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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  January 19, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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what a magnificent, majestic scene behind me. the capitol, perhaps you can see the flags flying and the stage has literally been set where donald trump will be sworn in as the president tomorrow at noon. meantime, this city is absolutely electric. security is tight. supporters are in town, protesters are in town. this city is very much alive on an american occasion. here's how donald trump is spending the final hours before becoming president. >> reporter: the president-elect arriving in washington, d.c., going straight to a leadership luncheon at his own trump international hotel. >> i want to thank everybody. >> reporter: the inauguration events then officially beginning. donald trump alongside vice president-elect mike pence laying a wreath at the arlington national cemetery. ♪
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the solemn tradition followed by the start of the celebrations ♪ i'm proud to be an american where at least i know i'm free ♪ >> with a make america great again concert at the lincoln memorial. now just hours from becoming america's 45th president when he takes the oath of office here at the capitol. trump is said to be finalizing his inaugural speech. >> it's going to be a personal and sincere statement about his vision for the country. this tweet from the first lady michelle obama shows her gratitude as barack obama spent his last full day in office. such a very interesting time after eight years tonight, the obamas will spend their final night at the white house and tomorrow night, donald trump will occupy that home. again, it's a tremendously exciting time to be in washington on a number of fronts
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because there is great excitement about the new president. there is also great opposition. that is a big part of this story. we've been speaking today with a number of people from the bay area who have come to washington to make their voices heard, whether for or against. but also we've run into some officials from the bay area, including the mayor of san jose who is not here because of the inauguration. he joined mayor ed lee and a number of other bay area mayors. i spoke to him a while ago and spoke about where we are as a nation and what he's witnessing here in washington. >> as a region, we can show the country that ideological differences don't mean that we have to have divided communities, that we can tackle challenges together. >> would you like to see more of that at the national level? >> we certainly would. i know there's a different dynamic that works inside the beltway than at home. frankly, i'm in love with local government. i feel very blessed.
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>> mayor of san jose. security here is very tight. there have been barricades, enormous numbers of police officers, something like 20,000 police officers and security forces on duty. they have spent about $100 million on security. so it very much feels like a city on lockdown except people still move around fairly freely. there is definitely electricity in the air. i'll be back later on at this hour to share with you some of the bay area folks who have made this journey here to be part of this inauguration. for the moment, larry and ama, back to you. >> thank you. certainly an interesting 24 to 48 hours ahead. mr. trump's inauguration will be greeted with a peaceful protest tomorrow at the golden gate bridge. the group bridged together golden state and is hoping to form a human chain across the entire bridge and beyond. they plan to, quote, create a human bridge of togetherness. that event starts at 10:00
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tomorrow. authorities are warning of possible traffic delays. >> b.a.r.t. expects those crowds to be great and there will be extra trains on standby if needed. they are advising everyone to buy return trips to make it easier. >> you can get even more information on the inauguration on we have breaking news now, mexico's government has extradited joaquin he will chapo guzman to the u.s. he's been held in juarez a year ago and has been fighting
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extradition ever since. look at these sporadic downpours. at glen canyon park the rain came down pretty good. >> you can see clouds out in the distance and looking at our mt. tam camera, you can see more clouds there and the peak there. it looks nice right now. >> right now. that's the key words. meteorologist sandhya patel has more. >> that's right. don't get rid of your umbrella just yet. i'll show you where we are still seeing showers. we'll close in on street level radar in the south bay between san martin and gilroy. pockets of moderate to heavy rain. a few showers showing up around brentwood and fairview avenue.
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in the north bay, you see the moisture starting to move. don't be surprised if you run into a few showers. we're in between storms. a beautiful view from the santa cruz camera. you're seeing sun. temperatures right now in the 50s from san francisco to san jose and a lot of cloud cover from our sutro tower camera. as we look at the storm impact scale, next storm coming in is a 2. it's going to bring heavy rain and large swells and gusty winds, a possibility of thunder like you saw this morning and the snow level will drop to 4,000 feet. i'll be back with an hour-by-hour look to show you what concerns we have regarding this storm and another storm that's coming in just a few minutes. ama? >> thank you, sandhya. take a look, this washed out road is one reason of a local emergency proclamation today in contra costa county. that will make the county
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eligible for disaster relief funding. there were rivers of water along the streets and people feared for the worst when the light of day came. we sent wade freedman take a look. >> reporter: this is san rafael lucas valley road. fast forward to this morning, worries of history repeated remain. >> it's not even a-month-old and we've got 40 inches of rain already. if it keeps up like this, this could be a record-setter. >> reporter: we ran into this man while watching the town clean up a large tree that fell across a boulevard this morning squeezing traffic while crews reduced the remains to streams of woodchips. meantime, in petaluma, streams of a different kind. this is feed going into
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this town has an agricultural history going back centuries. >> if it goes over this, we have problems. >> reporter: he pointed to where high waters rose the other night and remembers 1982 when a flood overran the place. thank goodness for river improvements since then, he told us. >> once it filled up, it wouldn't clear out. there was actually a car on that street. you could not even see it. >> really? >> it stalled in the water. you couldn't even see it. >> reporter: you don't think that's going to happen this weekend? >> no. well, you never know. >> reporter: no, we don't. at this restaurant, they don't even take notice of the river until this sand bar disappears and then -- >> we'll stay open until it's washing up on the deck here. >> reporter: no one is betting on it. in petaluma, wayne
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abc7 news. and geologists directed climbers to rappel down this cliff here along this boulevard. the road could reopen tomorrow evening. you can keep tabs on the latest storm with live doppler 7. download the abc7 news app. well, it's happened twice this week at the same address. we're talking about attacks on takeout food delivery drivers in an otherwise quiet east bay neighborhood. >> those victimized spoke only to abc7 news. laura anthony is live in ant a antioch. laura? >> reporter: here in one antioch neighborhood, police believe teenagers are calling in bogus
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orders and then lying in wait. >> four guys ordered a pizza and i went to go serve it to them and they just attacked me. >> reporter: mike trevors is a pizza delivery driver. the first of two drivers robbed on two consecutive nights at the same address in one antioch neighborhood. >> they took my money and my -- the pizza and they tried to get my phone but i didn't give it to them. >> reporter: that was monday night. the next night, tuesday, it happened again. this time, to a driver delivering chinese takeout to the same address on swallow way. as they approached the door, several men jumped out of bushes, beat and robbed him. >> some group of people used our home address to order takeout. >> reporter: this woman says her family lives in the house near where both attacks occurred.
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>> it is very disturbing for the neighborhood because people no longer feel safe in their home. >> reporter: now police say they are warning delivery drivers in the area to be aware of their surroundings. >> think twice about how you're going to do your deliveries? >> yeah, it makes me think twice about it. i've got to be a little more cautious and careful. >> reporter: at least one pizza restaurant manager told us they won't be delivering to swallow way at least for now. in antioch, laura anthony, abc7 news. police are hoping that this video catches suspects in a home invasion robbery on december 8th. the suspect spent an hour inside the house, ransacking it and threatening the residents. spirits are up at a san francisco church where an ancient relic was broken last year. this is a cross that was taken
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from st. dominic's church in august. it's said to contain a sliver of the cross in which jesus was crucified. the cross will be displayed at st. dominic's in a new case that's more secure into the raiders are setting their sights on sin city. what that means for fans. and a rough ride for ferry commuters. can it happen again? what's being done to keep you safe. plus -- >> wrapping things up. president obama spent his very
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well, this has been a rough week for oakland sports fans. first, the raiders officially filed relocation papers to move to las vegas. they need the votes of 34 of 42 league owners to make the move. meanwhile, ronnie lott and the fortress group released this statement that said, "we are in this game and we are playing to win." virtually all of the media reports about the raiders relocation seemed to indicate this is a foregone conclusion, vegas is gone and this is going to be their home. conspicuous in all of this has been ronnie lott. we asked why and the answer is lott's group has been advised to stay quiet, let the vegas group
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f fizz out on its own. there are a number of red flags in that vegas proposal. among them, projections that over 20,000 fans would fly into vegas for a three-night stay for each and every home. think about this. 20,000 fans are going to fly in to watch the raiders play in jacksonville or tennessee or buffalo or detroit? for the next 30 years? other issues, the involvement of casino owner may still be in the deal when nfl ratings are declining as we speak and the idea that oakland is a better market to be in and another relocation on top of rams and chargers is a bad idea. when you put this all together, will it work out in the favor of the die hards in oakland? we'll never know. we'll find out a lot more in march. pizza hut is hiring ahead of
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next month's super bowl. the pizza chain will put 11,000 people to work just in time for super bowl sunday. super bowl sunday has been big for takeout and delivery. sales racked up $12 million in sales. all right. this is president obama's final full day in office and there are a lot of good-byes to be said. >> yes, kristen sze is here with a look at social media posts before the changing of the guard. >> ama and larry, let's start with this by the h.u.d. secretary julio castro. >> it's moving out day here. >> indeed. all pictures of the obama families have been taken off the wall in the west wing. michelle obama says good-bye with this tweet. "being your first lady has been the honor of a lifetime. from the bottom of my heart,
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thank you." and the white house tweeted about the 330 pardons and about his legacy, including the unemployment rate cut in half during his years in office. as for mr. obama, he posted on facebook a letter to the american people. the last paragraph, take a look. "remember, america's not the project of any one person. the single most powerful word in our democracy is the word we. we the people, we shall overcome, yes we can." and i also want to show you president obama said if you want to keep in touch, you can connect with him via the barack obama's foundation website. larry and ama? >> kristen, thank you. well, sandhya
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for spencer for the next few days. >> right behind you, you're seeing peaks of blue. enjoy it because it's going to turn stormy tomorrow morning. live doppler 7, we'll talk about what is ahead. still have an unstable atmosphere. we're looking at scattered showers around the region. heading into gilroy hot springs road, light to moderate showers. now just east of milpitas, some of this moisture is up in the clouds and some is hitting the ground. just be careful, there will be slick spots, as you notice, east of yonkville as well. here's a live picture from our walnut creek camera. we see towerering crowds there and we're looking at large waves with low snow levels with this next storm. here's a look at the forecast
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for inauguration day. our very own dan ashley is there. 8:00, it's going to be raining. afternoon parade, showers. for inaugural ball, it's going to be raining as well. late tonight and friday, we have a moderate strength storm. it's a 2. we'll see heavy rain, strong winds, large swells with this one. all of those could lead to low-lying flooding and also storm and power outages and trees going down. slight possibility of thunder and here's your hour by hour forecast. 7:00 tonight, pretty quiet. 9:00 p.m., the leading edge of the storm moves on shore. as we head into 11:00 p.m., we get the atmosphere primed here. light rain for most of you. look at what pops up at 3:00 a.m. you may be woken up by the heavy
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rain and strong winds. yellows and oranges indicate reds and thunder. 4:00 a.m. friday, morning commute looks stormy. 5:00 a.m., east bay. south bay, santa cruz mountains, we see problems with intense bursts of rain. by 7:00 a.m., rain begins to ease up but still looking at pockets of moderate rain in the inland east bay with scattered showers for the rest of the day. storm concerns for tonight going into tomorrow, ponding on the roadways, debris flows are high and river flooding looks low. wind advisory, 2:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m., primarily for the coast and the hills. the waves are building, 12 to 16 feet. westerly swell, 24 to 28 feet between friday afternoon and saturday afternoon. could see rip currents. watch out for that. winter storm warning for the
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sierra until 10:00 a.m. saturday. over four feet of snow in the highest elevations. tomorrow morning, temperatures in the 40s, 50s. allow extra time for your morning commute. it is going to be a stormy ride. for the afternoon, showers and highs in the 50s. accuweather seven-day forecast, two more storms. one on friday, second one on sunday. light showers in between on saturday. again, monday, tuesday, we have some showers. you can download the abc7 news app to help you keep track. paul mccartney says he needs a little bit more than just love from sony record
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the fastest waya to ruin pancakes.. that's why denny's uses fresh, never frozen blackberries that are fresh. and never frozen. did we mention they were fresh? paul mccartney wants his beatle songs back. he's attempting to regain the rights to the beatles songs that he wrote or co-wrote with john lennon. he argues that he should be
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allowed to get his rights back next year. no comment from sony. you're probably familiar with the sea lions at pier 39. >> they are fun to watch. one of the events taking place this weekend, natasha has that and other ideas from our partners at hoodline. >> yep. we all know the permanent residents at pier 39. now it's time to celebrate the 27th anniversary of them choosing the k dock as their home. at first, their appearance was a phenomenon that garnered national attention. >> they are charismatic. they are just talking and shouting. you can relate yourself to that. it looks like they are hanging out, getting in fights with one another. they have personalities. >> you can see that personality up close this weekend. get up your selfie stick on friday, saturday and sunday, there are complementary sea lion
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encounter tours. receive free coffee and hot chocolate and free two-hour parking. it's time to celebrate the year of the rooster. you can learn to make delicious dumplings for free on sunday morning. and there's a luncheon in chinatown. and a special machine to make ice cream in moments. for 70 bucks, you can prototype your own flavor, churn it and take home your own pints. go to well, tomorrow at this time we'll have a brand-new president. today, we have anchor dan ashley live in washington, d.c. dan? >> reporter: larry, ama, this town tonight is filled with electricity.
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you can feel it on the streets as this city is set to great a new president. and the big issue affecting thousands of americans. the surprising new details about the 18-year-old kidnapped as an infant. how long she life. you never really know what's coming. life just... happens.
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and here are the stories making headlines at 4:30. after some pounding rain this morning, most of the bay area is in between storms right now. the next big storm is coming in late tonight with more wind and heavy rain. sandhya patel is back in a few moments to show us which areas will get hit the hardest. lessee brinkley tweeted this picture from contra costa county where a gaping hole continues to cause problems because of the rain. in his last act as president today, president obama commuted the sentences of 330 people convicted of drug crimes. abc news said it's the most commutes granted in a single day. just minutes ago, donald trump made his first appearance at the lincoln memorial with his
4:31 pm
wife melania for the inaugural concert. he spoke for about five minutes which was followed by live music and fireworks. dan ashley is joining me. dan? >> reporter: that's right, ama. and that ceremony will happen right behind me on the steps of the u.s. capitol building lit up so dramatically. it really is a moving scene in many ways. there are balances and galas and gatherings as supporters organize and prepare to enjoy the day tomorrow. at the other corner, there are protesters gathering for what they plan to do tomorrow to make their voices heard. in the middle of it all, the security forces so busy tonight moving barricades, closing roads, making sure that everything is going to be as secure as it can possibly be. manhole covers will be sealed, for example. really, the city will be on lockdown but people are still moving around and there's a sense of celebration. we are certainly not alone.
4:32 pm
people have poured in from around the country, even the world to be here. roughly, 100 members of the california republican party are here to celebrate president trump's victory in addition to other ordinary citizens from california who have come here to be part of this celebration and before they left home, we were able to catch up with a few of them. >> they came from the presidential inaugural committee. >> reporter: winners of the hottest ticket in town, at least in washington, these bay area republicans are among a handful of california trump supporters to get tickets to the inauguration. >> it's going to be an historic event, something i will never probably see again in my life. >> to be a part of history, it's historical what has happened and how trump won and everything else and what he went through and what he endured. >> to be able to see him up on the podium, you know, putting his hand on the bible and swearing in, like that's going to be huge. >> reporter: leaders in the california republican party are joining roughly 100 others from around the state, all lucky
4:33 pm
enough to attend the inauguration, balls and galas that will run through the weekend. >> i will be attending the all-american ball on thursday night and i also have tickets for one of the official balls. >> i expect a lot of positive energy to enjoy, which is something that california republicans don't see so much here at home. >> reporter: celebrations aside, bay area trump supporters say they are looking forward to a trump presidency. >> so within the first 100 days, i expect that he worked to secure our borders, to build our economy and to replace obamacare with something that works for everyone. >> so i'm hoping that if things from washington change for the better and california citizens and residents see that, they are going to maybe give republicans here and closer to home another chance at the next election. >> reporter: well, some of the people who have come to show their support for donald trump, also making this pilgrimage to washington and people from the
4:34 pm
bay area who are not in support of this candidate or this incoming president. we're going to talk to them as well as our coverage continues. tonight, there are balls and celebrations going on. one is not too far from here. we'll head over there later this evening. all in all, a very fascinating, exciting and unique scene. in a few hours, the next president of the united states will be sworn in to office. larry, ama, back to you. >> dan, you've been walking around the city. talk about what it's like out on the streets in washington on the eve of something so significant. >> you know, it's really fascinating. i've spent a great deal of time in washington over the years so i know the city pretty well. this is a really unique time to be here. the community is just buzzing. as i said, security is very tight. tourists are everywhere. the smithsonian institutions are
4:35 pm
just packed today. i just tweeted a picture of a man we ran into driving the wildest car we've ever seen. we call it the trumpmobile. people come to make their voices heard for president trump or against. but all in all, it really is an electric time to be in washington no matter where you stand on this incoming president. >> dan, thank you. >> he does have a party to get to. we'll bring you the inauguration live beginning tomorrow at 4:00 a.m. >> donald trump has asked about 50 obama administrations appointees to remain on the job. the officials include career
4:36 pm
officials at the pentagon and state department. >> another day of questioning on capitol hill for president-elect trump's cabinet nominees. appearing today, rick perry, the energy secretary nominee and steven mnuchin for treasury secretary. trouble for mnuchin began before he sat down. he failed to reveal $100 million of assets on his senate disclosure documents and didn't mention his role as director of an investment fund located in a tax haven. during the hearing, the democrats grilled mnuchin over trump's debts to foreign countries. >> i want to get a commitment to you today that you'll report to this committee what percentage of the debt gengs the trump enterprises is held by foreign interests. >> i'm not making the commitment today. i am willing to speak to the chairman and make sure that whatever the question thinks it needs, i will discuss with the
4:37 pm
president. >> as for rick perry, he told the senate energy committee he believes in human caused climate change. former president george h.w. bush and barbara bush remain in a houston hospital. today we learned mrs. bush has bronchitis. the former president has been at houston methodist since saturday. there's no word on when he might be released. and we're learning new details about that 18-year-old who was kidnapped as a newborn. court documents show alexis manigo discovered the truth about her parents months ago after she told a friend last summer. 51-year-old gloria williams was arrested for the kidnapping after dna testing confirmed the 18-year-old's identity. well, it was a wild ride.
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passengers were tossed around a ferry during yesterday's storm. what is being done right now to prevent another rough ride when the next storm hits. a rough ride for the morning commute. a few clouds and showers. next storm coming in we'your most extraordinarybut withmoments happenses when you feel small. when you're completely outnumbered, overshadowed, and outshined.
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the ferry ride became very choppy last night and is expected to continue with the same intensity through tomorrow.
4:41 pm
abc7 reporter amy hollyfield has more. >> reporter: yesterday's fresh ride was still on some minds. >> it was really rocky. didn't get sea sick, luckily. but it wasn't fun. >> reporter: this cell phone video shows how the waves tossed the ferry and its passengers around during the storm. some tell us they felt a bit worried for their safety. >> it was pretty rough. it was like a 20-minute roller coaster ride with no seat belt. i grabbed a lady's leg that i was sitting next to to hold on. >> you could see the swells of the waves and everything just crashing everywhere. and it's only been like that a few times before where you've been on the boat and all of a sudden everything kind of crashed and all the drinks and everything was spilling everywhere. >> reporter: officials canceled some routes when it got too rough and instead bussed the passengers home. they are looking into whether they will need to do that again
4:42 pm
tomorrow morning when the next storm rolls in. but some riders have already made up their mind about what to do. >> tomorrow i'm staying home. i'm not going to try to attempt the ferry. >> reporter: officials are hoping to let passengers know if any routes are canceled and if they instead will have bus bridges in place. in alameda, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. some of the ferry rides may be canceled do you to the fact that we have gale warnings for tomorrow. the pink over mt. hamilton indicates a mix of rain and snow. you could see rain tomorrow as the snow comes in. right now, street level radar, san mateo coast, pescadero, there are light to moderate showers. and tracking a few spotty light returns between oakley.
4:43 pm
your morning rush looks messy. we're looking at brief downpours, ponding on the roadways. strong winds make it difficult to drive. allow extra time for the morning commute. the next seven days, two more storms. friday is a 2. sunday is a 2. we have 1s in between with scattered showers on saturday and then again on monday and tuesday. here's a look at your high temperatures. upper 40s to mid-50s tomorrow with the scattered showers arounded a around and saturday is your better day. a couple morning showers and late saturday night into sunday, we have the next storm coming in. it will soak us. ama and larry? >> thanks, sandhya. one day away from a new president. i'm 7 on your side michael finney.
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4:46 pm
in one day, donald trump will be sworn in as president of the united states. karen traverse takes a closer look. >> reporter: donald trump knows he'll have serious issues on his plate from day one. >> if putin likes donald trump,
4:47 pm
i consider that an asset, not a liability. because we have a horrible relationship with russia. >> reporter: the president-elect saying in an interview, i've had a lot of briefings that i don't want to say scary because i'll solve the problems." first, russia. the u.s. relationship with its cold war rival is at a low point. tensions building for years over ukraine, syria and now the latest sanctions by the obama administration, retaliation for russia's election cyberattacks. trump's positions on russia have drawn criticism from democrats and republicans. >> do you honestly believe that hillary would be tougher on putin than me? >> reporter: the trump administration would be under considerable pressure to contain the spread of isis abroad and limit the threat it poses here in the u.s. on the trail, trump said this will be his first order to his top generals. >> they will have 30 days to submit to the oval office a plan
4:48 pm
for soundly and quickly defeating isis. >> reporter: other burning issues, the refugee crisis in the middle east and europe. ongoing challenges in afghanistan. china's aggression in its own neighborhood and the international efforts to fight climate change. and on all of these areas, trump will soon be briefed by intelligence officials whose work he has questioned and criticized repeatedly. >> he doesn't necessarily trust the intelligence community. so they need to be able to overcome that rift and go in and do their job. >> reporter: for trump, there's no honeymoon period to get settled in. critical decisions will have to be made right out of the gate. abc news, washington. and tonight you can catch a special edition on "20/20." elizabeth vargas speaks to the sons about their father and his business. and we'll hear from ivanka trump and her role in the white house.
4:49 pm
that's tonight followed by abc7 news at 11:00. millions of americans may lose their health care coverage. >> and benefits for worker who is get health insurance interest their employers. michael finney has that story. >> there's a lot at stake here. almost 80% of americans don't think they'd benefit from the affordable care act, obamacare. apparently, many don't understand all that it provides. if the act is passed entirely, vaccines would not be required to be covered by law and a cap on benefits would no longer be illegal. obamacare also requires coverage for workers children up to the age of 26. repeal might not take away all of these benefits, any of these benefits. even if it did, employers could
4:50 pm
still provide them. but for now, those are the benefits that are on the chopping block. the consumer financial protection bureau is continuing its crackdown on illegal overdraft fees. by law, banks may not charge for overdraft protection unless a customer specifically opts in for the overdraft protection. overdraft purchases are simply declined. the agency filed a complaint against tcf financial of minnesota claiming it led customers to believe overdraft protection was mandatory. customers were charged a $35 fee if they had more than in their accounts. the bank has stopped offering bonuses to employees who get customers to opt in for the service. now the bureau wants the refund for those who paid the excessive fees. the bureau spearheaded the law requiring the opt-in claiming banks were raking in excessive fees from unwary customers. for the second year in a row,
4:51 pm
delta airlines looked at the top 11 domestic airlines in the united states and the programs were ranked for prospective value for light, average and frequent flyers and an average score was given for each program. delta and alaska ranked in the top. frontier, sun and spirit ranked in the bottom three. delta and jetblue are the only that offer miles due to inactivity. normally every 18 months you have to do something. not those two programs. >> thank you, michael. hpv, a virus well known to affect women but new numbers on how many men may face the same issue. >> reporter: the hpv vaccine a. series of shots that has received attention for
4:52 pm
preventing cervical cancer in women. but infection with human papiloma virus can affect men, too. and now new research points to how common this is in men. more than 1500 men in a large national survey, testing them for the presence of the virus. they found that nearly half were infected with hpv and a quarter were infected with a form of the virus known to cause cancer in men. young men who were vaccinated were the least likely to be infected but though hpv vaccination is available to men, only one in ten in this study said they had received it. not surprising since only recently have medical organizations begun to spread the word that men, too, can benefit from the hpv shot. all the more reason to make sure that teen anded a le adolescenc get the same protection.
4:53 pm
i'm dr. timothy johnson. we need to give you a cute critter alert right now. just in case you can't stand how cute these juveniles are, they hitched a ride from florida to the bay area. they were recently transferred from san program. as president-elect trump gets ready to take the oath of office, a different oath today for people in the south bay. our voice can be heard. >> a brand-new group of citizens excited to vote in the next election. and kristen has a look at what is coming up at 5:00. >> coming up next, dan ashley is in washington, d.c., and we'll have more on the president-elect's speech that he gave at a concert that finished up a while ago. only on 7, flying rocks in the east bay.
4:54 pm
they are worried tonight that someone is targeting cars on highways with potentially deadly consequences. and the bay area gets ready for another round of storms as residents clean up from the past week. when eri
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4:56 pm
. at 8:00 it is grey's anatomy and then scandal and then the trumps go to washington and then
4:57 pm
stay tuned for abc7 news at 11:00. some i a group of 50 immigr became u.s. citizens today in san jose. david louie listened to their stories. >> reporter: it's a serious step. the 50 immigrants came from 14 countries, each electing to become americans. on the eve of the inauguration, several of them said their motivation was presidential politics and the future direction of the nation. victor is a truck mechanic in san jose who came from mexico 13 years ago. citizenship, he says, will give him a voice over issues such as immigration policy beyond marches and protests. >> sometimes your opinion is not heard. your actions have been seen because we only do good things. but the only part that was missing is that i couldn't vote.
4:58 pm
so -- >> and now you have that vote? >> yes. so i can participate. >> reporter: sharing this photo of his family, his wife carolina and son anthony. he doesn't want his family to be separated because of the immigration policy 789 his sist. his sister is already a naturalized citizen. >> our voice can be heard and especially with these new changes, we can hopefully try to get our word out. >> reporter: the desire to be able to vote in future elections was on the mind of this woman who didn't agree with the november election. >> i would have voted differently than what is the result of the outcome of the election. >> reporter: so you believe strongly that each vote counts? >> i do. i do. >> thank you for joining us.
4:59 pm
i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm larry beil. the news at 5:00 begins right now. going to do things that haven't been done for our country. >> a message of change for donald trump as he prepares to take office. >> and here in the bay area, turning election anger into peaceful action. communities get ready for a weekend filled with protests. plus, cleaning up but preparing for more, the bay area readies for another round of rain. that's right. live doppler 7 is tracking a pair of storms. i'll show you what problem these storms may provide as we head into the weekend. and only on 7, flying rocks in the east bay. the worry tonight that someone is targeting cars on highway as he it could have deadly consequences. we're going to make america great for all of our people. everybody. everybody throughout our country. >> the president-elect with a
5:00 pm
message of unity tonight at the national mall on the eve of his inauguration. good evening. i'm kristen sze. >> and i'm dan ashley. the inauguration will take place behind me here at the u.s. capitol, lit up tonight so imagima je magestically. let's show you donald trump's day so far. earlier, he and his wife melania trump arrived at joint base andrews just outside washington. he traded in his private plane for a military jet this time and then headed off to a leadership luncheon with transition staff. he and vice president mike pence laid a wreath at the arlington national


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