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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  January 28, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PST

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good morning, everybody, it's saturday, january 28th. let's start with a quick look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> certainly chilly outside but we have our radar sweep and you'll notice not looking at any inclement conditions right now. in fact, we have cold temperatures as we look at the satellite map. you'll notice a big ridge of high pressure protecting the golden state. numbers in the 30s from santa rosa to san ramon. 38 in san jose. a live look outside, breezy in the upper elevations but look at the afternoon temperatures, upper 50s to low 60s today. >> thank you so much. breaking news out othe south bay this morning, san jose
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police are investigating a car crash that left three people injured. happened just before 2:00 this morning on south second street at east hum bolt. the car was traveling at least 100 miles per hour. no word yet on the condition of those three patients. investigators are confident one of the three people arrested in the south bay is the criminal who had been evading them since thursday morning. officials believe one of the suspects robbed the bank of america in xots valley leading to a massive manhunt. here are the details. >> reporter: san jose police swarm the area of mission and 7th street after spotting a stolen car linked to a bank robbery. a silver chefry taken from a home in santa cruz mountains that happens to be an unmarked police vehicle. michael bonelheard a loud noise and went outside and encountered police. >> with weapons drawn at me and
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told me to put my hands up. >> police told him to evacuate the air. people had to shelter in place. there were three people in the silver car and took two into custody without incident but the third man ran. >> i can't overstate the danger he posed to the people that live in that complex. >> reporter: the suspect made his way from the apartment property to a neighboring construction site. >> they told us to evacuate everybody on site. police are on site with guns ready to shoot. get everybody out. >> reporter: an officer deployed a taser at one point and the man was eventually taken into custody. at the time authorities didn't know for sure if the men were involved in thursday's bank robbery in scott's valley but they knew they had to be cautious. >> they were occupants of a stolen vehicle and when we challenged them and attempted to arrest him, he fled. when we attempted to take him into custody, resisted. >> reporter: the men are being questioned separately as the investigation into the bank robbery continues. abc 7 news.
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>> new this morning, san jose police credit customers and employees for taking down an attempted robbery suspect. police say a man tried to rob the taco bell and kfc last night. customers and workers jumped in to stop the suspect. the officers say he was armed and they were lucky nobody was hurt. >> definitely one of those situations with a happy ending, very volatile situation that could have gone either way. in this instance it worked out very well. >> the suspect is in custody now and being treated for minor injuries. happening today, the family of a 21-year-old man shot and killed by police will hold a vigil and march today. angel ramos was killed monday when police responded to reports of people fighting with weapons. officers found ramos holding a knife attacking a 16-year-old union city boy on his back. police say their officers shot ramos because of the threat he posed to the 16-year-old. the vigil is scheduled for noon
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today. alameda sheriff officials looking for this man who they think can help solve the murder of a castro valley grandmother last month. police hope he has information on the murder of 59-year-old andrea st. john, found dead inside the garage of her home on grove way, a house that was set on fire the night of december 13th. . and anticipate re -- autopsy revealed she was murdered before the fire. >> we were sitting here watching tv and she was being set on fire and murdered. nobody knew anything. this poor lady. >> i hope they catch him. and the family gets some kind of result from this. >> police don't know why st. john was killed, whether she was targeted for some reason or perhaps interrupted a burglar or confronted an intruder inside her home. there was swift reaction this morning to president trump's sweeping executive order to ban refugees plus people from
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seven muslim countries. here's what it includes, an immediate suspension of immigration from countries with ties to terror, also a suspension of all refugees for 120 days. however, the order places a priority on allowing christian refugees into the country. abc 7 news reporter has fallout from this. >> reporter: the executive order signed by president donald trump fulfills one of the promises on the campaign trail. >> we only want to admit those into our country who will support our country and love deeply our people. >> the order bans entry of most people traveling to the united states with passports from seven countries, iran, iraq, syria, sudan, libya, yemen and somalia. it was met with swift reaction from the council of islamic relations. >> if someone is a noncitizen in the united states and from one
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of the seven countries being targeted, we would consult they consult with an attorney. >> to cancel any travel out of the u.s., the syrian american council has he has a friend with a u.s. green card and already being affected by the executive order. >> he's of syrian descent and visiting family in turkey right now and worried he's not going united states. >> reporter: the response from the delegation has been critical of president trump's order. on national holocaust remembrance day, senator harris made a special reference in one of her tweets, during the holocaust we failed to let refugees like ann frank into our country. we can't let this history repeat itself. >> there's already a legal challenge in the works. the council on american islamic relations is planning a news conference monday to announce a lawsuit against this executive order.
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>> a response to president trump's executive order on immigration, the archbishop of san francisco says the catholic church is going to help those who are undocumented. he said the church will help immigrants know their rights. the gate reports the archbishop is troubled by the president's accidents on immigration. a bay area businessman is not taking any chances the trump administration could delete years of hard work done by the environmental protection agency. billionaire hedge fund manager tom sti year and nextgen, are taking steps, copying the entire climate change portion of the epa website and moved it to save our >> what we're worried about, a war on truth that the administration will try to suppress information and prevent information from getting to voters and construct an
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>> mentions of climate change have been deleted from the white house website and president trump has demanded a political review before epa findings can be made public. a reminder staying on top of president trump's first 100 days in office with an abc 7 news app. download the app for free and enable push alerts as they happen. a man is recovering after he fell several dozen feet near abandoned apartments. as he was pulled to safety late last night. the man got in through a fence and then fell down the cliff. he appeared alert when they hoisted him up. demolition work will begin monday on the apartment house near where that man fell, sitting atop an eroding cliff. the ground beneath has pretty much vanished. they decided last year that nobody could live in the building. crews have already knocked down
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two of the buildings on the avenue. lisa is here, it's kind of refreshing not to talk about rain for first time in what, forever? >> it seems that way, a month or so. we're certainly cold outside as we take a live look. we have good visibility here and san francisco 46 degrees, half moon bay, same deal at 36 in fremont. chilly as you head further inland, 35 in livermore. we'll talk about how warm it's going to get and how long it's going to be dry when we come back. >> plus, talk about the ultimate perk, why real estate company zillow is offering employees a six week is he bat cal. seven
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. good morning, no doubt a
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chilly morning from our tower cam. it's chilly all over the bay area. could see some rain return to the bay area. lisa argen will be here to tell us all about us. >> they are mourning the death of sir john hurt this morning, 50 years in film and tv and voice actor, he terrified audiences in alien and nominated for an academy award for "mid mite express" and also appeared in the harry potter movies. also a court to restore parental rights of her 17-year-old child in the process from transitioning to male to female. ann marie filed suit when she received her child was receiving gender modification treatment. her lawsuit also names minnesota public health and medical clinics and school board she claims kept medical records and
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education records from her. here's the mom and her attorney. >> u.s. constitution says that parental rights are fundamental rights that can't be terminated without due process. >> i'm his mother. he is and always will be welcome in our home. >> the 17-year-old left home two years ago and worked with a legal aid group on an emancipation statement. the teen's attorney says unlikely to win the case based on the emancipation issue. taking a stance against soda, it's illegal for restaurants and hotels and catering facilities to allow customers to refill sodas for free. it is part of a sweeping law passed a year ago to combat obesity and applies to all sweetened soft drinks. zillow is telling long term employees to take time off, relax, on the company dollar.
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employees who reach the six-year mark can take a six-week sabbatical. benefits will continue the entire time and they'll get paid for three of the six weeks. zillow tested it last year with employees and they came back refreshed and energized. no doubt. success. two entrepreneurs have made a deal on abc's "shark tank." they make up two thirds of a three him woman team that developed a snack called chirps, came in bags that look like potato chips but the similarities stopped there. >> you've seen a cricket products before, one of the healthiest most sustainable protein sources out there but you know what the challenge is. how do we get people to eat bugs to get people excited about eating bugs, with you thput the most popular, chips. >> the woman from chirps ended up getting a deal from mark cuban, $100,000 investment for
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15% in equity of the company. that's over double of the equity they originally wanted to give away. congratulations to the people at chirps. you can watch "shark tank" at 9:00 on friday nights on abc 7. tickets to hamilton has everybody talking, a great price $200 per seat. $1,000 was not uncommon at all. that has 7 on your side michael finney thinking about tickets and looking to get you a deal. >> bay area consumers checkbook has been looking into ticket prices and how to score a deal. it took good news/bad news story. kevin starts with the bad. >> if a seat is in really high demand you're going to have trouble finding a way to see that show inexpensively. >> reporter: if you want to see a show not in such high demand, he suggests you look at two apps, gold star and today tix. >> a lot of options and pretty big savings compared to the rack rate for these events.
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we found savings ranging from 20% all the way up to 60% for these tickets. >> here in san francisco, tix, the bay area's box office, sells tickets right on union square. michelle works there. >> you would want to buy from us because we're one of the last places that you can go to for live person to person interaction when it comes to theater tickets, so much is done online. >> tix bay area has an online area too. tickets for concerts are a hot commodity, friends say stay with what you know. >> you can buy them from friends or off craigslist. >> i look at the event page on facebook and people sell them for face value. you're kind of getting around scalpers. >> that's a good idea. >> check the facebook pages. >> both agree facebook's community be can be a real asset. >> if you actually look on the page, people start posting, i'm
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so excited for the event or i can't make it tonight, i'm selling my ticket. >> because you're watching this right now i'll hook you up with a bay area consumers checkbook report for free. go to abc 7 i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >> happening today, a's fans have a chance to meet their favorite players today. they will host their annual fan fest. fans can get autographs and take pictures with players and there will be an area for kids with interactive games and food trucks. fan fest is free, 11:00 to 2:00 at oakland's jack london square. >> tonight on abc 7, catch the warriors as they take on l.a. clippers at oracle. coverage starts at 5:00 followed by after the game right here on abc 7. >> good morning, everyone. live doppler 7 not picking up
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anything in terms of rain. we are looking at a really nice day today. strong high pressure remains in control. you can see from the satellite picture, bumping into a ridge of dry pressure and that means dry conditions. you can see the upper elevation winds from 15 to 20 miles an hour, shaking the camera, it's 45 at san francisco, looking at 48 in half moon bay. 38 in san jose. 33 in gilroy. from sfo, it will be clear when the sun is up, it's clear now. sunny and mid-30s from livermore, fairfield, 36 in novato and 34 in santa rosa. it's a chilly morning, warmer days through monday. the clouds increase and wet pattern starts in the north bay on wednesday, slides south. it should be out of here by next friday. in terms of temperatures, you may not recall the average high for san jose is 61 and you
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notice we'll be going above average into next week. so it should be pretty nice, even today with a high of 61, looking at livermore, upper 50s for you today and we'll get into the low 60s into next week and cooler as the rain arrives. we'll bring in the storm impact scale and this will be a one come wednesday night. the activity confined to the north bay. it will be spreading south and winds will kick up as well. by 10:00 on wednesday, next wednesday, notice the rain here, as we go through thursday, this looks to be the wettest day and rain will be ending by friday. so probably a good inch or so and we'll look forward to that after a week of dry conditions. highs today around the bay ranging from 60. san francisco, san mateo, lower 60s. 61 in morgan hill, upper 50s in the inland east bay. the accuweather 7-day forecast, happy lunar new year. a beautiful day.
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sunday and monday and tuesday look at the trend. we warm up bit by bit and we'll see more sunshine and cool mornings. by wednesday we bring in the storm impact scale with temperatures getting cooler and a little bit of rain. we could bump up say thursday to a 2. it will get breezy and if you download our abc 7 news app, you get the push alert. we're getting back to the wet pattern of the second half of the workweek. >> i cannot tell you how much -- how happy i was to see the sun. it was so great and today, you know. >> should be nice. >> lisa, thanks so much. >> just ahead, desperate effort to save a tiny plant exclusive to a small bay area community. how a group
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welcome back, east bay cam showing folks on the bay bridge. it is cold out there and the rain is going to be returning but not for a couple of days. lisa argen will have the forecast in a few minutes. good morning, everybody. blast off. successfully completed its first launch of the new year. the 36w1 satellite was sent into orbit yesterday. will be use for telecommunications in spain and portugal and can narry islands and south america. it is the first to be built for use under the small geo platform to provide better signal quality and faster multimedia services. new details this morning on golden gate ferry's plan to
5:24 am
expand service. it's not happening at least for now. the systems board was supposed to approve an agreement to take over the blue and gold fleet. that vote didn't happen because the board learned that there was pending litigation. they didn't specify what that meant though. that means the blue and gold fleet will continue to provide service between tiburon and san francisco for the foreseeable future. pier 70 will be transformed into a small version of a world's fair for what's being called world's fair nano. two college friends from brooklyn in the city for the two-day whirlwind festival. >> there's going to be people buzzing around, flying drones, playing with tech art, listening to talks on the future of cities and future of art and future of feminism and trying future food like krik he hcricket powder pr
5:25 am
bars. >> it runs from 9:30 until 6:00. >> a team of young women from mills college fighting to save a beautiful species unique to marin county, by digging in the dirt and digging into in advanced genetic testing. cheryl jennings has that. >> reporter: with its rustic church and wind swept trails, the open space is one of the jewels of the bay area. it's also home to something found nowhere else in the world but here on the tiburon peninsula. this biologist is on a mission too study the jewel flower and perhaps save it from extinction. the jewel flower with its dark purple blooms has been threatened both by development and years of drought. >> so basically the population has to kind of restart from seed every single year and seeds need
5:26 am
water to germinate. >> swoep recruited students from her biology program and set off looking for answers. the students compared current plants to samples collected decadesing to to learn whether they might be adaptable to climate change. >> look the at genome and established diversity in the populations. >> reporter: the team raised their own jewel flowers at the campus greenhouse transplanting to a new area where they'll test potential survival factors surprised as soil makeup and pollination, just received $60,000 in seed money put up by both the college and marin county in hopes of preserving the jewel flowers. >> we're working with all of these plants that exist in the entire world. >> reporter: along the way they developed a protective attachment to a unique little flower fighting to survive in a
5:27 am
scenic corner of the bay area. >> it's an absolutely classically california species. i'm constantly taking photos and putting them on instagram. i love this plant. >> cheryl jennings, abc 7 news. >> thank you, cheryl. still to come, rising tensions between the u.s. and mexico. the action mexicans are being urged to take after president trump's proposal to pay for a wall. also, the search for a woman after her car crashed into alameda creek, what crews will do today to try to find jada jenkins. >> a stinky mystery solved
5:28 am
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we're starting this half hour with a look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> you may have noticed it is awfully cool out there in the north bay where temperatures are
5:30 am
three to four degrees cooler. 33 in santa rosa and 37 in concord and 38 in san jose. up in the north bay, 2 to 4 degrees cooler, it's 3 degrees cooler than yesterday in mountain view. we will look for temperatures in oakland to top out at about 60 degrees this afternoon. that's warmer than the average. going to take a while to get there. and are we looking at more mild dry days? i'll have the answer to that and look at when the rain returns in the extended outlook. our 7-day outlook coming up. >> we'll see you soon. it's been one week since donald trump was sworn in as president and he has a busy weekend. today he'll have his first conversation with russian president vladimir putin since taking office. here's richard davies. >> reporter: for first time since taking office, president trump hosted a foreign leader at the white house, meeting with british prime minister theresa may, discussing foreign policy and trade. >> today's talks are a significant moment for president trump and i to build our relationship.
5:31 am
>> reporter: in the first news conference as president, he said he planned to talk with russia's president vladimir putin by phone on saturday. >> i don't know the gentleman. i hope we have a fantastic relationship. >> reporter: he'll leave the decision whether to implement torture as a interrogation tactic to mattis and reaffirmed his commitment to nato saying he is 100% behind the military alliance. during the campaign mr. trump had called it obsolete. richard davies, abc news, new york. president trump and mexico's president has agreed not to discuss how to pay for the wall on the border publicly. carlos slim called on mexicans to unite in the face of president trump's hostility and stopped short of calling for a boycott of american goods but did urge mexicans to buy mexican products. the first 100 days in office
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with the abc 7 news app. enable push alerts for breaking news updates as they happen. crews are working nonstop to get highway 9 open after mudslides. this picture was tweeted from a closure at redwood gulch road. it is expected to open at 11:00 this morning. niles canyon road will be closed between fremont and sunol as they search for a missing woman. she hasn't been seen since saturday when her car crashed into the creek. her personal belongings were found downstream but no sign of her. investigators say she may have been able to get out of the car. the niles canyon road closure is from 7:00 this morning until 6:00 tonight. a berkeley community came together to remember a couple found dead in their home. we still don't know what killed
5:33 am
them. a memorial service was held friday at berkeley's ed roberts campus. the couple and two cats were found dead monday not far from the campus. autopsies have been completed but the cause of death has not been released. a mystery of a ran sid odor playing richmond and surrounding areas may be solved. >> it's like garbage and decaying bodies. >> it's definitely a more organic rancid smell. >> richmond has a pungent and perplexing problem. >> we've had patrols of people going out and sniffing the air at all times of the day and night trying to pinpoint the issue. >> turns out that mysterious odor traces back to this facility where they process compost. it's led county health officials to issue a cease and desist order. >> we feel like they are not operating their facility
5:34 am
correctly at this time. and we want them to cease bringing in new material. there's still a lot of material on site. >> reporter: republic services processes garbage and recycling and green waste from all over contra costa county. inspectors discovered large compost piles that weren't maintained properly. >> it actually started becoming essentially rancid. >> i'm happy to see public agencies are taking things under control. >> reporter: complaints go beyond the 400 filed for odor. the county knows of seven fires at the facility. >> if you don't turn these piles, the opposite of turning rancid, they can start automatically catching fire. >> reporter: a representative told city council says it is unfortunate and unnecessary. our request for comment have not been returned. county officials are leveeing fans and plan to meet with republic next week. abc 7 news. residents of san francisco's
5:35 am
millennium tower have learned it's safe to live in their tilting and sinking homes. city building inspectors found no live safety concerns and did discover the uneven settling of the high rise has strained part of the electrical system in the building. it sunk 16 inches so far. a proposal unveiled for the raiders for a new stadium in vegas raising eyebrows. seeking to pay a dollar a year in rent and receive revenue from naming rights on the $1.9 billion stadium. the team calls the proposal a starting point in negotiations. the state of nevada has approved $750 million in taxpayer money for the facility, a record oomt. the raiders applied for relocation last week. league owners could vote on the application in march. right now the prader raiders pay $3 billion in rent at the
5:36 am
coliseum. happening now, lunar new year celebrations are under way around the world. this is video from taiwan overnight. thousands of people flock to local temples to mark the day. in the bay area, a big part of the celebration is food. abc 7 news reporter jonathan bloom took to the streets of chinatown. >> reporter: the stores are teaming with shoppers. >> chinese new year, we cook the chicken and fish. >> reporter: different regions have different cuisines. >> making dumplings, typical northern part of china new year's food. >> reporter: this is the big meal of the year. >> yeah. >> reporter: produce vendors line the streets of chinatown and meat markets have lines out the door. >> if you don't buy it today, tomorrow they close. >> reporter: this is the last chance to buy chinese food. >> chicken and roast pork, rpts for what's often an
5:37 am
international family reunion. >> no matter where you are on the chinese new year, you have to come home. >> reporter: preparing the big holiday meal is one custom in a two-week long holiday surrounded in lots of other traditions. >> chinese new year, everybody dresses in red. >> reporter: the new year is about good luck and good fortune. what's that mean? >> make a lot of money. chinese very realistic, everything cost money. >> reporter: and money is what contained in red envelopes given by parents to kids and those who are married to those who are single. what's inside? >> $1 to 1,000. >> the year of the rooster said to be observant and hard working. >> rooster is the animal which gets up really early. >> reporter: so expect lots of decor featuring roosters especially red ones. in san francisco, jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. happening today, if you're
5:38 am
looking for a way to celebrate the lunar new year. the san francisco zoo has you covered. the zoo is inviting guests to celebrate the year of the rooster with traditional chinese dance performances and zodiac animal xaf enger hunt. anyone born the year of the rooster will get in for free. the zoo opens at 10:00. a warning for one neighborhood, why you need to keep a close eye on your homes. plus local students taking green argue around the world. how they will soon be helping people in africa light homes and businesses with the power of the sun. and here's a live look from our abc 7 roof cam. gorgeous shot of the bay bridge and the embarcadero this morning. it's chilly out there and rain is returning but not for a couple of
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visit for a free consultation with a certified diabetes educator if you qualify. good morning, lots of people on the bay bridge or some people on the bay bridge heading to wherever they are going this morning. it's chilly out there and the rain is returning but not for a couple of days at least. lisa argen will have the forecast coming up in a few minutes. for the third time in less than a week a suspect is r was caught on tape prowling around the woods. the suspect trying to get inside a car wednesday morning. police say he is wearing the same back pack in the video from last saturday. another video from thursday morning shows the suspect going through back yards looking for things to take. if you recognize this person,
5:42 am
you're asked to call santa cruz police. officials moving forward with plans to repair a sinkhole that's closed a road more than two weeks. officials looked over bids from contractors yesterday. crews had been keeping the hole stable since the cave-in. recent storms prevented them from doing more with a break in the weather repairs can begin. those living in the area are coping with detours and lots of traffic. >> the neighbor said absolutely phenomenal, actually this weekend, neighbor right here ajas ent to t the sinkhole brought us cookies and it's been phenomenal. it's nice to have a nice relationship with people that you're putting out. >> the sinkhole is on a bridge that's 98 years old. if the weather allows, they could have a target day for reopening minor road by the end of the week. at least they have a dry patch to get that fixed. it's chilly this morning. >> we'll have a good week since
5:43 am
the drying trend. we have more rain in the 7-day outlook. right now, 47 in san francisco. it's 40 in hayward and 35 down in morgan hill. how warm will we get? temperatures continue to climb. when will the rain return? i'll have the accuweather forecast in a few minutes. >> sounds like the warriors are going to have a good time at the all-star game. steve kerr plans to play the four golden state all-stars
5:44 am
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east bay, we have not left you out of our show this morning. good morning to walnut creeks and wherever they are heading this morning. it's chilly out there and rain returns later in the week. lisa argen will tell us about that in a few minutes. city of oakland welcomed 24 new police officers to the job. the tweet was made friday morning. the department says it's the
5:46 am
175th recruit class. last year oakland's mayor promised to investigate the department's hiring and training practices. that after several young officers, some who graduated from the academy were arrested. some lucky california high school students are traveling to kenya to bring students there solar energy. at the state capitol on friday, six high school students including one teen from san jose were celebrated for winning a statewide contest sponsored by pg&e. they developed ideas how to create and use clean energy and solar suitcases that can charge computers and phones and power light to a small room. they'll go to areas that don't have reliable power. >> i feel honored and privileged that i'm able to go to the program and be able to help the kenyan students and actually meet them in person. i think it's going to be a life changing experience.
5:47 am
>> the students leave in early february and will stay a week. it's paid for by the power company. they'll deliver 100 solar suitcases to orphanages and schools and medical clinics. the cost of used cars is dropping and there are ways to sweeten the deal and save thousands. is now the time to buy? here's rebecca jarris. >> reporter: tonight after nearly a decade on the rise, used car prices are dropping and set to fall even more in 2017. americans turning in more than 3 million leased cars and trucks to dealerships. the most important thing to save you money when you're ready to buy. >> it's a great idea to buy a certified preowned car because you know what you're getting. >> reporter: for example this 2016 chevy malibu, new it will cost you about $24,000. but we found the same car certified preowned with less than 20,000 miles on it for $16,000. $8,000 cheaper. >> it's a good deal to buy a
5:48 am
small car right now because dealers have an excess of them on their lots. >> reporter: with the national average for a gallon of gas $2.29, many drivers are moving to larger crossovers and suvs and pickup trucks. some of the best deals on the lot are the smaller sedans. and finally hold your smart phone while you're negotiating the price. it let's you verify it really is the best price and it let's the dealer know you have access to full information. rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. good morning to you. live doppler 7 picking up on the lack of cloud cover and as we widen the view, you'll notice we have a big dome of high pressure overhead and that will be deflecting this storm system away from california. so we're with clear skies. temperatures are chilly, we've got the clear conditions, radiational cooling but a little bit of wind in the upper elevation. 45 in san francisco. it's 43 in oakland. good morning to you, san jose, 38 for you. it is freezing in gilroy.
5:49 am
upper 40s half moon bay. looking at another van teenage point from sfo, numbers are cold but not as cold as they could be. we'll continue to see a little bit of that fog drift in from the central valley by the delta. right now 35 there and 37 in concord and mid 30s in livermore. from the explore tore yum camera, warmer days ahead. if you liked yesterday, you will like today and temperatures will peak monday into tuesday. but the clouds will increase as well. we're looking at a wet pattern returning by wednesday morning in our north bay valleys but in case you need to be refreshed on how warm it could be this time of year, we'll check out san jose as an example. we should be in the low 60s, today right on point with mid-60s and plenty of sunshine tomorrow and few more clouds on sunday and monday as high pressure ridge gives way and then we'll look for cooler and wetter conditions bit the end of the workweek. livermore, upper 50s where
5:50 am
you'll be today and numbers going above average right on through the beginning of the workweek. we're bringing in our storm impact scale on wednesday. by the evening hours, showers will arrive and in fact we'll look for some of the light rain in the north bay early on. the winds will be a factor with the system as well. as we go through wednesday, you'll notice it stays north of the golden gate. sagging to the south thursday looks windy and wet. then by friday, your morning commute looks like it will be wet but by the afternoon, we will look for those drying conditions. a typical wintertime storm headed our way by the middle of next week. low 60s from san jose to morgan hill, 62 in gilroy on the peninsula. upper 50s from pacifica but 61 palo alto and san francisco about 60 in the sunset district. in the north bay, low 60s to arrive in santa rosa. that's a long way to go from our early morning lows of the 30s. 59 in sonoma, and inland east
5:51 am
bay, upper 50s for you. a beautiful afternoon with overnight lows with patchy fog once again on the cool side, just above freezing in morgan hill and santa rosa, 36 in concord. the accuweather 7-day forecast, lunar new year, today the celebrations will be just fantastic. cooperating with the dry, sunny conditions. and you'll see the warmer conditions right on through tuesday and looking at a little bit wetter weather arriving wednesday and thursday and friday. and downloading our app allows you to stay up to date in case the weather service has alerts. we could see wind with this thursday system. >> first weekend for -- first sunny weekend in a long time. >> it will be nice. >> enjoying it. >> thank you so much. in sports, the warriors are back home after a four-game road trip. golden state takes on the l.a. clippers at oracle. you can watch the game on abc 7, coverage starts at 5:00 p.m. that's followed by the after the game with larry beal right here
5:52 am
on abc 7. the all-star game is four weeks away, all four warriors will be on the court at the same time. sports directser larry biel explains in this morning's sports. >> good morning, steph curry may not play when the warriors host the clippers, you can catch right here on abc 7 at 5:30 with a thigh injury. no question what we'll see in the all-star game, four warriors on the court at the same time in new orleans, coach steve kerr says the plan is steph, klay, and durant and draymond all together. >> i'm absolutely going to play them all four together. absolutely am going to. those four will be together for sure. i can guarantee that will happen at the same time. >> i wonder who the fifth player would be? it would feel like a real game. it's crazy, unique situation. we're going to enjoy the heck out of it. >> going for a career win number 998 against washington state.
5:53 am
no problem. cardinal came in 60 against the cougs. going coast to coast as cardinal cruise 76-54. tara going for win against washington. the 49ers met with their presumed next head coach friday night in atlanta, kyle shanihan, getting ready for the super bowl, niners want gm candidates to meet to see if there's chemistry. a report out he may insist having father mike in some role with the organization, that would mean the gm job essentially irrelevant. 17 years ago on friday, the patriots hired bill belichick, a few months later drafted tom brady. seems to have worked out okay. if you want a reason why new england is in the seventh super bowl of the belichick brady era, that's it, consistency at the top. he's the only pro coach he has
5:54 am
known. he gives the coach all of the credit. >> when they picked me, i had to look on a map to see where the new england patriots played. i've never been this far east. but it was a magical day in my life and for patriot fans having coach belichick on the team was the best thing for this franchise. >> x games in aspen, this is why i gave up doing the x games. because look what happens to kevin rowland here. my back hurts watching that. goes crunch in the men's super pipe. whether or not not seriously hurt. the winner aaron blunt from nearby stayed on his skis and braved 2 degree weather. nailed the landing there for his first x games medal. nicely done. >> don't forget, warriors and clippers right here at 5:30. have a great weekend, i'm larry biel. >> next,
5:55 am
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5:57 am
the winning numbers from last night's 188 mega millions drawing. 17, 37, 53, 54, 61 and mega number 8. tickets sold near the nevada state line hit the jackpot with all six numbers and tuesday's night prize resets to $15 million. >> the new face of gerber products, meet riley. his mother says he has an fektous life and big gummy smile. riley beat out 110,000 our entries and has a chance to star in a few tour ad. parents get $50,000 in gerber clothing and the money will be saved to help start his college fund. next on abc 7 mornings, a brazen robbery in the south bay overnight that didn't go as
5:58 am
planned. how taco bell customers jumped into action when a man tried to hold up the restaurant. breaking news, a high speed crash in san jose sends three people to the hospital. what police a
5:59 am
6:00 am
good morning, it's saturday, january 28th. let's start with a quick look at the weather. it's chilly out there. here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning to you. it is typically cool for january. clear sky, a little bit of fog and as you look at live doppler 7, we're picking up on the lack of cloud cover. big ridge of high pressure protecting us. you can see the clouds just deflecting away from that ridge. numbers range from the low to mid 30s in the north bay, 43 in high ward and 37 in san jose. your forecast today calling for 50s by


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