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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  January 20, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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i'm eric thomas. and i'm dan ashley, live in washington, d.c. a lot is happening right here in this city on president trump's first day. let me catch you up on some of the latest headlines here in washington. in just the past couple of hours we got our first look at donald trump inside the oval office. he signed his first executive order as president. an order for federal agencies to ease the burden of president obama's sweeping health care law. we're working to get more details on what that order actually means. it comes after congress voted for a full repeal act. stay tuned for that. president trump's two cabinet nominees were sworn in, james mattis, and general kelly as homeland security secretary. earlier today, the senate confirmed both nominations earlier in this day.
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a busy, busy day in washington. the parade is now over, there are three inaugural balls happening in washington, d.c. you are looking live at one of them. two are open to the public and will be attended by thousands of people. the other is by invitation only. the president and vice president and their wives will attend all three events making appearances at all of them. it has been a day filled with celebration after taking the oath and giving his inaugural speech. president trump joined lawmakers from both sides of the aisle for the traditional inaugural lunch. house minority speaker nancy pelosi congratulated and spoke to the president. >> these are words and actions that will face the judgment of history and are part of a long heritage of our democracy. >> reporter: now, it has been a day of celebration but as you have seen here in washington and around the country also a day of
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protest. but a lot of people came from the bay area to be a part of this inauguration. and we had a chance to spend some time with them today. what did you think of the president's speech? >> i thought it was good. i think he is talking to all market now and is the leader for all of america. >> was it moving to you in some ways? >> yes, very much, a very patriotic thing to listen to the president and see the inauguration and the people, the people were great, the crowd was amazing. >> reporter: why are you here 3,000 miles from home today? >> i'm here to honor our new president. >> what did you think of the speech, the inauguration? >> i thought it was fantastic, we're going to make america great again. >> reporter: everyone here very relieved that the rain held off the inauguration. i have been talking to people who came from all parts of the country including a lot of people from the bay area. some diehard trump supporters, some not so much. but everybody i spoke to was
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very glad they came. what was your impression as a democrat being here on the public inauguration? >> i think ultimately he is our president. right? i mean, that is the whole purpose of democracy, you vote in an election, no one ever said you're going to get your choice. but the majority decides. and we have him for four years and we have to abide by that decision. >> a lot of people in our area don't support donald trump for president. what would you say to them on this inauguration? >> i would say give him a chance, he is a very smart person, okay, he didn't get to where he is by being dumb. i think a lot of people fear some of the rhetoric he says but a lot of it is taken out of context. i think he will bring a lot of common sense values to the white house and will just do a good job. >> reporter: a lot of people do fear the rhetoric they have heard from donald trump which is why so many people came to washington to protest this inauguration, at least 200 arrests here and protests
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happening around the country and certainly many back in the bay area as well, some turning violent at times. but all in all, the day went very smoothly, $100 million in security buys you security so everybody here was kept safe. in the meantime, as soon as the inauguration was over, things changed dramatically for two men, donald trump and barack obama, now private citizens, obama and michelle obama's plane landed a short time ago today in southern california. at riverside's march air reserve base they were supposed to land at palm springs airport about an hour ago but they could not because of a storm moving through. this landing in riverside was a bit of a challenge because the base lost power in the storm. the obamas plan to spend a week on vacation in california, and then move back to washington, d.c. to live in the covet kalorama neighborhood where they bought a house. unusual for a former president to live in washington after leaving office.
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they will stay there while their oldest daughter, malia, finishes high school. so again, a very full day in washington, turning into a very full and busy night as those who came here to celebrate the inauguration of president trump are attending three major balls going on in the city. i'll be back a little later in the hour but a lot more to share with you. we talked to democrats and republicans and how they feel about this change in washington. much more to come, but for now we'll send it back to you in san francisco. >> all right, dan, thank you. we'll see you again. and here in the bay area the inauguration has sparked numerous demonstrations. >> in san francisco, there were several protests going on at the same time. abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow followed streets that were blocked. >> reporter: the crowd gathered at the u.n. plaza is now on the move. take a look, you can see hundreds of people marching here
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on market street making their way to the castro. and you can see they have signs and flags. they're playing music and chanting. earlier today we have video to show you from when this crowd gathered at u.n. plaza at about 5:00 this evening. this was after the sky opened up and there was quite a bit of rain. but that didn't stop these people coming out again with their signs. they were organized, speaking and sharing their viewpoints. we talked to a couple of people about why they decided to show up tonight. >> i am here tonight because i refuse to accept the indignity that comes with a president that represents me as a woman and yet saying such disrespectful things. i also came here tonight because my dad is an immigrant, i also came here because my dad is an immigrant and i think disrespectful statements are unacceptable. >> anger and frustration.
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i think the fact there has been foreign interference in our election is really troubling and i'm afraid it will be swept under the rug now that he has taken office and that is a threat to our democracy. >> reporter: there were orders to disperse at 16th and 7th street, linking themselves together at the caltrans tracks. local officers had to lift the people off the tracks, while the caltrans workers cut the chains around them after the protesters would not move. back now you can see the protesters gathered at the plaza, they are behind me headed to the market street on the castro. this is one of several peaceful protests that we've seen today in san francisco. i can tell you there are several law enforcement officers around this evening but they have not had to step in. they say so far this has been a peaceful protest.
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live in san francisco, melanie woodruff, abc 7 news. thank you, melanie, and the wet weather didn't stop a group of protesters in oakland marching, they protested at 14th and clay street. one protester told abc 7 news she was disappointed that the crowd was not bigger. >> protesters gathered outside the immigration office in san francisco. tensions rose a built, but officers moved in and the protesters ended peacefully. and causing headaches at the port of oakland today, it began shortly after the workers didn't report for work, and it caused one shipping terminal to close. truckers were backed up for hours. >> what hurt us is one of the terminals closed down. we got a lot of loads that we could not get done today. >> long shore workers were vocal
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opponents of president trump, the port will resume operations later on today. and police are watching to make sure other events are not out of hand, live from franco gawa plaza. >> reporter: the rally is on the move, we're trying to keep up with them after they moved from frank ogawa plaza. the police saw them turn down 58th. there is a large opd presence out here. the rain has made a difference in the size of the crowd, but there still appears to be a lot of people out here marching. let me show you the video from earlier today. >> we do this for the power for the people, man. >> reporter: around a thousand people protested in inauguration of donald trump, shut down broadway and oakland, marchers then rallied at frank ogawa
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plaza, where many expressed themselves at the mike event. we heard from women on minority rights and the environment. meanwhile, other groups such as socialists alternative and "black lives matter" set up booths to help spread their messages. >> i am also a science teacher, so to put somebody in charge of the epa who has opposed the epa, opposed regulation. i am really afraid. >> mass movements are going to be necessary to stop trump's attacks, mobilizing people in the streets to protest, get organized in the work place, eventually have strikeouts, school walkouts, things like that. >> reporter: as i said there are a lot of oakland police officers at the ready. opd says their staffing levels are full tonight. the demonstrations have been peaceful that we witnessed out here today. back live, we'll catch up with
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the march. be sure to stay with us on abc 7. >> all right, katie, thank you very much. and turns to the weather another round of rain is fast approaching. yeah, time to catch up with meteorologist sandyha patel has more. >> reporter: right now scattered showers continue, as we close to the south bay, we're seeing littlet light for moderate showers right now. and castro valley, from clayton area, concord, look at what is showing up over the hills, mount hamilton. as we head into tonight, wet roads like you see here in fairfield, flood warning continues for central sonoma county. creeks overflowing, and flood warnings continue in the south
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bay, one tonight, the other through monday, we'll see more flooding concerns with the next storm coming. i'll let you know how much longer you need the rain gear. and red state values in a blue state, coming up, the bay area gala, and the people attending are not shy about showing their colors. and spanning the golden gate, the message these p over 1,000,000 californians have gotten something that's been out of reach for far too long: health insurance. how? they enrolled through covered california. it's the health insurance marketplace where you'll find a range of plans from leading health insurance companies that offer you the best combination of quality, rates, and benefits. and, through covered california, you may get financial help to pay for coverage. to get covered, you've got to get going. open enrollment ends january 31st. visit today.
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live from santa rosa with the festivities there. >> reporter: worth noting that in sonoma county, only 22% of the population voted for donald trump. and yet, guess who is celebrating? it begins in about 15 minutes. >> reporter: it will be a victory celebration that nobody expected except perhaps the people themselves. >> i came into the office and got a sense of things going on that the media was not going on. >> reporter: so here is the sonoma county republican party in a partying mood in santa rosa. >> republicans are thrilled to be able to come to a room where they can all talk and not be abused. >> reporter: that would be a recurring theme in the north bay, beginning this morning in sonoma county where 15% of the public voted for him. when people were here, they didn't want the media inside for fear of talk by neighbors. >> we don't want people to hate us or decide not to talk with us
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any more. there is a lot of that that is going on with our friends and colleagues. they're just like oh, my god, you support trump, what a jerk you are. >> reporter: they are birds of a political feather, flocking together. >> there are a lot more of us than you can imagine. >> reporter: and showing day one of the presidency on the left coast, where the victorious minority is guarded. at the tables, they were set for 170 people, twice the number they expected. they say not a dime of that is going back to washington. it's staying here. live in santa rosa, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. thank you, wayne, a peaceful demonstration brought thousands to the golden gate bridge. organizers wanted to show that unity is the strongest bridge of all. alyssa harrington has more snow
6:17 pm
it's very exciting to be a part of it. >> reporter: as president trump was sworn into office, thousands in san francisco gathered on the golden gate bridge and linked arms. this was a show of unity. >> all the reasons you were unhappy or didn't like the results it was about goodness coming together. >> we're trying to show that love trumps hate, and we're stronger together and don't get anything by violence. >> reporter: video from sky 7 shows roughly 35 people forming a human chain that nearly stretched the entire span of the bridge. the peaceful event was organized as a performance art piece. >> i hope those of us with this type of attitude can group together and make political change to make it a more inclusive country. >> reporter: you will notice a
6:18 pm
lot of protesters wearing the color purple, saying this is a symbol of both party colors, mixed together. the same group is skeptical of the president and his promise to make america great again. >> i think it's pretty great right now. and i think the people who were here at the demonstration also believe that it's a great place right now. and we don't need him. >> reporter: the event closed pthe one by the particular centr and vista point. they have opened since. in san francisco, alyssa harrington, abc 7 news. we just got new information about a levee break from last week still causing problems in hollister, this is sky 7 showing forced evacuations, and emergency crews were there because of the rising in the lover's lane area. san benito area members say they
6:19 pm
needed more help from the state. and the fire department tweeted these photos of hail accumulated along south cliff area today. the fire department was called to help clear some of the flooding that happened when the ice blocked some storm drains. now, your accuweather forecast with sandhya patel. >> good evening, still after active scene here, i'll show you on the street radar, moderate right now across 280 skyland boulevard as we head across 92 there. into the east bay, dublin, 580 some light rain. we're tracking light returns to petaluma as we go into street level radar. if you're expecting somebody at sfo they report the delays to almost two hours. you can see the conditions are slick there. mid-40s to low 50s right now
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from san francisco to oakland, here is another live picture from the kgo roof camera. the trees are still swaying, it's still breezy in some spots, tonight is a good night to stay in and perhaps have a bowl of soup. the chill is with us as this was a cold system and that is why we found the snow on mount hamilton. scattered showers continuing into tomorrow morning, the next storm, tomorrow night, into sunday morning if you're planning things. downpours and gusty winds expected during that time period. we have a high surf warning with a potential for rip currents, the surf warning will remain in effect until 4:00 p.m. tomorrow. level two, a moderate two string storm saturday night into sunday. heavy rain, flooding expected. some of our hill tops could get as much as five inches by monday. strong gusty winds, watch out for trees and power lines going down, high wind warning pretty much covers everyone saturday
6:21 pm
into sunday, 40 to 50 miles an hour wind gusts with stronger gusts over the terrain. flash flood watch, as the ground is saturated. it wouldn't take much to cause flooding, more ponding, creeks rising quickly. this is midnight, until 6:00 p.m. sunday. 4:00 saturday, you can get out and about. a few scattered showers, as you notice, 7:00, the main system moving onshore, widespread light to moderate rain saturday night. getting heavier, sunday morning. don't be surprised if you hear the rain coming down. you will notice the santa cruz mountains getting heavy rain. east bay, south bay, still raining, scattered showers for the rest of the sunday afternoon into the evening. could still be brief downpours so don't be surprised and there is a potential for isolated thunderstorms that could pop up. rainfall totals, right on through sunday night. one to two inches common.
6:22 pm
you can always download the abc 7 news app to help you track this third storm coming in this weekend. tomorrow morning, a few showers, temperatures in the 40s, tomorrow afternoon, still slick roads out there for your plans, temperatures in the 50s. here is your accuweather seven-day forecast. the third storm coming in saturday night into sunday, a two, before that scattered showers, we'll call it a light system one on saturday. one on monday, just left over for the sunday storm. you dry out, hang up the umbrellas tuesday through friday. and get ready to pull out the shades. >> thanks's sandhya. >> all right, difficult for us. we got in the front. >> hopes, dreams and fears,
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and watch it offline. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. download the xfinity tv app today. it was a divisive election, but did today's election bring the country today? >> yeah, eric, you know we went to pier 39 in san francisco, a place where tourists and locals get together, thinking we may find a broad spectrum of opinions. and we found them. >> i'm sad, it's a sad day, but we're going to get through it. we always do. >> i like the fact we have trump as our next president. >> and what did he say that rang true to you?
6:26 pm
>> that he is giving the power back to the people where it belongs. >> i hope they do something for everyone, not only american, i think we are a community. we are a community. >> i mean, the american people always are resilient. so either way i think we'll be just fine. >> of course that is the same message former president obama has been conveying. we have been down this road before. eric and ama. >> all right, kristen, thank you very much. much more ahead from dan ashley live ahead in washington, d.c. >> reporter: well, that is right eric, thank you very much. a lot happening here, a very busy day coming up you will hear from democratic lawmakers from the bay area and what they feel about the transition of power. >> anxious, and concerned and depressed. >> what they're promising if the new administration follows through on some of president trump's promises.
6:27 pm
>> thank you, dan, also coming up, it's party time for bay area trump
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live, where you live, this is abc 7 news. and history was made in washington this morning. good evening, again, i'm ama dietz. and i'm eric thomas as we continue to bring you team coverage to today's inauguration of president trump. i'm dan ashley, live in washington, d.c., where the 45th president of the united states took the oath of office here behind me and addressed a crowd of thousands on the national mall telling them he will be a president for all the people. >> so to all americans in every city near and far, small and large, from mountain to mountain, from ocean to ocean, hear these words. you will never be ignored again. >> it was not the reception many had hoped for on the streets of
6:31 pm
washington, d.c. protesters clashed with police on the streets near the inauguration parade group. officers lobbed tear gas and made about 200 arrests, widespread vandalism. and president trump paid tribute to his former opponent, hillary clinton. and he asked dignitaries to give secretary clinton and her husband, former president bill clinton, a standing ovation. >> and honestly, there is nothing more i can say, i have a lot of respect for those two people. so thank you all for being here. >> the clintons attended the event along with former president bush, and president h.b. bush was too sick to attend, recovering in texas. and the delegation is making
6:32 pm
up for mostly democrats. >> this is a wake-up call because the efforts that will be made in the first year of the trump presidency are going to be diabolical. >> there was no question how bay area congressional leaders feel about working with president trump. >> this is a guy who is completely and fundamentally unfit for office. who is a demagogue, a bigot, who will try to divide our country and take is backward in lots of ways. >> they have been flooded with calls from people. >> i don't go to the grocery store that i'm not stopped by constituents, anxious, concerned and depressed. >> we don't always have answers, i can just tell them we're not helpless and anything that is going to be done by president-elect trump won't be met with us just lying on our backs and taking it. we're going to give him a fight. >> democrats say larger crowds
6:33 pm
are showing up at bay area community meetings, many people asking how they can help. >> this election has woken up the sentiments of people in the bay area and they realize how important citizenship is. >> we have to be a resistance movement to the donald trump era. he has proposed to really reshape the country as we know it. >> democrats say they're committed to fighting the president and republican-led congress on border and immigration restrictions, they are also planning to hang tough on any repeal of the affordable care act, or environmental regulations put in place during the obama presidency. many congressional leaders believe people in the bay area will lead the charge. >> i actually believe there will be more grass roots mobilization in the bay area and our community than we've ever seen before. well, president trump is already off to a fast start taking action on the affordable care act. so-called obamacare. signing an executive order to
6:34 pm
ease the burden on the obamacare policies. and we'll have to see what that entails. that is something of a shot across the bow for the democrats who vowed to fight so much on what trump talked about on the campaign trail. the country is far from united. and president trump has announced he will try to unite the party, but he has a long way to go. nevertheless, another day of pomp, and celebration, back to you. >> yeah, guys, what was the turnout at the inauguration? >> yeah, donald trump before he was sworn into office talked about massive crowds that would attend. it was very well attended. but not as many as anticipated. we did see a lot of empty seats, especially further back and even the vip section on the parade group was not filled at times. however were there were a lot of people here, at least probably 250,000 people. and there were not the big
6:35 pm
crowds expected, but it was not because of the rain, it was not bad. but many were shouting and jeering, but there were no problems during the ceremony itself. >> all right, dan, thank you very much. still to come, the bay area woman who was unfairly ticketed over and over again. and a real problem until her car was taken away. that is
6:36 pm
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6:38 pm
and this is a live look at the liberty ball in d.c. where the new president is speaking with the first lady. let's listen in. >> and we will. and we will. so now, it's a tremendous honor to have the first dance with melania. and we're going to be joined by our vice president, we're going to be joined by some very wonderful, wonderful children as we go along. they happen to be my children. and i just want to again, i want to thank everybody. we always felt we were going to do it. it's a movement like they have never seen anywhere at any time,
6:39 pm
anywhere in the world. this was a movement. and now, the work begins. now the work begins. there is no games, right? no games. right. we're not playing games. >> president trump with melania right there at the liberty ball, where they're supposed to have their first dance after the inauguration today. a bay area woman almost had her car taken away by authorities over a parking ticket. >> we hear the parking ticket didn't even belong to the woman. >> that is true, pretty amazing story. everything she did to convince the citation company didn't work, so she contacted 7 on your side. >> susan cole loves her mini cooper, even customized it to show off her british pride. the vanity plate was custom made. the plate came off her car which
6:40 pm
was also a mini cooper, she sold it in june. susan received this notice over a car she already sold. >> i sold it june 23rd, i got two citations sometime the end of july. >> she had this release of liability which clearly showed the car had already been sold when the ticket was received. >> the citation company did not seem to accept it because they sent me another citation with information about having problems with renewing my license and possibly impounding the car. >> and all she said, she received four notices of deliquency. >> they just kept sending me notifications. >> we reached out to the dmv, who contacted the department of public safety and the citation
6:41 pm
was cleared. we contacted the citation processing center in newport beach but they did not get back to us. we also asked stanford whether it had any checking and balances on the processing center and how the center is paid. the university declined to answer, susan says no matter what happened she was not going to give up the fight. >> and this is not my citation, i did not park there. >> if we ever hear back from the ticket processing center i will update this story. remarkable you can't fix that. >> the processing people -- >> all right. thank you. well, up next, all smiles, no protests. the bay area supporters who were not shy about supporting the inauguration. and trump has his first dance, let's take a live look at the
6:42 pm
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the inauguration of president trump turned this into an emotional day. happy for some, frustrating for others. >> and the sentiments were reflected in two different events today. abc 7 news reporter david louie
6:45 pm
shows us both sides. >> reporter: this is a celebration that started early and may go well into the night. supporters of donald trump had taken over the restaurant and wine bar in downtown campbell. they were trained on the tv to catch the events in washington. this man who identifies as a conservative and is an alternate on the conservative committee, says it's easier to be a supporter. >> i think it will be a lot easier, and i think he will gain support based on what i think he will do, and his background, he is a brilliant guy. >> however, more than 500 protesters marched in downtown san jose, concerned that the new administration won't embrace their concerns over immigration policies, lgbtq rights and other issues. >> i hope that the new president will hear the people. he is our new president. so we have to demand he fights
6:46 pm
injustice and doesn't take away our civil rights. >> reporter: the march began at caesar chavez park in san jose city hall, passing showers didn't slow their cause, a participant who declined to share her last name acknowledged their grievances may not get the attention in washington. >> i know we're listening to each other, but we're not the ones we need to convince. >> so how will you convince him? >> i don't know if we can convince him. all we can do is resist. >> in san jose, david louie, san jose. and a tree has come down on highway 17 near redwood estates. you see it right there. it hit a car, no one was hurt. the southbound lanes were shut down south of los gatos, one northbound lane was closed. we'll update you on the abc 7 news app. >> all right, let's talk to sandh sandhya. >> all right, not everybody is
6:47 pm
dealing with the wet weather but here it is, be we go to the str level around the south bay and evergreen, and east foothills, we're seeing light showers as well. winter storm warning until 4:00 a.m. monday, expecting four to six feet of snow above 4,000 with whiteout conditions, good idea to hold off on travel. next storm is a 2, rain heavy at times could lead to more flooding and strong gusty winds. the accuweather forecast, last storm, sunday, in between, a few showers then we dry out. >> all right, thank you, sandhya. larry with sports, what will you start with? >> how about warriors, a good place to start, they have been home for the last ten on the road. and houston, and kevin durant
6:48 pm
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now, abc 7 sports with larry biel. >> good evening, it's not the most burning question on this inauguration day, but if you wondered who scored the most points while obama was in office, it would be this
6:51 pm
gentleman, kevin durant. 1,099 of the points with the warriors in houston. and first quarter, look at kd put montrezl harrell in the torture chamber, kd with 22 as we speak, second quarter, draymond green, and dubs will build, james harden bringing the rockets back. euro-stepping and finishing in the lane, 15 points, 17 assists at the half for harden. steve kerr said he is like a linebacker going into this. and warriors lead at ten at that point. sam dekker proving to be a problem making life miserable for the dubs, 12 off the bench cut the lead to two. steph doing steph-like things, splash, 21 points, warriors opened up 91-73 in the third
6:52 pm
quarter. a lot of people around the league concerned that russell westbrook got snubbed. curry, westbrook and harden having a great year, one of them had to lose out. westbrook said the all-star game was not his priority. >> just the business of the game. i don't play for all-star. all-star this, i play to win championships, and every night i compete at a high level and you know, it will work out. >> well, believe it or not it's less than a month until pitchers and catchers report. today, the a's made it official announcing the signing of former giants closer santiago a $2 million, 11 year deal. the 36-year-old casilla made his
6:53 pm
major league debuts with the a's, before going to the giants and ending up with three world series rings. and what is happening on a daily basis with another 49ers gm candidate dropping out. today packers executive bowed out after his green bay colleague elliott wolf did the same thing yesterday. all right, the packers visit sunday. aaron rodgers is the hail king. in the playoff game, he made the miracle throw against the cowboys last week to set up the game-winning field goal. this is just ridiculous. rodgers says a lot of this stuff comes from growing up and watching the 49ers. >> it's like growing up in the street. you're playing joe montana and steve young throwing john taylor and jerry rice. the beauty is, it's never an out
6:54 pm
and out street ball. it's really on concepts that we know and run. >> meanwhile, pittsburgh and new england will play in the afc title game. patriots head coach bill belichick got shoutouts from president trump. today, belichick has asked if he was ever mentioned by a president before, and kind of mumbled in the typical belichick style. >> i don't know. >> any reaction to it? >> not really, we got a big game. >> we got a big game. that's all. >> well, it could get worse, remember nixon called in a play to george allen when the redskins -- >> it didn't work out too well. >> i'm saying, you don't want to follow. >> thanks, larry. >> join us tonight at 9:00 on coffee tv cable 13. by the president. rs just signed and then on abc 7 news at
6:55 pm
11:00, we're hearing about people evacuating again from the stormy weather. and let's go to dan ashley in washington, d.c. eric, ama, thank you very much. finally tonight. a few thoughts about what really matters. what a sense of occasion we witnessed behind me here today. two very different men who will be very different presidents, passing the baton of power from one administration to the next. i spoke with people today, republicans and democrats who share a sense of pride in the process, even if not this particular president in some instances. i heard from foreign visitors who left impressed by our peaceful transfer of power. and it has now been peacefully transferred. at least at the government level if not in the streets here in washington and the bay area and elsewhere across the country where protests continue. if president trump is to be the unifier he pledges to be he has a lot of ground to make up. the excitement his supporters country is matched by those who
6:56 pm
fought and voted to prevent this moment. but this moment has come nonetheless. donald trump is the commander in chief, the 45th president of the united states. what really matters on this inauguration day is that his supporters and his detractors have the chance to be heard. let me hear what you think. i always appreciate hearing from you, tell me what you think on facebook and twitter, @danashley. >> i'm eric thomas. and i'm ama dietz. and i'm dan ashley, live in washington, for sandhya patel, and the news team here with me, have a great night. see you again tonight at 11:00.
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