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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  January 27, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PST

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really, the best time possible here as the commute is ramping up. we do have about two miles of heavy traffic approaching where she is there. westbound 580, just before you get to that 680 split and we have the two right lanes open so the three left lanes are blocked and you are pretty slow, just about 8 miles per hour approaching. and if this is going to stay closed any later, we're going see significant delays but hopefully that's not the case. let's check in with meteorologist mike nicco. sounds like we have a nice day ahead. >> we really do. good morning, everybody. hi, let's take a look and show you what's going on with live doppler 7. not much going on out there. put the umbrellas away, grab the sunglasses, you will need them. breezy up in the hills this morning but hasn't moving down into the valleys. we have frosty spots inland at 7:00. low to mid 50s at noon and then mid 50s at 4:00 but mid to upper 40s so grab a coat it's going to be a chilly evening. take a look at some of those warm weekend numbers next but let's get the news of the day.
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all right. in the victisanta cruz mountain massive man hunt continues for a bank robber who's been on the run since yesterday morning. officers chased the man on highway 17 until he crashed his car near redwood estates. an officer fired at the suspect. it is not known if he was hit but he did get away. police say a woman called 911 last night reporting a man with a knife had broken into her home and stole her van and some clothes. officers think it is highly likely that is the same man and that he's considered armed and dangerous still. the search has lasted through the night. we have a crew on the scene and we will go to them shortly for a live report. president trump and russian president vladimir putin are scheduled to have their first conversation since mr. trump took office. a senior white house official confirms in the past hour the two are going to be speaking on the phone tomorrow. they say national security is likely to come up in that conversation between the two leaders. both have expressed a desire to
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improve troubled u.s./russian relations following sanctions issued by the obama administration. u.s. intelligence agencies believe putin ordered the hacking into the 2016 election to help get president trump in office. today, the president will meet with british prooim minister teresa may. she arrived in maryland last night. she had a warning for president trump about engage, but beware. the pm and the president have completely different opinions on torture, nato, and trade. may is currently negotiating her nation out of the european union. many business owners in the bay area are already balking at president trump's new way to pay for a border wall. he is proposing a 20% tax on all mexican imports. we talked to the owner of a berkeley taqueria who says that will put her other. one cost would be the avocados.
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>> the major come from mexico and they were $100. >> and with a 20% tax. >> can you imagine? $120, no. just no. no. it's not fair. it is not fair. >> we should be clear that late yesterday, the trump administration stressed the import tax is just one of several ideas to raise money to help build the border wall. fear and frustration in san francisco this morning after a surprise visit from i.c.e. agent at a nonprofit that helps immigrant families. agents showed up looking for a convicted sex offender who wasn't there. lisa amin gulezian has the story. >> reporter: this is a photo of i.c.e. agents in front of good samaritan's buildings. they were looking for a convicted sex offender who they thought was living at this apartment complex. in a statement, an i. c.e. spokesm spokesman said the officer spoke to an individual who directed them to the correct address,
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which was actually next door. armed with batons and wearing vests, they walked into the resource center. >> i.c.e. police coming to a family resource center inquiring about individuals seemed inappropriate. >> >> reporter: the agents quickly left and made no arrests. >> they struck fear in our community and that's not good. >> reporter: i.c.e.'s visit also led to a flurry of meetings at city hall. >> the city and county of san francisco was not aware that i.c.e. was taking this action. >> reporter: sources tell abc7, san francisco police also didn't know about i.c.e.'s plans. now the chief is trying to get to the bottom of it. >> we're trying to get clarification. i've been in meetings for the last hour just trying to get clarification of what's going on. >> reporter: mayor ed lee reaffirmed san francisco's status as a sanctuary city. meantime, advocacy groups gathered behind closed doors to reassure nervous community members. >> i.c.e. doesn't get carte blanche to come in and cause
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terror. >> reporter: still, advocates worry some families may be too scared to show up at good samaritan. in san francisco, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. . abc7 news was in san francisco somo district as protesters demonstrated against president trump's executive action to move forward with the keystone xl and dakota access pipelines. the protests began at the federal building. demonstrators marched several blocks. they blocked the intersection for a short time. the protest was peaceful. police did not have to make any arrests. i should remind you that we have a good way for you to stay on top of what's happening with the trump administration. yesterday alone, our abc7 news app pushed out three alerts on what mr. trump was doing. that was just about in a 12-hour time period. who knows what will happen today? we'll let you know. a grainy image from a security camera could lead investigators to a killer of a
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castro valley woman. firefighters found her body inside her burning castro valley home in grove way. autopsy revealed she didn't die from that fire. she had injuries consistent with murder. st. john had been living alone after her husband's death in april. investigators want to talk to a man captured by security cameras walking to a car near her house. the man was driving a 2011 to 2013 toyota corolla sedan. friends and family are going to hold a memorial service tonight. according to berkeley side, the memorial is going to go from 6:00 to 8:00 at the ed roberts campus. valerie and roger morash and their two cats were found monday. so far, the cause of death has not been determined. happening today, a planned showdown over rent control in richmond. residents plan to rally in smort of tenants while city leaders defend rent control.
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rent control went into effect on december 30. now the community is trying to protect 20,000 tenants. today's rally is scheduled to start at 12:30. the hearing starts at 1:00 this afternoon. the richmond-san rafael bridge lane addition project is moving right along and here's a cultural of changes you're going to notice. tomorrow morning, temporary concrete k-rails will be installed in theest east and westbound lanes. the on and off ramps to main street and san rafael are going to be temporarily closed overnight in the eastbound direction. the project to add a third eastbound lane on the bridge is expected to be complete this fall. all right. going to take you back out live to the scene here at dublin. this is westbound 580. unfortunately, i do not have good news. still have the two right lanes open just past this, the three left lanes are blocked and we got an update from chp. they're saying 5:00 a.m. for the
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total clearing of this crash. and this all started at about 6:00 yesterday evening, and it is just taking a long time to clear that. investigation continues as well. so, elissa is on the scene. right now, we have a two-mile backup but that is going to increase as we get closer to 5:00 a.m. that is one of our earliest, busiest routes. an issue with ace rail this morning. union pacific train stuck on the tracks so ace 1 could be delayed and ace 1 has left stockton. it is on the move for now. let's check in with mike nicco with a look at the forecast. so, ace is behind schedule and you got that huge backup. oh, my goodness. coming in from the central valley. brutal. plus coming through some of the coldest temperatures. livermore is 9 degrees cooler than this time yesterday. in fact, it is freezing cold, 31 there. freezing cold in dublin right now, 32. we're going to be scraping ice once again or using the defrosters. many of our inland valleys,
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especially the san ramon valley. we're in the 40s as you head out toward antioch, pittsburg about 46 and brentwood 37. we've got san jose 38. look at the peninsula from mountain view up towards san carlos, 39 all the way to novato, 48 in oakland. pacifica 46, santa rosa 45. temperatures today, a little bit warmer than yesterday. about 56 to 58 degrees. tomorrow, we keep climbing, about 56 po 62. oh yeah, still climbing sunday. 58 to 65 and our warmest day is going to be monday. i'll show you that next in the accuweather 7 day forecast and also that chance of rain coming in wednesday and thursday. transgender californians could soon have a new option in identifying their gender preference on state issued i.i.d i.d.s. texas police bust a huge crime ring of immigrants who are in the u.s. illegally, the similarity it has to the kate sign thely murder case. sign thely murder case. and car thieves make off
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undocumented immigrants, deportation, and crime, all hot button issues in the bay area, especially in the wake of the kate steinle shooting. now officials are criticizing similar policies in texas after a complex crime spree that happened there. authorities busted 17 colombian nationals in an elaborate burglary ring, spanned several
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counties there. two of the men had been previously deported for ties to terrorism and other crimes but they managed to find their way back into the u.s. texas officials believe the federal government's policies towards undocumented immigrants who commit crimes are too lenient. you may remember the undocumented immigrant who shot and killed kate steinle had been deported five times prior to the 2015 shooting. it's been nearly two months since the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire in oakland and survivors and victims' families are now finally beginning to receive part of almost $1 million. a foundation called gray area is going to distribute checks this week for the $900,000 it collected. 400 claims have been filed, most of them have been fraudulent. the mother of fire survivor sam maxwell just found out that she is going to be getting a check from gray area. >> the frustration with time is not as much a problem for me because sam is some place safe. if i was trying to use the money right now, i would be horribly
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frustrated and i would probably be pretty ticked off. >> her son is still in the hospital in a san francisco burn unit recovering from injuries suffered during the that fire. the red cross tells abc7 news, it's going to send out its final relief checks from the additional $800,000 it collected. well, a bill has been introduced to establish a new gender option in california for people who don't identify as male or female. state senator scott wiener was one of two democrats to introduce the bill. it would all residents to get a state i.d. that reflects how they describe themselves. it would make it easier for people to change their gender on state identification documents. despite enormous opposition campus, milo yeens is going to speak on berkeley's campus. they say they're defending the right of free expression. the controversial far right editor caused mass protests earlier this month at uc
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in a letter to -- i should say the talk did not go on as scheduled there. ucla and uc santa barbara have also canceled planned speeches. you might remember he was permanently banned from twitter for his part in a targeted racist and sexist harassment campaign against ghost busters and snl star leslie jones. when thieves do make it into cars, there's usually shattered glass, missing things. often they're goon for good, right? but abc7 news reporter jonathan bloom has a story of one smash and grab with an unexpected happy ending. >> reporter: for the band tedrow and the good intentions, music is a family affair. >> more of a fiddler, i would say. >> reporter: though after this show at the hotel utah, they continued the reunion with some family bonding. >> we went and did this escape room together, like a fun, you know, team building experience.
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>> reporter: the eerie puzzle rooms inside the palace of fine arts come with some real life warnings on the outside. >> do not leave valuables in the car and they are there for a very good reason. >> reporter: the family had just said their good-byes. >> all of a sudden i see sheri walking up with tears on her face. >> reporter: the car window was broken and the case with her two violins was gone. >> it's gone with me everywhere through all my orchestra days. >> reporter: police told sheri the honest truth that finding items stolen out of a parked car can be like finding a need until a hey stack but they were very determined. >> our friend melanie decided to start calling the pawnshops in the city. >> she asked me if i had taken violins in and i said yes i did. >> reporter: he sees lots of violins. >> normally they're just student violins. >> reporter: but these stood out. >> the first clue was the case. i've been in business 60 years. i've never seen a double violin
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case. >> for $100, he bought the violins, knowing someone would come look. >> this stuff goes to flea markets, garage sales, they sell it on the street. in this case, i felt if i didn't pick it up, it would get lost in the jungle. >> reporter: sheri was more than happy to buy back her priceless instruments. >> i think $100 is very reasonable. >> reporter: a small price, she says, and a very valuable lesson. in san francisco, jonathan bloom, abc7 news. this morning, we are watching some trouble already on the roads. this is an issue that has been backing up for a little while. >> yeah. it's been here since 6:00 last night, reggie. they still are trying to clear all the lanes on westbound 580 in dublin. this is a live look from the scene. we have elissa harrington out there. we'll check in with her at 5:00 this morning. the two right lanes are open. the four left lanes are still blocked. they were hoping to have them open at 4:00, then 4:30, now they're saying 5:00. you get the idea.
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in the meantime, that backup continues to grow. westbound 580, tracy to dublin, you are up to 50 minutes. southbound 680 okay once you make it into dub lib. and northbound 85 you're in the green at just 16 minutes. we have a collision reported in lane 18 of the bay bridge toll plaza. that should be on the far right side. not seeing that, not seeing any big backup either so hopefully that commute is going to remain pretty light this morning. also have some issues with ace rail. if you were planning on taking that to avoid this 580 backup, i'll talk about that next. mike nicco has better news today. >> not too many issues here. we're doing pretty well. you can see there, once those clouds push there, just about total sunshine today, little bit of offshore breeze. the flag blowing towards the ocean. so, total sunshine this afternoon, highs climbing a little bit higher than yesterday. get your umbrella ready for next wednesday, thursday, and friday. oakland, your average high is about 59 degrees, starting off
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42 at 6:00 and 8:00 we'll be at 50 at 10:00 by lunch we're up to 54 but then look at that, hanging around 60 for the better part of the afternoon hours, dropping back to 52 by the time we get to 6:00. i think tule fog will be a little bit bigger issue tomorrow morning, especially in the north bay and east bay valleys, also temperatures going to flirt with freezing once again. mid 30s there. and then we'll have mid 30s to low 40s toward the coast. quick look at the storm again, light on the storm impact scale with 1/2 inch to 1 1/2 inch of rain possible, little breezy on thursday. until we get to that, look at some of those temperatures pushing the mid to upper # 0s, our warmest day monday. the warriors will be well represented at the northbound all-star game next month. >> klay thompson and draymond green will join steph curry and kevin durant. they are only the eighth team in nba history to have four players
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on the all-star team. steve kerr and his staff are going to coach the west. the all-star game is february 19 in new orleans. tomorrow on abc7, you can catch the warriors as they take on the l.a. clippers at oracle arena. coverage will start at 5:00 p.m. tomorrow. and that's followed by after the game with larry, mike, and former warrior adonal foyle. protesters about to target facebook's mark zuckerberg. >> what could be going on at peoples park. and ever been late for work? wait until you hear the outrageous excuses some people are using. hopefully not her. but first, this morning's "tech bytes." >> hello. facebook is offering another layer of security. a special usb stick to lock your account. >> physical security keys already used by google and drop box are designed to keep out intruders looking to compromise your personal information.
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they're said to be faster and more effective than verification codes. >> the new samsung galaxy smart foen is about two months away. the new s 8 more powerful and more energy efficient. >> it will come in two screen sizes and launch on wednesday, march 29. and this might be the most cyclish space suit ever. it's from boeing, check it out for astronauts. >> who are you wearing? boeing. the boeing blue is lighter, sleeker, and offers more mobility than previous designs. the gloves york on touch screen. the gloves york on touch screen. even the
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it is 4:54 in the early a.m., welcome back. facebook founder mark zuckerberg's decision to sue some hawaiian landowners with rights to his kaui estate has sparked a protes march now. his neighbors were already upset about the 6 foot tall rock wall. although the native landowner's property amount to just eight acres. suker berg contents they are on his domain. uc berkeley is looking for more space to turn into student housing, including peoples park. that is the site of the historic bloody protest. there are a total of nine locations the university is looking for to build additional housing. the daily cowl also says it
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would provide 250 to 300 beds for undergrads. how often are you late to work? one in four employees are late once a month. >> most of the time it is traffic, oversleeping or bad weather but others have pretty outrageous excuses. career builder did the survey. like, i forgot it wasn't the weekend. >> well, i mean. >> this one. i put petroleum jelly in my eyes. >> who doesn't. >> it happens. i had to watch a soccer game that was being played in europe. that's legit. >> totally legit. employees say sometimes it's better to not give an excuse and just say sorry for being late. especially maybe the petroleum jelly because that's just going to prompt more questions that you probably don't want to get into. >> alexis, you have some news. >> i do. so maybe your excuse that you were stuck in traffic is not going to work this morning. westbound 580 before you get to 680 in the dublin area and boy, traffic really picking up in the
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last couple moments here. so, fantastic news, this is of course was that huge crash they had involving a semi fire, started at 6:00 last night. so we're going on almost 12 hours that we had the whole road closed for a long time there and then multiple lanes closed up until just a few minutes ago. also good news for ace. union pacific train has cleared the tracks so ace 1 is moving there on time. let's check in with mike nicco and we've got a beautiful day today. i don't know, some folks might be just totally not coming into work instead of being late. that would be a great idea, wouldn't it? yes. get outside and enjoy that warm sunshine. soak it in, let it energize you. for all the lunar new year festivities. 56, 57, 58. those are the temperatures in san francisco today, tomorrow, and through the weekend. you're heading up to the sierra, look at that. 189% of norm for the snow year, 107%. and it's going to be a great weekend to get on up there and enjoy the sunshine and the snow that's fallen. nothing's going to fall until
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rain and snow hits wednesday and turns over to all snow by thursday. it will be a little breezy. we'll keep an eye on that next stm for you. in sacramento, a scary situation called on a firefighter's dash cam. live power lines come crashing down on this big rig. yikes. several other cars as well yesterday. three people were trapped inside of their cars until utility crews came out. they had to de-energize the lines there. fortunately, everyone got out safely. that can be a dangerous situation. investigators are still trying to figure out what exactly caused those limes to fall down. and so many potholes. i'm sure you've noticed. san francisco public works says crews have pilled 1900 of them just this month and they want you to report any potholes by calling or tweeting 311 with the exact location. i lost a tire to one recently. >> did you really? i am sorry to hear that. >> thank you very much. we are following developing news in the santa cruz mountains where a bank robbery leads to a
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police chase. it is a crazy sequence of events. we're life live there next. a new ferry service is launching this morning. what will make this ride different. plus stopping bay area car plus stopping bay area car thieves
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heavy, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing coughing breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask covered california. it's more than just health care. it's life care.
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now at 5:00 a.m. a busy morning in the news department. we're following several big stories at this hour. i'm reggie aqui. >> i'm natasha zouves and one of our big stories is this all-night man hunt for a man who is considered to be armed and dangerous in the santa cruz mountains. abc7 news reporter matt keller is live along the old santa cruz highway for us. >> reporter: good morning natasha and


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