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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  January 25, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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federal funding to cities that don't compile. it's one of several actions that will have a direct impact on people here in california. >> we have team coverage on the effects. let's begin with leeayanne melez with a look at the financial impact, lyanne. >> reporter: san francisco is not the only city dealing with a possibility of losing federal funds. how about 300 other cities across the nation? all of them asking tonight can we afford to be a sanctuary city? [speaking foreign language]. >> reporter: today dozens of immigration advocates took to city hall chanting an organized community will never be deported. it was in response to president trump's executive order threatening to with hold federal funds from so-called sanctuary cities. mayor ed lee says san francisco stands firm and will continue to protect the sanctuary city laws that have been in place for the
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last 27 years. >> we stand united that a safer city is a city that doesn't allow its residents to live in fear. >> i think families are both afraid and ready to push back. >> reporter: but today's action by the white house did not have any specifics. still, because san francisco is both a city and county, it stands to lose a large sum of money. the $1 billion in federal funds san francisco receives a year makes up more than 10% of its $9.6 billion budget. schools, public health, law enforcement, transportation are among some of the many programs that receive federal funds. >> let's say homeless funds are for veterans, as well. do they want to hurt veterans? do they want to hurt families. >> reporter: it's hard to say how the city will make up for a possible short fall, or who will pay for it. jason clark is with the san francisco republican party. >> there aren't enough rich people in san francisco to make up for a billion-dollar short fall. it's going to rely heavily on the middle and working classes
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to make up for that, and, you kn know, money is tight here. it's not cheap to live here. i think you'll see a backlash. >> reporter: in the meantime, local cities across america are considering legal action against the trump administration. in san francisco, lee an yanne melendez. >> today bay area majyors responded to the policies. l libby schaff says we will not allow this president to play politics with our safety and security. a chance for californians to give opinions on the new administration's policies wrapped up in pacificia. it was hosted by congresswoman jackie spear. melanie woodro continues live team coverage in pacificia with a wrap up of what was said there. >> reporter: the town hall lasted more than an hour. she was speaking to a crowd of supporters. many looking to her for advice on where to go from here.
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the little brown church wasn't big enough today. more than 100 people packed the space for congresswoman jackie spears town hall. >> more conversations with constituents that have written to me or e-mailed me or made phone calls to me after the election expressing great anxiety. >> reporter: many shared that sentiment here. >> we are all struggling with what to do next. >> i served the army for 22 years, 20 as a guard reserve an >> reporter: she listened and answered questions. in the crowd, several pink hats, participants in a woman's march. >> we didn't know we would end up with this much power after the march, so now we're like we don't want to squander it. we want to do something good with it. >> reporter: congresswoman wanted women to not feel fearful
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but empowered. world news tonight anchor david mura has the first one on one interview with president trump. it will air tonight at 10:00 p.m. here is a look at what the new president says on one of the most controversial top picks, torture. >> i have spoken as recently as 24 hours ago with people at the highest level of intelligence and i asked them the question, does it work? does torture work? and the answer was yes. absolutely. >> the president tweeted about tonight's interview mentioning its his first from the white house. president donald trump the white house interview area tonight at 10:00 followed by abc 7 news at 11:00. a well-known san francisco political consultant was to be sentenced today after pleading guilty to pornography charges but a plea deal was undid that was too lenient.
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vic lee is live at the hall of justice with the story tonight, vic? >> reporter: first of all, political consoultants on piers probably got the best plea deal he could get in return to pleading guilty to all charges, the judge offered him no jail time but suddenly the sheriff changed all that. political consultants on pierce had pleaded guilty in december to possession of hundreds of images of child pornography. including sexually abusive photos of infants. pierce worked on many political campaigns including those for mayor ed lee and supervisor jane kim before his arrest in 2015. pierce was to be sentenced today. judge rene navarro approved a plea deal. >> the defendant plead in open court and plead guilty to all the charges in exchange for six months electronic monitoring. >> reporter: in addition to home detentioning, he would be required to register as a sex
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offender but avoid jail time. the deal was approved over the objections of prosecutors. >> we thought prison time was a more appropriate sentence in this case. >> reporter: there were similar cases they said like the one in 2014 against human rights employee and gay rights activists larry brinken who received jail time for child porn. the sheriff's office objected to the sentence namely electronic monitoring and home detention. sheriff vicki henessey. >> our monitoring cannot accurately provide any real, any real guarantee to the public this person is not doing the same thing the person was doing before, which was sitting at home on a computer. >> reporter: the deal was now dead. sentencing was continued so they could look at other options. pierce's lawyer declined comment. vic lee, abc 7 news.
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there is a deadly outbreak of paro virus at the animal shelter. all adoptions are on hold. six dogs, four puppies had to be euthanized after they were affected. all other dogs have received vac she -- vaccines. it is undergoing decontamination. parvo affects the intestinal tract. today we lost a legend, actess mary tyler moore passed away at the age of 80 after contracting pneumonia. many grew up watching her show. leslie brinkley found examples in walnut creek. ♪ ♪ >> mary tyler moore played tv producer mary richards, a 30 something single career woman in the era when so-called women's
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liberation took hold in the 1970s. >> associate producer, can you believe that? >> as a young girl growing up, i remember watching that show and i remember, you know, the thing that struck me the most was her confidence and independence. >> reporter: the mary tyler moore show inspired her as she went on to establish her own successful law firm. >> i remember "brady brunch" and "that girl" and her job and her role at work superseded that. that kind of was liberating to me as a young girl. >> well, i think she was a working lady when a lot of people weren't working. i mean, a lot of women weren't working. >> you got spunk. >> i just remember her interaction with him. she was awfully good at that and dick van dyke. >> reporter: they have the image of mary tyler moore walking down
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the street confident. >> she's a trailblazer and couple generations above me. her legacy certainly goes beyond her generation to mine and it's a true loss. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: i'm leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. moore developed type one diabetes as an adult and served as the international chair of the juveniles diabetes research for decades. she spoke before conferences and comforted young patients. we spoke with the organization's president in san francisco about how she'll be remembered. >> mary was an amazing champion for everyone in this community. no doubt. we will miss her terribly. her legacy, though, will be knowing that there are millions of people who do better in their
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lives, as a result of the leadership and example that she provided. >> you can add your memories of mary tyler moore on facebook. we built this badge so you can share it on facebook at abc 7 news. well, we are less than one week into the presidency of donald trump. the first 100 days certainly a benchmark for any president. new at 6:00, see how the bay y area is helping keep track. how california is among the top targets of an investigation into voter fraud. >> clouds and fog will move through and possibly a sprinkle or two. i'll have the accuweather forecast coming up. wrap grabbits and guinea pi >> it started with two
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today in oakland we witnessed the debut of another group fighting to keep the raiders from leaving. as wayne freedman explains, what they lack in economic clout, they make up for in passion. >> reporter: they live in the shadow of the oakland calcium, a neighborhood running on bare rims, facing the potential loss of yet another local business. >> the coliseum is one of the last primary focal points of economics in this community. >> if they go. >> if they go, it's bad. >> reporter: ray spoke to us on a street that seen nine homicides in 15 years. hard times will do that, which is why he brought a group of local business owners, residents and fans to jack london square today. >> we plan on fighting for our team. >> reporter: they call themselves the oakland calcium economic impact and legal action committee before the raiders leave town, they asked for transparency from both the team and the league and for a chance.
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they view the raiders as community property and a divorce custody battle. >> the raiders is ours. it's our team. we have as much right to the team as anybody. >> reporter: the team did not respond today to our request for a statement but in the neighborhood they are willing to talk. try this barbershop where a departure would cut deep. >> a kick in the gut. >> reporter: he's getting his haircut. the nfl trickle down economics matter at this level. >> the big thing for losing the raiders is just for those weekends when you have games. you can fill up the shop. >> reporter: in a tough neighborhood looking for hope, a new stadium could fill wallets. for heart, they already have that. just ask 92-year-old teddy who lived at 78th and rudsdale since 1950. a die-hard fan even know. >> because we love them and they win. >> reporter: but they don't love you back. >> well, they will.
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give them time. >> reporter: but is time running out? from oakland, wayne freedman. california hopes to build on the status as a leader to fight global warning despite plans to loosen environmental regulations. state agencies, researchers and scientists are holding a two-day conference. one session focused on lessons learned from several years of drought and how the way california gets water is changing. >> for example, we expect a lot more precipitation to fall as rain rather than snow. we expect a lot earlier snow melt and we expect the character of water resources to change. as a result of a change in climate. >> panelists suggested people living in california cities keep cutting water use and encourage farmers to plant crops that need less water to thrive and be profitable. president trump is vowing to launch an investigation into voter fraud and california appears to be under the microscope.
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christian z is here with the latest on that. >> ama, with this early morning tweet, president trump announced he will be asking for major investigation into voter fraud. his press secretary sean spicer indicated where. >> i think when you look at where a lot of potential of a lot of these issues occurred in bigger states, that's where i think we'll look. >> california is a big state. in fact, the biggest where 3.2 million more votes were cast for hillary clinton than for mr. trump. the president elect first put the words voter fraud in california together in this tweet shortly after the election. california secretary of state alex pedia on cnn brought it forward. >> months have passed. zero proof, zero evidence. >> nancy pelosi from san francisco was stunned speechless by the president's claim. >> the fact is that it's a non- -- it's so --
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>> yeah, you don't see that very often, right? today three leading house democrats sent a letter to each state asking for any known voter fraud cases during the election and they are giving the states one month to respond. dan and ama? >> thanks so much. a change in tides forced the search to end for a ekayaker ner fremont. several agencies had search boats looking for the man. his kayak began to take on water yesterday afternoon. a friend used the raft to tie the tkayak to safety but he vanished before they could reach the shore. a boat on the search for the missing kayaker moved up to alameda creek to find a missing driver. sheriff's deputies pulled jada jenkin's submerged car out yesterday four days after the accident. she was not in that car. her family still holding out
6:18 pm
hope she's alive because the vehicle's windows were broken out and her seat belt was unfastened. they just hope maybe she got out. east bay drivers can expect delays tomorrow on you canyon road, which was battered by the storms last week. still cleaning up the mudslides and downed trees. many are making their way. in the north bay, highway 37 is closed and will stay closed until at least saturday because of the flooding. the section that's under water is between highway 101 and atherton avenue. the chp says 580 through san rafael is your best option if you need to go east out of marin county. weather is calm across the bay area and clouds are increasing as you can see on live doppler 7. there is not much of a hit of rain coming out, although a sprinkle or two may occur during the overnight and early morning hours.
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let's take a look at a couple live camera views. first one from the emeryville camera looking western across the bay. it's 51 here in san francisco. 50 in oakland and in san jose 49 upper 40s, actually at mountain view, gilroy and half moon bay. this is the stunning view from the abc 7 explorery camera looking at the skyline in the city. temperatures in the upper 40s right now at santa rosa, napa, fairfield and livermore. here is a quiet view at the golden gate bridge and forecast features. we'll see a few foggy areas in the early morning areas and milder days this weekend and rain returns middle of next week. rather weak looking storm so far. what is not weak looking now is the rough surf that continues to get rough and a swell that will reach over 20 feet at times. a high serve advisory will be in effect from 3:00 a.m. tomorrow to friday and we may see strong rip currents and sneaker waves,
6:20 pm
as well. be careful along the coastline. here is what is approaching the bay area. a line of clouds and showers and forecast animation during the late night and overnight hours as the system approaches, the coastline will weaken and break up but there may be enough moisture reaching the coast for a couple sprinkles to hit land areas here and there and we don't expect measurable rainfall. low temperatures dropping into the low to mid 30s. in many inland valley locations around the bay, we'll see low temperatures in the low 40s and there will be patches of fog and even more than a patch, dense fog in the central valley. tomorrow's highs by afternoon, the skies get sunnier will reach into the mid 50s. 54 to 56 in most locations. looking ahead to the weekend, this weekend, brings in the beginning of lunier new year, which by the way this year is the year of the rooster coming up. nothing foul about the weather, though. nice and sunny through the weekend. high temperatures climbing into the 60s by sunday. next week we get the next storm.
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it ranks one on the storm impact scale, storm of light intensity and produce light rainfall up to a half inch in the wettest locations. here is the animation next tuesday at 7:00. we'll see rain moving through overnight and through the day, wednesday, of next week. it will be a wet day but don't expect heavy rainfall. rainfall totals we project will range from a quarter inch to half an inch in most locations. here is the seven-day forecast. mainly sunny skies tomorrow. bright sunshine on friday and saturday and sunday as temperatures begin to rise. by monday we'll see high temperatures in the mid or even mid to upper 60s, inland and around the bay temperatures drop off on tuesday and then we expect rainy and windy conditions next wednesday. >> all right. thank you, spencer. tuition could be going up at all university of california campuses. see who is voting for it and against when ballots are cost tomorrow. and this saturday on abc 7,
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the dow closed above 20,000 for the first time today. it finished at 20,068.51.
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today's record is two months after the dow zoomed above 19,000. the nasdaq and s&p set records today. some san jose based employees at aol learned they are being laid off. the internet company is cutting 8 oc 80 local johbs. 275 at alaska airlines, 264 at pg and e and 150 at theranos and google. looking to increase tuition for the first time in seven years. tomorrow regions will meet in san francisco to vote on a tuition increase of 2.5%. that's a hike of $282 a year. that could take the cost of a uc education to $11,502 a year at all ten campuses. today, uc president janet nept t napolitano ur
6:26 pm
napolitano. >> you can't talk about affordability on one hand and on another hand, act to make it less affordable, and that's precisely what we're likely to do tomorrow. >> the university of california says financial aid would cover the tuition hike for two-thirds of uc students. the proposed tuition increase sparked protest at the state capital. members of the state assembly gathered with students to urge the regions to reject this hike. lawmakers want the university of california to cut administrative spending before increasing tuition. a family finally gets closure 34 years after their daughter was murdered. >> what led to today's arrest of a suspect already behind bars. also ahead. >> wall is a symbol of you're not welcome here. president trump pushes forward with plans to build a wall between the u.s. and mexico but there is at least one potential road block and next -- >> keeping tabs on the new president silicon valley style. i'm jonathan bloom with the
6:27 pm
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when this construction begin? >> as soon as we can. as soon as we can physically do it -- >> months? >> i would say in months, yeah. >> that's just part of the first interview with president donald trump in the white house and it tackles one of the signature promises on the campaign trail, a wall between the united states and mexico. opposition quickly surfaced today in the bay area as president trump made good on that campaign pledge. >> abc 7 news reporter david louie looks at what steps could block ordeal lay construction. >> opposition is lining up to block the president's executive order for the border wall. siren is a leading immigrant rights group in san jose enlisting support. >> we do have allies in congrass who are fighting for the immigrant community and have the ability and opportunity to put pressure and put road blocks in the process to make sure that the border wall isn't built. >> reporter: one potential road block could be funding for the project which might require the
6:31 pm
u.s. to front the cost while seeking reimbursement from mexico. disputes could surface if mexico objects to the wall. >> depending on how it gets built, we could run into problems with triggers treaty violations, which mexico would have legitimate gripes against us. >> reporter: professor david explains disputes go to a two-nation commission for resolution. another obstacle could be along a 75 mile stretch of land in arizona controlled by a native american tripe, the tribe already indicated it will not allow a wall to be built on its land. the director of projects for peace and justice believes the wall inflicts hurt. >> the construction of a wall makes people feel they are not welcome. you're an intruder in my land. and when someone has grown up here their entire life or family has been here for a number of generations and you're reminded, you're the other and don't quite belong, that's what the wall
6:32 pm
does. >> reporter: in san jose, david louie, abc 7 news. today president trump told the donald trump of homeland security to work within the existing frame work of the law to secure the u.s. mexico border. >> for too long your office had agents haven't been allowed to properly do their jobs. you know that, right? you know that? absolutely. but that's all about to change. and i'm very happy about it and you're very happy about it and from here on out. i'm asking all of you to enforce the laws of the united states of america. they will be enforced and enforced strongly. >> trump said no new laws are needed. the dhs will work within the existing system and frame work and restore the rule of law in the u.s. now the first 100 days is a big test for every new president. with all the talk of fake news and alternative facts, one team
6:33 pm
in the bay yar area is doing wh techies do best, tracking data. jonathan bloom has more on their effort to track >> this is is his 100 day plan to make america great again. >> during the campaign, he spelled it out. contract with the american voter. >> building the wall, renegotiating trade deals. >> dozens of promises that are the basis of a website called track trump. >> our approach is to take his own words and use them either to shut these. >> you won't find links to news articles, track trump is is about data straight from government sources. >> red means he's failed on it. green means he succeeded and yellow means he's working on it. >> in the first week those colors are changing. >> we will build a great wall. >> we will build a great wall. >> today he did go through with getting that started. >> that will turn yellow? >> it will turn yellow today. >> despite being a project driven by data, there is something untech ki about track
6:34 pm
trump. that is gathered by hand. >> there is no cool tech behind this for better for worse, all humans. >> that's peter fedderman. >> i studied public administration and knows how government works. >> he helped separate the talk from the policy change. >> keystone pipeline. >> when there is legislation, when there is an executive order, when there is a concrete movement in policy from administration, that's what we're tracking. >> the side aims to be unbias in the face of a growing uproar over fake and slanted news. >> this is almost a counter balance to people's ability to set up blogs really cheaply and say whatever they want. using the same technology. >> something the president might approve of. >> as far as i'm concerned, we have to fight fire with fire. >> at the end of the 100 days, this project will be done but this team is not done with politics, i don't think. >> in san francisco, jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. world news tonight anchor
6:35 pm
david conducted the first interview. president donald trump the white house interview area at 10:00 p.m. followed by abc 7 news at 1 11:00. sky 7 is live east of castro valley where the road is shut down. you can see the flashing lights. a tree has fallen across the road and on to a car just after 6:00 this evening. this is near cold water drive. the driver in that car was not trapped. we are happy to tell you that. alameda county firefighters and highway patrol are on scene. you can see cars turning around there. the same area has been shut down because of our stormy weather. a family waited nearly 35 years for a suspect to be arrested in the murder of a teenage girl. the murder of 14-year-old deanna lynn johnson rocked the city in 1982. she was found badly beaten next
6:36 pm
to railroad tracks. they have enough evidence to link marvin mark l. he's serving prison time for the murder of a woman in buick county. johnson's mother spoke today. >> her family, friends and the entire community never gave up unseeking justice for her. we thank them for that. >> we stayed in contact over the years with the sheriff's department and that was constant communication updating us on their case and vice versa. >> since markle was 17, the now 51-year-old will make the first court appearance tomorrow in juvenile court. autopsies have been completed on valerie and roger found dead in their apartment on monday along with two cats. cause of death is not determined. for new berkeley police are calling the deaths suspicious. they just don't have more
6:37 pm
information. donald trump has pledged to repeal and replace obamacare tonight let's hear from the s t state senator on board. >> what
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new at 6:00, thousands of homeowners can get access to money to make their home safer. brace and bolt gives qualified homeowners up to $3,000 to retro fit their home. it's available in many more bay area cities. daily city, hayward, redwood, san bruno, san lorenzo. it's complicated. we post the details. the deadline to apply is february 27th. all right. ever feel like someone is watching you? that's exactly what is happening to drivers in union city. it's to stop bart riders from parking in the marketplace parking lot. there are signs warning people they can't be towed. the shopping center is a short walk. police say tow truck drivers are watching people get out of their cars and walk to bart.
6:41 pm
>> the toe company coe pan tow in the afternoon and if the cars are there, they are towing. yesterday they had four trucks. >> here is a look at why. according to bart, more than 5,000 riders enter the bart station each day. the station's parking lot has fewer than 1200 parking spaces, so it's tight. drivers in san francisco should look out, that city ranks as the most dangerous for drivers in california. the research was published on the website this month. danger was calculate using crash rates, injury rates and speeding rates. berkeley made the list at number four and had one of the highest hit and run rates, interestingly. oakland came in at 21. fremont was the safest ranking 63 out of 65 cities in the survey. a combination hospital and farm only in san francisco, right? see how
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
t the bay area is ground zero for high-tech medical care. >> sometimes simple contact can be the best medicine, even if it's with an animal. it's feeding time at a farm that
6:45 pm
just happens to sit smack dab in the middle of san francisco. >> they eat everything. >> these hungry goats and sheep are part of a group started 40 years ago when someone donated two ducks to the laguna honda hospital and rehabilitation center. a nursing supervisor approved a small temporary shelter that grew like an urban knnoah's ark. 3 2 animals in all. the site began as a farm and was eventually turn into a home for the poor where residents helped grow food. history has come full circle with animals serving a different purpose. >> the first part is watching them interact with the residents. >> reporter: once inside the hospital, the animals are the stars are a residential therapy program, patients limited in ability to move and communicate can often connect on a different level with their calming companions, according to
6:46 pm
supervisor thai. >> patients not able to talk a lot, with the animals, we're able to help them feel normalized again. >> reporter: he says help relief the stress of a hospital environment for visiting families. lisa rayford looks forward to seeing her granddaughters. >> it's fun to have the animals and the kids see. >> reporter: some of the animals are donated and rescued and others are purchased for the program. donations help maintain the site with the greenhouse and vegetable gardens. all supporting a unique kind of farm designed to grow happiness. the laguna honda program thrives from donations from supporters. if you'd like more information, we have links on the 41s president george hw bush could head home over the weekend. the 92-year-old left intensive care monday. his lungs are clearing and he's
6:47 pm
working with physical thera therapiests to build string. barbara bush is back at home in houston after being hospitalized for bronchitis. president trump promised to replace and repeal the affordable care act and has the state minority leader. >> we want to keep the best and redesign the frame work, so it works better for everyone. i think if we leave it alone, we all know it's going to collapse on its own based on its unsustainable costs. >> two republican senators are introducing the first potential alternative to obamacare called the patient freedom act of 2017. it gives states three options, keep the plans as they are, eliminate them entirely or create their systems within limits. democrats say this will leave the poorest with minimal coverage while creating tax advantages for wealthied a mer kcan -- americans. eugene tweeted this picture saying the fog didn't burn off
6:48 pm
in that vnavado this morning. lewis captured cotton candy skies in san francisco. >> both have a hashtag abc 7 now. that's a great shot. spencer is back to update the forecast. >> even with fog. beautiful around the bay area as you can see, the clouds increase and a beautiful evening and going to be a quiet and dry one. this is the view from our rooftop camera as we skip ahead to the weekend and this weekend ushers in a lunier new year and bright skies with a little warming trend. temperatures will be in the 60s on sunday. our chances of rain over the next seven-days are zero through monday. increasing up to 40% late tuesday and up to about 70% on wednesday when we'll get the next storm, which ranks one on the storm impact scale but just a light rainstorm. complete accuweather seven-day forecast. dry conditions through tuesday with a slight chance of rain developing late next tuesday
6:49 pm
night and better chance of rain during the day on wednesday. >> okay. all right, thank you, spencer. warriors in action tonight. >> larry beil is here. >> they very rarely lose back to back games. steph curry back home in charlotte trying to win a game and put on a show for his hometown fans.
6:50 pm
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good evening. the warriors are wrapping up in charlotte. steph curry often does spectacular winning returns. many curry fans in attendance. first quarter, here is steph driving to the hoop and spin around and finish backwards. high degree of difficulty. might want to cover the reigning two-time mvp. the hornets don't. they get burnt. 13 in the first quarter for steph and james michael getting more minutes because david west is out and playing defense. huge block swatting sessions away. resulting in a klay thompson three at the other end but it's the hornets leading late in the third quarter. 80-75. stanford women's basketball coach tara is three wins away
6:53 pm
from joini ing pat summitt to he 1,000 career victories. mike shumann sat down today and asked her if she's had time to think about this milestone. >> i think people like yourself remind me it's coming. i want it to happen. and i think it would be great to happen with this particular team as a fun team to work with, but, you know, when i'm in maples, like just even in here, you look at the pictures of the great players we had and too many to name and that is why our team is successful. we've had great players. i think a great staff and great support and fans and it's just a fun ride and i just want to keep it going. >> well, you, like i said and pat summitt will be the only two women that achieved this and i know she was kind of a role model and a colleague at the same time for you and passed away recently. what does that mean to join pat summitt? >> obviously, i wish she was
6:54 pm
still here to, you know, help celebrate, you know, but, you know, she's obviously a legend in women's basketball and it's very, very elite company and i'm humbled and very privileged. >> tara is respected throughout the sport not just in the women's game. steve kerr is a huge fan. >> it takes great commitment, takes great partnership with your employers and obviously, great relationships with your players, you don't last that long unless people enjoy playing for you. so she's a hall of famer. >> no doubt about that. tiger woods returns to an official pga tour event for the first time in 17 months. he'll tee off tomorrow and weather is among the things he's concerned about. woods says he's a florida softy now and it was in the 40s this morning in san diego. traffic and weather together on the 7s.
6:55 pm
woods will be paired with two of the best in the world, jason day and dustin johnson. eight career wins at torrey pines, that was the old tiger. woods now admits he has no idea what to expect. >> we all know i haven't played a full schedule in a very long time. so this is an unknown and so one of the reasons why i'm playing four out of five is to get in the playing rhythm of competitive golf. i've been away for it for so long. >> the man who coined the phrase, you are looking live is retiring. brent will call his last game at the end of this month. >> you are looking live in washington. something you will never forget. cut by boston college, i don't believe it. >> the legendary sports caster has done it all from his early days at cbs as the first big-time nfl host and college
6:56 pm
football. if you heard brent's voice, you knew it was a big game. i was in the student newspaper and he spent half an hour talking with me on the phone about his career. had no reason to do that, nothing to gain, just did it. years later we worked together on espn radio and he never looked back, always looked forward and enjoy retirement. >> you are looking live. >> it doesn't get bigger than him. >> true. join us tonight at 9:0 0 on coffee tv. the united states downgraded on the democracy and nothing to do with the new actions of the administration. the bay area responds to president trump's executive actions on immigration. the fear and worries tonight as a president pushes forward on his controversial agenda. >> that is this edition of abc 7 news. appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. thanks for joining us.
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this is "jeopardy!" today's contestants are an architect from atlanta, georgia... a graduate student in library science from asheboro, north carolina... and our returning champion, a basketball podcaster from west newton, massachusetts... ...whose 1-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. give you an idea how good our champion is.
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