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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  January 19, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PST

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good morning, everyone. it's thursday, january 19. i'm jessica castro, natasha is off today. >> and i'm reggie aqui. also here this morning, meteorologist mike nicco, traffic reporter alexis smith. i'll tell you, mike, when i went out if door last night at a certain time, i felt like a drowned harassed rat. it was really bad. >> it didn't stop. >> no, it came in waves and, you know, the intensity was pretty impressive, wasn't it? so hopefully it lived up to its billing and next time that happens, take a picture, post it on social media. >> you know, i almost did for you but i was so overwhelmed by the water that i could not. >> oh, i'm sorry to hear that. i don't like to hear when people are overwhelmed by the water. today's storm is going to be light. you can see it right there on the dumbarton and also the san mateo is also the bay bridge. we have moisture lingering on all of streets like right here. we'll have drizzle to showers this morning, scattered showers
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at noon, break at 4:00 and then the first signs of our next storm already rolling in at about 7:00. it's going to hit pretty heavy this time tomorrow morning. i'll show you an hour by hour look at that coming up next. let's talk about the commute with alexis. pretty soggy in some areas. here's a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. so, it is coming down very steadily. you will have to have toes wipers on. and boy, we could have to start with dealing with some road spray here as well since that is pretty heavy and that pocket just south of there too, san mateo, dumbarton bridges, you guys are going to be soggy as well. boulder reported on southbound state route 9. just cleared from the boards so they were thinking it was going to take an hour. sounds like they were able to get that pushed off to the side very quickly, i'm not seeing any delays. we'll take a look at the central valley commute coming up. schools across the bay area are planning protests this morning as part of a national day of action. >> students, teachers, all expected to take part. for more, we go to abc7 news reporter lonni rivera in
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fremont. >> reporter: yes, they're planning those protests here in fremont before school starts at 8:00 a.m. now, these students say their key concern is the trump administration's possible plan to privatize public schools. november 10, these high school students protested donald trump's victory. they expressed their reasons for speaking out back then, saying they were unable to vote and wanted their voices to be heard. well, students and teachers say today's demonstrations is their way of reclaiming schools so it's happening here in fremont, oakland, and san francisco and other cities across the bay this morning. live in fremont, lonni rivera, abc7 news. inauguration day is also shaping up to be strike day for hundreds of high school students in oakland and berkeley. many are planning to join a protest march to uc berkeley where cal students will be rallying. they are urging students to say in class. the districts stand to lose
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thousands in state funds if students don't show up to school. tomorrow, president-elect donald trump is going to take the oath of office. this morning, washington, d.c., getting ready for the historic event that is bringing both cheer and controversy. abc7 news anchor dan ashley is in the nation's capital this morning. >> reporter: good morning from the nation's capital where thousands are pouring in from around the country, even the globe, to celebrate and to protest the inauguration of donald trump as the nation's 45th committee. as you can imagine, security is unbelievably tight. trucks filled with sand have been rolled out on d.c. streets as barricades for road closures. today, 3500 law enforcement officers from around the country will be sworn in as special democrats by t democrat -- deputies. president-elect trump and vice president-elect pence will attend arlington national semiry
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and then make their way to the linkal memorial. for those celebrating the president-elect's victory, the night will be capped off with more than a dozen balls and galas. not to be left out, those who oppose the president-elect will be holding balls and gatherings of their own, and we do expect many protests as well. we will be here throughout this historic event. follow me on twitter @dan ashley abc7. in washington, dan ashley, abc7 news. and we'll continue to see dan throughout the day today, live from washington. pelo he'll be following president-elect trump's inauguration as well as the protests. more rain is on the way and napa county officials expect to see more damage. yesterday, officials declared a state of emergency. it's due to all the infrastructure damage from wave after wave of storms. damage includes mudslides like this one, redwood road collapsed into redwood creek in a recent storm. officials estimate the county will spend $15 million to fix
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storm problems that already exist and they expect more will be coming. >> doesn't look like this rain is going to have the impact that we had earlier but because everything is so saturated, even a small amount of rain will probably still cause additional small slides, bring trees down. >> a state of emergency allows napa county to access help from other counties, the state, and the federal government. meanwhile, in san francisco, crews will help knock down loose rocks already in danger of falling on shaughnessy boulevard. an unstable hillside in glen canyon park forced crews to close it yesterday. the city is worried that it could crumble because of this week's rain and wind. in the south bay, this big tree blocked highway 130 near mt. hamilton. the tree came down at 1:00 yesterday afternoon. it also brought down power lines. in hayward, it was a similar scene along lin field lane.
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wind blew this tree over on to the street. a resident took this photo and shared it with abc7 news. u.s. park rangers will decide later this morning if muir woods will reopen today. they closed the redwood grove as a precaution yesterday due to fears about high wind possibly causing trees and branches to fall. remember that you can monitor live doppler 7 any time on our abc7 news app. be sure to enable push alerts. former president george bush and wife barbara remain in intensive care this morning. doctors say they should recover. the 92-year-old bush went under a procedure to clear his airway after pneumonia led to an acute respiratory problem. barbara bush was hospitalized with symptoms of fatigue and coughing after weeks of feeling sick. mr. bush wrote to donald trump saying that he was sorry he could not make it to the inauguration. senator dianne feinstein is strongly suggesting she will run for another six-year term.
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the 83-year-old feinstein told a san francisco radio station she feels she can still help the people of california better than someone new coming in. feinstein is the oldest member of the senate and would be 91 at the end of the next term if she runs and wins. police need your help finding a person of interest in a sex assault investigation involving a developmentally disabled woman. the man with the gray hair followed the woman from a food max on rohner park expressway to her apartment on tuesday. that's where they say the attack took place. he's described as a white man, clean shaven, with gray hair and a thin build. oakland is delaying its full contract expansion with federal monitors for the city's police department. taxpayers have spent more than $13 million on monitors since settling a landmark civil rights case back in 2003. according to t"the chronicle," city leaders wonder if they're getting their money's worth. they say despite the millions
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spent on compliance efforts, problems still persist within that department. so, as a result, the council only voted to extend contracts for two months instead of a full year. this will give them time to further vet the details. check out this downpour right at the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see the water shooting up from the cars in some of the puddles that are developing. it's heavier on the embarcadero in oakland and 880 and heading towards foothill boulevard. time stamp on this and a track and you can see in about ten minutes, it's going through moraga, head through peed monitor here in about two to three minutes so for the morning rush today, isolated downpours will create more ponding on the roads and even where it doesn't rain, we still have some wetness left over from last evening's rain. so a dry commute, not in the offing. at least not this morning. 48 right now in castro valley
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and orinda, san leandro 49, 53 for everybody else on the shore. san jose and los gatos, upper 40s, novato and santa rosa. temperatures are going to top out around 53 to 56 degrees but look at this. the temperatures, those -- wow. did that go through quickly once again. temperatures are running in the 40s tonight, but did you see all that yellow, orange, and red. our next storm is coming in, less than 24 hours. this is what's happening right now, alexis. check that out. i know. we've just got some tough driving conditions once again today. i also wanted to show you what it looks like on the san mateo bridge. i just checked on the hayward side. here's a still shot. sheen on the pavement, road stray kicking up and it is soggy with those heavier pockets that are pushing through for the morning commute. slow down and take it easy. several crashes already this morning. quick check on the central
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valley commute -- maybe not. mike and i have gremlins we need to forget out but overall, 30 minute drive, tracy to dublin. those gremlins visiting us today. thank you. even if you haven't taken one, most people know what ride shares are. there's a reason why uber is the one name you hear the most. and governor brown's administration makes a medicaid accounting mistake and california college students could pay the price. could pay the price. it's 5:11.
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we're back at 5:13. if you take photos or video of the weather where you live, post it using #abc7now and you might see them right here on abc7 mornings. you can thank the recent storms for this spectacular sight in o yosemite. the park's water falls there are just gushing. upper yosemite falls is especially active. new images continue to come in from the sierra. look at these. pictures were tweeted by nancy bailey on highway 50 at echo pass. chains are required here, and nancy says there were several spinouts and you can certainly see why. that road covered in snow. in today's gma first look, new court documents show an 18-year-old who was kidnapped as an infant may have known her true identity more than a year ago. >> ava pilgrim has the details.
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>> new details shedding light on how this woman's 18-year-old secret finally unravelled. >> no bond be set on count number one, the kidnapping charge. >> gloria williams now charged with kidnapping a newborn baby from a florida hospital in 1998. >> did anything ever tip you off to it? >> i can't think of anything offhand, no. >> 18-year-old alexis didn't want to talk about how she found out she was taken, concerned that anything she says could eventually be used against the woman she still calls mom. but newly released court documents now showing that alexis may have found out the truth approximately a year and a half ago. coming up at 7:00 a.m., we'll have the latest on the case with dan abrams weighing in live with your gma first look, i'm eva pilgrim. state officials say governor brown's administration miscalculated costs for the
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medical program and the slip-up was a whopping $1.9 billion. the administration discovered the accounting mistake last fall, but didn't tell lawmakers until adjustments were made to the dpofr's proposal last week. the state's department of finance says there's no other way to describe it other than an accounting error, making up for the medical shortfall means they won't be able to spend money on other things. general motors has been hit with a $1 million fine in connection with the ignition switch recall. the feds say the automaker knew its ignitions were a safety issue at least a year before it became public. the fine by the security and exchange commission is for not having the checks in place to warn gm accountants in advance of a potential recall. federal investigators say better accounting controls would have helped get to the recall sooner and could have warned of the economic impact. the most comprehensive report ever done on the ride hailing industry predicts it will grow to 10 times its
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current size in the next ten years. the research was just published on the website and here with the highlights. uber has a huge lead over all other companies are 76% of the market share. lyft is in second place with 10%. the potential for growth is so high because only 38% of the more than 5,000 people surveyed has ever used a ride hailing app. the relatively new industry could change car ownership. people who use these apps are slightly less likely to own their cars and less likely to purchase one. we're calling this next story, make it snow. here's why. here's this video posted on instagram. it's in slow motion and shows a woman tossing a small bucket of water into the air and boom, it turns into snow. she says when she did this, it was negative 49 degrees in fair banks, alaska, and i say to her, you can keep it.
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i don't want any of it in this direction. >> i've seen videos like that before but it never gets olds. >> it's a little old for me. >> i've lived it. hello. >> that trick is just done all the time, right? i mean, if you have lived in minnesota. >> that's true. >> or yeah, you turn soap bubbles into -- yeah. >> but we live in california. so i like it. >> i'm glad you're impresed. good for you. let's talk about walnut creek. heavy downpours moving your way. so right now, 680 is wet and slick but nothing like it's going to be in about ten minutes. leftover scattered showers today. the best chance until about 2:00 this afternoon. our next weaker storm arrives tonight and windy again sunday and flooding again likely sunday. here's a look at live doppler 7. dumbarton bridge, 101 from east palo alto up to san mateo, san mateo bridge over towards 238, all that's going to be heading through the dublin grade pretty soon and make driving there a little trickier than it really you want it to be.
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i want to jump ahead to friday's storm which actually comes in tonight with heavy rain, winds, and big waves. slight chance of thunder and snow level for us down to 3,000 feet. morning hours, you can see a couple of waves, 1:00 through 10:00 and another one through 1:00 and then pretty quiet this afternoon through the evening commute and then by the time we get do 11:00, steady rain, with moderate rain in there and it -- wow, does it just explode during the morning hours with the potential of some thunderstorms and some hail and then by 9:00, we transfer back over to scattered showers. little dry today. ponding on the roads, stream and creek flooding high today. power outages up to moderate in just a second. let's talk about what's going on with my automatically 7 day forecast. light showers saturday, not a washout, sunday probably is a washout. hey, alexis. good morning. gearing up for that busy commute
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tomorrow. today hasn't been terrible but we do have some heavier pockets so that yellow, that dark green on live doppler 7, that's some heavier stuff that just pushed through the peninsula and we do have a solo vehicle spinout crash, southbound 101 just before you get to holly street, hit the center divide and that is now facing sideways, blocking the left lane. no back-up yet but i will keep an eye on that and we did have that rain push over into the hayward area so here's sate route 92, that westbound side filling in. eastbound side still wide ep open but you're going to have to flip those wipers on at this point. overall, still looking great with our drive times, though. westbound 580, tracy to dublin, in the green at 31 minutes. westbound 4, 16, and southbound 101, san rafael into san francisco, looking good in the north bay. that is also in the green bay at just 16 minutes. we'll take a closer look at the bay bridge commute coming up. some california crab and salmon federal money as part of a disaster declaration. the u.s. commerce secretary has declared nine fishery disasters along the west coast.
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the declaration area dungeness and rock crabs. congress will have to find money to help cover the losses. we talked to this benicia woman who has joined a national effort that began on social media. she is now knitting as part of a protest that is happening all across the country. the caps with kitty ears are being made by people attending the women's marches in washington and across america on saturday, including here in the bay area. beverly says she felt she had to do something. >> well, i'm of an age when i lived through what people are calling make america great again and it wasn't that great, believe me. so i don't want to see us go back to that. >> now, the hats are supposed to be pink, but this has become so popular that pink yarn has actually become pretty hard to find so knitters are turning to maroon and salmon yarn to make the caps.
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>> close enough. next, the seven things you need to know as you start your day. and the cutie that is celebrating a big milestone. what one zoo found out about this cub that has them asking you for help. the abc7 news storm impact scale. scale. track
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i'm good. i just took newl take mucinex clear and cool. ah! what's this sudden cooling thing happening? it's got a menthol burst. you can feel it right away. wow, that sort of blind-sided me. and it clears my terrible cold symptoms. ahh! this is awkward. new mucinex clear & cool. feel the menthol burst. while powerful medicine clears your worst cold symptoms. start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this. wait... wait... perfect. at del monte,
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corn is packed at the peak of freshness with just water and a dash of sea salt. nothing else. so it's all-natural and delicious. yet up 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more. add one a day men's complete with key nutrients we may need. plus heart-health support with b vitamins. one a day men's in gummies and tablets. it's 5:24 on this thursday. whether you're just joining us or heading out the door, here are seven things you need to know before you go. weather's going to be an issue this morning. isolated downpours and the strongest part of the storm is coming through tonight. another inch or go of rain possible. the winds won't be as treacherous as they were with last night's storm. we'll talk more about sunday night's storm. number two, the weather will impact your drive this morning. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. no metering lights yet even though we did have that heavy
5:25 am
downpour yet, still in the green. number three, the antioch bridge is open this morning after being closed due to downed trees blocking the road. highway 160 was shut down at 9:00 p.m. between the antioch bridge and rio vista but crews were able to clear it this morning. number four, caltrans cutting down trees in the sierra because they're in danger of toppling under heavy snow. nearly two dozen trees have already fallen. number five, a frantic search is underway in italy right now after an avalanche swallowed a resort hotel. up to 30 guests were inside. so far, two people have been pulled out alive. number six, inauguration festivities kick off today, a make america great again welcome celebration happens at 1:00 p.m. our time at the lincoln memorial. president-elect trump is expected to speak. country music star toby keith is going to perform and lee greenwood is going to sing "god bless the usa". number seven, among the 20
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busiest airports in the country, sfo ranks number two when it comes to cellular connectivity. however, when it comes to wi-fi, sfo ranked 18th. denver is number one. and most marriages, it's tradition for the wife to take her husband's last anytime but not if you're a football fan, especially not if you're a green bay packers fan. ryan hotelen-murphy and marie packer, check the last name, right, they're going to get married in june and you probably see where this is going. ryan is going to be taking marie's last name and become mr. packer. when the two met three years ago, ryan knew it was a match made in heaven, especially because of marie's last name. hopefully that's not the only reason why. true fans. look at this adorable face. i'm a fan of this guy. the berlin zoo's new popular bear cub is now two months old. last week, vets gave the cub its first exam and covered it is a boy. the little guy weighs 10 pounds. doctors say he's doing well and is very curious, as babies tend to be. there's an online contest to
5:27 am
name him. somebody suggested so far ziggy, wally, and my personal favorite, berry mcbear face. >> if that wins, i'm going to fall off this chair. we're coming back with another full 90 minutes of news,including b.a.r.t. making some changes this weekend. our first look ever from a san francisco police officer's body cam. the department and the suspect's family are reacting. it's 5:27 and here's a live look at san francisco this morning. we are keeping you updated on weather and traffic and you can weather and traffic and you can see what it
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and good morning. on this thursday, january 19, it is 5:29 and 45 seconds, i'm reggie aqui. >> to be exact. i'm jessica castro. natasha zouves is off.
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we have traffic reporter alexis smith and meteorologist mike nicco. is your watch set? >> yes. not really. >> it is not. he doesn't even have a battery in it. >> is that true? >> this was just for show. >> he's just wearing it. >> when i need it for timing, i wear the one you gave me for christmas. this one's at 6:00 all the time sorry i just called you out. >> that's why i like her. anyway, mike, about that weather. >> i like you too. you don't have to be mean to me. here's a look another what's going on. we've got a little bit of a downpour moving away from moraga and heading towards lafayette, walnut creek, light rain up a and down 680. you can see the drops on the creek from walnut creek as we look southbound toward that rain coming our way. 12 hour day planner waking up a little milder this morning, temperatures in the upper 40s, low to mid 50s with our best chance of showers through 1:00, lull through the evening commute and then our next storm starts to roll in at 7:00 with some scattered showers but it's going to be really heavy tonight. i'll show you that coming up
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next. how about that commute. are you mad? it's just part of the wardrobe. it's all right, mike. it's okay. taking a look at the peninsula. this is one of our only block issues right now. southbound 101 before holly street, we've got an suv that lost control that hit the center divide and that is now blocking the two left lanes. fire department did arrive, they're bringing an ambulance as well. the airbags did deploy so couple lanes down. back-up from about state route 92. keeping a close eye on that one. wet pavement. i'll talk about that coming up. we continue to follow breaking news out of central italy. at least 30 people are feared dead inside a hotel. it was buried in an avalanche. >> new video into the newsroom shows rescuers after they made it inside the hotel. you can see snow piled upstairs and through hallways and from the air, you can see the entire resort is covered in snow. so far, two people have been rescued. they were able to text their
5:32 am
location after the avalanche hit. criticism, though, is already pouring in. apparently it took rescuers two hours to respond to the scene. we'll be watching that throughout the morning for you. if you drive along the delta, you can breathe a sigh of relief this morning. >> that's thanks to quick work of work crews out there, the antioch bridge is open this morning after being closed overnight because of downed trees. amy hollyfield is live for us in antioch. >> reporter: good morning. i'm happy to report this morning that people's morning commute through here will be normal. they might have gone to bed thinking otherwise because look at what crews were up against. it wasn't looking good last night. trees fell during the storm and were blocking highway 160 at the antioch bridge. they came down around 7:00 last night. they announced the issue around 9:00, saying they couldn't let their crews start clearing the trees because they were worried more were going to fall. they were concerned about the safety of the workers as the
5:33 am
winds were howling last night. so they initially said this closure would be in effect until 9:00 this morning. surely having commuters wondering what they were going to do this morning. but the storm calmed down, they tackled this issue, they got the trees cleared out, and opened everything up at 1:15 this morning so you can have a normal drive through here for this thursday morning. reporting live in antioch, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. that is certainly good news, amy. thank you. but unfortunately, marin county dealing with several trouble spots this morning after pounding rain. a chunk of the hillside gave way along oakland avenue in san anselmo. crews worked late into the night last night to clean it up. residents fear it could just be a sign of bigger problems to come. >> it's going to be raining for five more days. you just worry what's going to happen. >> reporter: like this is a harbinger. >> exactly. yeah. it's just the start of it. people who live in the neighborhood say there have been a handful of slides in the past few weeks. and we assume that was that man's dog and that he wasn't
5:34 am
about to be attacked. okay. drivers saw more detours in san rafael. officers closed the northbound 101 exit at lucas valley smith ranch road because of flooding. the underpass also flooded and it was closed to traffic. some people are counting down until they can finall say, no more rain. >> i'm really tired of it. my basement's flooded. my house has been flooded. i'm pretty well done. >> drivers who left their cars in the park and ride lot nearby getting there took a little longer than usual. pg&e crews are working to restore power following yesterday's storm. the hardest hit area bay where there are 585 outages followed by the south bay with 422. the north bay and peninsula have 237 and 237 respectively. only two pg&e customers in san francisco are still in the dark. you can track bay area storms with the abc7 news app. we have live doppler 7 on the
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app. be sure to enable push alerts to get weather vidryes on your phone or tablet. san jose neighbors jumped into action to help an older couple get out of a burning apartment and look at what this neighbor shot on his cell phone. flames just pouring out of the first and second floors. this is on florenc avenue and nancy lane. it happened yesterday afternoon. it got so bad, one half of a senior couple ended up jumping from her second story window. her husband was still trapped inside. >> i saw the fire and the lady hanging, like this, and i had my sandals and no shirt. i just ran out, tried to open the door. i was hoping it was open. you know? open, so i could help her. she was already down. >> fortunately, another neighbor went in and got the husband out, and the couple was taken to a hospital. a third person was treated for smoke inhalation and a firefighter suffered minor injuries. for the first time, the san francisco police epartment has released body cam video of an
5:36 am
officer involved shooting and here's part of it. >> get on the ground! get on the >> on january 6, 42-year-old sean moore is agitated and verbally aggressive while two officer ask him in a calm manner to come down from the top of the stairs. officers tried to subdue an uncooperative moore with their batons, then fired two shots. family members say moore suffers from paranoid schizophrenic. he was hit in the stomach and the groin. the interim police chief says proper policy was used. >> i think there was great restraint shown. as you can hear the officers clearly say, he has something in his hand. they did not default to gun. they used pepper spray, they used the baton. >> photos show the officers' injuries after the scuffle. moore faces several charges, including assault on a police officer. final preparations are underway in washington, d.c.,
5:37 am
for the inauguration of president-elect donald trump. that's not what this is. the nation's capital -- there it is -- is bustling with security as planned protests continue to grow. lana is live for us on capitol hill. >> reporter: hi there. 28,000 members of law enforcement and the military will be on the scene to help make sure that everything is secure. there are four miles of fences that have been put up and all this costs about $100 million. as the nation's capital prepares to welcome a new resident to the white house. >> i'm excited to go see history in the making. >> reporter: terrorism countermeasures like dump trucks and buses will be used to prevent a nice-like attack as the 45th president, donald trump, is sworn in. by the latest count, 30% of house democrats say they are boycotting this inauguration. >> all i know is i'm going to be there. so is michelle. >> reporter: in his last white house press conference, president obama says he wishes the best for his successor and made reference to presidents still to come.
5:38 am
>> if, in fact, we continue to keep opportunity open to everybody, then yeah, we're going to have a woman president, a latino president, and we'll have a jewish president, a hindu president. >> reporter: meanwhile, president-elect trump traveled between new york and d.c. to honor his vice president elect mike pence and he made a surprise visit to his pennsylvania hotel for dinner. aides say he's practicing his inauguration address and it will be a very personal speech. and the two themes of that speech is supposed to be america first and unifying the country, though he's going to have a challenge ahead of him there. we're expecting a record number of protesters, 400,000 by the last count. reporting live from washington, abc7 news. abc7 news anchor dan ashley is going to be in washington, d.c., today and tomorrow with live reports on president-elect trump's inauguration. meanwhile, protests are scheduled to start tomorrow in oakland and around the country over the inauguration of mr. trump. it's the beginning of back to
5:39 am
back days of political demonstrations. after the election, protesters broke windows and scrawled graffiti in oakland, something organizers do not want to see this time. on saturday, the women's march through downtown is expected to attract as many as 20,000 people. >> we talked with a good amount of businesses that actually said that they were going to have a table right outside of their business and cheering us on. >> city officials will activate their emergency operations center and all police days off have been canceled for the weekend. one car dealership along broadway told us they won't board up the windows but they will move their cars inside. with all the people expected for the weekend protests, b.a.r.t. is making it easier for you to get there. the agency will be running longer trains, ten cars each, beginning on saturday. the trains will not be running more frequently. they'll just have more cars. all right, let's talk about some of the rain, rolling through the east bay. you can see where 84 and 880 come together, cedar boulevard,
5:40 am
it's going to head up the parkway and up towards niles boulevard and 238 and maybe clip castro valley. let's take a look. you can see 2s moving towards the sunol grade, dublin, pleasanton, san ramon valley all wet also. today's storm is a light one on the storm impact scale. scattered showers. there may be a brief downpour but the rain potential is very low and the breeze is so much lighter than yesterday. temperatures a little milder this morning, mid 40s so low 50s in our inland east bay neighborhoods and you can see that's the same case everywhere expect for oakland and san francisco. warm spots at about 53 degrees. we're going to warm up to about 53 to 56 across the board. you can see how scattered in nature and how light the showers are. just some globs of green there. we have a little bit of light rain, even a little drizzle right now at the golden gate bridge. it is definitely wet as most of our streets are through the morning commute. on the water, not as choppy as yesterday and out and about,
5:41 am
have an umbrella handy. we'll take a look at the hour by hour look at today's storm and the heavier one that's coming in this evening and overnight. yeah, we don't have too many blocking issues right now. but the ones we have have been solo vehicle spinout crash soz that tells me one thing. folks driving 250 fatoo fast fo conditions. suv facing sideways in the two left lanes so the fire department is there. airbags did deploy but all people in the vehicle are okay. little bit of a back-up. and then not too far from there, southbound 280 before 92, we had crash and that's facing nout northbound on the southbound side. just slow down, take it easy today. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. we did get those metering lights flipped on. so that is filling in as usual. also pretty soggy for the triand central valleys. this terrible video of a
5:42 am
high-rise fire in iran. firefighters pay a heavy price saving the lives of dozens of people. oh [ bleep ]. >> yep. that's a big wave. that's not how your morning commute or your commute home should go on a stormy day. the ferry trip that turned into a roller coaster ride. we're heading to break but keep tabs on live weather and keep tabs on live weather and traffic, inc anything with a screen is a tv. stream 130 live channels. plus 40,000 on demand tv shows and movies, all on the go. you can even download from your x1 dvr and watch it offline.
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heartbreaking images coming in. an enormous fire in the iranian capital city of tehran killed a number of firefighters this morning. a high-rise tower burst into flames and collapsed on live television. at least 30 firefighters are dead. many more could be buried in the rubble. the 17-story residential building was built in the 19d 60s and was one of the first high-rises built in that city. a tv station was interviewing a journalist live when the structure caught fire. no word yet on exactly what caused the building to spark. the santa clara county sheriff's office hopes you can help them find a man who vanished two days ago. gin lu tommy shwe was last seen tuesday at his home in cupertino. he's 5'10", 250 pounds. deputies say the 70-year-old drove away from his home in a
5:46 am
silver mercedes. the license plate, 6hta416. police say his family is worried because he suffers from a medical condition and may become disoriented. he's believed to be wearing a dark blue shirt and gray pants. this morning, a convicted felon in santa rosa is back in jail after detectives conducting a probation search found him with several firearms. they include a loaded illegal assault weapon, along with numerous high capacity magazines. sonoma county sheriff's deputies also located two other rifles, a shotgun, handgun, and several rounds of ammunition. 46-year-old william kevin san ford was arrested for being a felon in possession of an illegal weapon. he is currently on probation for illegal drug possession. this morning, coast guard is warning people about danls surf. you may see rough water through the weekend and anyone walking near the water or using a boat needs to be extremely careful. look at last night. ferry passengers had very wet and windy conditions on the bay.
5:47 am
do you see this? >> wow. >> yeah, that's on board video of the ride across the bay. boat captains made the call to cancel some routes for safety. >> it was pretty rough out there. it was kind of like a roller coaster, wave effect. it was a couple people out there getting seasick and stuff like that. it's pretty bad. >> they've canceled them a few times in the past but this was -- was extremely rough. i've never seen swells that big out in the bay. >> south san francisco and vallejo passengers took back-up buses, because the ferry routes weren't running. tomorrow morning's storm may once again affect the ferry commute. and while northwest of you were sleeping, the marin county fire department and several other agencies were conducting nighttime water rescue drills. it's because of the increased risk in flooding this week and upcoming high surf advisory. crews say it's even more important to stay on top of their training. >> it's very critical. you know, it's important for our search and rescue team to stay, you know, up on their skills. and it gives them the ability
5:48 am
to, you know, test things that they're weak on and improve on those and we can find our weaknesses and really push those. >> the team in marin county is made up of nearly 30 people. if you do get stuck, rescuers say stay calm, call 911 and stay in your vehicle until help arrives. or just avoid those, you know, deep puddles altogether. turn around, be safe. >> which has become increasingly difficult to do over the past few days. >> good morning. i wanted to give you an update. just came down from the national weather service. the high surf advisory is now a warning from noon friday to 4:00 saturday afternoon 24 to 28 foot waves, swell periods, 14 to 15 seconds, possible bigger waves than that, 30 to 35 around maverick so it is going to be an angry ocean. pop ler avenue, you can see there, pengrove, another one
5:49 am
heading toward sonoma and a thunder storm east of napa. this next line is moving through. one more through the morning commute and it will keep us wet like we are at 101 and 880 here in san jose and the rain falling right now in walnut creek. so hit and miss, lighter showers as the afternoon wears on. weaker storm arrives tond and sunday's storm could be just as storm warning. they're all going to be a 2, moderate, slight chance of thunder tonight, possibility of hail because the snow level is going to be down to 3,000 feet. next wave that moves through by 9:00, one more wave moves through by 1:00 and then pretty commute during the evening hours and overnight, starting at 11:00 and through about 6:00 tomorrow morning, that's when we'll have moderate to heavy rain once again. ponding on the roadways, the winds will pick up, we could have some damage one again, the ferry ride could be interesting once again. saturday's looking like a mainly dry day with just some isolated showers. sunday is going to be a 2 with more ponding and more damage and more power outages and then
5:50 am
monday, tuesday, wednesday, a drying trend. that will be nice once that finally gets here. we're doing okay. i do have live doppler 7 on top of our traffic maps. you can see really part of the tri-valley commute right now, pushing out towards the central valley so that yellow and dark green, heavier stuff. southbound 680, slight delays from pleasanton to sunol. no blocking issues and really the tracy commute has not been too terrible today. 33, 36 miles per hour. once you get past that 205, 580 merchandise heading towards ool altamont pass. san francisco bay ferry we saw that rough commute yesterday. i know a lot of you were waiting a long time for those back-up buses as well last night. right now, no delays. regular service for the morning commute. system-wide, we're doing okay for ac transit and ace 1 on time this morning as well and b.a.r.t. having a pretty good day. 44 trains in service right now. fingers crossed it stays that way throughout the day.
5:51 am
new at 6:00, internet for everyone. san francisco is taking steps towards an ambitious project that could mean lower monthly internet service bills. but first, it's a race against time to fix what's underneath all this plastic sheeting. the new storm could mean deep trouble. and we're taking a quick break but we leave you with abc7 news now live weather, live traffic where you live. also have live doppler 7 for you also have live doppler 7 for you on you
5:52 am
5:53 am
we're back and work crews trying to beat mother nature. they're scrambling to stabilize this massive sinkhole in grass valley that's about 60 miles northeast of sacramento. last week's storms caused this mess and now workers are
5:54 am
concerned this weekend's storm could exacerbate the conditions. just to give you an idea of how big this sinkhole is, authorities say it's about seven stories deep and 250 feet wide. police have released a new photo of a man they say tried to steal a laptop while a uc berkeley student was asleep in his dorm room. take a look. campus police say the victim woke up last friday morning to find this man in his room at the school's international house residence hall. the suspect ran away when he saw the student was awake. police say the suspect is in his 20s, about 5'8" with natural short hair and a mustache. if you know who he is, you are asked to call uc berkeley police. the labor department is suing redwood shores based oracle corporation. the government accuses the company of paying its white male employees more than female and minority employees. the justice department also accuses the company of
5:55 am
unlawfully favoring asian applicants. an oracle spokesperson calls the suit baseless and politically motivated. american airlines will offer a new, cheaper economy the seats come with less frills than the traditional economy. forget overhead luggage space and you'll have to wait until check-in to find out where your seat is. the new fare will be rolled out on a limited basis at just ten airports next month. delta already has something similar and united has plans to roll out its own plan too. whether they're cheap or expensive, though, mike, you might be waiting for that seat today. definitely. they're going to be delays at sfo. and as soon as i find out, i'll let you know via here or on social media. my big concerns tonight, ponding on the roadways and stream and creek flooding. the winds won't be as fast as they were last night but the rainfall amounts are going to be about the same. river flooding, debris flows, those are going to be low. raining everywhere across the state today with high elevation snow. the heaviest snow is going to
5:56 am
fall at 4:00 tomorrow morning through 10:00 saturday afternoon. 6 to 12 feet at 5,000 feet. 2 to 3 feet possible above 7,000 feet. and we've got heavy snow all the way through at least sunday with snow showers monday. wow, is that so much snow, even more so than we had last year, alexis. yeah and i know chains required if you are planning on heading up this morning getting to the sierra. more on that coming up on the toyota tahoe report. right now, solo vehicle outcrashes. at least the left lane down here. two left lanes down at one point but they are working on clearing that. drive times looking okay for the most part. westbound 80, highway 4 to the maze 22, about 18 across the bay bridge and southbound 101 san francisco to sfo, you are in the green at about 9 minutes. we will take a look at the central valley coming up next.
5:57 am
president-elect donald trump can add another distinction to his growing list. scientists have named a newly discovered species of moth after him. they discovered it in southern california and parts of mexico. the biologist who found the insect said its tiny crown of yellowish scales reminds him of mr. trump's hair. hehopes naming it after the president-elect will help save the species. it's dying off because its habitat is slowly being lost to development. there are huge protests planned for inauguration day but students across the bay area want to make a statement today. the dubs showdown got a heated. a heart stopping moment caught on camera. caught on camera. two c
5:58 am
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6:00 a.m. on this thursday, january 19. i'm reggie aqui. >> and i'm jessica castro. natasha zouves is off. thanks for joining us. meteorologist mike nicco. >> i like the running start. >> and traffic reporter alexis smith. >> it's hard work over there. >> i was trying to get the radar dialed in on something that was a hot spot this morning, and yeah, i just kind of ran on in here. working busy this time, trying to keep up with the storms and social media and on air here, so let's take a look another what's going on with live doppler 7. you can see some yellows and some oranges out there. some brief downpours. see that thunderstorm northeast of napa? that's moving to the northeast away, but lightning can strike several miles away from the parent storm so stay inside for 10, 20 more minutes until that gets far away. here's a look at what's going on in walnut creek right now and you can see light rain through this. scattered showers through noon, a little bit of a break in afternoon. and then the next storm we start to see some showers develop at 7:00 and it's going to get much heavier tonight. more on that


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