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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  January 21, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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now at 11:00, live doppler 7 showing a storm bringing wind, rain and possibility of thunderstorms. good evening. thanks for joining us. i'm eric thomas. in news today, women and men made a statement marching for equal rights. more on that in just a moment. but first meteorologist drew tuma is tracking what seems like an endless string of storms. >> this is the last storm in the series of three. the bad news, the worst of this storm is yet to come. a lot of green on the screen. light to moderate rain. see that pop of yellow off the coast? that's a heavier band of rain that's about to move onshore. i want to time this out for you, approaching san francisco right around 11:19.
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vallejo, expect heavier rain to move in just before midnight. this storm on the storm impact scale, strong, gusty winds, the possibility there of a thunderstorm. so concerns we have of the storm, trees coming down, very high as well as ponding on roads, small creeks could overflow their banks. the good news, it looks like all of the major rivers will stay about elo flood levels. flash flood watches are in place. as well as high wind warnings. drew, thank you very much. a massive crowd from civic center plaza to herman plaza as a part of women's marches worldwide. lisa, city hall is lit up in support tonight. >> reporter: that is very true. you know, eric, check it out. city hall is a shade of pink, the color of the hats the women
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were wearing in today's march. passion and power filled the streets of san francisco. thousands marched for many reasons. some simply felt compelled to be here. >> it's a pivotal point in history. i want my girls to be a part of what's going on. to realize that they matter. >> reporter: many in this crowd feel the nation's newest president isn't inclusive of everyone. and that things will change for the worst. that's why house democratic leader nancy pelosi marched tonight. >> we will fight if they try to overturn the affordable care act, medicare and immigrant rights, and women's right to choose. so much is at stake. >> reporter: age and gender had no bearing here. it was all about unifying. in a time of uncertainty. >> yesterday didn't feel so good. so i'm here to be with everybody else that wants to stand for human rights. >> reporter: human rights
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activist joan baez performed at civic center plaza. >> we need to be kind, when kindness is not at the forefront. >> reporter: what is top of mind of so many here, is a desire to show the next generation of women that their voices will be heard. >> we all really support standing up for what you believe in. >> reporter: in san francisco, abc 7 news. in the south bay, san jose an estimated 25,000 people marching from city hall to the plaza de caesar chavez. chopper 7 showing the size of the crowd this morning. >> whether or not doesn't matter who won, this needed to happen. >> standing up for the rights of women. assuring that we have affordable health care for all our communities. >> people are very committed. we're very united. it's an incredible division that we see in our nation today. >> people in the crowd cheered, held up signs, some were even moved to tears.
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in oakland, an estimated 60,000 marchers took to the streets. large crowds spread throughout downtown. >> reporter: the smallest of marchers expressing mighty opinions. >> why are you marching? >> to respect women's rights. because i don't want them to make a war. and i don't want them to make a wall. >> i'm marching because i want me and everybody else to be equal. >> reporter: some fear that's not the direction president donald trump is taking the country. >> i'm terrified for the first time in my life about the leadership of this country. it isn't right. >> reporter: the women's march is a national, even international movement. >> there are millions of people marching not only in america, but all over the world. and in the end of the day, that's what it's all about. it's about us standing up for our rights.
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>> reporter: crowds packed the streets of oakland. >> i could cry all day because i love women so much. i'm so happy to see everyone here. so it means that we have hope. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. lines jammed as people tried to join the rally. ♪ we shall overcome >> me personally, i feel like i can conquer anything. >> reporter: a message of empowerment echoed by the masses. in oakland, abc 7 news. in santa rosa, a large crowd demonstrated downtown with signs that said we stand for women, and tweet less. the city had to shut down streets during the rally this afternoon. police estimated more than 5,000 people showed up for the march. they say everyone was very peaceful and well organized and police made no arrests. check out the scope of this movement. droves of protesters in cities across the u.s. los angeles estimating 750,000 people took part in the women's
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march there. chicago, boston and atlanta, just a few other cities showing solidarity to promote human rights and gender equality. the global impact was larger than organizers predicted. it's estimated at least 2.5 million people in nearly 700 cities worldwide took part in today's demonstration. and it all started today in washington, d.c. organizers estimate a half million people showed up to the giant moving rally. the worldwide event grew from one facebook post by a grandmother in hawaii, attracting attention from feminist icon dplor wra steinam, celebrities including california's newest u.s. senator. >> part of what makes us great is we are a nation that was founded on certain ideals. founded on the ideals that were spoken in 1776. that we are all and should be treated as equals. >> a side-by-side comparison
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today than at the trump inauguration yesterday. some streets around the national mall were closed yesterday. back here, the rough surf turned up by the coming storm turned deadly for a paraglider. he fell into the ocean just off esplanade avenue in pacifica. that's where abc 7 news reporter is live tonight with the tragic details. sergio? >> reporter: you may remember earlier today was actually sunny. that's why there were quite a few paragliders out along the coast. that one fell into the water just off of esplanade boulevard here where this beach access points that had been closed for maintenance, actually made it difficult for people to get to him to help. from the cliffs overlooking the ocean below, fellow paragliders desperately yelled for the man in the water to get out of the
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parachute harness. >> for a while, the surf was so high, we couldn't get to him. >> reporter: complicating their effort to reach them was the beach access trail that's under repair for the last few weeks. the concrete slab crews had been pouring had massive cracks in it from the pounding surf making it unsafe to use. essex lives nearby and shot video of the whole incident. he said the current dragged the man north to a narrow beach so by standers shimmied down the bluff to pull him out. >> they tried six or seven times to grab him and the parachute. the current kept snatching him right out of their hands. >> he was all wrapped up in his lines. which weighed a ton. and we couldn't budge him really. >> reporter: eventually the men were able to cut him free and emergency crews arrived. but according to the north county fire authority, he did not survive. he was pronounced dead on scene. the surf remained rough all day.
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just before sunset, some people walked along the waterfront to take pictures of the swells as they crashed into the pier. because of the storm, a high surf warning has been issued through 3:00 a.m. in the morning. still ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00, as millions of people marched for women's rights, president trump is making headlines of his own. tonight the cia is reacting after he spoke to hundreds of agents. we've shown you the incredible turnout for the marches in the bay area. it's having a surprising impact on local businesses. watches and warnings are posted as heavy rain and strong winds will move in. now a chance of thunderstorms are the
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president donald trump spent some of his first day on the job attacking a familiar foe. he spoke to 400 employees at the cia, the same agency he accused for leaking damaging information about him. he then attacked the media, accusing the press of intentionally misstating the crowd sizes at his inauguration. >> i get up this morning and i turn on one of the networks and they show an empty field. i said, wait a minute. i made a speech. i looked out. the field was -- it look like a million, a million and a half people. they showed a field where there were practically nobody standing there. they said, donald trump did not draw well. i said, it was almost raining. the rain should have scattered them away. but god looked down and said we're not going to let it rain on your speech. >> john brennan called donald trump's comments today
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self-grandizement. a protest in san francisco today, abc 7 news was on market street as the walk for life took place. hundreds believe abortion hurts women and want to see it come to an end across the country. >> we're definitely fueled about i our faith. we're also fueled by our love for our neighbor. we come out here for love for our neighbor. >> every valuable is valuable. and worth protecting. >> people came there all over the u.s. to attend today's rally. today's demonstrations not only affected traffic across the bay area. the marchs affect businesses as well. the usually bustling strip of restaurants along 4th street and berkeley was unusually quiet for a saturday. >> a lot of customers that are politically involved, and they're doing the march. it's taking business away from hadth street in general. we're proud for these women. it's time to get politically
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involved. >> shops in oakland either closed early today or didn't open at all because of the women's march. some businesses saw a drop in customers, but b.a.r.t. saw a surge. officials tell us ridership more than doubled compared with last saturday. more than 255,000 people went through b.a.r.t. exits by 6:00 tonight. last week it was 112,000, a difference of 143,000 riders. alameda county fire investigators say an electrical mag function is responsible for an aquarium store catching fire today. it happened at aquarium concepts around 8:00 a.m. fire crews were able to knock down the flames within about a ten minutes. they say the building's sprinkler system helped knock the fire down. no humans were hurt, but some fish were killed. sky 7 was above a devastating crash in santa clara county today. vehicles collided east of gilroy. the collision was so forceful,
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it ripped a car in half and started a fire in the cab of a truck. at least one person was killed. investigators say they don't know what caused the crash. a two-car crash killed a driver. sky 7 was over niles canyon road where it happened just before noon. chp investigators say rescuers had a difficult time finding the car. it started flowing downstream after it entered the water. none of the people in the other car were seriously hurt. the office of emergency services tonight keeping a close eye on the creek in hollister. the flooding forced dozens of nearby residents to evacuate again yesterday. firefighters rescued nearly two dozen people from flooded homes. just about everybody's back home tonight. officials say the problem is two-fold, all the rain sending the river over its banks and the original levee that broke earlier this month has widened to nearly double its original size. that's the break in the levee. tonight's storm bringing a
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warning about an avalanche danger. traffic creeping through. chains are required east of advised. placer county is urging people who live in alpine meadows to voluntarily evacuate because of the high avalanche risk through monday. several feet of fresh powder over the next 24 hours. here in the bay area we're worried not only about rain, but very strong winds overnight tonight. tracking the next storm. already it's moved onshore. you notice this evening we have light to moderate rain. san francisco, daly city, light to moderate rain. similar story in the east bay. walnut creek, moraga, berkeley. there's a brief break around fremont and san mateo. but light showers around sunny vail and san jose.
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light to moderate rain for everybody from napa to pen grove to novato and san rafael. the wider view, we want to point out one thing out here. to our north we're tracking several lightning strikes. the storm system does have the dynamic to give a thunderstorm over the next 24 hours. it's raw feeling out there. they have the winter chill right now. upper 40s to lower 50s across the region. the numbers will hold overnight thanks to a gusty southwest wind. we're gusting to 44 miles per hour in san jose, 30 half moon bay. 36-mile-per-hour wind gusts in fairfield. one of the components we're tracking on the storm impact scale is moderate tonight through sunday. not only downpours, strong, gusty winds and potential there for thunderstorms to pop up. hour by hour for you, watch the time stamp early tomorrow morning. the rain picks up in coverage, but also in intensity, with the pops of yellow you see on your screen.
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those are the downpours. tomorrow morning you may wake up and say, what storm system? likely going to be a break in the activity early sunday morning around 8:00. then the activity will fill back in in the early afternoon. 2:00, this is when i do think we have the best shot across the region to see a thunderstorm move through. we stay unsettled through the rest of the day, even into sunday night. the showers are still in the forecast. for that fact, a flash flood watch is in effect starting at midnight tonight. our soils are already sad rated. any more rain on top of what we've already seen this month, easily to lead to flooding. wind gusts with us through the early morning hours. what they'll do, they will subside as we go into sunday morning by 8:00 in the morning, the winds are going to really weaken. less than about 15 miles per hour. still have a wind advisory, though, for the entire region. in our urban areas winds could gust over 50 miles per hour. the threat there is for downed trees and power out ams. in the higher elevations, the
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winds could see winds higher than that. winds could gust over 60 miles per hour over the next couple of hours. something we'll be tracking. just know, power outage could be spotty. and could occur. accuweather seven-day forecast, tomorrow we have the rain to showers and chance of a thundershower in the afternoon. by monday, it's a scattered shower, light storm. this is what everybody wants to know. we're finally going to dry out by midweek. the sunshine returns and it sticks with us at least through saturday. >> not a moment too soon. thank you, sir. still ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00, a boy gets a chance to mess around at halftime taking half-court shots. it turns into shining, shimmering, splendid
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golden state warriors might have to make room for that kid. 11-year-old asher lucas taking half-court shots over halftime. he makes two in a row.
11:25 pm
then tries for three, of course. let's see what happens here. and the crowd goes wild. i've always wanted to say that, by the way. three in a row. holy smokes! he's just 11. >> we can blame steph curry for that. all kids want to do is shoot it from half-court. three in a row? >> not bad at all. speaking of basketball, we have a full slate of local college hoops on deck. the sharks trying to prevent an avalanche with colorado in town.
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the nhl all-star game is next weekend. sharks will be in l.a. for the festivities. tonight at the tank at home with colorado. on chia pet thornton giveaway night. no score first period. jones can't find it. brent burns dives, makes the great save a few minutes later. joe thorpe flicked it at ward. 1-0. second period, now tied at 1. the sharks go up 2-1. colorado ties it up in the third. and overtime, logan with the stop. game winner, send goal of the year. 3-2 san jose. same two teams on monday.
11:30 pm
stanford men's basketball team showing signs of improvement under first year coach jerod haaase. the ducks trying to win a school record 16 straight games. stanford trying to stay in it early. marcus allen to josh sharma for the flush. oregon with too much firepower. chris boucher, one of oregon's first half threes, led by 17 at the break. how about an alley-oop from the three-point line. benson. to williams. ducks roll 69-52 for their school record 16 straight victories. cal's beating oregon state nine of their last 11 games. drew eubanks, alley-oop here. he finished with 22. cal by five at the break. pull away in the second. charlie moore. the steal. the layup.
11:31 pm
jabar bird. the triple to make cal's lead a dozen. bird with 12. bears win it 69-58. now 10 of 12 against the beavs. santa clara-loyola marymount. who do you call. swit swishes the three. 64-63. huge upset at the australian open. we'll have your nfl conference championship previews coming up. stick around. eric? >> thank you very much. much more to come on abc 7 news at 11:00. we'll look at everything president donald trump accomplished in the first full day as the nation's leader. new york is offering free birth control and certain abortion services even if the affordable care act is repealed. chances are it's raining
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where you are, or if it isn't, you'll see some soon.
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good evening. i'm eric thomas. tracking another big storm bringing rain and high wind to the bay area. this is live doppler 7. we'll tell you where the worst is expected to be overnight. in pacifica, the investigation into the death of a paraglider. the huge waves that the victim had to deal with, his parachute kept dragging him out to sea. good samaritans tried to save
11:36 pm
his life. there's swells expected to reach 30 feet. in the bay area, joining a worldwide movement for women's rights. the streets of oakland, san jose, santa rosa and san francisco all packed with women and men marching a day after paris hilt president trump's inauguration. there were no arrests at any of the marches. in washington, d.c., there were so many demonstrators, some simply could not march. the impact and statements they're making in the nation's capital and around the world. many of them clad in pink, women gathered in washington in staggering numbers to march for civil rights. >> this isn't a feminist movement, it's a human movement. >> reporter: as a rebuke of president donald trump. >> we lost respect in the white house. we just lost dignity.
11:37 pm
>> reporter: the mass of people in washington yu larger than the route they intend eed to march boston. they said it would be like a snake eating its tail. >> we will never stop fighting to ensure equality for all of our citizens. >> reporter: denver, chicago, phoenix, atlanta, leaders and activists speaking out about women's health, climate chang and immigration policy. the marches weren't just limit to the united states either. they happened around the world with people marching in melbourne and sydney, australia, spain, belgium and norway. protests against trump on friday night at times got out of hand, saturday's movement often carried a message of unity. >> just because somebody made a bad vote, doesn't make them a bad person and it's not going to make us into bad people either. i'm not going to let a bad vote make us become bad people.
11:38 pm
we're going to fight for them anyhow. >> reporter: andrew spencer reporting. president trump was busy on his first full day at the white house. he attended a prayer service at washington national cathedral before paying a visit to the cia. jim acosta shows us he offered an olive branch to the intelligence agency. >> reporter: it was down to president for president trump as he visited the cia to face the same intelligence community he openly accused of leaking damaging information about him during his transition. >> there is nobody that feels stronger about the intelligence community and the cia than donald trump. >> reporter: instead of addressing his previous attacks on the people of the cia, trump stood in front of the wall honoring the agency's fallen officers. accusing the press misstating crowd sizes at his inauguration. >> we were packed. i get up this morning and they show an empty field. i was like, wait a minute. i mid a speech.
11:39 pm
i looked out. the field was -- it looked like a million, million and a half people. >> reporter: his assault on et press was met by applause in the c.i.a. >> probably everybody in this probably voted for me. but i will not ask you to raise your hands. >> reporter: earlier in the day the president's motorcade crossed the city, past protesters on their way to the women's march in washington. featuring more than two dozen religious leaders including an imam from the muslim community, reciting verses from the koran. while the president will keep on tweeting, the white house seems to be cracking down on social media practices. a "new york times" reporter quoted the crowd sizes. we regret the retweet from yesterday.
11:40 pm
>> in new york, women will still have access to free birth control and certain abortion services. even if the affordable care act is repealed. today governor andrew cuomo ensured that insurance companies will not continue to charge co-pays or deductibles for contraceptive drugs and devices. coverage for abortion services that are medically necessary will also be free. the announcement came intentionally on the same day as the women's marches. >> the gulf states are bracing for more severe weather after half a dozen tornadoes took down power lines and decimated homes. at least four people died in mississippi. one woman searched for her mother. she was still alive in the hospital but her sister's boyfriend was killed. another couple survived the tornado. but most of their home was destroyed. >> just started shaking. i was hollering, it's a tornado. i thank god to be here still. as you can see -- >> our bed is up there.
11:41 pm
all the way up there. >> the twister so powerful, the mattress landed in a tree. it also ripped apart a billboard and threw cars at a dealership on top of each other. heavy rains in los angeles left giant heaps of mud in the streets, and crews are still working to clean that up. rescuers today pulled nine survivors from snow-crusted debris three days after an avalanche hit a hotel in italy. it's located about 85 miles east of rome. it struck wednesday after a series of earthquakes. four people have been found dead, 20 others are still missing. still ahead on abc 7 news at 11: 11:00 -- >> another facet of emergency preparedness. >> forget the storms, we'll take you inside a local disaster supply center where people are stocking up for a political emergency. what's behind a movie rating. the dramatic shift in what pg-13
11:42 pm
really means these days. our storm currently moving through, ranks 2 on the impact scale. not only rain, but shining, shimmering, splendid
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californians are preparing for all types of disasters, even political ones. jonathan bloom went to one place to where people prepare to hunker down. >> fukushima was major in 2011. >> reporter: michael skyler gets customers. the disaster supply center has what you need to survive a catastrophe.
11:46 pm
>> just add water. >> reporter: even if it's not a flood or earthquake. >> the political earthquake is another facet of emergency preparedness. >> reporter: that's the only way he can explain a sudden surge in business. >> they don't particularly indicate it's because of the election. you can see it's a concern. >> reporter: buying supplies for emergency surgery, even nuclear war. >> they are very concerned with terrorism. >> reporter: of all the things typically associated with prepping for survival, there's one that isn't sold here. guns. >> the red cross said people seem to band together in times of disaster. >> reporter: instead of fighting, helping each other and sharing stockpiles of clean water and electricity for phones, radios and lights. >> so they're not left in the dark, to use a pun. >> reporter: abc 7 news. a new study finds that gun violence in pg-13 movies has doubled since 1995. some material may be inappropriate for children under 13. according to the study, movies targeting america's youth now
11:47 pm
have more gun violence than r-rated films. experts urge parents to talk to their kids about the violence they see on the screen. a volcano is putting on a spectacular show in mexico. this is the latest round of eruptions that started on january 7th. it impacts nearby towns and lealea leading to the closure of a nearby airport. we don't have any volcanic clouds, we have the rain kind. >> live doppler 7 showing more rain is here. it will intensify overnight tonight. really light to moderate rain at this hour. that's the green you see on your screen. the other half of the story, the winds. 45 miles per hour at half moon bay. san jose gusting to 44 miles per hour. 36 miles per hour in oakland. and 25 miles per hour in napa. moderate storm, strong gusty winds in the early morning.
11:48 pm
thunderstorm is possible. future weather going into the early morning hours, pops of yellow. those are the downpours. likely a brief break in the activity as you wake up sunday morning. but the action will fill back in sunday afternoon. that line you see moving onshore, the yellows, organization and reds, that's the best chance of seeing a thunderstorm tomorrow. the forecast, plan it out for you tomorrow. we have rain to showers. isolated thunderstorm. not out of the question in the afternoon tomorrow. don't be surprised if you hear a rumble of thunder. by monday, scattered showers, light storm wraps up tuesday, early chance of sunshine. they we are dry wednesday, thursday, friday and saturday. we're mild and we're looking fantastic. >> guess who's going to get the golf clubs out. >> like christmas eve. >> all right. down under, the australian open.
11:49 pm
huge upset on the men's side. for the women's,
11:50 pm
11:51 pm
11:52 pm
warriors in orlando. beating cleveland, oklahoma city and houston in a five-day span, they get the magic at 9:00 a.m. pacific. spurs taking on cavaliers right here on abc. leonard dropped 41. he hurt his left hand but he would stay in. lebron james, the deep three to tie the game. it goes to overtime. spurs up three. kevin love tries to save the jump ball. goes right to leonard. he throws it down for the one-handed jam. less than a second to play.
11:53 pm
a chance to tie it. air ball. spurs win in cleveland. leonard couldn't believe love missed. >> it seemed like he would get it. i came up top. i didn't know if he was going to get the shot off. but man, i thought it was going to go in for sure. randy bennett hosting pepperdine. knocks the ball away. stays on his feet. he had 22. later in the half, nice passing. hermanson open for the triple. he threw down 19. under a minute to go in the first. my favorite name jock landale. misses. but stays with it. had ehad 15. the gaels led by 14 at the break. they roll 85-65. kareem abdul-jabbar, arizona up ten in the second. spin move and the floater. ucla within a five-point wildcat
11:54 pm
lead. coast to coast. the jam. 78-71 arizona. less than a minute to play. cartwright is rejected. the putback jam. 96-85 that final. the australian open about to hit the quarterfinals. venus williams had 36 making a run. taking on the german in the round of 16. williams in the far court. still moving well. great forehand, cross-court. right there. still first set. venus now in the near court. she hits the forehand. she hits the backhand to take the first set 6-3. second set tied at 5. venus in the near court.
11:55 pm
she will twirl her way into the quarterfinals. number one seed, andy murray against mischa zverev. 6-2. nice get. in the fourth, zverev, serving far court. murray goes wide. 5-3. serving for the match. are you kidding me. murray's return is wide. the grand slam for the first time for four-set win over the number one seed. falcons lose in the nfc title game with the packers, then the 49ers could have kyle shanahan as their new head coach within the week. but shanahan cannot accept until after the super bowl. that means they would be without a head coach for almost two months. as for green bay, aaron rodgers has only been to one super bowl.
11:56 pm
the packers won it all in 2010. the packers haven't been to a conference title game since 2014. >> obviously we would like to be one of the final two. can't help but think about what it would feel like, you know, to be leading when the clock hits zero and know you're going to houston. obviously that's going to be on our minds the rest of the week and on sunday. on the other side, tom brady and the patriots in the afc title game. patriots always applying for the championship. this is their sixth straight appearance. brady tries to clue the guys in with varying degrees of success. >> wherever you are, you try to let other guys know some of your experiences, how to deal with them. a lot of people ask questions and some people take the information and retain it. others don't. you just try the best you can do. >> abc 7 sports report brought to you about i river rock
11:57 pm
casino. i'll pick the steelers to upset the patriots and falcons to beat the green bay packers. now, in tennis, djokovic and murray out of the tournament. this thing is wide open. i can't remember the last time a major had the one and two seeds gone. >> looking forward to it. thank you. that's it for tonight. i'm eric thomas. abc news continues tomorrow morning at 5:00. have a great evening and a drier morning, i hope.
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time for a fresh viral video, "right this minute." ♪ showdown in the street as two men argue before -- >> the other man starts to walk off. >> but see why he's still got one parting shot. ♪ >> oh! >> what's up? something in his hand! ♪ >> after a hero


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