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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  January 27, 2017 3:00pm-3:31pm PST

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it is january 27th. time for new viral videos "right this minute." rescuers try to free a dog stuck in a barrel with tar. >> he's been in there several days when they come upon her. >> see the ingenious cleanup that took her from this to this. slow-mo volcano. as a photographer captures -- >> beauty of the lava flow. >> what it is like to see the sunrise at kilauea. is this a modeling portfolio? >> or is she showing this? >> a woman's way to show she's back on the market. and a new chance for you to win an ipad mini or amazon echo. as oli, christian, charity, nick
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and gayle break down the latest on the web. including one awkward toast. see who saves the bride's day from a clueless best man. >> cheers to that. the rescue by animal aid is nothing less than challenging. check this out, this dog is caught in a very sticky situation. sticky because there was hot tar in there. and that dog got stuck. they believe she's been in there several days when they come upon her. and they have to get her out. she wasn't moving very much. she was hyper ventilating. and she was just kind of worn out waiting to die. so they immediately pick up the barrel that she stuck in and had power tools on location so they can at least cut her out. >> from the looks of it, there's a lot of trash inside. i would speculate it was the heat of the sun.
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he went inside during the day and the heat made it sort of like this. >> oh, no, it couldn't have been the sun to heat it up like this because you can see her. she has burns on part of her body because of the hot tar. but the next thing to do is get her out. so they put her in their rescue vehicle, take her back to the center. and now they have to use vegetable oil to soften the tar to get it off her. you guys, they worked for three hours getting her out of there. you can see her sipping water because she's been stuck in there. >> that is a death sentence for this dog. if they had not gotten there, 100% she was going to die. >> it's a heartbreaking scene, though. i can't imagine the dog finding her own way into this situation. >> exactly. look at the chunks of tar they are pulling off. after hours and hours of work, she is actually okay. and they have named her asha, which is hinde for hope.
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one half of her is okay, but the other half is missing fur. she's happy, healing and waiting for a belly rub like most dogs. to what i consider heaven on earth, a volcano. >> this is your thing. and i see why. it is pretty awesome. >> this video was entitled "dawn of fire" because he captured this during a gorgeous sunrise at kilauea volcano. capturing the motion of the lava flow. >> what kind of volcano? what kind of lava is this? >> this is called the hoi hoi lava because of the way it moves very viscus and because it moves so slowly to create a rope-sort of look. >> what i love about it is the colors. he caught it at dawn with the beautiful peaks and oranges with the sunrise over a sunset. ♪
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>> that is cool. that is a great time lapse. >> isn't it great to see the formation of the lava? but also pay attention to the vegetation. because, in a way, the lava is kind of breathing new life that you see there, but in time it's going to make way for new life. a monster roaming the streets of massachusetts. day and night, it doesn't matter! it's going to get you. >> just a moment. >> oh! look at that bridge. >> no, it's not. the one you're thinking of is called the 11-foot eight bridge. in westwood, massachusetts, watch these trucks just go through and essentially detonate
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when they hit it. >> boom! >> wow! >> the whole box just disintegrates. so many of the box trucks that go through appear to be rental moving trucks. >> oh! >> the rental truck had an inch. >> they are all like, yeah, i got this. >> but it's not just big box trucks that get caught out. >> bing! >> the bridge gets a little narrow underneath the curb and squeezes in. some people don't see it. that time it collected somebody else. look at this, even a fire truck gets caught out. >> oh! >> that's expensive. >> sure is. >> now they have sign that is say narrow -- they just need a big sign that says "i wouldn't." >> there's a big seafood industry in massachusetts. some of the seafood is imported by refrigerated trucks. that's what this is, but now
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that refrigerated truck is smoking and it's caught fire. and inside that truck has tons of lobster. >> oh! >> it takes a while before firefighters are able to get this one under control. but yeah, that just seals it, man. it's time to give away another ipad mini. and today's bonus day, that means we're giving away an amazon echo. >> two winners today, all you need is friday's buzz word, be 21 years old and a legal resident of the united states or canada. >> the "rtm" buzz word is coming up in just a bit. >> stay tuned for the ipad mini giveaway. what if it's freezing cold outside and you want to get your tan on? yes, you could use a tanner, a self-tapper, but then you end up orange. how can i make my tan great again? ladies and gentlemen, i want to introduce you to the tan round.
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>> the world's first clothing line that lets you safely and effectively tan in a cold and windy environment. >> the tan ran. it is a sun suit. you can wear that, go outside and it will keep you 30 to 40 degrees warmer than it actually is outside. it claims during the winter months and darker months, four out of five americans suffer from vitamin d efficiency and chemical imbalance. if it's freezing cold outside but the sun is out, you can wear this and you, too, can enjoy a beautiful tan. >> i've got the tan and body at home, i'm good. >> you can use it in private or public. perfect for a day at the pool, try it on a rooftop, wear it for a workout. >> people work out in it? >> yeah, even in the commute in your car, this will solve all your tanning problems. >> you can't say that with a straight face. >> i'm trying. >> can you wear it in the rain and you'll be fine? >> that rain suit is a clear rain suit.
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the tan round's patented design is treated with u.v. material and anti-reflective mesh layer. >> that allows u.v. material to pass through with deflection. >> i am dying to know what people are paying for this. >> the kick-start jacket is $44. but the recommended retail price looks to be around $80. >> let's buy one. >> they have had a $6,000 goal. but they have already passed $10,000. 72 backers. they still have four days to go. so it looks like there's a market for this. >> yeah, we laugh but they laugh all the way to the bank. >> you shouldn't be laughing. you're the whitest guy at the table. if anybody needs the tan around, it's you. >> anyone? we better go, we'll see what happens. the dude is raising the roof on top of this cab. >> he is being completely obnoxious, stomping around. >> see why the driver had an
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closed captioning provided by -- ses? allergies? for all of them... there's allegra-d®. a maximum strength decongestant for 24 hour relief. try allegra-d®. i just love the craziness that is caught on videos from russia. and these two are just gems. and this first video, we are inside an electronic store. and these geniuses broke through the tiles using a variety of tools to reinforce concrete. >> that's the kind of stuff people do -- >> this is so "breaking bad."
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>> it really does. >> breaking badly into an electronic store. >> really, really badly. because everything of value really is locked and secure in this store. so they have access to nothing. so while they put so much effort into breaking in, they ended up leaving with random mundane things that really don't have any value. >> stapler. >> looks like a mouse. >> fine, i'll settle for the poster. >> if you can break through a reinforced concrete floor, but not into any of the safes or cabinets. >> or the glass cases. i don't understand. to put so much effort in to break into a place and put no effort into the actual robbery. this next video is also going to leave you puzzled, because it's also bizarre. this is a taxi driver. anden to top of his taxi is a young man dancing, being completely obnoxious, stomping around, taunting the taxi driver. >> i have an easy solution for
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this one. >> the accelerator. >> exactly. >> this guy finally jumps off. the taxi driver takes off. he grabs the kid, brings him back to his car. >> yes! he's going for the baseball bat in the truck! >> oh, boy. and let me guess, the video ends? >> uh-huh. according to police reports, he drove to the police station and takes the kid in. >> but he made him pay his fare first. i love when viewers submit their view videos. this is julianna who is 7 1/2 months old. but she can't quite get her cry on. >> what a phony. >> it's like she's auditioning for an oscar. i'm going to cry. >> you're so silly. >> oh, fine. >> it's like a problem with the programming. she's glitzing.
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>> with her mom and grandma, she's trying to cry, but she can't get herself into it. she's feeling the emotion. >> just stay in a happy place. it's fine. >> this is in cleveland. >> just look at the camera. >> check this guy out. he's got a juggling baton and some shoes. >> those are some mighty fine shoes you got there, chief. >> they are platforms. g e guess what is in them? goldfish. when he went on the streets, people loved it. some people called him super fly. some people thought he was a pimp. he's a performer and needs some flare. he starts to juggle and does give a little bit of a show, and i mean a little bit of a show. >> i feel like i have to step up my shoe game. >> and they love this guy's jacket saying he has a golden ticket. >> those people are slamming the guy with jokes. scavenger hunt for her at disney world. >> they find their first clue
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attached to a rose. >> see the prize next "right this minute." and still to come, you might want to take our advice on this one. >> don't look down. >> see the highlight adventure that will have you holding on. plus, it's friday. but it's also bonus giveaway day. we have the buzz word you need for your shot to win an ipad mini or an amazon echo coming up. it's a tangle of multiple symptoms. ♪ ♪ trintellix (vortioxetine) is a prescription medicine for depression. trintellix may start to untangle or help improve the multiple symptoms of depression. for me, trintellix made a difference. tell your healthcare professional right away if your depression worsens, or you have unusual changes in mood, behavior or thoughts of suicide. antidepressants can increase these in children, teens, and young adults. trintellix has not been studied in children.
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and all i can say is don't look down. >> why do i think the first thing i'm going to do is look down? >> yeah. you're going to have no opportunity to do anything but look down because he is going to the birthplace where some people see it, highlighting yosemite national park. he's flatlining or highlighting at yosemite. and it is amazing. >> that's a very iconic spot. but it's a little close to moisture that is closer to the line. >> it's incredible that he's on it and still upright. because any of us would already be upside down. >> maybe he's doing the highlight trick of north america. but this is the one, if you have to do one, this is the one you want to do. and just look at it. now you can see, he's got his safety equipment and made sure it is anchored with an extra
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line underneath and is also wearing a harness. but look at him just barefoot, almost like it's nothing. just strolling through the air. >> you know, some people when they go there, they want to see a redwood or see a beautiful waterfall. and some people just want to walk on top of it. >>. he's probably one of the few guys or gals that has seen yosemite from this high. >> what a great experience that only he can have. ask for a divorce, apparently with one way to celebrate. >> go to vegas! >> and pose quite sexily showing off your assets to the world. to show them, you still got it. >> you're back on the market. >> you're back on the market, yeah. >> or is she posting this to show her man what he lost? >> yeah, a little bit of all of the above. because this is actually olga bustova. she's actually kind of a bit of
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a celebrity in russia. and she was married to a very popular football player, soccer there, football, they recently divorced. so she hits the rooftop in madrid. >> a lot of people do divorce trips or girls trip, they may cut their hair. >> a lot of traffic on her instagram account where she posted this video. nearly 2 million views. >> don't you think if you and i were to do a similar type of video if we ever got divorced we would get the same attention, wouldn't we? >> for sure. especially if we're wearing the same outfit. >> no, probably not. demetrius plays for etsy. she also shared this video. you recognize this millionaire here. he's famous for his dance videos with his wife. >> we would recognize him if his shirt was off. it's time to give away another ipad mini. and today is bonus day. we're giving away an ipad mini
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and amazon echo. >> you need to be 21 years old, a legal resident of the united states or canada. and you can head over to facebook or twitter. you can use both each day. head on over to and the word is response, r-e-s-p-o-n-s-e. >> and it's bonus giveaway day. one winner gets the ipad mini and the other an amazon echo. good luck, everybody. things get awkward when a best man's speech goes way south. >> -- he met a girl at the
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like this, i have a feeling it's not a blue light special. >> it's pretty stinking awesome. one of the greatest honors a man can get is to be the best man at his own buddy's wedding. >> ah, yes. >> because you get to give that speech. >> i'm honored to be the best man, but it was kind of funny a couple weeks ago. kevin said, i want to ask you to be my best man, but i'm concerned with what you're going to say. >> okay. kevin, the groom, was rightfully
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nervous about asking his buddy jeff to be the best man. and to give the speech. >> my speech is supposed to last as long as it takes kevin to have sex. so i'm done. >> is it hot in here all of a sudden? >> that is true, though. >> strap in and keep your eyes on the bride, megan. and just watch the smile drain from her face. >> i want to know what story everybody in here wants to hear. >> which story would you like to hear? >> these are dirty hot tub or the he that looks like a she. >> no! anybody got a hook? somebody, please. >> we're out having a good time and then we see kevin, and kevin is smooching on a girl at the bar. >> this is a story he should have told at the bachelor party.
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not at the wedding. but i'm here to tell you, there's a knight in shining armor. >> why is this girl wearing a scarf in july? >> ladies and gentlemen, the best man! >> wait, who is that guy? >> that's the deejay. that's the deejay that saw this slow-motion train wreck. being the professional that he is, he's like, thank you, everybody, let's hear it for jeff, yea! ladies and gentlemen, i think we all need a prayer right now. >> look at jeff, he's like -- cheers to that! >> i'm not sure how i'm going to follow the speech of the best man, but you do have a wedding dinner blessing. >> that's the end of our show. we have lots more at or check us out on the next
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tonight, the world stage. president trump and his first news conference as leader of the free world. his first visit from a foreign leader. side by side. how they both answer questions. where they differ. on torture. on russian sanctions. and tonight, the other foreign trip cancelled. president trump angering mexico. and we have new reporting here on the phone call today with mexico's president. authorities say, the school massacre averted. two teenagers allegedly planning a columbine-style attack. the chilling details. the deadly police takedown. ten officers under investigation tonight. a mentally ill man worried about his dog. your money. the news tonight about buying a car right now. where are the prices dropping? and the simple steps to saving thousands. and, carrie fisher's last wish for harrison ford.


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