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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  January 25, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PST

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comes up, they're going to send more resources out here on the bay. check out this picture of the missing man. hispan he is described as a 32-year-old san jose resident. a call came in just after 4:30 yesterday. two people were in the water. men low fire found one man. he said he looked back and saw the kayak up side down and no sign of his friend. more than a dozen rescue boats and two helicopters were sent out here. drones were used to search the shoreline. we've been in contact with his girlfriend and she say says he n incredible man and she's asking for prayers. it shows the temperature here at 37 degrees. obviously very cold here. very cold in the bay. time is a major factor in this search. reporting live, matt keller abc7 news. president trump has been
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moving quickly and now he is turning his focus to immigration. sources tell abc news he'll visit the department of homeland security today as he prepares his first executive actions on immigration. here's lisa amin gulezian. >> reporter: sources tell abc news president trump's crackdown on immigration may begin with the signing of executive orders aimed at boosting national security by temporarily banning refugees and suspending visas issued to anyone from syria, iraq, iran, libya, somalia, sudan, and yemen. >> and america stands for justice, freedom, and liberty. >> reporter: billy moved to the u.s. from libya. he recently sponsored his hoer in law's visa but now he's worried. >> i did not anticipate that he's actually going to harm the immigrant community from these
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countries. >> reporter: all of the countries president trump plans to name have muslim majorities. >> because he targets a few countries today, nothing stops him from targeting other countries tomorrow. >> reporter: mr. trump plans to announce a construction of a mexican border wall. mexican border wall. also likely to come this targeti targeting sanctuary cities. >> trump continues to espouse words of hate and discrimination and exclusion, and that is not what san francisco is about. >> that was lisa amin gulezian reporting and she adds, san francisco has already earmarked $1 million for the legal defense of undocumented residents and that money is already available. growing outrage this morning at president trump's move to revive the controversial keystone and dakota access
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pipelines. protests were held in several major cities last night including this one in l.a. climate activists are vowing to stop the pipelines and bog the projects down in the courts. world news tonight anchor david muir is doing the first one-on-one interview with president trump. you'll see excerpts from that all day here on abc7. still no answers for the family of an 18-year-old who crashed her car into a fremont creek. the search for her will continue this morning. the family of jayda jenkins says they're not giving up hope that she will come home alive. her submerged car was recovered yesterday. sheriff's deputies did not find her body and they say her seat belt was unfastened and the windows were broken out. >> maybe she's in a hospital. i'm not sure, but i'm holding out that we may find her. >> family members and law
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enforcement will take part in the morning search. jenkins disappeared on saturday after having an accident and thriving her car into the creek. the man whose shooting by san francisco police was captured on body cams is going to be in court this morning. 42-year-old sean moore has a bail reduction hearing this morning. moore was yelling at officers to get off his stairs moments before police shot him in a scuffle. moore was hit in the stomach and the groin and the two officers suffered minor injuries. moore's family says he suffers from paranoid schizophrenia. prosecutors say they will not charge a san jose state water polo player accused of sexual assaulting two women. the women said they were assaulted in september. prosecutors say today they did in the charge him because of conflicting statements, also a lack of corroborating evidence. the student could still face expulsion. the redwood police department will hold a service
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this week. officer silva died of natural causes on duty last week. fellow officers performed cpr before the paramedics arrived. silva passed away at the hospital. a memorial for the 18-year veteran will be held friday at 10:00 and the community is invited. in the sierra, squaw valley is planning to reopen today after a member of its ski patrol was killed on the job. the resort says 42-year-old joe zikas was killed yesterday after an explosive device used for avalanche control detonated. the sheriff's office is investigating the death. the report says team members are deeply saddened and only made the decision to reopen today after speaking with ski patrol. leadership asked that they run the mountain in honor of their friend. there is an outpouring of support from the community. more than $92,000 have been donated so far of a $100,000 goal. if you would like to donate, we
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have a link on our website. marin county board of supervisors declared a local emergency in the wake of our recent storms. this is morning to the marin ij. that coupled with the state's deck clargs should qualify marin for assistance. there was substantial damage occurring on lucas valley road. san francisco based wells fargo is overhauling some sales practices now in the wake of its fake account scandal. one would be to stop giving branches a heads up before corporate inspections. it's been suggested this gives employees time to cover up any improper practices by shredding documents and forging signatures, even. the bank admits that employees created 2 million fake accounts without customer authorization to meet unrealistic sales goals. officials say they're taking steps to improve sales practices. wells fargo agreed to pay $185 million in fines for that
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scandal. here's a look at a tree that fell down in san leandro, san leandro boulevard and williams street. it happened late last night as you can see. it was dark out when it happened. thankfully it didn't crush that car too much and we do not have any reports that someone informs that car but if you want to look at a unique perspective and try to find some humor, that's a liquor store right next to the tree. so no telling if the tree went into the liquor store and maybe tipped one back two or three times. graphics are down right now, guys. today, we've got temperatures right now in san francisco in the low to mid 40s so dress accordingly. you can see on live doppler 7 that it is rather dry outside. and it's going to remain that way for a while. graphics are back um. and what you're going to see when they load are those temperatures that are running anywhere from about 1 to 12 degrees cooler than this time
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yesterday. so let's take a look. we've got 39 for the cool spot. financial district easily the warm spot at about 47. we've got san leandro, palo alto at 41, petaluma and pleasanton at 33 degrees, so some frost definitely forming because a lot of times, the air is a little bit cooler in some of toes reporting stations. we'll show you, sometimes they tentd to be around concrete. walnut creek pretty quiet, 34 degrees, if you're on the road today, watch out for fog in the valley. if you're on the water, small waves and if you're taking public transit like b.a.r.t., it's going to be chilly at the stations. 280 at 17 where it's about 36 degrees in san jose. how about some mid 50s today, mid to upper 50s tomorrow and even 60s on friday. whole lot of sunshine but i do have a little bit of rain coming up, a small chance in the forecast. we'll think about and some 60s. >> and taking a look at our traffic maps this morning, live doppler 7, we've got the visibility layer on, you can see
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quite a bit up in the north bay, not too much so far anyway for the central and tri-valleys but we are expecting to see that tule fog form at some point this morning. if you're seeing any, let me know. @alexis abc7 is my twitter handle. of course yesterday we had all those major pothole problems around altamont pass and here's a look at 580, really looking okay. but we will keep a close eye on that this morning. first check of drive times coming up. coming up, as the bay area dries out from a wet january, some cities are looking at how they can better handle flooding issues. some are already taking action. the 49ers have their worst season on record, and now they're making a big adjustment to ticket prices. heading to the break right now, you can always check on now, you can always check on your screen for
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will one day be affected by some kind of vision problem. save your vision for the years ahead. call... or log on to to learn about glaucoma and macular degeneration. check this out. breaking news unfolding north of philadelphia right now. a giant sinkhole has just opened up and you can see this is just feet away from some people's front doors in montgomery county. someone's truck has fallen partially into that hole. along with a pretty big tree. there appears to be a broken pipe inside of the sinkhole, and workers are starting to evaluate
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the situation. they have it coned off already. we will continue to monitor this situation and bring you updates as they come in. you may remember this video from san anselmo, time lapse showing a rapidly rising creek after heavy rainfall earlier this month. it's a scene that is all too familiar in the north bay community and now there's planning underway to stop future flooding like this from happening again. abc7 news reporter cornell barnard has more on a vote that happened late last night. >> reporter: flood sirens have sounded twice this winter in san anselmo, most recently on january 10 when san anselmo creek overflowed, prompting evacuations downtown. >> a few years back, when it flooded, we had 2 1/2 feet of water in here. >> reporter: this salon owner has lived through it too many times before. now san anselmo town council is considering several flood control plans which includes building a flood water catch basin on county property in fairfax and purchasing then demolishing downtown buildings
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actually built over the creek, which block high water. >> it has a lot of concrete in the creek and it's low. so it provides a pretty substantial obstacle to creek water. >> reporter: pat townsly is about to open creekside tap room in one of those buildings spanning the creek. two weeks ago, he shot this video through an open drain in the floor. >> there's 4 feet between the water and the bottom of this building right now. >> reporter: despite the location, pat doesn't want to move his new restaurant. >> it's something you live with and why do you live next to a volcano or whatever, but it's, you know, it's just part of what we do and every ten years. >> reporter: many agree this town can't keep enduring flood fears with every storm. >> a lot of emotion involved in worrying about every rainstorm and having to put up flood gates and sandbags. >> reporter: an $8 million grant will help pay for future flood prevention measures. in san anselmo, cornell barnard abc7 news. antioch is seeing a drop in
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property crimes but violent crimes are on the rise. according to our media partner, the number of aggravated assaults, burglaries, thefts, and autothefts dropped from 2015 to last year. however, homicides, rapes, robberies and arsons all went up. police chief allen released the findings during last night's city council meeting. he says he hopes to hire four more officers in the coming months. a two-car crash in front of freedom high school in oakley sent seven people to the hospital, six of the injured are students. video from sky7 shows the crash scene which happened just after classes let out for the day yesterday. two people suffered significant injuries. they were taken to the trauma center. police are saying the driver of one of the cars simply did not see the other oncoming car. happening today, a group of oakland raiders fans will be holding a news conference to discuss ways to keep the silver and black here in the bay area. during the season, many fans held protests to show their anger at the team moving to las vegas. this morning, the oakland
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coliseum impact and legal action committee will meet at edward and jones barbecue restaurant. the meeting starts at 10:30. organizers promise to use any legal means possible to prevent the team from winning. good news for 49ers season ticketholders. the niners have announced they have frozen season ticket prices for the next two years. i suppose when you're a 2-4 team and looking for your fourth coach in four years, you need all the fans you can get. the red and gold tickets are among the priciest in the nfl. season tickets range from $850 to $3,700 and personal seat licenses which entitle you to buy season tickets are between $2,000 to $80,000. the national park service says pier 31 1/2 in san francisco is the preferred choice for ferry service to alcatraz and other spots around the bay. the choice was relesioned in an environmental impact statement yesterday. pier 31 1/2 is where the ferry is now. the plan is to build a second
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ramp to handle more visitors. city supervisors have already approved a 30-year use agreement for that pier. i woke up this morning and i was freezing cold, mike nicco. i guess i should have closed the window. >> probably would have helped. >> might have helped just a little bit. i was scraping ice once again. i really got to remember to put a sheet on something on my windshield before guy to bed at night. santa rosa, 334% of average for january. that's the amount of rain if case you were wondering. even san jose, 247% of average. for today, you have a few high clouds as the storm track is moving back to our north. otherwise, grab those sunglasses, you will need it and check out how quiet it is in mount tamalpais. you've got high pressure moving in, mostly sunny, calm and dry today. chilly tonight, fog more widespread, a greater chance of some black ice dwoching in more neighborhoods tonight and above average highs sunday, monday, and tuesday. may feel like spring a little
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bit. especially after how damp and cool it's been. temperatures today range from about i would say 53 in san francisco, vallejo, napa, fairfield and antioch to oakland and san jose, 56. see how much more widespread the fog is tonight. making its way all the way to the coast because we're going to have a northeast wind during the overnight hours. here's my accuweather 7 day forecast and what you're going to see is a slight chance of a few sprinkles in the north bay tomorrow, no storm impact scale, a little milder for friday. rewe ring in the lunar new year, year of the rooster and we'll see our warmest day monday with low to mid 60s before the next chance of rain rolls in tuesday. >> good morning. and i want to take you back to our buddy, steve the sinkhole. this was on southbound 13 in oakland hills. just before you get to broad way terrace. well, steve exists no more. he is now andy asphalt so this is video from crews patching up that massive hole in highway 13 yesterday and i'm happy to report, as of yesterday
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afternoon, about 4:30, 5:00 p.m. they were able to open all lanes so no more steve the sinkhole. we have andy asphalt instead and looking pretty good out here this morning. here's a live look at bay bridge toll plaza. rough day here yesterday. today, not the case. we are wide open. i know i promised drive times. coming up next. >> i'm going to kind of miss steve. now to one of the worst possible things that can probably happen while you're taking a driving test. look california woman got into a terrible accident -- a pickup that ran a yellow light. the truck then jumped the curb, went airborne, smashed into other cars at the dmv parking lot. yikes. well, the truck driver was not hurt but the student driver and her instructor both complained of some pain so they were taken to the hospital to get checked out. police say they don't know if the student failed or passed her driving test. a new plan to provide tuition-free college for all
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california students is going to be presented to the uc regents today. the report's authors claim most students and their families dont believe free college at state schools is even possible because of the high cost of that program but the coalition of faculty, students, and union say it is possible with a tax. >> half of california's families would pay $48 a year or less to restore free public higher education of high quality to everyone who wanted to go. >> now he said half of california families. what about the other half? well, if you earn more money, you would pay a lot more than that $48. >> how much more? >> i don't know. >> all right. google's contest promoting a race to the moon is heating up right now. there are $20 million on the line. the bay area right in the middle of it. >> this major development surrounding san francisco's supervisor scott weiner and the woman charged with stealing his cell phone. plus amazon wants to make it easy to get your kids tech and
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science toys. first this morning's "tech bytes." >> a new way to pay a target. >> the company's planning to launch its own mobile payment service this year. no word on exactly when that will start in target stores but when it does, customers will be able to pay for goods using a smartphone app. >> you may recall a few weeks ago we told you apple removed the third party app from the app store that allowed you to find your lost air pods. >> apple says it's bringing the feature back in the next ios update. it will be part of the find my iphone app but it will only work if they are within bluetooth range. >> it won't help if you left them on a plane somewhere. >> and the george or well classic "1984 kwtsz is back in demand. demand. >> the book tells a bleak story
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we are back. amazon is now offering a new subscription program for educational toys. it's called s.t.e.m. club. it costs $19.99 a month. all the toys focus on science, technology, engineering, and math. s.t.e.m. amazon says the toys are hand picked to ensure they are age appropriate. kids will get a new toy delivered to their home every month. items include programmable robots and crystal kits and chemistry sets. it's all the rage. >> very cool. the 2017 arts education resource fair kicks off today and it provides teachers, administrators, parents, a wide
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look at art education providers in the bay area. it's particularly timely since schools are beginning to shape their 2017/2018 budgets. the fair runs from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. it is free. google announced the five teams still in the running for its lunar challenge. each has contracts to fund a launch to the moon before the end of the year. the teams come from different countries and one plans to launch off the coast of california. >> 3, 2, 1. >> this is video from the team named synergy moon, an international group with headquarters in san francisco doing a test flight of a rocket in the mojave desert. the winning team going to be the first one to launch to the moon, maneuver across the lunar surface, and transmit high definition video and pictures back to earth and it is quite a grand prize. $20 million. nice. all right, good morning, everybody. yeah, lunar new year this
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weekend so let's take a quick look at what's going to happen in san francisco. temperatures in the low to mid 40s, highs in the mid 50s with a whole lot of sunshine. of course, the parade's going to be a couple weeks. it may rain again by then. that's of course the running joke, right? in case you weren't with us yesterday, weren't following me on social media, we've received 108% of our yearly average of snow in the sierra. we don't need anymore to be average and we still have 2 1/2 months lefrt. we're going to see a warming trend sunday and monday and then to tuesday before the next storm arrives wednesday. >> i want to take you back to a problem i told you about this morning. we had actually two separate crashes. it started off with two cars colliding, westbound 4 near willow pass, one of those vehicles was not able to move out of middle lane and unfortunately that was mitt hit by a couple more vehicles so that is all pushed off on the shoulder now. all ends are back open and that backup is unwinding pretty quickly. quick check of drive times. much better start than
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yesterday. southbound 680 looks great out of dublin as does northbound 85 out of the south bay. still a few lingering closures from weather the last week or so. so we'll talk about that coming up next. in case you were wondering, mark zuckerberg says he has no plans to run for president. he is focused on his company and the felon tlopic initiative that he oversees with his wife. speculation on his running for office started after he set off a 50-state listening tour. facebook's board also established a rule that will allow him to retain control of the company if he takes a leave of absence to serve in government. president trump expected to make more sweeping changes today targeting immigration and it is impacting the bay area. >> san jose city leaders work well into the night to make a decision on what flags can fly on city owned property. plus uber is returning to san francisco after its permit san francisco after its permit problems drove them out of
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good morning to you. it is 5:00 a.m. on wednesday, january 25. i'm natasha zouves. >> i'm reggie aqui. alongside meteorologist mike nicco and traffic reporter alexis smith. jessica castro has the day off, so mike, it's a cool one this morning. >> yes, it definitely is. much cooler up to 12 degrees cooler than it was this time yesterday and the fog is out there. thankfully right now it's not very widespread, especially compared to what we're going to be dealing with tomorrow morning so we have half a mile in petaluma, 3/4 in santa rosa and not much out in the central valley but that's all going to change tomorrow. here's a look from mount tamalpais. mid 30s to low 40s at 7:00. low 50s at


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