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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  January 29, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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protesters remain. seio >> reporter: they've been here for a pretty good part of the day. this is international terminal a. they've actuallies dissipating a bit, but since they have been here the security line has been shut down for a few hours now. there's a bunch of people mulling around, people walking by with signs. there is actually three groups f people that have been here.s one group at international terminal a, another over at international termial g, and that's caused some challenges for a lot of the international travelers coming through san francisco in fact it's asking passengers to arrive here about three hours early. that's because they will have to go through tsa security at domestic terminal 3. they can then walk into
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international terminal g or get bus toss international terminal a. now, there have been, like i mentioned three large groups, each one has been at the security lines here at tsa, and then there's another one that is downstairs at international arrivals. now, i want to come back out here live and show you that at international arrivals, there is a whole team of people along with those demonstrators, a team of attorney general, who are trying to connect with international passengers, and their families, who may be having some difficulty going through customs and border protection lines. now, again, if you are passing through san francisco international airport as an international traveler, you should come through here about three hours early. if you're catching a domestic flight, it probably is not a bad idea to come early through here as well, because a lot of those people going through screening will be going through the
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domestic terminals. that's likely going to slow 24i7x down as well. >> thanks, sergio. abc 7 news reporter kernel bernard watch it also from sfo. >> reporter: a bit hard to hear you right now, but sfo officials estimate that five people were detained today under the new immigration order. all of them have been released, we are told. you'll hear from one of those men in just a moment. another man says his relative was actually deported today. let me show you what's going on right now. this is the south entrance to security here in the departures level at the% national terminal where protesters continued to make their presence known. this has been happening all days as sergio mentioned. sfo officials estimate right now up to 1,000 protesters are here inside the international terminal.
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they say they're not going anywhere. [ chanting ] >> reporter: hundreds of demonstrators packed the international arrivals terminal at sfo for the second day to protest president trump's ban on refugees, migrants and foreign nationals from entering the u.s. the crowd, some of them immigration attorneys, demanding the release of travelers being held by customs agents. >> attorneys are here, protesters are here, they're not going anywhere until people get let out. ben asani got bad news. >> i got a phone call from a lawyer that when she went to visit him, they told him he's on the road to the airport to get deported. we just want to find out what's going on. >> we have a president who is racist, profiling -- >> ahmad has been waiting hours for his nephew traveling from yemen with a green card,
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detained by homeland security officials. >> i'm glad you are america, are a democratic country, and i hope that justice will be done. >> reporter: congressman eric swallwell is -- >> i am determined to support the fight in the courts. >> reporter: later in the day, good news for the abuzaid family. their nephew released. >> i feel better with you guys around me. >> reporter: he travels frequently to the u.s., but was told little about why he was being held. he wasn't alone. others were being questioned rupp home were being detained? >> the room was full. >> reporter: protesters vowed to return until president trump changes his immigration order. >> abc 7 news was in san jose where a group together we will held a smaller protest at city
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hall. about 100 people came together against president trump's executive order. organizer saying it could ruin diversity. >> if we keep out immigrants, we keep out part of what makes this country. discrimination a un-american. >> she says the rallies happening around the united states inspired her to do the same in the south bay. the protests are happens abc news reporter david wright has more. >> president trump's second week in office is kicking off the same way his first did, with widespread protests. coast to coast demonstrators are rallies against a president's pick tiff order temporary ily designated as have i ties to terror. overnight federal judges temporarily stayed, making way for refugees who rob detained at
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u.s. airports, allowing them to reunite with their families. >> donald trump seems to want us to believe that immigrants are either terrorists or criminals. look at these faces. are they any threat to america? no, they're the promise to america. >> reporter: some refugees are telling their stories. mohammed hamid says he was targeted by terrorists after working with troops in iraq. >> we were off brinkle being killed. >> reporter: this american sit zest he fought for years to get hits daughter and grandchildren out of syria. >> i have my own business, i have my own house, about i don't my children with me. i have another daughter in lebanon stuck. >> reporter: many people have recalled visas are stuck in legal limbo. >> you see it tess airports,i working out very nicely. >> reporter: the president and his team are on defense.
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>> that's what the president is to ensure the people were letting into our country are coming here with peaceful purposes, not to do us harp. >> reporter: a growing number of republican lawmakers now say the policy is flawed. >> bad news is that obviously this process and these conclusions were not vetted. >> reporter: david wright, abc news, washington. the heads of two major ride-sharing services in san francisco are taking action against the president's order. this morning the cofounders of lyft pledged to donate a million over the next four years to the american civil liberties unity to defend the constitution, saying lyft stands firmly against the ban. the aclu has raced more than $19 million saturday in response to the executive order. uber's ceo says he will talk to president trump friday. the company plans to compensate any drivers who cannot return home and work for the next three
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months. he sis on the business advisory group that will meet with president trump for the first time on friday. the ceo of walt disney company, which owns abc 7, and elon musk, are also part of that group. we have a closer look at the app that the president's executive order is having. download the app for free and enable push alerts to get news updates as they happen. spacex plans another launch this week, but it won't be like any other done before. what has many buzzing. going green isn't always easy, but a bay area restaurant made it looks easy, thanks to this new family that just moved in. i'm drew tuma, finishing up a wonderful weekend, dry and
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tomorrow for the first time in five years, a rocket will launch from the kennedy space center. spacex is launching from the complex 39-a where shuttles used to fly from before that part of the space program withdraws shut down. it's been remodeled to support
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the falcon-9 rockets and unrevealed falcon heavy rocket, which will have the thrust of -- people are excited to see the launchpad back in action. satisfiedics has the exclusive use of the launchpad until 2024. a environmentally friendly approach. using barn owls, and here's live look at an owl cam set up in moss landing. i think we caught one on its lunch break. they decided not to use poisons, instead they set up a barn owl box in december, hoping to lure new residents. sure enough, the owls moved in and have since laid eight eggs. a barn owl family can catch and eat up to a dozen rodents a night. well, a theft inspires acts of kinds in. why two many girls were so thankful for this stuffed animal
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and a crate of lemons to made lemonade. serious. plus more rain is on the way. drew tuma has the forecast. and the niners, according to sourceses have decided on their general manager, safety john lynch. this is not what most people we
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police said the girls werchd inside for just a moment, and somebody grabbed their lemons, a stuffed animals and their cash. a response, whole foods donated a crate of lemonses toy, and police and a resident donated $70. northern california's biggest vietnamese celebration is happening in and out. for the vitt in a meet tet festival. it goes until 10:00 tonight. now your accuweather forecast with drew tomb ra.
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the warmer air actually rises tomorrow before the storms make a return. liv doppler 7 scanning the skies, coming up with the all-year everything is a-okay. if you have a flight attorney, there's no weather issues. we will likely see some issues with our travel in the skies. but out there a light jack is about all you need. in terms of january numbers, the same in an so hay. just dropped to 53 napa the cool spot coming in in the upper 40s. it will be a blend of stars and clouds. a they'll fall into the 30s, most spots around the bay falling into the low 40s. san jose, your -- and right
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around 38. so you will need a jacket. you will also need the sun glasses. it's a mainly clear start. as we head into the afternoon, you'll have a few high fair-weather clouds moving through. lots of sunshine, and once again temperatures well into the 60s tomorrow afternoon, so enjoy this spring fling. it's nice. a high of 67 in san jose, a comfortable 63 in. 62 in livermore, santa rosa up to 64 degrees, you may notice tomorrow afternoon a bit of haze in the atmosphere. the air quality is declining. tomorrow, especially in the north bay, we'll have poor air quality. a spare the air day has issued for monday. you cannot burn wood unless that's your sole source of heat this time of year. as we take a look at the chance of rain, we are dry. do not need the umbrella by
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tuesday, but wednesday the rain returns, so the storm impact scale, bring it on back. i know you miss this. it's a 1. it's a light system lasting through friday. we're tracking scattered showers, it would be breezy at times. good news, power outages limited and low concern. there's minor flooding possible, our soil already saturated from a wet month. so future weather gets you into wednesday. the showers likely not moving until lay wednesday night. the steadiest rain will probably occur on thursday, continuing through friday, but light in nature. so the accuweather seven-day forecast tomorrow, enjoy the mild weather if you like it. lots of sunshine. dry on tuesday, it's wednesday night the rain returns, the rain gear needed thursday, continuing into friday. saturday and sunday we're drying
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out and sunshine returns, but you can't play golf -- you can. you better get it in tomorrow. >> thanks, drew. now abc 7 sports with mike shumann. all right. adam schefter of espn is reporting that the niners have agreed to sign former stanford and tampa bay safety john lynch as their new general manager. apparently john called kyle shanahan and volunteered the job, but has no experience. he's a class act and has been offered a reported six-year deal. he won a summer bowl ring with the buccaneers, so he knows the game. this tells me that kyle shanahan, who's a front-runner for the head coaching job will get final say on the roster and perhaps more power than lynch, which may be why most general managers turned the job down. putting his neck on the line with these two hires. needs has experience at their position. >>. all right for the second
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straight year, the all-stare game was a three on satellite tournament with on, all representing the pa civics. the first round they took on the center division's all-stars pavelski would get his later. on the same line, two the the best players, metropolitan wins 10-6 metropolitan scored two goals in five seconds and with 40 seconds left. he had a wide-open net. and the post, metropolitan wins the all-star game 4-3.
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they split a million dollar check. we had an instant classic in the men's final at the australian open. roger federer and raffia nadal faced off in an epic five-setter. ninth meeting in a major championship between these two, fed top of your screen, oldest -- first and third sets, forehand winner down the line there. nadal would not go away quietly. watch him track this down, crosscourt winner, forcing a fifth set. federer was down 3-1 in the fifth. battles back on matchpoint, couldn't celebrate, because nadal challenged the call. it's in. he won his 18th grand slam title in five sets. >> tennis is a tough sport. there's no draws. if there was going to be one, i
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would be happy to accept one tonight and share it with raft ra, really. to torrey pines, patrick rogers, coleader coming in shot an even par. there's a birdie here, but brandt snedeker trying to join phil and tiger as the only three-a time wincer charles howell iii in at ten under thanks to this birdie, but john rahm, with two eagles on the back nine for a 7 under, 65. he already has a one-stroke lead from eagle from the fringe, and it's going to go in. under his -- at 22, the youngest to win this tournament and former asu sun devil with a pac-12 victory. falcons arrived in houston today for super bowl li, first appearance in the big game since 1999, losing to john elway and the broncos. they hope to change that outcome
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on sunday, but they are three-point underdogs. i railroads john lynch, currently a fox analyst, but this is bizarre. matt millen was hired by detroit in this fashion and it was a disaster. lynch played for shanahan's dad mike in denver. stay tuned. eric? schu, thanks a lot. a family film dogged by controversy. calling
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heavy, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing coughing breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask covered california. it's more than just health care. it's life care.
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took at 9:00 over on kofy-tv 20, the effort to use these futurist innovations to bring back an event of days gone by. and at 11:00 here we have live team coverage of the protests here in the bay area and across the country against president trump's extreme vetting executive order. "a dog's purpose" failed to take a top spot following the controversy. animal rights supportsers called for a boycott after a video surfaced showing a frightened dog being forced into rushing water. the studio canceled the media tour and hollywood premiere, but still released the film in 3,000 theirs. a dog's purpose came in second behind "split."
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"hidden figures" and "la la land" finished in the top five. you can watch the oscars live on february 26thth, we invite you to check out the abc news app for a complete list of nominees, not including anyone up here. that's it for news at 6:00. we'll see you again at 9:00 and 11th.
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>> hi, everyone. i'm lizzie bermudez. welcome to "bay area life," the place where lifestyle, interests, food, and entertainment all come together. there's so much to explore. on today's show, we're discovering the beauty and adventure of utah. >> we have the benefit of the great salt lake, which kind of helps produce some of these amazing storms that come through and dump all this snow here at the resorts. so i think we have some of the best skiing, some of the best powder anywhere in the world. >> then, we're going into the twilight zone. >> and i wanted to show people that there are these reefs, these ecosystems that exist that nobody knows anything about. scientists are just beginning to scratch the surface of what we understand are coral reefs. >> and we're filling our bellies with mexican fare. >> now we're gonna taste it. i'm gonna give you a taste of this delicious guacamole, and you... >> ooh, that looks g


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