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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  January 26, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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county. in santa clara county, that's where the suspect was last seen as he bailed out of his getaway car. police chased after him. an officer fired an unknown number of rounds but it's not known if the suspect was wounded. the suspect's white vehicle was found abandoned on highway 17. residents were told to shelter in place and schools in the areas were placed in lockdown and the search through the woods began. the chp and fremont police are also searching. here are details about the suspect getting away. >> there was a vehicle collision. the suspect's vehicle became disabled and he fled on foot. we have the emergency response team, the equivalent of a s.w.a.t. team, participating in the search.
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>> reporter: the search has forced both directions of highway 17 to be closed since mid-morning. traffic is being rerouted to side streets and that's creating a monumental backup whether you're traveling to santa cruz or san jose. the search for the suspect will continue indefinitely. as you can see behind me now, this is going to create a major traffic mess and right back there at black road and bear creek road, the traffic is being single-filed onto side roads. you know that people in the santa cruz mountains have already had to deal with these lane and road closures during the recent storms. now they are doing one because of the suspect's search. we will, of course, be on scene here to tell you when these lanes might reopen but that search, as they say, will go on indefinitely into the night if necessary. we are live near redwood estates, david louie, abc7 news. the con convicted killer of a richmond woman has been connected to women decades ago.
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bob evans murdered a woman and her three daughters around 1980. evans was the father of one of those girls. they also believe he killed his girlfriend as they traveled to california. he used several aliases including curtis kimball. he was eventually convicted of the killing of his wife in richmond. he died in prison in 2010. a car plunged into a raging creek in niles canyon. this happened near palomares road. as matt keller tells us, officials are urging extreme caution in the fremont area. >> reporter: alameda creek is still roaring through niles canyon even though the rain has stopped. around 5:00 this morning, a man was driving to work on fremont
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in his gold chevy cruz when he fell asleep at the wheel. he was able to break through his already damaged windshield. >> when he swam to shore, that's when he received a couple of cuts from the rocks. >> reporter: someone called 911 and good samaritans stopped to help him. he was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay. this story could have been different. on saturday, 18-year-old jada jenkins crashed into the alameda creek. her car was found but she is still missing. both cars came to rest in nearly the identical spot but the conditions today changed since saturday. >> on saturday, the water was -- i mean, eight to nine feet higher than what it is now. it was a lot closer to the roadway. today, i mean, he was lucky that -- it would have been saturday the same thing, it could have been different. >> reporter: the fremont fire department says jada's family is searching in niles canyon today.
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as for the car that went in the water this morning, it could take a couple days for them to tow the car out. >> this raises the question, do you know what to do to survive if that should happen to you? >> kristen sze has information that could make the difference between life and death. kristen? >> an estimated 400 people die each year when their cars end up in the water. many of them rolling up their windows hoping for an air bubble and a rescue. that's a mistake and so is this. >> one of the biggest mistakes people make during these events is trying to open the door with pressure of the outside water against it. don't waste your time trying to push that door open. break the window. get out. >> reporter: fire lieutenant jonathan baxter says it's all about the first 30 seconds. as soon as you know you're going in, unbuckle your seat belt and break your window.
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that's your escape route. and you see the same steps demonstrated here by the sonoma county sheriff's department last september after a deadly tragedy on the russian river. but what if your seat belt is stuck or the window won't open? you can buy one of these devices with a spike to break open the window and a blade to slash the seat belt. michael finney actually tested one such product called rescue me. it fits on a key chain and costs about 15 to $20. and two more tips for you, if you have two kids in the car, put the older child out the window first and then free the younger one. i know as a mom that sounds really frightening to me but that's what you've got to do. second, get to shore first before you call 911. don't waste valuable escape time. larry and ama? >> great information. thank you, kristen. it's been dangerous for drivers on crow canyon road. the crew was putting in a
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drainage pipe at that we can hardly find a cloud in the sky. nevertheless, we have rough surf and dangerous surf. high-surf advisory until 3:00 tomorrow. breakers could reach 20 feet or more in height and a possibility of strong rip currents. back to our view out over the embarcadero, currently it's 56 degrees here in san francisco. mid-50s in oakland, mountain view, san jose, gill row and half moon bay. this is the view from emeryville. 58 degrees right now at santa rosa. upper 50s in napa, fairfield and concord.
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54 degrees in livermore. clear skies at 6:00 p.m. clear skies at 8:00 p.m. 10:00 p.m., chilly and clear beginning at 12:00 a.m. the only thing that will change is temperature also drop through the late evening and overnight hours. it's going to be chilly once again. i'll show you the accuweather seven-day forecast in a few minutes. larry? >> spencer, thank you. after the latest round of winter storms, we're happy to report that nearly half of california is no longer in drought. take a look at the map released by the u.s. drought monitor compared to a year ago. the white areas are now completely out of the drought and that includes the almost entire bay area. not a single part of the state is in an exceptional drought. in the past week, more than 22% of california has emerged from extreme drought. more than six years after a pg&e pipeline explosion killed eight people and injured dozens more, a san francisco judge handed down a sentence today. >> kate larson is live in the san bruno neighborhood where
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this all started. kate? >> reporter: larry, ama, the scars here are still really obvious. we've got empty lots and construction crews all along this neighborhood after the explosion. but after that sentence was handed down to pg&e in court today, many of the people in this community, including the woman who used to live here on this lot, feel they can finally begin to heal their wounds. >> this is a chapter that's closing in my life. >> reporter: for the first time in 6 1/2 years, sue is hopeful she can start to move on. >> it's time to try to live my life. >> reporter: on september 9th, 2010, a pg&e gas pipeline exploded, killing her husband, 17-year-old son, mother-in-law and dog. they were all inside her san bruno house which burned to the ground. well, today in san francisco's federal courthouse, the judge said the crimes pg&e committed were very serious and posed
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great risk to public safety. >> i thought the judgment was strong but it's never enough because i can never get my family back. >> reporter: the judge sentenced pg&e to the maximum $3 million fine and five-year probation period. the company will also have to comply with an independent safety monitor and 10,000 hours of community service, 2,000 of which need to be completed by high-level personnel. but the most publicly visible punishment is an advertising mandate. in the next 60 days, pg&e must take out full-page ads in the "san francisco chronicle" and "wall street journal" in addition to 60-second ads detailing the nature of their offenses and the steps they are taking to prevent future disasters. the mayor hopes the ads sting for pg&e. >> pg&e should hurt. for us in san bruno, the past is brought to us every day.
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>> reporter: pg&e did release a written statement today apologizing to the victims and the families who lost their loved ones. they also say they are committed to safety. i went to pg&e headquarters in san francisco hoping to ask a few more questions but they refused to go on camera. coming up at 5:00, what sue bolis thinks about pg&e's lack of response to her and what the city of san bruno plans to do with her now empty kate larson, back to you. up next, things that bug you and other riders the most. and a stern message from president trump to congress about getting down to business. and what you'll see at the super bowl this year for the first time. and we're seeing the san mateo bridge traffic right now at 4:10 on this thursday.
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lyanne melendez explains that for the first time in years, few students showed up to express their disapproval at today's university of california board of regence meeting. only a handful of students came to protest the tuition hike. >> this will hurt middle-class
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families. >> reporter: some say students were absent because they feel it was modest and long overdue. but lieutenant governor gavin newsom says it is already a done deal, according to the students. >> it doesn't shock me either because people come to expect it, shall i say. >> reporter: the total tuition plus fees will now be $12,630. the uc system maintains that financial aid will pick up the increase for about 66% of students. even governor brown who pressured uc to keeping tuitions frozen recently came around. it was reasonable for uc to maintain a modest and traditional tuition hike and it's not just the cost of tuition that's involved.
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it's the cost of living, really. >> reporter: the president of uc, janet napolitano, argued that they continued to do more with less with negative consequences with the entire system. in san francisco, lyanne melendez, nbc 7 news. a new survey released today shows b.a.r.t. has its lowest rider approval rating ever. b.a.r.t.'s president is not saying she's surprised by that. elissa harrington looks at the biggest issues for riders. >> reporter: while b.a.r.t. partnership is at an all-time high, satisfaction has hit a new low. the lowest in 20 years. 69% of riders are saved with the overall services, a big change from 84% in 2012. rebecca saltsman says she's not surprised, president of the b.a.r.t. board. >> we understand it's hard right now on b.a.r.t. it's very crowded and there are
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delays and we are working very hard on it. >> reporter: riders' biggest complaints, the noise, the lack of seats and standing room with passengers packed like sardines during commute times. also, the reliability of elevators and delays. >> if the train is backed up, people crowd in by the doors because there's no seats. hat's sometimes a problem. >> reporter: heather mcintosh leaves early enough to avoid the crowds but would still like to see b.a.r.t. make improvements. >> a cleaner b.a.r.t. system. some stations are really in poor shape, filthy, disgusting. i would love to see bathrooms that were available to the riders. >> reporter: there is relief on the way but it's going to take some time. a $3.5 billion bond measure was passed by voters to help with the electrical system and to replace some tracks and new train cars will be rolling in later this year. in walnut creek, elissa
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harrington, abc7 news. >> we'd like to know what you think. "please improve fare gate reliability, station cleanliness, exit lines and agent availability and friendliness." in it was a mixed day on wall street after the dow hit a record high yesterday. the dow extended its gains slightly into record territory but the s&p 500 and nasdaq slipped a bit on word of losses and health care and consumer goods. the dow closed up at 20,100. the nasdaq fell a point closing at 5600 and s&p fell to 2296. a new study shows uber is the most common expense among business travelers. uber accounted for 6% of all business travel transactions in 2016 moving ahead of starbucks.
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certify says they came to the determination after analyzing 40 million expenses from a million business travelers. starbucks is still the most popular meal expense. spencer christian is back. you showed pictures earlier, some live shots. it's crystal clear out there. >> it's stunning. but of course it's going to get cold in the absence of clouds. we have a nice, sunny afternoon again tomorrow. here's live doppler 7. you can see the crystal clear conditions about which larry was discussing. check this out. beautiful view of the western sky from our east bay hills camera. you can hardly find a cloud in the sky there. chilly start tomorrow morning but as part of the pattern we've had all week long, milder days lie ahead over the weekend and clouds come in early next week with a chance of rain returning by the middle of next week. overnight, this night, look for it, clear skies and chilly conditions with low temperatures
4:19 pm
dropping to the mid-30s and our inland valleys will see upper 30s to low 40s and along the coast as well. tomorrow afternoon, under sunny skies, a slight rise in temperatures from today's highs. upper 50s closing in on the 50-degree mark. as we look ahead to the weekend warmup coming our way, on saturday, we see afternoon highs in the low 60s in some inland locations and milder on sunday with mid-to upper 60s and monday is the peak of this warming trend with highs near 70. about 5 to 10 degrees above average for this time of year. looking farther ahead than that, we have storms moving ahead. wednesday and thursday, both days, the storms ranked 1en oh the storm impact scale. the cumulative effect is quite a bit of rainfall over the two-day period. let's start then ma animation a 5:00 a.m.
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the rain moves through and continues into thursday and through the day thursday into thursday night, perhaps lingering into friday morning, our rainfall totals that we project for the first day of rainfall through wednesday night, basically about .03 to .06 rainfall and then you add the additional rainfall and it's about .08 to an inch and a half. we have wet weather coming our way. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. we have five days to wait for the wet weather. saturday marks the beginning of the lunar new year, the year of the rooster. interestingly enough, the rainy weather is next wednesday and thursday. i want to thank the students and teachers for inviting me to come by today to talk to the kids about weather and learn from them some of the kids -- first grade kids working on harnessing solar energy and for many
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practical uses and i'll have more on that at another time. >> oh, wow. >> i was still finger painting. you've got to post that on facebook or twitter. >> artwork of me. can't you tell? >> very life-like. >> looks just like you. >> it looks just like me. >> thanks, spencer. >> okay. he could have gotten to her. she could have changed your mind. >> oh, the explosive return of "scandal" to thursday night. what gary washington says about that pai tomorrow's the day besides video games. every day is a gift. especially for people with heart failure. but today there's entresto...
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the western conference all-star team has been announced. steph curry tweeted, "congrats to my guys. getting that much deserved
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all-star spot." combination of votes from fans, media members and other players already placed steph and warrior's new car kevin durant into the lineup. the all-star game is played next month in new orleans. more immediate news. saturday, abc7, you can watch the warriors hosting the l.a. clippers. that game is at oracle arena followed by after the game complete wrap-up of the highlights. all here on abc7. >> that's good tv and also good tv, a brand-new grey's anatomy followed by "scandal". >> which is better tv? >> uh -- >> abc7 reporter spoke with two
4:25 pm
scandal scars and has this sneak peek. >> what if she's not there? >> what if she's there and doesn't want to talk? he could have gotten to her. she could have changed her mind. >> right when this new part of the season kicks off, i feel you immediately punch me in the gut because we see something very dramatic that we have to figure out what's inside that cabin. >> yeah. yeah. that grabs you. >> look at the joy you get out of that. >> i do. i know your pain. we read that first scene and we're like, what the heck is going on here and she makes us wait until the end of the episode and in a way, our whole season is like that. the season is about telling the backstory about how we got there and staying with one character
4:26 pm
at a time to understand how they made it to election night. >> it mirrors some things -- it's just weird. >> it's so weird. >> we shot five episodes in the summertime. >> last summer. >> way before the real election. >> this entire election has come down to one state. >> in typical fashion, kerry washington's lips are sealed regarding the second half of the "scandal" season. but we'll see them working together. >> we love each other. >> yeah. it's a joy. it's a special situation. >> i am done running for president. >> what i like about both characters are very strong women and you both are all so vulnerable and i like that
4:27 pm
because it feels real in a show that is sometimes fantastical. >> the characters are all such beautiful, complicated, flawed human beings and it keeps people tuning in because they see themselves in these characters. they see real people. >> and that was george reporting. you can watch "scandal" tonight at 9:00 on abc7. tough words for donald trump. >> the world has taken advantage of us. it's not going to happen anymore. >> the president is showing that he means business but his own party had another message for him about dealing with world leaders. >> and why madeleine albright says she's ready to register as a muslim. and a skier fell off a cliff and fell more than 1,000 feet. a
4:28 pm
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both directions of highway 17 are still closed in the santa cruz mountains for the ongoing search of a robbery suspect. the search began at 11:00 this morning. the robber abandoned his car on
4:31 pm
highway 17 and ran off. here is a photo of the person who robbed the bank of america branch in scotts valley. an officer shot at the suspect so he may have been wounded. indicate lkate larsen was live in court when pg&e was fine 3d million. donald trump urged republicans in congress to stop talking and start acting. elizabeth herr has the details. >> reporter: after his brief pat on the back for the gop party, president trump showing that he means business. >> our legislative work starts with repealing and replacing obamacare. >> reporter: from health care to immigration to trade and claims of voter fraud -- >> we also need to keep the
4:32 pm
ballot box safe from illegal voting. >> reporter: the president telling republican lawmakers he is taking action and refusing to back down on the battle over the wall maintaining the american people will not pay for the wall. >> if you tax that 50%, $50 billion at 20% of imports, our country's policy is to tax exports and let imports flow freely in is ridiculous. >> the president of mexico and myself have agreed to cancel our planned meeting scheduled for next week. >> reporter: this after the mexican president first announced on twitter that the upcoming meeting is off. he needs to work out his differences with foreign leaders, including british prime minister theresa may, also in philadelphia for the retreat. she is opposed to torture. that comment in response to president trump telling abc news in this exclusive interview he
4:33 pm
believes waterboarding works. and the two leaders are set to meet in washington tomorrow. in the meantime, white house officials say the president is close to signing yet another executive order on that alleged voter fraud and that could happen perhaps as early as tomorrow. reporting live in philadelphia, elizabeth herr, abc7 news. back to you. >> thank you, elizabeth. the chief of the u.s. border patrol says he was forced to quit. mark morgan told senior agents during a video conference that he was asked to leave. morgan's departure also follows president trump saying he'll hire 5,000 border patrol agents. former secretary of state madeleine albright says she will register as a muslim if president trump fulfills his campaign pledge of a muslim ban. albright tweeted today, quote, i was raised catholic, became
4:34 pm
epicopalian and found out later my family was jewish. i stand ready to register as a muslim in #solidarity. there is no fine print on the statue of liberty. #refugeeswelcome." humanity is edging closer to its end says sicientists who moved the clock to 2 1/2 minutes before the final hour. this is symbolic of how close scientists say it is to disaster. >> we are more than ever repressed than words matter, words count. the iran nuclear deal has been successful at accomplishing its goals during its first year but its future is in doubt under the new administration. the doomsday clock began 70
4:35 pm
years. it's the closest it's been since 1953. the president, meanwhile, moving forward with his plans for the keystone xl and dakota pipelines but environmental lifts are raising concerns, particularly as an investigations ongoing on how another pipeline leaked near 140,000 gallons of diesel fuel in iowa. here's abc7 news reporter zach. >> to build the keystone and dakota pipelines. >> reporter: but there is no shortage of protests. >> we will not let you build this pipeline! >> reporter: environmental lifts say an oil spill yesterday demonstrates the risks involved. >> pipelines spill at least once a day polluting water supplies. pipelines are a tremendous risk not only to the farms and ranches but also to the climate.
4:36 pm
and so here in the heartland, we're going to be fighting keystone xl with everything that we have. >> reporter: in iowa, authorities say it does not pose major environmental impacts but snow and wind are creating problems for cleanup crews. >> the biggest threat right now, of course, is our weather. right now we're closing down the road. >> reporter: just days earlier, another leak in canada spilled 52,000 gallons of oil. the canadian prime minister says he supports president trump's pipeline project because of the jobs he believes will be brought to canada. >> in both of the conversations i've had with president trump now, keystone xl came up as the topic and i reiterated my support for the project. >> reporter: the standing rocks sioux tribe have vowed to fight against the dakota access pipeline and say an environmental study is under way with public comment opened until
4:37 pm
january 20th and go on to say that federal law requires that that process conditions. abc7 news, washington. federal health experts are involved in the fight against a mumpses outbreak in washington state. so far, washington has reported 278 cases of the mumps virus. most of the cases are near seattle and spokane. the best way to avoid getting mumps is to get vaccinated. they do warn the vaccine is not 100% effective in preventing mumpses. up next, making big whoa. how this snowmobile rider made history in midair. well, i don't have any moves like that, but here's a nice move for you from our east bay hills camera. sun is setting in 50
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the competitive snowmobile world is flipping out over a record-setting maneuver. >> yeah! >> can you believe that? that's daniel boden landing the world's first double back flip. it's considered the holy grail of snowmobile tricks. it caused quite the celebration.
4:41 pm
let's see it again here. i just -- it's just incredible when he's in the air, it's like, is he going to land that? he's been nailing the trick for two years. the move was attempted twice before the x games but never completed. courtesy of red bull. as he's up in the air i'm thinking -- oh, gosh, it's not going to be good. >> how do you even practice that? because if you don't make it, the outcome can be pretty bad. you're not out doing it again, you're going to the hospital. this next clip looks like it could come from the x-games. something to avoid on your next trip to the sierra. a utah skier was right off the edge of the cliff. >> that's bad. >> devin says he didn't negotiate the turn correctly. agreed. agree on that. and this camera captured a terrifying 150-foot freefall.
4:42 pm
>> i thought i was going to be paralyzed and then i thought i saw how big it was. >> that's just insane. >> it didn't really feel like that. >> to me it felt like ten feet but he's 25 years old, was not seriously hurt. he and his friend actually spent the next five hours searching for one of his missing skis. they finally found it and skied down the rest of the mountain. >> how else are you going to get down? >> right. >> a quick way to get to spencer christian. >> here's a look at live doppler 7. clear skies across the bay area. check out this view of the western sky from our east bay hills camera as i look at the weekend ahead. this takes us into the lunar new year, the year of the rooster. we have a warming trend building with high temperatures in the
4:43 pm
50s by sunday as we look even farther ahead, monday is going to be the warmest day of the forecast period. check out the projected high temperatures for monday versus the average highs for that date in the same location. high of 68 in san jose. monday will be 7 degrees above the average high for monday's date in san jose. high of 69 in santa rosa. we have quite a warmup coming our way. we also have rain chances through tuesday but 70% chance on wednesday and 70% chance on thursday. both days, the storms rank 1 on our storm impact scale. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. sunny skies tomorrow, saturday and sunday with a nice warmup. increasing clouds with a slight cooldown on tuesday and rainy and breezy on wednesday and wet and windy on thursday. it's going to be pretty wet the middle of next week. >> thanks, spencer. first, the national parks and now it's nasa. federal agencies going rogue on
4:44 pm
twitter. i'm 7 on your side michael
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president trump traveled to philadelphia today to speak to congressional republicans. the message was unity. but another issue is bubbling. karen travers is at the white house. >> reporter: the president's meeting scheduled with mexico's president officially canceled. but who calls it off? president trump telling republican lawmakers on thursday, he and mexican president pena nieta agreed to call off the meeting, that it would be fruitless to have the meeting if mexico doesn't treat the u.s. with respect. president pena nieto tweeted that he told the white house that he wasn't coming. he has been under intense domestic pressure and it reached a boiling point when they talked about ild aboutibuilding a wall
4:48 pm
u.s./mexico border. president trump says mexico will pay that wall. president pena nieto says that is not going to happen. karen travers, abc7 news, the white house. despite a rogue twitter account that has been launched, rogue nasa has more than 450,000 followers since it blasted off yesterday. some of rogue nasa's posts have criticized president trump. others have focused on climate change. a nasa spokesperson says the agency has heard nothing of social media use so far from the white house. as the popularity of the golden state warriors surges, so do the ticket scams. 7 on your side michael finney has a warning. >> you remember last year we were doing a lot? >> right. during the playoffs especially. >> it's back already this year. pretty amazing. we've seen counterfeit tickets
4:49 pm
during the playoffs but there's a rare midseason fraud alert. more than 650 fans have been turned away at the gates of oracle arena because their tickets turned out to be fake. it's a devastating blow for those who pay in the hundreds of dollars for these fakes. the warriors say fans are taking a big risk if they buy from unauthorized third-party websites where scammers do their business. instead, the team recommends going to, which verifies each ticket before it is resold. vw claims the automaker is putting up road blocks. they could quickly sell back cars that have been equipped with the devices that cheat on emissions tests. more than 400,000 owners have taken the company up on the buyback offer and many are complaining of long delays. some say the company made multiple requests for paperwork even after their applications were complete.
4:50 pm
vw admits there are glitches in the program but blames overwhelming demand. also promised to boost staffing to smooth the buyback process. you may find a lot of grocery store tomatoes taste bland and dry. it's been a complaint for decades. scientists have discovered a way to restore the tomato's once robust flavors. it took away their taste and the scientists say they can genetically restore the sweet flavor that tomatoes once had. however, growing them could be years away. i want to hear from you. the 7 on your side hotline is at 415-954-8151. if that doesn't work for you, reach me through facebook or through >> fix your tomatoes, eventually. >> thanks, michael.
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in if you're looking for something fun to do this weekend, we have you covered. >> reggie aqui has details through our partners at hoodline. >> in new orleans, the fair was a huge failure. congress banned the federal government from sponsoring future fairs. now two college buddies have come to san francisco to try to bring the fair back to america. >> there's going to be people buzzing around trying virtual reality, playing with drones, listening to talks on the fup of cities, art feminism, trying future food like soylent, protein bars. >> it will be transformed into a small version of a world's fair. all they need to do now is get a lot of land, at least $16 billion and it will take five years for the big fair. >> has anyone said it's a crazy idea and it's not going to work?
4:52 pm
>> yeah. we love that. tickets are 55 bucks. for something less futuristic, how about a chinese new year art exhibit? different life is on display in the castro. there are three chinese folk artists. also, anyone born in the year gets a very visit. we'll link you up with hoodline at i'm reggie aqui. your weekend's future is looking bright. the super bowl is famous for its ads. snickers will be running the first ever live commercial during a super bowl. the ad stars adam driver of "star wars" and this is snickers announcing the ad. the candy bar maker is not saying what the commercial is about but it is dropping hints. there will be a showdown of some
4:53 pm
sort. there will also be stunt horses and a dead cowboy. . all right. coming up, an amazing rescue from 3,000 miles away. so all we had was a name and a phone number. >> the quick-thinking bay area dispatchers who saved the life of a woman in new york. and dan has a look at what is coming up at 5:00. dan? >> ama and larry, thanks. a bag so big a thief could barely carry it. plus, before you buy, the cars you might want to reconsider before you drive them off the lot. and the summer of love as seen by local artists and how you can see it, too. those stories and a lot more with christian and i see you on abc7 news at 5:00.
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and then how to get away with murder. stay with us for abc7 news at 11:00. saving a live on the other side of the country using just a phone, a computer and some quick thinking. >> abc7 news reporter katie utehs has the story of how dispatchers in the bay area saved a suicidal woman's life from new york. >> reporter: fast thinking to save a suicidal woman. >> not only was it unknown where she was, we were working with a language barrier. >> reporter: dispatchers took the call from a cal center yesterday. a woman who might be in the bay area. a detective here picked up the phone. >> it was about 7:40 here, 7:40 a.m. and he wasn't getting anywhere with her. she said, what time is it? he's like, it's 10:40.
4:58 pm
>> we knew she wasn't in california and when we started getting the pings, we realized she was in new york. >> reporter: a cell phone pink to rockville centre, new york. and then she went live on facebook. >> she was actually cutting herself. a couple of us were trying to freeze the frame and describe the vehicle, figure out where she was in her car. >> reporter: dispatchers scanned google maps. >> this is what we could see on the video. and this is the street we saw her on. >> reporter: local police got to her in time. >> it get good to be able to find her and help her in the end. >> reporter: in the four hours the dispatchers worked to find this woman, some 209 calls for service came in to the center. >> so we all collectively are able to do a lot of amazing things in here. >> reporter: in san leandro, katie utehs, abc7 news. >> get the abc7 news app and
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enable the push alerts so you can get breaking news instantly where you live. thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm larry beil. abc7 news at 5:00 starts right now. we don't have an estimated time of opening. >> breaking news at 5:00 a. major south bay artery is shut down right now. traffic is backed up as police search for a bank robber. uc lift as six-year freeze on tuition. how much more students will pay starting this fall. the president planned to pay for a border wall and the new confusion over whether you will end up paying for it. and caught red-handed. a story of how a theft goes right and wrong. i'm meteorologist sandhya patel. i'll tell you how warm it's going to get, coming up. sky 7 shows you the traffic backup on highway 17 in santa clara county. police are looking for a bank
5:00 pm
robber. >> they say he's armed and dangerous. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm kristen sze. thanks for joining us. the situation has been going on for hours now. drivers are stuck in the middle. >> this is the man they are looking for. you can see why police have little to go on. here's where the fosearch is focused on, in redwood estates. >> david louie is there. david sf. >> reporter: you can see how quiet highway 17 is behind me. in the wooded area behind the guardrail is providing haven for this suspect involved in a possible bank robbery in scotts valley. but he is heavily outnumbered. the search is under way just around the bend. now, this is the focus of the massive manhunt. you showed that briefly. this is the image taken from the surveillance video at the bank. he had a full-face mask and a padded hoodie. deputies launched the


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