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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  January 19, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PST

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by powerful quakes there yesterday. the antioch bridge is back open this morning after storms here forced the chp to close it for hours. >> fallen trees blocked the road and police initially thought the bridge would be closed through this morning's commute. amy hollyfield is live for us at the bridge. >> reporter: for people who went to bed last night thinking they weren't going to be able to count on this bridge this morning, we've got good news. the chp made good progress or caltrans crews made good progress overnight. look at what they were dealing with. look at the video of the trees that came down during that wild storm that we had. this happened at highway 160 last night. they announced about 9:00 last night that these trees were done and weren't going to be able to get cleared until this morning because they were nervous about the safety of their crews. they were worried that more trees would fall on the people who were trying to do the work. so they shut it down and said we've got to deal with this later. well, overnight, the weather
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calmed down, and they got it done so they were able to reopen at 1:15 this morning so you're going to have a normal commute through here. marin county is dealing with several trouble spots this morning after pounding rain. a chunk of the hillside gave away along oakland avenue in san anselmo. crews worked late into the night last night to clean it up. residents fear it could be a sign of brigger problems to come. >> it's going to be raining for five more days. you just worry what's going to happen. >> reporter: like this is a harbinger? >> exactly. it's just the start of it. >> people who live in the neighborhood say there have been a handful of slides in the past few weeks. drivers saw more detours in san rafael. officers cause the northbound 101 exit at lucas valley smith ranch road because of flooding. the underpass also flooded. some people are just counting down the days until everything
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finally dries out. >> i'm really tired of it. my basement's flooded. my house has been flooded. i'm pretty well done. >> for commuters who left their cars in the park and ride lot nearby, getting there took a little longer than usual. pg&e crews are working to restore power following yesterday's storm. right now the hardest hit area is the east bay where there are 585 outages, followed by the south bay with 422. the north bay and peninsula have 237 and 235 respectively. only two pg&e customers in san francisco are still in the dark. and you can track the bay area storms with the abc7 news app. we have live doppler 7 on the app. be sure to enable push alerts to get weather advisories on your phone or tablet. final prep's underway in d.c. right now for the inauguration of president-elect donald trump. the nation's capital bustling with security as you might expect as planned protests
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continue to grow. abc's lana is now live for us an capitol hill. >> reporter: good morning, reggie. 28,000 members of law enforcement or the military are planning on being on the ground here. there's four miles of barricades and the coast guard is patrolling the waters as d.c. readies itself for its next president. as the nation's capital prepares to welcome a new resident to the white house. >> i'm excited to go see history in the making. >> reporter: terrorism countermeasures will be used to prevent a nice-like attack as the 45th president donald trump is sworn in. by the latest count, 38% of house democrats say they are boycotting this inauguration. >> all i know is i'm going to be there. so is michelle. >> reporter: in his last white house press conference, president obama says he wishes the guest for his successor and made reference to presidents still to come. >> if, in fact, we continue to keep opportunity open to everybody then yeah, we're going to have a woman president, a
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latino president and a jewish president, a hindu president. >> reporter: meanwhile, president-elect trump traveled to honor mike pence and made a surprise visit to his pennsylvania hotel for dinner. aides say he is practicing his inauguration address and it will and we're told in his speech are going to be america first and uniting the country, although i have to tell you, based on what we've seen here in the capital, that may be a more difficult reality. reporting live from washington, abc7 news. >> thank you. dan ashley will be in washington, d.c, today and tomorrow. he'll have live reports on mr. trump's inauguration. protests are scheduled to start tomorrow in oakland and around the country over the inauguration of mr. trump. it's the beginning of back-to-back days of political demonstrations. after the election, protesters broke windows and scrawled graffiti in oakland, something
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organizers do not want to see this time. on saturday, the women's march through downtown is expected to attract as many as 20,000 people. >> we talked with a good amount of businesses that actually said that they were going to have a table right outside of their business and cheering us on 3. >> city officials will activate their emergency operations center and all police days off have been canceled for the weekend. one car dealership along broadway told us, they won't board up the windows but they will move their cars inside. >> and with all the people expected for this weekend's protest, b.a.r.t. is making it easier for folks to get there. the agency is going to be running longer trains, ten cars each, beginning on saturday. the trains will not be running more frequently. they'll just have more cars. san jose neighbors jumped into action to help an older couple get out of a burning apartment. a neighbor shot this dramatic cell phone video showing flames just pouring out of the first and second floors on florence
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avenue and nancy lane yesterday afternoon. it was so bad, one half of a senior couple jumped from her second story window. her husband was still inside. >> i saw the fire and the lady hanging like this. i had my sandaled and no shirt. i just ran out. tried to open the door. i was hoping it was open. you know, open, so i could help her. she was already down. >> fortunately, another neighbor went in and got the husband out out and now that couple is at a hospital. a third person was treated for smoke inhalation and a firefighter suffered minor injuries. for the first time, the san francisco police department has released body cam video of an officer involved shooting. here's part of it. >> get on the ground! get on the ground! on january 26, 42-year-old
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sean moore is verbally agitated. officers tried to subdue an uncooperative moore with their batons, then fired two shots. family members say moore suffers from paranoid sfreng. he was hit in the stomach and the groin. the interim police chief says proper policy was used. >> i think there was great restraint shown. as you can hear the officers clearly say, he has something if n his hand. they did not default to gun. they used pepper spray. they used a baton. >> photos show the officers' injuries after the scuffle. moore faces several charges, including assault on a police officer. the santa clara sheriff's office hopes you can find a man who disappeared two days ago. gin lu tommy shwe disappeared. the 70-year-old drove away from his own in a silver mercedes, the license plate on your screen, 6 hta 416.
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officials say his family is word because he suffers from a medical condition and could become disoriented. he's believed to be wearing a dark gray shirt and blue good morning. i thought we'd broaden out live doppler 7, put it into motion to give you an idea of where the showers are. prodominantly just west to east. they were putting out some lightning, you can see off to the west at half moon bay, but that has weakened and it will continue to weaken. we have some up across santa rosa and petaluma and a few showers around the santa cruz mountains. here's a look at our storm impact scale for today. just some scattered showers, rain potential at 1/10 to 1/4 inch. temperatures are milder this morning, red woot city and menlo park at 48. low to mid 50s on the rest of the peninsula. palo alto at 49, little bit cooler there. santa rosa at 49. upper 340s and san ramon, livermore and also antioch and fair field. high temperatures for today will
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be in the 53 to 56 degree range. here's a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. alexis was nice enough to let me borrow this to show you how wet it is, even though it's not raining right now. the commute is going to be poor because of the wet streets this morning. on the water is going to be much better than it was yesterday and if you have chores to run, the best chance of showers will be in the morning. we'll take a look at the storm today and the heavier one tonight next. you can use my traffic cameras any time. i certainly borrow yours as well and borrowing live doppler 7 right now. it's on top of the traffic map so scattered showers for this morning's commute. we could have some wet spots out there and we did just have a spinout crash come and go on highway 17 so the northbound side just past the summit, we had the left lane blocked, sounds like a vehicle hit that center divide. two other vehicles were involved but we just heard from chp they were able to get that pushed off to the shoulder. hopefully that means that back-up will clear up pretty quickly. live look at the san mateo bridge. chp did issue a high wind advisory about midnight for
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several bridges, but mike saying it should be calming down now into the early morning commute so hopefully that won't be a major factor again today. take a look at this amazing and sad video of a high-rise on fire in iran. firefighters pay a heavy price trying to save the lives of dozens of >> oh [ bleep ]. this is not how you want your commute home to go on a stormy day. the ferry trip that turned into a roler coaster ride. >> there's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. bay bridge toll plaza. you can keep
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will one day be affected by some kind of vision problem. save your vision for the years ahead. call... or log on to to learn about glaucoma and macular degeneration. an enormous fire in the iranian capital city of tehran killed a number of firefighters this morning. a high-rise tower burst into flames and it collapsed. you see it right there. on live television. at least 30 firefighters are dead. many more could be buried until the rubble. the 17-story residential building was built in the 1960s and was one of the first high-rises in tehran. a tv journalist was interviewing
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live when that structure collapsed. we don't know what caused the building to set aflame. a convicted felon in santa rosa is back in jail after detectives conducting a probation search found him with several firearms. they include a loaded illegal assault weapon along with numerous high capacity magazines. sonoma county sheriff's deputies also located two other rifles, a shotgun, handgun, and several rounds of ammunition. william kevin san ford was arrested for being a felon in possession of an illegal weapon. he is currently on probation for illegal drug possession. investigators say this woman inappropriately touched a female sales associate inside the store on helen avenue. this happened sunday. and they say she did the same thing to another female associate the next day. and groped a male customer in the parking lot. if you recognize the woman, vavaville pd would like to mahe
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from you. there were bomb threats repeated in 16 states across the country at the marin jewish community center in san rafael. 200 children were evacuated yesterday from the brandais day school on the campus. sheriff's deputies searched the campus from top to bottom and came up empty. >> they just said to evacuate the building. the building. i had coast and this has been happening so i wasn't surprised really. sad. >> there was also a threat to the ronald c.warnick jewish day school in foster city but it was also a hoax. this morning, coast guard is warning people about dangerous surf. you may see rough water throughout the weekend. anyone walking near the water or using a boat, you need to be very careful. last night, ferry passengers saw wet and windy conditions on the bay. here's katie utehs.
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>> it was pretty rough out there. it was like a roller coaster wave effect. couple people out there getting seasick. >> reporter: kelly goodman ferried to direct commuters. >> the harbor bay run has been canceled due to the weather so i have to escort people from that run to the bus services. >> reporter: wind whipped passengers scurried off boats. >> we've been in worse conditions so it was a good driver. so we're fine. >> reporter: boat captains make the call to cancel routes for safety. >> they've canceled them a few times in the past but this was extremely rough. i've never seen swell that big out in the bay. >> reporter: south san francisco and vallejo passengers took back-up buses a ferry routes were canceled. >> i'd rather be on a bus than in a car. rapid transit is always better than driving yourself. >> reporter: the bus ride from south city took nearly two hours, but it was smoother than
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the bay. >> i'm glad i'm off. the estuary never looked so good. >> reporter: storm friday may affect the morning commute. in alameda, katie utehs. >> wow. that is not the ride that i would be looking for. i like roller coaster rides but not on a commute. mike, hopefully that doesn't happen again today. >> i hope the commute doesn't make you nauseous today. me too. absolutely. and it shouldn't. it's much quieter outside. i want to show you a thunder storm that's moving toward carmel. a little bit of a downpour trying to twoob from millbrae, also 101 towards east palo alto, this is going to move across the san mateo and dumbarton bridges at any moment. we're looking westbound towards that rain so you can see on the eastern side, it's still damp from yesterday's rain. just no puddles right now. so miss and hit light showers today. that's your first accuweather highlight. weaker storm arrives tonight and
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sunday's storm is trending stonger. we'll probably have flood watches and wind advisories for sunday oosthuiz sunday's storm. for friday, we're going to 2. slight chance of thunder. snow level down to 3,000 feet here at home. you can see a few scattered showers moving through by 10:00 and then another wave moving through by 1:00 and it's going to be pretty quiet as we head toward the evening and then by 10:00, 11:00, you can see the next wave rolling in, heaviest at 3:00 and 4:00 tomorrow morning so when we wake up tomorrow, a lot of ponding to the roadways, very breezy, stream and creek flooding, power outages a little bit lower and river flooding and debris flows will be low. not as much wind on friday, especially compared to what we just went through yesterday and what we're going to go through sunday. all right. let's send it over to alexis. back to highway 17. it looks like we're recovering pretty quickly from that three-car crash.
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showed you just about ten minutes ago and we had a couple miles of back-up there and now we are totally back in the green. so that is definitely good news. just south of there on highway 9, we are hearing about a boulder that's on the southbound side of the road. this is state route 9 pest henry cowell and saying that it's probably going to be about an hour before they can get that cleared so drivers are having to use the northbound side to get around that and boy, watching all those areas really -- the dprouground is so saturated. i know i promised drive times. we'll do that in less than ten. police have released a new photo of a man they say tried to steal a laptop while a uc berkel berkeley student was asleep in his dorm room. the victim woke up last friday morning to find this man in his room at the school's international house residence hall. the suspect ran away when he saw the student was awake. police say the suspect is in his
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20s, about 5'8" with natural short hair and a mustache. if you know who he is, you're asked to call uc berkeley police. san francisco leaders are threatening to sue a bike rental country. a chinese company, and they don't use designated bike stations. instead, they let riders drop off and pick up their bikes anywhere. riders use an app to unlock them. the city is not thrilled with the way that looks in chinese cities where this already operates and they want the company to get permits to rent in san francisco. >> you can't just come in and dump 20,000 bikes that are going to be in bus stops and handicapped ramps and it's just unacceptable tech arrogance and we're not going to stand for it. >> san francisco has an exclusive bike rental program with bay area bike share and they do have those very neat looking stations as opposed to what you saw in china. that was a mess. speaking of getting around, american airlines is about to
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launch cheaper fares but saving the money could come at a cost. >> we talked about this with some other airlines and it looks like this is now a trend. also it's a race against time to fix what's underneath plastic sheeting. the new storm could mean deep trouble. first, this morning's tech bytes. online holiday shopping fraud as spiked. >> there was a 16% increase in internet shopping from thanksgiving to new year's eve but a new report found online fraud attempts soared 31%, peaking on christmas eve. >> more and more people are using netflix. the company added more than 7 million subscribers worldwide during the last three months of 2016. >> that's the best growth it's ever posted and pixar is finally confirming a long-time theory that all of its movies are connected. >> it has posted a new three-minute clip revealing exactly how all of those films are linked. some of the links are pretty obvious. others are a little tougher to spot but definitely check it out
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for yourself. >> can you see them? >> can you see them? >> i s
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today's storm is level 1. that means light rain. so keep an umbrella handy and drive safely. track today's storm any time on the abc7 news app. download it now. welcome back. crews are trying to beat mother nature. they are scrambling to work to stabilize this massive sinkhole
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in grass valley about 60 miles northeast of sacramento. last week's storms caused this mess and now workers are concerned this weekend's storm could exacerbate conditions. just to give you an idea of the enormity of the sinkhole, authorities say it's about seven stories deep and 250 feet wide. the labor department is suing redwood shores based oracle corporation. the government accuses the technology company of systematically paying its white male employees more than female and minority workers. the justice department also accuses the company of unlawfully favoring asian applicants in its recruiting and hiring efforts. an oracle spokesperson calls that lawsuit baseless and politically motivated. american airlines will offer a new cheaper economy fare. the seats come with less frills than traditional economy. forget overhead luggage space and you'll have to wait until check in to find out where your seats are. the new fare will be rolled out on a limited basis at just ten
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airports next month. delta already has something slab and united has plans to roll out its plan too. sfo is earning high marks for keeping you connected. speed just released its list of the best wi-fi and cellular connections. sfo ranks number 2 in the nation for cellular connectivity. the only place better, detroit metropolitan. for wi-fi, sfo has some work to do, coming in at number 18. denver's airport takes top honors in that category. just got a report from twitter from allen blast, alamo square just had a little bit of hail. i like that. can you spend me a picture next time? i'd like to see it. but it is possible with the snow levels dropping that we could have some hail out of the storms, even some snow tomorrow down to around 3,000 feet. here's a look at the rainfall potential. you can see a couple of mustn't hundredths to nearly 1/10 inch. look at the overnight hours, 3/4 inch to about 1 1/2 inches to
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3 inches. right now you can see everything is right over top of us and moving to the east and all the way down to the border with mexico so you're going to get caught everywhere. 4:00 friday morning to saturday at 10:00 a.m., 2 to 3 feet of show is going to fall and more coming this weekend. take a look at the bay bridge right now. we've got that heavier pocket of rain pushing through right know. flip those wipers on. the high wind advisories that were in effect for most of our area bridges overnight have cleared in the last few minutes so chp has downgraded those. pretty good here for our drive times. westbound 580, tracy to dublin, still a half an hour and the rest of them in the green as well for highway 4 and of course 101 as well. if you're heading towards sfo. we'll take a closer look at the south bay coming up next. everyone here at home, here's your invitation to take a minute, stand up and stretch because we're about to tell you what you may already suspect. sitting too much can make you older faster. uc san diego researchers find
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that women who sat most of the day and got little exercise had cells that were biologically older than their actual age by eight years. they say that inactivity for long periods affects our genes' ability to stay healthy. i did a story with a doctor once who was telling me that sitting is the new smoking. >> wow. >> and so for men and women, thatcan be a real problem. >> i better get up in this commercial break. the pomp and circumstance of the inauguration being met with protests and next at 5:00 a.m., the demonstrations that are starting today. starting today. oakland
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