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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  January 26, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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robber. >> they say he's armed and dangerous. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm kristen sze. thanks for joining us. the situation has been going on for hours now. drivers are stuck in the middle. >> this is the man they are looking for. you can see why police have little to go on. here's where the fosearch is focused on, in redwood estates. >> david louie is there. david sf. >> reporter: you can see how quiet highway 17 is behind me. in the wooded area behind the guardrail is providing haven for this suspect involved in a possible bank robbery in scotts valley. but he is heavily outnumbered. the search is under way just around the bend. now, this is the focus of the massive manhunt. you showed that briefly. this is the image taken from the surveillance video at the bank. he had a full-face mask and a padded hoodie. deputies launched the search for
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the suspect while telling others to shelter in place. deputies were dispatched to local schools where classrooms were put in lockdown for students' safety. the sheriff's office is charge of the case and we saw a s.w.a.t. vehicle with fremont police markings. sky 7 was over highway 17's northbound lanes where the suspect's white vehicle was abandoned. it was damaged in a collision prompting the suspect to bail out. the police were chasing him after the bank robbery in their city. >> scott's valley police department chased him into santa clara county. there was an officer-involved shooting by a scott's valley p.d. officer. it's unknown how many rounds were discharged. >> reporter: highway 17 across the mountains has been closed since mid-morning creating a massive backup on both the santa
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cruz and los gatos sides as vehicles are channelled onto side roads. we're told in this ongoing search that some search dogs have been brought in from at least two jurisdictions and with the evening commute already damaged by the search and the closure of highway 17, you know it's going to be a very long drive for people going home to the santa cruz side this evening. there is some hope, however, that the chp at some point might be able to open those southbound lanes giving some relief but the traffic damage has already been done. we're live near redwood estates, david louie, abc7 news. >> david, thank you. here's a look at how traffic is right now in the redwood estates area of highway 17. the purple there shows you where that road is closed. the red is where traffic is a mess. if you're traveling in the area, you may want to consider an alternate route. tuition is going up for
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students at the university of california for the first time in years. regence approved a 2.5% hike to pay for more staff and services. the 16-4 vote lifted a six-year freezing ban. students will pay 11,502 in the coming school year, a $282 increase. a student services fee will go up $54 to $1,128. coming up at 6:00, reporter lyanne melendez explains why the increase was necessary. >> there is confusion today on whether the white house is backing a 20% tax on all imports to the united states. revenue that could be used to cover the cost of a wall along the u.s./mexico border. white house spokesperson sean spicer clarified it is one of many funding areas under consideration. funding ideas. but earlier, the republican texas congressman who authored the idea said president trump is
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on board. >> we're still working together. this is the beginning of this plan to make sure it's done right. but clearly it provides the funding and does show, in a way, that the american taxpayer is wholly respected. >> mexico's president has canceled a planned meeting with president trump over the border wall tension. endlch enriqe pena nieto says they will not pay for the wall. >> marc benioff tweeted, "your corona, now 20% more." and keeping with the theme of paying more for adult beverages, lindsey graham of south carolina tweeted, "simply put, any policy proposal which drives up costs of corona, tequila or margaritas is a
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big-time bad idea. mucho sad." he fears high tariffs could hurt economic growth across the united states. and cutting off money to sanctuary cities, travis allen believes local governments should deport certain undocumented immigrants. allen says illegal immigrants make up 12% of california's convicted murders. the bill face as slim chance of becoming law. democrats control both california senate and assembly. and mayor ed lee repeated his pledge to keep california as a sanctuary city. the statement got a standing ovation during the state of the city address this morning. unity to prepare for possible battle with the trump administration. >> if and when the federal cuts come, we will be united behind our promises and our values.
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ladies and gentlemen, we are ready. >> during the address, the mayor pledged to build more affordable housing, open more homeless assistance centers and police reforms. alameda's city manager is vowing to fight against unconstitutional overreach by the federal government. this comes a little more than a week after they voted to become a sanctuary city. the school board has voted to make schools safe havens for all students. >> we are learning i.c.e. agents stopped by a family resource center in san francisco this morning. a good samaritan tells us about five agents came by shortly after 9:00. an agent came inside and asked if a couple people lived there. he said it's designed to help address the needs of low-income latino immigrant families. >> actually made me think like,
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wow, this is really -- we're being attacked. these tactics of full, you know, clothed police, i.c.e. police inquiring about individuals. it seemed inappropriate. >> they were conducting routine inspections. a san francisco judge handed down a sentence that will put pg&e's crime in the spotlight. kate larsen was in court today and spoke with a woman who lost most of her family in that disaster and is still waiting to hear from pg&e. >> reporter: today, a san francisco judge handed pg&e their punishment after the utility giant was convicted of
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six felony charges. pg&e sentence includes a $3 million fine, five years probation period and independent monitoring and 10,000 hours of community service. the most publicly visible punishment is an advertising mandate. in the next 60 days, pg&e must take out full page ads in the "san francisco chronicle" and "wall street journal" in addition to 60-second television ads details the nature of pg&e's offenses and the is it esteps t taking to prevent further disasters. >> i thought the judgment was strong but it's never enough because i can never get my family back. >> reporter: sue lost her husband, 17-year-old son, mother-in-law and dog in the explosion when her house burned to the ground. she is pleased with the sentence but would like to hear more from pg&e who did not speak in court
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or on camera. has pg&e ever reached out to you personally? >> no, they have not. >> reporter: they released a statement which says in part, "we at pg&e have committed ourselves to a goal of transforming this company into the safest and most reliable energy provider in america. of course, words are not enough and we expect to be judged by our actions." as for bolis, she hopes to move on while the city of san bruno turns the site of her old house into a park this year, kate larsen, abc7 news. some folks in san rafael are taking matters in their own hands tonight after their store was hit by a burglar after they spotted a guy with some of the stuff that was stolen. the break-in happened in san rafael. more now from melanie woodrow live at that store. melanie. >> reporter: spot this burglar has only worked here six months but the brothers who own this
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business tell us their 11 employees are like family. and this burglar may have bothered the wrong person. >> the shards of the glass are left over. >> reporter: his every move was captured, including trying to steal an electric bicycle worth more than $10,000. >> you can see him on the security footage trying to mess with it, trying to get it going, couldn't figure it out. he takes one of our duffle bags, sets it up right out here, empties it out and then just goes and loads it full of whatever he can get his hands on. >> reporter: jerseys, leather jackets and cash. >> it hurts because we work really hard to do this kind of stuff. >> reporter: the next day, one of those hard-working employees was going to her second job when she spotted a man on a bicycle wearing their stolen gear. >> i'm like, no way. that is not him. that's definitely hip. >> reporter: amanda asked the man for a cigarette as she made a call. >> she says, hey, i think we've got our guy. how do you know?
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>> reporter: not to mention he was wearing my boyfriend's boots that i special ordered. he stole those. >> reporter: the brothers arrived. >> i said, hey, buddy, where did you get this stuff? >> reporter: there was a scuffle. they pinned the man to the ground until the police showed up. >> it felt like an eternity but in reality probably a couple of minutes. >> reporter: he was booked on burglary charges. >> it's always good to get people off the streets who commit crimes. we just don't want residents putting themselves at harm's way while doing it. >> reporter: they've received back a laptop and a little justice. melanie woodrow, abc7 news. a live-in robot is changing the lives of seniors. >> is connecting. >> wait until you see jimmy.
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how this is helping families keep in touch. plus, the worst american cities to own a car. and yes, the bay area is on it. and buyer's remorse. find out the cars drivers love to
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you're the best. >> some are saying rosie has arrived in walnut creek. there's a pilot project that could up-end care for seniors. many can't use things like skype and facetime because they don't have a smartphone or computer. leslie brinkley introduces us to a new robot for older people. >> reporter: 89-year-old burt and maxine take a stroll down
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the hall with their robot named jimmy. it could one day provide home care assistance and more to seniors. this robot is entirely controlled remotely by the couple's son who is on his laptop miles away. >> we are kind of taking baby steps here and just being able to see each other from afar and communicate. >> reporter: it's darling at first because you feel like you have an intruder but after it is used, then it's just like, he's come over to visit us. >> well, the warriors won last night. >> that made us happy. >> it's a good thing they had that last quarter. >> reporter: the seniors don't need a smartphone or computer. the robot boots up when their son logs on and wheels around their apartment at the heritage apartment in downtown walnut creek. the robot could check on them if
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they don't answer the phone. >> it can't give hugs yet but it's a companion and especially if you're by yourself. >> our plan is to roll out hundreds in the next year and to try to really scale things up and see if we can bring this experience to more families around the bay area. >> we have a wait list of 50 people that want to experience this robot as we get outside of the pilot. >> reporter: omnilabs is still working on price but the cost will be far less than a human caregiver. the hope is that one day robots like this would be able to run errands, pick up objects or even do the laundry or the dishes, redefining what it's like to grow old. in walnut creek, i'm leslie brinkley, abc7 news. well, tonight, east bay health officials ordered a composting facility in richmond to stop accepting new green waste immediately. repeated inspections show the composting facility on parr boulevard in richmond accepting more waste than permitted.
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since last year, officials say more than 400 people have complained about odors coming from that facility. and on the subjects of cars, 7 on your side michael finney has more. >> the smell of a new car. is there anything better than that? really? driving a brand-new car off the lot is always special. but that can be short-lived. that, according to more than 300,000 people. and consumer reports annual satisfaction survey. here's a peak at what car owners love to hate. >> at first it was great. the brand-new ford fiesta, after a year and a half, it needed a new transmission. >> i thought they sold me a lemon. >> reporter: he's not alone in his buyer's remorse. >> 70% of the respondents in our
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survey will happy. that leaves 30% that were not happy. >> reporter: owners were far from thrilled, reporting sluggish acceleration and weak air conditioning making the dart most disliked compact car. >> people who bought minivans were happy with their purchase except for dodge caravan drivers. >> reporter: the transition shifts roughly and an interior that felt cheaply made. they even hate the radio. >> the least-liked vehicle in our entire survey was the acura ilx. >> reporter: owners talked about the lack of quality, hokie acceleration and rough ride. if you're being looking to buy a new car sometime soon, there's an important takeaway from this survey. >> if these people are
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unsatisfied, chances are you'll be unsatisfied, too. >> reporter: but it wasn't all bad. consumer report say 90% of chevy volt owners would buy their car get and so would toyota prius and rav 4 hybrids. >> they are loyal. >> they are loyal. two bay area cities are on top on the list of the worst cities to own a car. insurance company smart asset says oakland is on the list. one of the reasons is crime. in 2014, more than 6,000 cars were stolen. that's about 15 per 1,000 residents, the highest rate in the country. the average oaklander spent about 78 hours a year in traffic. all right. you think that's bad? san francisco grabs the second spot being stuck in traffic cost the average commuter in the city $1600 a year. that includes the cost of gas and the time wasted.
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the city is also among the worst for stolen cars. as for the very worst city in the country, that dubious honor, or shall we say dishonor, goes to newark, new jersey. >> take a live look at our camera in lake tahoe. if you're he had hadding up for this upcoming weekend, here's a look at the forecast. bright, sunny skies. friday right on through the weekend, the temperatures go from the 30s to the 40s and the 50s and it gets milder for you snowboarders out there. except for a few wispy clouds, low to mid-50s. milder than it was yesterday afternoon. a lovely live picture if happen
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to be stuck in our san mateo cam. low to upper 50s to santa rosa, rain returns the middle of the next week. we have a high surf advisory until 3:00 a.m. the waves are starting to build. the surf is rough. 12 to 15 feet. breakers could top over 15 feet. early tomorrow morning is when it expires. here is larry sending this picture of the sunrise. in case you slept right through it, this is what you can enjoy. tomorrow morning, it's not going to look like that. a few patches of fog and temperatures in the low 40s. make sure you bundle up before you get going tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon, it's sunshine and highs in the 50s for all of you. saturday, temperatures will start to come up. it's going to be a warmer weekend. you see low 60s popping up.
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sundays as well. by monday, we're 5 to 10 degrees above average. close to 70 degrees. so let's check out monday's highs versus averages. you'll notice in san jose, it's 68 degrees. 7 degrees above where you should be. santa rosa coming in close to 70 degrees. 11 degrees above normal. it's going to feel like spring as we head into early next week. not for long. light system next wednesday into thursday. rainfall estimates right now anywhere from half an inch to an inch for most of you. one or two locations could get up to an inch and a half. it's going to be breezy at times. if you're longing for rain, you don't have to wait much longer. we'll see wet weather and then as we head into thursday, continuing to see those showers developing here. we're out of the drought here in the bay area. statewide even, we've seen a huge improvement, especially down in southern california, which is great news. we've got to keep that trend going but we're for the going to see any rain anytime soon. the seven-day forecast features
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sunshine and milder weather for lunar festivities. temperatures going up on sunday. above average on monday. temperature also flirt with the 70-degree mark and then, yeah, we'll start to see those numbers drop just in time for the raindrops on wednesday and thursday. 1 on the storm impact scale. download our app to see it. >> we're not even near spring. >> we have to keep it interesting here. it seems dogs have their own taste in music. the jam scientists say is man's best friend. that's coming up. new at 6:00, the intense effort to save this flower from extinction. it only grows in a small section of the bay area. nowhere else. we'll have that
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and, through covered california, you may get financial help to pay for coverage. to get covered, you've got to get going. open enrollment ends january 31st. visit today. an east bay elementary teacher will not be criminally charged after she duct taped a student's mouth twice.
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she was briefly put on administrative leave but returned to her job. the district attorney says there's not sufficient evidence to warrant criminal charges. the civil suit will move forward. well, remember that battery problem that dogged samsung's galaxy note 7, it may have just happened to a company called snap. the owner of a pair of the glasses called spectacles was charging them and found the case and part of the glasses had melted. snap incorporated says it is investigating. the video recording debuted last fall and can record ten seconds at a time. they sell for about $130. if you want to soothe the soul of a family dog, one kind of music beats the rest. ♪ researchers have hypnotic rhythms of reggae have
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a positive effect on dogs' moods. the previous research by the same group showed classical music also had a calming effect. >> all right, coming up next, speaking of music, the summer of love is here. how you can see it, too, even if it was before your time. >> we want to thank eric for this picture of the beautiful sun rise from the pier. >> y
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i'm ama daetz. coming up at 6:00, growing frustration eight weeks after the ghost ship fire. while the aid money hasn't made it to the victims.
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also -- we'll show you the one-minute lesson that could help you escape a sinking car and save your life. and persistence faces off for a local musician. coming up in half an hour at 6:00. dan, christian? >> great, ama. thanks so much. see you then. if all the political tension lately has you searching for peace and love, you might want to head over to san francisco's city hall. >> abc7 news was at the building's bottom level for the summer of love. this is the 50th anniversary of that summer when hippies and war protesters took over the city. >> the display shows 80 pictures taken by the famed artist in the counterculture movement. >> in with all kinds of different crowds, with the music scene, with the hell's angels. >> for a list of the activities, go to
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for all of us, we appreciate your time. tonight, the war over the wall. the white house meeting called off. mexico's president will not visit. addressing the people of mexico not long after what president trump told us, and tonight, the president doubling down. also tonight, the shakeup at the state department. at least six senior members out. and that moment during our exclusive at the white house. president trump on getting the nuclear codes. >> does it keep you up at night? in other news, the takedown. the mother who called police for help with her son. instead, getting tackled and arrested herself. the new images revealed. your money tonight. tax season is here, and the money left unclaimed. tonight, three important tips that could get you a bigger refund. and america strong. the father and daughter watched more than 100 million times. ♪ >> i'll do the second verse.


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