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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  January 18, 2017 7:00am-9:01am PST

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good morning, america. breaking news, former president george h.w. bush hospitalized in houston. the 92-year-old admitted for shortness of breath. we'll have what his chief of staff is admitting about his condition this morning. president-elect trump kicking off his inauguration festivities at a black-tie gala overnight and firing back at more than 50 democrats now refusing to attend his inauguration. >> are they going to give us their tickets or are they going to give them to other people? >> this morning his team bracing for some of the biggest showdowns yet between his cabinet picks and congress. his senior adviser, kellyanne conway, will join us live. abc news exclusive. abducted at birth. the young woman snatched as a newborn reunited with her biological parents 18 years later now speaking out for the first time about the woman who
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raised her. >> she loved me for 18 years. she cared for me for 18 years. >> her message for the woman she says will always be mom only on "gma." ♪ ♪ god bless america and the stage is set. the rising star about to wow millions at the inauguration joining us live. high school student, jackie evancho, performing the national anthem for president-elect trump amid a barrage of criticism and backlash. why she says she's doing it revealed right here on "gma." here. and good morning, america. all eyes on washington, d.c. today, just two days before the trump inauguration and president obama is going to give his final press conference at the white house today wrapping things up as the transition of power
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speeds towards president-elect trump. >> here's what we know. he'll travel back to washington, d.c. for a wreath laying ceremony at arlington national cemetery, that, of course, to honor our military. in the afternoon there will be a welcoming ceremony at the lincoln memorial for trump and vice president-elect mike pence. toby keith and three doors down set to perform and inauguration friday, the official oath of office will take place around noon. >> both donald trump and mike pence were in d.c. last night for the pre-inauguration dinner and pence tweeted this photo dancing with his wife saying, snuck in a dance with karen backstage tonight. couldn't wait for the inauguration balls to begin. >> a little practice. >> got the party started early. >> he did. more details on that in a moment. first the breaking news about former president george h.w. bush, hospitalized in houston. let's get right to our chief white house correspondent jon karl. what's the latest on his condition, jon? good morning. >> reporter: good morning, robin.
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just days before the inauguration of the next president, america's oldest living president was rushed to the hospital with shortness of breath. the 41st president was rushed to houston methodist hospital this past saturday. the elder george bush was last seen in public a couple of weeks ago at a houston texans football game he attended with his son jeb. he famously went skydiving to celebrate his 90th birthday but george h.w. bush has had several health scares in recent years. in 2015 he fractured a bone in his neck at the family's summer compound in kennebunkport, maine, and in 2012 he spent two months in intensive care for a bronchial-related illness. he has a form of parkinson's disease and uses a motorized scooter to get around but despite the health challenges his spirit remains strong. just over a week ago he visited his old friend astronaut jean cernan in the hospital just days before cernan died.
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the spokesperson for george h.w. bush says he is resting comfortably right now. they hope that he'll be released from the hospital within a couple of days. health concerns had forced him to pass up the upcoming inauguration. the only president who will not be in attendance. he was not a big fan of donald trump. he reportedly threw shoes when trump would come on during the primaries. he didn't like the attacks on his son jeb. >> we know he voted for hillary clinton. that's what he said. hope he's okay. >> we do hope he's okay. >> absolutely. the latest now on the trump inaugural just two days away and kicked it off with a gala for foreign diplomats and business leaders last night as you see him with vice president-elect and protests too and cecilia vega has the details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, george. protesters on the streets of d.c. and growing among congressional democrats saying
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they are staying home for friday's inauguration. donald trump kicked off his inauguration festivities with the black-tie gala and his running mate overnight. the room packed with nearly 200 foreign diplomats. for many their first interaction with the man who is about to become president. >> we have great respect for your countries. we have great respect for our world. >> reporter: the president-elect center stage but shining the spotlight on his secretary of state pick, exxonmobil ceo rex tillerson fresh off his capitol hill confirmation grilling. >> we have a man that i wanted right from the beginning, rex tillerson. i think it's tougher than he thought. he figured he led this charmed life. goes into the country, takes the oil, goes into another country. it's tough dealing with these politicians, right? he's going to be so incredible. >> reporter: but just blocks away there were protesters outside of the trump hotel including a man who attempted to light himself on fire. now just hours away from taking the oath of office, this morning
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trump is taking aim at the growing number of congressional democrats planning to boycott his swearing in. one in four now say they'll skip the ceremony in protest. >> that's okay because we need seats so badly. i hope they give me their tickets. are they going to give us their tickets. >> you're okay with them not going. >> reporter: also largely absent, a-listers but america's first reality tv star turned president tells fox news, this inauguration is about the people, not celebrities. >> i read where some of them decided they told us they're not going to sing. they were never asked to sing -- >> like who? >> all of these so-called celebrities were saying i don't want to go. one of them said, well, i have told them i'm not going to sing. they were never asked to sing. many of the celebrities that are saying they're not going, they were never invited. i don't want the celebrities. i want the people. >> and another declaration this morning in that interview from donald trump. he says, quote, i don't like tweeting. i have other things i could be doing.
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he says this is his way to counteract the immediate yoo. last year he said in an interview i love tweeting. we expect him to not give it up in the oval office. >> accusing and suggesteding that the cia director leaked those claims about mr. trump and now it appears he's trying to put this all to rest. >> yeah. donald trump now says he accepts that the cia's john brennan was not behind the leak but the fact that the intelligence community included this infamous briefings was very inappropriate. george. >> okay, cecilia vega, thanks very much. a fierce showdown on capitol hill today as four of his nominees go before congress. all eyes are on tom price, the nominee to lead the department of health and human services. our congressional correspondent mary bruce has the latest on all that. good morning, mary. >> reporter: good morning,
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robin. this is a big day here with some of trump's most controversial picks in the hot seat. democrats are bracing for a showdown over hhs nominee tom price. if confirmed he would be the architect of trump's plan to repeal and replace obamacare, but this morning democrats are raising concerns about his finances. they're questioning whether price made improper health care stock trades while also serving on a key health care committee. now, the trump transition team has launched a fierce defense but expect there to be plenty of fireworks later today. also the hearing for scott pruitt, his pick for epa. as oklahoma attorney general, he sued the epa 14 times and our brian ross is reporting there are likely to be big questions about energy companies made to groups with ties to pruitt just as he was suing that agency. robin. >> mary, trump's pick for education secretary was also facing a lot of tough questions well into the night. >> reporter: yeah, lots of questions about her qualifications. betsy devos is known as a
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longtime charter school advocate and refused to rule out whether she would divert funding from those private school options to but it's exchange about guns in schools that seems to be getting the most attention this morning. take a look. >> you can't say definitively today guns shouldn't be in schools? >> well, i will refer back to senator enzi and the school that he was talking about in wyoming. i think probably there i would imagine that there's probably a gun in the school to protect from potential grizzlies. >> reporter: now that comment getting a lot of people and gun control advocates talking this morning. robin. >> it certainly has, thank you. more on this from the senior adviser of the president-elect, kellyanne conway. good morning. thanks for joining us. democrats that hearing for betsy devos, democrats complain they only got five minutes to question her. they want to have another hearing before they go forward
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and now appears that some of these confirmation hearings are slowing down. are you concerned you're not going to have a full cabinet in place when the president takes office? >> george, we certainly hope that president-elect trump will have that cabinet in place the way president obama and president george w. bush did. our two most recent presidents. they had upwards of seven to nine confirmed on inauguration day so friday is coming quickly. we certainly hope and expect that we'll be able to have a peaceful transition of government which includes having a cabinet in place. even george w. bush who came into office on december 12th some five weeks after the actual election through a supreme court decision, there were a lot of people felt cheated, raw nerve, hurt feelings yet he had nine of his cabinet nominees confirmed in that week because the senate recognizes you need state and treasury and defense in place to keep us going. >> yeah and i know there have been some issues with making sure all the forms are in. the president-elect clearly not happy with that series of new polls showing that he'll be the most unpopular president taking
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office in modern times. but the country clearly is divided so does he feel any need in this inaugural to reach out to those americans who don't support him? >> well, we discussed the polls. he knows that the polls also show very important things to americans including your abc news poll like a majority saying that donald trump will have positive impact on the economy and jobs. they believe he will keep us safer. but more broadly outside of any one poll, if you look at this inaugural address and i've seen it, you do see a president who is making good on his promise from election night, george, to be the president of all americans and that includes the millions who did not vote for him. that theme will be carried over into his inaugural address. it's a beautiful, elegant, very strong, powerful message and, yes, it is america first, and, yes, he is a man of action but at the same time he recognizes that to move forward we need to come together. we hope that the democrats who say they're not coming to the inauguration would reconsider. they are certainly invited. that's how you show america we're coming together to solve
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significant problems. >> does the statement that he doesn't like tweeting mean that he'll be tweeting less? >> not necessarily. what he is saying is this is one of the only ways that he can actually connect and communicate directly with the american people. we are not treated fairly by many media outlets. thank you for the platform here, george, as always, but this is the way that he goes around those who want to, i think, toxify his message and distort his message. and communicate and connect. he is the most brilliant communicator i have ever met and saw with the diplomatic corps, a remarkable historic event to have 200 members all in a room, ambassadors, diplomats, ministers and to a person they were so excited to be included. you have president obama fancies himself some kind of globalist, never did an event like this. donald trump coming in as the new president getting off on the right foot, cross religious, cross cultural, cross national -- international
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celebration. >> let's talk about health care. president-elect says he has the goal of insurance for everyone even those who can't pay for it. you said under mr. trump's plan no one who has coverage will lose it, the congressional budget office said the repeal could cost 18 million people their insurance right away so how will president trump guarantee everyone who now has coverage will keep their coverage? >> what we're saying people who are relying on insurance currently will not go without coverage during the time of transition. he has made that clear. i think he said it at his press conference or sometime last week. secondly it's just a more patient centric free market system of buying and having health care. why? because you'll have a health savings account with your name on it where you own it and you will be able to control spending. we will block grant medicaid to the states probably. so those who are closest to the people in need who know how to administer it will do so and, of course, the big one that you can buy health insurance across state line, your viewers know they buy goods and services across state lines every day.
7:14 am
why in the most intimate purchase that you can make as an american for your health care would you not be able to do that? so he wants to make sure it's truly affordable and accessible. there are americans who have been helped through the affordable care act. they will not be harmed but many americans feel they had great benefits and their premiums have skyrocketed. their choice, their quality and their access has been diminished. we want to help those people. >> kellyanne conway, thanks very much. >> thank you, george. and tomorrow night our coverage will continue. we'll have an inside look at america's new first family as the trumps head to washington, a special edition of "20/20" and friday, it begins at 7:00 a.m. on "gma" and continues all day through the inaugural parade. now, george, to the president obama. his commuting of the 35-year sentence of chelsea manning, the former army intelligence analyst who leaked hundreds of thousands of sensitive documents to wikileaks. now, that founder, julian assange, saying he welcomes the decision and that manning is,
7:15 am
quote, a hero whose bravery should be applauded. the president's decision provoking strong reaction on both sides of the aisle. abc's chief global affairs correspondent, martha raddatz, has more. joins us from washington. good morning, martha. >> good morning, robin. as you can imagine the strongest negative reaction coming from republicans, veterans, john mccain and tom cotton, both highly critical and speaker of the house, paul ryan calling it outrageous. manning leaked 700,000 documents that revealed all kinds of american secrets. manning has already served seven years of the 35-year sentence, the longest sentence ever imposed in a leak case. she tried to commit suicide twice last year. one of her lawyers saying her release was a matter of life and death, robin. >> and also, martha, we saw the president pardoning a retired general and there were some other pardons that raised a few eyebrows. tell us about those. >> reporter: exactly. retired general james cartwright
7:16 am
a former marine corp fighter pilot was a key member of the national security team, but last year cartwright pleaded guilty to lying to the fbi about conversations with journalists involving classified material. in explaining that pardon a white house official said that in those discussions with journalists, cartwright was actually trying to prevent publication of classified information, robin. >> all right, martha, thank you. all right, thank you, robin. now to the major storm that's hitting the west and neal karlinsky is in portland, oregon, with that information. good morning, neal. >> reporter: michael, good morning. portland can't catch a break crushed by several heavy snowstorms and now this, this ice storm. take a look at this video. can you see a truck sliding out of control, one semi just narrowly misses it then another one can't stop or get out of the way in time. it smashes into that truck. the roads are so icy, i-84 partially closed because of the ice. major delays and cancellations
7:17 am
at the airport here but the weather is now warming up. the rain is coming down. that ice is melting and the concern all up and down the west coast, in fact, now turns towards possible flooding. guys. >> all right, neal, thank you very much. we're going to talk to ginger about that in a moment. now amy has the morning's other top stories with earthquakes in italy. >> three earthquake, robin, hit central italy with tremors felt in rome. the first a magnitude 5.3, less than an hour later a slightly stronger quake hit followed by another aftershock. no reports of any serious damage so far. quakes, though, you may remember in the same region last year killed nearly 300 people. accused cop killer in orlando has been captured after a nine-day manhunt. police say markeith loyd was wearing body armor when they arrested him in a vacant house after tracing his text messages. he is wanted for the murder of master sergeant debra clayton in a walmart parking lot and for the shooting of his ex-girlfriend. the secret service has
7:18 am
settled a $24 million discrimination lawsuit. the case was brought by 100 black agents who claimed their less qualified white colleagues repeatedly received promotions. the secret service did not admit any wrongdoing in that settlement. finally some things are just meant to go together. bacon and eggs, peanut butter and jelly and beer and yoga. it is gaining popularity in europe. fans say pairing yoga philosophies with drinking beer allow you to reach your highest level of consciousness. i'm sure that's okay as long as you don't reach a level of unconsciousness. that's probably not good but they say this is -- both are centuries old therapies for mind, body and soul. >> okay. >> you're not buying it. i can tell. >> i'd give it a try. >> we had goat yoga the other day. now beer yoga. >> i'd rather have beer yoga. >> now we have ginger. >> sounds peaceful, the unconscious part too. let's look. the flash flooding situation in houston up to five inches of
7:19 am
rain around houston falling in just three hours. a quick look at what's happening out west and tell you more about that in a minute. first the snowy cities brought to you by burlington.
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coming up, that exclusive. the teenager kidnapped at birth speaking out for the first time. what she hopes will happen to the woman who raised her. ( ♪ ) ♪ they tell me i'm wrong ♪ ♪ to want to stand alongside my, my love ♪ ♪ whoa, talkin' 'bout my love ♪
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panera. food as it should be. it is 7:23. the big story today, return of the weather. >> hi, everybody. the first wave moved through as we talked about yesterday, and now another wave moves through, light, moderate rain and big concern is for the evening commute. we have the downpours, the ponding, the hydroplaning and winds putting debris in the roadways as wes. our fastest winds begin at 11:00 through 10:00 this evening, through 1:00 in the morning for the rest of us. the concerns? high concern for power out amgs, ponding, stream and creek flooding. here's the seven-day forecast
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a look at traffic, a new problem for you if you are doing the bay bridge commute. here's a look at slowdowns towards the treasure island tunnel where we have reports of a crash inside the tunnel. that is in the far left lane. they just dispatched fire and ambulance to the scene, so it sounds like there may be injuries. one lane down, you are ycrawlin. westbound, 45 minutes, and southbound 101, san francisco going to the airport is in the yellow. >> thank you. an exclusive interview with a woman reunited with her birth parents 18 years later. that's next, and it's only on "gma." another update in 30 minutes and always on our news app and ab
7:27 am we'll watch for delays and cancellations over
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to increase circulation and accelerate healing. let's review: heat, plus relief, plus healing, equals thermacare. the proof that it heals is you. ♪ welcome back to "gma" and that is jackie evancho at 10 years old performing on "america's got talent." beautiful voice and now six years later she's getting ready for the biggest performance of her life singing at the inauguration friday. she's joining live and can't wait to hear from her coming up. >> extremely talented. really an honor to be asked to sing? we'll talk to her in a little bit. two days away from the inauguration and four of president-elect trump's nominees will get grilled. scott pruitt for epa, tom price for health and human services expected to get the biggest questions and president obama will hold his last press conference this afternoon.
7:31 am
yesterday he made an unscheduled appearance for the final press conference of his press secretary josh earnest with him all steps of the way. >> he said if you're going to have somebody to speak for you, earnest is a nice name. we'll begin this half hour with that abc news exclusive, the teenager who learned she was abducted at birth speaking out for the first time about that stunning revelation and the only mother she's ever known who is now behind bars in florida. the teen sat down with abc's eva pilgrim who joins us now from jacksonville. good morning, eva. robin. alexis manigo still calls the woman accused of kidnapping her as a newborn, mom, that woman behind bars in florida in court today. alexis says even though some people think she should hate her mom, expect her to. she doesn't and won't. this morning, defending her. >> she will always be mom. >> reporter: a bombshell secret turning 18-year-old alexis manigo's world upside down.
7:32 am
dna testing revealing alexis was in fact baby kamiyah snatched from a florida hospital in 1998 when she was just 8 hours old. >> your whole life you've been known as alexis. lexi, you know, and then now it's like people are referring to you as someone else nationally. >> reporter: this morning the woman she calls mom, 51-year-old gloria williams is facing charges for her kidnapping. >> have you even had a chance amidst all that chaos to sit by yourself and think about what's really going on right now? >> it's not so much i don't want -- i don't want to. i know it's going to come. >> why do you think you're waiting. >> it doesn't happen. it just doesn't. >> you're the one. >> this attention is very overwhelming. >> reporter: after years of hoping and waiting her biological parents made the trip to south carolina. alexis meeting them for the first time.
7:33 am
>> i feel like i do owe them that to give them a chance, you know, get to know them. >> do you think about that ever, what your life would have been like -- >> i'm not saying they weren't going to be good parents -- i'm not saying that at all. but it would have been a different life. when you find out you got another family, there's just more love. >> reporter: alexis openly sobbing in court seeing her mom now behind bars. >> it did hurt that they had her in cuffs. she's a gentle woman. >> these things shouldn't happen and they never should happen and when they do, everybody's life is turned upside down. >> reporter: alexis' attorney says they will look into what legal options she has going forward. but they also have to focus on the basics. >> driver's license, social security number, birth certificate, the basic documents that someone needs to be an adult in america in 2017. >> reporter: this morning,
7:34 am
alexis says she forgives her mom. >> from that one mistake, i was given the best life, i was. i had everything i needed and wanted. i had love especially. >> if you could have it your way what would you like to see happen? >> i understand what she did was wrong. but just don't lock her up and throw away the key. like everything she did was just awful. she loved me for 18 years. she cared for me for 18 years. >> reporter: alexis couldn't tell us how she found out out of concern that anything she says could be used against her mother. do you feel like you have to protect her in some ways. >> you feel obligated to provide protect them in any way possible. in any way possible. you can't just say, oh, they did something wrong, let me -- you know, let me just forget about them and move on.
7:35 am
it's not that easy. >> even though she did what she did. >> i will always love her. >> reporter: alexis tells us she still talks to her mom daily during calls. she doesn't know when she will see her again. but she hopes it's soon. right now her lawyer says they're working on getting her some i.d. that will take time. >> you could hear a pin drop in the studio listening to that young woman. her poise, the maturity, what she has gone through and she speaks so lovingly about the woman who raised her. will that help her in her case at all? >> reporter: it likely won't change the charges. these are serious charges, a woman accused of kidnapping a baby, but it could have some impact on the sentencing phase of this case, and that is what alexis is hoping for. guys. >> yeah, eva, thank you. wonderful. thank you for bringing that to us and, yes, you can understand, how she said she loved me for 18
7:36 am
years. she cared for me but she knows what she did was wrong and can't just be looked the other way with it. >> she still has to be in shock. this all just came -- she doesn't even have an i.d. >> she may be but she's clear and compelling. really something. >> very. coming up another teen, 16-year-old jackie evancho, she's going to join us live. listen to that voice. you'll hear it friday at the inauguration. we'll talk to her about it all just ahead. ♪ my home sweet home weet home ♪
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we are back now with the young singer gearing up for the performance of her life. 16-year-old jackie evancho is taking the stage at the trump inauguration bringing excitement and some controversy. we'll speak with her in just a moment but first t.j. holmes is in washington with the closer look at her story. good morning, t.j. >> reporter: and good morning to you from d.c., strahan. now, last inauguration, beyonce did the national anthem. you know her. you might not know this year's singer. what you need to know about her,
7:39 am
the youngest solo artist to go platinum. youngest person to get a solo concert at lincoln center, already performed for president obama and the pope and on friday she is about to pad her resume. ♪ a voice so big, tv audiences couldn't believe it was coming out of that little girl. >> whoa! >> reporter: jackie evancho was just 10 years old. >> jackie evancho. >> reporter: when she came in second on "america's got talent." ♪ now, she's 16 with 6 albums under her belt and getting ready for the biggest stage of her life. singing the national anthem at donald trump's inauguration friday. evancho joins a small group of performers while previous ones featured performers like ricky martin and beyonce. ♪ say does that star-spangled banner ♪
7:40 am
>> reporter: this year celebs including elton john, celine dion and garth brooks all reportedly declined invitations from trump's team. even singers that had already said yes backed out after fierce backlash from fans. broadway star jennifer holliday cited her support for the lgbt community told "the view" -- >> i didn't realize people weren't over the election. >> reporter: trump responded on fox news. >> just so you understand, i read where some decided they told us they're not going to sing. they were never asked to sing. >> reporter: evancho is under intense pressure. a barrage of criticism some calling her a traitor and selfish citing her sister who is transgender. but evancho -- ♪ god bless america >> reporter: -- says she's ignoring the hate and will do simply what she does best. ♪ my home sweet home >> reporter: one note about big name celebrities.
7:41 am
so much talk about that. traditionally the honor of singing the national anthem at the inauguration has not gone to a big named celebrity. yes, beyonce did the last one but traditionally it's been marine choir, other military choirs, it's been even staff sergeants with the army and whatnot, so beyonce was actually the departure from tradition. evancho falls more in line with tradition. >> okay, t.j., thanks very much. let's talk to jackie evancho right now. she joins us from washington. thank you so much for joining us this morning. you must be so excited. >> i'm very excited. thank you for having me. >> absolutely. tell us about how you're preparing. >> well, i'm just practicing and i've been practicing in the cold because i was really scared it was going to be freezing but it wasn't so i'm just singing the song as much as possible. >> and we heard in t.j.'s piece that you're ignoring the hate. there is a lot of controversy around this inauguration. how are you tuning it out? >> how am i -- >> tuning it out. >> well, i have a lot of
7:42 am
positivity from my family and that's all that matters to me and all of my true fans have been there for me and supportive so that's all i need so i'm sticking to it. >> your sister as t.j. said is transgender. this is a big week for her as well. >> uh-huh. yes. >> but she won't be at the inaugural. >> she won't be. she has personal things going on right now and i wish i could be there for her too and she wishes she was here for me but we're there in spirit. >> you met donald trump when you were younger. what do you think about him? >> when i met him he was extremely polite, very nice and thankful for me to be there and perform for him so i mean, it was a great experience. >> what's the hardest part about singing the national anthem? >> just kind of the pressure of the song itself. it's such a big, grand song and you really don't want to mess that up. >> we know you won't. we cannot wait to hear you, jackie, thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> hey, michael.
7:43 am
>> hey there, george. we got a big, big board coming up. we have three college football players hospitalized after an intense workout. we're going to tell you how you could tell if you're pushing yourself too hard in the gym. that's very important. big headline for anyone who bought milk. have you bought it? >> i love milk. >> you want to watch this. you could be owed money. all the details are coming up in just two minutes. . all details are coming up in just two minutes. all the details ar in just two minutes. all the detn just two minutes. try theraflu expressmax,nd flu hold you back now in new caplets. it's the only cold & flu caplet that has a maximum strength formula
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7:45 am
back now with our big board. jesse palmer and dr. jen ashton are here at the table for our first story and we'll start with that urgent warning about high intensity training. three members, did you hear about this, the university oregon football team hospitalized after what was described as a grueling workout and now their strength coach has been suspended. we hope that the players are recovering and doing well. but, jesse, just bring everybody up to speed. >> the oregon football team got back from holidays and started their strength and conditioning program and have a brand-new head coach and apparently
7:46 am
they've been grueling compared to basic military training. three student athletes were complaining of muscle fatigue. showing symptoms of potential exercise related injuries. so the medical staff, they went with them, looked at the players, reported back to the coaching staff pursuant to their medical protocol. since then those three players have been hospitalized with rhabdo and willie taggart has issued an apology on behalf of the coaching staff and university as well. >> what can you tell us about this condition? what exactly is it? >> so take a look at this graphic. this animation, basically three step, muscle trauma or muscle injury that causes a leaking of the main protein in muscle to enter the bloodstream that travels to the kidneys and basically in effect causes among other things a clogging of the kidney filtration system could be mild, could be severe, could be life-threatening. >> all of us who played sports at some time have heard that phrase, no pain, no gain and doctors always cringe and we
7:47 am
thought we kind of got away from that. you two guys, did you ever -- were you concerned about overtraining? have you ever heard of this issue? >> he's a quarterback, so absolutely not. >> oh! >> i was dusting off those ten-pound dumbbells. somebody had to use them. >> in your case. >> in my case, you know what, i think you always worried about that. i think it's something you had to be conscious of and the older i got the more conscious i was but as a college student, you're doing what the coaches are telling you to do. >> that's it. 18 and 22, you don't know anything about personal fitness, strength and conditioning. we played football because we wanted to win football games and play in the nfl. when our strength coach says run over there. you don't say how fast. lift something, you don't ask how many times. you're trusting them to get you bigger, faster, stronger to achieve goals because they're the professionals. even us quarterbacks, robin. >> i remember in college, even in high school playing basketball and i remember the drills were called blood and guts and suicides. that's not a good things that that were the names of the drills. >> or till you throw up. they bring the buckets to the field.
7:48 am
>> that's something that could happen to a normal person who's not a professional. >> 100% and that's really the important thing, you guys, here, not just for elite athletes and can happen to the weekend warrior. it's not just football and it's not just crossfit. those have been in the news recently but can happen to anyone with an increase in intensity with an increase in duration of the training, and there are also other risk factors that up the risk, can happen with trauma, infection, drug abuse, sickle cell trait, the key is recognizing it. >> are there signs -- how do we recognize. >> severe muscle pain, swollen, puffy muscle, dark urine, get to the hospital. >> thanks. suffering from any of those look out for it. i was just jealous. i'm sorry, jesse. you know i love you. >> he was good on the easy curls back with the new york giants. i drank milk too, man. up next is a new take on milk money. if you purchased milk since 2003 you may be owed some money
7:49 am
thanks to recent settlement in a class action lawsuit against the dairy industry and rebecca jarvis joins us with the details. so, rebecca. if you purchased milk as far back as 2003, you may be owed some money. what is this all about? >> $52 million up for grabs right now, michael. so if you bought not just milk, but any kind of milk product, yogurt, cottage cheese, if you bought these products in 1 of 15 states including washington, d.c., wisconsin, california, if you bought this product, all you have to do is go to the website,, fill out the form, the form is truly two clicks of your mouse and you are eligible for up to $20 just for buying milk in one of these places since 2003. >> just buying and you don't have to live there. what if you were visiting or traveling to these 15 states. >> exactly, if you traveled, robin, you're eligible as well. you don't need a receipt. i went through this website last night. it will take you less than 30
7:50 am
seconds to claim this money. >> and this is one of many class action suits out there. >> millions of dollars right now in class action lawsuits. you can find these on johnson & johnson, for example, has one of these outstanding right now for its baby bedtime bath products. the payout there, up to $30. you have a deadline of april 28th, 2017. go to to find out. >> thank you. what are you doing over here? >> writing that down. >> i was wondering what was going on. >> i got it, rebecca. >> thank you, rebecca, thank you jesse. this photo is getting a lot of reaction. "dancing with the stars" peta is so proud of her post-baby body. her powerful message for new moms. jen is going to come back and talk to us about it in the next half hour. >> beautiful. us about it in the next half hour. >> beautiful. why suffer? stand up to chronic migraine... with botox®. botox® is the only treatment for chronic migraine
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7:54 am
blue apron. and back here on "good morning america," i'm in my workout clothes because we have a huge workout segment coming on the show with harley pasternak but wanted to show you this. the western storm -- well, the series of them already started. that's mike warner, meteorologist at katu fighting the ice and the wind, a series of storms headed that way. hat way
7:55 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by carmax. drive what's possible. drive what's possible.
7:56 am
good morning, south bay, let's get up and get going. good morning, this is abc 7 mornings. we have your rainy forecast. hi, mike. >> hi, everybody, yeah, nailed it there. rainy forecast for six days or so. have the wet weather gear handy. another round of showers moving ashore, but the steadiest and heaviest rain is this afternoon with power outages, and ponding and creek flooding. another moderate storm friday and again sunday. >> good morning. we have a sig alert for bay bridge drivers this morning as westbound 80 inside the treasure island tunnel left lane blocked. it sounds like they are cleaning up oil as well. here's a look at cars headed towards the tunnel, and you can see it's crawling. it's 25 minutes across, 52 minutes from highway 4. >> thank you.
7:57 am
another abc 7 news update in 30 minutes. find us on the news app and we hope you join us tomorrow morning, we will be here from 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. there's a look at the cloudy
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. breaking overnight, former president george h.w. bush hospitalized in houston. the 92-year-old admitted for shortness of breath. we'll have what his chief of staff is revealing about his condition this morning. >> baby, oh, baby, this picture trending huge overnight. so many women responding to peta's body positive post just five days after giving birth. what she's telling moms everywhere this morning. rewriting the rules. michelle obama's blockbuster fashion inspiring so many using her clothes to not just make a statement but leave behind a legacy. what she wore and why it mattered. ♪ i want your loving lady gaga gets ready to rock. >> this is where i'm supposed to be. >> what she's now revealing about her huge halftime show. one super behind-the-scenes look. ♪ it's raining men
8:01 am
and it's raining men this wednesday. edgar ramirez and nick offerman right here live. and they're saying -- >> both: good morning, america. ♪ ♪ it's raining men good morning, america. >> boy, that is a beard. >> that is a beard. >> that is a real beard. >> i told him i had beard envy. >> i wish we could show the outtakes of when you do that with everybody. >> maybe we will. >> good idea. >> how are you guys feeling this hump day? [ cheers and applause ] >> great crowd. >> that's great because you know what, it's workout wednesday. how do you feel about that? ginger is already with our celebrity trainer, harley pasternak. we're focusing on lower body strength today. >> look at -- that doesn't look easy at all. you know, if you're at home, you could join in.
8:02 am
we're live streaming the workout on our website and facebook so you could follow along as you watch the show. >> and if you want to right here, feel free to -- >> by all means. better you than us. there's a new study, it turns out gossiping could actually be good for you. >> ooh. >> if you gossip? if you're gossiping or being gossiped about. >> gossiping could be good for you. let me tell you about it. we'll have that coming up in "pop news." >> a "pop news" investigation coming up. first we got to get some other news. amy has the morning rundown. >> good morning. we begin with the new health concerns for former president george h.w. bush who was hospitalized this morning in houston. abc's jonathan karl is monitoring the very latest from the white house. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, amy. just days before the inauguration of the next president, america's oldest living president was rushed to the hospital with shortness of breath. he's 92 years old. former president george h.w. bush was already not coming to the inauguration, the only living president not to be here
8:03 am
because of health concerns, but this is a new development. his spokesperson says that he is resting comfortably now and they hope that he will be able to be released from the hospital within a couple of days. amy. >> all right, jon, we are wishing him and his family the best. well, as president-elect donald trump prepares to take office, his cabinet nominees are facing some intense questioning. trump's pick for health secretary is testifying today as democrats demand an investigation. congressman tom price is under fire for purchasing stock in a medical device company and then introducing legislation that would have benefited that company. a confirmation hearing is also under way for epa nominee scott pruitt who joined lawsuits against the epa while he was attorney general of oklahoma and allegedly accepted donations from energy companies. and things got pretty heated last night during the hearing for education secretary nominee betsy devos when she said states should decide whether to allow guns in schools. she cited protection from grizzly bears in wyoming as an example. meanwhile, more than 50
8:04 am
lawmakers are now boycotting the inauguration. earlier on "gma," trump's senior adviser, kellyanne conway, urging them to reconsider saying trump is reaching out to everyone. >> you do see a president who's making good on his promise from election night, george, to be the president of all americans and that includes the millions who did not vote for him. that theme will be carried over into his inaugural address. it's a beautiful, elegant, very strong, powerful message and, yes, it is america first and, yes, he is a man of action. >> this morning president-elect trump is backing away from his comments about cia director john brennan telling fox he now accepts brennan did not leak the unverified story about trump being compromised by russia. well, republicans are voicing outrage after president obama commuted the prison sentence of army private chelsea manning. she was known as bradley manning when she leaked military documents to wikileaks. supporters say her 35-year sentence was overly harsh but senator john mccain says the president's move will only
8:05 am
encourage more espionage. two rhode island sisters reported missing back in 1985 have been found alive in texas and today their mother is now facing a judge. elaine yates is accused of kidnapping her two girls and living under an alias. her daughters have families of their own and police tracked them down after getting a tip. their father says he has waited 31 years for this news. and finally it appears that a dream job has opened up across the pond. the university of cambridge is hiring what it is calling a lego professor to study the importance of play in education. this is a six-figure job, but you better hurry. friday is the deadline to apply. there is one caveat, though. you have to have an outstanding research record of international stature. any takers? >> i'm in. >> i got that. >> i remember hearing one time you don't stop playing games because you grow old. you grow old because you stop playing games. >> that is well said. >> confucius say. >> yes. >> that was her application for the job. >> that was my -- yeah.
8:06 am
george is right. >> that was very deep. >> george, i would put that on my application for the job, thank you, george. how about some "pop news," everybody? >> all right. there is a lot going on. good morning, everybody. great crowd here. we'll begin with some super bowl news. no word yet on who is playing on the field. we do know lady gaga, though, gearing up. gaga and pepsi giving us a little taste of what's in store for the 100 plus million who watch the prestigious super bowl halftime show performance that gaga says she's been dreaming of her whole life. >> it will be special because, you know, i've been planning this since i was 4. i know exactly what i'm going to do. for me it's all about giving to the fans and bringing people together that wouldn't normally come together. >> bring us together, gaga. pepsi tweeting the behind-the-scenes footage that shows her dance troupe rehearsing what appears to be choreography from the "bad romance" video so maybe that song will happen, yes.
8:07 am
my eagle-eyed producer on the case breaking it down for you. who will play in the super bowl? any guesses? >> i don't want to get in trouble. i have no idea. >> well, we know gaga will be there. the super bowl happens in michael's hometown, houston. >> yes. >> february 5th. are you psyched? >> i'm excited. yeah, i'll be down there early in the week to like get going. >> you'll be doing prep work. >> we're covering the game, so i need to be down there for the prep work. of course. >> if you need an assistant call my people. >> t.j. holmes, he's already going, right? >> he called it. >> i never get that one. i want to go so bad. >> you got to beat t.j. holmes for it. >> it's all his. he's done a great job. he'll be there, as well. i, however, have movie news now. woody harrelson, have you heard about this doing, he's doing a live single take movie. it's never been done before. it's happening. it's a live single take movie called "lost in london." it's just one day away.
8:08 am
"entertainment weekly" -- thank you -- they gave us exclusive behind-the-scenes photos of harrelson working, there he is, with the star of the film, owen wilson, hope you get it right, owen, you get one take. the director revealing he is a little freaked. i don't blame you, a little scared, check. also, though, hopeful about this first time endeavor and you can check out the live movie meaning as they're filming it, fans are watching it happen starring not only owen but also willie nelson. >> whoa. >> so, i just -- >> good times. good times. >> yeah. can you imagine? >> good times. >> owen and willie. >> even more than them, i'd be worried around london people who don't know. >> i think it's -- >> an entire movie. >> absolutely. it's improvisation at its best and one of those things that -- why wouldn't you watch because if it goes wrong, it goes right. good luck, though. >> he might not agree with that part. >> you know what, i think he is open to it that you have to adapt to the moment.
8:09 am
>> doing it to you, again. >> i know. crying. why? because george isn't paying enough attention to me. >> now, children. and then finally, everybody, scientists, as we alluded to earlier, are suggesting that gossip is good for you. >> scientists. >> science, george, science in general. scientists. a new study from a university in italy says that gossip makes way for increased levels of oxytocin, that's also known as the love hormone. you know that. oxytocin, not a bad thing released naturally in the blood and human brain during social and intimate behaviors and also gossiping apparently. studying women and the effects of chatter on the female brain, researchers found it brings people closer, yeah, as long as it's not about you. >> yeah, exactly. >> in addition to making your clique even closer, it establishes group rules, don't
8:10 am
gossip about me, exercises social influence and develops social bonds regardless of personality type. so, there you have it. >> the science behind it. got it. >> i tell you, but listening to what it does, i mean, there are two things you can do. you can gossip or you cannot gossip and be intimate. >> oh. that's two ways of looking at it. >> oh, yeah. >> who is taking choice b? >> you have the best laugh. this woman -- you have the best -- did you hear her? >> lit her up again. >> i know. really, i thought i was doing stand-up. >> we got "dancing with the stars'" peta. did you see this picture peta put out, her encouraging message for new moms. that's next, come on back. that's beautiful, love it. "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by the fast, powerful cough relief of robitussin because it's never just a cough.
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we are back now with the photo that has thousands weighing in. "dancing with the stars'" peta posting this selfie just eight days after giving birth reminding new moms their bodies may not return right away and that is just fine. abc's paula faris is here with more. we've both been there. we get it. >> yeah, we have. people still ask me to this day if i'm pregnant. my youngest is 3 years old. this photo showing the struggle of so many moms deciding to put unrealistic expectations on us to bounce back but peta murgatroyd is pushing back. ♪ she's a "dancing with the stars" champion but new mom peta murgatroyd now inspiring change outside the ballroom pushing back against post pregnancy expectations. posting this candid selfie on instagram liked by nearly 90,000 people writing, i took this photo eight days post birth. i left the hospital looking five months pregnant.
8:16 am
many people think a woman should shrink right back to her prebirth weight immediately. that is just not the truth for most. and experts agree. getting back to your prebaby body takes time. >> give me your hand. >> reporter: just ask 23-year-old alexandra kilmurray, a mom of two babies both under 18 months old. >> my belly is messed up. you know, and i put it out there. >> reporter: alexandra is receiving a lot of online support after posting this photo of her post-baby stomach on instagram writing, it took me 18 months to finally feel beautiful in my own skin again. >> i think that the world's expectations of how you are supposed to be after you have a baby are just so unrealistic. i think it's important for people to know that you're exhausted. there's parts of you stretched out, and i think that it's beautiful. it's not something you should be embarrassed about. >> reporter: more and more celebrities are speaking out. actress kerry washington saying, my body is the site of a miracle right now.
8:17 am
i don't want to be pre-miracle. and alex is reaching out to other moms online sharing their post-baby pics and spreading her message of hope. >> i'm amazed. i try to answer all of them back and just let them know that i'm thankful that they are reaching out to me, that they feel comfortable enough to show me their stomachs. >> reporter: as for peta she has her own message for mothers writing on instagram, now it's time for patience and hard work, lots of love to all the new mamas out there on the journey. well, both peta and her fiancee maks say they are soaking up this moment and maks says he's the happiest person who has ever lived. sometimes you never return to that body that you once had and that's really okay. it's all about looking forward, not back. >> absolutely, absolutely. thank you very much, paula and dr. ashton is back. she's also the co-author of "eat this, not that when you're expecting" and i love that. give yourself a break. but let's talk about what women can expect in terms of body changes. what's really happening?
8:18 am
>> so, when you leave the hospital after giving birth, there are some major changes. you're still going to look pregnant. that's not a surprise to any woman that's been through it. the uterus is still enlarged, the skin, muscle, fascia, tissues inside are stretched out and depending on labor and delivery, you may have broken blood vessels in your face and eyes and they're athletic events and you have just run an ironman so be patient. >> and timing. >> timing is going to differ. it's a nine-month process to get the baby out so you have to give yourself time coming back in. >> i love that. what do you say to women who are experiencing sadness, confusion, depression over this. >> i think the key -- we have to stop comparing ourselves to a celebrity model. they in part earn their living with their body. their lives are not the average woman's life. i think we have to also refrain from what our body is going to look like. it might not look the same. it might be better. you just grew a human. you have to give yourself time. and that is the key. >> that is the key. i love that. you grew a human. give yourself a break. >> there you go.
8:19 am
>> peta, congratulations and to all new moms, give yourself a break. coming up, an inside look at first lady michelle obama's fashion choices. she does have style. amazing. amazing. ( ♪ ) ♪ they tell me i'm wrong ♪ ♪ to want to stand alongside my, my love ♪ ♪ whoa, talkin' 'bout my love ♪ ♪ to want to stand alongside my, my love ♪ which has that one scene you forgot about.. so you use your go-to parental blocking device... which also happens to be your go-to snack. baked with real ingredients. no artificial flavors or colors. say hello to good thins. your go-to good. the uncertainties of hep c. i don't want to live with or wonder whether i should seek treatment. i am ready. because today there's harvoni. a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. harvoni is proven to cure up to 99% of patients...
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8:23 am
back now on this workout wednesday. we have harley pasternak live streaming, great tips, a workout with him on the show ahead. just to give you an idea, i got all my tv makeup gone.
8:24 am
you know who is also probably working out as a first lady, always so fit, the first lady of fashion, as well. when the obamas leave the white house this week michelle obama will leave behind her own legacy inspiring so many women for her initiatives and also with her style, and our good friend "nightline" anchor juju chang is here with a closer look. always good to see you, juju. >> always good to see you, robin. she's known as the girl from the south side of chicago who earned degrees from princeton and harvard. smart enough to give a speech as powerfully as her husband but savvy enough to understand the power of fashion, not just to make a statement but to make a point. >> uh-huh. >> reporter: michelle obama breaking the mold, exploding on to the fashion scene on election night in 2008. on her first day as first lady, a fashion star maker. jason wu's gown. ♪ at last
8:25 am
>> reporter: and isabel toledo's couture dress matched with j. crew gloves. a famously reluctant first lady, michelle obama was no wallflower. bright colors, bold prints that popped celebrating femininity, a modern, sleek look and those bare arms boasting an image of strength while simultaneously pushing issues close to her heart like health and fitness. >> other side. >> reporter: while the focus on what she wore wasn't new for a first lady, how she used it to her advantage was. >> the clothes were very much a reflection of her personality. she selected clothing that was very contemporary. it was very much engaged with popular culture. >> reporter: while her husband lobbied congress and world leaders, observers say michelle obama made statesmanship through fashion. she wanted what she wore to add to the occasion. for a state dinner honoring india, she chose indian-american designer naeem khan.
8:26 am
for another honoring china, it was vera wang, the child of chinese immigrants and her fashion diplomacy continued overseas. for dinner at buckingham palace she wore all-american tom ford and while she was happy to be dressed by the biggest names in fashion, a commitment to emerging designers, many immigrants, becoming a common thread throughout her time as first lady. >> i wouldn't be here sitting talking with you had it not been for her. it really changed our career. >> reporter: now many of those expensive ball gowns the first lady wore were donated and wound up in museums, but it was often the off the rack outfits that would sell out in seconds. >> j. crew, i remember. >> absolutely. >> you couldn't find it after that. >> and for that reason she was the fairy godmother to fashion. >> substance and style. >> absolutely. >> substance and style. coming up, ooh, nick offerman is here live. [ cheers and applause ] coming up, ooh, nick offerman is here live.
8:27 am
good morning, it's 8:27. here comes the rain again. mike is in, hey, mike. >> i like that. here it is. yes, it's off the shore. it's coming ashore in the northwest county, and all of us over the next hour, hour and a half, another wave of rain, and that's going to push some showers on to the morning commute making it slick, but not like the evening commute with the downpours, hydroplaning, and gusting winds, and power outages and ponding are the highest concern from the storm as it rains heavily this afternoon and evening.
8:28 am
8:29 am
okay. i'll give you the good news first. that sig alert westbound 80 in the treasure island cleared. congested there for all the folks trying to get to the bay bring toll plaza. a check of drive times, heavy wstbound 80 between highway 4 and the maze, an hour now, but we are improving across the bay bridge. it was 26 minutes, down to 17 now. not bad at the airport this morning in the yellow at 16 minutes on southbound 101. >> thank you. another update in about a half hour, and always on our news app
8:30 am
and join us 4:30 t ♪ all right. welcome, everybody. and, you know, just like every morning we have a great audience with us this morning so thank you guys. and you're kicking things off this morning. what you got? >> i'm going to have a little audience participation. we love our folks, especially if you have siblings, did your mother or father when saying your name they'd rattle through every other kid's name before they got to your name? can i have a show of hands? yes? >> i do it. >> you do it? >> they get so mad. >> i know, but it's -- people think it's because you're going a little cuckoo up here. >> that's what i thought. >> no, no. it means love. it was a survey --
8:31 am
>> i feel so much better. >> it's a cognitive thing. >> after watching. >> i have a good argument tonight. >> i love you. i love you but it's not the fact that you are losing your mind or you're forgetting things or anything like that. it is -- it's a survey and it shows a study and it shows that it just means that you love -- it's about le. >> it's like a folder in your brain where everybody is sort of -- the things that you love and even your dog could be in there too. >> exactly. >> they get really mad when i call them the dog's name. >> has it happened though? >> yes. >> my sister sally-ann does it now. she'll name every one of her kids before she gets to me so like, she does that every single time. named judith, kelly and jeremiah. really! >> this is really saying i love you. it's okay. >> my mom does that. what happens, though, if you have a bunch of siblings and always get your name right? they never call you by -- >> you're the favorite. >> you're the favorite. >> we're saying that. >> i'm trying to figure this out. got to cover all bases here. >> yeah. >> i'm glad we got that cleared
8:32 am
up. >> thank you, robin. >> not going crazy. >> not going crazy. >> let's move on to superstitions. robin, i know you're a little superstitious. >> very. i walk into the studio every single morning and i make sure that i blow two kisses to my mom and dad and then i have this little box that has my dad's name on it. you always have to touch it. >> yeah, i've developed a superstition from hers. >> yeah, but you also have that creepy little baby under the desk. >> oh, no, that's not a real baby, everybody. it's not a real baby. >> george, you need to phrase that right. >> just a little baby that you got from the king cake. the king cake. >> yeah, you do have that creepy little baby. if i see a penny, if that penny is heads up, you'd better watch out. i got to get it. my dad always gave them to me for diving as a sign of good luck, so i cannot see a penny heads up and not pick it up. >> the question today is do you know where these superstitions come from? got to throw out a couple.
8:33 am
why is it bad luck to walk under -- we'll get to that in a second. why is it bad luck to walk under a leaning ladder. where did that come from? anybody know? >> because somebody walked under one and somebody fell on top. >> that would be a good guess. incorrect. >> what's the origin? 5,000 years ago in ancient egypt the egyptians believed the triangle is sacred so if you walked through it you were desecrating the triangle. >> did not know that. >> how about the salt one? >> the salt -- [ laughter ] >> the salt one makes perfect sense. salt was very valuable. so if you spilled some you wanted to do something about it. that's just also from ancient samarians so throw it over the shoulder and the word salt comes from salary which means money. >> this is great. tell us another story. >> okay. >> is there a reason for the left shoulder because i'm very superstitious about that one too. >> i'll have to read that.
8:34 am
i don't know. triskaidekaphobia. who know what is that is? >> fear of 3s? >> 13. >> friday the 13th. >> where does that come one come from? anybody know? >> i'm sure michael knows but he's not sharing anymore. >> i'll wait till i hear the answer. >> norse mythology. 12 gods, they were invited to valhalla that was crashed by loki, the 13th god of luck and evil. also in the last disciple. >> i love loki. >> judas was the 13th at the last supper. >> thank you, uncle george. >> thank you, uncle george. >> but it's amazing. >> i love that. >> but it's amazing how long these things stay on. >> yeah. >> often do a lot of these without knowing where they come from but continue to do. >> we should do that once a week. >> yeah, we should find a superstition a week. >> or just like some cool thing we all sort of take for granted. >> do you step on a crack? >> break your momma's back. >> no. >> you know, something cool that none of us take for granted is
8:35 am
our special guest who's coming to the table. you know him as the manly man ron swanson from "parks and recreation." now he's got a new movie starring in "the founder" with michael keaton. please welcome nick offerman. [ applause ] >> you look great. >> thank you. >> hello again. >> i love him. >> hi. i haven't seen you in a long time. [ cheers and applause ] congrats on this movie. it was so fantastic. >> well, thank you. good morning. >> so happy right now. >> i know. >> yes. >> you know, you make us happy but someone else we know you make happy -- >> we'll try and keep you that way. >> yes. is you've been married to your wife, megan mullally, for 14 years. congratulations on that. >> ah. [ applause ]
8:36 am
>> but you're a very impressionable guy from the first time someone meets you. i'm curious, what was her first impression of you when you two met in that play back in the day? >> we met doing a play in the year 2000, and it was a big cast of 24, and she thought that they hadn't cast my part yet and that their plumber friend was sitting in to read the part for the first rehearsal and somewhere during the proceedings she was like, they should just use the plumber. he's pretty funny. >> made quite an impression. yes, it was a dubious beginning. >> what was your first impression of her? >> my first impression of her was a sense of looking seven echelons up. i was like, wow, she lives on another planet. she's gorgeous and so funny and it -- like it didn't even occur to me that she was out of my league. she was like in another species.
8:37 am
i was like, wow. they tell me she's human but i'll need some proof. >> the dynamic duo. what was it -- we had michael keaton here earlier this week and we had b.j. last week. what was it like working with mr. keaton? >> oh, god, well, you know, he's a hero for my whole life. i mean as somebody that i really looked up to. [ applause ] and so he really made me a terrible actor because being in a room with him shooting lightning bolts out of his blue eyes at me, i'm sitting there thinking, oh, i see why you're a movie star. you're amazing -- and it was my line. >> we beeped it out just in time. don't worry. we were talking about first impressions. he plays ray kroc from mcdonald's. you play one of the mcdonald's brothers and i guess his character makes quite an
8:38 am
impression on you when you first meet. let's take a look. >> ray, we have no interest in a milk shake that contains no milk. why not add saw dust to the hamburgers. while we're at it, frozen french fries. >> you don't want to save a bundle? >> not like that. >> we're talking about the same great taste, same great taste while boosting the bottom line. >> it's called a milk shake. ray. real milk, now and forever. [ applause ] >> wait. had you been familiar with mcdonald's story? >> i knew sort of the larger themes. i love eric schlosser's "fast food nation" and michael pollan's "omnivore's dilemma" and, you know, i'm -- some of my family are grain farmers, and i'm very interested in how fast food and industrial agriculture has sort of killed small farms. >> so, you weren't a real mcdonald's fan, huh? >> as a kid, i was like anybody but then we're all kind of as a society learning the dark
8:39 am
underbelly of these institutions. >> but those brothers. >> but the personal stories of what happened to the brothers, i was astonished, and that's -- to me the combination of michael keaton and this story that will blow your mind, it's like finding out the post office was run -- started by shrek. where you're just like -- >> yes, i totally agree. >> how did no one know about this? >> it was great to go in with no preconceived notions. who knew? >> crazy. he said you all felt that way. you do a great job. you're an amazing straight man but you're also quite an open book about your many, many talents. let me just -- i heard -- >> i heard it's a long list. >> yes, carrying luggage. >> carrying luggage. >> both washing and drying the dishes. >> whoa, whoa, whoa. i'm reading here -- >> not to brag. >> -- you can break dance? >> i can pop a little. [ cheers and applause ] >> you shouldn't have said that. you shouldn't have said that. >> right? i love that. >> we can -- >> we weren't expecting that at all.
8:40 am
>> i can pop a little. love this man. >> you know what, you're lucky. i'm getting that we have to wrap in our ears. >> we can finish in a little. >> too good. [ cheers and applause ] >> who's the beatbox at this table? >> michael. >> the gap. too much wind. gap. i tried as a kid. >> i'm going to save all of us. "the founder" hits theaters nationwide friday. >> and coming up, you're going to get in shape. our workout wednesday next. that was great. thank you. thank you. there is a place where magic will fill you with wonder and always leave you wanting even more. because one day just isn't enough. here, there is magic for days.
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just moments of working out but back now with our special series "my three words." tropicana and "gma" want to know the three words that bring out your best you each day so tell us what inspires you every morning with three words like my beautiful kids or early morning run and then post a video on twitter or instagram using the #my3wordsgma. and you might just see it right here on "good morning america." as for me, you know, i like a lot of things but our audience is definitely my morning spark, right? you guys do it for me. one thing i try to do every morning is compliment three people. really helps out. all right, let's get a check of
8:44 am
all right, michael, i'm ready to work out. i'm ready to get this going. >> you know what, i'm going to start my day with three compliments. ginger, you're awesome. harley, you're in good shape. how about that? i got two down already. time for our work out-wednesday celebrity trainer and nutritionist harley pasternak is back to get us in shape and he's a fitbit ambassador and fitbit is a sponsor of "gma" and all morning he's been doing this workout with ginger. we have been watching you. >> i'm sweaty. >> yeah, i know. i hugged you. i felt it, but what is today's workout wednesday all about? >> workout wednesday today is about leg sanity, it's about the lower body, decimating the lower body, front, back, inner thighs, and all these muscles and i have everyone wearing a fitbit to keep track of how much we're moving and calorie burn. heart rate and keeps track of all the data in the workout. >> we have no one out here but we have audience members who will help us. come on out. let's go.
8:45 am
so what is our first exercise we're going to do? >> so the first one is a good morning. >> i did these last night. >> did you? >> oh, yeah. >> we were just saying we're the same height and we're 6'5". is that what we are? >> yeah, we are 6'5". >> so, this is such a great move it strengthens the hamstring. it's great for posture. it gives us a natural chest lift and what a great thing to do when watching "gma," something called a good morning. >> that's perfect. ginger, what you got going on? >> oh, we're doing the jump squat. >> jump lunge. >> jump lunge. >> right, the junk lunge. my hamstrings are burning. >> horrible/amazing workout. it's quad, it's glutes. it takes a little bit of balance and it's more intense than any -- you don't need weights at awe, right? >> no, thank you. >> ginger is going to collapse in about two seconds. >> we did this for 45 minutes earlier but, no, really the glutes, you feel it. get off your heel and pop off there and really get it all the way through the hamstrings. >> even watching you my glutes feel it.
8:46 am
>> you know, ginger was an aerobics instructor. >> i was. >> you were? >> fully certified and everything. >> every day we find something new about ginger zee. >> oh, my goodness. keep it going. >> don't stop. >> what is that? >> okay. this is one of my favorite movements. this is a glute ham walk and so we have everyone in a hip thrust. hips up and really slowly small steps stepping in towards hips and away from their hips and it works their hamstrings. it works their butt. great posture movement and you don't need any equipment. >> yeah. all of these things you can do without equipment. >> no equipment. >> yeah. >> for everybody watching "gma" this morning. >> absolutely. no matter what or how great these moves are, there's 168 hours in the week, you're not in the gym for most of it. what you do during that time, hitting your step goal every day, sleeping well every day, eating well makes people look as good as him and that's the key. >> thank you. that's your compliment for the day. i don't know if you're sincere
8:47 am
but i'll take it, all right, everybody. harley, we appreciate you, man. coming up, the star of the movie "gold," edgar ramirez is here live. we'll be right back. whoo. thank you, man.
8:48 am
8:49 am
♪ 24-karat magic ♪ 24-karat magic "gma's" workout wednesday is brought to you by fitbit. find your fit. >> so happy to sit with edgar ramirez, looking to strike gold, movie gold in the movie "gold" with co-star matthew mcconaughey. the new film is about two guys who dream of discovering a jackpot. take a look. >> what are you saying? >> you got to strike. >> we got to go? >> we got to go mine. >> ah! we got to go mining. we got to go mining.
8:50 am
[ cheers ] >> quite a scene. >> yeah. >> there is a real camaraderie between your characters in the film as you dream big of discovering gold and what ensues after, but also matthew mcconaughey was on yesterday and said that that friendship is legit. >> it is legit. >> it is deep. >> yeah, yeah, yeah, it's beautiful when that happens. you know, i mean, it doesn't happen often but when you go to the jungle in thailand to shoot a movie and not only you get to make a movie but you get a friend, it's a beautiful thing. >> yeah. >> you know, and that's what happened and it really helped the movie. it formed the characters and in the end it's an adventure and a movie about these guys who go to the jungles of indonesia to find gold. but it's basically -- >> and the real adventure starts when they get back to wall street. >> exactly, exactly, but basically it's a movie about friendship and about loyalty and about trust. >> speaking of trust, thank you for saying that, so matthew told
8:51 am
us yesterday that the sign of a true friendship is a secret. >> yeah. >> and that you two share a very deep secret. >> yeah. others have come before you and they have failed. [ laughter ] you're gorgeous, and you're good and you're a great interviewer but i'm not going to tell you the secret. >> hey. >> even with those eyes. >> credit for trying. >> i'm not. huh? >> credit for trying. >> of course, of course. >> but what was it like when you first saw him in character? he said he went to town, gained 60 pounds, so he walks on the set in his tighty-whities for that scene with the hair gone. >> yeah. >> and the gut in place. >> yeah. >> what's your reaction? >> well, i was there. i was there where -- >> so you saw the transformation? >> when all of that was happening. he had the time of his life. it's so funny when people say he had to put 45 pounds -- like a victim. no, i mean, he was having fun. he was -- i was the one who was struggling because he was having all those burgers and all those beers in front of me.
8:52 am
i was the one who was the most jealous guy in the jungles of thailand when we were shooting there. he was having the time of his life. >> right. >> that shows you how deep he goes. >> yep. >> when it comes down to his work and his art and his commitment to his character so he's my friend. he's my buddy. >> yeah, he said the same thing. and you see it. the movie is so good. i want to -- learned a couple things about you. so, your dad was a diplomat and you were thinking of following the same path. >> yes. >> studied journalism. >> exactly. >> i was very honored you said i was a good interviewer. >> you're great. >> best ever, best ever. there's your pop. >> he's my dad. >> yeah, so when you decided at 23, no, the diplomat thing not so much. i'm going to go for acting, how did that go? >> you know, i mean, it's a long story but basically i just didn't want to, you know, i didn't -- i didn't want to turn 60 and say, what if, so i decided to give it a shot and here i am. >> that's awesome. you got to follow your dreams. going to brag a little on you, edgar. speaks not one, not two, but
8:53 am
five different languages because of the life you've lived so would you be kind enough -- well, first i'll tell you "gold" opens nationwide january 27th. edgar, would you be kind enough to take us to break and you choose the language. >> okay, this is spanish. >> si. [ speaking spanish ] good morning, america.
8:54 am
heavy, labored breathing
8:55 am
heavy, labored breathing coughing breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask covered california. it's more than just health care. it's life care.
8:56 am
[ cheers and applause ] have a good wednesday, everyone. you got a good workout. >> have a great day.
8:57 am
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8:59 am
good morning bay area. let's get up and get going. good morning, it's 8:59. this is abc 7 mornings. and mike has a look at the rainy weather. >> next wave rolling in. yellows, oranges. some reds. some moderate downpours coming our way. it's going to be steady this afternoon with moderate to heavy downpours. that's when i think we have the biggest issue with damage and ponding on roadways. >> okay. our biggest issue on the roads right now is still that bay bridge commute. it's improving once you're on the bridge, but we're back up at the toll plaza and through the maze. drive times bad from highway 4. lightening up on the bay bridge. >> thank you so much. we'll be back at 11:00 a.m. for the midday news, and reporting
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