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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  January 25, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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. i want to build a wall. we have to build the wall. we have to stop drugs from pouring in. >> you just saw it right here on abc 7. david muir's white house interview with donald trump, as he defends his executive actions on immigration. >> this is not the america we believe in, we're going to fight for it, and we're going to win. thank you so much. >> good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> a border wall and stripping sanctuary cities like san francisco are among the actions called for by president trump. >> we have live team coverage tonight. let's begin with katie marzullo in san jose. >> dan, sam licardo is among
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those saying, president trump's orders will not affect san jose, documented or not. different ages, races and religions stood together to stand against president trump. >> thank god i am now a citizen. but i suffered the fear that many in my community suffer now. >> president trump is moving forward with plans to build a wall awrong the mexico border. deport violent criminals and penalize sanctuary city. >> a nation without borders is not a nation. beginning today, the united states of america gets back its borders. >> this is not the america that we believe in. >> a u.s. congresswoman said some of the policies outlined in the executive orders have already been tried and failed. >> it's going to lead to a lot
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of harassment, racial profiling and american citizens are going to get harassed too, as they did before. >> san jose will always be a safe place for all residents. >> these executive orders will not change how we police our city. >> he's not worried about losing federal money. >> we have one tool that's more powerful than either congress or the president, and that is the constitution. >> his executive orders will save lives, jobs and billions of dollars. [ chanting ] immigration advocates chanted in front of san francisco city hall today after president trump signed his executive order seeking to end sanctuary cities. san francisco receives a billion dollars in funds for schools, transportation and more. >> he used the words streams of federal grants, we're not sure what that means. some of those grants are designed to carry out the stuff
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we're obligated to do, if they don't want to fund it, i suppose they can defundus for that reason. >> it's too early to say how the city would make up for a possible shortfall. >> mexico's president says he regrets and rejects president trump's decision to build a border wall. enrique pena nieto reached out to all mexican people tonight. he repeated mexico will not pay for the wall. pena nieto did not comment on reports he is considering cancelling next week's visit to washington. >> the frenzy of activity at the start of president trump's first 100 days in office is causing anxiety among many people here in the bay area. an area known for its progressive politics. >> lilian kim is in the newsroom with the local congresswoman now trying to assure her constituents. >> peninsula congresswoman jackie spears town hall and pacifica tonight was the first time she held such a gathering for invited guests only. the guest list was made up of
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worried constituents who contacted her office after election day. >> have you been to one of the town halls before? >> absolutely not. i became an activist on election day. >> that was the case for just about everyone else in the room. jackie speer calls them first time activists. many of whom attended the women's march on saturday. >> i'm signing every petition i can, and i will be as active as i possibly can. >> much is at stake over the next four years. the congresswoman urged everyone to continue with the protest. learn and read about rural america which played a key role in trump's victory. >> i hope i'm going to instill a sense of empowerment to you. our country has with stood terrible presidents and we've survived. >> the rnc committee woman applauds those who become more engaged in the process. >> there are going to be areas
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of agreement and areas of disagreement but this sort of we're at war i think is ultimately going to hurt california citizens. >> at this point it appears to be full steam ahead for the resistance. >> it's the collective energy of all of us that are going to make a difference. >> speer plans to hold similar town halls in the district in the coming weeks. lilian kim, abc 7 news. good morning america will have much more of david muir's exclusive white house interview with president trump tomorrow morning. a toppled tree trapped a woman in her car tonight in the east bay. the large you can lip tuesday tree smashed into the front window of the woman's suv in castro valley. right now, crews are working to clear that scene. new details now from abc 7 news reporter live at the scene. katie? >> reporter: dan, pg&e crews are working to untangle those downed power lines, you can see the tree behind me, still across the roadway tonight.
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those downed power lines created a dangerous situation earlier trapping a woman in her car for more than an hour. >> shane but unharmed is how the woman who survived this tree fall described herself. >> one of the you can lip to us trees on the east side of the roadway fell down. and landed on the vehicle. >> the driver travelled northbound just past cold water drive. around 6:00, the 100 foot tall you can lip to us tree fell bringing power lines with it. >> it was on the ground and the car was resting on the line. >> within an hour pg&e deenergized the lines. last friday on the same stretch of roadway, another tree fell and caused injuries. >> i think just because of all the rain that we've been having, i think that the trees and the root systems are not holding up as well as they should. >> the road has closed several times for storm related cleanups. >> in castro valley, katie unis
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abc 7 news. >> new at 11:00, flaring at the shell refinery in contra costa coun county. the facility is located on mococo road. the flaring was visible from 680. this video was shot around 9:30 and shows what appears to be steam. >> vacaville police have made an arrest in a 34-year-old cold case. 14-year-old deanna lynn johnson was reported missing on november 16th, 1982. her body was found the next day, not far from her home. on tuesday police arrested 51-year-old marvin markle. he was at the same neighborhood party where johnson was last scene. he was initially identified as a suspect, but the case went cold, until now. >> we are encouraged that the truth will prevail and finally justice will be done. >> markle has been serving an 80 year prison sentence in kearns
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county for a separate homicide. fans, friends and family, are mourning the tv icon who inspired a generation of modern women. ♪ who can turn the world on with her smile ♪ >> from hollywood to the bay area, the tributes tonight to mary tyler moore. >> making sure your home is earthquake ready. the free cash that could help you pay for the costly retrofit. signs of winter tomorrow morning the chill, find out when rain will return coming up. and blasting off to space in style. check it out, the space suits of tomorrow are here. first, here's a look at what's coming up tonight on jimmy kimmel live. >> here's what someone paid us to do tonight. >> sean spicer said this is the most watched show in the history of late night television.
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>> did he say that? >> yes,
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from a 1960s housewife to a single woman making it on her own in the '70s, and an advocate for patients fighting diabetes. mary tyler moore inspired a generation of modern women. hollywood is paying tribute to this television icon. >> she was 80 years old. abc news reporter elizabeth hurr looks back at her lasting legacy. >> associate producer, can you believe that 37. >> she inspired single women everywhere to follow their dreams as mary richards on the
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"mary tyler moore" show. >> you got spunk. >> well. >> born in brooklyn, new york. an aspiring dancer, she soon starred in dozens of commercials, which led to several television appearances, and in the 1960s, carl reiner cast her as laura petree on the "dick van dyke show." >> you found it and opened it, didn't you? >> she lit up the screen and a star was born. her success continued in the '70s with "the mary tyler moore show." she showed single working women could have it all. with seven emmy awards and three golden globes on the shelf, moore was also nominated for a best actress oscar for her role in the 1980s film ordinary people. >> it's what you think i've done, you blame me for the whole thing. >> amade her success became personal tragedies. her only son richie died at 24.
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in her memoir, she ago northed she was a recovering alcoholic. in her later years, she made several guest appearances on "that '70s show." >> i look fantastic. >> after more than 50 years on television and in films, her memory continues to inspire. ♪ you might just make it after all ♪ >> abc news, new york. >> mary tyler moore's role as iconic career woman touched many hoar in the bay area. people who grew up watching her show say moore inspired them and helped them become who they are today. >> she was a real model of a modern woman that stepped out from behind -- you know, she waebt married, she had her own career. >> as a young girl growing up, i remember watching that show, and i remember -- the thing that struck me the most viscerally was her confidence and
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independence. ♪ you might just make it after all ♪ >> she spent many years raising awareness about type i diabetes. she was diagnosed with the disease at 33 years old, and became national chair of the juvenile diabetes research foundation. celebrities took to social media to pay tribute to mary tyler moore, including oprah win friday. [ cheers and applause ] >> the former talk show host posted this 20 year clip on the oprah win friday show, when her beloved tv role model surprised her on stage. oprah wrote about moore saying, thank you for being a light that shined so brightly and let me see myself in you. >> we posted this picture of mary tyler moore. you can share your memories of her by commenting or sharing the post on your page. california has expanded its brace and bolt program to help retrofit more houses in cities on dangerous fault lines.
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homeowners in daily city, redwood city, el cerito and heyward may be eligible for seismic upgrades. homeowners in san francisco, oakland and san leandro, have benefited from this program since its inception in 2015. >> it's really significant to us. we knew it was something we wanted to do, and being able to do it for free was really valuable. >> program registration lasts through february 27th, go to abc 7 for a link to sign up. you're going to find guidelines for stocking an earthquake survival kit, and developing an emergency plan for your family at abc as well. it's time to find out how soon we need to plan the umbrellas again. >> sandia patel is here with the forecast. >> we got a nice break, it's going to last about a week
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before you need your rain gear. a week from today, we'll be looking at wet weather. enjoy what we have now, which is lots of sunshine for the next several days. take a look at this stunning sunset posted on my facebook page from pacifica, we encourage you to send your photos in, if you send them via twitter twitter, #abc7now. thank you for that beautiful photo, it's not going to look like that tomorrow morning, we're going to have some fog. expecting bad conditions if you're driving, definitely dense fog out there, watch out tomorrow morning, fair if you're taking the ferry ride, really a murky ride, it's going to be a chilly start if you're walking. live doppler 7 right now, showing you clouds. just extra clouds as the system is passing just off our coastline, temperatures right now 30s and 40s early in the morning, a high surf advisory is going up, it runs until 3:00 a.m. friday, watch out for breakers over 20 feet. the wave heights have not come up yet, but we are expecting
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rough surf. the winds are really not an issue, they're calm right now, chilly conditions expected in the morning, with foggy spots, milder days this weekend and rain returns the middle of next week. here's the hour by hour forecast, there could be a few sprinkles around 2:00 a.m. don't be surprised if you do see them. we're going to be tracking the fog tomorrow morning around 5:00 a.m. parts of the north bay will be socked in. and also the peninsula, you will be seeing low visibility as the fog will be pretty much starting off your morning into parts of the east bay as well as you'll notice here, and then as we head into tomorrow morning you'll notice how cold it's going to get, how about near freezing in some of our inland valleys? definitely still a winter morning to where you need those heavy coats and jackets. temperatures 30s, 40s for the afternoon, temperatures in the 50s, the clouds will clear up. now you look at the temperature trend for your weekend. it's the year of the rooster,
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lunar new year celebrations on saturday, nice day, 50s, 60s, we'll be seeing the son on sunday. it's a milder pattern, you'll notice the temperatures coming up into the mid-60s, it's going to feel like spring. on monday, we'll be flirting with close to 70 degrees there in san jose. don't get too used to it. a light system arrives next wednesday. it will bring early estimates right now, a third to three quarters of an inch, it will be breezy at times, that rainfall pattern, hour by hour forecast showing you when it all gets wet here, 11:00 a.m. wednesday. we continue on into wednesday night, it's a rainy pattern, even going into thursday, which is beyond our accuweather 7-day forecast. take a look at what we have in store for you, patches of fog tomorrow morning, the winter chill, bundle up, afternoon highs in the 50s, we repeat that on friday. and then we start to see those temperatures coming up for your weekend plans. numbers will be in the upper 50s to low 60s saturday and sunday. mid-60s on monday around the bay, maybe even a low 70.
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that's what models are hinting at right now. >> slight chance of light rain tuesday night into wednesday. you can
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i'm at higher risktwice as likfor depression.troke. i'm 26% more likely to develop an irregular heartbeat. i have a 65% higher chance of developing diabetes. no matter who we are, these diseases can be managed or prevented when caught early on. because with better research, the right medicine, and with doctors who help keep me healthy to begin with, we will thrive.
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boeing unveiled its new space suit today. it's called the boeing blue. and in fact it is very blue. boeing says the suits are 40% lighter than any other space suit. the helmet portion is soft, almost like a hoodie. it has a wide visor for a greater field of vision. nasa hired boeing and elan musk's spacex. right now america pays russia for rides aboard its soyuz rocket. >> it's pretty -- >> i was going to say it's form
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fitting. >> i kind of want something harder than a hoodie. >> space rocks coming at you? >> stuff coming at me there, i would like to be a little better protected, please. >> steph curry, his homecoming tonight, it was kevin durant.
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good evening, steph curry took to the court tonight in charlotte, averaging 36 points per game in his last three contests back home. steph was good tonight, kevin durant even better. more than 100 family and friends in the house, checking out number 30. and here he is, first quarter, driving to the hoop, end ends up
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backwards. and still manages to bank it up and in. you may want to cover the mvp. 13 points in the first quarter for steph, the hornets were up 6. kemba walker with three of his team high 26. warriors were down 72-62. kevin durant with a block on walker, back the other way. steph curry knocks down a long two. durant would take over in the fourth quarter, the layup, we're tied at 85. kd a team high 33. curry clearing space for the jab step. gets a big man off him and launches. curry finished with 28. 108-101 warriors, draymond green with the exclamation point here. warriors win it. steph finally getting used to playing in his hometown. >> tonight was actually the first time i really didn't feel any kind of jitters or anxiousness to be honest. the years past, i always kind of
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had an extra butterfly in my stomach, knowing i get to play at home. >> kings in cleveland, dave jaeger looking nervous there or pensive. he should be happy after this, lebron james turns it over, up the court, matt barnes, darren collison, kings up 1. 21 seconds left, demarcus cousins is going to pass out of a double team. aaron aflol low knocks down a three. and sacramento beats cleveland 116-112 the final. lebron and company have lost 6 of their last eight. tara vandavier closing in on a milestone, only three victories away from a mark achieved by one other woman, the great pat summit. >> we have had great players, and i think a great staff and great support and fans, and it's a fun ride, and i just -- i want to keep it going. >> you don't last that long unless people enjoy playing for
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you. >> so she's a hall of famer. >> how about tennis hall of famers, venus williams taking on cocoa vandeweghe. williams at age 36 advances to the finals. i think she was surprised at how good she played. and is going to face serena who defeated mariano, it will be williams versus williams again for the ninth time in a grand slam final. first time they've met since 2009, that is going to be epic. abc 7 sports brought to you
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that is our report, as always, we appreciate your time.
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>> for all of us, thank you for joining us. on >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- martin short. from "gold," edgar ramirez. we play big hair baby bingo, and music from lady antebellum. and now, quite simply, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: hello, everyone. i'm jimmy. welcome. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. thank you for joining us here on abc where earli


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