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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  January 21, 2017 7:00am-8:01am PST

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good morning, america. this morning, the transition of power, donald j. trump begins his first full day as president. >> preserve, protect and defend. >> the constitution of the united states. >> the constitution of the united states. >> after promising to upend washington. >> this american carnage stops right here and stops right now. >> his inauguration, a day of pageantry and ceremony. ♪ >> and a night of celebration for supporters and for the trump family. but just blocks from the white house, hundreds of arrests as the political divide turns violent. protesters hitting the streets of the capital injuring police
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officers and setting fires, thousands more preparing to demonstrate today. >> and just hours into the new administration, the first orders to come from the white house. ♪ [ playing "hail to the chief" ] >> we have complete coverage around washington as president trump begins his legacy. hey, good morning. donald j. trump is waking up in the white house this morning for his first full day as the 45th president of the united states. >> yeah, he will be attending a prayer service at the national cathedral this morning at the same time as tens of thousands of people from across the country gather for the women's march on washington. now, the number of protesters today could rival the crowd that actually assembled for the inauguration on friday. >> this morning we're covering every angle of this historic story including the festivities and fashion overnight at the inaugural balls, but before we dive in, we need to tell you about some breaking news this morning. and we just learned this
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large tornado has turned deadly with multiple fatalities reported and, rob, what more can you tell us this morning? >> paula, one if not several large damaging tornadoes rolling across mississippi and now into alabama. take a look at some of the video coming out of forest county where those fatalities occurred and you can see the damage done by that twister overnight. early in the morning with roofs ripped off and people trapped, rescues and searches still ongoing and one of the universities there also reporting injuries and damage too. all right, we have a tornado watch up for southern alabama and much of the florida panhandle until 11:00 central time as these strong in some cases rotating cells continue to make their way to the east and maybe resurging across parts of the mississippi later in the day, but this is the focus point for severe weather today and then tomorrow this is a two-day event and stretch it into georgia, the carolinas and northern florida and gets into the northeast on monday. more on that in a sec. >> this is not over, rob will be back for more.
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let's get more on this tornado, though, from someone who was right there. aaron rigsby is a storm chaser. and he joins us on the phone from hattiesburg. aaron, good morning. thanks for doing this. what's the situation right now from your vantage point? >> right now things are still a little chaotic as this situation is still unfolding. the emergency services are overwhelmed right now. it looks like the hardest hit areas that i could find was just off highway 49 at south pines drive on the south side of hattiesburg where there was multiple injuries, multiple houses damaged and even vehicles thrown off of the highway right there. >> aaron, can you tell us a little bit more about the injuries? we just heard rob say multiple injuries, but there are people trapped in homes. what do you know? >> correct, yeah, when i was parked on highway 49 when the tornado crossed directly in front of me, it crossed in front of us only about 100 yards and after everything calmed down,
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there was just a bunch of people shouting help me, help me, we need help. so, i quickly went over to that side street i was talking about earlier and there was a group of people, there was probably eight or nine people that came up to me saying that they need help, they need an ambulance, and the four people i transported to the hospital, one of them appeared to have broken ribs and was breathing fairly heavily almost like he was going into shock and then there was two other people that had reported possible back injuries, and we could do nothing for them except just wait for the ambulance to get there, and like you were saying, there was a couple of people also trapped in their homes in that area as well. >> a hectic and scary morning for you and the people in hattiesburg. aaron rigsby, thank you very much for your time this morning. >> thanks for having me. >> thanks again, aaron. we're going to be covering this story throughout the day on abc and on but we're going to move back now to the history being made in washington where america has a new president. overnight we saw donald trump occupying his new office, the oval office. we also saw him and first lady melania trump dancing at the inaugural balls. we have team coverage this morning, and we're going to
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start with abc's chief white house correspondent jon karl. jon, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan. this morning the trumps are waking up right over there in the white house for the first time, and as you can see, the lights were already on early this morning waking up after an inauguration day that was vintage trump. hours after his swearing in, donald trump made his first trip to the oval office as president. the presidential office is already partially redecorated with signature trump flourishes including gold curtains and a new rug. >> next is an executive order minimizing the economic burden of the patient protection and affordable care act pending repeal. >> reporter: sitting behind the famous resolute desk, he signed an order on obamacare. >> i, donald john trump, do solemnly swear. >> reporter: hours earlier just before noon, donald j. trump took the oath of office officially becoming the nation's 45th president. >> congratulations, mr. president. >> reporter: but in his
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inaugural address to the nation, president trump said the day wasn't about him. >> january 20th, 2017 will be remembered as the day the people became the rulers of this nation again. the forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer. >> reporter: as former presidents and his former rival looked on, the new president painted at times a dark vision of the country, saying once again that he'll be the one to fix it. >> mothers and children trapped in poverty in our inner cities, rusted out factories scattered like tombstones across the landscape, this american carnage stops right here and stops right now. >> reporter: shortly after, president trump and the new first lady joined the obamas before they boarded their
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helicopter flight out of washington. at a luncheon in the capitol trump shook hands with hillary clinton for the first time since the campaign, and he offered a few words of graciousness. >> because i was very honored, very, very honored when i heard that president bill clinton and secretary hillary clinton was coming today. >> reporter: it was a day filled with the pomp and pageantry of inaugurations past. outside the white house, i asked the new leader of the free world about the day. mr. president, how are you feeling? >> really great, thank you. >> reporter: the trumps plan to attend the national prayer service later today at washington national cathedral. and although he's already issued a few executive actions, the first full day of work, the president says, will be on monday, and right at the top of the list, paula, is getting his cabinet confirmed. the senate has only confirmed two cabinet secretaries, defense secretary mattis, homeland security secretary kelly, about 20 more to go.
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>> he's getting ready to work. it's going to be a very busy -- you're going to be busy because we're going to check in with you a little bit later in the show, jon. >> sounds good. >> you're going to tell us what's next for the former first family. thanks, jon. and the other big story of the inauguration, the protests, many turning violent. i actually captured this video that you're going to see on my phone. our news crew witnessed some of the looting, the broken windows, the destruction of property. businesses were locking their doors. we tried to go outside and capture this, but we were ordered to stay inside. these particular protesters, they also set vehicles on fire, and matt gutman joins us from d.c. right now. and, matt, you were covering the protesters all day and we're hearing that more protests and marches are planned today. >> reporter: good morning, paula. that's right, and the biggest protest of all is set to start right here. you can see them setting the soundstage behind me. already hundreds of people out here for the women's march on washington. hundreds of thousands of others expected. but with its a-list celebrities and peaceful message, it'll be a
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far different sight than those running street battles we saw over the past 12 hours. overnight in washington, d.c., protesters crashing one of the night's glamorous inaugural balls pushing their way into the freedom ball linking arms to try to prevent guests from coming in. once pushed back, the protesters began tossing water on partygoers. earlier blocks from the pageantry of the inaugural parade rioters smashing this limo then setting it on fire. the smoke clogging the street. rioters then vandalizing this starbucks and a mcdonald's. >> move back. >> reporter: riot police moving in. a wall of them pushing protesters back blasting them with pepper spray and stun grenades. peaceful demonstrators scrambling for cover as bursts of rapid-fire rubber bullets rang out. nearby while being interviewed by another network -- >> are you the version --
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>> reporter: white nationalist richard spencer sucker punched by a passing protester. more than 200 arrested in the nation's capital. at the university of washington, a shooting at a protest left one hospitalized with possible life-threatening injuries. but as in washington, the majority of the protests in california, new york, chicago, missouri and other places were peaceful. [ chanting "he's our president ] >> reporter: meanwhile, trump supporters standing by the president. >> you know, when you're angry and you're yelling and screaming and you're destroying things, it takes away from your message. >> reporter: later this morning that massive women's march taking to the streets of washington, d.c. with sister marches extending across the country, over 600 of these marches in all, more than 2 million people expected to turn out. thousands in those pink beanies already in downtown washington. a plane full of women arriving in baltimore cheering after the flight attendant said this -- >> let's have a round of applause for all the nasty women
7:11 am
on board. >> reporter: local authorities say they expect up to 400,000 protesters but organizers overnight told me they expect even more than that but what they hope happens today is this launches a national movement warning against the loss of women's rights in a trump administration. paula, dan. >> matt gutman, thank you. president trump's message in his inaugural address was loud and clear, america first. "time" magazine devoting much of its latest issue to the new president with this image on the cover, and joining us now to talk about all of this, cokie roberts and kristen soltis-anderson. cokie, let me start with you. let's talk about this women's march on washington this morning. do you imagine the message of the marchers is likely to have a real impact on president trump? >> well, it's not entirely clear what the message is, and i think that's a problem. obviously there are a lot of women, hundreds of thousands of them, who want to say we're disturbed, we're angry, we're unhappy, but there's not a goal going forward.
7:12 am
i mean, if they said something like, let's elect 100 women by 2020 and then tomorrow morning wake up and go out and start working on that, that's one thing. this is a little more amorphous than that. >> and, kristen, you know, there were moments of outreach during the president's speech yesterday, but it was largely tough, uncompromising, a lot of populist undertones. do you think he should have done more to unify? >> i think it's going to take more than words to unify. i think it's going to take action. his speech sounded in many ways like a slightly more professionalized version of a campaign rally speech, very populist in tone focused on going after those elites in washington. i think he's going to have to make sure that when he in the future says he wants to be a president for all americans, that he has actions, that those who when they hear donald trump say all americans, they don't really think they count in his definition of all. they're going to need to see action from him to feel like
7:13 am
they're really a part of that. >> cokie, what about the democrats? they're locked out of power largely in washington right now. what -- is there any way that they can find to work constructively with this new president? >> well, i don't think they want to work constructively with the president, and yesterday the symbolism of a boycott by many democratic members of congress really underlines that. the republicans through the obama administration acted like a traditional party in opposition, and i think the democrats are likely to act the same way with president trump. the problem with that, of course, is that it means nothing gets done and that frustration about washington and the washington elites, quote/unquote, remains and that then becomes trump's problem. >> cokie and kristen, thank you very much for your analysis on this historic morning. the inauguration is a time for americans to take stock, to look forward and also to debate our values, but it is also, let's not forget, a party complete with galas and gowns and abc's mary bruce has more on
7:14 am
that. [ playing "hail to the chief" ] >> reporter: president trump and first lady melania hitting the party circuit in their new new hometown, showstopping at three inaugural balls. >> we knew we were going to win and we won. >> reporter: after brief remarks from the president, it was time for that much anticipated moment. >> so now it's a tremendous honor to have the first dance with melania. >> reporter: for the president who rose to power doing things his way, a fitting first song. trump singing along to frank sinatra's "my way." ♪ i did it my way >> reporter: the trump family, vice president mike pence and wife karen pence joining them on stage. the balls filled with entertainment from the rockettes to the lord of the dance and the piano guys performing a familiar fight song. ♪ the anthem of hillary clinton's campaign. at the final ball of the night,
7:15 am
melania trump making her first remarks as first lady. >> i'm honored to be our first lady. >> reporter: capping off the historic evening, the president and first lady each dancing with members of the military. now as for that little political oops with the clinton campaign song, the band says it had nothing to do with politics but the artist rachel platten tweeted that while she respects the office of the president, they did not have her permission and she did not endorse their decision to play her song. dan and paula. >> thank you, mary. appreciate that. i know we're going to be talking fashion later, but quickly, what did you think of the dress, melania's dress? >> i think melania just knocked it out -- i think all of the ladies in the trump family knocked it out of the park all day. i know that was really the analysis that you were going for dan. that was the first order of business. we're going to be talking about the fashion a little later in the show. >> yeah, yeah, i was digging -- >> melissa rivers. >> -- barron trump's skinny tie. >> i thought he rocked it well. >> how about barron trump, 10 years old, the way he handled himself. >> absolutely, to be in the sight of the global attention
7:16 am
all day long. he handled it really well. >> just like you would have done as a 10-year-old or i would have done as a 10-year-old. >> no, absolutely not. >> let's turn back to the weather, though, because, as we said at the top of the show, there's some breaking news. rob tracking that severe weather moving through the south. hey, rob, good morning. >> hey, good morning again, guys. circumstan circling back, the threat is up until noon eastern time for the florida panhandle and the southern parts of alabama but this line will progress off to the east, not just today but tomorrow as well and by noon or 2:00 p.m. afternoon, birmingham to atlanta as the bulk of this front purrs across the southeast so a two-day event then it rolls into the carolinas and kind of develops into a coastal low. look for heavy rain and wind across the cape and the delmarva there and looking for winds that could exceed 50 or 60 miles an hour during the day tomorrow and monday and then monday night and this includes the jersey shore, long island, eastern parts of new england, as well, so coastal flooding, big waves and maybe some power outages too and
7:17 am
another storm yet again rolling into the west. more on that in good saturday morning. here's the storm impact scale. tonight we're anticipating a strong system. it's a 2 with gusty winds and heavy downpours through sunday evening. rapid rises on creeks, and ponding. today scattered showers. mid to upper 50s. leftover showers on monday. then we're dry into next week with some sunshine and temperatures near 60 the end o >> dan, as always, looking for a private forecast just asked me what it's going to be like if he's driving from boston to new york on monday. it will be rainy and windy but snow in the mountains, so just hold on to the steering wheel. >> that's what friends are for. come on. >> there has to be some privileges in this job. >> i should also point out ron's home state of california has been getting hammered with a lot
7:18 am
of rain and wind there, significant storms and we'll talk more about that in ten minutes because i know you care. >> i do. >> speaking of ron, let's hand the baton to you. >> thank you. live thank you very much. good morning. that's not a baton. it's a pen but good morning to you, paula and dan, diane, good morning and robert, good morning to you. good morning, everyone. we're going to begin with a school shooting near columbus, ohio, that left one student critically wounded but police say it could have been much worse. the 17-year-old student is accused of opening fire in the hallway of west liberty high school. this was early friday morning in what police say appears to have been a random shooting. staff members rushed in and pinned the suspect down till police arrived. this morning those staff members being hailed as heroes. and lawyers for army sergeant bowe bergdahl have filed a new motion to dismiss the army's desertion case against him. they're saying that donald trump's harsh words about bergdahl on the campaign trail prevent him from getting a fair trial. trump called bergdahl, quote, a dirty, rotten traitor. bergdahl had been hoping for a presidential pardon before president obama left office. that was not granted. and in orlando, florida, the
7:19 am
man accused of killing a police officer outside of a walmart nearly two weeks ago made his first appearance before a judge in that case. he was denied bail. markeith loyd is also charged with killing his ex-girlfriend in december. he was captured in an abandoned house on tuesday. and in houston, president -- ex-president george h.w. bush and his wife barbara, they are on the mend. the couple is reported to be doing better and recovering in the hospital this morning. the 92-year-old former president was hospitalized wednesday with pneumonia. his wife barbara who is 91 was hospitalized with bronchitis. the couple are said to have watched the inauguration on tv together. and in central italy, dramatic rescues as crews search for survivors from an avalanche that buried a mountainside hotel. at least nine people including four children found alive buried under the snow, some for two days. survivors hugging firefighters as they were pulled to safety. at least 20 people, however, are still missing. and finally security cameras record a thief in east lubbock,
7:20 am
texas, as he robs a tire shop taking money and toilet paper. you see the man behind -- figure this one out. he's taking cash from the register allegedly, and then he appears with a stack of toilet paper rolls, drops them, goes back to pick the toilet paper up. the owner saying -- this is the owner saying this, that maybe he wanted to make a clean getaway. >> ooh. >> ah. >> listen, have you guys -- when is the last time you purchased toilet paper? it is expensive. i go usually to costco and i have like a cartful of toilet paper to stock up. >> maybe it was an emergency. >> it's expensive. >> paula free associating. >> listen, i'm just saying prices -- >> this show is taking twists and turns that i would not have foreseen. the next thing she's going to admit is stealing it from the abc news bathroom. >> i didn't steal it. >> borrowing. >> borrowing. >> i have swiped one box of tissues from the abc office. >> before your lawyer calls, let me just tell you what's coming
7:21 am
up on the show this morning. the notorious drug kingpin known as el chapo extradited to the u.s. facing a federal judge. the massive security and the charges that could send him to prison for the rest of his life. plus, we have a look at the final moments the obamas spent in the white house, as well as their farewell message. jonathan karl is going to have that for us. >> is he taking the -- >> no, he is not, nor is he taking -- no toilet paper, no tissues. it was a clean getaway for the president and we'll be right back on this saturday on "good morning america." "good morning america" is brought to you by vistaprint. everything to market your business. everything to market your business.
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trees in the road. luckily nobody was hurt. pg&e is working to restore power to one customer in the area. lisa argen is tracking another storm in the area. >> a high wind watch. a wind advisory. and a flood watch. late tonight into tomorrow. tonight live doppler 7 tracking showers here around yontville, also to the east bay looking at highway 4. highway 35, be careful out there. it's slippery. we'll get a break today before the rain kicks in
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now at the disneyland resort. and right now you can save on premium rooms at a disneyland resort hotel. we want to see great things happen for our country. we want to make america great again, and we will. and we will. >> and welcome back to "gma" on a historic saturday morning. that was donald trump speaking at one of the inaugural balls overnight. it was a day filled with both pomp and protest as america witnessed the installment of our 45th president. >> and the changing of the guard including a change in twitter accounts. private citizen barack obama tweeting, hi, everybody. back to the original handle. is this thing still on? michelle and i are off on a quick vacation then we'll get back to work. yes, president, it is still on and you have a lot more followers this morning. >> a lot of people took that as a sign that this is a guy who will not be receding from the fray in his post presidency.
7:31 am
there were lighter moments throughout the day like this one for son barron trump playing a little peekaboo with his nephew, isaiah washington's 9-month-old son theodore while president trump was signing some official documents. as we said earlier, barron was on display yesterday and looking cool. you, by the way, were right there in washington all day. >> but before we move on to that, did you have a moment where you were like what would my child do in that circumstance? >> yes. >> my children would be -- >> the mental imagery on my part was not positive. >> so, i have to say good parenting there. i did have a chance. i never had the opportunity to cover an inauguration and it was pretty spectacular. had some exchanges with vice president mike pence and, you know, i asked him what right here -- >> you look like you're heckling the poor man. >> well, that's what -- that's my m.o., right? heckle you. i heckle everybody, but i asked him to describe what this moment was like for his family and for the president. he said it's impossible to describe. i had another exchange and both
7:32 am
times he put his hand on his heart. this is a vice president that's definitely going to wear his heart on his sleeve much like former president joe biden who, regardless of what you think about trump, biden said, mike pence, the pence family, they are -- we have stark political differences, but this is a man of integrity and character and he respects the heck out of the pence family. >> you did a great job out there yesterday. >> thank you. you did a great job too. >> thank you. >> you had full coverage, digital, as well. >> i was in a warm studio, however. >> no, you did a great job. >> i was not heckling the new vice president of america. we will have more inauguration coverage coming up including a look at the fashion as we discussed earlier, but there is another major headline this morning, the mexican drug lord known as el chapo appeared before a federal judge right here in new york city. >> this has been a long time coming. joaquin guzman was first sought by u.s. authorities two decades ago. he's now being arraigned on charges of running a massive and murderous drug trafficking operation. abc's eva pilgrim has the story. >> reporter: this morning, the world's most notorious drug kingpin is waking up in one of the most secure lockups in the
7:33 am
united states, the metropolitan correctional center in new york city. >> joaquin guzman, in short, he is a man known for no other life than a life of crime, violence, death and destruction. and now he'll have to answer to that. >> reporter: joaquin "el chapo" guzman appearing in federal court for the first time facing a 17-count indictment including drug trafficking and conspiracy to commit murder. he pleaded not guilty. >> i haven't seen any evidence that indicates to me that mr. guzman's done anything wrong. >> reporter: in federal court documents, prosecutors give a detailed inventory of more than 270 tons of cocaine guzman and his cartel are accused of smuggling into the u.s. the kingpin allegedly funneled the billions of dollars in profit back across the border using trucks with hidden compartments. >> how he managed to flood the united states with narcotics from south america and mexico included the use of aircraft, trains, tractor trailers and any
7:34 am
type of boat imaginable. >> reporter: beyond the drugs el chapo is accused of hiring hit men to carry out hundreds of violent acts of murder, kidnappings and torture. the narco king escaping prison multiple times, most recently tunneling out of a mexican jail eluding authorities using his expansive network to hide out and stay on the run before his most recent capture in january 2016. >> i assure you no tunnel will be built leading to his bathroom. >> reporter: just to give you a sense of how secure this area is, there are cameras around here that can read a newspaper a block away. el chapo is facing a sentence of life in prison if convicted. dan and paula. >> eva pilgrim, thank you very much. >> yeah, let's send things over to rob. one more look at the weather. good morning, rob. >> good morning, guys. we have folks on the southeast with tornadoes, but several big storms have been hitting california. look at this. flash flooding there and also rescues yesterday across san
7:35 am
diego so tremendous amount of rainfall coming in as we go through time. look at this -- all the advisory, we have wind siadviso as well, this next one will be significant tomorrow. waves over 20 feet. the biggest they've seen in years there and significant snow. over six feet across the sierras and an atmospheric river pointed across the northwest, and now southern california getting your turn. too much of a good thing, i'm afraid. good saturday morning. scattered showers are in the forecast for your saturday. but as we go through the afternoon hours, the rain's going to pick up through the evening hours and we will have high possibility of flooding tonightttttttttttttt >> this weather report has been brought to you by ashley home store. playing indoors tonight columbia versus cornell, ron will be at the game. >> along with you. >> both of you. >> are you putting any money on it this time? >> as always. >> as a matter of fact. >> a couple of m&ms. >> as rob has pointed out, ron still owes him money from the last -- >> ron never pays out.
7:36 am
>> just keeps rolling over. >> yeah. >> with interest. here's what's coming up on "gma." a behind-the-scenes look at the final moments of the obama presidency. what's ahead for the man and his family. and white house drama of a different kind. the creepy teaser for the new season of "house of cards" still ahead. diane macedo has that story. on of "house of cards" still ahead. diane macedo has that story.
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a touching moment there between barack and michelle obama during the inauguration. an intimate touch in a very public context. >> they do have a very remarkable love story. the obamas saying good-bye to the white house, the place that they called home for eight years and they are making their transition back to civilian life. abc's jon karl back with us and, jon, so, what's next for the former first family? >> reporter: well, firstly, paula, they are now regular private citizens, just like you and me. i mean, you know, almost anyway but they did have a travel delay just like regular people would on the way to their first
7:41 am
vacation out in california. they've made it out there, but i expect they're going to be back pretty soon. during his final moments in the oval office, president obama could be seen leaving something on the desk, a letter to the incoming president, donald trump. >> good morning, everybody. >> good morning, sir. >> good morning, sir. >> good morning, sir. >> reporter: a photo by the now former official white house photographer pete souza captioned farewell shows obama during his last trip in the presidential helicopter looking out to the white house on his way to joint base andrews after leaving the inaugural ceremony. with a wave and a salute, the now former president and first lady took the stage for one more farewell. >> i promise you i'll be right there with you, all right. god bless you. thank you, everybody. yes, we did. yes, we can. >> reporter: after saying their final good-byes, the obamas boarded that plane, once air force one, now called special air mission 28,000 for their
7:42 am
first vacation as private citizens. to palm springs, california. so, what next for the obamas? >> we're finally going to get some sleep and take some time to be with our family and just be still for a little bit. >> reporter: and they're open to suggestions for the next chapter of their lives. >> it's going to take all of you and your ideas to make it a reality. >> reporter: as for joe biden, the now former vice president after the inauguration took his favorite form of transportation back home to delaware, amtrak. he hasn't had a chance to go on the train over the past eight years. but during his old job he was an amtrak regular. he traveled back and forth in his 36 years in the senate between washington and delaware on amtrak. i've got some stats for you on that. they estimate that he took 8,200 round trips over the course of that time, 2 million miles -- 100,000 miles traveled, unbelievable. >> that's a lot of microwaved
7:43 am
meals, jon, because as you know, they only have a microwave. >> he loves it, though. >> you know what, he is a man of the people. just like you are, jon. thanks for your reporting this morning. >> reporter: thank you, paula. and coming up on "good morning america," eye on the inauguration, fashion expert melissa rivers joins us with the hits and the misses. we're right back, everyone. hits and the misses. we're right back, everyone. , everyone. oquito mas rapido, n? [instrumental music plays] [wheel squeaking] hasta luego, profesor! [pumping of bike tire] [pumping of hospital ventilator] [wheel squeaking] carlos! carlos! dr. brad needs to see you in room 3. [wheel squeaking] [heart monitor beeping] tell cardio right away i need a...
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the moment we've all been waiting for, fashion always takes center stage at the inauguration, and here to dish about the glitz and the glamour, the hits and the misses, fashion expert melissa rivers. melissa, thanks for joining us this morning. >> thank you for having me. >> it's always great to have you. let's start with melania. what do you think of her fashion choice? >> i think melania has had a spectacular couple days. we saw her in that amazing reem
7:47 am
acra gold dress on thursday night, you know, so covered up but still unbelievably sexy. and then last night just hitting it out of the park in that beautiful cream gown with the red detailing. and in between, i mean for me, that blue ralph lauren was everything. >> it felt like she was channeling jackie o. right there. >> you know, and a lot of people are saying that, and, yes, she was, but you're talking about two young women when they sort of received the mantle of first lady who went for classic modern looks. so i don't even think it's necessarily a nod to jackie o., but it's a beautiful update on classic, yet totally modern. >> all right. i want to talk about kellyanne conway in just a moment, but real quick, how did ivanka do? >> oh, ivanka did great. she toggled between oscar de la renta and carolina herrera for the whole week. she wore the beautiful carolina herrera gown last night but so many are talking about again the modern take on the pants suit by
7:48 am
oscar de la renta at the swearing in. i mean, both of those trump women really -- they swung for the fences and knocked out out of the park. >> yeah, back-to-back home runs we would say. there's another important woman to talk about, kellyanne conway, former campaign manager, now on the trump administration. there was a bit of an overt patriotism themed outfit. >> well, to the two big balls she went with red gowns both times, but what everybody is talking about is that red, white and blue gucci coat. you know, there's been a lot of "hamilton" references and patriot references, and all i can say about that really is betsy ross is just spinning in her grave wondering why she didn't use earth tones. >> oh, gosh. >> if she only knew what was going to happen. >> when your reaction is, um, we can pretty much decipher your opinion on that one. melissa, we want to thank you for joining us this morning. >> thanks. >> thanks for your excellent insight. >> thank you. >> all right, and we're going to
7:49 am
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"good morning america" is brought to you by pfizer. time for "pop news." diane is here. what's going on? >> i have an inaugurational edition of "pop news" for you this morning starting with the big question, what is in the box? that is what everyone wants to know this morning after melania trump gave a gift to michelle obama in a tiffany box before the ceremonies yesterday. the whole thing led to a bit of an awkward moment as ms. obama seemed unsure what to do with the box. >> give it to the marine. >> mr. obama finally took it from her and then handed it off to a white house staffer. but that, of course, means we never got to see what was inside. so many on the internet are now guessing. some say it's a perfect shape for a tiffany picture frame. my favorite suggestion it's a boxed set of "the apprentice." any -- >> they'll have plenty of time
7:54 am
to watch it now. >> it wasn't his inauguration day, but president george w. bush actually stole the show at one point, so as president trump started giving remarks, a light rain started to fall so like many others in the audience, mr. bush reached for his plastic poncho, but as you can tell, things didn't go quite as planned. he just could not get the darned thing to cooperate but as usual he had no trouble finding humor in the whole situation. he was a very good sport and laughed it off. up next, malia obama is going from the white house to hollywood. the former first daughter landed a big-time internship working for producer harvey weinstein. the 18-year-old is set to attend harvard university in the fall after taking a gap year but she seems to have an affinity for show business. she's already interned for hbo's "girls" and worked as a production assistant on the now canceled drama "extant." so, i'm thinking maybe malia obama's star on hollywood boulevard. >> how is she getting these plum jobs? does she have a connection? >> she might have a connect. >> she has a few connections. >> a little bit. >> you know who my dad is and my mom.
7:55 am
>> she took a gap year. i too a gap year but i was still in school so -- >> you weren't interning for harvey weinstein? >> rob had a robust minor in keg stands. >> isn't that called flunking? >> no, build your shoulders. >> build your shoulders. >> and finally inauguration day also brought us a sneak peek at tv's commander in chief. "house of cards" released an ominous teaser for the show's may 30th season five premiere. take a look. >> all: one nation, under god, indivisible. >> oh. >> all: with liberty and justice for all. >> ooh. >> kind of spooky. kind of eerie. children reciting "the pledge of allegiance" to an upside down american flag, and you might remember series four ended with kevin spacey's character frank underwood promising not to submit to terror but to make the terror so now people are wondering did he deliver on that promise and is that what we're seeing. >> we had a discussion a couple minutes ago about where things were left. >> it was a very dark final episode. >> yeah. >> i love that show.
7:56 am
>> you need to get a proper recap before watching season -- >> i'm going to clear out the end of may to sit on my couch for an extended period of time. see you back here tomorrow morning, thanks for watching, everybody. skiers and snowboarders enjoying fresh powder in the mountains this weekend. they've seen more than four feet of snow in the last four days. the sierra is expecting at least two more feet during this weekend's storm. chains are required on interstate 80 from gold run and
7:57 am
placer county to the nevada state line and on route 50 from placerville to el dorado county. all lanes of highway 17 back open this morning after this tree fell. some drivers were stuck on the freeway for hours as crews worked to clear the debris. they reopened the lanes after 1:00 this morning. happening today, lunar new year's festivities kicking off this weekend with the flower fair in san francisco's chinatown. the annual tradition takes place the weekend before the holiday. the fair runs today and tomorrow on grant avenue between clay and broadway, and on pacific avenue from kearny to stockton. chinese new year is next saturday. meteorologist lisa argen is tracking the storm. good morning, lisa. >> good morning, cornell. an important break right now. the sunshine behind you. but live doppler 7 still indicating rain out there. not everyone getting that break around novato, 101, and look at this, from union city to
7:58 am
fremont, palo alto, and loss altos hills. we're looking at more showers along the central coast. but check out our tower camera. nice looking shot there with sunshine. upper 40s to mid-40s. look for some showers today, heavy rain and winds tonight. lisa, thank you. coming up next, a rally under way in washington, d.c. right now as hundreds, thousands of women across the nation prepare to protest against president trump. what demonstrators are planning here in the bay area. here in the bay area. abc 7 news at 8:00 is n everything you need to know about life, you can learn from granola. keep it simple. make every piece count. let other people know what you're made of. always be real. don't be fake, don't be artificial, but always be sweet. and of course, wear sunscreen. nature valley granola bars. no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. just good.
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8:00 am
good morning. saturday, january 21st. i'm cornell bernard. let's look at the weather. it is wet out there. hey, lisa. >> hey, cornell. another day to get rainbow pictures before a very strong cold front heads our way tonight. gusty winds accompanying it. there are showers from novato to san rafael, up through vallejo, i-80, and we're going a little bit closer to union city this morning, down around street level, looking at some pretty good rain from the parkway, cedar boulevard, 880, and back westward around portelo road. more showers off the coast. but this is the break before we get into the rough weather tonight. a liv


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