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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  January 30, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PST

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and ran straight into the tree also knocked down a power line, which is adding to the cleanup time there. crews had to make sure the line wasn't live before they cleared the scene. we have breaking news this morning. iraq is taking swift action in response to president trump's executive order temporarily banning citizens from seven muslim majority countries from entering the u.s. iraq's parliament approved a reciprocity measure this morning that restricts americans from entering iraq. it is not clear yet who that applies to. the president's order imposed a 90-day ban on u.s. travel by citizens of iraq, syria, iran, sudan, libya, somalia and yemen, and a 120-day suspension of the u.s. refugee program. a warning for travelers after impassioned protests at sfo. >> hundreds packed the terminal denouncing president trump's order. amy hollyfield is live this morning. >> good morning, reggie. the protesters have gone home.
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if you're traveling here to the international terminal, here is what you can expect. business as usual. officials tell me protesters left about 10:00 last night. it is quiet here. flights are going on as normal. here is what it looked like yesterday. more than 1,000 protesters packed into the international terminal at sfo. there were so many people, officials at one point shut down the security checkpoint. they are protesting the executive order issued by president donald trump that focuses on who can come into the country. saying no refugees will be allowed for the next four months. it places an indefinite ban on syrian refugees and bars people from seven muslim majority countries. people here, the protesters call it, unacceptable. >> i don't know what my life would have like if i hadn't been allowed to come into this country. i want to make sure that other people have the same right to a good life as i did when i here. it is very important. >> now, there were travelers at sfo who were detained for hours
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because of the executive order. officials say they have all been released. there is a request for people here in the bay area, if you have someone traveling here from one of those countries and you're having trouble reaching them, the aclu is asking that you contact them so they can get you some help. reporting live at sfo, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> thank you. among the protesters was a small army of lawyers and law students to offer legal counsel for travelers who may be gummed up in a confusing border security situation. >> there's a lot of confusion about that. there's also confusion about who is controlling the people that board overseas that come here, with what types of documentation. green cards verse non-immigrant visas, refugees. >> organizers tell us the international passengers they had been tracking made it through customs and reunited with their loved ones. >> where does all this stand
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legally? federal judges were quick to react over the weekend after suits were filed in four states on behalf of these detainees. in all four cases, the district court judge issued emergency stays, includie ining one in ne york, who issued a nationwide stay. important to note, the cases apply only to people already in the states or in transit to the u.s. not those who are still hoping to come here. next, the cases for preliminary injunction would be heard, only temporary. if appealed, the trial at the federal appellate level could stop the enforcement all together. while getting to the supreme court normally takes years, a yale professor said in rare cases of, quote, importance, it can go straight to the highest court. democratic senator diane feinstein plans to introduce a pair of bills today, one of which would immediately rescind
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the order. she'd need republican support for it to pass. the gop holds 52 of the seats. at least four republican senators say the order is extreme. nancy pelosi says house democrats will introduce their own bill to rescind the ban. freshman california senator harris is embracing feinstein's effort and emerging as a protest leader. harris joined hundreds of protesters outside the white house yesterday. anyone tained at a port of entry she demands has right to counsel. >> we are going to fight for our immigrant brothers and sisters because they and we are what makes this country great. >> harris says no matter what the white house calls it, the president's executive order is a muslim ban. >> president trump released a statement yesterday. this is not about religion. this is about terror and keeping our country safe. there are over 40 different
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countries worldwide that are majority muslim not affected by this order. we will again be issuing visas to all countries once we have implemented the most secure policies over the next 90 days. >> trump's fellow republicans fear the ban will affect how people in the muslim world view america. john mccain and lindsey graham say it could give isis more propaganda. president trump responded in a tweet saying, quote, the two senators should focus on isis, illegal immigration and border security instead of always looking to start world war iii. the head of starbucks is responding by doubling down on his commitment to hire refugees. in a message, he writes, we are making plans to hire over 10,000 refugees over five years in 75 countries around the world where starbucks does business. in the u.s., it'll begin with workers who served with american troops as interpreters in war regions. uber ceo says he will talk with president trump this week about the immigration ban.
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he's on a business advisory board that will meet with the president the first time on friday. the san francisco-based company plans to compensate drivers for lost earnings and create a $3 million legal defense fund. thousands deleted their uber app over the weekend after uber decided to provide rides at jfk airport saturday in the middle of a taxi strike. britain is planning a backlash for a summer visit by the president. more than a million britains signed this, asking for the trip to be cancelled. in response, parliament is expected to debate suspending the visit because it could embarrass the queen. canada will offer temporary residency permits for people denied entrance into the u.s. by the president's order. >> immigration continues to play a key role in contributing to canada's well-being, to our economic prosperity and to our success as a nation. we're confident in our programs and will continue to ensure that
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our immigration system is about compassion, efficiency and economic opportunity, and the protection of the health, safety and security of canadians. >> the man you're listening to is canada's top immigration official. he was born in somalia. one of the nations on president trump's list. on our abc 7 news app, we have a closer look at the impact the president's executive order is having on people here in the bay area and across the country. you can download the app for free and enable push alerts to get news updates as they happen. developing news in canada. investigators are questioning two people who are under arrest for a suspected terror attack on a mosque. six people are dead. eight others are hurt. here's abc's reporter. >> reporter: the city is shocked after a deadly shooting at a mosque during prayers. two men dressed in black shoot at the quebec city islamic
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cultural center. >> received a call for shooting. a lot of police officer were here to try to know what happened and make the perimeter security. >> reporter: 39 people inside the mosque when the shooting began managed to escape unharmed. >> two suspects were arrested, and one was arrested here. the other one was arrested can confirm it was terrorism. >> reporter: so far, police have no reason to believe anyone else was involved in the shooting but the investigation is still in its early stages. >> the prime minister has said he would accept refugees into canada. this could create a backlash against the muslim community, which could have made the mosque a target for an attack. >> reporter: rallies are planned in quebec to honor the victims of the shooting and their families, as well as to show
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support for the muslim community. >> i want to say a few words to our fellow muslim quebecers. we are with you. this is your home. you're welcome here. we are also connected. >> reporter: elizabeth hur, abc news. delta is cancelling more flights as it deals with automation issues. this is the second day of trouble after the carrier was forced to ground domestic flights yesterday. so far today, about 80 flights have been cancelled. delta says they could add more to the list. a similar problem just a week ago also grounded delta domestic flights. last august, things got worse. a computer breakdown forced del la to cancel 2,000 flights over three days. >> announcer: now, your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> when you step outside, you may notice a little difference, especially in san francisco. look at clinton park, marina, all 50, 51 degrees. cool spots, lake
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ocean beach at 48. 45 in richmond. 43 for palo alto. 35 in santa clara, pleasanton, walnut creek. daly city, 42. quiet start on 680, at least it is dry. driving both times on the commute will be dry on the activity planner. out and about, poor air quality. it is a spare the air day. light breezes if you're going to be taking public transit, such as ferries. let's look at what's going on in the east bay hills, southwest 14 to 24. it is going to pump the temperatures in the low to mid 60s today. may get to 70 tomorrow. then the rain rolls in wednesday. we'll take an hour by hour look, who is expecting to get the worst air quality today, coming up next. here's alexis. >> i want to take you back to
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the problem we talked about ten minute ago. eastbound 24 before you get to the orinda exit. this is a sig alert. it was issued a few minutes ago. we've got the two right lanes open. the two left lanes are blocked due to a tree down on the road. three vehicles hit that. no injuries, cal tran cal trans is on the way. if you are traveling the countercommute there, you certainly could see delays. i'll keep an eye on that. now, westbound 80 looking great through emeryville. delays in the central valley. we'll look at that in less than ten. president trump's immigration order creates confusion for americans who hold green cards. a bay area husband is waiting a bay area husband is waiting for his wife to tureturn from
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>> announcer: abc 7 mornings. >> all news. >> all morning. >> back at 4:44. president trump's executive order is creating a lot of confusion for green card holders. the department of homeland security said permanent residents are supposed to be exempt. our reporter shows how it is impacting several families here in the bay area. >> haven't slept for two days. i would hear contradictory
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stories. >> reporter: this man is anxiously waiting for his wife to arrive at sfo after visiting family in iran for the past month. she tried to come home on friday but was told she couldn't despite her green card status. finally, after two days, she was allowed aboard a u.s.-bound flight. she is due to arrive monday afternoon. >> went to the airport, i spoke with three officers. border protection. every single one of them gave me an entirely different answer. dynamics has many families worried. a yale professor is a research a yale professor is a research fellow at uc his wife and daughter are on vacation in iran but wonders what the future can hold. >> if i cannot see my family, then we have to -- i cannot be separated from them. so it is very likely we are going to leave. >> reporter: sarah considers herself one of the lucky ones. she reunited with her mother after she was detained after
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arriving there. there is resentment they were put in that place. >> you work hard, pay taxes and are contributing to the community. it is unfair. that people with a green card are affected. >> reporter: a new administration bringing a level of uncertainty for an untold number of families. abc 7 news. concern is growing among the u.s. olympic committee and our olympic athletes. following president trump's order, the u.s. is worried its bid to host the 2024 games could be jeopardized. it could make international travel impossible. the committee is working close with the trump administration to understand the new rules. the parents of trayvon martin are weighing in on president trump's rhetoric, saying they're appalled. so much so, they may both seek political office. the martin family has been in the spotlight since 2012 when trayvon was shot and killed while unarmed. his parents worry the trump
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administration will make it easier for people to justify violence against minorities, claiming they feel threatened. if you haven't signed up for health insurance under cover california, you have one more day. the coverage goes into effect march 1st. nearly 3 million californian applied. the uninsured rate has fallen to 7% just last year. another state is ushering in legalized marijuana. maine made it legal to smoke, grow and possess up to 2.5 ounces of weed. maine voters approved pot the same day as california, massachusetts and nevada but had to wait the longest to legally cultivate and possess cannabis. we're expecting to see the first rocket launch from the kennedy space center in five years. spacex is scheduled to launch from 39a, where shuttles used to
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launch from before that part of the space program was shut down. it's been remodelled to hold the falcon rocket. the pad was used for trips to the moon back in operation. spacex has use of the space center through 2034. we are promised some pretty nice weather today. is that holding true? >> mild sunshine out there. absolutely. hi, everybody. i want to start with the spare the air. san jose, you have the worst quality right now. however, nobody has poor air quality. it is possible the north bay could as we head throughout the day. let's look at the big storm that's churning off to our west. you can see the area of low pressure right there. it is going to slowly roll our way. what we'll see the next couple of days is southerly wind, high temperatures and high clouds. then rounds of shower
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wet pattern wednesday through friday and the weekend is trending dry and mild. tonight's lows, you see 30s once again inland, palo alto. mid 40s elsewhere. see if the fog will creep east. wednesday night through friday, scattered showers, breezy because the ground is saturated. there are minor flooding concerns. noon wednesday, nothing going on. by the time we get to 5:00, you see a few scattered showers out there through the 7:00 hour. then we see a steadier rain move to the north bay. you see yellows and oranges throughout the overnight hours and through wednesday morning. that may be the first difficult commute. lighter showers on friday. and peaks of sunshine saturday and sunday. we'll probably lose the 60s when the rain is rolling through, but we'll gain it back for saturday and sunday. i'll show you how much rain to expect in a few minutes. here's alexis. let's see what she has going on. not a whole lot. we are starting to see the cash lanes stack up in the bay bridge toll plaza.
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looks like they need to get more cash lanes open. i will keep an eye on this. we see it from time to time. i don't think it'll be a big deal. yeah, sometimes it happens in the early morning commute. we aren't expecting the metering lights on for another 40 minutes or so. westbound 580, tracy to dublin, in the yellow. dublin on 680, looking good. we have a sig alert on the orinda area on highway 24. i'll head back there before 5:00. thieves robbed girls of their profits from a lemonade stand. neighbors are helping. putting tomatoes in the fridge rob them of their flavor. scientists put it back. how donated sports gear helps those in need. first, tech bites. >> the company that makes fit bit is apparently not fiscally fit. fit bit could soon lay off up to 1600 workers amid slumping sales. >> that's about 10% of the work
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force. the move is expected to save around $200 million. and we're getting a glimpse of the new google lg smart watches expected to be launched next week. >> new image show a 1.2 inch round display and a slightly larger sports version. they're expected to start at $250. >> looks good. a texas woman renting "deep water horizon" got something extra. when she opened the dvd from a redbox kiosk, she found $100. >> there was a note from a man who calls himself marcos, saying he gives $100 every week to a stranger as an act of charity. stranger as an act of charity. also
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we're back on this monday morning at 4:54. neighbors in a north bay community are helping out two young girls whose lemonade stand was hit by a burglar. a picture from police show some of the donations. police say the girls went inside for a moment yesterday and someone grabbed their lemons, a stuffed animal and cash. in response, whole foods donated a crate of lemons. toy works donated the stuffed alligator there. police and a neighbor teamed up to donate $70. whoever stole from the girls, shame on you. >> goodness gracious. 4:54. february 1st just around the corner. the new month could mean a tax boost in six states. that's because amazon will charge a sales tax. right now, online retailers are not required to collect sales tax where they don't have a physical presence.
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with amazon's plan to hire more employees in the next year and a half, it is about to change. customers in mississippi, south dakota, rhode island, vermon are about to pay up. amazon already charges here in california. the st. anthony foundation is going to be giving away sports gear, and that's all thanks to your generosity. it is part of a program called one warm shirt. the idea is to provide at least one piece of clothing to people having a tough time. so many donated over the holidays. today, st. anthony's will be handing out hoodies and other sports gear. happening at 10:00 this morning. as we get toward wednesday evening, you can see at 8:00, not much in the way of rainfall. a couple hundredths around san francisco. thursday into friday, an inch to two inches of rain possible out of the waves of showers coming in. as far as today, look at that. 50 in tahoe. 80 in l.a.
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it was like 78 and 82 in disneyland over the weekend. it was crazy. so was the crowd. here's a look at what's going on thursday and friday. rain to snow, moderate to heavy through friday. how about this morning's commute, alexis? >> one signature trouble spot but it is the countercommute side. before you get to the orinda exit, we had a tree fall around 2:30, 3:00. unfortunately, three vehicles hit that. they weren't able to see it. no injuries involved. it is a sig alert. we have the two right lanes blocked. the left lanes are getting by. not seeing much of a delay. cal trans is trying to get that cleared. next traffic update is coming just after 5:00. if you're tired of your tomatoes tasting funny, food scientists are coming to the rescue. tomatoes have gotten bigger but don't taste as great. to tomatoes produce only so much sugar. the bigger the fruit, the less they taste good.
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scientists are using cross breeding methods to build a better tomatoes. sometimes using an electric toothbrush to spread pollen. for maximum flavor, don't put them in the refrigerator. the navy will hold a ceremony to mark a milestone in the construction of the final stealth destroyer. lyndon b. johnson will be laid with the help of the president's daughters. the destroyer has a wave piercing haul, a stealthy space. lbj used an unverified attack on a destroyer in 1964 to launch the vietnam war. developing news in canada. a gunman opened fire at a mosque. a community's swift reaction to the shooting. tech fighting back. the action many silicon valley companies are taking against the president's immigration ban. and the 49ers find their man. man. why their pick
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>> announcer: good morning, bay area. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. 5:00 a.m. on monday, january 30th. glad you're here. i'm natasha zouves. >> i'm reggie aqui alongside mike nicco, alexis smith. does jessica come back tomorrow? >> i hope so. we miss her. >> hopefully she comes back. had too great of a time on vacation. >> she's never coming back. >> supposed to be nice today. >> maybe not as nice as where she was but still nice. let's look at one concern for your morning commute. santa rosa and windsor, thick fog there. here's a look at the roof camera


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