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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  January 28, 2017 7:00am-8:01am PST

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good morning, america. new overnight, shutting the door. president trump's executive order. the major changes to the u.s. refugee and immigration policy aimed at keeping radical islamic terrorists out of the country. >> big stuff. plus, his first meeting with the head of state as president and his busy day ahead talking with other world leaders including vladimir putin. march for life. [ chanting "hey, hey, ho, ho, roe v. wade has got to go" ] >> anti-abortion rights activists gathering in washington galvanized by white house support and a history-making appearance by a vice president. >> life is winning again in america. >> how a promised supreme court nomination could have a big impact on the movement. campus massacre plot. two middle schoolers under
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arrest. how they allegedly planned to shoot up the school. >> it was not a joke. there's far too much planning that went into this. >> the loaded gun found and the signal police say they had planned to open fire. ♪ and sibling rivalry. sister versus sister serving up suspense at the australian open. each trying to make history in their own way. >> she's my toughest opponent. >> the epic match to take home the trophy. i just learned something new. that was sia singing "the greatest." thank you, diane macedo, for giving me that pop culture. good morning, america. dan is off. i'm happy to have tom llamas joining me. tom, by the way, i didn't get a chance to say, great job on the campaign. >> thank you so much. i appreciate it. now that dan's not here, it's party time. right? >> oh, yeah. >> it'll be party time in about ten minutes. we have to get through serious news including -- i don't know if you watched the australian open. it happened in the middle of the night. >> oh, yeah.
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>> we'll talk about the all williams final historic match and have all the highlights coming up and a hint that someone named williams won. we don't want to give it away. we are talking politics, a busy schedule for president trump. a roster of phone calls with world leaders including russian president vladimir putin. >> he really hasn't stopped since he started. all the talk now into action. signing an executive order banning citizens of seven countries from entering the u.s. designed to protect the nation from terrorists who want to enter the country. >> yeah, trump supporters handling the move but take a look at the front cover of "the new york daily news" today, a paper very critical of president trump, showing a tear falling from the eye of lady liberty with the headline, closing the golden door. abc's david wright starts off our team coverage from washington for us this morning. hi, david. >> reporter: good morning, paula. good morning, tom. quite a few headlines to cover this morning. today president trump expected to have that phone call with vladimir putin. a lot of interest in that call for obvious reasons, and it comes in the midst of a whirlwind of meetings and phone calls in which the new administration is trying to reset america's place in the world. one big change ushered in during
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the president's visit to the pentagon to swear in his new defense secretary, a sweeping new executive order that imposes new limits on who will be allowed to enter the u.s. trump suspended almost all refugee admissions for four months and banned some syrian refugees indefinitely. >> we all know what that means, protection of the nation from foreign terrorists' entry into the united states. that's big stuff. >> reporter: the executive order specifically mentions the september 11th terror attacks to justify suspending visa entry for seven countries with predominantly muslim populations, but saudi arabia where 15 of the 9/11 hijackers were from is not on the list, neither is turkey or egypt, all countries where the trump has disclosed potential business interests. the order also calls for more
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rigorous vetting of all immigrants and visitors to the u.s. though trump told cbn news he'd be inclined to make an exception for christian refugees from muslim countries. >> if you are a christian in syria, it was impossible, very, very -- at least very, very tough to get into the united states. we are going to help them. >> reporter: senate minority leader chuck schumer tweeted, there are tears running down the cheeks of the statue of liberty. >> he's shrinking the american greatness. >> we don't discriminate on the basis of religion. >> it's unconstitutional. it's un-american, and we believe it's unjust. >> reporter: the president is at pains to reassure america's closest allies. >> it's a great honor to have winston churchill back. >> reporter: posing with the british prime minister in front of the bust of winston churchill that president obama removed from the oval office. >> we pledge our lasting support to this most special relationship. >> reporter: prime minister theresa may showed she's a quick study on how to build a special
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relationship with trump. >> i'm delighted to be able to congratulate you on what was a stunning election victory. >> reporter: well, today the leaders of france, germany, japan and australia get their first calls from president trump. he also spoke for more than an hour yesterday with the president of mexico. both of them agreed not to say any more for the time being about who is going to pay for that wall, but it's his phone call today with vladimir putin that's got a lot of people curious. a lot of people would love to be listening in, paula. >> yeah, david. i know that this is expected to be the first phone call since the inauguration between trump and putin that we know of. what are you learning about this call? >> reporter: well, the call takes place at noon today. vice president mike pence will be on the extension. we don't expect any bombshells. trump has indicated that it's too soon to talk about lifting sanctions that were imposed after the annexation of crimea. paula. >> all right. thank you very much for your reporting this morning, david. >> tom. >> and history made at the march
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for life in washington earlier. for the first time a vice president addressing the crowd of anti-abortion rights advocates saying president trump stands for the right to life and mentioning the upcoming announcement of a supreme court nominee. abc's gloria rivera is outside the supreme court with the story. gloria, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tom. we are here at the supreme court. this is where the march ended. i can tell you the crowd was ecstatic. this is also where on capitol hill the fight ahead will take place. a republican-led congress could make significant changes to abortion laws in this country. at the march that possibility was cause for celebration. ♪ chanting "hey, hey, ho, ho, roe v. wade has got to go" ] >> reporter: re-energized and rearing to go, tens of thousands rallying in washington for the annual march for life event. held in protest of the roe versus wade ruling which protects legal abortions and for the first time they were joined by a sitting vice president. >> life is winning again in america. >> reporter: president donald trump tweeting, to all of you
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marching, you have my full support. does it feel like a new energy is here because of the trump administration? or does it not make -- >> absolutely. absolutely. >> reporter: absolutely, okay. >> we have a pro-life president. >> reporter: maureen kargill says she abandoned the march during the obama years but feels encouraged by trump and pence. you were here 20 years ago and you're back now. why are you back now? >> because i feel that now we have a chance. i feel now with a new administration with vice president pence being here, i'm so excited. finally for the first time in eight years we have a voice again. >> reporter: at the top of the anti-abortion legislative priority list, a ban on federal funding for planned parenthood which is already restricted from using federal dollars to pay for abortion services it provides. >> 97% of the services that planned parenthood provides are preventive health services and women deserve access to all of the reproductive health care services that they should have. >> reporter: despite recent polls showing 64% of americans
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believe abortion should be legal in all or most cases and another finding nearly seven in ten oppose overturning roe v. wade, trump has also promised to name a conservative justice and anti-abortion rights advocate to fill the vacancy on the supreme court. abortion rights supporters see it as a call to action. >> abortion might be legal as federal law, but if you can't access it, then it might as well not be. >> reporter: the abortion rights activists say they have a lot of work ahead and they're ready. president trump is likely to make that conservative appointment to the court next week. but court watchers say that is not necessarily enough to overturn roe versus wade, that five on the court would be likely to uphold roe versus wade and four likely to vote it down. paula. >> abortion is one of the top reasons that evangelicals voted for the trump/pence ticket. gloria, thank you for your reporting this morning. president trump standing by his claim that millions of illegal votes were cast in the
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election and saying that he is launching an investigation into voter fraud even though many republicans do not want him to go there. he's pointing to voters registered in more than one state, and it turns out some in his inner circle are registered in more than one state. abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross has more. >> reporter: the president's call for an investigation on voter fraud is based in large part on this 56-year-old texas man, greg phillips, dismissed by top election officials as little more than a conspiracy theorist blogger. >> i may be a wacko, i may be a nut. i don't know. >> reporter: phillips claims with no evidence to back it up that the obama department of homeland security hacked the election and that there were millions of illegal votes. >> 3 million noncitizens voted in this election. i'm certain of that. >> reporter: state officials say there is no evidence to support that. but it did not stop the president on friday from offering a ringing twitter endorsement of phillips and his organization. greg phillips and crew say at least 3 million votes were illegal. we must do better. trump spent the week pushing the false claim he lost the popular vote because of fraud, doubling
7:10 am
down on what he told david muir on wednesday. >> you have people that are registered who are dead, who are illegals, who are in two states. you have people registered in two states. they're registered in new york and in new jersey. they vote twice. there are millions of votes in my opinion. >> reporter: but among the millions registered in two states are some people very close to the president, his son-in-law and white house senior adviser jared kushner, registered in new york and new jersey. his daughter tiffany registered in new york and pennsylvania, his chief strategist, steve bannon who until this week was registered in florida and new york and his press secretary sean spicer registered in rhode island and virginia. none break the law unless they vote twice. >> it's very frequent that people move from one state to another. it's up to the election officials to notify the officials in the other state. the voter isn't required to do that, and there's nothing illegal about doing that.
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>> reporter: of the 136 million voters in the last election, fewer than a dozen are alleged to have voted twice including this trump supporter in iowa who has pleaded not guilty to state criminal charges saying she did not know what came over her. brian ross, abc news, new york. >> and we thank brian for that report. let's bring in abc news political commentator cokie roberts. cokie, so great to see you this morning. now, earlier we mentioned the president's executive order for the extreme vetting of refugees. now, his supporters will say this is exactly what politicians are supposed to do. you make a promise and you deliver. but there's been backlash all over the world even here in the u.s. as well. >> lots of backlash and lots of questions about whether it's constitutional. you can be sure there will be quite a few challenges but, you know, the truth is, tom, that many of these refugees, particularly the ones coming to the united states, are children. according to unicef, the u.n. agency dealing with children, there were 8 million child
7:12 am
refugees right now in the world and so this is going to be something that you're going to hear a lot about and a lot of screaming from congress. you already saw those pictures of the statue of liberty crying and a question of whether this is actually harmful to u.s. interests because it shows the muslim world that we seem to have a prejudice against muslims as a country, particularly when the president says he's going to let in christians and not muslims, so it's going to be highly problematic. i suspect that when it starts to affect the business community, that the president will hear about it very loudly. >> yeah, there's a balance though between compassion and vigilance. i'm going to play a sound bite from the new u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley. she's also making headlines for comments that she made on friday saying america will show its strength. i want you to listen to this sound bite then weigh in. >> the way we'll show value is show our strength, show our
7:13 am
voice, have the backs of our allies and make sure that our allies have our back, as well. for those that don't have our back, we're taking names. >> they are taking names. cokie, that's a really strong stance right out of the gate from the trump administration. how do you think that's going to be viewed around the globe? >> well, i think that -- i think you have to put it in context because the u.n. right at the end of the obama administration, of course, passed a resolution against israel, and so that's what this is in response to in large measure. but she did go on to talk about the programs that are working, we'll back, the ones that are broken, we'll fix and the ones that are obsolete, we'll get rid of, and there is a lot of fat in the u.n. and the united states is the biggest contributor. so, talking about actually shaping it up a little bit is probably something that a lot of people will welcome. >> cokie roberts for us this morning. cokie, thank you so much. >> thanks, cokie. >> good to be you with. another big story we're following this morning, an
7:14 am
alleged school shooting plot thwarted in central florida. two teens are accused of planning a columbine-style massacre at their middle school and abc's eva pilgrim is in ocala, florida, with details on this story. eva, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tom. an alleged mass school shooting plot foiled. the students accused reportedly giving the details of their plan to investigators. this morning they are being held here at this juvenile detention center. those boys now facing adult charges. this morning, a community shaken, two florida middle school boys behind bars accused of planning a campus massacre. >> all i heard was that they were going to shoot up the school. >> reporter: a student not identified by police tipping off the school's resource officer. that officer telling authorities that the two boys, just 13 and 14, allegedly planned to open fire in the gym friday. their signal to go, the drop of a pencil. authorities say the boys told some students to stay home and others to wear white shirts to school.
7:15 am
>> they told them to wear the white shirts if they didn't want to get shot, however, the ruse was they wanted them wearing white because in one of our subsequent interviews he divulged the blood shows better on a white shirt. >> reporter: the sheriff's department telling us both students allegedly researched and made detailed references to the columbine massacre. this loaded gun found in one of their homes. according to investigators, in an interview with school authorities, the 13-year-old referencing the colorado high school shooting said he told the other accused student, imagine if that was me shooting. according to the affidavit, the 14-year-old student told police he only discussed the details of the alleged plan because he thought it was a joke. >> it was not a joke. there's far too much planning that went into this. the other kids took it very seriously, and they were scared and reported it. >> reporter: the two boys charged with conspiracy to commit murder. authorities saying those students who came forward are heroes. by speaking up, they may have prevented a tragedy.
7:16 am
guys. >> eva, those children, those students certainly are heroes. thanks for that reporting. and as you notice, ron is not here this morning so we'll try our best to take over news duties. we're never going to reach the pinnacle of news reading like ron, but -- >> you got this. >> i'm not sure about that. we want to dig into other stories we're covering. we'll begin in chicago where the city's top cop is recovering after a very public health scare. superintendent eddie johnson appearing to grow faint loses balance during a press conference on friday. johnson blamed that lightheadedness on taking blood pressure medication on an empty stomach while also revealing he is on a waiting list for a kidney transplant. johnson took over the force in march. and some sad news out of hollywood. the world is remembering actor john hurt this morning, the star of "the elephant man," "alien" and, of course, the "harry potter" movies had been batting pancreatic cancer over the past few years. john hurt, 77 years old. and in los angeles, surveillance cameras capturing a violent crash involving a school bus. you got to watch this. the white car that was stopped
7:17 am
at the intersection, the driver makes a left turn. an oncoming suv swerves to avoid a collision, loses control, crashes into a school bus. that bus hits two parked cars dragging one along the street and completely crushing it. luckily, no one was inside, and no one was injured on the bus. >> that's incredible nobody was injured. yeah. all right, and finally police in florida want to know who this man is. take a close look. caught on camera as he finds an envelope on the floor and takes off with it. turns out there were super bowl tickets in that envelope. the mother of a chicago bears player, cre'von leblanc, accidentally dropping them while shopping. the nfl has since blocked those tickets, so now they are worthless. can you imagine that conversation between cre'von and his mom, mom, what did you do? >> she's like, wait, you aren't going to the super bowl. by the way, the bears are not in the super bowl, the falcons and patriots. who do you have? >> i got the falcons. after ten years in atlanta i have to go with the falcons, for sure, rise up, baby. >> rise up.
7:18 am
what's going on in weather? >> well, this is in honor of our local blowhard who is not here, ron claiborne, in his home state of california, the santa ana winds are blowing. this is what it did to a couple of semis tipping over east of l.a. and the trees down in spots after all that rain last week, certainly loosening up the soil making them unstable. but the winds gusting in spots. fremont canyon 87 miles an hour and pill hill outside of san diego, 96 miles an hour. and we'll see that again today. things will begin to calm down just a little bit. but warnings and advisories up through this afternoon and then things will really start to quiet down. much of the west thankfully quieter. lake-effect snow cranking across much of the lakes including erie and ontario could see one to two feet pile up. so far they've got 8 to 1 10 good saturday morning, i'm meteorologist lisa argen, the view from emeryville is clear and chilly but we'll look for warmer days for the next several days the wet pattern returns for
7:19 am
the second half of the upcoming workweek. enjoy upper 50s to the low 60s. the accuweather 7-day forecast, another chilly start but mid-60 aegs will arrive throughout the middle of next week. clouds increase on tuesday and rain arrives by mimimimimimimimi i've got nothing else for mi now. i'm just going to enjoy my seat. >> don't go anywhere. >> no. >> we'll see you in a little bit. >> love your presence here. yes, we have been talking about the sister showdown, the 28th time that venus and serena have gone head-to-head at the australian open, and this was the 28th time that they faced one another. >> it's so incredible. we knew the winner was going to be a williams but which one would it be. a spoiler alert now, if you don't want to know who won, time to grab another cup of coffee, diane is here with more on the epic match pitting sister against sister. but at this point i think people kind of already know, right? >> earmuffs to anyone who doesn't want to know. for the rest of you, a very big win here for serena. she is now number one for most grand slam titles in the open
7:20 am
era, tied for the most australian open titles and this win means she retakes her spot as the number one women's player in the world. but she says she couldn't have done it without her big sister venus who incidentally is also making history. >> 23-time grand slam champion, serena williams. >> reporter: this morning serena williams is shattering records defeating older sister venus in straight sets to top the list for most grand slam titles of any woman in the modern open era. >> there's no way i would be at 23 without her. there's no way i would be at one without her. there's no way i would have anything without her. she's my inspiration, she's the only reason i'm standing here today and the only reason the williams sisters exist. >> reporter: serena is regaining her rank as the number one women's tennis player in the world with her seventh australian open win. this is the 28th overall meeting between the two williams sisters and little sister serena dominated throughout the match. they've come a long way since their first showdown almost 20 years ago.
7:21 am
>> your win has always been my win. i think you know that, and all the times that i couldn't be there or wouldn't be there, didn't get there, you were there. [ laughter ] >> reporter: and venus, 36, is making some history of her own becoming the oldest australian open finalist of all time, even after being diagnosed with a career-threatening autoimmune illness six years ago. she's now ranked number 11 in the world. >> thank you, venus, for inspiring me to be the best player that i could be and inspire me to work hard. every time you won this week, i felt like i got a win too. >> can't watch that and not have your heart melt. serena has always credited venus for making her a better playing so how fitting they faced each other in what turned out to be a historic match for both of them. >> incredible. >> certainly is. i love how serena always elevates herself by elevating others and her sister. >> some are saying she is the greatest athlete of all time. >> we can say that undisputed greatest of all time. >> arguably at least.
7:22 am
>> we've been saying it since wimbledon. coming up on "gma" -- >> late on that one. -- a houston man charged with killing his neighbor. why he is claiming self-defense and why the victim's family isn't buying it. plus, the important advice about gift cards. the abc news fixer helps one couple reclaim their balance and shares tips on how to avoid losing money on yours. we will be right back. "good morning america" is brought to you by intuit turbotax. relax, there's turbotax. brought to you by intuit turbotax. relax, there's turbotax. miss t. i'm in the personal training game now. the khaled exercise program. you know, shreds pounds. you feel me? i feel you. can i deduct some of the training equipment? yes, if it's exclusively for work, you can enter the expenses here. ma'am, i'm working. trust me i'm workin. climb the mountain top. hey, yo jerome! come on let's go!
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good morning east bay. let's get up and get going. this is abc 7 mornings. developing news out of the south bay this morning. san jose police investigating a car crash that left three people injured. it happened just before 2:00 this morning at east humbolt. bystanders say the car was
7:28 am
traveling at least 100 miles an hour. sflchblts lisa argen has your forecast. >> good morning to you. 46 degrees in oakland. 42 in san francisco. look at that, 33 in gilroy with the wind at 50 in half moon bay. in emoryville it's clear. we'll look at the numbers climbing throughout the day today. afternoon highs near average. 61 in san jose. we're getting warmer and then wet. >> lisa, thanks. the news continues now with "good morning america."
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life's bleachable moments need clorox bleach. and welcome back to "gma" on a saturday morning. happening right now, sweeping changes. president trump fulfilling more campaign promises issuing a new executive order suspending immigration from several countries. many of them muslim. imposing new limits on who will be allowed to enter the u.s. and banning some syrian refugees indefinitely. next on president trump's agenda, a phone call with russian president vladimir putin. also right now, new jersey governor chris christie cleared in a case related to the george washington bridge lane closing scandal also known as bridgegate. prosecutors saying they didn't think they could prove a case against him in court. the governor has long denied any involvement in the 2013 incident. and happy year of the rooster. midnight marked the lunar new year celebrated around the world with weekend festivals and colorful displays.
7:31 am
according to the chinese zodiac, those born in the year of the rooster are independent, warm-hearted and punctual. now, some celebrities born in the year of the rooster, justin timberlake, talking about j.t., elton john -- >> i love it when you use pop culture lingo. >> the nomenclature. preferred nomenclature. serena williams and guess who else, the legend, diane sawyer. >> diane sawyer is a rooster. >> diane sawyer. >> i want to be a rooster. but i'm not. i'm a rabbit. what are you, diane? >> i don't know. i'm going to have look it up. >> wait. >> i'll have to get back to you. >> what are you? >> a goat. i'm going to own it. >> i'm a monkey. >> there you go. >> here, we've got a list. diane, get back to us on that, all right. but first we want to talk about a texas man charged with murder in the shooting death of his neighbor. >> now, her family is speaking out about what they say happened during the deadly confrontation. abc's marci gonzalez here with more. marci, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tom and paula. investigators just confirmed to us this morning that the victim had an ongoing argument with the suspect. but the victim's family says they don't believe the suspect's claim that he acted out of fear
7:32 am
for his life, instead, offering a much different possible motive. this morning, this murder suspect out on $50,000 bond charged with gunning down his next-door neighbor in the front yard of her texas home claiming self-defense in what the victim's family instead believes was an act of revenge. >> all we want is just for this monster to be locked up. he's out walking the streets. >> reporter: ana weed's family says the 53-year-old grandmother helped hector campos' now estranged wife escape from the marriage claiming that after months of tension, campos retaliated tuesday shooting weed once in the chest during an argument sparked when one of her dogs ran onto his property. >> he took away a beautiful, beautiful soul. she had so many plans. >> reporter: weed's husband seen here kneeling by her side just after the shooting as a neighbor points a gun keeping campos at bay until police rush in and arrest the accused murderer. he's pleaded not guilty telling
7:33 am
a different side of the story. his attorney telling abc news weed assaulted campos aggressively shoving him then attacking him a second time targeting his throat. >> well, mr. campos and his attorney are going to have to convince a court that mr. campos was going to suffer serious bodily harm or death. >> reporter: and a judge ordered campos to stay in the county, turn over his passport and he now has to wear a gps ankle monitor until at least his next court appearance scheduled for march. >> such a wild case, all right, marci, thanks so much. >> all right. time now for another look at the weather and, rob, last week we were talking about tornadoes in the south. any quieter this week? >> much, much quieter, but just retracing what happened last week because some of the official numbers and reports are in, look at this. seven reported tornadoes, that confirmed tornado, two ef-3s, two ef-2s across albany, alabama, mississippi,
7:34 am
florida and georgia. this is the albany tornado 70 miles long at times over a mile wide, devastating in the afternoon and overnight one shorter still an ef-3 and hit in the middle of the night with the most fatalities. much quieter right now. thankfully. waves of cold getting back to winter across the northeast and by this morning looking at teens and 20s for windchills getting all the way down to the south. but look at monday. we get another shot of cold air and monday at noon it'll feel like 11 in chicago, 22 in new york and 28 degrees in raleigh, and there will be a couple of little clipper systems that may dump a dusting of 2, 3, 4 inches of snow across parts of the good morning to you. a live look outside from mount tam. we see a beautiful sunrise. temperatures will climb through the upper 50s. afternoon highs in the upper this weather repor upper this weather report is brought to you by silk and on a
7:35 am
sports programming note, nba saturday continues this weekend, tune in tonight for the clippers versus the warriors, that's at 8:30 eastern time right here on abc. so, we've got tennis, we've got basketball, the pro bowl and, of course, the super bowl next week. >> next week. i'm excited for that. oh, and by the way, real quick your chinese zodiac sign is what in case people didn't hear. >> i'm the year of the dog and clearly so excited about it, i accidentally shouted it. >> that's okay. >> apologies to everyone who heard me even without a microphone. all right. coming up on "good morning america" later today, why you shouldn't wait to cash in on those holiday gift cards. how one couple's experience had them calling the abc news fixer. and the hit movie heading to broadway with some help from a music legend. the story in "pop news" with diane, who i don't think has anything to do with a dog, by the way. your zodiac sign. >> no? >> you're more of a cat. >> no? >> more of a cat.
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welcome back. welcome back. so some of us, not all of us because i don't love them but a lot of us found gift cards with our names on them under the tree this holiday season. >> you don't like gift cards? >> i find it's a little lazy. it's kind of a lazy gift. >> see, i think it's pragmatic. >> cash or just a gift. >> you can give them to all of us. thank you, tom. the advice from our abc news fixer this morning is start cashing them in if you haven't
7:40 am
done so already, tom, or you could find yourself holding a piece of worthless plastic. ♪ mei mei giang has a whole gift card collection. she got this one for bloomingdale's a couple christmases ago. >> i just put it away in the drawer and forgot all about it. >> reporter: when she and her husband mark finally tried to use it online -- >> the site said not able to redeem the card at this time. >> reporter: they tried unsuccessfully to fix it over the phone. >> i thought if i showed someone the physical card, that it would not be a problem. >> reporter: they tried unsuccessfully to fix it over the phone finally reaching bloomingdale's. >> they said that the card had been archived. we found that kind of frustrating, to put it mildly. >> reporter: turns out bloomingdale's had frozen mei mei's card, a security measure some retailers use to prevent fraud. our fixer stephanie zimmermann
7:41 am
consulted cybersecurity expert alan brill who said bad guys love unused gift cards. >> i look at these cards and i say how can i get the data? >> reporter: scammers steal the information using skimmers and fake scratch-off stickers. see this p.i.n.? >> underneath the scratchoff. >> but that's to protect you, right? >> and it would protect you except if i scratched it off, i can put another piece of tape that's a scratch-off. >> reporter: they wait until the card has been purchased then, boom, they steal the card's money. the fixer called bloomingdale's. >> it's stephanie zimmermann from abc news. >> reporter: letting them know mei mei wasn't a scammer and asked them to unfreeze her card. bloomingdale's restored mei mei's $100 balance. they also threw in an extra $50 just for her trouble. an estimated $1 billion in gift cards goes unused each year, so stephanie's biggest piece of advice is -- >> use them quickly. don't let them sit in a drawer where they could get lost or hacked. >> both: it's fixed.
7:42 am
thanks, abc news fixer. >> so, the lesson, you need to go home and get your gift cards out of drawer, dust them off and use them by the end of the day. >> or give them to us. >> or why don't you just give them to us? >> we'll take the billion dollars. a billion dollars lost every year. >> isn't that crazy. >> i lose the cards too. >> watching the piece, rob marciano. if you have a consumer problem for the abc news fixer, you can find stephanie at she's already recovered 1.9 million for frustrated consumers and maybe she'll fix your problem right here on "gma." >> all right. coming up on "good morning america," your super bowl snack plan. dave z in the house providing his penalty flag and touchdowns in our "weekend download." >> is that beer? it's beer. >> it looks good. ipas. but no matter what path i take, i go for my best. so if there's something better than warfarin, i'll go for that too. eliquis. eliquis reduced the risk of stroke better than warfarin,
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♪ and welcome back. it is one of the best times of
7:46 am
the year, the big game is just one week away, and many of us already are thinking about what to eat and drink. thankfully abc news nutrition and wellness correspondent and author of "zero sugar diet: the 14-day plan to flatten your belly, crush cravings and help keep you lean for life," now, that's a plan right there, dave zinczenko is here to help us figure out our super bowl game plan. so, dave, the first of its kind, easy, it's about color? >> yeah, not the color of the uniforms. what we're talking about, the color of the chips. you want to avoid the chips that are all the same color because you're going to mindlessly eat too many of them. it's like a bottomless beige bowl. mix up the colors and you'll eat up to 50% less. >> really? >> yes. >> and eat slow, right, because chips you can go so fast. >> exactly. try to go for the multigrain. >> now, dips, we have some incredible dips here including a nacho cheese dip that's calling my name. >> i'm throwing the penalty flag on the cheesy grocery store dips. make your own. it takes five minutes to make a five-layer. you get guacamole as the first layer and then you come in with
7:47 am
some black bean -- >> i'll go after this. see how it is. >> the healthy fat and greek yoga instead of sour cream and then salsa and then you top it with some indulgent cheddar cheese. >> that's solid. that's so good. >> and you boil it for two minutes. >> let's talk about beer, the important part here. >> here's what you want to do. alcohol by volume, if it's 6% to 10%, i'm throwing a penalty flag on that. some of these indian pale ales are up to 250 calories. that's like eating half of a big mac. so, look for a session beer which is around 4%, 3%, that's 125 calories, so every beer you're saving about 125 calories. >> is it also an ipa or just stay away from the ipas altogether? >> yes, yes, some of the craft beers now have session beers so they're in the 4% range so you can drink a little bit more and not feel like you're having half of a big mac. >> one of your best-selling books was about smoothies. in all honesty, i'm actually -- my wife and i are doing one of those diets right now. can we make a smoothie with all the things on this table including the beer? >> the beer is going to be a little bit tough but maybe the dip. >> all right, dave z, thanks so much. we appreciate it.
7:48 am
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♪ "good morning america" is brought to you by king's hawaiian food. irresistible since 1950. best time of the day, time for "pop news" and diane's got it. >> and this is one of my favorite "pop news" items ever. so first up -- >> ever. >> "hamilton" is headed for the super bowl. the groundbreaking musical is ready to take center stage after the original skyler sisters from the show were chosen to perform "america the beautiful." now, this is extra cool because phillipa soo, renee elise goldsberry and jasmine cephas jones have all moved on from the musical so this will also be kind of a reunion for them and lin-manuel miranda is clearly excited. he posted this tweet saying, when you facetime your friends from britain because they're practicing their song for the super bowl. what! they will join luke bryan who will sing "the national anthem" and lady gaga, of course, is heading the halftime show. so, even if you don't care about
7:53 am
the game and you're not loving the commercials, lots of reasons to watch the super bowl this year. >> that's the great thing about the super bowl, because there's something for everybody. >> for everyone. >> always an event. speaking of things to get excited about, elton john is set to bring "the devil wears prada" to broadway, and it's going to be a musical. >> oh. >> the legendary rocker is going to pen a few songs for the adaptation collaborating with writer paul rudnick. the duo will rework the 2003 novel and, of course, the 2006 movie starring meryl streep and anne hathaway. and this is the part where i'm supposed to tell you the plot of the film, but i'm hoping you have all seen it. and if not, well, then you have your homework assignment. >> gentlemen, have you seen "the devil wears prada"? >> numerous times. >> about an intern that gets abused more or less. is that -- >> and the fashion industry and meryl streep. >> meryl streep is amazing as always. >> all of her awesomeson. >> meryl streep is amazing. the whole film is amazing. >> you didn't answer the question. did you see how he equivocated? >> i don't discriminate. i see all film, you know. >> he's a cineophile. >> he didn't see it. >> he doesn't want to answer this question. >> a cineophile. >> someone who loves the cinema.
7:54 am
>> what's next? what's next? >> go ahead, diane. >> and mcdonald's has a new way to order. they are unveiling -- i kid you not -- the big mac atm. they're launching it in boston's kenmore square. you just walk up to the machine and choose between the regular big mac, the smaller mac junior or the larger grand mac and, voila, it spits out a hot burger for free. you do not have to pay. you will, however, have to keep track of your calendar because that pop-up station will only be active on january 31st between 11:00 and 2:00, and you'll also have to provide your twitter handle, and the atm then sends out a promotional tweet from each customer's order before giving you the burger, so you can't enjoy your big mac in secret. >> so, no twitter address, no -- >> no big mac. >> you got to sell your soul. i'm okay with that. >> rob, rob marciano -- >> you'll see. i'll be at the atm in just a sec. >> a lot of people are wondering, aren't the burgers going to be stale? the franchise owner in boston
7:55 am
says the machine will be replenished with hot, fresh burgers. he won't say how. he says, that part is a secret. >> is a chicken nugget one happening? is that in the works? >> right now, just the big mac, but i at least am crossing my fingers for more. chips ahoy is unveiling two new additions to their line of thin snacks, double chocolate and oatmeal. i brought some here for you. we can give a little taste test and because i'm a child, i have my glass of milk so i can dip them. >> dunking them in your milk. adorable. >> the company is literally taking the big reveal to new heights. they have built a giant ten-foot-tall cookie jar in new york city and fans were actually invited to guess how many cookies in the jar. you want to guess? guesses? >> is it like -- looks like 50,091. >> ah, cheaters. >> you cannot put the -- you can't put the answer in the prompter. >> so, if you guessed it right, if you went to new york city and placed your guess, you would get a year's supply of thins. >> these are good. >> 50,091. >> the problem is you eat so much of them because they're just light. >> they're light. >> that is the -- >> that means i can eat twice the amount of cookies. >> diane? >> yes. >> keep dunking your cookies. tom, you're coming back tomorrow, right? are you sure? >> it was so much fun and you
7:56 am
were incredible. >> no, you were -- >> you were playing injured. playing injured. >> i burned my hand. >> kiss the ring, love you. thank you for watching "good morning america." we'll see you tomorrow. thanks for joining us. >> bye-bye, guys. >> de kiss the boo-boo? good morning. happening today, a's fans have a chance to meet some of their favorite players today. the a's will host their annual fanfest. fans can get autographs, have pictures taken with their heroes. there will be interactive games and food trucks.
7:57 am
it is free. today is the year of the rooster. san francisco zoo pretty much has you covered. the zoo is inviting guests to celebrate year of the rooster with traditional chinese dance performances and zodiac animal scavenger hunt. anyone born in the year of the rooster will get into the zoo free this weekend and next. the zoo opens at 10:00. meteorologist lisa argen has your forecast. >> certainly still frosty out there from the east bay hills. you'll notice all the sunshine. the temperatures hovering just above freezing in the inland valleys. gilroy 33. it is 42 in san francisco. 50 half moon bay. this is santa cruz, but check out the mid-30s from livermore. 34 in santa rosa. 36 in concord. compared to yesterday at this time, we are two to five degrees colder. but by the afternoon we'll be
7:58 am
warming up we'll be in the upper 60s by the middle of the week. also wet weather returning. we'll talk about it coming up. >> lisa, thank you. up next, church crews prepare to pick up a search for a woman after her car crashed into the alameda creek. plus, san francisco's archbishop reacts to president trump's new immigration policy. abc 7 news at 8:00 coming up next.
7:59 am
you said you wanted to feel better about your cereal. general mills big g cereals hear you. that's why we say "yes" to whole grains as our first ingredient. and "no way" to high fructose corn syrup. ♪ in every honey nut "o". every lucky charms spoonful. and every cinnamon toast crunch square. ♪ you can feel good about general mills big g cereals.
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it's saturday, january 28th. a quick look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi there, cornell. good morning to you. with the clear sky, the light winds. and a little bit of fog out there. this morning. temperatures around the bay are in the 30s. and some 40s. here's a live look from the east bay hills camera, where you can see a little bit of haze out there and high clouds. up around the bay we're looking at more clear conditions from the sierra nevada. temperatures there started out around zero, going for a high in the upper 30s. and we're looking at a lot of sunshine today north of the golden gate bridge, high clouds. we'll look for numbers later on this afternoon near 60 degrees. that's near average. we'll talk about above-average temperatures and a return to some rain coming up a little bit later. >> lisa, thank you. happening now, officials have closed off niles canyon road in alameda county as they


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