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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  January 20, 2017 4:00am-8:01am PST

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good morning, america. making history. donald j. trump just hours away from becoming the 45th president of the united states. >> a lot of people didn't give us much of a chance, but we understood what was happening. >> political outsider, billionaire businessman, reality tv star, now about to take the highest office in the land after the most stunning political upset in american history. >> trump, the future first lady and their family arriving in washington, a whirlwind 24 hours before being sworn in. thousands turning out at the lincoln memorial for the inaugural concert. ♪ proud to be an american >> the president-elect singing along and joined by his family and close friends for a black-tie gala overnight. >> these are people who work
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hard but no longer have a voice. i am your voice. >> after a hard fought campaign, the peaceful transition of power from president obama happens today and we're live every step of the way from the white house to the capitol to the parade. >> this morning, the trump family live, our powerhouse political team covering every angle. >> america is back, bigger and better and stronger than ever before. >> right now on "gma." >> announcer: live from washington, d.c., this is a special edition of "gma," the inauguration of donald j. trump. good morning, america. welcome to the capitol. that is a shot of washington, d.c. right now. the sun just coming up over the capitol. in just a few, short hours donald j. trump will take the oath, become the 45th president of the united states.
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his journey to the white house unlike any that's come before and the first big step of his presidency just hours away. >> today is here. we do welcome you and take a look at this moment from last night, the trump family at the lincoln memorial for a welcoming ceremony and concert. the president-elect addressing the crowd and telling them, you're not forgotten anymore. as far as the trump family they are at the blair house at this moment, the president's guest house right now and they are preparing for their big day ahead. >> it all starts in just about an hour. the traditional church service at st. john's, the president's church and there from the white house for tea and coffee with the obamas then the president and the man who will succeed him share a few moments alone on that ride to the capitol for the swearing in. >> safe to say it's a full day. hundreds of thousands of people already gathering. millions are expected to watch and witness the event today. we have team coverage of this
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historic day all across our nation's capital and our chief white house correspondent jon karl is going to start us off. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, robin. well, here on the west side of the capitol, the crowds have already started could assemble. lots of those iconic red make america great again caps and if you look over here, that's where it'll all take place in just a few hours, donald trump, the ultimate outsider, the most improbable candidate ever to win the presidency will take the oath of office as the 45th president of the united states. okay, so right up there as i said, all taking place, an event that absolutely -- very few people thought would happen, donald trump taking the oath of office becoming the 45th
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president of the united states. >> o. let's take it back right now. we'll talk to donald trump jr. >> okay. >> the president's son. the president's oldest son is in blair house right now. congratulations, don. tell us what's going on inside there this morning. >> well, you know, it's early, but it's been exciting. the experience for myself, for my father, obviously, for our whole family has just been incredible and after such a hard fought battle, you're more of an experienced guy at this than we are, but when you're in this thing for 18 months, almost really 2 years that we're doing it every day it takes a while to actually set in. and, you know, coming in yesterday, going to arlington, standing on the steps of the lincoln memorial, it really all set in for the family. it was very special. >> don, i do remember what it was like to be inside blair house 25 years ago right now. give us a sense of the scene inside there this morning. how is your dad doing? >> he's doing great.
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i mean, he's doing well. he's just excited to do this. he is amazed and thrilled that the american people entrusted him to take this country in a different direction and to bring it forward and to do things and give them that voice that he mentioned last night that has been gone for so long. so, it's just truly incredible. >> did he stay up late working on the speech? >> well, listen, i think he's been working on that for quite some time. i mean, he's been working on it just to get it right, understanding the magnitude of that situation and really, you know, have what would start off his entire presidency, so he spent a lot of time with that and i think now it's about execution. >> we saw him hit some of the themes yesterday at the lincoln memorial, what is the one big thing you think he hopes to get across after he takes that oath and speaks to the world? >> well, listen, i think, you know, after a campaign like this one, i mean, i think it's that he's going to be the president for all americans. it's not for a select few.
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it's not for some sort of special group. it's for every single american, each and every one of us and, you know, i'm glad he made that point last night. he's been making that point a long time. i don't think it gets the coverage it deserves. he's been saying that for quite some time but this is about, you know, one country and, you know, all of its people and that's what he's going to do and he's going to do a phenomenal job at it. >> you mentioned the hard fought campaign. i remember well the look on the president's face when he met with president obama in the oval office the day after the election. what kind of changes have you seen in your father as he prepares to accept the power, to accept the mantle of the presidency? >> listen, i saw this sort of evolve throughout the campaign. it's one thing to be out there and talking but there's another thing, when you see, you know, those americans that he's talking about that haven't had a voice, those americans who watched their american dream shift abroad. those americans who have been through so many thing, you know, and you're meeting them and
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seeing them face-to-face, george, day in and day out for 18 months, you wouldn't be human if that didn't affect you. so i think he just -- it drives home the gravity of the situation. it drives home the importance of the office and what he can accomplish there and for how many people he can accomplish it. you know, relative to all the other amazing things that he's been able to do in his life, and he's had a remarkable life but relative to all those things, you know, nothing could be more important than that for him and, you know, just understanding that magnitude and watching that evolution bit by bit over the 18 months, 2 years of this race it's been incredible. >> is he a little nervous? >> he's not a guy that gets nervous all that easy but i imagine that this is a pretty big stage to be but he's one of those rare types that he can harness that energy and usually turn it into a positive, so, you know, i see him usually do
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better under pressure than they other way. >> i can't imagine anybody not being nervous. what about all this for you? i was told you've never been to the white house before. you have a young family, five little kids, running a huge business. it's been an incredible journey. what impact has it had on you? >> very much the same. i mean, you know, i got to see soap of what i was just talking about myself on the campaign trail. you know, eric and i, i think, and ivanka, we've been in every small town in this country. we've met so many incredible people and then people, you know, that have journeyed from all parts of the country to be able to be here to watch this event, i mean, just literally seeing some of them along the way and running into them here now, it's really overwhelming. you know, i'm not a person that tends to look at those things that way and it truly is special when you think of the significance and the history and we're in blair house right now and thinking about it and looking at the walls and all the
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things that happened here and people stayed here and the major decisions here and that's before we even get to the white house. it's like something i've never felt before. >> donald trump jr., congratulations. the journey has only just begun. >> thank you very much, george. >> thank you, and i remember when donald jr. and eric joined us in iowa for the caucus and think about then and all that has happened. now we go to the steps of the u.s. capitol where in just a few hours donald trump will be sworn in. final preparations are under way and abc's cecilia vega is here, cecilia, not long from now supreme court justice, members of congress and other dignitaries will be on that platform. who can we expect to be sitting alongside the president-elect gentleman. >> robin, it is going to be packed up here and all of those people that you just mentioned got one of these, i've got the invitation here. this is what they had to receive to get here today. i also want to show you something else, this map. wait until you see where
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everybody is seated and how close donald trump and hillary clinton will be today, of course, all eyes on her as well. donald trump right there in the front of course, melania trump right behind that podium where he will be taking that oath of office, behind him, the entire trump family, this is a family affair out here, even barron, of course, their young son will be here. across the aisle from them, robin, just a matter of feet across that aisle a section of former presidents, of course, outgoing administration, the obamas, first lady michelle obama and next to them the bidens, vice president biden and his wife jill and then all eyes -- i should mention also george w. bush and laura bush, of course, will be here but i want to get back to hillary clinton and bill clinton because they will be there. the last time hillary clinton and donald trump came face-to-face, robin, was just a couple of weeks before election day and we all know, george and robin, what happened after that. here we are today. >> we are here today. all right, cecilia, thank you. >> let's bring in kellyanne
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conway, she, of course, is donald trump's senior adviser and last night he gave her a big shoutout at the gala. >> there is no den she will not go into. when my manner petrified to go in a certain network i said, kellyanne, will you do it, absolutely, no problem. then she gets on and just destroys them so anyway, thank you, baby. thank you. >> and, kellyanne conway joins us, big day for you. kellyanne, happy birthday. >> thank you, george. 50 feels fabulous. perfect president -- i mean perfect gift in a president but i really want to echo what don jr. said, the enormity of today, the responsibility and the gravity that comes with being the president of the united states and i think the humility that really comes to any man who's held this office. when we hear "hail to the chief" it will become much more real the fact that he's the next president of the united states. >> we did hear from don jr. that he hopes in that inaugural address to really reach out to
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those who may not have supported him. >> and he'll do that, george. i've been in part of those sessions and this is a beautifully written, powerfully delivered speech today. it's elegant, it's brief, but i think for donald trump it really is a continuation of what he promised to do in those wee hours of election night on november 9th when he said i want to be the president of all americans including those who didn't vote for me. i believe today donald trump is our new president, george, will set a great tone and a great content to try to unify the country and it's really up to all of us to meet that challenge along with him. >> that's what i want to ask about. what kind of specific challenges do you think he'll present to the country and the world? >> well, he's going to give an address that will be heard probably by billions of people around the word. he will talk about that. he'll also make very clear that america comes first. he wants to protect the american worker, american interest, that should not surprise anyone but at the same time, he really wants to continue, i think, the good will and the benevolence he's been shown by president obama and first lady michelle obama and the bidens in this
4:13 am
transition period. we have been very blessed and very happy with the treatment that we've received and the help that we've received from the president and the first lady and their senior team. i think that this country deserves that. donald trump didn't divide the country but he has a wonderful opportunity to start to heal and unify the country. >> and he will also begin to take actions today preparing to sign some executive orders. can you give us some sense of how significant those will be. >> those will be significant, particularly on monday, the first full day of work on january 23rd. but even before that, i feel like washington will have a shock to its system with president trump. you'll know almost immediately that there is a new sheriff in town in that he plans on maybe upending some of the unconstitutional and job killing regulations that have been put into place. he's made very clear that his priorities are to repeal and replace obamacare and also to bring some regulatory relief and tax reform, even, george w. bush who faced a democratically controlled senate was able to push through tax reform in the
4:14 am
first few months of his presidency. we're hoping to get the same cooperation across the aisle so hard working americans and middle class american families can benefit in his plan. >> now, kellyanne, it looks like you're harkening back to our revolutionary roots with your outfit. >> i am overall feeling festive and patriotic and i also have hand warmers and toe warmers in my bag because i don't like being cold. >> the rain is holding off so far, kellyanne conway, congratulations. >> thank you very much and thanks for having us, george. >> funny you should mention the weather because as the president-elect is about to take that stage, everyone is watching the weather and it's also on donald trump's mind. take a look at what he said last night. >> i don't care. it doesn't matter. i mean, the truth is, if it really pours, that's okay, because people will realize it's my real hair and that's okay. it's okay. >> so, what do you say? let's go to ginger for the forecast. she's at the staging area for
4:15 am
everything that's going to be happening. good morning, ginger. >> hey, good morning to you, robin. he is going to have that chance to show everybody it is real hair because it is going to rain. let me show you the forecast hour by hour. you can see on the radar right now the shield of heavy rain that will be headed this way, we'll have a beautiful sunrise because of those clouds but let's time it out. it really gets going after about 9:00, you get the first wave. but then it's 11:00/noon-ish when we see the next wave come in, moderate and heavy at times and speaking of the parade and route where i'm standing right now where folks are getting security checked and everything is already happening looks like it'll dry out just in time with a high this afternoon in the upper 40s so not the worst that it could have been, but, george, we will most certainly need the ponchos. >> ginger, and a lot will be out on the mall. amy robach right there as well as trump supporters begin to pour in. >> hey, nice to see you and it's been quite a morning. we have music blaring in preparation for the hundreds of
4:16 am
thousands of people who are expected to flood the mall later. they're expecting around 700,000 to 900,000 people to attend this year's inauguration. that's less than the 1.8 million that barack obama had back in 2009, but a lot more than george w. bush had back in 2003 with about 300,000 people. families have been making the trek to d.c. over the last couple of days and we have one family from rhode island, the silvas who are bringing their two children, they think it's a historic moment and documented some of their trip here to d.c. for us using their cell phone. take a look. >> both: we are going to trump's inauguration. >> it's 4:22. we are headed out from rhode island and headed towards d.c. >> i cannot wait to go to d.c. it's going to be a really fun time. >> we are in delaware, we're less than two hours away. >> we finally made it to d.c. and the washington monument is
4:17 am
right there. ♪ the men who died who gave that fight to me ♪ >> reporter: so much enthusiasm for all the people who are coming here to the mall. a lot of families excited to be here, to take part in a very historic moment. the silvas were supposed to be with us live but speaking to the security that's going on to get over to the mall, they're still stuck in a security line trying to get to us. >> and, amy, any sign of protesters today? >> i have not seen any protesters. we made our way early this morning and it was very quiet. a lot of military, a lot of security and a lot of long lines to get into the mall area, but i personally did not see any protests. >> i know you'll be there all morning. thanks very much. >> covering it all. back to ginger now with a look at the parade preparations that are under way as we get ready for a little bit of rain. you have company with you, ginger. >> that's right. i've got company. you're right.
4:18 am
i've got army folks with us this morning but there are 5,000 people that will make their way right through this point. they're getting security already this morning and they'll board the buses you're seeing in the background. it is a huge morning at this staging area and, of course, going to be a huge morning at the parade that happens later this afternoon. the folks behind me are some of the elite few who are going to be able to salute the outgoing president and welcome the incoming president. so this is a big morning. we are very excited to be here. so much more coming up on this inauguration day, history being made and we can't wait to show you. first, we have to get a check of those weekend getaways brought to you by walgreens.
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hey, good morning to you. i've been tracking this thunderstorm. a pretty strong one with 30 lightning strikes so far, small hail and wind gusts up to 55 miles per hour and it's moving toward oakland to san leandro and it's going to cross the san mateo bridge. you can see the torrential rain falling right now across the bay bridge toll grateful for your service on behalf of everyone this morning especially this long day you're about to pull with the rain. because this is all you've got. you're not doing umbrellas. a big day ahead. can't wait to bring you more. >> we are grateful for their service. much more of our special inauguration coming up ahead. let's take a look at blair house right there. the trump family there overnight
4:20 am
moving to the white house today. it's an historic one. >> president-elect trump's former campaign manager will be here joining us live. more creating, imagining, doing with purpose. at quaker, for over 140 years, we've known good is made. from the potential that started with the humble oat to the innovative spirit within our people, we've been thoughtfully crafting, perfecting, to bring what's truly good to your table. so, while everyone's getting back to what's good, we were always here. quaker -- we are the good we make.
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good morning on this friday. it's 4:23. demonstrators are going to be protesting around the bay area today. the first is happening in oakland at 7:00 a.m. at the oakland federal building. protesters are also going to gather in san francisco at justin herman plaza at 9:00 this morning. they'll march through downtown to a rally going on in front of 555 california. that's a party partly owned by the trump organization. there will be some traffic issues. alexis will be watching that all morning for us. good morning, alexis. >> it is pretty rough out there this morning, reggie. we've got heavy rain and we're
4:24 am
hearing of ponding crashes. we've got all kinds of lightning some places, we're hearing thunder as well here in the studio. really tough morning. probably have about six or seven spinout crashes this morning, so you really want to take it
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tracking a fast-moving thunderstorm, so make sure you follow me on social media also, so when we're away for the inauguration coverage, i'll have you covered there. strongest part of the storm possibly putting down some torrential rain and pea-sized hail on half moon bay and also heading to hayward. you can see moderate to heavy rain falling just about everywhere except for the north bay. our storm is still a 2 because of the heavy rain and ponding on the roadways. in fact, a very high likelihood of that. stream and creek flooding, we'll have that in the north bay for the next couple hours.
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nine grams of protein, 90 calories, no added sugar. light & fit. do what fits you. welcome back to "gma." and there you see it, still called marine one. that is the helicopter that is going to take president obama from the capitol to andrews air force base on the first day of the rest of his life. of course, it won't be called marine one then. it won't be the president's helicopter when it takes president obama and his family away from the capitol and, of course, that is a live shot right now of washington, d.c., the mall. sun coming up on the washington monument right now. the crowds beginning to gather under tight security today as we all prepare for the inauguration of the 45th president of the united states, donald j. trump. >> and there's a live look at the capitol right now. that view never gets old. >> especially when the sun is coming up. >> that's where the president-elect will take the
4:31 am
oath of office and at approximately high noon, 12:00 p.m. eastern time. >> let's look at some of the headlines from the president-elect's hometown papers this morning. don of a new day. don of a new day. they match "the daily news" and "the new york post." such a fixture in new york for so many year, now about to be president of the united states. >> realarely happens they sharee same headline. >> let's go back to jon karl for a look at the trump family's celebrations leading up to this historic moment. jon. >> reporter: well, robin, thousands and thousands of trump supporters have been gathering here to witness history. many of these folks got here at 3:00 in the morning. some even earlier than that. they're witnessing history. let's face it, every presidential inauguration is history. this one, though, especially so, a first, the first time we have seen somebody elected who has had no government experience, no military experience, donald trump, the ultimate outsider.
4:32 am
overnight, donald trump and his wife melania took the stage at a candlelight dinner with some of the president-elect's top supporters. trump thanked the crowd and his family, all there except his youngest son barron. >> we have a family that gets along. my sons, look at them standing there, did they -- i say, why aren't you campaigning today? eric and don and tiffany who was incredible. >> reporter: also there to cheer on the president-elect top republicans like speaker of the house paul ryan and celebrity supporters including caitlyn jenner. just hours earlier the new first family, trump's kids and grandchildren touched down in washington, d.c. their first stop, a luncheon at trump's new washington hotel. melania trump making rare remarks. >> tomorrow we start the work
4:33 am
ahead. a lot of responsibility, a lot to take care of and we will make america great again. >> reporter: a solemn wreath laying ceremony at the tomb of the unknown soldier. [ playing "taps" ] >> reporter: and then this moment, the soon-to-be president and first lady on the steps of the lincoln memorial. son donald jr. posting a picture of the entire family on the steps writing such an incredibly meaningful and special moment. make america great again. the president-elect giving credit for his stunning victory to his die-hard supporters. >> so, this journey began 18 months ago. i had something to do with it but you had much more to do with it than i did. i'm the messenger. i'm just the messenger. >> reporter: trump offered a theme of unity while returning to the campaign slogan that brought him here. >> we're going to unify our country and our phrase, you all know it, half of you are wearing
4:34 am
the hat, make america great again. >> reporter: thousands turned out for the welcome concert, a little country. ♪ >> reporter: a little rock 'n' roll. ♪ if i go crazy will you still call me superman ♪ >> reporter: including lee greenwood. ♪ proud to be an american >> reporter: singing his patriotic anthem. ♪ god bless the usa >> reporter: the concert concluded with a spectacular fireworks display. all a prelude to the day ahead. donald j. trump's inauguration on the west front of the u.s. capitol. and the trump team says that his inaugural address is already written. they said it'll be a personal and sincere statement about his vision of the future of this country and, george, they tell us it will be a short inaugural address. >> that's what kellyanne said as well. we got the first tweet this morning from the president-elect. real donald trump says it all begins today. i will see you at 11:00 a.m. for
4:35 am
the swearing in and in all caps, the movement continues, the work begins. it is all happening under tight security. thousands of law enforcement officials from around the country including local police, the fbi, the coast guard, secret service, all coming together today, always such tight security on inauguration day and our senior justice correspondent pierre thomas at the nerve center of it all secret service headquarters. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: good morning, george. that's right. i'm here at secret service headquarters. there's an army of security personnel, 28,000 strong descends on washington, today, law enforcement taking no chances. this morning, the coast guard, armed with 50 caliber machine guns patrolling the potomac taking to the streets, thousands of uniformed officers. undercover agents working the crowds. also deployed, bomb disrupting robots, high-tech surveillance gear and in the skies customs and border protection, choppers flying low beaming
4:36 am
high-resolution images to the secret service command center and to the smartphones of agents in the field. >> it's all hands on deck. nothing being spared. >> absolutely. the height and awareness with possible threats, we just want to do everything we can to put a top to that. >> reporter: the secret service training for nightmare scenarios. a surprise attack along the inaugural parade route. a potential drone assault. spraying weaponized gas into the crowd. a new president down in a medical emergency. the secret service provides 360 degrees of security. we're prepared for all threats. >> everything, biological, chemical, radiological, anything and everything. >> reporter: no specific threat has been identified but i can tell you that authorities are on the lookout for lone wolves and the kind of truck attacks we saw in germany and france last year. george, robin. >> do not take any chances today. thank you, pierre. coming up, one of trump's insiders, corey lewandowski will
4:37 am
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we are headed to savannah, georgia, to board an airplane to go to washington, d.c. to see our 45th president inaugurated on friday. yay, trump. >> go, trump. >> back here on "gma," those are fifth grade teachers and friends jeanette and beth from florida. president-elect is not only taking over the oval office, he's also taking over the presidential twitter account and heard george's tweet or reading
4:40 am
the president's tweet, the president-elect's tweet. he will be the next tweeter in chief, both president obama and first lady michelle obama handing over their accounts. t.j. holmes has more on what we can expect. hey there, t.j. >> good morning to you, robin. you got to give up everything when you leave the white house, right. you don't just give up power, the keys to the white house, the white house netflix password and, yes, you got to give up those twitter @potus and belong to the white house. donald trump as of today has access to @potus on twitter but we don't think he's going to use it. he says he wants to keep his twitter handle @realdonaldtrump and wants a direct line to the people and will continue to use that one. so, we'll see. he has access to potus as of today but at this point he doesn't sound like he'll use it. >> can he do that? i know he has, what is it, 25 million and counting right now. >> i think it's about 30. >> over 30 million.
4:41 am
wouldn't they just follow him over to the potus account. >> reporter: maybe they would and did you just say can he do that? this is donald trump. i think we've learned better. the man is going to do what he wants to do but he could, if he wanted to but it sounds like he likes that -- i guess it's a little more interpat and people have gotten used to seeing him in a certain place and potus is official and maybe he feels there's certain things he can say on his account that he can't on that one. he already tweeted this morning as you mow. >> george already read that to us. you were with somebody who knows him well. >> his first campaign manager corey lewandowski. congratulations. >> thank you. >> tell the truth. when you signed up for donald trump, what, 18 months ago -- >> two years ago. >> did you really think this day would come? >> no. nobody did. and i think donald trump would tell you the same thing. you know, when i had the high privilege of sitting with mr. trump in january of 2015, you know, it was supposed to be the greatest political field ever assembled on the republican side and to say that we're going to have a candidate who would
4:42 am
never run for office assume the presidency of the united states two years later, i don't think he believed it. i don't think i believed it but what we saw was the american people wanted fundamental and wholesale change and when he started to go out and talk to the american people and listen to what their concerns were we knew there was something special going on and said it many types. he's a messenger of what the american people want. >> what do you think the specific thing was that he was giving? >> he's giving hope and i don't mean that in a pejorative sense because i know barack obama t k talked about hope but he said i'm not accountable to anybody. i'm accountable to the american people. i put $100 million into the race, because i want to do something great for the country. he had awe the money in the world. has an amazing family. you know what he said, i want to make sure we cut our deficit and bring jobs back. his theme is so simple. make america first. you know what that means, be proud to be an american again and it sounds so simplistic and if you're from europe or you're
4:43 am
from somewhere else, you say, boy, that sounds like isolationism. no, no, no, when you're the president of the united states it's time to make your country proud again. people saw it in pennsylvania, ohio, wisconsin, the places where republicans don't win. donald trump won because they want to see change. >> just about out of time. can he continue with the style that got him to the white house inside the white house? >> he has to. he has to. he has to continue to go directly to the american people so that he has the opportunity to tell it the way he wants to tell it. you know, the old days you have to call a press conference. now he puts out a tweet and makes life easier when you can do it in 140 characters from your pajamas sometimes. >> corey lewandowski, thank you. >> do you think he'll change his tone? it's one thing to be a candidate. one thing to be president-elect and even be able to still be who he is, but the tone of how he gets his message across, do you think that is going to change at all. >> i think mr. trump understands the severity of the position he's about to assume today and i don't square who it is, no one can be truly prepared to step
4:44 am
into that oval office and so few people have had that honor in our country's history and he understands what happens when he tweets about companies but he also understands that, look, our country buys pharmaceutical drugs athe a price higher than you pay when you walk into a walgreens or walmart. we have to do better for our country. that's what he wants to do and understands the power that this position brings to help the country get there. >> all right. thank you. >> coming up, president obama attended what was it ten inaugural balls. george w. bush attended eight. how many will donald trump be celebrating tonight? lara spencer will have all those details for us coming up. enge to help with lustrous hair, vibrant skin and healthy nails. so in 30 days, my future self will thank me. thank you. wait, i become a model?!? no. whose cellphone is that? sorry. sorry. sorry about that vent blowing your hair.
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4:47 am
president-elect trump has made it very clear he wanted his inaugural becauses to be a celebration not a circus to honor the voters and the men and women who serve our country. from the obamas' "at last" two-step. ♪ at last >> reporter: all the way back to the white tie and tails of the kennedys nothing gets the nation's capital jazzed quite like an inaugural ball and when trumps' washington lets their hair down they call stephanie winst winston wilkoff to organize his buzziest parties of the night. >> 20-foot bars with 40 in staff serving from both sides. >> reporter: this president-elect is attending three official soirees, two held in the convention center, the freedom and liberty balls will be broadcast live simultaneously and no vips here, anyone can come with tickets starting at just $50. >> we will have over 30,000
4:48 am
people attending. >> reporter: his third shindig a salute to the armed services at the national building museum. this one is invitation only celebrating members of the military, veterans, first responders and their families. trump's celebratory night as commander in chief a stark contrast from his predecessors. in 2009 president obama attended ten inaugural balls and during bush's first inauguration, he went to eight. clinton, though, set the record making appearances at 14 events back in 1997. >> donald trump is the biggest celebrity on this stage and so we wanted to make sure for his first appearance, as president of the united states, that he comes out very powerfully. ♪ >> reporter: entertaining the president guests including grammy award winner soulman sam moore. and michael flatley and his lord of the dance troupe. but one thing is for sure all
4:49 am
eyes will be on the trump family, what they wear, their movements and, of course, that first dance as president and first lady. of course, and reports are the trumps will dance to frank sinatra's hit "my way." paul annika who wrote it for frank in the late 1960s canceled to spend time with his family. we're hearing it will be sung to the president and first lady by country singer erin boheme. >> he has certainly done it his way. the menu for the inaugural luncheon. we hear there are special dishes on the menu. >> robin, i have the official menu for the inaugural lunch and they will eat very well. we're talking maine lobster, gulf shrimp, angus beef dipped in dark chocolate, chooshth souffle for dessert and be paired with wines from california, interestingly, no trump wines or trump establishes on the menu, robin. >> it's a long day so they have
4:50 am
to eat. >> i wonder if he'll have his favorite big mac at the white house. >> we'll wait and see. coming up, live this inauguration day as history is made. donald trump about to become the nation's 45th president. we'll take a look back at his beginnings. how the white house is about to transform and so much more. live here on "gma."
4:51 am
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4:54 am
marines, just some of the folk, i'm telling you, 8,000 people who are going to be through this security checkpoint to be a part of the parade today as the inauguration, the historic inauguration takes place. a little bit of light rain just falling but we are prepared. we're talking about it. you guys are ready for the rain as are so many other folks already in the low 40s. we'll have forecast updates. 40 different groups in the parade. so much more coming your way on "gma" but for right now we have to get a check of anything with a screen is a tv.
4:55 am
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4:56 am
good morning to you. it's 4:56. i'm reggie aqui. following the weather here, but looking in the bay area, i actually saw lightning behind me this morning. >> a couple flashes on that beautiful picture you have. here's how it looks in emoryville. quiet but a lot of ponding on roadways. let's go to live doppler 7. you can see it's moved on but left behind a flash flood warning. seek shelter immediately, seek high ground. now, here's where the heaviest part of the storm is moving through livermore but i don't see much lightning out of this storm. probably not much hail, either, but torrential downpours, absolutely, across the dunbar bridge in palo alto and the
4:57 am
santa cruz getting pummeled right now and that will move to the south bay in the next 10 minutes or so. we'll have scattered showers today. this is going to be the heaviest, most widespread round but we still have a snow chance at 4,000 feet. ponding very high, then the chance of winds through 4:00. alexis? >> it is windy bakely throughout the entire bay area. on top of our traffic maps, as mike said, we have some areas with really heavy rain. i've got 44 incidents on the boards already this morning. southbound 101 before millbury avenue, they're trying to clean up a road wreck there. ocean avenue, a spinout crash. that vehicle blocking the middle lanes. here's the san mateo bridge. it was a torrential down pour a few minutes ago. here's a quick check of the san jose 880.
4:58 am
it's soggy pretty much everywhere, reggie. >> and this is before the protests even begin this morning, so that should add a whole other layer to what's going on out there. we'll cover the inauguration throughout the day today,
4:59 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. the inauguration of donald j. trump. political outsider, billionaire businessman, reality tv star, just hours away from taking the oath of office as the 45th president of the united states. >> we're going to do things that haven't been done for our country for many, many decades. it's going to change. >> overnight his warm-up speech to fellow americans cheering him at the lincoln memorial. >> you're not forgotten anymore. that i can tell you. >> he sang along with the crowd. ♪ god bless the usa >> a whirlwind evening of pomp and pageantry. >> this morning, the white house prepares to welcome the new first family. america's next first lady, melania trump, ivanka trump, a
5:01 am
powerful new presence in washington, more from our exclusive interview one-on-one with the first daughter. >> i have to figure out how i can best add value and how i can best inspire and empower women. >> the abc news powerhouse political team covering every angle of this inauguration as donald trump prepares to be sworn in as president. >> announcer: live from washington, d.c., this is a special edition of "gma," the inauguration of donald j. trump. and we do say good morning, america. we are live this morning in washington, yes, for our special coverage of the inauguration and we take a look at blair house. >> that is blair house. the whole trump family spent the night there. that's where they are right now. just a few minutes they're expected to leave blair house and go just a couple of blocks away to st. john's episcopal church, it's right there. that is the church of presidents and it's an inauguration
5:02 am
tradition dating back to james madison to have a ceremony there. >> they have a packed day before their final stop is there, their new home, the trumps in the white house. they'll visit the obamas there just after they leave church and sit with the president and first lady, tea, koch if i and head to the capitol for the swearing in ceremony. >> the new president, donald j. trump does not drink tea or coffee. we hear that hot chocolate is his morning beverage of choice. we'll see if the white house has that as we said. it's an historic day already under way and abc's cecilia vega is on the inauguration platform at the capitol starting to fill up. what's going on there, cecilia. >> reporter: starting to fill up, george, and starting to sprinkling. everyone is hoping the weather cooperates although donald trump said it's fine. if it rains everyone will see his hair is really his hair. so we'll wait to see what happens out here. you can hear them doing the final audio checks. the soon-to-be 45th president of
5:03 am
the united states started out with a tweet, that's not the only thing different about the incoming administration. there will be less sear upon today. there will be a lot less, fewer celebrities than we've seen at past inaugurations and learning a bit more about the speech that donald trump is going to be giving. it's expected to be about 20 minutes long. we're told that he's been practicing daily, they even had a presidential podium flown to new york for him to practice on in realtime so he could get that real experience and we know he'll use the lincoln bible, president obama after president lincoln is the only other president to have used that during their swearing in and he will -- this will be a speech in personal terms, we're told and talk about themes about america first and unity and something we've been talking about all morning is that he is taking office in times where this is a divided nation and need to hit these themes to try to reach out to this country. the big day out here, does donald trump on inauguration day
5:04 am
tick to the teleprompter? we will see. >> we'll find out. one of the signs of that division is this boycott that appears to be going on, democratic members of congress, now several dozen will not be at the inauguration ceremony today. >> reporter: more than 60, george. in modern history we've never seen any numbers like this. i was on the hill this week speaking with a number of them and their reasons are different. some of them say that they feel that donald trump's soon-to-be presidency is an illegitimate one so they are protesting for that one. others say they are not happy with the tone that he has set in this country and the discourse and the language that he's used about minority communities and about women and so for that they say they will be staying home. many will be attending protests and rallies in their own districts around the country but you're right, as the seats begin to fill up this morning, those 60 some odd seats, 66 i think the number is will be empty today. >> looking at those empty seats. all right, thank you, cecilia, as we look at those that will not be attending. to abc's paula faris live at st.
5:05 am
john's episcopal church where the president-elect and his wife, they'll leave blair house and attend a morning service there. what do you see there, paula. >> reporter: first of all, this bus just pulled in front of st. john's episcopal church. people have been arriving since about 7:30 as you mentioned, robin. we're expecting the president-elect and his family as well as members of the senior transition staff to arrive for this morning's service. we've already seen members of trump's hopeful cabinet, nikki haley, ben carson, tom price arrive but this is what's happened to happen inside the church. it will be about an hour long service. cameras not allowed so we won't be able to see what's going on during the service. but once trump does arrive here for this 8:30 service he will be in good company, robin, that's because presidents reagan, bushson, president obama all attended services here the morning of their respective inaugurations. >> yes, it is part of the tradition and explain to people why it is considered the church of presidents. >> it is called the church of
5:06 am
presidents, i'm glad you asked because every president dating back to madison has attended services here in some form or fashion and if you really dig into the history, i mean it gives you goose bumps. this church was erected in and presidents, pew 54, doesn't mean the president always sat there, abraham lincoln would slip in through the back door and sit in the rear of the church just for quiet moments of reflection and, robin, i imagine donald trump will have quite a few moments of reflection during this morning's service. >> no doubt. thank you. >> he will go there in just a few minutes. already the crowds gathering on the mall. amy robach is there. tight security today, amy. >> reporter: people are slowly coming into the mall. it's starting to fill up. you can see all the way towards the capitol but they are expecting where i'm standing here for it to be filled from wall to wall with people, about 700,000 to 900,000 people are expected to flood the maul over the next couple of hours but, again, going through extremely
5:07 am
long security lines to get to this point. and that number is fairly robust, of course, it's a lot less than what president obama had back in 2009 which was estimated to be about 1.8 million. but a lot more than george w. had back in 2001 which was about 300,000 people and the folk was are coming into the maull are being serenaded with pretty awesome music, elvis playing. "i'm still standing," "my way" before that and you can see the theme as we all await donald j. trump to be sworn into office as the 45th president. but the rain isn't keeping anyone away and it's just misting right now, guys. >> not nearly as bad as they thought. and all eyes still on blair house because once the trump family leaves there, they'll head to church and that's when things will really start to pick up and we will continue our special coverage of the inauguration of donald j. trump
5:08 am
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5:12 am
it is inauguration day. we are still watching blair house. the trump family is there. they will be leaving and heading to church shortly and when that happens you'll see it live here on "good morning america." but let's bring in our political team, our analyst matthew dowd and chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz keeping us company right now. you are not shy about letting your feelings be known. what do you need to hear or what do you expect to hear from donald trump today? >> well, i think we're obviously in unprecedented times with a lot of things that happened unexpectedly including election day for most people in the country. i am struck by where the country is today which to me it's much more akin to where we were in 1861 and how divided the country
5:13 am
is. i think that the weight on donald trump today is how do you bridge or attempt to bridge some of those divides. there's many people that don't want -- didn't want him that don't expect him and many who want him that don't care or not. george w. bush felt that in the aftermath of his election and did everything he could to try to unify the country. >> it goes beyond the speech. after election night, the speech that he made, the tone of that and people thought that he was really trying to unite the country and everybody -- many people were really taken by it and appreciative of it but went back to his twitter account and saying things that were very difficult for people to -- >> he's in unusual territory. we've never had a president -- he got a bump after election night when he gave that speech and everybody was like give him a chance and his numbers of how the country sees him have deteriorated between that time and inauguration day. we've never seen that. most every single president we've seen has risen as he's gun
5:14 am
to election day and inauguration day and he hasn't. >> martha, the president-elect has laid out markers for the world, as well, during this transition particularly north korea and china and one of the things we all have to be ready for today, will the world be testing donald trump on his first day in office? >> and whether it'll be today or in the coming days there's going to be a test. the most likely place speaking of tests is north korea. they've got some missiles ready to launch. you know, they've done it dozens of types over the past couple years, but they've also tested nuclear weapons. one of the tweets donald trump put out in the last few weeks was north korea just stated that it is in the final stages of developing a nuclear weapon capable of reaching parts of the u.s. it won't happen. you know what they call that, a red line. >> they call that a red line. one thing we've seen today we'll have the incoming secretary of defense james mattis confirmed by the senate. we also will have the homeland security general john kelly confirmed but no secretary of
5:15 am
state and many, many vacancies in the national security team in the white house. >> many vacancies but he's also going to keep a few people around in the national security realm. brent mcguirk who does isis and counterterrorism, he's keeping a few of those people and keeping the deputy secretary of defense in place until he can be replaced just so that transition is -- >> a deputy secretary of state as well. acting secretary of state. >> acting secretary of state. >> and, you know, this first day, matthew dowd, you were there, of course, for george w. bush, is so magical in some ways but then the reality of the office hits home right away. >> yeah, i was talking to corey before he came on earlier today and i was relating to him, i said it's such a great moment for everybody that's been involved in the campaign and everybody that worked for him but then not long after he takes the oath on the bible, you feel the tremendous weight about what is about to face you. you now stand alone. there's nobody to push off
5:16 am
against. you stand alone. you can't say, well, can barack obama handle that or can bill clinton handle that? it's up to you then and that office starts -- >> you have the nuclear codes with you at all times if there's anything more sobering, that's it. >> it's all on you and all eyes are on george because as we're talking he is glued because we're watching the blair house, watching every move in and out to see if the trumps will be leaving any time soon and when it happens, you're going to see it as we continue our live coverage of inauguration day as the crowds are forming, eyes there on blair house, the trumps preparing to head to church. we're with them every step of the way for you. communication builds teamwork, and teamwork creates opportunity.
5:17 am
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breathe right. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. welcome back to "gma." that is a live look at blair house right now. the whole trump family spent the night there as they prepare for inauguration day. in just a few minutes we expect them to come out. start to head on that short trip to st. john's church, the church of the presidents where the president-elect will begin his day. there it is right there.
5:21 am
built in 1816. most inaugurations day, most presidents go there for their first service before starting their day and abc's paula faris is there. good morning, paula. >> reporter: hi there, george. you know, we are expecting donald trump any moment now. about ten minutes until the service is supposeded to get under way. here's what we've learned. we know that there will not be cameras inside the church but we do know a little bit about what will be preached from that podium. the pastor, his name is dr. robert jeffress, the seen your pastor from the first baptist church in dallas and the title of his sermon is when god chooses a leader. okay, this is being dubbed as a private prayer service and he'll be preaching from the book of nehemiyah, an old testament book using parallels between what god called him to do which was build a wall and what donald trump is going to do and that is build a wall. he was called to build a wall around the city of jerusalem to fortify it and protect it from
5:22 am
its enemies and see that between him and donald trump. donald trump has his critics. he is not going to stop for his critics but i'm sure you've been hearing this morning controversies revolving or surrounding this pastor, dr. robert jeffers. he's said things about catholics, mormons, days, islam that are controversial. he said, islam, quote, is an evil religion that promotes pedophilia. the catholic church he said represents the genius of satan and said that gay people are filthy, so, of course, this is going to be a morning service, a private service for the family but already a little bit of controversy on this inauguration morning. >> yeah, we are hearing he was a longtime s'morer of the president-elect but stirred up controversy as well. president-elect expected to come out any moment. cecilia vega up on the west front of the capitol where everyone will be arriving around 11:00 a.m. >> reporter: yeah, george, it's a little drizzly out here.
5:23 am
where it all happen, they have the plastic over the chairs there as we await for this ceremony to begin here. you know, we were talking a little earlier about how different this administration will be and you're seeing that play out here on the steps of the capitol today. we think back to barack obama's inauguration, i was at the one four years ago and, you know, there were celebrities all over the place and there was a very -- a lot of pomp and circumstance and a very celebratory feel. you feel a little of that today. we will see fewer celebrities. donald trump has said and his team has made it clear this inauguration for him is not about the celebrities. it's not about the show. he says this is about the people and he wants to get right down to business, george. they've been saying this all along and we heard him last night on the steps of the lincoln memorial talking about what comes next and he said, you know, for all my supporters out there you've been forgotten about and i will not forget about you anymore. that has been the theme of his campaign and, frankly, it's one of the reasons he was elected,
5:24 am
right, tapping into that base of people in this country that feel like they've been forgotten about and the economy and here in this cups and they are pinning a lot of hopes on this soon-to-be 45th president of the united states and that theme make america great again. >> motorcades are lining up. the secret service in place and the pastor there of st. john's preparing to greet the president-elect when he does arrive. he'll be coming as we said with his family and as we see all the security, pierre thomas, we know that there is -- this is blanketing the entire city, the entire i don't think pierre is with us. no, pierre is not with us right now. we are keeping an eye on that -- on that motorcade. paula faris, we do see reverend leon preparing to meet the president-elect right now. >> reporter: you can see members of the clergy waiting in the doorway for the president-elect w to arrive. right now getting out of the vehicle is mike pence and his wife. you can see them, the vice
5:25 am
president, the future vice president exiting the vehicle right now walking into the church. of course, mike pence was really for the evangelical outside of a church talking about religion, he was a big reason why evangelicals ending up voting for this trump/pence ticket. a lot of evangelicals had a hard time justifying and coming to grips with voting for trump but pence was a really big factor in that -- a motivating factor in voting for the ticket. again, donald trump has yet to arrive but the vice president has arrived. he's being greeted right now. he is here with his wife and his children and we're keeping a close eye out but i got to tell you, things have really -- it's quite a scene now. it's getting quite busy outside the church. >> and it will continue as the morning progresses, especially when the president-elect and his family arrive in just a short time and when that happens we'll bring it to you live. amy is out with many of the trump supporters and the drizzly
5:26 am
weather and such is not keeping people away. what are you hearing, amy? >> reporter: we are hearing a lot of music still. i think that's keeping everybody in festive spirits blasting music and people are having fun as they're dealing with the drizzle and clouds and cold but we've seen big, steady streams of people making their way down towards the capitol and they're expecting this entire area from the capitol near to the washington monument to be filled with people and they are very slowly bringing people in here, heavy, heavy, heavy security this morning. we had some of our staff waiting for more than an hour to get into this part of the mall and that's what they have to do, they have to go through every single bag, patting people down and making sure everybody -- they're allowing a few littlela of the rain but everyone seems extremely excited with their phones out taking pictures waving at us right now actually. very excited. we see some of them in american flag hoodies and people just making the trek from around the country to be here today to watch the man they voted for be
5:27 am
sworn into office, robin and george. >> we want to alert all of our local stations we'll stay on the air live as we await the departure of president-elect trump and his family from blair house keeping an eye on that heading to st. john's church, the beginning of these inaugural ceremonies this morning. we saw the vice president-elect mike pence and his wife head into the church. it will begin around 8:30 this morning and we want to now go to deb roberts down on the mall as well this morning. good morning, deborah. >> reporter: george, i tell you, what a week, what a morning for the second most talked about trump. ivanka trump has been tweeting about her excitement about relocating here to the nation's capital and while she's accustomed to a life of public scrutiny, she admits she is stepping into an overwhelmingly new world. she was there at the very beginning. >> today, i have the honor of
5:28 am
introducing a man who needs no introduction. >> reporter: and when they are father is sworn in as the 45th president -- i'll come out with a quick little tag. i'm sorry. okay, so to tell you just a little bit more, ivanka trump says she is really excited about this day. she obviously has step add way from her father's business, from her business to break her ties so that she can actually start off here on this inauguration day, beginning a new life with her father, trying to have some kind of an impact on the administration, but for now, george, she says her biggest worry is getting her kids settled, all three of them under the age of 6. their biggest concern, she says, is getting a swingset in the backyard and making some s'mores. so for now she's worried about being a mother and getting settled and she says business will come later. she definitely wants to figure out her role. >> there were a lot of kids in blair house. she has three kids as you said, don jr. has five children all
5:29 am
under the age of 9 and spent the night at blair house and expected to spend the night at the white house as well, the president-elect said he wants to spend his first night in the lincoln bedroom. wants to sleep on that famous bed, as well. it'll be a packed house there and the rest of the family will head up to new york city to their homes keeping an eye on blair house right now. >> tell people a bit more about it. >> it's the president's official guest house. normally president-elects do spend the night before the inauguration in blair house. there was some question wondering whether the president-elect would spend the night at his own hotel which is, of course, just down the street on pennsylvania avenue. he'll be walking by there during the parade but he opted to stick with tradition and stay at blair house with his family. there was also some question whether they were going to move right away into the white house but they will be there tonight. the president-elect has said. only for the weekend for
5:30 am
melania. the incoming first lady and his youngest son, the president's youngest son barron will stay in school in new york until at least the end of the school year so they'll be heading back on sunday night. matt gutman also with us today. he'll be with us all day long. what are you seeing out on the mall, matt? >> the floodgates have opened. . people are starting to flood through. we've been here for a couple of hours already but now we are really starting to see people in large numbers come in here, you know, everybody has mentioned it this morning, security was extraordinarily tight. just to give you a sense of how tight we waited outside a checkpoint for two hours for folks to get things in order to go through the there's threats of protesters, disrupt j-20 said they'll send people to lay down in front of the checkpoints to slow down the
5:31 am
process. we haven't seen much evidence of that although we did see pretty significant protests outside the deplorable. people pelling attendees with whatever he could, getting into fisticuffs with police officer, finally they were pepper sprayed and the crowd dispersed but hundreds of thousands are expected to fill this area and now they're filling in rushing to get better spots as close as they can to the podium for this big day, george. >> we are keeping an eye on blair house right there. there have been some more movements. photographers coming out, staffers with some packages. no sign yet of the president-elect or the rest of his family. we'll keep an eye on there but i want to bring in pierre thomas, as well. we just heard matt gutman talk about the protesters. tell us a little bit more about the kind of security in place this morning. >> reporter: again, george, 28,000 law enforcement and military personnel all over the city. there's undercover officers
5:32 am
working the crowds. so far from the sources here, there have been some minor skirmish, protesters trying to disrupt the checkpoint, but they've been moved along pretty quickly by police. law enforcement has tried to prepare for every type of scenario. they're hoping that everything will be peaceful but, george, they say they have to be prepared for all scenarios, so you're going to see a lot of helicopters in the skies overlooking the crowds relaying information back to command centers, so it's all about situational awareness, so far so good, george? as far as we know no specific threat of an attack today, although, remember, from eight years ago, there was real concern with president obama's first inauguration. >> reporter: oh, absolutely. this has a different feel, but i can tell you, what recently happened in germany and france in terms of the truck attacks involving large crowds, that's very much on the minds of law enforcement officials when i spoke to them earlier this week. also, there's always the potential for lone wolves. >> and there we see him now,
5:33 am
president-elect donald trump and the first lady melania heading out of blair house for that trip to st. john's. taking those steps on what has to be the biggest day of his life, a little pat from melania right there. some questioned whether he would walk or ride. it appears he will indeed ride. it's just a couple of blocks. though we do have the mist starting to develop. there's jared kushner the president's some and ivanka, his daughter, as well. i think we see eric trump and his wife laura, as well. eric and don jr., of course, are going to be running the family business after this. the whole family starting to pile in for that ceremony just a few blocks away. boy, robin, i have to think that they didn't get much sleep last night. >> oh, no, no. you can only imagine. as we said when you think about this journey of 18 months, it's
5:34 am
not just donald trump but his entire family and have seen how close they have been, even prior to him -- committing to run for the highest office in this land and i'm not sure if they were playing game, what they were doing last night, but when you were talking to don jr. earlier and you asked if his father was perhaps nervous, and he just kind of chuckled a little bit and said probably not, but how could you not be when this biggest moment of an entire family and it is the entire family's day. >> we saw kellyanne conway come out of blair house as well, jon karl joining us, as well, today, and it's all becoming so real right now, jon. hard to imagine and corey lewandowski said it, his first campaign manager earlier in the year how improbable it seemed when it first began. >> reporter: i'm not sure that donald trump really even thought he was going to win. what he has said and told you is that when fireworks that were planned for hillary clinton's
5:35 am
election night speech were canceled a few days before the election that's when he thought he would win but i think during the course of the campaign even donald trump saw his -- the idea that he would ultimately win this thing as something incredibly improbable. i'm standing above the platform where he will take the oath of office and, george, just incredible to see. you see where he's going to be sitting. you see where the obamas are going to be sitting and then right behind them, bill and hillary clinton right behind where you will see the bidens and the obamas. i mean, she is going to be just a couple of yards away when he is putting his hand on the bible and taking the oath of office as the 45th president of the united states. >> that is part of the continuity, part of the symbolism of the united states. this peaceful transfer of power. >> george, you were talking about -- when you were talking to corey as you were talking to jon, as well, about not really thinking even the trumps that it would get to this point and i remember one of his very first
5:36 am
rallies in mobile, alabama, and he packed that place and that i think is when people were starting to think, oh, there's something here but i can remember that distinctly when he held that rally there in mobile, and then he on his thank you tour he went back there, as well, but people are trying to -- it's hard to try and pinpoint when that turning point was when this day became a reality. >> even in those final days and final hours it didn't appear like this would happen but, indeed, he did pull off that stunning upset. now on the verge of becoming president of the united states and i'm joined by cokie roberts, as well, who is here with us right now. we talk about the clintons being there today, about that symbolism and peaceful transfer of power, not all presidents have shown up for their successors. >> well, the addams family was not good about this. john adams, now, of course, to be fair there had never been a transfer of power before 1800
5:37 am
and he snuck out of town on an early predawn coach the day of thomas jefferson's inauguration. but he did it after appointing a lot of midnight judges one of whom chief justice john marshall swore in thomas jefferson who hated him, it was his cousin and they were at swords' points from there out. >> we're staying with live coverage as we keep an eye on both st. john's church where the president-elect is heading and that motorcade. he's already in the car as he left blair house in the main limo now with melania. the incoming first lady, the family is piled in as well. you can see the windshield wipers start to work there, as welch the rain coming down a little bit harder. jon karl, how is it up on the capitol? is it coming down pretty hard up there? >> this will be a rainy inauguration. you know, i've been out here for several of them. i've been at inaugurations where the weather has been much worse, much colder, but no question
5:38 am
about it, there will be rain coming down as this gets under way. >> cecilia vega also up on the west front. cecilia. >> reporter: you know, as we watch donald trump and this ride from blair house to the church that's about to happen i'm thinking about the president-elect's faith in this. you know, he is a presbyterian and i can't help but remember back to a moment in the campaign where donald trump was asked what his favorite book was and he said the bible. his second favorite book was his own book "the art of the deal" and then he was asked to name his favorite verse and he wouldn't do it. he said that was too personal and he said that he liked both the old and the new testament equally. one of the things that donald trump will be doing here today when he tays this oath of office, i mentioned earlier, he'll be using the lincoln bible, a very rare move that president obama also did when he was sworn in. the second thing that the book that donald trump will be using is the bible his mother gave him as a child on his graduation
5:39 am
from sunday school, so he is a man of faith and you'll be seeing that here today. >> that is coming up. you see the motorcade on the move. it's just a short ride to st. john's church right around the corner. there right across the street, cokie roberts, from the white house built in 1816 as we've said, the church of presidents. >> the church of presidents. and it has been a place where not only presidents have gone but people have been honored, you know, people have gotten to know hamilton quite well lately and when eliza hamilton was 90 she walked in a side door and without saying a word the entire church just stood in silence. >> what a story that is right there as we see the motorcade continue to go on. we're getting the tweets coming in more and more from the speaker of the house paul ryan, today america continues the time honored tradition of the peaceful transfer of power. it is going to be a great day. you know, matthew dowd, you were talking about the opposition to the president-elect from the democratic party, some protests in the country, division in the
5:40 am
country, paul ryan also very late to come on board. >> well, i think many of the republicans, leaders that he's going to be dealing with were very late to come on board and even some were about to abandon him at the latter stages of the campaign when certain news broke. he managed to unite the republicans. he hasn't managed yet to unite the country. still democrats are still upset about it and independents are concerned. but he has united the republican party. >> the motorcade has now pulled up in front. >> you weren't kidding it is a short ride. >> very short ride. he could have walked it if the weather were a little better but probably more prudent to take the motorcade today as well as they open up the doors. look how thick those doors are, of course, for they are the president-elect of the united states, he will be the 45th president of the united states, donald trump. sober look on his face this morning. as we melania join him, as well. for those steps into st. john's. as paula was saying we will not
5:41 am
have cameras inside st. john's, the president-elect greeting the pastor. but we will have them come out after the ceremony for that ride to the white house and their morning with president obama and the first lady. the family will follow on behind, as well, and, paula faris, as you were talking about as we see ivanka and jared kushner go in, the rest of the family. >> reporter: yes. >> the president putting his own stamp on this ceremony today. >> reporter: yes, he certainly is putting his own stamp on the ceremony. george, i'm counting at least 20 vehicles, the secret service presence here so heavy, the police presence, the rain is coming down but, yeah, i mean trump is a man that's going to do it his way, is he not? but as we mentioned before this has to be just a sobering moment as you can see the family filing into the church right now.
5:42 am
has to be a sobering moment for the family but for donald trump to enter what is known as the church of the presidents. every president dating back to james madison has attended a service here in some form or fashion. we talked about the presence of abraham lincoln. he will use the lincoln bible during his swearing in ceremony. abraham lincoln used to sneak in during the civil war, sit in the back and have mopes of reflection. you got to believe it. if it hasn't sunk in yet for the president-elect, it's got to be sinking in right now as he is making his way into this church service and, again, the sermon will be delivered by a friend, a man who calls donald trump his friend, dr. robert jeffresome s, preaching from the book of nehemiah called by god to build a wall and he sees a lot of par les between the two? that's going to be part of the balancing act to stick with the themes that got him into the
5:43 am
white house but also reach out beyond to the rest of the country, the rest of the world. >> he has a tremendous balancing ago in many different ways, in congress, in the country. one thing i'm struck by is how much faith is played such an important part in presidents and what they do and they're faced with tremendous struggles and tremendous pressures and often feel very alone and unsupported in this and their relationship with god or the higher power of their faith is one of the few things we've seen over the last 200 years that centers them in these types of crisis. >> do you remember obama had a passage from scriptures sent to him every day and he would reflect on it as the day began and it is just something that -- it's so hard, this job, to have that reassurance and that sense of a connection is tremendously important. >> so many previous presidents are called on billy graham. >> right. >> for guidance. franklin graham, billy graham's son, a close supporter of president-elect trump.
5:44 am
he is attending today as well and, jon karl, one of the surprising things as we see everybody bundled up this those rain poncho, one thing that surprised so many is the kind of support that president-elect trump garnered from the evangelical community. >> reporter: he was about as improbable an evangelical candidate as you can imagine, george. somebody with three marriages, somebody who had been all over the new york tabloids with his affair, somebody not known as a particularly religious person, but let me tell you, he talked about the evangelical vote from the start of his campaign and he won evangelical support. jerry falwell's son at liberty university was another one of his big supporters. he nearly won the iowa caucuses and then went on to win in states like south carolina with huge majorities of evangelicals despite the fact that there were far more traditional social conservative candidates like ted cruz that had been, you know,
5:45 am
campaigning for months basically as the candidate of evangelicals but turned out that person ultimately was donald trump. >> donald trump and that's who we have just seen go into st. john's church with his family, the mall is continuing to fill. that's where they will ultimately go and he will take the oath of office there in front of countless people. we will continue our coverage, our live coverage of this very special day, inauguration day here in the united states of america. come on back.
5:46 am
5:47 am
5:48 am
good morning, america. joining me now is style guru joe zee creative director of yahoo! style video. we got our first glimpse of melania trump. first lady melania trump almost. >> wow. >> looking resplendent in ralph lauren. tell us your thoughts. >> well, i mean i have to say this is a very interesting inauguration because for the first time with any first lady, this particular -- this particular time designers are divided. we're walking in today with a list of designers who refuse to dress the first lady and a list of designers who are proud to and i think ralph lauren was one of the first american designers to step up and say he will and created this custom dress and shrug with her with the matching shoes and entire look, the gloves, it was very jackie o. >> evoking that classic style of jackie o. do you feel that choosing ralph lauren, an american designer, was the right choice? did she need to do that.
5:49 am
>> yeah, i think we walked in today with a lot of speculation of different designers she would wear and ralph lauren was at the top of the list but several european designers and i think it would have been a big mistake for her to appear for the first time in a non-american designer and i think to wear one of the biggest ones in this country was a really big coup. >> started off quite beautifully. we'll talk to you more as the day goes on. about her coat and, of course, the gowns from all of the balls but back to george. >> we'll see how many changes she has. we'll take another quick break and be right back.
5:50 am
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"good morning america" is brought to you by breathe right. breathe better, sleep better tonight. and welcome back to "gma." that is st. john's church here in our nation's capital. just moments ago, the president-elect donald trump and his family entered there for their ceremony and look at washington today. spread out across the mall, crowds starting to gather. under tight security for the inauguration of donald j. trump. some rain falling this morning. tom llamas is there on the east front of the capitol. we see that route from pennsylvania avenue right up to the capitol. that's where president-elect trump and president obama will ride in just about an hour or so interest now, maybe an hour and a half and there's the capitol. tom, what do you see there on the east front? >> reporter: right now they're
5:53 am
setting up logistics. i want to walk you through it. the president and president-elect will enter over here on this side of the capitol and come up these steps right there and go through the capitol and then later after president trump, once he becomes president trump takes the oath of office president obama and president trump will come out of these doors right here, we'll see what happens there. we'll see if president trump accompanies president obama and get in had helicopter usually known as marine one but once president trump becomes the president that turns into executive one and takes off to andrews and that is the end of the obama era here in the united states at least for now for president obama, so, historic site on this side of the capitol. this is the other side of the not where they're giving the speech and oath of office but a lot of security on this side, george, i mean, there are secret service agents everywhere. capitol police everywhere. we are file members of the military who we expect to cheer on the president and new president as they arrive here later today. >> and members of his staff will
5:54 am
gather to say good-bye to him as well. inside the capitol are congressional correspondent mary bruce in the rotunda. big day inside, as well. >> reporter: absolutely and, george, what we're seeing so far in the rotunda is a bit of the calm before the storm. already a lot of rehearsals under way here. last-minute details being worked out and the color guard a few minutes ago getting in formake and already rolled out the red carpet, rolled off the plastic on top of it and this is going to be quite a different scene in just a short amount of time. behind me is where you will see lots of lawmakers, members of congress, dignitary, other vips entering into the capitol before they walk down just a short two flights from here to walk out that door onto that balcony on the capitol front where all eyes will be at noon and then shortly after that, after that departure that tom was talking about, president trump will have a formal luncheon with members of congress and other vips and family members, it will be quite an interesting tone, quite an interesting moment, remember, this is not just a big day for the new president, the new
5:55 am
administration but also a very big day for congress and republicans, a moment that, in fact, the house speaker has joked he's dreamt of finally having republicans in charge here on capitol hill and also in the white house. >> the senate will confirm two of president-elect trump's nominees for secretary of defense james mattis, for homeland security secretary-general john kelly. tight security across the capitol today and, pierre thomas, i understand the secret service is now sending out tweets to direct the crowds how to get onto the mall. >> reporter: they are. they have seen a few disruptions as i said earlier, george, where protesters have tried to block some of the entry points, but they are moving those protesters pretty easily, so they're directing the crowds to the easiest locates to get in. as you can see, secret service, law enforcement personnel everywhere, again, 28,000 strong serving this particular inauguration. law enforcement officials have been training for all types of scenarios but, again, from this room it's secret service headquarters so tar so good in
5:56 am
they'll have to stay on point. there is a big march on washington scheduled for tomorrow, as well. >> reporter: absolutely. this event which they call like the super bowl of law enforcement events will go through saturday into sunday, law enforcement officials say they have to be prepared for all the balls, all the different events around town and you can see everything going on in front of you, george. >> okay, pierre thomas, thanks very much. we will be here all morning long. that is the scene in washington, d.c. today. the inauguration of donald j. trump, 45th president of the united states just hours away. good morning to you, it is
5:57 am
5:56. of course, we are watching the inauguration and protested is expected in the bay area. mike, we are watching that weather. i woke up outside and it is pouring. >> a lot of people are awoken by that. here is some residuals left over. yu see some light rain but the heaviest of the rain is moved on. the entire peninsula and the higher elevations and flood advisories until 8:30. the heaviest rain is starting to depart. you will see some scattering offsho offshore. the possible of creek flooding and power outages and at least until about 11:00. 880 in san jose and 12 hour day planner, it will be windy at
5:58 am
7:00 and a possibility of another thunderstorm, reggie of heavier rain and gusty winds around that thunderstorm is. cannot let our guards down. >> speaking of lightning and thunder, a lot of you woke up to. jessica is monitoring that. good morning to you. >> good morning to you, now doubt about that. they are seeing things like this on the bay bridge. this is a video from then and take a look at our camera sfo that captures the huge lightning bolt there around the same time. last but not least, we want to show you the video of the rain commute in oakland fchlt you see lightning or hear thunder where you live, let us know, use the hashtag abc 11. >> things on the road, a large tree down on north highway 17,
5:59 am
north of the summit. the bay bridge plaza it quite a bit. we have the meter lights on about this morning. it is raining much harder ton south bay right now. southbound 680, many crash and san ramon area still with two left lanes out. that's just past the 35th and oakland area. the good news, reggie, we don't have long drive time yet this morning. so far, mass transit is looking okay. wet and windy commute. we are seeing friday's light volumes >> we have been saying this morning, slow your rolls out there. our coverage of the inauguration events continue with abc news and we are monitoring what's happening here in the bay area. we expect the first protest here will about about n hour. demonstrations are happening in
6:00 am
the south bay and san francisco. we'll be covering that for you all morning long. ♪ america is back! i'm asking you to dream big again. we made history together. this is truly an exciting time to be alive. we will make america great again! >> announcer: live from abc news, this is the inauguration of donald j. trump. now reporting from washington, d.c., george stephanopoulos. >> and welcome back to our coverage here in washington today. that is the scene, the washington monument, the capitol here on this inauguration day of donald j. trump as the 45th president of the united states. we're going to be live all morning long. these the scene in the west capitol. donald j. trump will take the oath of office around noon today and that is st. john's church
6:01 am
where the president-elect is right now for the first service of the day. i'm here in washington this morning with our entire team. we're going to be here all through the day to bring you this historic inauguration. want to go back to st. john's church. early we saw the president-elect leave blair house with the first lady, incoming first lady melania trump by his side. wearing custom made ralph lauren we are told. they road in the motorcade because the rain is coming down a bit. not as bad as some feared. you see that look on the president-elect's face as he prepares for what must be the biggest day of his life. there he is arriving at the church along with melania. you see the gift box. looks like a tiffany box. it is a tradition for the incoming first lady to give a gift to the outgoing first lady as well. >> you see the president-elect and melania walk into the
6:02 am
church, greet the reverend. immigrant from cuba. paula faris is at the church this morning. the main sermon in st. john's coming from a strong supporter of the president-elect. >> reporter: that's right, george. the sermon will be delivered by dr. robert jeffress, the senior pastor of the first baptist church in dallas. he's chosen his sermon title. when god chooses a leader. he calls trump his friend, he's not going to be lecturing him, he's going to be encouraging him as a friend. but he's going to be making comparisons, drawing comparisons to the old testament figure by nehemiah. he sees the parallels between nehemiah who faced a lot of criticism and donald trump who is facing criticism but doesn't see trump as acquiescing to the pressure. it doesn't come without
6:03 am
controversy. dr. jeffress has said inflammatory things about islam including it's an evil religion that promotes pedophilia. we don't know what's going on inside the church though. i think all of us are dying to know. there are no cameras inside the church. so right now we're just watching from outside of the church. st. john's church as the rain starts to come down. >> we did see the entire trump family join him as well. there's the president-elect signing the guest book. thanking the amazing staff at blair house for their hospitality. of course, the outgoing president president obama thanking his staff at the white house and in just about an hour meeting with the president-elect. right now the ceremony going on there at st. john's church and take that car ride to the capitol. cecilelia vega is on the west front of the capitol. you have the choir gathering.
6:04 am
>> reporter: take a look at what they have all had to put on. the mormon tabor knack kl choir. they have the plastic ponchos. a little bit of the glamour of the inauguration is going out the window with the rain. not just the choir but below me in the seats where congress members of congress and special guests and others invited today will be sitting. you can see the poncho is the theme of the day at this inauguration. it's coming down a little bit but not too bad. i saw the marine band about to come out here. they had to wipe the seats down. it's getting a little wet. >> they're going to have to be on that all day long. we've been here all morning long robin from "gma." we talked with kellyanne conway you feel the emotion starting to build up. >> you do feel it build up with the family. we have been talking about this 18 month journey the family has been on, the country has been on. it's something that i remembered talking with cokie rotberts and
6:05 am
with matt dowd about the nation could be divided but when it comes to today, the tradition, the pageantry, you realize what democracy is all about and you can have your differences but today is about inaugurating donald j. trump and knowing what he and the country has gone through these last 18 months. the tone of his inaugural address will be much likely heard after the election and the test will be how it will be going forward from that moment. >> we saw last night when he was at the lincoln mental moral hitting on his campaign themes. david muir here as well. we saw him talk about the same team people he talked about all through the campaign and on the night he did win, the forgotten americans. >> and in particular the middle class. he made it clear last night it
6:06 am
was a bit of a preview of the tone we're going to hear in the inaugural address that is over the course of his presidency he plans to make sure those people are not forgotten. the people who he says were part of the movement that actually got him here today. i remember being out on the trail with him in ohio, there were crowds at the fair and he said to me, david, you see these people here and he said this to all of us, but he had a sense of something along the way that he was hearing from people who said the economy might be recovering but we're not feeling it. and those were the people he says came along with him for the ride that now will culminate. >> we see them out on the mall right now. our global affairs anchor is here as well. you can see the weight of the office on the president-elect's face this morning and probably one of the last things that happened as he was leaving blair house, he won't get the codes until he's president of the united states. i remember that moment 25 years ago watching president bush's
6:07 am
adviser bringing that information to president clinton at the time. this is a huge moment. >> there really is nothing more sobering than getting those nuclear codes. william perry who is the former secretary of defense said it would take only about ten minutes. you would only have about ten minutes to decide what to do to respond to a nuclear attack on this country. so he will have that with him at all times. he will have that nuclear code. we have about 1,300 nuclear war heads deployed on submarines, bombers and in land based nuclear weapons as well. >> matthew dowd here as well. when the president-elect looks at the crowd for the first time another one of those moments where the weight of the office comes down. >> absolutely. i mean we watch this journey from coming down the escalator at trump tower but this is an
6:08 am
entirely different situation. i think in many ways he saw himself as part of a campaign, as an entertainment and now he's part of history. today he becoming part of history in this. for who you support him or not, he's going to understand all the things martha said of getting the codes but he has a group of rotat voters and country that depends solely on him. >> they are gathering at the mall. we're going to be here all day long. we'll be right back. >> announcer: abc news live coverage of inauguration.
6:09 am
6:10 am
6:11 am
♪ it is time to show the whole world that america is back bigger and better and stronger than ever
6:12 am
6:13 am
6:14 am
♪ coverage of the inauguration of donald j. trump. that is st. john's church. president-elect trump attending services right now. let's tell you what's going to happen during the day once the ceremony is over. the president-elect and first lady, incoming first lady will be heading to the white house for morning tea and coffee with president and mrs. obama and of course president-elect trump and president obama will get in the limo for the car ride up to the
6:15 am
capitol. ceremony begins around 11:15. president-elect will take the oath of office at noon and obamas depart. president trump will have his lunch before the inaugural parade. it's a packed day ahead and we're hearing one more time as we keep an eye on the church, robin, one of his final tweets, it's been the honor of my life to serve you, you made me a better leader and man. i know you spent time with him last week. he insists that the optimistic face he's been putting up over the last week despite the disappointment for him of the election is very real. >> it is. man down! man down! >> a piece of our set. everyone is okay. >> security. no. he really is, george. leaving with his head held high and with a rather healthy approval rating. when you're spending time with him especially recently he has said all the things about -- and
6:16 am
he means about bringing the country together and union nighting the country though they may have their differences. when we're talking about the weight of this moment for donald trump and being -- taking the oath of office to be president, there's a reason why these men age so much in four years. we often joke about it, the gray hair and that. but the enormity of it and the obama family and first lady feels the same way, that the entire family, when you think about these eight years, no major scandals of any sort. so they feel they have left it -- the country in good hands to move forward. i suspect after their vacation in palm springs that we'll be hearing from them. >> president obama got a lot more gray and a little thinner. president-elect trump entering office as the oldest president to enter. jon karl is up on the west front of the capitol right now. his staff and support are starting to file into the capitol as well. >> reporter: including a few
6:17 am
minutes ago his speech writer steven miller, he is standing at the podium. he just a few minutes ago took the plastic off the teleprompters and the covering off the podium. steven miller, we don't know exactly what hand he had in writing this speech. trump says he wrote the speech himself buff it reminds me of after john kennedy's first inaugural when he said ask not what your country can do for you, somebody asked ted sorensen who wrote that line and sorensen responds ask not! so i suspect steven miller had a role. you see him at the podium. quite a rise for that individual. he was a press secretary for a relatively junior senator but that senator was senator jeff sessions and he became one of the first kind of -- somebody with real ties to republicans in power to go to the trump campaign and he not only became
6:18 am
his speech writer, policy adviser, he would warm up the crowds giving his own speeches. i think steven miller there standing at the podium right now is kind of taking in this moment. certainly checking out the teleprompters and making sure they're okay through the rain and wondering maybe what it would be like if he were giving the speech. >> there he is. that is steve miller making sure everything is okay. you also see of course that bullet proof glass in front of the president as well as he delivers that address looking out over the podium. i'm joined on the phone as we keep an eye on that by congressman chris collins, one of the first supporters for president-elect trump from congress, stuck with him all the way. what are you feeling? >> george, it's just an exciting day for all of us. we understand the enormity of us and donald trump coming in and the republicans controlling the house and the senate. we're going to make america great again and put america first and we know that the
6:19 am
responsibility we take seriously whether it's obamacare, tax reform, infrastructure, today is the day of celebration of a historic win and even though it's a bit overcast, those of us can't wait to get on the stage and enjoy the moment as the chief justice swears in president trump. >> you're going to get to work as well as we keep our eye on the crowds. you were with president-elect all through this campaign. what do you think is the most important core promise he has to deliver on his supporters right away? >> well, as he has said, the repeal of obamacare and he wants a replacement that serves all americans. we're not going to leave 20 million americans hung out there. we take that job seriously. and so he made a few promises, secure the borders, repeal obamacare, tax reform and infrastructure, that's a 200 day agenda.
6:20 am
again, working hand in glove with vice president pence, speaker ryan, all of our committees are up and running and we're here five days a week. a lot to do but today is the day to celebrate. you know, the dawn of a new presidency. >> he wants washington to work again. the job is difficult, it is a real challenge ahead. one of the symbols of the challenge more than 60 democrats, house democrats, boycotting the inauguration. think you'll be able to build bridges to them? >> yes, we will. that's very disappoints. today is a day of a peaceful transition of power, something that's the foundation of our democracy. they are personalizing this, the office of the presidency really stands above that. many of us attended president obama's inauguration and so this is -- i'll just use the word disappointing. president trump, he's going to be president for all americans whether it's in the inner
6:21 am
cities. he's going to work to reduce crime and improve education. i think in the next six months these americans who have been concerned will no longer be concerned. it's just disappointing that it's starting out with this little bit of a cloud. but it's their decision to make. the rest of us are going to be celebrating. >> congressman collins, congratulations. thank you for spending part of your day with us. i want to stay in the capitol right now. mary bruce inside the capitol rotunda. you just heard about congressman collins talk about the repeal of obamacare, job number one in the congress. he's committed to getting it done but some nervousness among republicans about how they're going to do it and when they should do it. >> a fair amount and a lot of unanswered questions. donald trump has said he wants to repeal and replace obamacare simultaneously. he's promising insurance for everybody, these how he's explained it. what that looks like remains unknown.
6:22 am
trump is also warning republicans about the potential political cost at stake here. republicans agree they don't want americans to feel like the rug is pulled out from under them but they're headed towards repeal taking steps towards repealing president obama's signature law without agreement around a plan to replace it. trump promised details as soon as tom price is confirmed. a lot of unanswered questions on capitol hill. >> one of the questions, you were talking about the forgotten americans who form the core of president-elect trump's support and many rely on obamacare. >> they do. in fact, many of the states that clearly voted for donald trump actually rely the most on obamacare. we have seen this begin to percolate across the country. the town meetings with local representatives. congressmen returning to their home districts. we saw colorado, the congressman there expecting to meet with
6:23 am
four constituents at a time and the town hall was packed with people who wanted to find out what would happen instead of obamacare. a lot of people demanding there be a replacement. donald trump promised there will be a replacement quickly. he said to the washington post in the last couple days that there will be health care for everybody. >> lots of questions. today a day for ceremony. gathering on the mall right now. the rain not as bad as some had feared. as we talked about, the president-elect still in st. john's church and then heading to the white house. we're joined by our team of analysts. i want to bring in cokie roberts. we saw president obama's final tweet right there. one of his final acts will also be writing that note that he's going to leave for the incoming president. >> and we have seen thanks to the national archives the notes of other presidents to their successors and it's a gracious move although terry just showed me a note that jimmy carter left for ronald reagan that said
6:24 am
there's a squirrel in the wall. so it's not always of great moment but it could be of importance to someone hearing the squirrel in the wall. but it is -- this transition, we keep talking about it because it is so remarkable. i think the other moment when the president realizes it is when the marine band which has played at every inauguration since thomas jefferson, ii will strike hail to the chief for him and that is something where they realize goose bumps emerge and they think, oh, here it is. >> it is coming. >> i'm it. >> you mentioned that letter that president george w. bush left for president obama. we want to show it as we bring in mark. that letter vintage, george w. bush. >> absolutely. george w. bush was so gracious and so kind. you can't paint under a platform
6:25 am
of a kinder gentler nation and here's this note that shows his grace and kindness. >> there will be trying moments, the critics will rage, your friends will disappoint you but you'll have an all mighty got to comfort for you and country pulling for you including me. you worked for george w. bush and the letter that george h.w. bush wrote for president clinton. he said i'm going to be on your side. >> there's always been for the last 25, 30 years this very respectful transition from one president to the other. and i know barack obama after he became president was very thankful of how george w. bush conducted himself for the last eight years while he was president of the united states. the question is how does barack obama behave when donald trump is trump. the current president hasn't said how he's going to do that. >> we did see it at his final press conference that he would
6:26 am
feel compelled to speak out when he felt something dealing with core values was at stake. he told me last week the victory of donald j. trump changed some of his thinking for his post presidency. >> he talked about those core values, attacks on the press, he talked about voters' rights. those are the kind of things i think you'll hear from the man who will soon be the former president of the united states. he will talk about that. >> senators and members of congress showing up at the capitol. people gathering on the mall. our continuing coverage of the inauguration of donald j. trump continues in just one moment. who was the first president to take the oath of office in washington, d.c.? the answer when we come back.
6:27 am
it is 6:27. we're taking a live look outside and seeing, as you can see behind me, that it is dark and cloudy and rainy. mike nicco, how's it going? >> definitely a little bit quieter right now, reggie. yes, most of us using thunderstorm for an alarm clock this morning. it did leave some residual effects behind. we'll start in the southeastern part of sonoma county, where we have a flash flood warning. parts of penn grove and petaluma
6:28 am
under water. so seek higher ground if you can. you can see some light rain falling there. we've also got pretty much the entire higher elevations of the peninsula into the santa cruz mountains under a flood advisory until 8:30. a lot of ponding on the roadways and some creeks starting to overflow their banks. heavy rain moving through morgan hill. but look what's coming ashore near peskdara. the biggest issues, ponding on the roadways, stream and creek flooding, power outages around noon. we'll keep the chance of showers in the forecast through the evening hours. reggie? >> if you're just waking up to our inauguration coverage this morning, that flooding is causing some problems in the bay area, and we always turn to mill valley first, that's where we often see it happen first. abc news reporter, lonny rivera is live there. lonnie? >> reporter: this is where it always happens, as you said. and you can see, it just started raining again, just a couple of minutes ago. this park n ride lot looks more
6:29 am
like a lake. patrols told me, there's about 3 feet of water there. so you can see, there are signs warning people about high tide flooding, obviously, they do not want any commuters parking in that lot. and they are telling people that if you're driving in this area, you want to kind of avoid -- you can hop on to the 101 from one end, but they have cones all around here. the caltrans station nearby telling people to stay away. we are live in mill valley, lonnie rivera, abc 7 news. all right. taking a look at the roads, it's 73, so not an easy day there if you are heading out to do the friday morning commute. i want to take you down to the santa cruz mountains. we've got a large tree down fully blocking the southbound side and one lane on the northbound side of 17, just north of the summit. sounds like there are several folks out of their vehicle trying to move that tree right now. but we are seeing backups in both directions. westbound 92 in recovery mode.
6:30 am
we had a disabled vehicle near the high-rise, that just cleared, and a ten-minute b.a.r.t. delay in the sfo direction due to police activity. but that's the only mass transit delay so far this morning. reggie? >> and we'll be watching as protests continue to build throughout the bay area this morning. that should start in about a half hour in oakland. we'll continue our news coverage from d.c. as abc watches what happens this morning with the inauguration events. the future president right now in a prayer service in d.c. before he goes over to the capitol in just a ♪ >> announcer: thomas jefferson was the first to take the oath of office in the new capital city, washington, d.c. >> just part of our history lesson, all day long as we gather for the inauguration of america's 45th president. donald j. trump. that is the scene on pennsylvania avenue and now st. john's church where the president-elect is attending services this morning with his
6:31 am
family. as he's doing that the final moments for president obama in the white house. there you see him in the oval office leaving that letter for his successor. his final act, his final few minutes in that very special office. the president told me last week the oval office is where he went to gather all the facts to make a decision. he tended to make the big gut-wrenching decisions of the presidency in his private residence but has one last look around. and here comes president-elect trump now leaving the ceremony. he will be heading to the white house to meet with the obamas. there's the first lady as well. tiffany, tiffany trump right behind them. paula faris at st. john's. >> reporter: you can see the president-elect and his wife making their way to their motorcade getting in the vehicle right now.
6:32 am
we don't know what was said inside of the church because it was closed. you can see the president-elect giving a thumbs up. it was closed. no cameras allowed. but the director of social media said the pastor said from the pulpit i told you you would be the 45th president of the united states long before the first primary vote. that was said from the podium. george, we know that president-elect trump and his wife melania are now on their way to the white house to have tea with president obama and the first lady michelle. but that's the scene. you can see mike pence the vice president and his wife karen exiting the church along with trump's children making their way to the podium as well. all of the secret service vehicles are lined up ready to take members of the president party to their next location and destination, george. >> vice president elect mike pence tweeted from inside the church as well. we begin this historic and humbling day as we do every day with a moment of reflection and prayer, i guess that is the modern world.
6:33 am
tweets everywhere even in church. and robin, we saw the vice president-elect heading in the motorcade taking that short ride. president obama's final words as he walked from the oval office to the american people. thank you. >> thank you. he is filled with such gratitude. we read one of his earlier tweets. right before that one there we see him exiting right now. he said i won't stop. i'll be right be with you as a citizen inspired by your voices of truth and justice, good humor and love. that was his tweet. >> the president said that walk right there as you see a big smile on his face, that walk from the residence to the oval office is his favorite place in the white house. terry moran, he looked like a man not wearing the weight of the office already. >> he does. he looks at ease with himself. with a journey i'm thinking that final walk. it's not over yet. he said he wants to contribute as a citizen. i'm struck watching it, this
6:34 am
transfer of power, this tremendous power that's being transferred. i've covered a lot of countries around the world. they can hold elections. that's not hard. the hard thing is losing an election. and he's kind of showing that his side didn't get it but the country goes on and this is a moment for celebration. >> he's been setting that example all through the transition and you mentioned his journey as well. we now have two unbelievably journeys in a row to the white house. first barack saying obama elected president of the united states and many would say against all odds and donald j. trump elected president against all odds again. >> it is something to see. these probably are the two most unlikely candidates to surface for president in the last 50 years. the first african-american president and the first president who was a reality tv star who has no political or military experience. the thing that i think makes
6:35 am
barack obama unique in this, he leaves office with a very high approval rating of about 60% of the country. big time in contrast. very different from what george w. bush left when he left. >> also leaving office i think we have this as well. the vice president of the united states, joe biden and his wife jill. what a career he has had as well. at the age of 29 ending his political career as vice president and thought about running for a while. he had the tragic death of his son beau from cancer last year. that affected it as well. dave muir, we saw the surprise on the look of the vice president's face when as he was leaving president obama gave him the congressional medal. >> the vice president was walking into the room for what he thought would be one of the final times he would meet not only with the first family but their staffs really to thank them for the incredible eight-year journey as he put it. you can see as he stood next to the president and the president suddenly said he was about to bestow this honor on the vice
6:36 am
president, that the tears began to come down from his eyes. he turned around quickly, remember the moment he grabs his hank hankerchief. to terry's point, president obama taking that walk and he looks like the weight has lifted. the president said this isn't about being no drama obama. he said this is about setting an example for this country and he told everyone in that final press conference, i think we're going to be okay. i think he has held huge responsibility here to show that you can transfer between someone like president obama who has made history to someone completely different but about to make history himself. i think the president has felt the responsibility too. >> jon karl on the west front of the capitol. we have two very opposite people, two very opposite teams. one following the other and we really did see the vice president biden, the end of a
6:37 am
remarkable career. >> reporter: and who thought very seriously of running for president and somebody who has said he doesn't regret not running, george. i don't know many who don't think that at some point somewhere along the lines he says if only i had run. but the thing about the obama and trump as you mentioned, two so incredibly and probable candidates. the one thing they have in common for all their differences is that few people thought either one could win, could become president of the united states. and president obama has said this transition is incredibly important, that american democracy, that he's a true believer in american democracy, if donald trump is a successful president then america is successful. of course, that's a different tactic from what many democrats are taking, boycotting, more
6:38 am
than 60 members boycotting. president obama has been consistent that he has tried to support donald trump in the transition. they talk quite frequently over the phone. they have been talking quite frequently since the election. they had that meeting in the oval office that went for 90 minutes and he's offered him advice but also made it clear, george, that he's willing to step back in the arena if he sees things he truly believes in that threatens this new administration. >> we also just saw former vice president dan quail wearing his trump hat as he prepares as well. up next, that meeting between president-elect trump and president obama. we'll be right back. >> who is the last first lady not to live in the white house full time? the answer when we come back. un-stop right there! i'm about to pop a cap of "mmm fresh" in that washer
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6:45 am
melania trump with a kiss for the president and a gift for the first lady. just heard president obama showing perhaps a little annoyance and saying to donald trump you'll get used to the protocol, we're following everything right there. now they will pose for the photo as well. >> you have to learn to be patient in the white house. so much ceremony. and as we watch them, cokie robert,s we were talking about the two men, we side them side by side with their wives. >> when this campaign began, george, we thought it might be a bush and a clinton running against each other and america didn't want that. it is really a rejection of royalty. that we have seen in this electorate in these two men. i think that today is such a symbol of our history and continuity but that history
6:46 am
started with saying no to the king and these two men are really very much a symbol of no to the king or to royal families ruling america. it is something to think about and obama has used the word citizen over and over in his farewell speech, in his farewell press conference that we all must act as citizens and not as anything else. >> another sign of that continuity, the coffee they're sitting down to right now as we were joking this morning, we know that president-elect trump does not drink coffee or tea. probably his morning beverage of choice is supposed to be hot chocolate or i guess mountain dew. maybe diet coke. david muir, this coffee, one of those rituals that locks in the transition. >> just an incredibly rich tradition. you spotted that tiffany box, so we think, at least the color. we know eight years ago george
6:47 am
w. bush and laura bush were waiting for michelle and barack obama and george w. bush wrote about that moment and said it wasn't lost on him that there were also meetings in the situation room at that moment about potential threats to the inauguration. he said even as they talked they knew about the weight of the office. michelle obama brought a gift for laura bush, an engraved pen with a date and journal. this is a very rich tradition when you hand the white house over to the next family that will make it their home. >> and we're joined by nina mcbride, michael smith helped president obama move in as his designer and you guys were on opposite sides years ago. anita take us through the final 24 hours through the bush perspective. >> so interesting to be talking today about this, this was my last interview from the white house in 2009 talking about this
6:48 am
coffee and this tradition. you know, it's an emotional time of course, the last 24 hours, you're getting the last of your things packed up and having this emotional departure and goodbye with the resident staff that took care of your for eight years but you're resigned to the fact that life goes on and as laura bush said, it's not like we didn't know we were leaving. the whole staff gathers there. as you're talking about traditions, the chief usher has the flags in a box, framed in a box, the flag that flew over the white house the first day in office and the flag that flew over the white house on your last day and that's the gift by the resident staff. that is emotional to watch that. >> they're saying goodbye. micha michael, you're trying to move everybody in. >> it's like a fire drill, box, everywhere, clothes coming in and things going out. the opposite, the flip side is that staff is new to you.
6:49 am
you have never been in that building. you didn't know the rooms at 14 1/2 foot ceilings. you're meeting the chief usher, the head curator and meeting the head housekeeper. they become your family for the next eight years just like these people. the emotional aspect must be such a shock to them but they have done it before. they're seasoned pros and they're the heart and soul of the white house. they're patriots. they're taking care of each family discreetly and wonderfully. they're saying goodbye to people they have great closeness to and saying hi to people they don't know. it's an interesting time but you run through and get everything put together in a very short amount of time and you see it happening and -- >> the oval office already being prepared for the new president. >> any of us want a house and to make it a home. we see -- oh. you know it very well.
6:50 am
>> hi, george and laura. >> you knew what it was like. >> i know. >> for this moment. >> i'm happy to see them here. >> how is his father doing? >> actually a little bit better. i think he moved out of icu we hope tomorrow. god bless him. >> mrs. bush? >> mrs. bush, how about that 72 years of marriage, they were together all the time. even in the hospital. i think they are doing better. >> they are. going back to the transition because while all this is taking place at the capitol, that's when the choreography at the white house and they have a short amount of time because a parade is not as long. >> even shorter. short amount of time made shorter by a parade that's half the length. one thing i think is helpful this time as it was eight years ago, and laura bush began to move things out of the white house through the summer of '08. now with mrs. obama, the obamas living here in washington, a lot of their things have moved on.
6:51 am
it is easier on the resident staff. >> it's so important. you got to get a couple things right, the oval office right right away. and i know it's important for the first lady to get the girls' rooms. >> that was number one. we have had the luxury of having them at the adams for several weeks before. this was the number one thing to get the girls comfortable. they were young girls moving into a new house, a new big house. it was about making them happy and feel at peace and feel comfortable and be a cheerful, bright space. the bushes were extraordinary. everything was left in such beautiful shape. the transition was so wonderful and we have hopefully done the same thing, tried to build on what the bushes have left but left the house in really wonderful working order. so you pass the baton. >> those personal things, because you want to make a house a home, i don't care if it's a
6:52 am
white house or wherever, people need to know you can't remodel everything? >> no. >> it's the public. you cannot touch those. >> that's right. this is one of the wonderful legacies of first lady jackie kennedy to establish the committee for preservation of the white house and the historical association. those are the entities the you work with if you want to make any changes or restorations to the state floor and other historic rooms in the white house like laura bush did with the lincoln bedroom and like you did with the old family dining room. >> and the great thing for us, it is hard to make a huge impact on the first day. we were lucky to be able to borrow many pieces of art for the gallery which was my one ask on that day, the bushes offered me to sleep on the cot in a basement. >> i slept in the white house but on the third floor. >> i wasn't offered that. >> you alsadek rate the oval
6:53 am
office. one of the things we heard that donald j. trump is going to put up is a remarkable letter he received in 1987 from president richard nixon. he said his wife had seen donald trump on television and said you've got a political future. >> he was watching "donahue" and pat nixon was watching the talk show and said to her husband, when he runs for office he's going to win. so richard nixon wrote a letter to donald trump. donald trump saichved that lett and says it's one of the first things he will hang. there's been plans to change the drapes of a former president. >> i think ronald reagan. >> that would be the guess. >> we're seeing some of the family arrive here. don jr. who said on "gma" that his own father hasn't fully grasped what it's going to feel like and i don't think anyone
6:54 am
could until that moment. >> not until it happens. >> when you're given the code, i think it will -- >> always goes back to the codes. >> we're watching ivanka and jared come in now. we talk about the letters, president-elect trump was talking the other day and talked about a letter he did get from president bush, george h.w. bush giving his apologies for not showing up today but continuing that tradition saying he is rooting for him. >> isn't he just the most amazing human being? really in this day. here he is at 92 years old. he gets a pass but he was very, very sorry to not be there. >> we're seeing inside the capitol right now as well. starting to fill up. as we see don jr. and his wife and they have five children. presidential historian, as you go inside and think about the transfer and the gestures that
6:55 am
presidents make to one another, which ones stand out? >> what strikes me, george, is not always a peaceful transition transfer of power but it's a civil transfer of power. i love that traditional coffee when the incoming president meets -- is met -- the incoming president rather is received by the outgoing president, it's a marvelous gesture and really shows governmental continuity and civility which we haven't seen a lot of many recent months. >> we're seeing the helicopter on the east front. president obama will be taking that. it won't be marine one when he takes it after the ceremony today after president-elect trump becomes president. michael smith, i have to bring this up. he's going to be taking it to andrews air force base and getting on a special mission and flying to your house. >> george, you know what, this family has had -- has done so beautifully and been so warm and gracious and led so much by
6:56 am
example. he is a citizen now and i think that this is the day for the new first family and i think we should respect their privacy and give them a little time off. >> he says he want as time of great quiet to reflect and do a little writing and become more of a normal person. >> you remember what it was like to be in the helicopter. >> i do. >> and to leave and to make the circle and to see one last time. what was that moment like. >> unbelievable. you're taking in this last view of washington before they head home and i remember -- my husband when he was the aide to george h.w. bush did the same thing with him. you know, years earlier. it's pretty amazing. >> but they were able to leave in some ways with a light heart. they were ready for the rest of their life. >> that's right. they were ready. and were welcomed home warmly in texas. we all flew to midland and all
6:57 am
their friends at their departure were there to welcome them back home. as you know, george, he likes that ranch and that's where he feels comfortable but said the next day here he is cleaning up after the dog. >> soon the president and president-elect will be heading to the capitol for the swearing in and we'll be right back. >> the inauguration of donald j. trump live on abc. we'll be right back. . and good morning. it's 6:57. i'm reggie aqui from abc mornings. we have been watching quite a bit of weather this morning, including lightning and thunder and all that rain. good morning, mike nicco. >> we have a flash flood warning right now for the san lorenzo river. the highway 9 corridor, seek higher ground immediately. this flash flood warning goes
6:58 am
until 12:30, which means it will not return to its bank until possibly that time. you can see one round moving off to the east, another round coming in from the west of moderate to heavy rain. and there's other areas that could possibly flood for another hour and a half in the santa cruz mountains, all the way up to about pacifica. now, we've got some scattered lighter showers in other neighborhoods, and that's going to lead to some possible ponding on the roadways and flooding in the southeastern part of sonoma county. alexis? >> tough driving conditions, as you would imagine. i want to take you back down to highway 17, santa cruz mountains, we had a sig alert canceled due to that downed tree, on southbound 17, just north of the summit. it had all lanes blocked southbound, one lane blocked northbound. looks like traffic bouncing back pretty quickly. live look outside at the bay bridge toll plaza. a few mass transit delays have trickled in. check before you go. and those drive times filling in, too. reggie? >> we'll be watching carefully how the weather affected protests.
6:59 am
amy holenfield is at the location in oakland where we're expected to see the first demonstration. amy? >> reporter: hi, reggie. we've got a protest scheduled to start here at 7:00 this morning, here at oakland's federal building. a few people have just started gathering. the plan is to try to shut down the federal building. you can see where police have put barricades out to try to keep them from getting into the building. this is going to tough off a day of protests and the call is for a general strike all day, for people to skip school and to skip work, to create some -- try to shut down businesses and just life down here. and there's going to be teach-ins, there's going to be speak outs. police say they don't know what to expect as far as numbers, especially because of this weather, but they say people should just be aware, especially around the franco galloway plaza area and broadway and here at the federal building that there will be protests throughout the day. >> amy, thanks so much. and of course, we'll also be covering protests that are happening in san francisco and
7:00 am
in the southbound. and we'll also be seeing what's happening in washington, d.c. with our live coverage from abc news. and we'll be back with local news, weather, and america is back. i'm asking you to dream big again. we made history together. this is truly an exciting time to be alive. we will make america great again! >> announcer: live from abc news this is the inauguration of donald j. trump. now reporting from washington, d.c., george stephanopoulos. >> welcome back to our coverage of the inauguration of donald j. trump, 45th president of the united states. that is the scene at the capitol continuing to fill up the ceremony beginning in an hour. right now the president-elect in the white house with president obama. first lady michelle obama there along with melania and several
7:01 am
su congressional leaders. the chairman of the joint congressional committee leading this. the republican leader, senator mcconnell. and democratic leader chuck schumer and paul ryan along with kevin mccarthy. excuse me. republican leader kevin mccarthy. nancy pelosi behind closed doors. gathering on the mall and the rain holding off. amy is there. >> reporter: we have seen a lot of the red make america great again hats flooding the mall and a lot of people have made the trip here to d.c. we have cindy and jimmy who came from maryland. cindy, you pulled an all might have nighter to be here? >> i did. i'm a surgical tech and worked most of the night but was willing to come and i wouldn't miss it for the world. >> why is it so important for you to be here? >> to support donald. the lowest approval rating of any president ever, well, you know what, we're here to show we
7:02 am
approve donald. >> you say you were his supporter from day one? >> day one. we've been on this band wagon for a long time. we didn't just hop on. >> and you're not getting on. >> you can't knock us off. >> what do you think we're going to hear from donald trump in just about an hour or so? >> a lot of positive comments. >> how do you think he's going to make america great again? >> it's going to be hard. obviously manufacturing is a big thing. i don't know who will be able to compete. he's got to get the military back up. obama has ripped it to shreds. my big thing is beefing up the military and trying to get some steel work back in the country and increase all that kind of stuff. >> you got your flag here you have been flying. have fun today cindy and jimmy. we have a group of students who came from kentucky. this is your first inauguration. >> yeah. >> and how many of you here voted? >> none of us.
7:03 am
not old enough. >> old enough to vote? >> barely. >> why was it important for you all to be here? >> so we could see history happen. >> the peaceful transition of power that they have been trying really hard to work out. >> although i would much rather have someone else in office, you know, this is democracy in action. >> you're here to see democracy at work and what makes america great. what are you hoping to hear from our new president? >> how he plans to make america great because i haven't seen much. >> how he plans on uniting the nation. i feel like over the election course a lot of his language was devicisiv decisive. >> divisive. >> anyone here if they could have voted would have voted for trump? >> yes. yes. >> you guys are standing right next to each other.
7:04 am
>> we're friends. i can't be like -- i can't just shut her out. she's a good person. i'm not going to be like you voted for bernie. >> she voted for bernie. >> i love you all are here today and watching democracy at its best. have fun. enjoy the show. we're going to send it back to you george. a lot of excitement. >> thank you for bringing us that. they set quite an example there. coming together for this historic day. we heard donald trump supporter, he watches the polls as well. deborah roberts out there. you're in a vip section. people had tickets to the ceremony right? >> reporter: we're just listening to the u.s. marine corp. band entertain. a lot of the red make america great again hats. the other fashion statement, ponchos. folks are wearing them and ready for anything. this is where people will be able to comfortably sit. come over here. these are folks who may not be as comfortable but they have been in it for the long haul.
7:05 am
you have been here since what, 5:00 this morning. my friend jason is from the minneapolis brought his tris cuts and you have salomi. >> i had to. >> some of them got their tickets in the last few weeks. but there's a lady who came with her daughters and a lot of folks take their kids -- hi. a lot of folks take their kids out of school for these inauguration events. you were exciting to bring your daughters which is interesting given there have been women critical. >> i agree but we need to give this man a chance and need to see what he's going to do with our economy and we need to look at the whole society and see everyone is equal. i don't care if they're women, men or yellow with spots. that's just the way it is. i think that he's what they're going to see from this fellow. >> what are you most excited to
7:06 am
see? you're speechless. you're just speechless. a lot of folks here who have been gathering had to get tickets as well and behind the seated area but way, way, way back here. they have all been gathering tickets for the last few weeks because this is a historic event and for you all, i mean, this is a chance to watch democracy at work huh? >> it is. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> well, it's been really, really fun watching these folks gather because they have been every now and again breaking into trump, trump, trump. they're very excited george and waiting and they know they have a couple hours before the president-elect gets here but they have prime seating to watch this swearing in, george. >> a lot of campaign and civic pride on the mall today. matthew dowd, kind of inspiring to see the kids who disagree enjoying this moment and living this history together. president obama came on to the world stage 12 years ago
7:07 am
promising to heal the divisions, those divisions had deepened over the course of his office. many have said donald trump increased them during his campaign but now it's his job to try to do the same thing. >> i was struck by what you said, maybe the kids can give us a lesson and a generation of folks to show us. when i woke up this morning, this is all our job, but you're blessed to be part of this because it's an historic moment, it's a moment to celebrate the constitution on both sides of the aisle. if you're a trump supporter to say this is how the transition of power happens and he becomes president of the united states but even people protesting that are against this it's time for them to celebrate the freedom of speech, assembly. but i think everyone understands we're sitting on this knife's edge because the country is emotionally divided and on so many different lines. everybody wants to see what this man can do to fix that. >> he begins in a couple office.
7:08 am
takes the oath of office at noon. in the white house with president obama now. we have to take a quick break. >> the inauguration of donald j. trump will return in a moment. ♪ that's life. you diet. you exercise.
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7:11 am
carter, incoming president's greeting and successors. clinton of course. george w. bush. president clinton and mrs. clinton. the obamas entering the white house for the first time. and there they are greeting the 45th president of the united states. president-elect donald trump and his wife melania right there. carrying a gift for the first lady. we don't know what's inside the box. we already heard from tiffany's. >> they said we've done business with the white house since abraham lincoln. not a bad advertisement for tiffany. ani anita, you were saying you're convinced it's a frame? >> a beautiful silver picture frame. i think that is one of the sweet
7:12 am
things about the exchange in twenty 09 is that michelle obama had heard laura bush remark say she was sorry she never kept a journey until. >> michelle obama was the first to bring a gift. >> i don't remember seeing that exchange before. cokie would know. i don't think that ever happened before. >> we're seeing the west front of the capitol. tom llamas, you covered donald trump all through this campaign from the very first day. he does have a sober look on his face this morning. >> reporter: he does. i was struck with the moment that happened just a few minutes ago when he first came to the white house and got out of the car. we saw it on television with president obama, president-elect trump and i covered this man for 18 months and i can tell you honestly, i don't think i've ever seen president-elect trump that happy. the smile he had when he was standing next to the president, he was growilowing.
7:13 am
i saw him at the republican national convention. that moment really is a snapshot that i will remember, i think the day is setting into him. it's hitting him when he walked up those steps and greeted the president and the first lady. i think he was so happy to be there at that moment. >> that's when he broke. he had that sober look earlier, certainly when he was going to church. the one that stood out for me was yesterday evening at the lincoln memorial when he burst out into song. >> we've never seen him do that or sing that way and sort of dance in his own kind of manner. it was incredible, george, to watch these two men stand side by side in the peaceful transfer of power, that incredible tradition in this country. i heard day after day president-elect trump say horrible things about president obama. i mean just really horrible things yet they can come together on this day and in that tradition, that transfer of power, it could be peaceful,
7:14 am
joyous and they're setting an example. i got the chance to cover president obama's farewell address and during that speech he said in a couple of days i'm going to transfer power and all the obama supporters started booing and president obama stopped them. he said don't boo, we're going to have to give this man a chance. i think both are setting the tone and showing a important example today. >> we saw as you were speaking the former speaker of the house john boehner joining the capitol today. there's former speaker of the house newt gingrich and his wife. the las vegas magnet as well. came onboard late to the trump campaign but became a supporter in this campaign. significant financial supporter as well. jon karl you spoke with the president-elect just the other day. it does seem like he's holding on to what brought him here and the same kinds of things he still has on his mind, making
7:15 am
sure we have great crowds and puts on the best show possible. >> reporter: there is nothing donald trump likes better than a big crowd. that was what would get him going during the campaign. when i spoke to him earlier this week he was talking about the hundreds of thousands going to come here. when he walks through that entrance on the west front of the capitol, he is going to have a view, george, of the biggest crowd that he has ever seen. now we see coming through that door the joint chiefs of staff. the military leadership of the country. they'll now be his top military advisers. passing by newt and calista gingrich. interesting collection of past and present here. the former republican leaders. john boehner, also the former republican senate leaders are all here to accept in somebody that was quite alien to this world and had no support from
7:16 am
this world. this is the ultimate accepting of the outsider. he will be welcomed and greeted and acknowledged by the former presidents except for george h.w. bush. >> we see jackie evancho as well. she is the 16-year-old singing the national anthem. and martha raddatz, we saw the joint chiefs coming out as well. have to point out it's striking that the first two cabinet members confirmed will be generals mattis and general kelly and the president also has a general for national security advisor. >> they would think it was a military coo out there. you have got two marines who will be in civilian positions at homeland security, john kelly and jim mattis heading the defense department. the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff who is his principipal
7:17 am
military adviser who is also a marine and we can't forget about generals during the campaign. >> he said he knew more than the generals and surrounded himself with retired military. >> bill frisk, both former republican senators. you have an odd situation. the national security advisor michael flynn was outranked by the two cabinet secretaries and now going to be directing them. >> that's going to be an interesting one to watch. mike flynn is a retired three-star general. you have got mattis and kelly who are four stars and general dunkford as well as a four star general. mike flynn has to find his way as national security adviser. he has a different role now and can't let rank get in his mind. i've seen that with retired military. for many, many, years they have rank in their mind. mike flynn has to get rid of that. >> bob dole right there. presidential candidate. actually a strong supporter of
7:18 am
president-elect trump. one of the few senior republicans willing to get onboard. the only former republican nominee was willing to say publicly he was voting for him. there's leading democrat in the house as well. cecelia vega in the capitol. the vip's filling in. >> reporter: the seats are filling up and getting escorted out. tom llamas was talking about the assault donald trump launched against president obama and hillary clinton over the course of the campaign. i covered hillary clinton and we can talk about the assault president obama launched back at donald trump. he was one of the leading surrogates for hillary clinton and it got ugly out there. so to think that things have been patched up at least publicly and that they're back behind the closed doors of the white house sharing private moments of tea, coffee and as you said mountain dew is a pretty remarkable thing. some of the things that for
7:19 am
example president obama said, he basically made the argument that donald trump was launching an assault on democracy. this was not just -- this was not just politics. this was really ugly and very personal about him trying to protect his legacy and there we see now hillary clinton coming into this with her husband bill clinton by her side. you know, i think all of us out here watching personally and at home are wondering what goes through her mind on a day like today. this is a woman as we know who won the popular vote by nearly 3 million, 2.9 million votes for so much of the country for analysts and voters thought she would be the one taking the oath of office today. instead she will be sitting here on this stage behind me not too far away from donald trump and all eyes will be on her wondering what is going through hillary clinton's mind today. >> you see former vice president dick cheney as well greeting members of congress.
7:20 am
republicans and democrats coming together for the inauguration of donald j. trump. he's at the white house right now and we'll be right back. >> abc news live coverage of inauguration 2017 will return after this. be the you who doesn't cover your moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. be the you who shows up in that dress. who hugs a friend. who is done with treatments that don't give you clearer skin. be the you who controls your psoriasis with stelara® just 4 doses a year after 2 starter doses. stelara® may lower your ability to fight infections and may increase your risk of infections and cancer. some serious infections require hospitalization. before treatment, get tested for tuberculosis. before starting stelara® tell your doctor if you think you have an infection
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7:22 am
>> good morning to you it's 7:22. we are watching the weather in the area this morning. and mike, it has been coming down. >> in fact we have several flood warnings out there. let's go to the first one. flash flood warning for the san lorenzo river. we have issues with the west little yagas creek. that's creating flooding in morgan hill. you can see the moderate to heavy rain, waves of it moving through the santa cruz mountains into the santa clara valley. there is flooding in the southeastern part of sonoma county. >> you can imagine the flooding is impacting the roads as well. we have several lanes closed in areas where we're hearing reports of flooding issues.
7:23 am
bay bridge toll plaza, it's congested as usual. we're hearing about a lane blocked around the metering lights. we haven't gotten confirmation. here's a look at the slow ride 280 at highway 17 in the south bay. a quick check of drive times. i have 70 incidents on the board to give you an idea of how many spin outs. >> 7-0? >> 7-0i. >> please be careful out there. our ninauguration coverage continues today. we have a protest that's starting right now in oakland and there will be another . and we are back now with the continuing coverage of the inauguration of donald j. trump. we're in washington, d.c. today. he's inside the white house right now. the ceremony on the capitol. the west front of the capitol
7:24 am
about to begin around 11:00. as i said, the first lady and president obama now meeting with the trump family inside the white house. i want to bring in our political analysts joining us today as well. alex is there. you led a super pac supporting president-elect trump. your thoughts? >> well, any republican is impressed with the peaceful transition of power. it's benefitted us so infrequently in recent years and great to see. but thinking about the speech that the president-elect is going to give in just a few hours, yes, i think there's going to be an appeal to unify the nation but i don't think it is within the capacity of this moment for donald trump to unify the nation with words. he was elected to bring change to the washington establishment. that's a very disruptive message. i don't think he could unify the nation with words despite his
7:25 am
best intent. he has to bring change and that change has to work and that success can unify the nation. so we may remain a very divided nation for the next few months and maybe years despite our hunger for national unity. i think you'll see a very strong and assertive president who is going to be prepared to act quickly to bring that change. >> as we watch the motorcade in place, vice president cheney takes his seat on the west front of the capitol. the job of president-elect trump complicated kristin, by the fact as been mentioned even by his supporters on the mall he comes in to office with the worst poll ratings of any incoming president in modern times. >> if you think about what our nation has gone through to get to this point, we have gone through over a year -- about a year and a half, if not more of a very divisive election.
7:26 am
this is the end of the chapter. donald trump in his speech really needs to ask america to pull for him. that was a line that earlier in the program we were talking about, the note that george w. bush had written to barack obama that said when you take this office you'll have your family with you, god and a country pulling for you. right now i think for donald trump there is a question, how much of the country is pulling for him? i'm hopeful that this country will pull for him. that they will -- even those skeptical or not sure how they feel about this transition that they will hope he does a good job in this office because that's what's important for i think all of us. >> one of those skeptics as we see dan quail, one of the skeptics mayor blake of baltimore, not a supporter of the president-elect. what are you hoping to hear today? >> i'm hopeful that we will hear that message of unity. that message was so short lived after the election when he went back to that same rhetoric.
7:27 am
he asked for union tip and the unity that i see is unity of disappointment with poll numbers that are the lowest of any president. i'm optimistic and hopeful because i love this country that we'll be unified to be able to work better together. >> we saw there at the capitol nikki haley who had her hearing just this week. martha, just a moment ago we saw -- there's robert craft, the own earn of the new england patriots, supporter of the president-elect. we saw vice president cheney up there on the west front. you spoke with the vice president-elect and he sees cheney as a role model. >> the first time he said that was right after the election. i asked him who his role model would be and he said dick cheney. he liked how activist he was and very interested in foreign policy. mike pence said he's very interested in foreign policy. so that is someone who he is modelling his vice presidency. >> jon karl, we see more members
7:28 am
of congress come join the west front. mike pence is playing such a huge role in this transition. really the president-elect's ambassador to capitol hill and the only person around the president-elect who has any deep experience with the congress. >> reporter: there's all kinds of talk during the bush administration how powerful dick cheney was usa a vice president. i think that it's quite likely, george, that mike pence is every bit as powerful vice president as bick cheney was, perhaps more because of that fact, he is the person in the inner circle that has washington experience. of course, he's the outgoing governor of indiana but he was a member of the house republican leadership here, and he is somebody with deep relationships with the key leaders now, not the least of which paul ryan, somebody he was close with as a member of congress. i think you're going to see mike
7:29 am
pence playing a crucial role. you're already seeing it on the big policy items. it is mike pence that is working with the congressional leadership on the repeal and replacement of obamacare. it is mike pence that is working with the congressional leadership and crafting the agenda for the first 100 days. yes, very powerful incoming vice president no question. >> mary bruce, also up there on capitol hill. there is tension between the agenda of president-elect trump, that big infrastructure program he says he wants to guarantee insurance coverage to everyone and the kinds of plans in congress. >> despite the big show of unity we're seeing on capitol hill, there are still a lot of divisions. it's a pretty remarkable 180 we have seen from a lot of republicans. remember, a lot of these republican senators and house members spoke out including paul ryan criticized donald trump during the election, even some former rivals, you think of
7:30 am
senator ted cruz who now is speaking out in favor of donald trump, supporting the administration. remember, this is an opportunity for republicans to get their agenda through. something they have been looking forward to for many, many years. there are a lot of divisions and the question is how long does this honeymoon last between a lot of members of congress, the republican members and the new administration in there are issues like infrastructure where you may see them come to head. now we should say the buzz is growing up on capitol hill. i'm in the rotunda. the senators walked behind me walking side by side, it looked like a class field trip as they walked out on to the balcony where they will witness donald trump being sworn in. >> there is elisabeth dole. and we saw more supporters. mayor giuliani mayor of new york, also carl icahn as we see
7:31 am
bob dole. i want to bring it to terry moran. alex was making an important point about delivering. you spent time talking to donald trump supporters across the country over the course of this campaign. one of the big questions, what exactly are they looking for and as i saw that picture of carl icahn, the billionaire surrounding donald trump and the supporters who support him. >> one of the things we're talking about is the manufacturing and jobs. this is more than dollars and cents. to get national unity you have to have solidarity as you go out to these places. we are two different countries. and trump country i think was demoralized by the past decades of job loss but also a sense that their cultural had taken second place. i think one of the things that national unity requires is work on both sides of the cultural divide to reach across and
7:32 am
understand each other. that will get the government working better. >> there we see debbie wasserman schultz there as well as we're joined by incoming member of president-elect trump's staff anthony scaramuchi. exciting day. >> george, good morning. a beautiful day. was a wonderful ceremony. carl icahn got to the capitol building. carl says hello to you george. say hello to george stephanopoul stephanopoulos. so it's a wonderful day. the president-elect was in a great mood this morning. the ceremony was wonderful. >> did you talk to him? >> yeah. we got -- [ inaudible ]
7:33 am
>> i'm afraid we have the perils of cell phones. there walking into the capitol and your cell phone went out on us as we see more of the president-elect's team come in there. rex tillerson nominated for secretary of state. tom price. general john kelly as well as secretary of health and human services. byron pitts is at the desk as well. healing divisions in the country, those divisions revealed just in the last week in this confrontation between the president-elect and john lewis, civil rights, saying he didn't see the president-elect as a legitimate president. president-elect trump striking back on twitter and it opened up all the divisions again. >> george, absolutely. i was just in atlanta where john lewis is considered royalty. interesting conversation with two evangelical preachers, one white, one black, one voted for trump and one for clinton.
7:34 am
they made the point that america has always been divided at some point and their view was and both agreed if you compare this to cancer, there's always been a cancer in america and at least now we're having a conversation about it. would you rather not know you have cancer or you do and let's deal with it. these two men of faith believe this is an opportunity, that inaugurations are oftentimes to reset the clock. we'll do this with donald trump. this isn't the first time our nation has hadi vision. i was looking at lincoln's 1865 address. with malice toward none, with charity for all. fdr in 1933, this great nation will endure as it has endured. >> the african-american community overwhelmingly voted for hillary clinton as we see jared kushner as other members of the trump family. amy you're with two supporters of donald trump. >> reporter: i have two women
7:35 am
here who are here to witness history and to support donald trump. making america great again. i have darlene and deborah. tell me darlene, what it is about trump, why was he your candidate? >> i just started listening to him understanding where he's coming from, what he wants to offer america and make it great again. you know. >> you're hopeful. what do you hope to hear from him today deborah? >> well, basically what he's been saying all along. about making america great again, whether it's regarding the economy or -- but basically the economy. >> it's about the economy. that's what they always say. there aren't a lot of people who look like you. do you feel like -- you're looking around. there aren't a lot of african-americans here. have you had to explain yourself or defend yourself within your
7:36 am
community to your friends, people like why did you vote for him? have you felt any of that? >> actually, no. i have some people i speak to even in my family that may have a different opinion but i'm my own person. i'm smart. you know, nobody can tell me what to do. i'm voting because i'm looking at how god is getting ready to take the country and i believe that that's what this is all about, what he's doing for the world. >> i saw you nodding your head deborah. you felt the same? >> basically yeah, i have had people want to know you voting for who and i'm like but who did you vote for. a democrat. oh, my god, you voted for a democrat. so now you understand how it feels to be questioned about who i voted for. we're in a country where we have the two parties and we get to choose who we want to vote for. i vote for the person who represents my view. >> i love you both stand for
7:37 am
what you believe and you're here today. enjoy the day. thank goodness it's not raining. darlene and deborah, thank you very much. back to you guys. >> amy, thank you. there we see bernie sanders who ran for president as well. there's more of the trump family entering the capitol as well. jared kushner, son-in-law of donald trump going to take a job inside the white house. had to walk away for much of his very large business empire in order to come in. he's going to play a key role in the white house. i want to bring pierre thomas in. you know, donald trump has made talk about how he's going to bring the country together and he said especially the inner cities. >> george, i was struck by the notion of the divisiveness that we saw with the birther issue. we saw donald trump question the birth right of the president of the united states. but seeing them together a few minutes ago where donald trump
7:38 am
and president obama greeted each other so warmly, it tells you about the power of democracy and how the country tries to move together but make no mistake, there's a lot of division between the races in this country still. >> we see the supreme court justices walking to the capitol. justice tom roberts, kennedy. i saw yesterday we know that justice roberts has met now with donald trump and it brings you back to eight years ago talking about against all odds, here's justice pryor and sotomayor and a man famed for his memory cory booker. >> he was a rookie chief justice. a lot of pressure in the moment and tripped up in the first phrase and then it was gone. he was clearly concentrating on one path and lost it. they had to redo it to make sure it was all official. >> it brings us back to the moment. they had to redo it because the president's lawyers said listen,
7:39 am
we don't think this is going to happen. >> but someone might be able to challenge you at some moment and say you're not a legitimate president. >> in court they were concerned that a court case with a presidential action could be challenged because john roberts messed up the presidential oath. it's right there in the constitution. given how garbled it was, obama wasn't sworn in so they did it again. >> we saw elizabeth warren there as well. it's never too early to look ahead. some democrats talking about her as a candidate for president next time around. >> we saw cory booker right before we saw elizabeth warren both who have been talked about for 2020 who represent a major wing of the democratic party. probably represented best by the folks who didn't show up today. to me, this today and the speech donald trump is giving is addressed to two audiences, the audience of the country which is
7:40 am
incredibly divided but not into two camps but multiple but also a divided congress, a wing of the democratic party who doesn't want to accept donald trump as a legitimate president and a wing that says donald trump can do anything he wants and then a whole group of congressmen and senators in the middle saying let's give him a chance but we're a little concerned. >> we saw senator chuck schumer walking in there as well as some republican senators. john cornyn of texas. part of the trouble as we wait for the president-elect to come out is there is no real leader, even brought home last week by the farewell address from the president before 20,000 people. quite unusual in chicago. >> that's what struck me. we talk about the peaceful transition of power. yet, you had president obama in that speech with 20,000 people talking about the power of change. it was to me a rallying cry. we're not done yet. yet, you have chuck schumer,
7:41 am
some of the same old leaders who probably have the same message going forward. the divide is i think -- we have all said this today, the divide is vast and the real challenge will be what does donald trump actually do to get those people who so vehemently were against him. >> david muir, one of his big messages is broke. the question for him now, can he fix it? >> can he fix it is going to be the question and can he unite washington? you see members of the supreme court there obviously. i'm struck by the former presidents who arrived. george w. bush and laura bush walking in and we saw bill and hillary clinton and even as we reported this week on the boycott, more than 60 members, democratic members of congress saying they would not show up. i thought cecelia vega asked a important question saying if hillary clinton can show up
7:42 am
after having lost this election in the electoral college to donald trump and having won the popular vote, if she should show up and respect the transfer of power, then why aren't you showing up? that was an important question. >> as difficult as it must have been for her and cokie roberts, remind everybody again, there have been times when the successors did not show up. >> that's true. mainly the ad dams. both john and john quincy adams. in each case the person who was being sworn in beat them. they didn't come. but i'll tell you this is president obama's final statement makes it clear he's going to be happier. this is not going to be a silent president. he's still going to be leaning to some degree on issues he thinks affect democracy. so voting rights and he talked at length about every other democracy and makes it easier for people to vote.
7:43 am
as the family arrives, here's reince priebus coming in making it. having really run that campaign for donald trump to some degree. as they all come and celebrate there's still going to be the tension with the former president still leading the democratic party. >> we'll see how long he's able to stay. the incoming chief of staff reince priebus, started out as head of the republic and national committee. jared kushner as we see right there. we're joined by another key member of the incoming president staff, kellyanne conway on the phone with us right now. thanks for joining us again kellyanne. we'll keep our eye on the podium. this is a tremendously exciting day for you as well. you're happy for the president and excited to get there in the white house. what's the first thing you're going to do when you get behind your desk? >> i'm going to fill it with what i need to start executing and helping support the president, george. as soon as we hang up i'll be walking out to the platform with
7:44 am
steve bannon and other meshes of our senior team. i'm there to support the president. those of us who are on the campaign team, we think that we're going to carry that and go into the white house. we know he's resolved and he wants to do many things very quickly. and it's just a pleasure to support him. i'm really glad even the rain didn't come as predicted. very lucky guy. >> i saw you walking out of blair house this morning. i assume you saw the president-elect in there. what more can you tell us about his mood, what he's thinking and feeling this morning? >> well, he's humble. we went to the church service and saw more of that on display. very moved by the moment and the responsibilities he's about to undertake. he's the right man the the moment because the country is in a need of dramatic change and positive solution in short order. i'm going to hang up now and see you out on the platform.
7:45 am
thank you. >> okay. she's got more important things to do. i understand that right now. she's heading out to the platform as we see another former president walking in as well. jimmy carter along with his wife roselyn. boy, does he look fantastic. an unbelievable man. 91 years old right now. >> 92. >> diagnosed with brain cancer last year and here he is walking into the capitol. >> remarkably resilient. 92 years of age overcame brain cancer and been one of our most activist former presidents. a man banging nails for habitat for humanity through the carter center. battling little known but third world diseases like river blindness. made remarkable contributions and shows that there is a next chapter that you can have after the white house.
7:46 am
>> became fast friends. and at mrs. ford's funeral, mrs. carter was flown there by the fords and made a wonderful eulogy. at one point president hw bush said i don't think clinton and i will ever become as good of friends as carter and ford and they really did. this little society. this tiny society of so far men do have a relationship that no one else can have. >> ruth baiter ginsburg. justice of the supreme court and there's been a vacancy on the court for almost a year since the death of justice scalia. he will be appointing someone in short order. >> and president trump is locked for it. 11 possible candidates. he says within the first two weeks that name will go up. >> he's now appoint md and
7:47 am
nominated everyone for his cabinet. cecelia vega on the west front of the capitol. something remarkable of the cabinet, the first cabinet since ronald reagan without a latino member. >> reporter: george, the ramifications of that i think are being felt today. you know, i'm standing up here watching the supreme court justices file in and it's a very moving experience to be this close to history as it happens. but i want to remind everybody that around this country in the division that exists right now, there are so many families who will watch this swearing in today not in hope but in fear, fear because of some of the things donald trump has said over the course of his campaign. on day one when he launched his campaign one of the first things he said, he called mexicans rapists, he has had very harsh words about immigration. he had that proposed muslim ban.
7:48 am
there are very many around this country who do not share that experience but hope that some things and some of the harsh language he used do not come to fruition in the policies he carries. >> there we see right now first lady michelle obama. melania trump walking out. ahead of their husbands. they will be riding up to the capitol and then of course president obama and president-elect trump get in the limo. the presidential limo. for that ride up to capitol hill. final ride in that limo for the president, president obama as president. first ladies going first. it's a short ride. been a mow men does one. our eyes on that door. senior members of congress as well. boy, you want to think about
7:49 am
martha raddatz, what is that final thing that a president says to his successor in here they come the vice presidents, joe biden and mike pence. almost matching blue ties right there. >> those last thoughts, the last look at the white house. just watching michelle obama thinking is she going to turn around. what does she think as she pulls away? >> they're getting in the car right now and of course, the presidents will be coming out as well. david muir, there have been uncomfortable car rides in the past. >> there certainly have. this one likely will not be because they have talked so often since the election that famous meeting in the photographs in the oval office but there have been many rides. ronald reagan spoke of the ride he took with jimmy carter. both of them barely saying a word in that ride to the capitol. they were both wondering what if anything would happen with the hostages in iran on that inauguration day. jimmy carter had been up all night.
7:50 am
in fact, roselyn carter said to him, jimmy, the reagans are going to be here in 15 minutes you have to get dressed on that particular morning. when they got into the car ride, it was not a warm ride. >> so much tension there. and there we see president-elect trump, president obama coming out of the white house. still talking, talking right through it all. they'll be entering the limo. a salute from the president to his guards as he walks out. we saw president-elect trump kind of jump the gun when they were walking into the white house. this time the president ushers him in to the limo for that last ride as we also see and what a picture this is. there is former president bill clinton. former secretary of state hillary clinton coming in. so much disappointment for them. up until the last moment they thought this was a campaign they would win and instead donald trump with a tremendous upset.
7:51 am
we see them about to take their place on the west front. as president obama and president-elect trump drive to the capitol. a lot of power on that screen right now matthew dowd. >> it's a tremendous moment. as we look at all this and the unexpected journey the country has been on in the last 18 months that most people thought would end up completely differently. the screening would be flipped here that most people thought. but we're in a disruptive time and we have a president that's going to takeof office that no e expected. >> byron, you can see it on her face, the disappointment. >> that's what sadness looks like right? she looked pained. i was thinking what's so magical about america? many of us have been to places in this world where blood would be shed for this day to occur. even though the clintons clearly
7:52 am
look disappointed and sad, they're there and participating in this great american process. >> cokie roberts? >> first woman president with her picture and with the oath of the president of the united states made for today, with her taking that oath. there she is having to be a brave soldier. >> cecelia vega, you covered that campaign from the beginning. >> reporter: that is the face i saw, george, the day that hillary clinton conceded the election to donald trump. she was in that purple suit. she came out in that hotel in new york after a long night. she didn't concede the night that the votes came in. but she did the next morning. that is a face of a woman who i think thought would be walking out under very different circumstances, a woman who ran for this office twice and lost twice and alongside her husband who has been here under
7:53 am
different circumstances also, a husband who was hugely critical of donald trump over the course of this campaign but both have said this is the president-elect and this is the president-elect about to be the president of the united states that this country needs to rally behind. >> behind them george w. bush and laura bush. a member of the political family that was able to have a father and son elected. clintons hoping to replicate that in a different way. would have been the first former president and first lady to succeed but it was not meant to be. >> it's quite extraordinary how sad hillary clinton looks. she knows the eyes of the world are on her right now. what message is she trying to send or could she just not have another expression on her face? she was just not capable of that because that absolutely looks like she is devastated. >> the other thing you have to recall back a year and a half or so ago, there was a discussion of two dynasties would continue,
7:54 am
jeb bush would be the republican nominee, hillary clinton would be the democratic nominee, one of them gets elected president and the dynasties would continue. donald trump eliminated the bush dynasty and the republican primary and changed the clinton dynasty in the general election. >> with the help of american voters terry. >> again and again they did not want washington establishment. they didn't want it in 2008. these are the american people saying washington is broken, we need somebody different, new, strong to fix it. that's what they're waiting for. >> mark, we have seen times like this before. i think donald trump not much of a reader of history didn't want to read about that book that was on his desk. >> he's not particularly reflective. martha talked about the sadness in hillary clinton's face. i'm reminded of a story of richard nixon after attending the inauguration of john f kennedy.
7:55 am
and he commented on the speech. nixon talked and said i love the speech. he said you mean the part where i said ask not what your country can do for you and nixon said no, the part where you said i do solemnly swear. >> the motorcade working its way up pennsylvania after. tom llamas you are at the capitol. we have a tweet from hillary clinton saying i'm here today to honor our da mackemocracy and n stop believing in our country and its future. the motorcade going by you lara? >> reporter: we have seen motorcades passing with all the dignitaries but this is the one approaching us right now, the motorcade carrying president-elect donald trump and president obama and their wives. a short but momentus drive.
7:56 am
all eyes watching them. everyone wondering what the last conversation was between president obama and president-elect trump. eyes on the women as well. you thought melania trump looked splendid. >> the sky blue dress with the matching shoes and gloves was reminiscent of jackie o. we wanted to see what she would step out in today and she did in one of the most iconic american designers. >> who dressed hillary clinton all throughout the campaign, ralph lauren and is dressing hillary clinton today. >> he is dressing hillary clinton today. the fact that ralph lauren is a publicly traded company, today he is a bipartisan designer. >> yes. i hear the giggles in the studio. one last look. there is the presidential motorcade passing us from the white house to the capitol for the swearing in. george back to you. >> david muir, some comment on
7:57 am
social media about hillary clinton wearing white. >> the statement she's making historically by wearing white. a lot of people tweeting about the fact she's in white today. saying it's the color of a movement. a lot of women will be protesting tomorrow in washington and around the country at separate rallies but a lot of tweets for your bravery, love the white hillary clinton. someone else tweeting thank you for your grace and reminding us that we stand on the shoulders of lady giants. >> she wore white at the convention. >> several times during the campaign. it's interesting. here's the poll after the election saying she's the most admired woman in america but such a polarizing figure. she could not pull off victory against donald trump. even donald trump telling bill clinton after the election she was tougher than i thought but she did not pull it off. we're looking at the motorcade and that conversation inside the motorcade would be fascinating. >> i want to bring back tom
7:58 am
llamas. you saw them toe to toe throughout the 18 months. >> reporter: what i'm thinking about as we saw hillary clinton earlier around now president-elect trump riding towards the capitol is the way president-elect trump told his family he wanted to run for president. not a lot of people know the story but lara trump told me that before this campaign started he got the family around the dinner table and said i want to run for president. he said i don't think there's an impressive candidate in the republican field which is a pretty bold statement because so many people thought this was the most talented field of republicans to run for president. lara said the entire family said we are behind you 100%. hillary clinton as we watched her now enter the west side of the capitol, she sits down, someone who set up her entire adult life to become president and then president-elect trump who did exactly the opposite, everything you shouldn't do politically, he left the republican party, became a democrat, an independent,
7:59 am
married three times, ran a reality tv show and yet, today he's the one who is going to become the next president of the united states, george. >> who broke all the rules and still won. cecelia vega, hillary clinton tried to do all the right things step by step in her career yet she lost. >> reporter: i can't imagine how difficult this is for her, george, and for president clinton as well. on election day, you know, everyone on her team, every democrat in this country and so many republicans, all the republicans even on donald trump's side thought hillary clinton was going to be the president and here she is today, she will be sitting just a couple of seats away from donald trump as he is sworn in. she is holding her husband's hand. i imagine she is doing it tightly trying to get through this day. you know, donald trump and hillary clinton haven't been near each other on the same stage since a week or so before the election when they had that charity dinner this roast, and it was ugly. it was ugly.
8:00 am
there were boos because the jokes went too far. these are two people you'll remember that photo of the clintons at the least in social circles and they became bitter political rivals. this dislike that was on a personal level over the course of this campaign. and here she is, that smile that i've got to say is not a genuine smile that i've seen from hillary clinton in the format that she loves with voters and children and shaking hands. that's not that smile of a woman who's happy to be here right now. >> she's smiling at someone coming in. i wonder who that was. there it is, george w. bush and laura bush walking in as well. some concern that would not be able to make it today because of the condition of his father, george h.w. bush, but as we heard earlier this morning from anita mcbride, mrs. bush's chief of staff, the former president doing much better today in the


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