is good, but maybe put it somewhere else, you know. you get me? >> reporter: stay dry and drive safely, abc 7 news. today a city council ratified a local state of emergency declared last thursday because of this sinkhole. it was caused by a huge storm that moved through the previous weekend. crews will be working twroef time to repair that sinkhole. road slippage has forced caltrans to close a portion of highway one. count on abc mornings to track the storm and any impact on the morning commute. our meteorologist and traffic reporter will have up to the minute information beginning at
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4:30 a.m. new at 11:00, a bicyclist was seriously injured after speeding through a stop sign before crashing into a car. it happened at 5:00 tonight in northwe northwest santa rosa. the man is in his 50s and they did not say what kind of condition he is in. we have new details on president obama's decision to commute the sentence of chelsea manning. our reporter is here with reaction from manning's friends and supporters. >> reporter: he has a strong support here in the bay area. one group raised $1 million for her legal defense. >> she seas so ge-- she's so ge and sensitive. >> reporter: rainey has worked to get her friend released from
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prison. >> i was really worried about her. i thought oh, himy gosh, there' so many years she's facing prison. >> reporter: manning who went by bradley until 2013 faces numerous charges. some called the charges overreaching. >> we're very glad cell seehels going to get out. but it doesn't solve the problem that the act is ripe for abuse by prosecutors. >> reporter: republicans tonight are shocked by the president's decision. >> for the president, especially, a president who's made so much recently about the danger that wikileaks has posed to our national security to commute private manning's sentence sis disappointing. >> reporter: the white house isn't backing down. >> was exposed to due process, was found guilty, sentenced for
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her crimes and she acknowledged wrongdoing. >> reporter: and manning will be released from prison in may. as for where she'll go or what she'll do after that, her local supporters hope she'll settle right here in san francisco. tomorrow a federal judge will decide whether the wife of the orlando nightclub shooter will be granted bail. noor salman will be arraigned. prosecutors say she helped her husband buy ammunition, drove him to scout the nightclub and knew he watched jihadist videos. her uncle says she was unaware of her husband's plans. >> she called him or text him. he told her, don't you know what's happened? she said no. he said i love you, baby and hung up. that's what she knows. >> today we also got our first look inside the pulse nightclub where this happened. you can see bullet holes and
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walls knocked down so police could get to the shooter. san mateo police have arrested a san francisco woman, they say she stabbed a 18-year-old woman over a parking space. this happened monday night. the woman arrested now faces attempted homicide and assault with a deadly weapon charges. happening now, alameda city council's considering becoming a sanctuary city. the meeting is going late at city hall. if passed, police will not make mass arrests based on immigration status. city employees will reject requests to register anyone based on religious beliefs. it could endanger some of its $3 million federal dollars it receives each year. ochl a man set himself on fire outside donald trump's hotel in washington, d.c. tonight. brand-new video shows the fire still burning after the man was rushed to the hospital. police have not said how badly he was burned. he said he was from california
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and wanted to protest what he considered donald trump's disrespect of the constitution. two more days before president obama leaves office and donald trump is sworn in. many californians are using the inauguration as a reason to protest. thousands of people are expected to participate in sister women's marches across the bay area, from napa to san jose. >> i think women's rights need to be protected. i think women have the right to choose. and take control of their own health. >> some bay area residents are headed to washington, d.c. to participate in saturday's sister march on the capitol mall. i will be in washington, d.c. for coverage of donald trump's inauguration. a woman was hired through an app to clean a home. instead, police say she victimized her clients. and a landlord tries to boot
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a woman out of her apartment. there's word of a since-figure se
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police want you to take a good look at the housekeeper arrested accused of stealing from the people she was hired to work for. >> sandra has worked in bay area homes across the area. the latest victim hired her through an app. >> katie is live with the story in mountain view. >> reporter: the victim hired sandra through but police worry there could be more victims out there. a mountain view woman woke up to find cash and belongings missing from her home. she'd gone to bed with all the doors and windows locked. >> she knew that the only person who had access to her home was hers housekeeper. >> reporter: she hired the woman through an app. the investigation did not end. it turns out it was only just beginning. >> we learned that this individual had been connected to actually several home burglaries that we were investigating.
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turns out she happened to be a house cleaner at all of them. >> reporter: she also worked in san jose and the east bay. people we talked to in mountain view said it would definitely be hard to trust a stranger in their home. >> that's scary. that's the stuff i thought about when i was making a decision, which was why it was so easy to say, well, i'll go with the people who have been cleaning my parents' house. >> word of mouth for sure. it's worked out very well. >> reporter: to protect yourself, police recommend getting referrals when hiring a housekeeper. be sure the person is insured, licensed and bonded and it's always good practice to lock up valuables and tacash. officers did recover some stolen property from her home. from 7 on your side, a san francisco woman won a $400,000 settlement after being forced out of her home because of a huge increase in rent.
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she had just completed treatments for breast cancer when her rent went from $2100 a month to $8900 a month. she had to move and decided to sue. the trial would have started in a week, but she decided to accept the settlement. she's happy, but knows others face the same struggle. >> i've been watching this immense amount of greed in this town, and not every landlord is bad, but some of them are. >> an attorney for the landlord said that the settlement includes no acknowledgement of liability or wrong doing. chs new at 11:00, governor brown helped celebrate the year of the rooster. this is the second year in a row the governor has attended this reception. california remains a close ally. >> there will be ha fa few argus
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in wash, donington. >> chinese new year is january 28, the parade will be february 11. the warriors broke ground at their new san francisco arena site with an incredible show. ♪ >> i bet you've never seen choreographed excavators before. >> team owners promised more than basketball games, including concerts, graduations and political events. the arena opens in 2019. >> wow. that was quite spectacular. a good thing they did it today, because tomorrow it's going to look a little ditch in tefferen. tomorrow around this time it's going to be pretty stormy around the bay area. i want to show you what it looks
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like on live doppler 7, and we are tracking some moisture ahead of the storm as we take you into street-level radar here. very light returns, right around clear lake, old highway 53. you'll notice lower lake 29. definitely damp roadways, but this is just a teaser for what's to come tomorrow afternoon and even. visibility is down to 4 miles in fairfie fairfield, 5 in livermore. temperatures in the 40s and 50s. a look at what is to tomorrow. abc 7 news camera atop pier 15, showing a bit of a gray view here, so do expect the fog in some areas tomorrow with isolated showers. first of the series of storms comes in tomorrow with a wet pattern for the rest of the week. here's a look at the first storm, a two there for tomorrow. heavy rain and strong winds expected in the afternoon and evening. ponding on the roadways and
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possibility of power outages. that is why an advisory is out tomorrow. southerly winds could take down trees and take down power lines. so be aware of the fact that you may have a power outage or two tomorrow afternoon and evening. wind gusts picking up over 40 miles per hour, approaching 50 miles per hour around 3:00 in the afternoon. and you'll hit that 50-mile marker around 4:00 p.m. tomorrow afternoon. do expect the potential for rough riding conditions. winds do die down late tomorrow night. worst of it will be coming through during the evening commute. tomorrow morning, a couple showers, nothing to spoil your commute, but the fog could be the problem tomorrow morning. 8:00 a.m., light rain around jenner, ukiah. we do start to see light rain starting to spread across the
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region. by noontime, it's going, and by 3:00 p.m. it is widespread with the heaviest rain shaded in orange. by 5:00 p.m., it's going to be a messy commute. scattered showers will follow for your thursday morning commute, between 5:00 and 7:00 a.m., numerous showers, 8:00 a.m. thursday, showers lingering through noontime. don't hang up those umbrellas. you will need them for a good five days before you can hang them up. over three inches in the north bay, .8 in san jose. turns to snow in the mountains. we are expecting delays and chain controls with the gusty winds. withouto whiteout conditions. watch out for the fog, allow extra time for the commute.
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temperatures in the 40s. for the afternoon, the biggest thing will be flooding, due to the stormy conditions and power outages, 50s for your highs. three storms coming through. all twos on the impact scale. for wednesday, friday, saturday. in between we get scattered light shower thursday and saturday. all of these storms will bring wind with it. monday morning a few lingering
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to get covered, you've got to get going. open enrollment ends january 31st. visit today. raiders' quarterback derick carr is credited with helping police track down an amber alert victim. carr has 247,000 followers on twitter, giving the alert a wide audience. police said the 3-year-old was found safely. on sunday, lieutenant chris bolten tweeted his thanks. >> now he'll start wearing a sa silver and black cape. i haven't said this in a while, tennis
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♪ ♪ well, the 49ers are down to one candidate for their va
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kwapt, head coaching job. espn is reporting the niners are set to offer their job to kyle shanahan. they can't talk to the 37 year old until he's out of the playoffs or the by week. falcons face green bay this week in the conference championships. he's never been a head coach, but he can take the niners to the bank. cal's linebacker coach under coach tedford has been a defensive coordinator with tennessee and wisconsin the past 11 years. he has his hands full named so late in the recruiting process. spent over half a century without a berth and they want to make a change. >> we want to make it an extremely tough lace to play. there are going to be challenges
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ahead. but we wouldn't be sitting here, i wouldn't be sitting here if we didn't think we could get this done in the right way on and off the field. with that. >> i'm excited and honored to be here. i've been at work, but i'm excited to get back to work and connect with our players. day three they australian open. roger federer facing the australian. the 35-year-old is feeling as good as he has in years. sharp volleys and winners. on match point he will rip the crosscourt. and he advances in straight sets. while the women's champ, kerber celebrating a victory over fellow german. we pick this up halfway through. and in the heat of australia, these kind of points can wear
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you down. kerber will advance. and of course we leave you with mountain from the game of thrones he did not break the guinness world book of records with the toss. i don't watch game of tloenof t but i'm not messing with mountain. abc 7 news continues with our news app. >> take advantage of life... is unpredictable.


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