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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  January 22, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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now at 11:00, a young woman missing after her car goes into the water in the east bay. all this rain is impacting search efforts. the storm also causing big-time damage across the bay area. trees are down, roads are closed. and history destroyed. new video at 11:00 gives you an up close look at what's left after powerful waves take out a local landmark. good evening. thanks for joining you. i'm eric thomas. we have a lot to get to tonight but first let's check in with meteorologist drew tuma. drew? >> eric, we just got drenched this weekend and the rain is not over yet. live doppler 7 showing you we've still got showers out there. we're going to go in tighter on live doppler 7, get you right down to street level, show you around burlingame and san mateo at this hour, some live showers, that extends south into redwood city, menlo park through stanford. some light rain this evening. to the north we go and to the
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east bay around oakland and piedmont, alameda, some light showers and inland a similar story. approaching walnut creek with that light rain. but after this weekend's drenching we do have some issues in the north bay. a flood warning still in effect until tomorrow morning for the areas you see shaded in green covering parts of sonoma county. we have water on the roadways here. so that will certainly impact your monday morning commute. and we are not done with this storm system yet. live doppler 7 we have more showers off coast ready move on shore. it will be a light storm through your monday with scattered showers and light winds but flooding that concern is still very high. we'll go hour by hour on future weather, time out your monday and show you when the one will finally return in our full accuweather forecast. eric? >> thank you, drew. the storm is impeding the search for a yng woman who is believed to have died when her car sank in a rain swollen creek. she lost control at niles canyon road and slid into the alameda
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creek. abc 7 reporter sergio quintana is near the scene. sergio? >> reporter: eric, niles canyon road was actually closed for much of the day because of a rock slide that came across the road and that certainly did not help with the search effort. caltrans reopened the road this evening. it will remain open through drive time, but tomorrow morning at about 10:00 authorities are going to close niles canyon road again so they can continue their search. the alameda creek looked more like a river because of runoff from the rains. authorities still haven't been able to spot the submerged car. >> is that car even visible? >> no, it's not. there's a general area where we know where the car went in. there's different spots they're looking still. >> reporter: in these pictures from the alameda county sheriff's department you can see emergency crews staged in the area where they believe the 18-year-old driver crossed into oncoming traffic and clipped another vehicle. they found a piece of her honda accord where it plummeted into
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the creek. gracie castillo and her husband randy drove through the pass and saw emergency crews there. >> we knew it had to have been pretty serious. because we seen everybody rescue people looking along the river there, like they were looking for something. >> reporter: in these pictures from our media partner the bay area news group, you can see search ruse locrews looking alo banks. the driver is still missing because they couldn't find anyone and they haven't been able to search the car because they still can't get to it. >> the water is cold. hypothermia or -- it's a sad situation. >> reporter: the sheriff's department is trying to get state authorities to reduce runoff from area reservoirs to help bring down the creek level so they can continue their search in the morning. in fremont sergio quintana, nbc 7 news. a falling tree crushed at least six vehicles in lafayette. that same tree just missed crashing onto an italian restaurant on lafayette circle.
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some of the damaged cars belonged to people who were enjoying a birthday party for a martinez woman who turned 70. the birthday girl described what she heard. >> it sounded like -- actually like thunder. but it's -- it was -- thank got nobody got hurt. >> an earthquake. >> reporter: you can see here just he hoe how close the tree came to the dining room at la fenestra. one of the car's owners told us it may take two days to remove the tree from the tops of the damaged vehicles. in ukia a massive oak tree crashed on top of a apartment building with deadly consequences. the victim was killed in her bed. this happened just before 5:00 a.m. yesterday when winds topped out at 50 miles per hour. fire officials say the wind had destabilized the 125-foot-tall tree's root systems and it toppled over. crews had to use chainsaws and a crane to get the tree off the deceased. a downed tree kept a crew
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and busy in berkeley. it blocked the street but nobody was hurt. to the north bay now where flooding may keep a stretch of highway 37 in novato closed for days. it's the second time it's flooded here in the last week. >> part of the problem is when you have three consecutive storms like we had the soils get so saturate td might as well just be falling on concrete. there's no absorption in the ground. >> caltrans tried pumping the water out but it's spilling back in just as fast from swollen novato creek. one driver had to be rescued when their car got stuck in flood water. to marin city where two lanes of southbound 101 were flooded out and the exit ramp to sausalito cut off. in sonoma county a mudslide and downed trees caused problems for forestville residents. and the intersection of highway 12 and 121 in shellville looked like a lake because of runoff from sonoma creek. that area is also closed off to traffic. abc 7 news was in sausalito, where a mudslide has southbound lanes of bridgeway shut down. the span between nevada and
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spring street remains closed tonight as crews work to clear the road. no word yet on when it will reopen. you may have noticed a break in the storms earlier today. lots of people headed out to the pacifica pier to take advantage of the brief sunshine. they got it in just before the area went under a flood and high surf advisory. >> there's an advisory for having the camera too close to big waves. it may come crashing onto it. waves will crash onto this wall. you know, that okay? because i'm like i wouldn't have my camera here. >> that high surf advisory has been lifted but waves are still high, measured up to 17 feet. oakland firefighters shared this picture of a minivan stalled in the water near the bay bridge toll plaza. firefighters had to actually swim out to rescue the two people inside. the south bay's having its share of weather-related problems as well. abc 7 news reporter lilian kim is live along highway 17 near the lexington reservoir. lillian? >> reporter: eric, the people who live in the santa cruz mountains have been dealing with
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mudslides. one is even blocking old santa cruz highway in both direction ppz this well-traveled road is off limits for now. detour signs have been placed on old santa cruz highway because a chunk of the hillside that gave way near edwards road. the mudslide brought down trees, enough to block both lanes. both who live in the santa cruz mountains say mudslides have been par for the course lately. >> i went to home depot today, and there was a mudslide on 17 northbound. it took me an hour and a half just to get back here and i never made it to where i was going. >> reporter: all of this rain has imprsed south bay residents. many went to lexington reservoir to check out the spillway. >> just to see the power of mother nature. my brother-in-law came earlier and he said it was incredible, the force of water is just amazing to come and see. >> reporter: water came over the spillway earlier this month as well, but before that the last time the reservoir reached these levels was five years ago. the santa clara valley water district had been closely monitoring all of its ten reservoirs before this latest storms, even released some water to reduce the chance of flooding
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down stream. >> our reservoirs are water supply reservoirs primarily. they're not really flood protection reservoirs like some reservoirs are. but we do have the ability to release water in some cases to make room for future storms, and that's what we did this week. >> reporter: so far so good, no flooding for now. in the south bay lilian kim, abc 7 news. abc 7 reporter katie send us pictures and video. we can find it easily if you use hashtag abc 7 news. download the aabc 7 app. constantly updated live doppler 7. just look under the weather section and make sure you enable push alerts when you download the app and you'll get weather alerts right to your phone or tablet. b.a.r.t. is trying to find out how a man wound up on its tracks beneath downtown san francisco. firefighters say the man was conscious when they reached him
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around 3:40 this afternoon. it appears that he rolled into a gap on the trackway out of the way of the trains. paramedics took him to the hospital. b.a.r.t. police do not suspect foul play. commuters faced delays for a short period of time. united airlines domestic flights are on the move again after being stuck on the ground for about 2 1/2 hours because of computer problems. abc 7 news was at san francisco's international airport where only united passengers have been affected and could experience delays through the rest of the night. computer and software issues also grounded united flights back in october, june, and july. still ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00, if you were anywhere near a march for women's rights yesterday, you saw plenty of signs. the unlikely place that's now collecting them. and a historic ship becomes a victim of the latest round of storms. we're getting a unique perspective of the damage. and tahoe is packed with snow. it's a breathtaking sight. but high winds are causing serious concerns. and i'm meteorologist drew
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tuma. it will noting the winds here tomorrow but the rain that will cause more concern for flooding. but we are tracking a dry pa
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san leandro police have arrested four people in connection with a shooting that left a man in critical condition. several neighbors called 911 after hearing gunshots along anchorage drive just before 1:00 this morning. when police got there they found a wounded man who's now in the hospital. one officer then saw a car speeding away from the area. police chased that car into san lorenzo. that's where they captured four people. detectives are now trying to figure out who shot the man. the widow of the orlando nightclub shooter will be back in an oakland federal courtroom
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tomorrow for a routine proceeding. 30-year-old noor salman pleaded not guilty to terrorism charges on wednesday. prosecutors say she helped her husband, omar mateen, plot last june's attack on the pulse nightclub that left 49 people dead. a s.w.a.t. team killed mateen. federal agents arrested salman at her mother's home in rodeo on monday. she's being helped at the santa rita jail. salman's bail hearing is set nor next week. developing news out of san antonio, texas where a good samaritan was shot and killed while trying to stop a jewelry store robbery inside the mall. a bystander who was licensed to carry a concealed handgun then shot and wounded the armed robber. the other robber took off while firing a weapon, injuring two people. two others suffered non-shooting-related injuries in the incident. samsung released a new report tonight blaming bad battery design and a rush to release an updated version of the galaxy note 7 for the overheating and exploding of some of those devices. it states that batteries in the first batch of note 7s were too
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big. samsung used a new supplier when manufacturing the second batch, but those batteries turned out to be defective. the company has developed a new eight-point battery check to make sure that future devices don't suffer the same fate. well, hundreds of thousands of people carried signs at women's marches all across america, and now museums want to give some of those signs a home. the smithsonian's american history museum tweeted that it's collecting signs from the largest inaugural protest ever. "new york" magazine reports other museums and libraries across the country are doing the same and so are some overseas. the oakland museum of california tweeted thanking people who left signs at its community wall. chico-based sierra nevada brewing is issuing a recall. eight different brews bottled in north carolina run the risk of having a small shard of glass inside the bottle. beers brewed in chico are not affected and california is not among the 36 states impacted. but sierra nevada wants to get the word out. these are the eight styles they're recalling. if the bottling date is between
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december 5th, 2016 and january 13th, 2017 with the letter m like mary, then return it for a full refund. santa clara university will receive the largest donation in its history from one of its graduates who struck it rich in silicon valley. real estate magnate john sobrato and his wife, susan, will give the school $100 million. john sobrato graduated from santa clara in 1960. this is also the second largest gift to a roman catholic university. santa clara will build a state-of-the-art science facility designed for s.t.e.m. education. take a look at what powerful waves did to a local landmark in santa cruz county. this is known as the cement ship at the end of the pier at sea cliff state beach. gabriel devault shared this drone video with us from aptos. the ship's actual name is the "uss palo alto." it's nearly 100 years old and waves ripped the stern off that ship. a drone is giving us an
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incredible perspective of all that snow in lake tahoe. it's great video, but there are some issues there. several ski resorts are either closed or on limited operations because of wind gusts of more than 100 miles an hour. there's a back country avalanche warning through at least tomorrow morning. >> announcer: now your accuweather forecast with drew tuma. >> do not put the rain gear away just yet. we stay unsettled through monday, and then things are going to change by tuesday. live doppler 7 right now still with tracking all the moisture this week. got a couple of showers out there. let's go in a little tighter on live doppler 7. some light rain around palo alto. redwood city approaching sunnyvale. as you go into the higher elevation in our hills could have a little bit of mixed precipitation above about 3,000 feet. still have some light showers as we cross the bay into san leandro, walnut creek, alamo. but really this is going to be the theme the next 24 hours. it's not raining everywhere, but the showers are still in the forecast. the water view on live doppler 7 showing you the showers are moving from a west to east
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fashion and you look west to see what's coming and more scattered showers are popping up. so that's going to be our issue over the next 24 hours. it was certainly soaking this weekend. a lot of spots. over an inch of rain the past 48 hours. from san francisco, oakland, redwood city. over two inches in san rafael and santa rosa. even in the south bay san jose coming in close to 3/4 of an inch of rain. adding on to what's been an incredibly wet month the past 23 days. the winds, besides sfo gusting to 26 miles per hour, they're rather light and the winds will not really be an issue tomorrow morning. the winds are generally going to be less than 15 miles per hour. up there right now a lot of 40s on the board, a lone 50 in oakland and tonight we're going to hold in the 40s. not incredibly frigid but a bit of a chill in the atmosphere. so on monday the storm impact scale going to get a 1. it's a light system through the evening. it's going to be scattered showers, some light winds. but the issue is our ground is
11:20 pm
just totally saturated at this point from all of this rain that any additional showers that pop up could easily lead to flooding concerns. for that fact a flash flood watch has been extended through tomorrow evening, 6:00, for the majority of the bay area. you see shaded in green. we could easily see more flooding from any showers that do pop up. let's go hour by hour on future weather. 7:00 in the morning grab the umbrella and the rain coat. it might not be raining in the morning when you wake up but the showers will be with us throughout the afternoon and evening. future weather by 5:00 you do notice a peppering of showers across the region as we stay unsettled. as we go into early tuesday morning what's going to happen? the storm system is going to scrape by the coast bringing light showers and then it's going to pull away. and i think this is what everybody wants to know. by tuesday afternoon you can shed the rain gear, bring out the sunglasses. by tuesday afternoon we are expecting the sunshine to return. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. tomorrow got to get through some more scattered showers out
11:21 pm
there. tuesday there's an early morning chance to sun. i think a lot of people are going to be smiling tuesday afternoon. by wednesday some clouds bubble up. after sunset there could be an isolated shower, not a big deal. but look at thursday, friday, saturday, and sunday. sunny. we are dry and 60s make a comeback. >> all right, drew, thank you. still ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00, take a look at this photo. do you notice anything odd about it? even a hockey team is
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the dallas stars, the hockey team, is getting in on the inauguration attendance controversy. questions over how many people actually went to president trump's inauguration. the president believes between 1 and 1.5 million people showed up. others disagree. regardless, the stars had some fun with it when they announced during last night's game. the attendance, they said 1.5 million people were there for
11:25 pm
the game. that might be a little exaggeration. then there's this guy. miguel rosas is the man who actually shaped packers quarterback aaron rodgers' face into the back of somebody's head. at least that's easier to remove than a tattoo because the packers were eliminated today. i shouldn't give you all the particulars about that. but too bad this guy didn't have enough for a blowout. well, the falcons almost did. >> might want to get matt ryan on his head next year. all right. falcons are back in the super bowl, beating the packers, as eric just said. looking for the city's first ever title. while the patriots defeat the steelers behind two bay area products, tom brady and julian
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tom brady and bill belichick are going to their seventh super bowl together as the patriots take care of the steelers in convincing fashion to win the afc championship. this was the seventh consecutive afc title game for brady and the patriots. tom threw for a franchise playoff best 384 yards, three tds. plenty of time here to find a wide open chris hogan. 16 yards. 10-0 pats. second quarter new england with a flea flicker. brady hits hogan again. 34 of his 180 receiving yards and two touchdowns. brady tied joe montana for most playoff games with three or more touchdowns. his ninth. 17-9 patriots at half. legarrette blount just 47 rushing yards but he got some serious mileage here. 18 yards dragging seven steeler defenders down to the 1. and then he'd punch it in on the next play. patriots running away with this game. they're up 27-9 late third quarter. now another bay area native, woodside high's julian edelman. eight catches, 118 yards and this ten-yard td catch from
11:30 pm
sarah high's tom brady. patriots advance to the super bowl for the ninth time in franchise history. brady and belichick going to their seventh. 36-17 the final. >> it was a good day. and we're going to the super bowl, man. [ bleep ] you've got to be happy now. >> so many good players in this locker room. it's very special. i'm excited that we got this win. and that we have another chance to play for the super bowl. >> it's a special year because it's a special team. and it's a special group in the way they've worked together. but there are always challenges we have to overcome. whatever those are, they are. >> and that challenge will be the falcons, who seem to be a team of destiny. they just destroyed green bay for the nfc title. in atlanta aaron rodgers and his packers never had a chance. matt ryan has led his falcons to their second super bowl appearance. this is the final game to be played at the georgia dome. falcons move into their new home next season. first quarter matt ryan with a little two yard we'll say shovel pass to mohamed sanu. he makes a one-handed grab. 7-0 atlanta. second quarter packers down 10 and driving until jalen collins
11:31 pm
forces and recovers aaron ripko swchlt ki's fumble at the 11 yard line. matty ice then drives his team 75 yards and despite 392 passing yards ryan takes it in himself. 14 yards. 24-0 falcons at the half. ryan finished with four td passes. two to julio jones despite a bad foot, had 180 receiving yards on nine catches, 73 right here. he shakes off two tackles. you think he wants to go to the super bowl? well, he is. falcons punched their ticket to houston. super bowl bound for the first time since 1998. 44-21 that final. >> i'm happy for everybody in our organization. i mean, we've worked hard to get to this point. but the challenge is still in front of us. what we set out to accomplish is still in front of us. we'll enjoy it because it's hard to get to this point. this abc 7 sports report brought to you by river rock ka eno. coming up a story of a young man who got to meet two of his bay area's sports heroes. and he is the inspiration to them. you don't want to miss it. eric? much more to come on abc 7
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news at 11:00. including president trump wrapping up his first weekend in the white house. turns out day two end
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good evening. i'm eric thomas. in tonight's headlines the search for a missing 18-year-old will resume tomorrow morning. investigators believe her car went into the alameda creek near castro valley. they have not found her or her honda accord. but crews spent the day searching along the banks. the rushing water is just too dangerous for crews. they need to wait until the creek level goes down. in the north bay flooding has shut down part of highway
11:36 pm
37. a car ended up stuck in the water in novato. the driver had to be rescued. officials say this stretch could be closed for days. and crews are working around the bay area to clean up downed trees, including this one that came crashing on top of cars at a restaurant in lafayette. some of the cars belonged to a group that was celebrating a woman's 70th birthday. no one was hurt. president donald trump had an even busier day two than day one. he met with his new white house staff and law enforcement today, but his team is still facing questions about what happened on day one. abc's marci gonzalez reports from washington. >> reporter: on his second full day in office -- >> he's become more famous than me. >> reporter: president donald trump at the white house greeting james comey, the fbi director who became the public face for the investigation into hillary clinton's e-mails. the president also swearing in senior staff members ahead of what he considers his first real day of work monday. but his team is already busy
11:37 pm
defending the claims the president and his press secretary sean spicer made about the size of the crowd at friday's inauguration. >> this was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration, period! >> reporter: while there is no official count for this year's inauguration, this is the crowd as trump delivered his remarks compared to a shot from the same angle of the 1.8 million people who attended former president obama's first inauguration in 2009. still, counselor to the president kellyanne conway stood by spicer's lambasting of the media and his false claims about crowd size. >> you're saying it's a falsehood, and they're giving sean spicer our press secretary gave alternative facts to that. >> alternative facts are not facts. they're falsehoods. >> reporter: chief of staff reince priebus tried to explain why the administration is keeping up this fight. >> the point is not the crowd size. the point is the attacks and the attempt to delegitimize this president this one day. and we're not going to sit around and take it. >> reporter: and despite the
11:38 pm
president's promises during the campaign that he would release his tax returns after his audit, the white house now says he will not make that information public marci gonzalez, abc news, washington. former first lady barbara bush is spending one more night in the hospital with her husband. mrs. bush and former president george h.w. bush are staying at the same hospital in houston. he has complications from pneumonia. she has bronchitis. doctors gave mrs. bush the option of leaving today but she decided to stay through tonight to recover and to be with her husband. president bush could be moved out of the icu in the next day or two. the baseball world is mourning kansas city royals pitcher yordano ventura and former major leaguer andy marte. both men died in car accidents in their homeland, the dominican republic. in kansas city royals fans left tributes for ventura outside the team's ballpark, kauffman stadium. the team also lowered flags to half staff. ventura helped the royals win the 2015 world series. the 25-year-old also pitched in
11:39 pm
the 2014 fall classic against the giants. marte was killed in a separate crash in the dominican republic this morning. traffic officials say his car hit a house about 95 miles north of the capital. andy marte was 33. well, tonight millions of americans are in the bullseye of a powerful line of storms ripping through the south. tornadoes have already left a deadly path of destruction. at least 19 people were killed. abc's adrian bankert reports. >> reporter: in aidell, georgia devastation is all around. a tornado blowing through this small rural town left debris strewn everywhere. the remains of what were once family homes. >> we all came in the hall and put the -- our granddaughter down, and we covered each other. and we just laid there and we prayed. >> reporter: some there losing even more than their possessions. at least 14 dead in georgia today. this tornado part of an unusually strong long track of intense, fast-moving twisters.
11:40 pm
>> florida affected, alabama affected by the tornadoes. and just expressed our sincere condolences for the lives taken. >> reporter: in hattiesburg, mississippi they're assessing the damage. the weather service saying yesterday's twister was likely on the ground for 15 miles. it's the same area hit by a violent ef4 tornado just four years ago. you can see on this street homes are destroyed along with businesses and churches. four people killed, two people relatives. a grandfather and grandson. at the mcmorris property here on the corner of the house decimated but they did walk away with their lives. >> reporter: out west the problem is rain and mud. in california the storm train that's been battering the state will deliver one final blow. in duarte, west of los angeles, mandatory evacuations are in place after days and days of downpours. >> in all the years i've been here this is way worse than anything i've seen. >> reporter: today's rain expected to move out but the dangers of landslides continues.
11:41 pm
back east today's harsh weather will head north up the atlantic. adrienne bankert, abc news, hattiesburg, mississippi. nasa has big plans for its new horizon spacecraft. it's known for its historic encounter with pluto two years ago. now it's heading to a small ancient object about a billion miles beyond the dwarf planet. that object was first discovered by the hubble telescope in 2014. the flyby is expected to happen in early 2019. now, take a look at these watermelons. some are watermelons. u.s. customs and bored err why protection officers sent the melons through a secondary screening and with the help of a canine team they found fake melons packed with 3,000 pounds of marijuana valued at $600,000. no word on how many arrests were made. the case is under investigation. still ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00, the future is now. we'll take you inside a san francisco doctor's office where technology is playing a key role in keeping you healthy.
11:42 pm
but at what cost? and i'm meteorologist drew tuma. live doppler 7 still tracking some scattered showers t
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today's storm is level 1. that means light rain. so keep an umbrella handy and drive safely. track today's storm anytime on the abc 7 news app. download it now. since we're talking about the weather how about a live look outside now at our walnut creek camera? interstate 680 there. and you see traffic's light but the roadway is wet from another round of rain. k see spots on the lens as well. drew tuma's tracking it for you on live doppler 7. he'll be back in a few minutes to tell whus it's going to clear up. and yes, it's going to clear up. well, google, facebook, uber, they all use artificial intelligence and now so could
11:46 pm
your doctor. abc 7 news reporter jonathan bloom visited a doctor's office that opened in san francisco where health care comes with a healthy dose of tech. >> is that comfortable for you? >> that's perfect. >> reporter: it's hardly your standard blood pressure cuff. >> 122 over 67. >> reporter: and it's not your average stethoscope. >> you can see adrian's rhythm as i place this on his heart. >> reporter: if adrian's heart is beating a little faster than normal it's because this day is the day his vision becomes a reality. it costs $150 a month and it aims to change how we think of the doctor's office. >> it's like a repair shop, right? you wake up in the morning and you've got a rash to so you go to the doctor. or you wake up in the morning and you've got a flat tire sow go to the mechanic. >> reporter: but he says a ford membership is more like a gym membership. >> we're not just primary care we do women's health we do vaccines we do have a pharmacy on site we have men's health. >> and technology is front and center. >> here we have the forward body scanner. i'm going to go ahead and step right on and show you how it works. >> reporter: the basic data's
11:47 pm
gathered in 45 seconds then blood work is done on the spot. within 12 minutes your results are on the screen. >> your kidney function, all of your electrolytes down to digestive enzymes, liver function. >> reporter: but behind the body scanner and the high-tech exam rooms perhaps the most important piece of technology in this office is the technology you don't see. >> because this info is in one place we then use artificial intelligence to go ahead and personalize the treatment plan for you. >> reporter: forward does generic testing dpathers data from sensors your doctor sends home with you and feeds tall into its ever changing machine learning algorithm. >> all the information we've ever seen, that doctor now has those superpowers. >> reporter: the founders hope it means earlier detection of cancer. >> gastric cancer, breast cancer, ovarian cancer. >> reporter: and prevention of big problems down the road. >> heart attack which cost 100,000-plus dollars to deal with could have been dealt with for literally just single-digit dollars if we had dealt with it extremely early. >> reporter: in san francisco jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. a wet weekend out there. let's find out when things are going to dry up.
11:48 pm
here's drew. >> yeah, eric, we're almost done with the showers. tomorrow they linger. they're not as widespread. but they'll still be in the forecast. live doppler 7 showing you they're scattered in nature at this hour. this is how doppler's going to look for the next 24 hours. it will be raining in spots but not across the entire region. the storm impact scale, it's a light system. we have some light showers moving through, some light winds. but the flooding concern is still high. the ground is saturated and more rain on top of that means flooding could be easy to come by tomorrow. so flash flood watch in effect through tomorrow evening. 6:00. ponding on roads, flooding possible, also rock and mudslides. future weather gets you hour by hour into that forecast. early tomorrow morning some isolated showers out there and that's going to be the theme for the day. got the scattered showers. it's an unsettled day. as we go into early tuesday morning some showers along the coast. but watch as the system departs. by tuesday afternoon sunshine returns and we'll begin to dry out for the day. accuweather forecast, scattered showers. there's that drying out tuesday. wednesday a mix of sun and clouds and then thursday, friday, saturday, and sunday
11:49 pm
it's nice, turns mild and next weekend looking spectacular. >> i'm so glad to hear that. because mr. grumpy over here needs to -- >> promises, promises. >> did you go once this month at all? >> no. >> golfing. we're talk about golf here. >> and dare i say even drew's getting tired of the rain. that's how bad it's getting. coming up, the warriors take care of busines in
11:50 pm
11:51 pm
11:52 pm
the warriors with a tough back to back in florida. a 9:00 a.m. start in orlando then on to miami to face the heat on monday. they started slow this morning but their third quarter changed the game. warriors turned the ball over eight times in the first eight minutes. ian clark guilty here leads to a quick fast break dunk. does finish with 18.
11:53 pm
san jose native aaron gordon the finish here. game tied at 50 at the half. then the dubs woke up. steph the three. got it. kevin durant, 15 points. drives to the hoop. the lay-in. warriors on a 12-2 run. steph led all scorers with 27. dubs up 20. javale mcgee got in on the act. 13 points off the bench. the one-handed alley-oop. that was sweet. klay thompson also had seven threes and 21 points. warriors won their seventh straight. 118-98 the final. >> for whatever reason we've had a bunch of really good third quarters in the last couple weeks. it seems to be the time when we pick up our defense and it translates into some transition hoops. i don't know why but that seems to be the key time for us these days. all right. athletes and teams can be a source of inspiration, especially for their young fans. as sports anchor chris alvarez from our sister station kfsn in fresno finds out, a young boy is
11:54 pm
finding strength through some of the bay area's biggest superstars. >> it's fun to look at the different players and see which teams i would want to walk. >> reporter: 11-year-old aidan nelson is a raiders fanatic. >> he passes to all the receivers, and he doesn't -- it takes a team to win a super bowl, not just one player. >> reporter: while it takes a team to win a title, there's one player who's got aidan's attention. >> there's all different players. derek carr on the raiders, he's somewhat local. >> reporter: aidan met his idol this past spring at the cara lee camp. >> just his face. he was just ecstatic to be there and experience it. to do what he sees on tv, to be able to experience it himself.
11:55 pm
>> reporter: a few months later the connection with carr would become closer when aidan made a trip to valley children's after feeling discomfort in his neck. >> he started screaming in the middle of the night, the pain was so severe. so i took him to valley children's. they found the tumor in his spine. >> reporter: the diagnosis, diffuse mid-line glioma on the spine. >> he had to have an emergency surgery because it was going to the neck. and basically, when they did the tumor resection surgery, he was paralyzed from the neck down. of all the pediatric cancers it's probably 1% that have this type of tumor in the country. >> reporter: aidan spent two months in the hospital, and upon hearing of his condition derek sent one of his biggest fans a personalized video. >> hey, aidan, this is derek carr. love you, man. praying for you. i hope this video finds you encouraged and strong. and so just wanted to let you know that i've been praying for you. and so hopefully i'll get to see you soon. >> he gave me a signed autographed jersey and a signed
11:56 pm
picture. i think that he cares a lot. >> when you're kind of in your darkest days sometimes in a hospital room, to just even get something from an athlete who you love is just -- it's priceless. >> one, two, three! >> reporter: priceless. just like the next experience with a sports superstar. warriors guard and two-time nba" stephen curry, who aidan met in december during a make-a-wish trip to the bay area, where he attended warriors practice and a game against the knicks in which steph wore a special something on his wrist. >> blue and yellow fighting for you bracelet. >> and how cool is that when you see the mvp of the league wearing something that's about you or for you? >> i think it's pretty cool that he does that. >> it's overwhelming. i mean, it's just -- it brings a lot of joy to me because to see someone doing that for my son, taking the time out of their day to do that, it's pretty incredible. >> reporter: carr and curry
11:57 pm
going beyond touchdowns and threes, fighting for aidan. >> that was chris alvarez reporting. this abc 7 sports report brought to you by river rock casino. becoming a pro athlete is a dream come true in itself but what you can do for others as a pro athlete can make their dreams come true and as rewarding. good luck to aidan. great story. >> it's great what athletes do off the field and off the court. all right, shu, thank you. that's it for tonight. i'm eric thomas. have a dry overnig
11:58 pm
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