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tv   2020  ABC  January 19, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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tonight, we're live from the . your father would be so presidential, he would be boring. >> when is that going to happen? >> they touched down in d.c. just hours ago. and tonight are talking only to 20/20. the next president. from the people who know him best. his family. exclusive all new interviews about their inner most workings. >> who has his ear? >> does it trouble you that there are a lot of people who are fearful of your dad's presidency? >> ivanka.
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>> people are saying that you're going to be the first lady. >> eric and don jr. >> your father is entrusting the trump company to you and your brother to run. >> what do they say about their father's infamous late night tweets? >> do you ever say to him, knock it off? >> sure. i'm his daughter. >> and melania trump. >> we had the great spark. >> a first lady like no other. now the youngest first boy and the backstage secrets of moving one family out and a new onein. with only a five-hour turn-around. >> i sent out a questionnaire. what brand of soap, shampoo, roll up the carpets. >> tonight a new chapter. celebrations and concerns. >> he rewrote the rules. >> he is and still rewriting
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them. >> the trumps go to washington. now live from washington, d.c. >> good evening. we're coming to you live from washington. tomorrow president-elect donald trump becomes president trump, taking the oath of office shortly before noon, becoming the 45th president of the united states. it will happen behind us. he will deliver the most important speech of his life. >> even today has been full of tradition for the decidedly untraditional president-elect. his last full day as a civilian. he has been at a black tie candlelight dinner where he worked the crowd, joking about the weather forecast for tomorrow and his hair. >> i mean, the truth is, if it really pours, that's okay. people will realize it's my real hair. that's okay. it's okay. >> he even surprised his counsellor by calling her up on stage to thank her for her tenacity as his campaign
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manager. >> as you know, before that, a concert at the majestic lincoln memorial. it was the patriotic anthem. ♪ i'm proud to be an american where at least i know i'm free ♪ >> and of course, by his side tonight as we come on the air, the people who know him best. his family. right here on 20/20 they sit down with us, revealing details they've never heard about, about the father they acknowledge doesn't know quite how they'll feel when he takes the oath. >> the favorite child, according to her brothers, the peace keeper, to his sometimes quick keeping on message when the president-elect goe off. she opened up to deborah roberts this week in this exclusive interview. >> reporter: you could say that ivanka trump's life has prepared her to become a first daughter. born between don jr. and ere irk during donald's first marriage to ivana, more diamonds than denim.
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with enough beauty to work as a mod emand the brains to earn an economics degree from wharton. she is the apple of her father's eye. >> who was his favorite? >> i'm going with ivanka. >> reporter: 35-year-old ivanka is in a whirlwind. days before the inauguration, she invited "20/20" to her tower, now an armed fortress. >> welcome. >> thank you. this is brand new. >> brand new. we had other office spaces with you we just opened this one. >> reporter: in true trump fashion, ivanka is firing herself, stepping away from the trump organization and her own apparel and accessories business. ♪ happy birthday to you >> reporter: she and husband jared kushner along with their three children are moving into a $5.5 million home near the
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obamas. >> what are you saying about this new venture and grandpa's new job? >> i tell them that their grandfather is going to washington, d.c. with the goal of helping as many people as he possibly can, and their father and i want to contribute to that in any way that we are able. >> in the meantime, boxes around the house. moving van about to back out. >> and that. we have moving boxes coming out of our ears. >> grab an apple! >> reporter: ivanka is known share private family moments on social media. the nurturing side of washington's newest power couple. >>he orchard. >> reporter: her instagram filled with home videos and family photos. >> you can do it! >> ivanka trump and her family harassed -- >> reporter: but there's a downside to their new public
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life. she and her children were harassed recently on a commercial flight. >> some guy went up to her and started giving her a hard time and told her that, you know, her father was ruining the country. >> was that frightening? what was that like for you? and a lot of people were asking what you were doing on a commercial flight anyway. >> i think it's never okay to harass anyone regardless of what your viewpoints are, especially when you are with childrens but, you know, i think that this is a new world, and i'm adjusting. >> reporter: she says the low point is overshadowed by the high moments which began in june of 2015. >> today, i have the honor of introducing a man who needs no introduction. >> reporter: she became a tireless booster for her billionaire dad. a regular on the campaign trail. >> our next president and my father -- >> reporter: that tight
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dad/daughter bond with rumors that melania and barron won't move to the white house right away -- >> the future first lady and his wife and son are expected to stay in new york until next spring. >> reporter: has fueled rumors about ivanka's role. >> that you will be the first lady. >> there is one first lady, and melania will be an incredible first lady. i'm incredibly proud of her. she is intelligent, warm, caring and a remarkable person. >> will you have an office in the east wing? >> my focus is moving to washington, traveling around the country and listening and getting great feedback on how i can add positive value. >> reporter: she says she is still figuring out her role, but it's clear jared, her husband of seven years, will be a key player. like his wife, jared knows a of privilege. a harvard grad, he too comes
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from a family who made a fortune in real estate. even more than the trumps. the kushners are an orthodox jewish family. ivanka converted. unlike her, she said her husband shies away from the spotlight. >> a lot of people don't know your husband. he is the mystery guy in the background. >> he is a remarkable human being. he is kind and thoughtful. i feel in a lot of ways we got married pretty young by i guess new york standards, and i feel like we have really grown up together and we have three children, and he is an unbelievable father. >> does he change diapers? >> he does. >> reporter: there will likely be fewer pampers in his future. he is about to become one of the most powerful men in the west wing. when meeting ivanka, there is no denying her diplomatic skills. despite the ice cold tension between her dad and hillary clinton when they wouldn't even shake hands during the second debate. ivanka and chelsea clinton found
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a warmer moment. >> she is a very good friend of mine. she has been a friend of mine before the campaign. >> are you still friends? >> of course, she will be a friend of mine after. so i haven't spoken about the specific challenges about this next chapter with her just yet, but i intend to. >> reporter: details matter to ivanka trump. she is even writing a new book called "women who work." as a guide to help women achieve success. book proceeds will go to charity. critics would point out the irony. there will be a march with a lot of women who feel your dad will turn back the clock. what do you say to those women who are fearful? >> i say, give my father a chance. i think that what he has shown his entire life is, his support and advocacy of women. >> reporter: he ignites
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controrsy with his shoot from the hip tweeting. your dad is known for his tweets. do you ever say knock it off? let it go. >> sure. >> you do? >> sure. >> does he listen? >> i'm his daughter, so -- i give him my feedback, solicited or otherwise. it's a unique moment because he has so many people that are engaged with him who he can bring his message to directly. it's very powerful, but of course, at times, i tell him not to. >> does he listen to you, and does anybody say, don't send that? >> depends on the day. >> we're in a divided nation right now. does it trouble you that a lot of people are fearful of your dad's presidency? >> the country is very divided, and it has been very divided, and i have seen my whole life. my father is an incredible unifier. for every critic, i would say give him time. let him come into office.
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let him prove you wrong. >> your dad's speech will probably be more important than any one he has ever given. have you weighed in on his inauguration speech? do you have a sense of what he is going to say? >> he has been working on it extensively. it's excellent, and he is refining it. just like his speech on election night, it will focus on unity, on optimism, and on the future. >> short, sweet, long? do you know? >> it's not overly long. and it's not too short. >> reporter: ivanka trump's life is about to change dramatically, but she says not completely. friday after he is sworn in, is he dad? is he mr. president? >> he is always dad. he is always dad. >> and while you heard deborah ask there, the first daughter hasn't said if she will have an office in the white house or any official role, but you know she will be a trusted confidante for her father.
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>> eshe said he is always dad. join us on facebook and twitter, and use the hashtag abc2020. we'll be back with the sons. >> what will be off limits with their father >> you will never discuss business with your father? >> has he had his own off moments on twitter? >> should he be calling people liar, loser, sleaze bag? >> sometimes he is right. >> when we return. calling people liar, loser, sleaze bag? >> sometimes he is right. >> when we return.
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welcome edition of "20/20" on the eve of the inauguration. in a moment here in washington this evening after the lincoln memorial concert as the entire trump familyppd throache monument, one of the most iconic landmarks in d.c. trump standing before lincoln as he is about to become leader of the free world. >> but his sons have other shoes to fill. while donald trump remains in washington, d.c., his adult sons will return home to new york and take over the reigns of their father's billion dollar businesses. for the men who told they they had never even been in the white house, the trump address is the only one that matters at least for the next four years. >> reporter: pause for a moment and consider -- what must it be like for donald trump to call you "son?" eric and donald jr. -- the
10:17 pm
original apprentices -- know the answer. >> i think on that criteria, eric and i probably agree with you. >> he was always kind of a father and a mentor and a boss. >> reporter: i sat down with eric, with his wife lara, and don jr. earlier this week to talk about growing up trump. >> we'd run in to give him a kiss before we went to, to school in the morning. and he'd look at us. i was 5 or 6 years old. he'd always look at us, "no drinking, no drugs, no smoking. and, by the way, you've -- >> at five? >> "and by the way, you guys better get good grades." exactly. at five. i go, "dad, what's drinking? what's drugs? what's smoking?" >> this is my room, it's kinda like going back in time. >> reporter: showing off their childhood bedrooms, the two princes of the trump empire told barbara walters in 2004 that they grew up with priceless manhattan views. >> the cabs, they always look like micro machines, they're just so small from up here. >> this is a blast of nostalgia. >> reporter: but it wasn't always limos and bespoke suits. the two boys learned to fish and hunt while summering with mother ivana's frugal working class parents in czechoslovakia.
10:18 pm
and don jr. went through a rebellious phase -- first as a hard partying college kid, then an aspen ski bum who sometimes hid his famous last name. >> there were times when you just didn't want to have to deal with everyone making those assumptions however ignorant they may be. i would introduce myself as just don or avoid the last name at all sts. >> reporter: but in 2001, don jr. ante'd back in -- starting at his dad's atlantic city casino working outside as a dock attendant. then, along came brother eric, they labored in construction for the trump organization, cutting trees, riding tractors. making their way up alongside sister ivanka. >> with the four of us, i think we just have a great opportunity to just take over the city and -- >> to take over the city? >> to take over the city. >> stop thinking so small, eric. think, the world. >> reporter: okay, so maybe ambition is genetic. now the sons are top organization executives and their hard-driving father has attained the most ambitious goal
10:19 pm
of all. >> do you call him mr. president? seriously, he is now the president. not just your father. >> i walked into his office, and said, mr. president-elect, and he smiles. >> reporter: the brothers have new titles. the younger, the mountaineer, and eric known for his silent strength is code named marksman. but despite the security arrangements, they will be staying behind in new york with part of the family. especially with barron and melania staying here, will your dad move into the white house? how much time will he spend there? >> he'll be there. >> 50/50? >> virtually all of his time will be there. his working time. he doesn't do anything halfway. >> is any part of you jealous that your sister gets to play more of a role? >> there's an element. anybody would be able to do that, but i'm content with the decision we have made to stay
10:20 pm
here. >> reporter: keeping 39-year-old don jr. company here are his wife vanessa and five chilen and brother, eric, 33. married to wife lara. they never imagined their first few years of marriage would be spent on a campaign trail. >> it was not in the plan, but you can't plan for this. election night was our two-year anniversary, a it was an incredible way to spend it with our whole family. >> reporter: just last week, the boys were by their father's side again as the president-elect announced his plan to end conflict of interest criticism by turning his business holdings over to them, and as always, expectations will be high. >> if they do a bad job, i'll say, you're fired. >> no pressure. >> no pressure. what could go wrong? >> seriously though, how is this going to work? you're never going to speak to your dad about business? you have been intimately
10:21 pm
involved with him and business for years. >> 16 years now, and we understand how this business works. >> you're in each other's office seven times a day. how will you pull the plug on that? >> my father has the biggest responsibility of any person arguably on the planet. his focus will be running this country, and my focus will be running a great company. >> and you will never discuss this, like, over family dinner? nothing? you can't even ask me how it's going? >> it's important to keep separation of church and state. >> there has been a huge outcry of some ethics experts that it will not remove the suspicion that your father is profiting from the office of presidency, and needs to fully divest the company. >> you use the word suspicion, and that's all it is. we have taken extraordinary measures to make sure the two are separate and distinct. >> why not just divest and silence them for once and for all? >> it's a multibillion dollar company.
10:22 pm
it would take years to do it, half the buyers, if would you try to maximize it. and there would beg the question of, is that person paying a premium? there is no win on this. >> one of the things your father infamously said is he would be so presidential he would be boring. when is that going to happen exactly? >> you have to ask him that question. it's amazing. he rewrote the rules of politics in this country and around the world. >> he is still rewriting them. often on twitter. >> reporter: but along with rewriting the rules, many have said he s also frequently crossed the line. when you are tweeting out things like liar, loser, sleaze bag, is that how the president should be talking? >> sometimes he right. >> doesn't mean he should say it. >> i see how bad the media can be. i see how deceptive the media can be. and if he can get to the source,
10:23 pm
by cutting out the middle man, i think that's a great thing. >> words matter. and he was warned that his words were dangerous a few days ago when he equates intelligence to nazi germany. do you think he'll pull back on the twitter? >> i think he'll pull back on some of them. but if something is put out there, he'll call them out. >> does he know that nations are on every syllable? >> probably not politically correct, but i don't care. >> tell me about how you feel about people who don't like your dad. what do they not know? >> he has a heart of gold, and he has been a great father to don, ivanka and i. >> all those people out there, even the people protesting the
10:24 pm
streets and protesting on inauguration day. i think once they see he cares about this country and they have more money, and their children have a better outlook on life, and education and real hope for the future, i think those people may not tell anyone, but they are going to vote for him for a second term. >> next, melania trump. the woman beside the man. if her own words. >> i don't think he is nasty. i think he is tough. >> the first lady with so many firsts. >> this is the first time we have ever had a first lady not move to the white house, the first third wife of a president. >> when we return. do something about it! no, not that. straight talk wireless let's you keep your phone, number and 4g lte network... ...for half the cost... ...with the bring your own phone activation kit. it's time to ask yourself... ...why haven't i switched? unlimited talk, text and data for forty-five dollars a month, no contract. straight talk wireless.
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we're coming back to you with this beautiful live shot of the u.s. capital where thousands will gather to watch donald j. trump be sworn in on two bibles. the abraham lincoln bible, and the one his mother gave him in 1955 for sunday school. >> and melania will be by his side, but the big question for any first lady, what kind of influence will she have? once again, deborah roberts.
10:29 pm
>> reporter: when it comes to first ladies this unconventional 46-year-old, former model is a wellspring of "firsts." >> melania trump is non-traditional in so many ways. the first third wife of a president. the first, first lady we've had who's born outside the u.s. since louisa adams, the first where english isn't her first language. she is the first first lady with a pre-nup. >> look who we have. >> reporter: much of america first got to know melania trump when she sat down with barbara walters. were you involved in the decision of your husband to become president? >> yes, and i encouraged him. >> reporter: you did? you encouraged him? >> i encouraged him because i know what he will do, and what he can do for america. he is a master negotiator, master deal maker and he loves the country. >> reporter: for this unusual first lady -- before the magazine covers, the marriage to the donald, and the billionaire jet-set lifestyle, melania trump was melanija knavs.
10:30 pm
born in the small riverside town of sevnica in slovenia, then part of communist yugoslavia, melania grew up in this humble apartment. her father a car salesman, her mother a clothing designer. melania did her first catwalk at the age of 5, and at 17, began modeling professionally. childhood friends say the small town girl always stood out. >> two words, grace kelly. >> she was like an angel. >> she was never typical slovenian girl. very, very classy. >> reporter: after studying architecture at a university in slovenia, she left school to pursue her modeling career in new york. she spoke about the mercurial life of a model on the campaign trail. >> there are ups and downs, high highs, and ridicule, and rejection too. >> reporter: at a fashion part in 1998, the 28-year-old model ran in the then 52-year-d real estate tycoon. he came up to you, you rebuffed him.
10:31 pm
yeah? >> he came with a date. so he asked me for the number and i said, i will not give you my number. so if you give me your numbers i will call you. we met a week later. >> reporter: a -- and then it was okay? >> well, he was very charming and -- he -- we had the great sparkle. >> reporter: soon after melania added sparkle to the cover of gq posing nude, another first-lady first. your image, looking the way you do, is that a liability for your husband? >> i don't think so. i think ople will always judge. i was a very successful model and i did some photo shoots. yes, they were a little, little risky, but nothing more than you see every year in "sports illustrated." and this is everything my design. >> reporter: but not just a pretty face, melania revealed her entrepreneurial side launching a skin care and jewelry line. >> it's really fun and creative for me, and it's something else than being a mommy and a wife. >> reporter: all along, the
10:32 pm
would be new first lady has remained steadfast in support of her lightning-rod husband. you know, your husband has come under fire here and there for making disparaging remarks about women. does this bother you? >> it doesn't bother me. he treats everybody the same. he talked about men as well, not about women only. >> reporter: do you think occasionally he's too nasty? >> i don't think he's nasty. i think he's tough, and you need that. you need that in business world, you need that as a president -- you need that to be successful. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: melania is not without her own controversy accused of plagiarizing michelle obama's speech during the republican national convention. >> you work hard for what you want in life. that your work is your bond, and you do what you say. >> reporter: becoming fodder for late night jokes. >> she gave the speech of michelle obama's life last
10:33 pm
night. >> reporter: even her husband couldn't resist. >> michelle obama gives a speech and everyone loves it. my wife, melania, gives the exact same speech and people get on her case. >> reporter: however, melania recently vowed to make a cause her very own, cyberbullying. >> it's very bad out there and children get hurt. >> by? >> by social media. by what's going on, and by negativity. >> it's a real problem in schools. >> reporter: douglas brinkley is a presidential historian and author of the book "rightful heritage." >> she wants to pick up the issue of cyber bullying, which caused some laughter by some people, 'cause donald trump seems to do that himself quite a bit. but nonetheless her point is well taken. >> reporter: but when the new president unpacks his toothbrush and bathrobe in their new house, melania won't be joining him, adding to her list of firsts says kate anderson brower, author of "first women." >> this is the first time we've ever had a first lady not move
10:34 pm
to the white house, since you know, martha washington when there was no white house. >> reporter: instead, mrs. trump will remain at the couple's new york luxury penthouse at least until 10-year-old son barron finishes the school year. >> i give a lot of credit to melania to reserve that kind of privacy for herself and her son with somebody as high profile as donald trump. >> reporter: and once melania does move to washington, the question will be just how much this unconventional first lady of firsts will change the white house and how much it will change her? >> next, barron goes to daddy's office, but will he go to the white house? >> last time we had a young boy in the white house, we had john kennedy jr. >> growing up in a playground like none other. complete with secret code names. guess who had turquoise and twinkle? when we return. we return. you have the freedom to do virtually whatever you want. is there no worrying about gigabytes, shmigabytes,
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you're now looking at a live picture of the white house. 132 rooms. it has been turned into a home for some 26 children, presidents and first ladies raising their children in the people's house. this country has watched so many people grow up in the white house. >> much has been made of the one first child who won't be living there, at least for a little while. barron trump. he probably has all he needs or could ever want at home in new york, but there's more waiting for him at the most famous house investigate world. >> i brought my family, okay? and barron trump, you know barron. >> reporter: when the trumps move into the white house, they will be joining a rarified club
10:40 pm
they wrote just last week to sasha and malia obama. >> now you're about to join another rarefied club. >> reporter: children who have called the white house home. >> last time we had a young boy in the white house, john kennedy jr. and the children were part of camelot. >> reporter: and waiting for barron to finish the school year in new york city when he does arrive in washington, he and the trump grandchildren will enjoy the many perks at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. a movie theater, bowling alley. swimming pool, basketball court and barron might even enjoy the putting green installed by president eisenhower. the staff goes the extra mile to make sure the first children feel at home as they did for sasha and malia obama. >> the first night we were in the house, and the staff had a scavenger hunt planned for the obama girls, and they wanted to
10:41 pm
make it special. we opened the doors and there were the jonas brothers. ♪ >> reporter: former chief usher, steven roshan remembers watching the girls grow up at the white house. >> i had the pleasure of picking out the swing set, and we hadn't had one on the lawn since john john kennedy. >> reporter: the 18 acres of the white house grounds make a spacious backyard. it's where 9-year-old amy carter played during jimmy carter's administration. like barron trump, amy was an only child in the white house. so was chelsea clinton. steve ford said he wrote a letter to chelsea when her father was elected president. >> i thought, gosh. what a tough situation she will have. she had no siblings. i said, you know, make your secret service guys your best friends.
10:42 pm
>> reporter: steve was 18 when president richard nixon resigned. >> i -- >> reporter: steve's father became the 38th president of the united states. >> dad gets sworn in as president. we don't get to move into the white house. we have to move to our house in suburbia. mom is cooking the family dinner, and shgoes, jerry, something is wrong here. you just became president of the united states, and i'm still cooking. >> reporter: they had to wait a week until the nixons moved out. steve remembers his first night in the white house. >> i called my best friend. you have to come over here. there is a solarium on the roof of the white house. we set my stereo up, and i think we were playing led zeppelin, "stairway to heaven," and it was, like, dumb and dumber on
10:43 pm
the roof of the white house. ♪ and she is buying a stairway to heaven ♪ >> reporter: the trumps like other first families will face the challenge of making the 132-room mansion feel like a family home. and security being a priority, sometimes it's easier to bring the party to you. >> i think it should be a pretty room. >> reporter: jackie kennedy converted the solarium on the third floor into a kindergarten for daughter caroline, and that same space would become a family room where ma lea and sasha would have sleepovers. >> it was as normal as it could be although they had a view of the washington monument out their window. >> reporter: it could be the same one barron sees, before occupied by caroline and john john kennedy. on the second floor. the trump kids might sleep in the bedrooms where ronald reagan jr. stayed.
10:44 pm
another aspect of being a son or daughter is your own secret service detail. here's steve ford in montana, his agents decked out in cowboy gear. you also get a code name. >> mine was peso. >> his sister's was panda. the girls were twinkle. >> sasha was rosebud. malia, radiance. >> wherever you go, you have secret service around you. >> how do you normalize that? >> very hard. and that's why i think it takes some parenting and i think melania has to do that on a full-time way and make sure that her son comes out well-adjusted, and by all indications, she is doing her best to do that. >> melania has been unbelievable in terms of how she has been adjusting him to the changes that will be occurring in his own life. but he is very excited. >> reporter: and what will life be like for barron in the white
10:45 pm
house and beyond? >> i think any of the children of a former president feel very blessed. we didn't do anything. we were just along for the ride, so i look back on my life, and just, you know, thank god that this is the life i got. >> when we return, the former family out. the new one in. in all of five hours. >> so the minute the door shuts after the obamas leave, frenzy. >> changing everything from the chef to the sheets. but will the trumps bring on the bling? >> the white house is the white house. >> next.
10:46 pm
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10:48 pm
10:49 pm
10:50 pm
leave at approximately 10:30 in the morning the action begins. >> so the minute the door shuts after the obamas leave, frenzy? >> it's over. yes -- >> they start racing around. >> they do. it all switches out that quickly -- >> really? all the clothes. do all the mattresses come out? >> everything. >> i mean, you can't have president trump sleeping in the same bed president obama just slept in -- >> it's almost -- you know, i only can use the word s.w.a.t. team because that's what it feels like. and it's done quickly and efficiently. >> i had it laid out to the five-minute detail of what happened every five minutes. >> reporter: admiral stephen rochon was in charge of the move that last time it happened eight years ago when president george w. bush's family moved out and newly-elected president barack obama's moved in.
10:51 pm
>> it is very intense to execute both those moves. most of the time you don't find the new family moving in in five hours. >> reporter: the staff can attend to the smallest detail, rochon says because they've done their homework. >> i sent out a questionnaire to the advance team right after the election and it's a huge list. what brand of shampoo? what brand of soap? uh, what type of carpets? bedding? do you want foam pillows or feather pillows? mattresses. all of those things are laid out to the finest detail of knowing what they want. >> reporter: for security reasons no outside movers are allowed, so the entire staff must pitch in. >> all 95 staff leav at about 4:00 in the morning. we may not leave till well after midnight, after the inaugural parties, after the balls. ♪
10:52 pm
>> reporter: moving trucks for both families occupy the sweeping driveway. >> you have one truck on the south lawn facing south and the other truck on the south lawn facing north ready to move in. the house still belongs to the sitting president until they step into that limousine. >> reporter: as soon as the limo pulls away, the move begins. and it's no small task. the white house is a three-story, 132-room mansion. while the ground floor is open to the public, the first family occupies the second and third floors with 16 bedrooms, 35 bathrooms, family rooms and a private kitchen. it's about 20,000 square feet of living space which means the trumps will be down-sizing from their 30,000 square foot penthouse in new york city. >> for many, the white house is a step up. i am looking around this room. the white house might be a step
10:53 pm
down. >> the white house is the white house. it's just a spectacular place. and, you know, it's something that represents something very special. >> reporter: the new first family is free to decorate the top two private floors however they like. but the first floor rooms are too historically significant to change. >> the idea that donald trump is gonna come in and bling out the white house, that's not really possible. >> reporter: and it's not just decor. there's also the question of cuisine. >> he might wanna change things around. >> the obamas famously had a very healthy chef. >> donald trump might be doin' fast food -- >> donald trump likes his burgers -- >> so there's no question the white house is the imprint of whoever the president the mont i >> reporter: the obamas put house.own imprint on the and although the president's private residence is typically off-limits, the public recently got a glimpse behind the scenes. when the obamas opened their
10:54 pm
home to architectural digest. >> there is a real fascination with how people with so much stature and power live in their private time. you could see the touches of each administration and how they want to live. >> reporter: but few improvements are as famous as jackie kennedy's when she renovated the white house during j.f.k.'s presidency. here she is giving a tour that was broadcast in 1962. with all the precision and the preparations, ultimately rochon says moving day can be very emotional, greeting barack obama held special significance for rochon. >> being the first african-american chief usher, here i am having the opportunity to say, "welcome home, mr. president" to the first african- american president. >> reporter: and he still remembers the feeling of saying good-bye to george and laura bush. >> i remember inauguration day, in the morning, to say farewell in the east room and there wasn't a dry eye in the room,
10:55 pm
including the bushes. you really get attached. they get attached to you. it does become family. >> and there will no doubt be plenty more tears from the staff tomorrow when the obamas move out. >> it's always such a difficult moment when they have to say good-bye to the staff. they are family, too. when we come back here, what you can see tomorrow, pomp and circumstance, the of the guard. the president and the president-elect sharing that ride to the capitol. it's so intriguing. elizabeth and i will be right back after we show you the [john] when i want to play a 1930's cop, i want th. when i crave a turkey sandwich,
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10:58 pm
483 days on thcampaign trail have led to tomorrow being sworn in as the 45th president of the united states. >> and abc news will be covering all of it live starting with special edition of "good morning america" at 7:00 eastern. live coverage all day with the oath of office shortly before noon followed by his inaugural address. as you heard his children say, he has been working on it for weeks now, and kellyanne conway we vealing that the speech is done. >> i would hope so. and live coverage of all the balls capping off at 10:00 p.m. eastern with a live edition of "20/20," the inauguration of donald j. trump. >> i'll meet you here tomorrow. >> you bet you. >> we want to talk about presidents leaving behind a note. >> bill clinton wrote to george w. bush, today, you will embark on the greatest vent that you are can come to an american citizen. and george w. bush wrote to barack obama. there will be trying moments, and we'll know what barack obama
10:59 pm
will leave for what he'll leave to donald trump. >> as we say good night, we send our best wishes to the recovering george h.w. bush, 41, and his wife barbara. and we leave you with toby keith performing at the concert from the lincoln memorial. ♪ ♪ courtesy of the red, white and blue ♪ ♪ red, white and blue ♪ of the red, white and blue god bless our military. thank you. god bless america.
11:00 pm
oakland businesses are preparing for the worst tonight. >> they're boardin


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