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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  January 23, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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>> developing now at 11:00, two people and two cats down dead in the east bay. they ruled out one potential cause of death. i'm eric thomas for dan ashley. >> berkeley police are confirming carbon monoxide poisoning doesn't appear to be the cause of the deaths. >> this is near webster close to the whole foods. that's where we find katie live with the developing story. katie? >> within the last few minutes, i spoke with the coroner and they are still working to determine the cause of death and notify the next of kin. only adding to the mystery out here and police say there are no obvious signs of traum a. >> people who live in this
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complex waited for answers following several mysterious deaths. >> they evacuated the building and we were not supposed to go back in. >> we received a call from a person who said they discovered one of the persons inside deceased. >> in the unit investigators discovered a second body and two dead cats shortly after 1:00 this afternoon. >> as the cause of death was not apparent, the building was evacuated out of abundance of caution. >> they shut down deacon street between prince and webster streets. hazmat and pg&e gave the all clear. >> it's is to go back in. it's not a gas leak. >> a man and woman in their 30s live in the unit, but she doesn't know them well. >> just to say in passing. they are very sweet. >> they collected evidence into the night. the office is working to
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determine the cause of death and notify next of kin. in berkeley, abc 7 news. >> more developing news. tonight deputies are on the look out for a gunman who killed a teen in hayward at princeton street and smally avenue. after reports of gunshots, they found a 16-year-old fatally wounded. they haven't released details on the suspect. >> skies over the bay area are clearing after a day of rain, wind, and hail. that was the scene in oakland today. abc 7 news weather anchor for what's in store for the workweek. >> you can see the showers lined up offshore and a few of them scattered across land masses. a the waves of showers sweeping from the coastline from the storm that ranks one. a storm light intensity
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continuing to produce scattered showers into the early morning hours with light wind. here's the forecast. starting at midnight and we will see the system break up and cold air will filter in bringing snow levels down in the mountainous areas to 3500 feet. they are giving way to the pattern. >> a state of emergency here in the bay area. governor brown made two proclamations in response to the winter storm that caused mudslides and damage cruise the state. all nine counties are included in the proclamations that allows cal trans to ask for relief. they are helping out local governments. >> among the storm-related damage is this giant sinkhole. sky 7 shows us the scene.
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apparently it's a he because the chp in oakland named it steve the sinkhole. it's just one of the trouble spots causing problems for commutes after all the rain. we pick up stormwatch coverage live above sky watch 13. >> the sinkhole appeared in one of the southbound lanes early this morning. crews should fortune the repair work sometime tomorrow. this scene is being repeated causing traffic and back ups to people's cars. >> i had to get a new rims. that's where it dented and damaged the rim. >> the car has beenlinged up a lot. his route to and from work got worse. plenty of potholes never livermore putting caltrans crews on overtime. >> i damaged the front of my car and i had to get that fixed. the bumper got blown out.
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>> they are deploying as fast as it can, but they are struggling to keep up. it affects it from the surface where it caused it to crack and break open where rain water loosens the soil. >> this has been one of the worst seasons for potholes and other damage that we have seen in a long time. we haven't received this much rain this quickly. >> damage claims can be submit and they are hoping motorists will be proactive. scan ahead and slow down. people said easier said than done. >> the rain you can't see them. once you are going, that's it. you were like what was that? >> an all too common scenario. lillian kim, abc 7 news. >> tomorrow the highway patrol will shut down a road to pull a possible missing car out of a
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creek. the star was rough to dive. family members may have helped find the vehicle. >> one of the family members picked up a rock and it at the object in the water and it sounded like a hit a tire. it helped confirm it is a tire. the road will close at 10:00 a.m. and the woman's family will be there when the vehicle is pulled free. >> the oakland city council held a special meeting to declare december 2nd. they are removing they claimed today that the fire that killed 36 people did not start in the warehouse. they started a private report that blames wiring in a building next door. the errors wouldn't take questions about the report or identify who is behind it.
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oakland fire is still determining the cause. the alameda da is conducting a criminal investigation. >> now to the first 100 days of the trump administration. now the country backs out of a trade pack and questions remain about inaugural attendance figures. we have the latest from capitol hill. >> in the late night senate session. >> confirmation of mike pompeo is confirmed. >> he met with industry and promised to cut business taxes and regulations. >> we can cut regulations by 75%. maybe more. >> with the stroke of the pen, president trump withdraw from the tpp. the action earned praise from liberals like bernie sander who is said the president needs to do more. >> he might want to end the production of his products in countries like china and mexico and bangladesh and turkey.
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>> he signed two other memorandum including a hiring freeze on all federal workers and responded to a lawsuit that alleged he is violating the constitution by accepting payments from foreign governments. >> without merit. >> in the first briefing, sean spicer doubled down saying this was the most watched inauguration in history. >> 31 million watched on television and combined with the tens of millions that watched on a device. it's unquestionable. >> those numbers are difficult to prove. the president is already looking towards the future and quietly filed paperwork for the reelection bid and understand he selected a slogan. keep america great trademarked with and without an exclamation point. abc news. >> there is a flag fight in the bay area's largest city. >> this is not over the star disciplines stripes. what should and should not be
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able to fly in the skies over san jose. >> the outsider hired to lead san francisco's police department takes the oath of office. his plan to earn the respect of the rank and file. >> slurred speech and a medical collapse. the medical emergency in minnesota. >> what's coming up on jimmy kimmel live? >> now more than ever it's important that you see this. >> it was the biggest protest in american history. can you imagine having that many women mad at you? i ge
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newality 11:00, a flag fight in the bay area's largest city. they want to make sure the
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national flag of vietnam never flies above city hall and other city-owned property. >> here argues his a symbol of communism, but there is already push back. katie? >> reporter: as you mentioned, we are talking about flags, the flag from the city owned flag polls like the one at city hall. the arguments for and against banning vietnam's national flag are not cut and dry as neither side wants to fly that flag. the vietnamese heritage and freedom flag can be seen without. they want to keem this that way and make sure the socialist republic flag never sees the light of day. there more than 100 viet yam these people living in san jose. the flag flies in the face of those who fled communism. >> we're ran away from that
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flag. that flag kept chasing after us like a nightmare. >> chris lee plans to go for the seat next year and is a posed to the ban. >> they don't hate the national flag. if we are go going to ban their flag, we will be hostile to them and if you are unwelcome to san jose. >> the ban reaffirms what they passed in 2005, recognizing the freedom flag as the flag of vietnam. >> no one asked to fly this flag and not flying on any flag poll in the time i'm aware of. >> he is not asking to fly the flag. >> no one is crazy enough to raise the flag. we have ideologies. >> they will consider the ban at tuesday night's meeting. abc 7 news. >> san francisco waited months for a new police chief to take office and now bill scott is
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officially on the job. >> this afternoon skeef stot spent 27 years in the los angeles police department rising to the rank of deputy chief. many of the officers chief scott will command wanted someone from san francisco to lead them. >> there were people who were disappointed that someone was brought in from that side. i don't see that as an assault to me. that's the nature of the beast. >> he said he plans to learn about san francisco in part by joining his officers on patrol. >> fainting after giving a state of the state address. he began slurring his words and paused to drink water and the democrat collapse. the state senator rushed to his side.
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he walked out of the capitol under his own pourt a few minutes later. >> gorge h.w. bush is out of intensive care in texas. you are looking at a photo tweeted by a spokesman for the 41st president and former first lady, barbara bush. the 92-year-old is recovering for pneumonia. barbara bush was released from the same hospital after being treated for bronchitis. >> we go back to stormwatch coverage and saw a wide range of weather today. >> this is what it locked like in cupertino as hail slammed the windshield. >> a few hours later, clouds broke up enough to show this rainbow. to share your weather photos or videos with us, use the hash tag #abc 7 now. >> we had hail and lightning
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strikes and thunder and occasional heavy and brief downpour. you can see most of the precipitation is offshore and beginning to push up against the coast line and cold air is moving to the bay area and dropping snow levels to 3500 feet or lower. they had snow and mixed precipitation right now. it's currently 46 degrees here in san francisco and 47 across the bay and mid-4s in gilroy and only 41 at half moon bay. this is the view here at pier 15 looking out towards the bay bridge. this is beautifully lit up. 42 degrees right now in santa rosa. mid 40s in fairfield, concord and livermore. partly to mostly clouty skies. the next storm arrives on thursday and we will have a string of dry and sin days on
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friday. a high surf advisory for the beaches until the 3:00 in the morning. the wave heights are up between 15 and 20 feat and possibility of rip currents. we will see pockets of light rain and showers into the early morning hours, but the middle of the morning, we expect the rain to taper off. overnight lows will be on the chilly side. mid 30s and mid- to upper 30s inland and right around the coast. lows in the low 40s. highs tomorrow under partly sunny skies and low to mid 50s. in the sierra it's snowing and winter weather advisory until 4:00 in the morning. 4 to eight inches of snow above 3,000 feet. it will rank one on the storm
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impact scale. we expect most to be a few hadn'tths of an inch. midnight or 12:00 a.m. moving mainly through the north and cold enough air to produce snow in the higher elevations and parts of lake county and mendocino county. it doesn't look like most of the viewing area will see rain from this system and it will break up around midday. here's the seven-day forecast. partly sunny and dry on wednesday. we get the light showers on thursday and beginning on friday, we will have the string of sunny and dry days and even a warm up with highs into the mid 60s. >>
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it's time for this year's oscar nominations. it starts at approximately 5:18 and don't forget, abc 7 is your place to see the oscars that begins at 5:30 p.m. on february 26th. >> the last jedi. abc's parent company disney announced the title for the next chapter. the film was scheduled for a winter release december 15th. fans immediately took to social media speculating who the last jedi might be. ryan johnson said episode eight pcks up where the force o wakens left off. >> it's time to turn to sports. >> no oscar for the warriors. >> warriors lost a game. but he took out the winning
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>> 37-year-old patrick marleau spent his career with the san jose sharks and did something is that only wayne gretzky and mario lemieux did. he didn't just have a national hat trick, but scored four goals in the third period becoming just the 12th nhl player to do so. not only that, but injuries force the sharks to change tings around on the fly. he is not playing with the usual line, but it worked as the sharks win, 5-2. >> everything seemed in the third and good plays with a lot
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of different players and able to finish them off. when there is a hole to be filled, they seem to get the call and i played a bunch of different positions. you get a little experience. >> it's official the staff will be the western conference all stor coaches and also official that you can beat the dove fist they don't make their threes. despite a late warriors rally. the nba record in the third quarter was two years ago today. the third quarter with green who grabbed the loose ball and a nice receiver-like catch. dofs up five. he was on fire. into the fourth under 20 seconds to go. golden state down to the nice move and ties it up with 27 points. miami no time outs. he was on fire and you know he's going to take it. steps up and steps back and
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drapes the three. that would be the winner. 105-102 >> venus williams has done it all. they advanced to the semis. wins the first set and the second set, forehand return on point as well and down the line. another forehand gets the job done. she will face america. the former nba player and uses that backhand like it's the go to shot. he wins in straight sets and joins venus and serena with
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three american women for a major. brought to you by river rock casino. 36-year-old woman and 37-year-old man. doing what they are doing this late in the career. that's the beauty of sports. >> makes us all feel good. thanks. >> abc 7 news continues on line on twitter, facebook, and all your mobile devices with
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>> thanks for watching.
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>> thanks for joining us. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, dennis quaid, comedian bill burr, jake byrd at the presidential inauguration and music from andrew mcmahon in the wilderness. and now here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: very kind. thank you. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks for coming. thanks be to god, god looked down and said, i am not


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