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tv   2020  ABC  January 20, 2017 10:01pm-11:01pm PST

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tonight, the president arrives. >> well, we did it. >> the first dance. ♪ i did it my way >> dancing and twirling with members of the military. the first night of a new moment in time. after a final wave good-bye. you're up to the minute all-access pass to the black tie balls of the newest member of the president's club. >> hear these words -- you will never be ignored again.
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>> pageantry on one side. protests on the other. and the voices of the people he's pledged to serve. >> my hope for the country. >> is to protect. >> bring us all together. >> now, the first family in the most famous house in the world. the inauguration of donald j. trump. and now, live from washington, d.c., david muir and elizabeth vargas. good evening, so glad you are with us tonight as we come to you from washington on this historic day. it's a night he is already celebrating with the first family. not surprisingly, to the tune of "my way." ♪ ♪ much more than this ♪ i did it my way >> his first dance was at the
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liberty ball tonight. and politician trying to rub shoulders with the commander in chief. he is the first billionaire to hold the job. >> and the first never to have certained in the military or position to serve. and tear gas, vandalism. six police officers are minor juries and protests expect the later. >> he fledged to give power back to the people. we will show you as well the fashion statements. i know you are really waiting for that. and a look at the new president's spoke. >> and we are
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bob woodward. let's go to cecilia. >> what a night. i got to tell you, the party is starting to find down. it was a party in here. and we started to spot a few make america great again hats. they were all waiting forhatt one moment, the first couple that takes center stage right there behind my. >> ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states and first lady. >> the first of tonight's three balls, the liberty ball. the first couple an hour behind schedule. >> we began this journey and they said we didn't have a chance but we knew we were going to win. we won.
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>> reporter: the dance to "my way" and in that dance, his signature move of thumbs up. when you're the new president, the last official duty on europe first day of office, enjoy yourself. president trump seemed to be fulfilling that obligation tonight. at times even singing along. they're joined by vice president mike pence and his wife karen and the older trump children. r&b singer opened the ball backed by the abundant life choir. ♪ they followed with a shrinky
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rendition of "mack the knife." the rockettes from new york city's radio city music hall helping kick off the festivities. also, sam moore still going strong at age 81. a muscular performance by michael flatly's lord of the dance. then it was on to the next event, the freedom ball where president and mrs. trump took another turn dancing to the sinatra song. ♪
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>> yeah, it was a family affair here tonight. this hall was packed of volunteers, delegates. loyal supporters here for this big victory party for them. and donald trump said now the fun begins when he was on the stage. tomorrow, the real work begins. >> all right, thank you so much. a lot of celebrating. >> all of the service members and the first responders wait lg more than five hours to get to see the president of the united states. and he addressed all of them, thanksing all of them for serving the country and also for voting for him.
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i like you for a lot of reasons and you voted for me. >> reporter: president trump told them two of their own would officially be joining their camp. >> general maddox was just approved by the senate. isn't that something? two generals. >> reporter: he spoke to the service members. the questions turned into admiration because of an awkward delay with the feed. >> i want to say congratulations. >> why can't all people be like that? six questions and six congratulationses. >> trump introduced his wife to the crowd and his wife made her first public remarks. >> thank you all for your service. i'm honored to be our first lady.
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we will fight, we will win. and we will make america great again. thank you. >> the trumps' final dance of the night was too a different tune. not "my way" but "i will always love you." and another big difference, the first couples joined by their families and the military representatives cut in. ♪ as the clock approached midnight, a power cake was wheeled out to cut like only a military member can get away with for the president, with a sword. was certainly a celebration, a festivity and a somber element to it. there was a white table left empty right across the room from here, those prisoners of war,
10:10 pm
missing in action. david, elizabeth? >> with he will turn to debra roberts. she is at the family's after party. >> that is right. the after party girl. this is where it wound down for the family. after the swearing in and the balls, the long day, they wind up here at the trump international hotel. kind of fitting for the family that is so accustomed to opulence and this is opulent. 200 plus rooms, three presidential suites that measure, get this, 6,000 square feet. the average suite goes for $25,000. they are going to come hire and have family time. inner circle, friends, family members, a tight, tight circle. probably kick off your v their shoes and just relax. take a champagne toast and save this moment, an extraordinary and historic day for the family.
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pretty fancy digs, a little fancier than the digs he has down the street at the white house, i have to tell you. maybe he will come here more often. >> donald trump has been asked about that, comparing the trump tower. he said the white house is the white house but perhaps he will spend time at the hotel behind you. a lot of headline, foreign leaders will stay there and now the president has addressed it in recent weeks saying they will donate some of the proceeds. >> it is a tricky subject. democrats will make a little of the fact this he could be violating a lease where an elected official is not supposed to profit from the building, he leases the building, he doesn't own it. when he does come here, it's probably likely to have a continue to have a stain in here and something that will cause moex to question. and might don't have a
10:12 pm
controversy until it's resolved. >> debra roberts at the trump hotel. headed to the party. all right, in the meantime, thanks -- >> i'm an after party girl. >> i know, i know. we've had fun. it's been a day of history and high drama here in washington as the trumps come to washington officially now. the president and new first family. on his way to at prayer service and president obama is seen in the oval office, leading a letter and part of the tradition. he and the trump, arrive at the white house. >> how are you? >> at the inauguration stage at the capital, a host of dignitaries arriving, jimmy and roslyn carter and george and laura bush and the president and
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president-elect share their ride to the capital ahead hillary clinton and hill clinton arriving at the capital. tweeting i'm here today to honor our democracy and its enduring values. and then the president-elect arri arrives, the camera, looking right into it and smiles. and the crowd, the 35 word oath of office. using two bibles, lincoln's a one his mother game him and then, the new president declares an ind of business as usual in washington. >> from this day forward, a new vision will govern our land. from this day forward, it's going to be only america first.
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america first. >> and then, that familiar rallying cry. >> together, we will make america great again. >> as millions watch the departing president boarding a waiting helicopter and a final wave from the new president before the obamas take off. 1:10 a.m. and now president trump signing his first official documents surrounded by his family. so his son caught playing peekaboo and president trump greeting democrats and republicans and among the people in the room, secretary of state hillary clinton. the president singling her out. >> i was honor. very honored when i heard president bill clinton and hillary clinton were coming today. and i would like you to stand up. i would like you to stand up.
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>> the whirlwind day continues with the inaugural parade. trump's motor kad from the capital building to the white house. to the delight of so many supporters. they step out of the armored vehicle, bachking until the glory on his first day of president. >> we want to turn on experts on what is happening and look at the unspoken messages. mark is a presidential historian and a director of the lbj library and christikristen is a political writer. we heard terms that people had never heard before. >> an education system flush with cash but leaves our young and beautiful students deprived of all knowledge. and the crime, and the gangs.
10:16 pm
and the drulgs 245 have stolen the country and this american carnage starts right nhere and stops right now. american carnage. that is strong. >> not used to be an inauguration speech. >> he has talked about fighting the establishment and getting the power back to the people. >> he paints a dark picture of where america is now. but in donald trump's mind, it's an optimistic message. we are going to be moving to a brighter future. people who are forgotten in communities with rusted factories or in schools where kids get no knowledge, he will
10:17 pm
get that, and make america great again. the question, can he live up to the promise? >> another moment, millions were watching and that was hillary clinton keeping her promise to attend the inauguration. having won the popular vote and losing the presidency and here she was inside the capital and you can see, the camera was right there. she took deep breaths before emerging to the capital platform and smiling for the crowd. that was really something. >> we saw two donald trumps today. the popular one and the fiery speech and then we saw donald trump a very gracious man extending his hand to his former opponent. >> that was in fact the luncheon. in the speech, he didn't make any mention of her siting eight feet away from him. >> the very fact they were there says something aut our democracy. he campaigned under the platform
10:18 pm
of making america great again. that is what makes america great. the continuity and the transfer of power. >> that is what she was getting at in her tweet. she had tweeted just as she arrived. >> she wanted to make a statement mmpl democracy matters and i can't imagine being in hillary clinton's shoes, having to work so much in your adult life to be the first women president. have it not work out and in this unusual way to this unusual candidate. good for her and coming and putting on a brave face to celebrate. >> it was nice that president trump with us so gracious. >> thank you. it's been a long day for everybody here. we are looking forward to the politics and fashion. melissa rivers is here to talk
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ask your doctor about entresto. and help make the gift of tomorrow possible. mr. trump? no, he is president trump. >> i hope that you protect the rights of women, minorities. >> bring us together as a country. >> i would him to know that
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we're rooting for him. >> some voices across america this week, what they hope for the new president, president trump. cecilia vega is at the freedom ball tonight, and one of trump's ball guests is with her. >> hey, elizabeth, david, thank you. look who i have here. scott baio. can i call you chachi? >> no. you can call me a president trump supporter. >> good day to be a president trump supporter. best thing about today? >> ah, watching him being sworn in, after all the -- everybody made fun of him and mocked him and derided him and said he was a joke, to see him put his hand on the bible from abraham lincoln, to be sworn in, was the most incredible thing i've seen. >> there aren't a lot of celebrities here. you're the big one. tough being a celebrity
10:24 pm
supporter of trump? >> it can be. not a lot of us. john voigt is here, i saw some other people. antonio sabato is here. sometimes. you know, we catch a lot of flak. i really don't care anymore. >> first thing you want to see donald trump do on day one? >> i want to see him start building the wall. >> scott, good to see you tonight. thank you. elizabeth, david, back to you? >> all right, cecilia, thank you. the balls for washington, d.c. and inauguration is their oscar night, to show their style, to make a statement. we're here with melissa rivers night, who is going to weigh in. known for fashion policing. how are you? >> good, you guys look very fresh and -- >> oh. >> excited. >> you know what -- >> well, the first lady looks gorgeous tonight. >> she's been knocking it out of the park this entire last few days, from the ralph lauren today, i thought she looked gorgeous. >> well, here she is, first of all, in tonight's ball gown, which we were originally told by the pool reporters that was designed by carolina herrera, and now we're not so sure. might be one of her designers. >> a man named erves pierre, the former creative director of carolina herrera. >> it is all important, that carolina herrera is considered
10:25 pm
an american designer. the first ladies do wear american designers. would have been quite a statement if she didn't. >> it's very important for them to do that. it will be interesting. if it is this gentleman, it will be like launching a new designer, kind of like what michelle obama did for jason woo. but carolina herrera got a ton of play this whole week, thanks to ivanka, who is wearing carolina. but i mean, the focus is all on melania, and granted, she's tall and thin and gorgeous and a model, and she's got such a sleek, clean, sort of very jackie o american style. >> well, it's funny you say that. there were a lot of comparisons today to her suit to one that jackie onassis kennedy wore -- jackie kennedy onassis -- >> so hard to keep it straight, yes. >> and that, so similar in style and color, her inauguration, 1961.
10:26 pm
>> well, i thought the ralph lauren suit was gorgeous. i loved sort of the new take on the jacket, which was cropped and sort of -- you see a lot of asymmetrical this week on her. >> we have. >> people were saying jackie o, jackie o. they are both doing a modern classic. they are both young women, stepping into the role of first lady. they're both looking for classics with a modern twist. at the time, jackie kennedy was considered very modern. a lot of people were talking that melania has the matching shoes, saying that's old fashioned. i liked it. i thought it was just a beautiful take, i loved the hair, the jewelry was perfect. you know, again, look at that, you go, wow. >> and no matter how you look at it, people are drawn to the first lady, what she's wearing, but what americans, a lot of them don't know yet what kind of role she's going to play in the white house. she talked a little bit on the campaign about bullying on social media.
10:27 pm
a lot of people, a lot of skeptics said, well, donald trump is known for what he has done on twitter and the voice that he has on twitter. so, 'll see if she continues to campaign on that front, as first lady. but make no mistake, everyone was watching her, at least today, with how she was stepping out and how she would present herself. >> and remember, they can create, i mean, michelle obama put jason woo on the map. >> yeah. >> and it was a lovely gesture that she wore jason woo in -- >> in the end, full circle. >> today, which is a lovely nod and a thank you to him. the one everyone is talking about, though, kellyanne conway, i mean -- >> social media can be tough. >> i mean, it blew up. >> david, what did you think of it? >> yeah, you know what, that's why melissa is here. >> well, it's been interesting, because she seems to be channeling a lot of different things. the cast of "hamilton." >> oh. >> the new england patriots logo. >> oh. >> hot dog on a stick. i mean -- >> this is a gucci coat that sells for $40,000. >> i actually thought she looked
10:28 pm
like the nutcracker. i'm not sure why she felt compelled to add the hat and the gloves, because, i guess the coat alone wasn't enough. i cannot for the life of me figure out, she looked beautiful the night before in that red dress, so, we now she's got it in her. >> celebrating her birthday, the night before. >> i think -- >> it's today. >> brought her up on the stage -- >> yes, he did, wished her happy birthday. this was just a fail. i mean -- and it's got -- it's got -- >> she's tough enough to handle the social media. >> it's got cat buttons. what i don't think you should bring to the swearing in is whimsy. >> well, we'll see what she's wearing tonight. >> i'm thinking not that coat. >> right. right. thank you so much, melissa. when we return, a return, a journey to the capital, for some of the president's not devoted voters. and, of course, more on the inaugural balls as we cover the first day of a sea change in the american presidency. hambone! sa!
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a trump presidency, to me, is strength. and justice. >> i want people to have pride again, to be an american. >> president trump, we're going to hold you to your word. >> keep america great. >> for millions today, all across this country, for some, it's a day of uncertainty, for others, though, you're hearing it's a day of great hope, of feeling heard, finally. looking forward to change and many people, hunger on both sides of the aisle for unity. >> absolutely. and tonight, there is a special group of president trump's
10:33 pm
biggest cheerleaders. they call themselves the trumpettes, believe it or not. our nick watt has followed them to the capital for tonight's celebrations. good evening, nick. >> good evening, elizabeth and david. the crowds on the mall today were not quite as big as they have been in years past, but there were plenty of passionate people that traveled from all over the country to be here to celebrate, and we imbedded with some of them for the ride. hundreds of thousands of people braved mild temperatures and a light drizzle on the mall. >> come over for a second. >> among them, lisa, a trumpette from pennsylvania. >> i believe mr. trump, president trump, will go down as the most beloved president in history. >> we first met her and the gang at the frock store back home. >> you don't want to look better than melania. >> that's right. >> lisa is going to the ball. this morning, we caught them before they left, harrisburg, 0445 a.m., and there's a wrinkle. >> cynthia, one of our friends, is not here yet.
10:34 pm
>> cynthia? nope, back to voicemail again. >> to winners. >> drinking prosecco all the way, at least most of them made it to d.c. there are a lot of people, women, coming to washington, not to celebrate, but to protest. what's your message to them? >> we'd love to talk to them. i'm sure if you talk to us, they'll fall in love with donald trump just like we did. and he has wonderful hair. >> can we get one? map? >> thank you so much. >> i don't think there's a catchy handle for male trumpettes. meet juan. >> there are a lot of people here. >> he elbowed his way to the front, filmed this himself -- and loving it. we first met juan back home in santa clara, california, just before he left. >> i get to wear all my trump gear. instead of all my rainbow gear. >> juan is a gay man of mexican decent, not the only guy in that demo to support trump. >> there's one in los angeles. >> you're not alone, juan. >> i'm not alone. >> what does he want from the
10:35 pm
president? >> i want him to protect our borders. i believe in him. i believe in trump 100%. >> half his extended family gathered for their monthly get together. >> is anybody here never going to talk to juan again because he's going to the inauguration? >> not because of that. >> juan worked on the trump campaign, so, he's invited. >> oh, wow, you got some good seats. a lot of packing to be done. a hair cut. >> ready to go. >> tux to collect. two outfits a day for a long weekend. the preps did not go entirely smoothly. >> i don't know where my bow tie is. >> here in d.c., it's all about hats. i've never seen so many red baseball caps in one place in my life. >> pretty good feeling. >> juan's highlight so far? >> when it started to rain. >> you liked that? >> yeah, because somebody said rain is a blessing. >> now, remember this morning, one trumpette overslept? we found her. cynthia, you missed the bus.
10:36 pm
>> ah, yeah. >> how did you get down here? >> ah, i would have hitched a ride on a bird to be sure i would be here. >> actually, she drove to maryland, parked, took the metro. anyway. >> i was right there, i was hooting and hollering, screaming like an idiot. >> juan will not look underdressed. he found his bow tie. and guys -- i am in a trumpette sandwich. you guys made it, cynthia, you made it. what is it about this guy that gets you so fired up? >> he speaks the truth. he's a straight shooter. and that's what i love about president trump. >> well, i'll tell you what, when he threw his hat in the ring, my 14-year-old nephew eli said, he's the one. he picked him, and i ran with it and i opened my mind, and he's in the white house. >> see you back here in four years, maybe. david, elizabeth? in the meantime, back to you.
10:37 pm
>> all right. >> made some friends there, nick. >> don't stay up too late with the trumpettes. as we know, emotions are running high. a lot of people in a celebratory mode, but others have been out protesting. a third of the democrats in congress were choosing not to attend the inauguration ceremony. and many protests have been under way tonight. and tomorrow, a huge one is scheduled here in the capital. matt gutman has been following all of it. matt? >> that's right, david and elizabeth. some of those protests have been violent. riot police have been squaring off against protesters here most of the day. you can see the street cleaners still cleaning up after the melee. it's been a cat and mouse game between those protesters and the riot police. those rioters in black gear. they smashed this limo, then set it on fire. took hammers and crow bars that they came with to smash the windows of starbucks and mcdonald's and other stores. it took that brigade of riot gear using pepper spray, chemical spray and that cascade of flash bangs to vacate them
10:38 pm
and push them back. still, we're told, that six officers have been injured. now, police tell us that not all of the protests have been violent. some of them were peaceful. protesters stopped an interstate not far from here. others just marched down the city's grand avenues, but the biggest protest, by far, the women's march on washington, slated for tomorrow. hundreds of thousands expected to be back here in washington, in fact, we're told more bus passes registered for tomorrow's event than for the entire inauguration today. david, elizabeth? >> all right, matt gutman there on the streets of washington, d.c. going to be covered this through the weekend. big crowds expected tomorrow for that. when we come back, inside the house coming up.
10:39 pm
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my hope for the president is for his success. >> i hope that he makes college more affordable. >> i expect you to inspire the american people. but still support diversity and the individualism that makes
10:43 pm
this country the greatest in the world. >> we are back now, after hearing more voices from across america about the new president trump, and we've been looking in on all the celebrations. and the backstage action begins. >> the minute the doors shut. >> they start racing around. douglas brinkley is a presidential historian. >> all the clothes? >> you can't have president trump sleeping in the same bed. >> i can use the word s.w.a.t. team because that is what it feels like. it's quickly and efficiently. >> i had it down to a five minute detail. >> admiral steven roshand was in charge of the move the last time it happened eight yeerp pass guy
10:44 pm
when president george bush's family moved out and barack obama moved in. >> it is very intense. most of the time you don't find the new family coming in within five hours. >> the staff can attend to the smallest detail. he says it's because they have done their home work. huge list. what brand of shampoo, soap, pillow, double fill lows. >> no outside movers are allowed so the staff must pitch in. >> all 95 staff members. >> moving trucks from both families occupy the driveway. >> one truck on the south lawn facing south and the other facing north. ready to move in. >> and it's no small task. the white house is a three-story
10:45 pm
132 room mansion. the first floorp rooms are too historically significant to change. >> the idea that he is going to bling out the white house is not possible. >> it's 20,000 feet of living space. >> the white house is a step up. i look around this room. the white house might be a step down. >> the white house is the white house. it's a spectacular place and it's something that represents something very special. >> it's also emotional. you point out. the staff really becomes their family in the years at the white
10:46 pm
house. >> the staffers really stay for 20, 25 years. they develop relationships with all the presidents. >> that is fascinating. we will get you to condition trump across the country. and folks that are uncertain about the future. the 45th president. radio: a nationwide manhunt for the woman authorities are calling "the jackal". she's wanted in connection with the sudden disappearance ... ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ dobecause you've got ams lot of cheering to do! get fast sinus relief...with vicks sinex. and get your head back in the game. sinex. the congestion, pressure, pain
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the fastest waya to ruin pancakes.. that's why denny's uses fresh, never frozen blackberries that are fresh. and never frozen. did we mention they were fresh?
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>> plnchts president, my hope
10:50 pm
frp you to stop tweeting. >> i ask you to not discriminate against us. >> look past the divisive language that you've used in this campaign. >> at the end of the day, we're all americans and we'll figure out a way to work together. >> president trump is the first of his kind in many ways. not just the tweeting. he has never held police cat political office. his presidential campaign, obviously, broke many, many rules. his first dance was to "my way." >> if you want him to stop tweeting, don't hold your breath. tom llamas, you've been following this campaign. anybody that thought donald trump couldn't pull this off, shouldn't be surprised. >> two things i learned about covering donald trump for 18 months, he's never boring and never low energy. he's never held public office. he's not a politician. but in many ways, he's planned his whole life around this moment and he's prepared very
10:51 pm
closely. >> reporter: yes, it's true. donald j. trump was sworn in today as the 45th president of the united states, even though he was dismissed by some as a clown just 18 months ago. but could all that mockery actually have helped him? >> it sets him up as an underdog to prove him wrong. >> since when do i care what people think? >> donald trump, at his core, is and always will be a salesman. >> reporter: english professor mark bauer-line, a pro-trump academic, says trump's brilliance is in simplicity of message. >> when you have a huge population, you have to carve the message down into very basic, simple expressions. >> we will make america great again. >> reporter: and his selling style is what separates him from the pack. >> we can be number one again.
10:52 pm
>> reporter: the new president may live on fifth avenue, but his act has always been worthy of hollywood. >> today, one man has become synonymous with success. >> that would be me. >> donald trump reminds me of lady gaga. >> dan henninger of "the wall street journal" says trump isn't just a performer. he's a performance artist. there's a difference. >> a performance artist challenges people. they challenge convention. they try to alter your perceptions about the way things are. and trump, with his stage acts, his rallies, and his tweets, is obviously challenging us all the time. >> reporter: but remember, trump's bonfire has been blazing for years. this is, after all, a businessman who found it suitable to appear in wwe's "wrestlemania."
10:53 pm
>> look at this, donald trump! donald trump! >> donald trump has been around for 25, 30 years. something clicked this time. >> he still talks like he's from queens and he doesn't speak perfectly. >> reporter: but a trump performance is about more than tone. it's about the shrewd and shameless use of hyperbole. >> i will build a great, great wall. >> he just starts off with the big sales pitch. so, if he's building a building and you go, how many stories this is building? it's going to be 170, even if it's 47. >> impenetrable, physical, tall, powerful, beautiful, southern border wall. >> as a salesman, he comes in and he goes -- ah. >> we will bring back our borders. we will bring back our wealth.
10:54 pm
and we will bring back our dreams. >> reporter: so, the stage is set. and the legendary showman begins a four-year residency that starts now. >> people have to understand, this is a 70-year-old man who has been very successful doing it his way. he's not changing. >> reporter: so, it is going to be a fascinating four, possibly eight years, we never know. i will say, buckle up, guys. and there books written, there will be movies made and donald trump will love all of it if it is positive and as long as alec baldwin doesn't play him in the movie. >> he's still watching. he says he wants to sleep in the lincoln bedroom tonight. the whole family is going to be there. we'll have much more of our inauguration coverage, live coverage here on "20/20." tom, you've been great on the campaign. we'll be right back.
10:55 pm
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an eventful day, right? >> that's right. a very eventful day, with the trumps spending their first day in the white house. i hear that president trump says he wants to sleep in the lincoln bedroom. we have this photograph on instagram now of former president obama flying away from the house in which he's lived for eight years. >> yeah, formally marine one, that was called executive one, as it took the president and the first lady away today. there's much more to come tomorrow. the women's march in washington. we'll cover it from "good morning america" straight through "world news tonight" saturday. >> all right, i'm elizabeth vargas. >> and i'm david muir. we leave you with more of that first dance, and your late local news, coming up next. ♪
11:00 pm
. pomp in the capital, protests in california. >> hundreds of marchers in t


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