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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  January 19, 2017 11:00am-11:31am PST

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battered on the bay. the bay area latest storm is causing a wet and windy commute for so many folks, especially rough on the ferry riders. expect more of this as one storm moves out and another moves in. thanks for joining us, i'm reggie aqui. >> and i'm kristen zse. let's take a quick look from the live cameras. let's start with mt. tam where you see stormy ominous conditions there. and clouds mixing with clearing skies over the bay as you could see from the exploratorium camera. and somewhat wet pavement for drivers in san jose. >> we have team coverage tracking these series of storms. abc 7 news reporter amy
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hollyfield is live
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but that is going to head over toward fairfield and vaca ville. also light rain falling in san rom on. [ technical difficulties ] [ technical difficulties ]
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>> were you nervous? >> yeah. >> could you see the swells of the waves and everything just crashing everywhere. and it is only been like that a few times before. where you've been on the boat and all avenue sudden everything just started crashed and all of the -- everything was going everywhere. >> officials canceled things when they got too rough and get the passengers home. they are looking into whether they need do that again tomorrow morning. some riders have already made up their mind about what to do. >> tomorrow i'm staying home. i won't try to attempt the ferry. >> there is some tension in the decision-making that they have to do because of course weather can change. but they want to let you know tonight if any routes will be canceled. they need to get those bus bridges in place. so they're going to struggle with that this afternoon. look for notifications to go out tonight. they did tell me the most likely one to get canceled route would be the south san francisco to the east bay.
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the least likely would be up in vallejo because of the currents up there, and the size of the ferries. but they'll try to let you know tonight. live in alameda, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> fasten your seat belt. it is a bumpy ride. napa county gearing up for the approaching storms and what could be more damage on top of an already dangerous situation. [ technical difficulties ] >> to fix all of these problems that already exist, declaring the state of emergency allows them to as ses more found fund -- funds from the state and federal government. and a chunk of a hillside gave way along oakland avenue in san anselmo. crews worked to clean it up. people who live in the
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neighborhood say there has been a handful of slides in the past few weeks. >> in san francisco crews are spending today knocking down loose rocks. already in danger of falling onno shaughnessy boulevard and it forced crews to close it yesterday. the city is worried it could crumble because of this week's rain and all of that wind. >> the antioch bridge is back open this morning after storms forced the chp to close it for hours. fallen trees blocked the road. police initially thought the bridge would be closed through this morning's commute. highway 160 was shut down at 9:00 p.m. between the antioch and rio able to clear it this morning. >> we have a tool that you can use to keep tabs on the weather any time you wish. it is our abc 7 news app. that is where you could track that is where you could track live doppler 7 where you live. make sure to enable push alerts and that way you will get weather updates sent right to your phone. >> new this morning, a major development about the oakland raiders and their future here in the bay area. the team has officially filed paperwork to relocate to las
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vegas. the nfl confirmed news after a county commission share in southern nevada tweeted the news this morning. the raiders told league officials last week they have secured investments from golden sacks to finance a proposed $1.9 billion las vegas stadium project. now that the paperwork is filed, the next step is for nfl owners to vote on the proposed move. that could happen as early as march, during league meetings in phoenix. happening now, the first wave of the bay area leading up to donald trump's inauguration. we saw students outside of san mateo high taking part in a nationwide day of action called
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the teachers are in classrooms right now, but before the work day got started it was all about sending a clear message to education leaders in washington, d.c. >> teachers delivered a message before heading to work. they have serious concerns directed toward the trump administration. we're worried that she would try to privatize schools.
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bill clinton will be on the platform. >> the cooperation that the outgoing administration has extended in this transition effort would make every american proud. >> and from the first african-american first lady, a reflection on the comment as the obamas prepare to say good-bye. >> and while the swearing in takes place tomorrow, inauguration events have begun here. today the president-elect will lay a wreath at arlington national sooecemetery before attending a concert and fireworks later tonight. abc 7 news anchor dan ashley will be in washington, d.c. today and tomorrow with live reports on president-elect trump's inauguration. and we'll bring you the presidential inauguration live
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from washington, d.c. tomorrow beginning at 4:00 a.m. with local news, weather and traffic during abc news special coverage. new details on the health of former president george h.w. bush and barbara bush. we have learned that mrs. bush has bronchitis. the doctors are treated her and her husband at the same texas hospital. bush has been at houston methodist since saturday and admitted to the icu after suffering a respiratory problem due to nam own yu. initially they said he would be later home this week and now his stays about has been extended. well the verdict is in on tesla motors controversial auto pilot sem. and the ruling just handed down after a deadly crash gained nationwide attention. >> and in italy a deaf tating avalanche. what it ma
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developing news out of central italy, that is is where the frntic search continues for survivors in a hotel buried beb eej an avalanche. three bodies were recovered hours ago. at least 30 people are still believed to be trapped inside. right now rescuers are having a difficult time navigating the treacherous mountside terrain. authorities believe a series of earthquakes yesterday may have triggered this avalanche. out of tehran, iran, where 30 firefighters were killed today when a burning high-rise collapsed. officials say the firefighters
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had been battling the fire for several hours before the building just crumbled. it is not clear what sparked the fire. it was shown live on tv. crews are combing the rubble for more bodies or possible survivors. 75 people were injured. be extra careful communing in the rain near schools. a driver in fairfield hit two students as the teens were steps away from high school. they were in the crosswalk in front of the high school gym. it was raining and it was dark outside when a driver hit them. police say alcohol and drugs are not a factor and we did check with fairfield police, they tell us the 17-year-olds were not seriously hurt. the santa clara county sheriff's office needs your help finding a man who vanished two days ago. gin lou tommy shway was last seen tuesday at his home in cupertino. he is 5'10", 250 pounds and once served on the cupertino school
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board and worked as a real estate agent drove away from his home in a mercedes. the license plate is 4hta416. she suffered from a medical condition and may become disoriented. he may have been seen wearing a dark blue shirt and gray pants. scattered showers right now. but don't worry, there is more rain to come. here is a live look at our sutro tower cam as mike is tracking more storms. his hour-by-hour forecast is coming up next. and the new twist on i-do. the special bond this couple shares thats had them throwing tradition out the window. >> the abc 7 storm impact scale. today's storm is level one. that means light rain. so keep an umbrella handy and drive safely. track today's storms any time on the abc 7 news app.
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we have some crazy weather this morning. you could see that sonoma county rainbow behind me, but what led to that rainbow was the possibility of a shower, even thunderstorms. here is the way it looked when a thunderstorm rolled through half moon bay this morning. that is pea-sized hail, maybe even a little bit smaller. and that is just how exciting it was. we had lightning, which led to thunder and some downpours. and we could have a few more as we head throughout the afternoon. thank you, jackie, for sending that to me via twitter. the clouds right now don't look too ominous from our exploratorium camera. the bay looks tranquil right now but we have do have a small craft advisory for tomorrow when the winds pick up again. showers and rainbows the rest of today. weaker storms arrives tonight
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and then wind damage and flooding likely with sunday's storm. will be stronger like last night's. here is a look. a few showers developing over the coast but definitely less numerous. we're seeing more sunshine but that is the energy added to the atmosphere that could irritate it enough for another shower to pop during the afternoon hours but definitely less than this morning. a look from emeryville and it looks nice out there. so 2:00 on the planner, we'll keep a scattered shower. dry and needing sunglasses at 4:00 and then at 6:00 scattered showers develop at 8:00. the next storm will get heavy tonight as could you see right here. let's focus on the temperatures first. 41 to 47. cooler when you wake up tomorrow morning. the storm impact scale, two tonight, for heavy rain and breezy conditions and big waves. there is a slight chance of another round or two of thunderstorms and the snow level around 4,000 feet. so i'm not expecting much, possibly on hamilton and that is it. and the rest of the day, a decrease in the coverage there as we head into the evening hours. by 7:00, a stray shower or two.
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and then you go by 10:00 the steady light rain rolls in with a few moderate spots but at 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, up to 6:00 when the heavy rain starts to fall and then tapering during the morning commute and then scattered showers for the rest of the dawes. at 2:00, up to nearly an inch, possibly two to three inches in some of the higher elevations by tomorrow morning. we've also got the big surf at noon tomorrow, through 4:00 on saturday. 24 to 28 foot swells. swell period 14 to 15 feet and the sierra at 4:00 tomorrow morning and 10:00 at saturday, a foot near 5,000 feet to nearly two to three feet above there and a couple more feet of snow on sunday when we have the stronger storm roll on in. so saturday is a wash-out -- excuse me. sunday, check that. sunday is a washout. saturday will the no be. tomorrow morning will be a
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washout but tomorrow afternoon should not be but monday afternoon the drying begins. >> it is feast or famine for tahoe skiers. >> could you imagine neither three to six feet of snow by sunday. >> i'm done, mike. i'm done with this. >> i'll see you tuesday. >> okay, new at 11:00, federal investigators have wrapped up their investigation into a deadly crash involving tesla's auto pilot system and they are not issuing a recall. the national highway traffic safety administration said they will not be fined. the investigation stems from a crash in florida last summer. a driver using the autonomous system in a tesla died when the system failed to spot a tractor-trailer crossing into the car's path. tesla responded this morning saying, quote, it appreciates the thoroughness of the report and its conclusion. now to the story of a truly devoted football fan and his true love. >> ryan holten-fur fmurphy, a bn
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of the green bay packers and she's engaged to marie packer. that is his real last name. >> he is thrilled to become mr. packer. aef everything will be in greep and gold, the team coverage. it was a no brainer because his two favorite things in the world are -- marie and green bay. both packers. >> hopefully in that order. >> i'm sure. exactly. >> okay. hands down the cutest video of the week. >> a baby polar bear getting the first exam and the secret is out, it's a boy. >> so what do you name him?
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i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424. or visit three words, baby polar bear. >> this is adorable ball of fluff is only two months old but already a big hit at the berlin zoo. this is video of his first check-up where vets confirm it's a boy. they say he is very curious and has a good appetite. >> he gets mom's milk every three hours but doesn't have a name. hmm. so here are the choices. riggy. which is cute. wally. good. but the best -- barry mcbear
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face. >> really? >> you could track the progress on our website at and we'll have a link to the zoo. >> and we think we know which one reggie is going for. >> riggy. >> i like barry mcbear face. >> and you could make your pick. thanks for joining us. have a great day, bye-bye. >> when conditions change where you live -- >> a mudslide overnight covered half of highway 17 and it's been raining all night here in guerneville. >> abc alerts you first. >> people having to get rescued from homes in pembroke. >> when you need to know what is headed your way. >> that is the storm impact scale is still a four. the worst of the storm still ahead of us. >> live doppler 7 is wherever you are. stay ahead of the storm and
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>> welcome, everybody. it's a very special day here at the show because our contestants aren't just here to get rich; they're trying to win enough cash to send a special person in their life on an amazing vacation that they very much need and deserve. so stay right where you are. from bally's las vegas, it's getaway week on "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] ♪ [cheers and applause] welcome to the show. it is getaway week here on "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] today's returning contestant is a registered nurse and veteran of the u.s. air force who is here on getaway week to thank her best friend for always standing by her side. from glendale, arizona, please welcome back barb hudak. [cheers and applause] welcome back, barb. >> thank you. [dramatic music] ♪ [cheers and applause]


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