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tv   Inauguration Coverage  ABC  January 20, 2017 1:00pm-1:31pm PST

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some of the security restrictions but if they were to tell the president not to get out of that limo on a day like today he likely would listen. >>helikely would. his director has been by his side throughout the day. just to give people a sense of what we're talking about there are over 28,000 security personnel helping out with security today. they swore in over 3,000 police officers from around the country to augment the already sizeable capitol police, d.c. police. you're talking about a mammoth amount of people and the national guard as well. they have planned for every possible scenario. one thing that struck me is spraying gas, all the different types of nightmare scenarios. they are ready for anything. again, right now i think they're
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pondering will the president of the united states donald trump decide that he wants to get out of the car and talk to some of the people along the route. >> it looked like it was going to stop and now it's continuing to roll down pennsylvania avenue. interesting sign we saw. ivanka 2020 is pushing things quickly. is he coming into focus lara? >> reporter: no. still several blocks away. i'm sure the president enjoying every minute of it knowing him. but no, we are -- it's going to be quite a while. it's 1.8 miles. we watched him go from the white house to the capitol hours ago. sworn in and now making the journey back to the white house. he'll get about a ten minute break before enjoying the rest of the parade. this parade can run for hours. at this rate it's going to be a long one. >> jon karl? >> reporter: we're about five, six blocks away from the trump international hotel. i am now told definitively that
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donald trump is in the backseat of the limousine with melania just to make that clear. this route is filled with history, all the presidents that have come down here. we'll be passing as we mentioned the trump international hotel. i can see the tower, of course, building.old post office down a little further on the other side of the street is the willard hotel which is the hotel abraham lincoln stayed in for several days before he was inaugurated in and moved into the white house as the 16th president. you know, we're passing the canadian embassy over here. the museum. this is the street that connects the center of power of the capitol with the white house and so remarkable to think donald trump's hotel stands almost exactly at the midpoint between the u.s. capitol building and the white house. when he bought that building by the way, he put out a huge sign
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out front, trump coming in 2016. that was far before he was planning to run for president but the hotel opened in 2016. >> jon we should point out that hotel a point of some controversy in a couple of different ways. some suggesting having foreigners puts the president in violation of the clause of the constitution and administered by the general services administration, the lease of that hotel prohibits an office holder from holding it. >> it says in black and white, george, that the hotel may not be run by somebody who is a federal government employee. so that is a clear violation of that contract. now, donald trump has turned control of his company over to his sons but it is still his company. >> cokie roberts, jon karl mentioned how this route is such a historic route. when presidents choose to make real statements by how they handle it. >> they do.
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this military presence, the security presence really started with lincoln because he was in tremendous danger when he came here and in fact, one young woman standing on the route, the parade route later wrote, one of the ladies near us said there goes the illinois ape, the app ligsist but he will never come back alive. that fear was there that day and been there for presidents ever since. so this joy that has always been mixed with this concernment. >> these motor kads, george, living in washington, d.c., it's never like this except for every four years, but there is never a moment when there is a motorcade that i don't turn and look. if others don't look when the president goes by, what is the matter with you? you have to look and respect that office. it becomes routine here but not to me. >> it doesn't become routine to
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presidents. we were just talking about george h.w. bush. i love the stories he used to tell of how great it felt to look out from that limo and know the minute you catch eyes with somebody on the side, y light them up. >> remember seeing gerald ford in 1976 and just meeting the eyes of the president meant so much to me as a kid. it's interesting. the one thing is, he does not get out and walk some of the parade route, he will have been the first president since jimmy carter not to have done so. jimmy carter did so pointedly to show he was one of the people, invoked a tradition that was begun by thomas jefferson. when he walked back to his boarding house after his inauguration. but every president since jimmy carter has done that. >> amy robach, we're watching the motorcade right now. you're still at the mall. been talking with supporters all day long and hoping for that moment with the president. >> reporter: absolutely.
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you know, it was really interesting watching everyone's emotions on the mall today. i just loved looking out and seeing so many young people and one of my favorite moments of the day was talking to that group of high school students from kentucky. they were all there wanting to see democracy take place and it was cute because some were trump supports and most were not. yet, they were all the best of friends, flew on a plane together to come watch history happen and they could put their political differences aside and just celebrate the fact that we are living in a nation where we can all be together on the mall in the nation's capital and enjoy our democratic process and it's important to point out that absolutely was taking place in many ways, in many families, friend groups here today and across the nation on a day we're seeing protests in the streets and unrest. there was a lot of unity on the mall today as well. that was a beautiful sight to see and so many people as you see gathering here in this
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nation's capital to watch history being made and of course, waiting to see if president trump will step out of that vehicle with his wife melania and then you see the signs like that where you have people voicing their opinion in the democracy we live in but peacefully for the most part. it's been a beautiful day. for me watching everyone come together and be side by side, hundreds of thousands of people gathering, not as big of a showing as expected but still a peaceful and respectful day. >> unity and support of the democracy where everyone can say what they think and feel. we hope without any fear of retributi retribution. matthew dowd, we're going to talk about -- you have been close to presidents in the past. donald trump has been famous for an awful long time. famous for most of his adult life. but this is different. when you're president, almost every encounter you have for the
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person you meet is the most important part of their day, month and year. >> he's been a public personality through his entire adult life. >> see the secret service. go ahead. >> he's been a public personality his entire life, so he's used to some of this. but the idea now that any specific interaction, whether he touches somebody, hands a pencil over, writes a letter, every piece of that is a part of history. the other thing i wanted to mention is once he took that oath of office, went through the capitol and got in that presidential limousine the bubble hdened around him and his ability to act and react and have personal privacy and all those things is forever changed in his life. >> i was talking to president obama and he talked about the bubble, how the bubble overtime can make you a less effective president even though he was saying he thought he got more effective over the eight years. that bubble closes in on you every day and every week. we saw movement here.
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you see many more secret service agents surround the car, the presidential limo. usually a sign that the president is going to get out pretty soon. jon karl, a lot of activity now. >> reporter: a lot of activity right now. he's not going to get out on that block. huge amounts of anti-trump protesters lining the left side of pennsylvania avenue. many of them holding signs about russia, some very unflattering things about the president-elect. the president. but now we are just, george, about two and a half blocks from the trump international hotel and as i suspect, that will be where he gets out. >> jon you have been on that route the whole time. do you have any sense of kind of the division between supports and protesters there? >> reporter: it's been -- it was primarily supporters until we hit that two block range. not a lot of supporters. it's a small crowd compared to
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previous inaugurations. i don't know if these because security has been so intense here and people have had to go through multiple security check points to get to the parade route but it's been primarily supporters until we have gotten to this point. now if you pan the camera back over to this side, you see again more anti-trump protesters on this side. they are quite vocal. >> no question. those signs are really something? >> you said earlier how donald trump is an optics guy. he looked the part. think about this crowd and think about the divided america. we talked about the noise of the racial divide, this is the whisper of the racial divide in america. think back to when president obama took office for the first time. how diverse therowd was. you saw the rainbowf america. today this looks like the ice cream of america. right? it is an overwhelmingly white audience. donald trump clearly is the
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president of blue collar america. you talked about the forgotten people. there are a lot of folk who we'll see today and feel forgotten because they don't see themselves in the audience. >> we're talking about russia before. a lot of signs about russia. >> that has been the controversy that accompanies him into the oval office. there is an active fbi investigation at least until he is president of the united states calls it off. >> he hasn't sai he's going to do that. >> but he certainly has the power if he wants to. that is one of the sources of opposition. i want to get to the support. going out to wisconsin this week and throughout the country during the course of the campaign he's an interesting -- he's got an interesting charisma. a billionaire with blue collar charisma and he has a hard-wired connection with millions of americans who say i get it, he's a rich guy. but if he walked in this room i
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would feel comfortable with him. held probably be drinking a miller lite. >> that was almost a magic trick for a politician to pull that off. we're seeing the motorcade continue up pennsylvania avenue. we have heard just about everything happens on twitter right now and we have heard from the former president. he says hi, back to the original handle. is this thing still on. michelle and i are off on a quick vacation and then back to work. approaching now the hotel. lara, he is getting close. >> reporter: he is getting close, george, but they are not moving very quickly. i will say they have picked up the pace. earlier the secret service had to slow down because they were walking too fast. they were getting ahead of trump's car. but now they have picked up the pace a little bit. i wanted to give you trivia. who had the largest parade of any president? >> wasn't barack obama? >> it was not. i stumped george stephanopoulos.
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1953 dwight einher, 73 band 59 floats, 5,000 civilians and not nearly that big, that would take a very long time today. it does appear we will have a sighting of president trump. he is in fact getting out of the car as we speak. >> the door is opening. jon karl you're right there and we see the president. >> reporter: yep, there he is getting out of the left side waving. a lot of the supporters on this part of the parade route. melania out of the car as well. their son barron. amazing moment. >> he's giving a little wave, too. >> yeah, a little wave. >> i'm 10 years old. >> he's a tall 10 years old. >> he really is a tall
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10-year-old. >> got a tall mom and tall dad. >> yes, he does. >> sweet. >> and we got the older children on the parade as well. they're all going to be sleeping in the white house tonight. jon? >> reporter: george, he is exactly one block away from his hotel. he's incredibly proud of this place. i did an interview with him in the hotel when it was still a construction project. the way this happens, this is the old post office building. it had been vacant for almost a decade. simply unused. there was a big, you know, effort to do something with it. decided to put it up to bid. the trump organization won the bid and opened the hotel. when they first began construction on it, i did an interview with him about it and asked him about running for president. he still talks about that interview because i took it seriously, the possibility he could run for president and very few people were.
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i'm not even sure he was taking it all that seriously. but there he is walking down pennsylvania avenue about to cross his hotel, not to go to his hotel but to keep going five blocks further to the white house. >> on his way to his new home. and there you see the crowds right there. lara spencer on the scene. >> reporter: george, he is a stone's throw away and what do you know, approaching the trump international hotel as we speak. about to come upon it. jon karl you said it best, he is so very proud of this business venture. and has to be so proud of this moment as you can hear the cheers far more positive than negative. for president trump and making his way over here. let's see how it goes. >> just don't jump out there. a lot of secret service there lara, but do your best. >> reporter: i'm trying, george, you know it. so close and yet so far i'm
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afra afraid. >> that may be it. made it just about to the hotel. but it does look like he's going to be heading back. into the limo right now to make his way to the reviewing stand. >> reporter: kbri don't know ifu saw ivanka, all of the children and grandchildren just came out at that corner of pennsylvania boulevard not quite in front of for a quick moment and the e channg has begun us >> and that hotel, pride and joy of ivanka as well and the president so proud of his daughter for all the work she put into that hotel, gives her the credit for the design and decoration of the whole place. there we see ivanka right there. and so much security here on inauguration day. the president now getting back
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in that car, riding a little longer heading up to the white house. en he arrives he'll go to the reviewing stand, watch the bands go by before tonight's inaugurals. might go into the white house first and freshen up a bit. it's been a long day for the president. so exciting. lara, we're watching you give him a wave. you weren't able to shake his hand. >> reporter: i just got a thumbs up. you missed the moment, george. it was magical. he just passed his hotel and thumbs up. >> all right. we're going to let you go right now. thanks for joining us as we keep an eye on the president heading towards the white house right now. martha raddatz, the world is quiet on this inauguration day. >> the world has been pretty quiet. there's some reaction from around the world, congratulations, but that's --
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the russians heavily congratulating him. the former president of mexico saying america was great until he got there, until donald trump got there. but the world has been pretty quiet. as you know, george, we were talking about earlier, there were fears that north korea might try to launch the missile today to start -- to send a message to donald trump. that could still happen in the coming days but pretty quiet as people watch and wonder what all this means. >> matthew dowd, the president got in a famous dispute with the pope during the campaign and ceived a congratulations from the pope. today pope francis saying i offer you my good wishes and all mighty got will grant you wisdom and strength. under your leadership may america's stature be meshed above all but its concern for the poor, the outcast and those in need who stand before our
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door. >> interesting the pope's message who always is a humble man, obviously heads the catholic church but also is very politically savvy and many of the things he said hasn't been any director confrontation with donald trump but there's an underlying message of pay attention to the world, the needy, the refugees in this. one thing before donald trump spoke at the inauguration, i thought he might do which was what pope francis did when he became pope and said pray for me. i thought that would have been actually a good moment for donald trump to try to copy that but he didn't. >> not in that speech. the president, also hearing from the prime minister of israel. saying congrats, looking forward to working with you to make israel stronger than ever. president trump has made a promise that other presidents have made saying he's going to move the embassy to jerusalem,
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the u.s. embassy to jerusalem. that would be seen as an explosive move in the region. so far no word if he's going to follow through on that. >> that will take a while for sure. the reason it's so explosive is because that would probably do in the idea of the two state solution, the palestinians feel that jerusalem is partly theirs and if yo put the embassy there that sends a very strong message. >> presidential candidates promised to back away pretty quickly. no one knows what president trump will do. >> there have been reports in jerusalem that transition officials were scouting out locations. >> the question is when, how, where. >> next to the u.s. consulate in jerusalem. >> as we said, that would be something. no announcement of that on day one. and the president, we have been talking about what kind of actions he might take day one.
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he stuck to mostly ceremonial executive orders so far. he actually signaled that himself at times. that's when the real work begins. tomorrow the president suggested that he wanted to visit the cia but the director mike pompeo has not yet been confirmed by the senate. we're not sure what's happening with that yet as we keep our eyes on those crowds for the president. seems to have calmed down jon karl, now passing before more supporters. >> reporter: yeah. they have calmed down. we're getting very close to the white house george. solid block of trump supporters. a few scattered protesters. i saw a guy with a sign that said she got more votes. i think i know what he was referring to. but it's -- there are a lot of enthusiastic trump supporters out here and a fair number of protesters. but overall, an incredibly
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modest sized crowd for a inaugural parade. >> your first one was george w. bush in 2001? >> yeah. 2001 after the extended recount of the supreme court playing a role in ending that recount and making george w. bush the president. there was so much tension andy vision in the country that the parade route was really lined with protesters. almost as many protesters as there were supporters. even though when bush came into office he was actually more popular than trump is at this point. >> about 20 points more popular than president trump. right now we'll see what happens with that in the days and weeks after this inauguration. >> reporter: george, we are about to take the turn up 15th street, pennsylvania avenue kind of takes a bit of a jog. we're going to pass the willard hotel which i mentioned is where
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abraham lincoln stayed before he was inaugurated. the white house is right over to my left. so we are coming very close to the final turn in this parade. >> okay. as the president's car makes the turn, we have video coming in right now of a different kind of scene a few blocks away from the parade route. we're told this is -- there you see a car burning there. that's on kay street. in washington, d.c. these protests have been about several blocks away from the parade route. i see david kerley. can you hear me? >> reporter: yep. >> what's happening there? >> reporter: i hear you, george. the police moved on these protesters who ignited two vehicles. two vehicles have been ignited. the fire folks just moved in and you can see the firefighters
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just starting to work on this fire. the police have moved off their line they have been at for an hour and a half. once the protesters started the fire here they made the perimeter larger so the firefighters could put out the vehicle fires. luckily the gas tanks did not go on these vehicles. it has been a standoff for about an hour and a half. we are about six blocks north of the parade route. i'm guessing that police were waiting until the president passed the street six blocks to the south before they move. but the protesters forced their hand by igniting these two vehicles which you can see. the fire is out and we're seeing the smoke from the two vehicles. they did move the protesters back so the firefighters could get in. over the past hour and a half the crowd diminished by about half. >> david, i don't know if you can hear me, but with all the police around, how are the protesters able to set those cars on fire?
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>> reporte >> reporter: the police set up a block on the street and were holding their line and the protesters had been moving back and forth on kay street. they had access to this vehicle and actually there have been some protesters on top of the vehicle about 45 minutes ago and then somebodyt jus decided to go as you can see if we come back up here now if the police are not going to move, the protesters had filled the street with several trash cans and now police and fire trying to move them out of the way. once the fire started in those vehicles, police moved their perimeter so the firefighters could get in. now trying to clear the street. the protesters have moved into the square. this is frankly square as i said. we are about six blocks north of the parade route. >> so the police are giving them space just trying to contain them in that area?
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>> reporter: that's what it appears to me, george. that better here than down at the parade route. that's why we had the standoff for an hour and a half. then when they made the move on the vehicles the police had to make the move so they could put the -- >> as we keep an eye on the presidential parade, jon where are you right now? >> reporter: we're passing the treasury building. it's right next to the white house. a short while we'll be making the final turn on to the last stretch of pennsylvania avenue in front of the white house where the big reviewing stand is. it's the section of pennsylvania avenue that is now completely closed to vehicle traffic due to security concerns but open for these vehicles. the presidential limo and this
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parade. the treasury building right here. interesting the big signs he's passing over include a sign of harriet tubman and the $20 bill. the first african-american woman to be on a an american currency. >> you talk about the security. we've seen a real evolution in security and the first barriers were put up on pennsylvania avenue after the oklahoma city bombings back in the 1990's. martha, with each passing year it gets more intense. it does and after ni9/11 it became incredibly intense and remains. they have built embassies around the world. you go to the state department and you can't get anywhere near that either because you have barriers as well. but security all over the city. we have gotten used to it and we know how long it takes to get some place.
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but donald trump has great respect for the secret service. he had a couple of incidents, probably more than a couple on the campaign. i can remember one where they had to rush him off the stage. he ducked a little bit but he said they tell me where to go, i'm going to do it. >> i don't know if tom llamas is still with us. tom, the president is used to having body guards and is even taking his personal body guard into the oval office with him. >> reporter: the main difference between that situation and the secret service is that the private security guards would do whatever trump would say. they would surround him and his campaign people and say don't go here. if you saw supporters before the secret service got involved he would make a bee line of the supporters. he loves to be surrounded by people who love him and sign autographs. i remember he signed a woman's upper shoulder area during a campaign rally. he would sign photos of himself,
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sign trump -- the board game. he would love doing things like that and when the secret service got involved for him it was difficult to get used to because he likes to do what he wants to do and with the secret service it's very hard to do that. i could tell just moments ago when he was outside walking by the hotel by his hotel, i'm sure he would have loved to get into that crowd at least shake a few hands, at least thank those supporters up close because he would always take the time to thank the supporters who had waited for hours. he did appreciate all the people who would wear those red hats, make america great again and wait for hours. a lot of times in freezing temperatures to support him. he's getting out again. a moment like this is something he loves and now he could be closer to the people. we'll seef gcloser. >> jon karl, he i getting out again. tom mentioned that donald trump is a germaphobe. >> reporter: there was a time he
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simply didn't want to shake hands, called it a disgusting habit at one point but long before he decided to run for president, he overcame that. here we're on -- this is the part of pennsylvania avenue called pennsylvania plaza, lafayette park is coming up soon. the official reviewing stand. this is a part where to get here you really had to have tickets to attend this. there's not a single protester i could see in sight here. this is a very friendly crowd for him. >> cecilia vega what can you see. >> reporter: it's interesting to me what donald trump will see is a huge section of empty bleachers and i'm struck by the fact this is the area he chose to get out of his car if in fact he's going to walk the way to his seating area in front of the white house. i'm directly in front of the white house. the crowds hear the president coming and


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