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tv   ABC7 News 800AM  ABC  January 21, 2017 8:00am-9:01am PST

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good morning. saturday, january 21st. i'm cornell bernard. let's look at the weather. it is wet out there. hey, lisa. >> hey, cornell. another day to get rainbow pictures before a very strong cold front heads our way tonight. gusty winds accompanying it. there are showers from novato to san rafael, up through vallejo, i-80, and we're going a little bit closer to union city this morning, down around street level, looking at some pretty good rain from the parkway, cedar boulevard, 880, and back westward around portelo road. more showers off the coast. but this is the break before we get into the rough weather tonight. a live look at sfo, upper 40s to
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low 50s, and the rest of your morning is looking like this. scattered light showers. notice not too much. we're saving up for a big system coming in tonight. the final one that will bring some flooding, downed power lines and very gusty winds. cornell? >> lisa, thank you. happening now, president donald trump invites vice president mike pence to an interfaith prayer service at washington national cathedral. it dates back to george washington. mr. trump arrived about 30 minutes ago. over two dozen religious leaders from different faiths are joining the service. after the service, the president is expected to visit the cia headquarters in virginia, along with his nominee for cia director, kansas representative mike pom peo. today is the first full day of donald trump's presidency. as the new president and his family spent the first night in the white house, about a half million people are gathering for today's women's march. this is a live picture there washington, d.c. right now, where a rally is under way
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before the march. america ferrera spoke a few minutes ago and is serving as chairwoman today. >> the president is not america. we are america. and we are here to stay. >> people from across the country, including many from the bay area are in d.c. to protest. organizers of the march say they want to tell the new administration that on day one, women's rights are human rights. >> personally, i've been waiting for a place to plug in some universal way, some national way. >> the protests yesterday turned violent. others celebrated and are looking forward to the change president trump is promising to bring. hundreds of thousands witnessed his swearing-in ceremony, capped off by three official inaugural balls. dan ashley has details.
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>> reporter: a new era ushered in with some old traditions. president donald trump and first lady melania, celebrating the end of the historic day. >> protect and defend the constitution of the united states so help me god. >> congratulations, mr. president. >> reporter: the 45th president of the united states was sworn into office. then shared with the cheering crowd his vision for the country. >> it's going to be only america first. >> reporter: former president obama is now on vacation in palm springs, after moving out of the white house, leaving a note for his successor, and these words for the american people. >> this has been the privilege of my life. >> reporter: and though protesters clashed with police in the streets of the nation's
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capital, it did not stop the work from beginning, or the thousands of supporters from lining pennsylvania avenue for the inaugural parade. honoring the new president. >> the president had a few comments about the weather on his big day. >> and the crowd was unbelievable. i looked at the rain, which just never careful. you know, we finished the speech, went inside, it poured, then we came outside, the helicopter scene was an incredible scene. and then amazingly it rained and then we went out -- it's like god was looking down on us. >> donald trump also signed his first executive orders for federal agencies to ease the burden of president obama's sweeping health care law. it comes after congress voted for a full repeal of the affordable care act. he met a lot of people from the bay area who traveled 3,000 miles to be in washington. one man from arenda has this
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message to those who did not support the president. >> they need to give him a chance. america needs to change. he's going to bring change. some of it they'll like, some of it they may not like, but they have to give him a chance. >> do you think he'll be a good president? >> i think he'll be a great president. >> others have a different message they want to tell the nation, that they are watching and that they expect president trump to look after their interests as well. for newly sworn-in president donald trump, this will be his first full day as the 45th president of the united states. capping off really an interesting celebratory day here in washington, filled with just tremendous events, and i think everyone who came here to celebrate the inauguration left happy. those who are here to protest also got their voices heard. in washington, dan ashley, abc 7 news. i'll tell you, thousands of people in 600 cities worldwide are expected to take part in the women's marches.
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the major ones in our area are planned in oakland, san francisco and san jose. protest marches took place last night. katie has more from oakland. >> reporter: a tightly corralled march of several hundred people circled downtown oakland. >> people are angry, people feel like their government hasn't heard them. >> reporter: oakland police lined the streets as local attorneys observed. >> we're here to make sure people get their chance to protest peacefully and we're hoping to help people protest and avoid being arrested. >> reporter: a diverse crowd bouncing from one police line to the next. >> everything's been peaceful. i would describe it as tense at times. but peaceful. >> reporter: an open mic event earlier in the day garnered large, emotional crowds. >> i'm a veteran. i served the united states navy. you know, but if i was in the
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service today, i would go awol. i would not serve under him. he does not belong in the white house. >> reporter: the socialist alternative is organizing for the trump administration. >> mass movements are going to be necessary to stop trump's attacks rote three people were arrested. one for resisting arrest. in oakland, abc 7 news. >> a protest was held last night in san francisco. abc 7 news reporter sergio was there with the story. >> reporter: police estimate more than 2,000 people marched through the streets of san francisco. many in this crowd couldn't participate in other demonstrations through the day so they braved the cold and rain to be present here. >> everyone's committed, even though it's uncomfortable. it's going to be a lot more uncomfortable if the new government -- a lot more uncomfortable than rain and wind. >> reporter: this is a coalition of groups with varying causes. united in their opposition to the new president and his
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administration. >> whether it's women's rights, gay rights, climate change, labor rights, almost every issue you can think of, for some reason he's appointed cabinet ministers who are in opposition to those issues. >> reporter: along with some of the many progressive issues, there are also people here concerned about basic issues, like science. one group are researchers. >> they're really concerned that the work that they're contributing for american science is, you know, might not happen that much longer if the funding isn't there. >> reporter: many here say they've never felt so uncertain about their national government. and this day of protests may be the first of many to come. in san francisco, abc 7 news. people were arrested in a protest in san jose. these pictures were captured downtown. we have the maps routed out on our website, so you
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can see if they will impact where you live. now to our storm watch coverage. hollister, people who live near pachecko cree evacuated again. the level of the creek is being wafd this weekend. >> reporter: from sky 7, you can see the homes on lover's lane underwater, again. >> approximately 21 to 22 residences, 22 homes that were directly affected by the flooding. those residents were evacuated. >> reporter: some had to be rescued. rain sent the river over its banks and -- >> the original levee that did break widened, doubled approximately in size. >> reporter: a company took this drone video and created 3-d images that showed the break. >> that levee has been increased to about there. that dimension is over 100 feet. >> reporter: at the height of the evacuations, about 20 people took shelter at the veterans
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memorial in hollister, including children. >> we brought toys in. the kids are having a good time. but everybody's kind of quiet. >> reporter: the red cross will be providing cots for anyone who needs to spend the night. >> with the additional rain, it's almost impossible to predict how much bigger the affected area will be. >> reporter: an evacuation order is still in place. in the south bay, a mudslide took down two large redwood trees knocking out power to some residents in the santa cruz mountains. it happened just before 11:30 last night on comanche trail. one homeowner heard a tree cracking but thought it was thunder. luckily nobody hurt there. pg&e is working to restore power to one customer in the area. and the hits just keep on coming. another storm heading our way. >> our final one that's going to bring gusty winds. it's a strong cold front. but right now we're looking at sunshine from the roof camera. 50 degrees here in san
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francisco. the wind is blowing. scattered showers in the east bay. but today is our break. all-important break before a last round of some flooding and power outages that are likely headed your way. your forecast is next. >> lisa, thank you. also next, coming out of the shadows, see where republicans gathered to celebrate the inauguration here in the bay area. and the legal battle over who actually owns the name for lefty o'dool's. that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound.
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a peaceful anti-trump demonstration brought thousands to golden gate bridge yesterday morning. they formed a human chain. organizers say it was to show that unity is the strongest bridge of all. >> it's exciting to be a part of this. this is the beginning of our fight. >> reporter: as president donald trump was sworn into office, thousands in san francisco gathered on the golden gate bridge and linked arms. this was not called a protest, but instead a show of unity. >> all the reasons why you're unhappy or all the reasons you don't like the results, it wasn't about that. it was about goodness coming together. >> we're trying to show that love trumps hate and we're stronger together. you don't get anything by
8:15 am
violence. >> reporter: video from sky 7 shows roughly 3,500 people forming a human chain that nearly stretched the entire span of the bridge. the peaceful anti-trump event called bridge together golden gate was as a performance art piece. >> i hope people with this kind of attitude can group together and make political change to make it a more inclusive country. >> reporter: you'll notice a lot of protesters wearing the color purple. they tell me this is symbolic of most party colors mixed together, and stands for anti-bullying. zane is skeptical of the new president and his promise to make america great again. >> i think it's pretty great right now. and i think the people who are here at the demonstration also believe that it's a great place right now. and we don't need him. >> reporter: the event closed several parking lots, including the one by the welcome center and vista point. they have since reopened. san francisco, elissa
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harrington, abc 7 news. it wasn't all protests yesterday. abc 7 news was in santa rosa at the flamingo hotel where republicans came to party. >> well, republicans are thrilled to be able to come to a room where they can all talk and not be abused. >> that attitude from the winners was also present earlier yesterday. republicans at this inaugural watch party didn't want the media to come inside saying they feared retaliation from their neighbors. there were some minor confrontations between some uc berkeley students and students from the campus for republican club. hundreds spilled into the plaza yesterday, and abc 7 news reporter leeann me len dez was there. >> reporter: berkeley high school students marched in a show of solidarity with students already protesting. >> the only way we can get through the next four years is with support and love. >> reporter: it didn't have the intensity of other uc berkeley
8:17 am
demonstrations seen in previous years. still, students seemed to show the same commitment towards helping multicultural groups. >> most importantly, to give them the strength and the ea encouragement and support through the years. >> reporter: faculty also came to support students. >> i'm very concerned of what i'm seeing both in terms of language, the visual symbolisms. >> reporter: those words heard through a bullhorn were spoken by president trump and played over and over by uc berkeley republicans. its members said they wanted other students to know they are here. at one point both sides exchanged words. >> they're unhappy. with the outcome of the election. but, you know, here we are. january 20th. new president. let's move forward. >> all of my friends have been personally attacked by his comments about women, about muslim-americans, about immigrants. it's just -- i'm not going to allow it to happen.
8:18 am
>> reporter: students left the campus to march down telegraph avenue towards oakland, keeping demonstrations nonconfrontational. abc 7 news. massive women's marches are planned across the bay area. download the abc 7 news app now so you'll know if the protests turn violent or impact traffic. now, your accuweather forecast with lisa argen. >> good morning to you. the push alerts always help you out with the weather as well. tracking rain and advisories passed on to you in case they get upgraded or changed. you can see more dry areas than wet. where we do have the rain, it's coming down at a pretty good clip around highway 1. we've got wet weather over towards hercules. it's raining around san mateo, 280. stuck in that one spot. so do be careful. 84 on 680.
8:19 am
scattered showers in the south bay. i want to show you what is to come. if you can see offshore, this slug of moisture right here, it's our final cold front that's going to slam into the bay area and bring some very heavy downpours, gusty winds. you know the routine already. in the sierra nevada, chains are required and we're looking at the snow being measured once again in feet, two to four feet, above 4,000 feet on the west slope. and this goes into monday morning. take a look at the totals. not a typo, this is what we're expecting. some pretty incredible amounts once again. so not advised to go to sierra right now. we're in the 50s from oakland to hayward, 45 in san jose. we have huge, huge surf right on through early tomorrow. these westerly swells up to near 30 feet off of monterey. very dangerous conditions. and once again, we're looking at urban flooding, ponding on the roadways, rockslides, mudslides.
8:20 am
flood warnings around hollister, the napa river, and up towards gernville. could be upgraded to a 3 in the wee hours of the morning. but most of the activity will happen while you're sleeping. that's why we have a flash flood watch from midnight to 6:00 p.m. on sunday. here's our wind advisory for the entire bay area. it's a wind warning along the coast. winds gusting here 50 to 60 miles an hour. so this is what i want to show you. the break today, which is so important, because even though we're going to get the very heavy rain tonight, we do have a chance several hours of dry conditions. 5:00 the light rain moves in. it picks up at 7:00 p.m. and then this is when the cold front wants to push through to the overnight hours. and with the winds, yeah, it is going to be another considerably very noisy night. could see some thunderstorms. hear some thunderstorms with the rumbling of that. 55-mile-an-hour winds. there's the front with that
8:21 am
yellow pushing through. a little bit of a break sunday morning, then we get into the showers and maybe thunderstorms for sunday during the day. so there's the front. and then you'll notice that we get back into the activity, that unstable atmosphere by sunday. so the weekend rain, this is it, the final round with 1 1/2 to 2 inches of rain likely through sunday night. highs today mid and upper 50s with the showers. take advantage of that break. and then the accuweather forecast 1 today, 2 tonight, possibly sort of a 3. we'll have to wait and see. the leftover showers on monday. we're dry tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday. hopefully you will endure this one. and then we get the bonus of dry days. >> what are you going to do. i'm not sure i have another storm in me. but we've got to get ready for it. lisa, thanks so much. just ahead, what is it that they say about imitation, see what the new president copied from the outgoing one.
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a bay area woman almost had her car taken away by authorities over a parking ticket. the ticket didn't even belong to her. but everything she did to convince the citation company of that didn't really work. so she contacted 7 on your side's michael finney for help. >> reporter: she even customized her cooper to show off her british pride. the vanity plate on her car fit the british theme. >> it's british for small car.
8:25 am
>> reporter: the plate came off her previous car, which was also a mini cooper. she received this delinquency notice from the citation processing center for an unpaid parking ticket for that same car she had already sold. >> i sold it june 23rd. and i got citations, two citations sometime the end of july that happened july 7th. >> reporter: she had this release of liability which clearly showed the car had already been sold when the ticket was received. >> the citation company didn't seem to accept it. because they sent me another citation. with information about having problems with renewing my license and possibly impounding the car. >> reporter: all she said she said she received four delinquencies, the $45 fine had doubled to $90. >> they kept sending me a new citation. >> reporter: that's when she called 7 on your side and we reached out to the dmv. they contacted the stanford
8:26 am
department of public safety and the citation was cleared. we contacted the citation processing center in newport beach, but it didn't get back to us. we also asked stanford about whether it had any checks and balances on the processing center, and how the center is paid. they declined to answer. susan says no matter what happens, she was not going to give up the fight. >> this is not my citation. i didn't park there. >> reporter: if we hear back from the citation processing center, we'll update this story. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. a superior court judge has barred the operator of lefty o'doul's in san francisco, they battled over who opens the name of lefty's, also in the courtroom an infringement lawsuit was filed against the landlord by the operator contending he owns the name. but the landlord said he owns the name. donald trump now has two twitter accounts. this is his first tweet from the
8:27 am
handle that is reserved for the president. the first cover photo was a shot from president obama's inauguration in 2009. but within hours it was changed to a picture of the new president. still to come on abc 7 mornings, as one administration begins, another has just ended. the former president has a message to all americans. ♪ ♪ that's life. you diet. you exercise. and if you still need help lowering your blood sugar... ...this is jardiance. along with diet and exercise... jardiance lowers blood sugar and a1c in adults with type 2 diabetes. jardiance is also the only type 2 diabetes treatment with heart- proven to reduce the risk of cardiovascular death in adults with type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. jardiance can cause serious side effects, including dehydration.
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we're starting this half hour with a look at the stormy weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning to you. sunshine, scattered showers, and all-important break for about the next six hours or so. maybe eight hours. here's a look at live doppler 7, where scattered showers are from santa rosa up towards heelsberg and windsor. and right here on the peninsula, from san carlos to foster city and san mateo, it's been light. this is moving out over the hills. so we will be looking for a break today. and also, the winter storm warning in effect right now. so that's the sierra nevada, that's not going to stop. that will take us right through monday. in the 40s and 50s. you can see a little bit of sunshine, and haze out there. it's a 2 on the storm impact scale late tonight, into tomorrow. flooding is likely. winds could gust in excess of 60 miles an hour.
8:31 am
higher elevations and the coast. we've got a high wind warning in effect. >> lisa, thank you so much. the united states, of course, has a new president. a day after celebration and protests, america is again looking at washington, d.c., where hundreds, thousands are expected for today's women's march. here's a live look at the rally ahead of the march. michael moore speaking there right now. meanwhile, the new president will start to unravel the work of his predecessor. we're joined live from the nation's capital this morning with morning. good morning, lana. >> reporter: good morning, cornell. great to be with you. the president is currently attending a prayer service at the national cathedral. meanwhile at the nation's capital, hundreds of thousands are here protesting the first 100 days of this president. as the clock is now ticking on his administration. as frank sinatra's "my way"
8:32 am
played -- >> we're going to do great things for our country. >> reporter: the new first lady made her first remarks. >> i'm honored to be your first lady. we will fight, we will win, and we will make america great again. thank you. >> preserve, protect and defend -- >> reporter: a campaign promise, now a presidential mission statement. >> >> reporter: one of the first acts making official james mattis and homeland security secretary john kelly. and while at the desk where president obama created obamacare, president trump began to repeal it. while in the streets, more than 200 protesters were arrested after violence broke out. today women from across america plan to march. organizers hope this protest will send a different message.
8:33 am
i spoke with so many of those protesters today. they are enthusiastic. they say that they are more pro-female issues than they are anti-trump administration. of course, we did see several anti-trump signs. the crowds are now estimated to be half a million people, continue to pour in. we're right by union station. it continues to march past us by the tens of thousands, more and more people coming to the nation's capital. where we saw president trump inaugurated just yesterday. >> huge crowds there. lana, thank you so much. jackie spear will be taking part in the women's march on washington. here she is donning the pink knit hat. similar marches will be taking place in san francisco, oakland and more than 600 cities worldwide. the march in d.c. begins at 10:15 our time. reports of interest in the shooting of a man at the protest at the university of washington in seattle last night has turned
8:34 am
himself in. officers are questioning that person about the incident. the 32-year-old victim is in critical condition this morning. people gathered to protest against far right commentator when the shooting happened. many were also protesting donald trump's presidency. seattle police are increasing staff today for the women's march. the white house has a new version of its website including we the people petitions. the first petition calls for president trump to release his tax returns. there are already more than 123,000 signatures. it needed 100,000 by february 19th. to receive a white house review. the national park service twitter account has been suspended until further notice after apparently retweeting anti-trump posts. one retweet which has since been taken down from the page compares photos from trump's inauguration to former president obama's in 2009. nearly 2 million people attended obama's, while officials estimate 700,000 to 900,000 would attend mr. trump's.
8:35 am
officials are investigating if the count was hacked, or if the retweets were intentional. this morning, former president obama and first lady michelle are waking up in palm springs as private citizens. their vacation was delayed a bit because the weather was so lousy in the desert. it was planned to land in riverside. the obamas plan to spend the week in palm springs. this is the former president obama looking through the window. cecilia vega has more on obama's final hours in washington and the new president who thanked them for being so gracious. >> after eight years in the white house, michelle and i now rejoin all of you as private citizens. >> reporter: a good-bye and introduction of sorts, president obama's signoff came on his new twitter account. >> how are you feeling?
8:36 am
are you feeling nostalgic? >> of course. >> reporter: the exit from the oval office, then a kiss for michelle as they waited to pass the torch to the new president. and two families now close friends are going their separate ways. the bidens boarding a train back to delaware just as he did for decades as a senator. >> 8,200 round trips. over 2 million 100,000 miles on amtrak. >> reporter: the first couple boarded not marine one, but executive one. and a last flyover above the white house. it was an emotional sendoff from staffers and supporters before boarding that plane. >> this is not a period, this is a comma. in the continuing story -- [ cheers and applause ] of building america. >> reporter: and a promise for the future. >> i promise you i'll be right there with you. all right? god bless you! thank you, everybody!
8:37 am
yes, we did! yes, we can! god bless america! [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: one more climb up those steps and then a final wave. abc news, washington. breaking news out of mississippi. at least four people have been killed after a large tornado touched down early this morning in the city of hattiesberg. the tornado left behind collapsed buildings and downed power lines. the mayor has signed an emergency declaration for hattiesberg. the city's twitter account said firefighters are going door to door this morning to rescue people. out of italy this morning, at least 16 people killed after a bus carrying hungarian students slammed into a highway barrier and caught fire. the students, all teenagers, were returning to budapest from a school trip in france. 26 were injured. some seriously. one person has life-threatening injuries.
8:38 am
it's unclear what caused the bus to crash. still ahead on abc 7 mornings, amid all the celebrations in washington, d.c., it was also moving day from the moment the obamas walked out the door yesterday a team began readying the white house for its new residents. here's a live look from the heavenly mountain resort. so much snow. two to four feet. another two to four feet expected to fall this weekend alone. another storm heading our way. lisa argen is tracking the storm. she's going to
8:39 am
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skiers and snowboarders, this pretty much is your yes. they'ren joig fresh powder in the sierra this weekend. heavy snow continues to fall in lake tahoe. they're seeing nearly four feet of snow in the last two days. they expect two more feet during this weekend's storm. if you are heading up there, don't do it. delay that trip for a while. because it's just too messy. >> you were talking about your yard. i was talking about my roof. everyone's got some issues. you'll have more unfortunately with ponding water, some flooding and very gusty winds on the way. here's a live look outside. a break all day today pretty much. by dinnertime things change
8:42 am
quickly. 46 in livermore. so enjoy the break. our last round of very heavy rain, gusty winds, warnings and advisories to pass on to you in just a few minutes. also next, a battle of all-star starters. kevin duran and steph curry face the rockets.
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♪ strummed guitar you can't experience the canadian rockies through a screen. you have to be here, with us. there's only one way to travel through this natural wonder and get a glimpse of amazing. and that's with a glass of wine in one hand, and a camera in the other, aboard rocky mountaineer. canada's rocky mountains await. call your travel agent or rocky mountaineer for special offers now. the warriors road trip continues tomorrow in orlando.
8:45 am
golden state plays an early 9:00 a.m. game tomorrow against the magic. they played the first game outside northern california last year. sports director larry beal has highlights in the morning sports. >> the warriors just wrapped up their most impressive week of the season. blowout wins over the cavs and last night the rockets. houston beat the warriors earlier in the season, double overtime at oracle. oh, baby, this would be different. kevin durant put harrell in the torcher chamber. you are not stopping that. james michael mcadoo getting a run. warriors built a 14-point leave only to see durant's old teammate harden bring the rockets back in the second quarter. still second quarter. green, quick hands. comes up with the steal. up ahead to andre iguodala. final seconds of the half. curry, a dagger three.
8:46 am
15 threes for the warriors. doves by five at the break. they bury the rockets in the third quarter. how do you stop durant there. all you can do is ask for a blindfold and a cigarette. curry, durant, hammer. steph 24-7. the exclamation point, splash. 125-108 as the warriors sweep three. cleveland-okc in houston. >> i think we've gotten better each time we've stepped on the floor this week. that's what's most important. it's not about blasting these three teams, it's about getting better. you know, trying to reach our end goal. in order to do that, you have to get better each and every time you step on the floor. college hoops, the ladies, lindsey gottlieb with arizona state. courtney range at the buzzer. cal by one after one. second quarter, defense.
8:47 am
range rips it away. davidson holds on. cal up 4 at the break. third quarter off a cal miss. a great play by robbie ryan going coast to coast. she had 14 points. finishes with a left. sun devils win. cal drops to 2-5 in the pac-12. candidates keep dropping out, the latest green bay executive withdrew his name a day after the packers colleague bowed out. packers played the falcons in the game on sunday. hail mary's with regularity. they produced more final second magic to defeat the cowboys. ridiculous throw to set up a game-winning field goal. rodgers said he remembered greatness as a kid watching the 49ers. >> like growing up in the street. you're playing joe montana and steve young throwing to john
8:48 am
taylor and rice and jones. and trusting those guys are going to be on the same page. the beauty is, it's never out-and-out street ball. it's rooted in concepts that we know and we run. >> that's a wrap on morning sports. have a great weekend, everybody. i'm larry biel. your accuweather forecast with lisa argen. >> happy saturday to you. we do have scattered showers. but also some sunshine out there. here's live doppler 7. this is our break. the next, oh, say about eight hours. here's a look at some rain up toward santa rosa. and also around calistoga. further to the south, around san rafael, just a few spotty showers over the richmond san rafael bridge, ending over here in fremont. upper elevations, we do have precip. this is what i want to show you, the slug of moisture, we've been calling it this atmospheric river. once again aimed at the bay area. and it's a very strong cold front. the national weather service has upped the high wind watch to a
8:49 am
wind warning there this afternoon until tomorrow. and we still have a winter storm warning on the way for the sierra nevada. it's been snowing steadily. and it will continue to snow with 2 to 4 feet above 4,000 feet along the west slopes. if we add up the totals, it's two feet, three feet, even five feet over at kirkwood. incredible amounts. so right now we're in the 40s to 50s out there. and you can download our app because we have our live cameras on there as well, and very, very pretty scenic vistas out there. probably rainbows as well. high surf warnings. we haven't seen these heights in quite some time. very dangerous at the coast. we're going to get into flooding again, rockslides, looking at the napa river, hollister. some of the rivers high potential for flooding. the debris floe as well and the power outages. wait until you see the wind gusts. this is a 2 right now. but late tonight into the ore night hours we could see
8:50 am
stronger conditions for a 3. we're looking at the gusty winds in excess of 50 miles an hour. and flash flood watch from midnight to 6:00 p.m. tomorrow for the ponding on the roadways. this is a high wind warning from 10:00 p.m. to 10:00 a.m. the southerly winds will be sustained 25 to 50 miles an hour. the gusts over 60 miles an hour. let's take you through the rest of the afternoon. which is dry. this is great news. the break. the light rain starts about 5:00, 6:00. it's the warm frontal band with the moisture before the main event. we've got heavier downpours 7:00. it's really the 11:00, midnight hour when we see the front poised offshore. the winds are cranking up ahead of it. there's the front, 30 to 50 miles an hour. 40-mile-an-hour winds in oakland. it passes through. and no, it's not over yet, because we could see some thunderstorms with it tonight, into tomorrow. this is tomorrow 4:00 a.m. as the front pushes through. and we get a slight break, and
8:51 am
boom, more activity throughout the afternoon. rainfall amounts, anywhere from one to two inches for the weekend. this is the final system in a series of three that we've seen. highs today mid and upper 50s with the showers. the accuweather seven-day forecast, the one today of strong 2 tomorrow, and the system winding down late tomorrow into monday. dry, dry, dry, dry. >> ready or not, here it comes. tuesday looks good. >> looks nice. >> all right. thank you, lisa, so much. it was moving day at the white house yesterday from the moment president obama joined the president-elect on that ride over to the capital. the staff jumped into action. they only had five hours to get the white house ready for its new residents. >> reporter: when the obamas leave, the action begins. >> the minute the doors shut -- >> reporter: frenzy. >> they start racing around. >> they do. >> reporter: admiral stephen roshop was in charge of the move when george w. bush's family
8:52 am
moved out, and barack obama moved in. >> i sent out a questionnaire to the advance team right after the election, and there's a huge list. what brand of shampoo, what brand of soap, what type of carpets, bedding. you want foam pillows, or feather pillows, mattresses. >> reporter: for security reasons, no outside movers are allowed, so the entire staff must pitch in. >> all 95 staff members, no leave is granted. >> reporter: and it's no small task. the white house is a three-story, 132-room mansion. while the ground floor is open to the public, the first family occupies the second and third floors. with 16 bedrooms, 35 bathrooms, family rooms, and a private kitchen. it's about 20,000 square feet of living space. which means the trumps will be downsizing from their 30,000-square-foot penthouse in
8:53 am
new york city. >> the white house is the white house. it's just a spectacular place, and, you know, it's something that represents something very special. >> reporter: with all the precision and the preparations, ultimately roshon said moving day can be emotional. he still remembers the feeling of saying good-bye to george and laura bush. >> i remember inauguration day, in the morning, to say farewell in the east room, and there wasn't a dry eye in the room, including the bushes. >> that was elizabeth vargas reporting. the official beginning of the year of the rooster. still a week away. why you can start celebrating today.
8:54 am
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lunar new year festivities kick off this weekend in san francisco's chinatown. the annual tradition takes place the weekend before the chinese new year holiday. families can buy their plants, flowers, fruits and candies. the fair runs today and tomorrow on grant avenue between clay and broadway and on pacific avenue from kearney to stockton. chinese new year is next saturday. if you head out there, grab an umbrella. >> high wind warning, flash flood watch in advance of the next system. a few scattered showers up by santa rosa. over in ven esha, and down around mount hamilton.
8:57 am
and the summit there, the santa cruz mountains. today is a break. it will likely be partly cloudy, a few light showers. and heavy rains, gusty winds tonight with flooding. thunderstorms possible. this should end by very early tomorrow. then more scattered showers. it looks like the rest of the upcoming work week will be dry. >> wow. my umbrella and boots have become my best friend. is that sad? >> no. people are a little tired of it. >> lisa, thanks. thanks for joining us on "abc 7 mornings." abc 7 news continues at 4:30 p.m. that's followed by nba countdown at 5:00 p.m. then the san antonio spurs battle the defending nba champ cleveland cavaliers at the quicken loans arena. tip-off there, 5:30 p.m., followed by toyota after the game around 8:00 p.m. the news continues now online, on twitter, facebook, and instagram. we hope you have a great weekend. stay dry, everybody.
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