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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  January 23, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PST

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south bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 >> at 35:00 a.m., a young woman disappears as her car plunges into the creek in the east bay. crews will try to search again
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this morning. marine county looks more like a lake this morning. some good news for commuters who use this shortcut. good morning to you. monday, january 23rd. i'm natasha zouves. we have lisa argen here. and alexis smith, as well. >> i'm matt keller in for reggie. mike and jessica with out today. we still have the rain. >> that's right. >> seems to be a co-host with us for the last few weeks, right? >> seriously. we're definitely turning a corn. though we have a flash flood watch for the bay area throughout the day. the scattered showers are widely scattered around the bay area. this morning, if you're headed south out of marine county toward the golden gate bridge, the richmond district, you'll run into showers. over fairfield, rio vista, highway 12 looking at wet weather and a rain/snow mix for mount hamilton. east of hollister, a wet day today. possible thunderstorm. we're doing okay so far this morning. i don't have major issues.
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just really starting to see our busy routes start to fill in. here's westbound 80 through the emeryville stred. westbound tracy to dublin, 40 minutes. antioch to conncord, 15 minutes. san rafael to san francisco, 18 minutes. just hearing about a new collision. we'll look at that next. >> thank you, alexis. searchers will be back at alameda creek where officer believe a young woman died when she lost control of the car and went into the creek. >> she and her car are still out there. abc 7 is live near the scene. >> this has been a very difficult search because of the conditions of the water. i'm at the staging area where the alameda county sheriffs officials will meet later this
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morning to resume the search. the driver lost control just up the road along niles canyon road. and slid into the water. it has been too dangerous for emergency crews to enter that water because this is what it looks like. it's been moving fast. there are rapids, and it is deeper than usual because of all the rain we've been getting. rescue teams are also concerned about debris in the water like branchs. our media partners, the bay area news newsgroup, shot pictures of the search for the driver and the car. a teenager from tracy. >> people don't realize the canyon, how slippery it is. it is slippery. you don't know what happened. there could have been a rock in the road. something like that. >> at this point, it is a missing person. we're not sure if they're inside the vehicle, if they were driving the vehicle, until we recover the car. we can't confirm anything. >> they have not released a name for the driver. we know she is 18 years old.
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again, from tracy. the sheriff's department also used helicopters and drones to search for her. but found nothing. niles canyon road is back open this morning but it is expected to close when the search continues. live in fremont, elissa harrington, abc 7 news. >> thank you. good news from novato this morning. a portion of highway 37 has been reopened to traffic. this is what it looked like sunday afternoon. you see three to four feet of water closed the highway between lake yn vil lakeville road and southbound 101. the onramp is open for marine county residents to get on to highway 101. crews tried pumping out the water. it is pumping back in from the swollen novato creek. officers will be out to help with the morning commute. all the water made it tough to drive yesterday.
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in marine city, southbound 101 was flooded out. sonoma county, a mud slide and downed trees caused problems for forestfield residents. shellville looked like a lake because of the runoff from sonoma creek. the area is also closed to traffic. some people use the breaks between the rain to check out the surf on the pacifica pier. there was a warning for people who lived there. >> there is an advisory for having a camera too close to the waves. waves will crash over the wall. you know that. i'm like, i wouldn't have my camera here. >> she's looking out for us. that's nice. the high surf advisory was lifted. waves still high. up to 18 feet at times. look at what powerful waves did to a local landmark in santa cruz county. this is at the end of the pier at the state beach. a stern was ripped off a ship.
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it is the s.s. palo alto. we have live doppler on the abc 7 news app. enable push alerts to get weather advisories on your phone or tablet. police are trying to determine who shot a man at a house party over the weekend. the party was held inside of a house near anchorage drive and lewelling boulevard. someone reported a shooting. an officer saw a car speeding away, and that prompted a chase. the car crashed a short time later and police arrested four people inside. officials are not sure which one could be the shooter. the victim is in critical condition. a daly city police are asking to help identify this man accused of robbing a restaurant earlier. january 13th, he took an amazon box from the restaurant. he was last seen wearing a jacket with the word "security" on the back and a cal beanie.
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if you recognize him, call daly city police. this is the first full week for president donald trump in office. his aides are trying to put out a fire they started over the size of his inauguration crowd. here is abc 7's stephanie ramos. >> reporter: president trump kicks off his first week on the job at the white house today. >> we have set up meetings with the prime minister of the united kingdom. >> reporter: it was a rocky first weekend. his first appearance at the podium, white house press secretary spicer railed on the coverage of trump's inaugural address crowds. >> there was the largest audience to witness an inauguration, period. >> reporter: the pictures don't lie. this is the crowd as obama gave his first inaugural, compared to the crowd on friday, as delivered his remarks. both taken from the washington
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monument. kellyanne conway stood by the account. >> our press secretary gave alternative facts to that. >> alternative facts are not facts. they're falsehoods. >> reporter: and across the nation, millions marching in opposition to president trump and in solidarity for women's rights. >> trump's team is getting to work but many of his cabinet posts are still empty. today, the senate is expected to confirm two nominees. mike pompeo for cia and rex tillerson for secretary of state. stephanie ramos, abc news, washington. russia's alleged interference in the presidential election made a marine lawmaker so angry, he wants it taught in history class. the assemblyman will introduce a bill to develop a certain curriculum. it will ensure all students understand how the russian government conspired to throw the election to donald trump. determining classroom curriculum is usually a long public process. the city of alameda wants to know what you think of
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redeveloping the main street neighborhood of alameda point. the planning board will transform about 100 acres of land. stretching from the navy base to the ferry terminal to the lagoon. the bay area newsgroup say the plan includes parks, townhouses and commercial buildings. it starts tonight at 7:00 at alameda city hall. >> announcer: now your forecast with lisa argen. >> we have showers but we have rough weather in southern california. a tornado warning right now around santa barbara. things could be worse. showers are winding down over the next 24 hours. right now, it is wet in san francisco. right over the golden gate bridge. you can see the cell there. around the sunset, daly city, southern marine county. rio vista and fairfield, wet weather. we've been looking at this area that just over the higher elevations hasn't moved. we're looking at the flash flood
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watch for the entire bay area. throughout the evening, we can see heavy downpours and isolated thunderstorm. with everything at capacity, flooding. there is flooding right here around sonoma. also around the pacheco and hollister. it's a one on the storm impact scale. our atmosphere is very unstable. we could get the heavy downpours. that, of course, will lead to the ponding on the roadways. looking at a few peeks of sun, but the showers staying with us throughout the day today. highs will be cool, only in the lower 50s. we do have some good news. sunshine on the way tomorrow and looks like much of the upcoming work week. we are ready for that, lisa. a quick check of traffic this morning. live doppler 7 on top of the traffic map. the scattered showers, as lisa mentioned, and we have wet pavement for most of you as you head out this morning. getting reports of a car that slid off the road northbound 680 north of bayshore road, north
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end of the benicia bridge. not a blocking situation but could have onlooker delay. no metering lights for the bay bridge toll plaza. that happens around 5:30. things are okay if you're doing the bay bridge commute so far this morning. we have a new crash in the south bay. look at that coming up at 5:20. a gunman opens fires in san antonio mall. police are revealing new details about what happened. >> threw over my shoulder. >> the dramatic ocean rescue from southern california. abc 7 news now shows a beautiful shot there of the bay bridge. bridge. stay on top of weather and
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5:14. new details about a deadly shooting and robbery at a san antonio mall. this is video of a suspect being walked to a police car. that man and another suspect are accused of robbing a jewelry store and then killing a good samaritan who rushed in to help. the second suspect was wounded by a bystander who is licensed to carry a concealed handgun. two other people suffered non-shooting injuries in that non-shooting injuries in that's gm ohio lawyer pleads guilty to hypnotizing his female clients and assaulting them. >> reporter: in this morning's
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gma first look, shocking footage showing a divorce lawyer hypnotizing a client. and then taking advantage of her. >> one, two, three. >> reporter: watch at the 59-year-old puts the woman into a trance without her knowledge or consent. saying, it is just a breathing exercise. but he uses his hypnosis to make the woman walk over to the couch, where he initiates a sexual encounter. >> your entire body is a vessel. >> reporter: before awakening her and acting like nothing ever happened. >> we have things to go over. >> reporter: that's when police bust in and nab him. >> police officers. >> she wasn't the only one. >> reporter: coming up at 7:00 a.m., we speak to one of his alleged victims. with your gma first look, abc news, new york. >> beyond disturbing. a sad update to a dramatic rescue out of san diego saturday
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night. one of the two woman swept off a cliff into the ocean died. it took rescue crews 40 minutes to pull her to safety and unfortunately, she didn't make it. the other woman was saved by a man who saw what happened and jumped into the water moments after the wave. >> i got her, threw her over my shoulder and tried to carry her out. we got washed out again a little. it kind of went back a little bit and gave me a minute. i carried her up and handed her to another guy. >> she was rushed to the hospital. no word on her condition. two life guards were also hospitalized. they're expected to be okay. in arizona, emergency crews rescued at least six people whose cars got stuck in high water. local fire department posted this video of one of the rescues. the area north of phoenix has been getting hit with heavy rains. no one was hurt. a drone giving us ins credible perspective of all this snow in lake tahoe. it is just gorgeous, right? but the snow is creating some issues out there. in fact, several ski resorts were either closed or on limited
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operations this weekend because of wind gusts of up to 140 miles an hour. there is a back country avalanche warning through at least this morning. >> the winds were a major issue all across california over the weekend. how is it now, lisa? >> actually, we do have snow falling in the 20s. they'll be skiing until july, is my prediction. the winter storm warning has been lifted and leftover snowflakes throughout the next couple hours. boy, they got pounded. live doppler 7 picking up the rain right around the golden gate bridge. a heavier cell around fulton. sunset district. ocean avenue. the bay view. to the north, we're looking for it to move to the east. rio vista is wet. walnut grove. scattered showers around hollister, where they don't need it. the pacheco creek flooding
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there. 44 in mountain view. scattered showers today. poss l possibility of a thunderstorm. it'll be cool, in the mid 40s around clover dale. 52 in the city. we'll see the possibility of more showers today. upper 30s to mid 40s. the seven-day outlook, check it out. sunshine returns tomorrow. it'll someday all week long and warm up. wa what's better than that? >> nothing. sounds good. i do have some red on the traffic flows in the south bay. this is all due to a crash on northbound 101, just south of san tomas expressway. two vehicles involved. one is facing sideways and blocking the two center lanes right now. starting to see delays form there. chp is on the way to the scene. here a live look at 101 at 880. the backup hasn't reached that iterchange yet, couple miles south. i definitely expect to see delays here. you can see we have wet pavement out there this morning, too. quick check of drive times.
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westbound 80, 4 to the maze, 20 minutes. bay bridge, ten minutes. san francisco to sfo, under ten minutes. if you are a tesla fan, this may make your day. in a quiet move, the company introduced the longest range consumer vehicle in the world. it has a battery that, when fully charged, can last up to 335 miles. the new model runs you just over $98,000. super bowl li is set. the patriots and atlanta falcons are headed to houston and will be competing for the lombardi trophy. tom brady and coach bill belichick are going to their seventh super bowl together after beating the steelers in convincing fashion. pats handled pittsburgh, 36-17. new england advances to the super bowl for the ninth time in franchise history.
5:20 am
the patriots will face the atlanta falcons. who won the nfc championship. atlanta took down aaron rodgers and the packers. falcons are super bowl found for the first time since 1998. also a fitting end for the georgia dome. team moves to a new stadium next season. should be a good game. coming up next, seven things to know as you start your day. look at this photo. notice anything odd about it? even a hockey team is taking part in the inauguration controversy. >> announcer: abc 7 storm impact scale. today's storm is level one. that means light rain. keep an umbrella handy and drive safeway. safeway. trac
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so let's start talking about your long-term goals. multiplied by 14,000 financial advisors, it's a big deal. and it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. with not food, become food? thankfully at panera, 100% of our food is 100% clean. no artificial preservatives, sweeteners, flavors, or colors. panera. food as it should be. here are the seven things you need to know today before you go. get the umbrella handy again. we do have scattered showers. look at this cell moving out of san francisco, across the
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richmond san rafael bridge. scattered showers. possibility of a thunderstorm which could contain heavy downpours and a flash flood watch in effect for the bay area until 7:00 tonight. >> number two, wet pavement out there for the monday morning commute. overall, things are looking decent. want to take you to san jose. the crash i told you about. northbound 101 before san tomas expressway. backup on the 880 interchange. highway 37 is closed again after the flooding from the novato. atherton is open again this morning. 101 could be closed for several days. >> the southeast hit hard with sornd tornadoes right now. 19 are dead in georgia and mississippi. the storm will move to the mid-atlantic coast by tonight. >> number five, united airlines is back on track after a computer glimpse grounded six domestic flights yesterday and
5:24 am
delayed 200 others. the airline is waving flight change fees through wednesday for any customer affected by the problem. >> number six, president trump kicks off a busy first week in office, signing a number of executive biorders, including withdrawing from the transpacific partnership trade deal. he'll be meeting with speaker paul ryan before heading to a gop retreat in philadelphia on thursday. >> number seven, cherry, apple, banana creek. whichever is your favorite, you have an excuse to eat them all. is that true? >> yes. >> we'll write you a note. national pie day. show off your favorite and head to our abc 7 facebook page for inspiration. >> if you eat it standing, the calories don't count. that's science. new coffee shop in berkeley is doing more than helping customers kick start the day. also teaching employees life and social skills needed to succeed. the grand opening of 1951 coffee on channing way over the weekend. it is a specialty coffee shop and organization that employs
5:25 am
rough -- refugees and seekers who graduated from their program. it helps those new to the county succeed. >> it is a wonderful moment for refugees new to the country to take a step back, learn new job skills, make mistakes and to really gain that sort of comfort before they go out into the world looking for jobs and actually working. >> 1951 coffee hoping to educate the community about refugee life and the issues they face. the dallas stars ice hockey team is trying to get in on the inauguration attendance spoef controversy. there is the question over whho many attended. he believes up to 1.5 million people showed up. others disagree with that figure. the stars had fun with it this weekend. they announced during saturday night's game with the washington capitals that 1.5 million people were in attendance. fans were split on that humor.
5:26 am
the stars did lose to the capitals. nasa has plans for its new horizon spacecraft. it is known for its historic encounter with pluto two years ago. now it is heading to a small, ancient object about 1 billion miles beyond the dwarf planet. that object was first discovered by the hubble telescope in 2014. the fly by is expected to happen in early 2019. you know who needed a win? m knight shyamalan. he may be back after several flops. he has a psychological thriller, "split," out and it was a favorite of movie goers this weekend. james mcevoy is fighting against his own personalities after one convinces him to abduct girls. it is followed by "xxx," $20 million there. "hidden figures," "sing," and "la la land."
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>> coming back with 90 minutes of news, including a new era in san francisco. what the city's new police chief says will be his biggest challenge after sworn in today. sentencing day here for pg&e. the punishment the utility is expected to receive for the 2010 deadly explosion. storm watch. more on the damage left behind after the latest storm hit the bay area. >> 5: 27 in the morning. we leave you with abc 7 news now. quiet this ♪ ♪ that's life. you diet. you exercise. and if you still need help lowering your blood sugar... ...this is jardiance. along with diet and exercise... jardiance lowers blood sugar and a1c in adults with type 2 diabetes. jardiance is also the only type 2 diabetes treatment with heart- proven to reduce the risk of cardiovascular death
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>> announcer: good morning, east bay. >> this is abc 7 morning. >> live doppler 7 show s spots f green all over the bay area. you'll need the umbrella one more day. >> relief is on the way. we'll bring that to you. good morning on a monday, january 23rd.
5:30 am
i'm natasha meteorologist lisa argen. alexis smith on the roads. >> i'm matt keller in for reggie. i can say, the rain will be over soon. >> it is not groundhog day. we have an end in sight. i wanted to show this wider perspective. you think we have it bad, they have thunderstorms and rough weather around southern california. check out the bay bridge right now. some gusty winds as this cell moves over chinatown into emeryville. highway 180 around kensington and through tibron, you have breezy to gusty winds. scattered showers throughout the day. possible thunderstorm. we're looking at a flash flood watch for the entire bay area throughout the evening. the bay bridge toll blah pli didn't get the official word the metering lights were on yet. if they aren't, they will be any second. the rain is falling.
5:31 am
chp issuing a high wind advisory for the bay bridge with the storm moving across the bay bridge area right now, across the bay. the winds are picking up. breezy for sure. have both hands on the wheel. other than that, quiet this morning. we'll talk about mass transit in less than ten. >> thank you. all lanes of highway 37 are underwater and that means trouble for some people who are trying to get into marin today. >> abc 7 reporter amy hollyfield joins u >> they were able to move the closure. now you can get to atherton avenue, which will get you to highway 101. you can get to marin county now. that's the good news. you can see there is a bit of a backup. it is slow getting through here. give yourself extra time. this detour will take a bit longer than if you had highway 37. but look at it. look at all of the water.
5:32 am
look at this car that tried to get through it. this is highway 37 between highway 101 and atherton avenue. this area is just so saturated. the creeks and the rivers are so full. there is just nowhere for the water to go. >> we have the sacramento delta, nap napa, all the watersheds throwing into the bay and slow the water to a higher elevation. it takes a why to plflow out basically to the golden gate bridge. >> here's video of cal tra trans trying to pump the water out. water from the full naovato it was a losing battle. this section of highway 37 can be closed throughout the week. plan around this. they say they will continue to monitor the situation. live in novato, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> thank you, amy. a warning if you use niles
5:33 am
canyon road in alameda county. crews will shut it at 10:00 a.m. to resume the search for a young woman's body. the 18-year-old lost control of her car near palomares and drove into the creek on saturday. she is believed to have clipped a car and ended up in the creek. searchers found a piece of her car but that's it. niles canyon is expected to be closed throughout the afternoon. a tree crushed six cars in laugh je lafayet lafayette. just missed crashing into the italian restaurant there on the circle. people were there for a martinez woman's 70th birthday. we spoke to the birthday girl. >> it sounded like a -- actually like thunder. but it was light nieng. thank god nobody got hurt. like an earthquake. >> thank goodness nobody was hurt. you see how close the tree came to the window of the dining
5:34 am
room. a downed tree kept workers and their power tools busy in berkeley. the tree fell at pine avenue and webster yesterday morning. it blocked a street but nobody was hurt. southbound lanes of great highway in san francisco are closed because of flooding. there are signs that says it is closed all the way from lincoln way to skyline boulevard. drivers need to find an alternate route if heading south. no word on when the lanes will reopen. mud slide shut down roads from bridgeway to nevada you can go through but you need to slow down. there are barriers around the slide as a precaution. down to one lane. the well traveled old santa cruz highway is off limits because a piece of the hillside brought down mud and trees near
5:35 am
edwards road. the debris enough to block both lanes. 28 roads closed throughout the county. not far from there, the lexington reservoir was nearly overflowing from all of the water. officials released water to reduce the chance of flooding downstream. people marvelled at the water going over the spillway. >> just to see the power of mother nature. my brother-in-law came earlier and said it was incredible, the force of water. just amazing to come and see. >> water officials say lexington is primarily a water supply reservoir, not designed for flood protection. water came over the spillway earlier this month, as well. before that, the last time it happened was five years ago. check this out. oakland firefighters sharing this photo of this mini van. how high the water is. it stalled near the bay bridge toll plaza yesterday. firefighters had to swim to rescue the two people inside. it appears the vehicle was on the frontage road that runs next
5:36 am
to the bridge. the water swamped when the high tide came up. abc 7 reporter saw hail in the east bay and took this video. you see the ice bouncing off the roof. we want to see how you're dealing with the weather where you live. share your photos and videos using the hashtag abc 7 now. you can see it on air or on abc7news pont c we have live doppler 7 on the app. see where the rain is falling now. enable push alerts to get weather advisories on your phone or tablet. it has been a long time coming. happening today, we should learn the sentence for pg&e for criminal convictions linked to the deadly san bruno pipeline explosion. according to our media partner, the sentence could include having a court-appointed monitor oversee the utility's gas system. in august, the yule tiutility wf six violations. the blast killed eight people
5:37 am
and destroyed 38 homes. the hearing is 2:30 in san francisco. the widow of the orlando nightclub shooter will be in court in oakland today. she is seeking approval for her counsel. she pleaded not guilty to terrorism charges last prosecutors say she helped her husband plan the attack on the nightclub. she was arrested in her mother's home last monday. she's held in jail. her bond hearing is set for next week. bill scott will be sworn in as san francisco's new police chief. the 52-year-old was a deputy chief of the san diego department. he was appointed last month by mayor lee. he is the third outside hire in the 67-year history. he will be implementing reforms by the department of justice. he said one of the biggest
5:38 am
challenges is earning officers' trust. also happening today, california senators will hold a final vote for attorney general nominee becerra. he is expected to cler this hurdle. he is the highest ranking latino in congress and vowed to defend the policies against president donald trump. >> announcer: your accuweather forecast with lisa argen. >> good morning, everyone. live doppler 7, you see showers moving to the east bay. 80 is wet. check it out, gusty winds in this, as well. emeryville, albany, pacific avenue, broadway, moving to oakland. through 580 and bucannon street, you have the wet weather and extends through richmond and san pablo. over the san rafael bridge. to the south, san mateo, belmont. 92, we'll get showers. damp in redwood city. this is a one on the storm impact scale. we'll see showers possibly a thunderstorm.
5:39 am
few peeks of sun. in the environment of the unstable atmosphere. 43 in san jose. you see the wet pavement in san fran francisco. today, grab the umbrella. we'll get into sunshine tomorrow. then look at the next several days. even though we have a slight chance of shower late wednesday, we're sunny, dry and going to bring on warmth into next weekend. taking you to the traffic maps, san jose is in recovery mode from an earlier two-car crash on northbound 101. before san tomas expressway. chp got it pushed off to the shoulder. you're stop and go for two miles and down to around 14 miles an hour. with that shoulder activity, i think folks are just stopping or slowing down to see what's going on. also, mass transit looking good this morning. system wide, no bart delays. 41 trains in service. ace, 1 and 3 on time. capital corridor, one note, the service into the sierra, the
5:40 am
connecting bus service, not happening today. the winter storm warning expired at 4:00 this morning but treacherous conditions. if you are planning on driving, chains are required for 80 and 50. capital kcorridor will be back o normal tomorrow. a truck is caught in a flash flood in southern california. what happened when a helicopter rescue was determined not to be an option? if you were near the women's marches this weekend, you saw plenty of signs certainly. why one group doesn't want you to throw them away. as you get your day into gear, keep on track of weather gear, keep on track of weather and traffic with abc 7 news now.
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hang in there. looking live at the golden gate bridge. still wet out there. lisa argen says we have one more day of rain and then a welcome dry spell. lisa will be back in a few minutes to tell us where the rain is falling now. >> we are not the only ones dealing with widespread flooding. this is a swipt waft water resc from southern california. two people got stuck inside of their pickup in a raging, flooded creek near the grapevine yesterday.icopter wasn't an option because the weather was too bad. they used the raft instead. the man and woman climbed out of
5:44 am
the window, on to the raft and pulled to shore. no one was hurt. a massive oak tree is blamed for killing a woman when it crashed on an apartment building. the tree crushed the woman as she slept in her bed. happened early saturday while winds were gusting to 50 miles an hour. officials say heavy rain made the roots of the 150-foot tree unstable. crews used chain saws and a crane to get it off the victim. now to the southeast where 19 people have died after severe storms spawned several tornadoes. there were 30 reported tornadoes hitting mississippi and georgia the hardest. a tornado in louisiana tore through homes, packing 135-mile-per-hour winds. a strengthening storm will move from the southeast to the mid-atlantic coast tonight, bringing soaking rains and strong winds to much of the eastern sea board. cnn is reporting president trump's first executive action will be to withdraw the u.s. from the transpacific
5:45 am
partnership. trade ministries from other counties say they don't know how the deal will work without the u.s. trump ran his campaign on a platform of anti-globalization policies and promised fairer trade deals for american workers. sunnydale-based yahoo! is under investigation for whether data breaches should have been disclosed sooner. the "wall street journal" reports the scc is looking into two hacks from 2013 and 2014. in 2013, the private information of more than 1 billion yahoo! users was compromised. a year later, at least 500 million users were hacked. both breached were disclosed last year. yahoo! has yet to explain why it took so long to tell about the breaches. foxconn may partner with apple to build a display panel manufacturing facility in the u.s., creating up to 50,000 jobs. the u.s. is the second largest tv market yet has no tv display factories. the cost is estimated at $7
5:46 am
billion. foxconn and apple are well-acquainted. foxconn makes most of apple's iphones at the chinese facilities. san jose considering a curfew for the city council meetings. according to the bay area newsgroup, members want a midnight curfew. the goal is to make the times feasible for those who want to weigh in. meetings capped at midnight will be postponed until the next day. the council wants to start at 6:00 p.m. rather than 7:00 p.m. let's see how the rains are looking right now. hi, lisa. >> i've got so many tweets. people are tired of it. i agree. it is coming to an end. a cell is moving across the golden gate bridge and now the east bay around albany, lincoln, 880. piedmont, as well. we'll take you to the north around portland avenue, bucannon street.
5:47 am
kensington, shower for you. also up towards hercules and westbound. you can see wet weather just over the richmond san rafael bridge. around 280, redwood city, highway it 2 and a rain/snow mix in mount hamilton and the higher elevations. chilly temperatures. low 40s right now. 46 for you in alameda. 39 in novato. fog in santa rosa. the next several days, today featuring the chance of a shower, a evening hours. a flood warning for hollister. with the creeks and rivers so high, we're still looking at some of the ponding and localized rock slides for sure. today, low 50s. chance of thunderstorm. scattered showers. could be heavy downpours. tomorrow, full sunshine, low to mid 50s. more sunshine on wednesday but increasing clouds. slight chance of a shower late in the day.
5:48 am
looking nice throughout the rest of the week and into the weekend, as well. alexis? >> soggy out there in a lot of areas. i'm not sure if this contributed or not, but we have saturated roadways and a lot that are in tough shape. southbound 13 before broadway terrace, hearing of a large h pothole that several hit. four to five off to the shoulder with flat tires. sounds like chp may make it a sig alert while they get someone to repair it. southbound 13 around the 24 interchange, watch out. the soggy driving conditions, you see the shower over the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights on as of 5:29 this morning. quick check of drive times. out of the central valley, 55 minutes tracy to dub lib. dub lib to mission boulevard, 22. 22. between
5:49 am
minutes. leno could be running for mayor in 2019. the san francis"san francisco c reports he has an exploratory bid to be the city's first openly gay mayor. he's not officially declared his candidacy but he is seriously thinking of doing so. hundreds of thousands of people carried signs at women's marches across america on saturday. now, museums want to give some of the signs a home. the smithsonian's american mystery museum tweeted it is collecting signs from the largest inaugural protest ever. other museums and libraries across the u.s. are doing the same. so are some overseas. the oakland museum of california tweeted thanking people who left signs at its community wall. new at 6:00, the big changes that could be coming to san francisco's civil center plaza and how they'll impact anyone visiting the area. first, the end of the road for the highway bump that tells you when you're drifting out of a lane.
5:50 am
a woman is trapped inside of that burning car. that burning car. we're going to show you
5:51 am
5:52 am
>> announcer: today's storm is level one. meaning light rain. keep an umbrella handy and drive safety. track the storm any time on the abc 7 news app. download it now. >> 5:52. welcome back. a woman from spokane says she is alive thanks to the bravery and quick thinking of a police officer. >> we gotcha! >> you are looking at the officer's body camera. it caught it all. smashing the window with his baton, he is trying to reach kim
5:53 am
novak and pull her from the burning car. this started when novak went out for ice cream. she hit a puddle of slush, her car stalled and caught on fire and none of the doors would unlock. she called it 911. >> i honestly thought i wouldn't make it out. i was going to die there. panic was setting in. i was doing everything i had within my power. i tried all the doors and tried to open them myself. and then kicking as hard as i possibly could. >> thanks to him, she was not hurt. her car, of course, absolutely destroyed. authorities still don't know exactly what caused the fire. they reunited the following day. you know what? he brought her the ice cream that she initially set out to get on friday. santa clara university will receive the largest donation in its history from one of its graduates. a real estate magnet, sabrado, and his wife susan will give the school $100 million.
5:54 am
he graduated in 1960. it is the second largest gift to a roman catholic university. santa clara will use it to build a state of the art science facility designed for stem education. if you're driving out of your lane, you feel the bump. al cal eliminate these. it reminded drivers they're leaving the lane for more than 50 years. the agency says with the emergence of self-driving cars, the bumps have reached the end of the road for their use. california is one of the last states using them. they're named for their creator who developed them in a sacramento lab. taking a look at the roads this morning, i want to zoom back in to highway 13. we're getting decent rain in that area right now. just a little bit of a delay starting to form. chp did initially announce this was a sig alert. southbound 13 before broadway terrace. through the highway 24 interchange.
5:55 am
we have a big pothole. tht's blocking the left lane. they're working to secure a crew to make repairs. in the meantime, between four and five vehicles that already hit it and have flat fire titir. they're on the shoulder. it is soggy in many areas. here's a live look outside at the richmond side of the richmond san rafael bridge. a lot of drops hitting right now. still wet for the monday morning commute. let's check in with lisa argen filling in for mike. good morning. >> morning. they'll rotate in as we look at live doppler 7. you see cells offshore. we've been watching the ones in the east bay moving out of oakland right now. towards piedmont, berkeley and alameda. still wet around foothill boulevard and also around lincoln avenue. further to the north, emeryville. berkeley. pushing to the north and east. concord and pleasant hills should be getting wet in the next, oh, 10, 15 minutes. we've got showers down around
5:56 am
the san mateo area. redwood city. we will be looking at on and off showers, chance of a thunderstorm. with that, gusty winds. possibly of some flooding. extended period to dry out with a look at the seven-day outlook coming up. >> thank you, lisa. two bay area sports superstars are going beyond touchdowns and three pointers to inspire a young fan diagnosed with cancer. meet 11-year-old aiden. he was diagnosed with a rare cancer last year. he previously attended a football camp hosted by derek carr. the quarterback heard about the diagnosis and sent aiden a personalized message to stay strong. then he met warriors star steph curry last month during a make a wish trip. curry wore a special bracelet on his wrist. >> when aiden bracelet, it is cool he does that. >> it is orr whelming. brings a lot of joy to me.
5:57 am
to see minnesota doing thsomeony son, taking the time out of their day, is incredible. >> aiden's mom said the event was priceless for her son. >> that is great. day after day of storms. the latest rain is winding down right now. not the problems it is leaving behind though. plus, politics and our kids. a state lawmaker wants to make sure california remembers russia's alleged involvement in the presidential election. fighting flames from the water. you have to see this. the new technology helps first responders get to fires in hard to reach places. here's a live look outside. beautiful shot of the city. a wet city this morning. abc 7 news now is our way to abc 7 news now is our way to keep you up to date o
5:58 am
5:59 am
abc 7 mornings. >> welcome, everyone. it is monday, january 23rd.
6:00 am
i'm natasha zouves. >> i'm matt keller with lisa argen and alexis smith. matt and jessica are off. >> just a messenger here, the rain is going to be with us today as we could see some thunderstorms. look at live doppler 7. you can see cells offshore. as we go in closer, we've been watching this over the east bay for the past half hour or so. right now, 880, san leandro, 880. further to the north, mcarthur boulevard. kensington has the stourhowers. pushing into san ramon. these will be pushing in along the coast. >> i'll take you back to the east bay on my traffic maps, as well. we do have a sig alert. though it is not in a terrible spot. so far, we're not seeing a major backup. it is due to a pothole here. southbound 13 before broadway terrace, the left


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